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A special catch

by ZeroZeroNull

What was supposed to be a young man's peaceful evening spent playing video games turned to be a lot more different than what he could have ever expected...

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Nat dropped his schoolbag on the floor and threw himself on his bed, stretching his tired limbs and enjoying how comfy his bed felt as he was finally back home from uni after yet another seemingly endless day. The student closed his eyes for a second or two, lying there and enjoying the warmth of his covers, before ultimately turning toward his nightstand. Opening its drawer, he fished out an old 3DS which he promptly turned on as he placed a pillow behind his back to make himself a nice spot to lie against. Nat always had a thing for video games, that wasn’t a surprise for anyone who knew him, but with his studies taking up so much of his free time he found himself kind of limited to smaller games which didn’t require four hours of grinding to even hope getting anything done. Thankfully for him, portable consoles had been around for quite some time, making the search for a cheap pocket-sized device stupidly easy, to the point that it took him only five minutes of looking up eBay for him to find a dirt cheap 3DS which was not only fully working, but also came bundled with a copy of Pokémon X.

There had always been a spot for Pokémon in Nat’s heart, having grown up alongside the very first generation, its games not only serving as his introduction to RPGs, but also chunky virtual critters who could be both fierce, cocky, and incredibly adorable. The young man couldn’t help but chuckle as he remembered how his interest for Game Freak’s creations lead him to meet so many awesome people in real life over the years. Even now at uni he was part of a group of total Pokéfans, those people being some of the more friendly and welcoming people he had ever met.

Smiling to himself, Nat restarted the game where he had last saved, which was just outside of Lumiose City, on Route 5, as he was on his way to the next city and eventually the rest of the region! The young man immediately remembered that for today he had planned to try and fill up his Pokédex a little, some rare Pokémon hiding on this route and this route only. Now focused on his game rather than on his love for the franchise itself, Nat started running back and forth in the nearest patch of grass, eventually catching a Furfrou after some unsatisfying tries. The fluffy poodle now in his team, Nat then started looking up for his next target: the slightly rarer Pancham. The young man smiled to himself as he was excited to catch that cute impish panda, and just as excited to have it evolve into a Pangoro, one of his favorites from the sixth generation.

Just as he was thinking about that round bad boy of a bear, Nat’s game character froze on a grass tile as the effect signaling a wild encounter appeared on the screen. Excited, he eagerly waited for the Pokémon to appear, which for some reason seemed to be taking quite some time, the music and graphical effects starting to lag until it felt like the game ran at a solid one frame per second. At this point, Nat started wondering if his game had simply glitched up or something of that nature.

“Oh come on!” Mumbled Nat though his teeth. “Fuuuuuuck… Can’t things work in my way for once, for Arceus’ sake!”

As if on cue, the game stopped lagging almost as soon as it had started, returning to its normal speed as in front of the young man appeared… a Pangoro. Nat just stood there for a second or two, unsure on how to react at what just happened.

“Wait… can these even spawn in the wild?”

Nat felt quite weirded out, as he definitely thought he had seen online that the only way to get a Pangoro in X and Y was to evolve a Pancham, which itself wasn’t all that common. Oh well, after all it wouldn’t be the first time someone online made a quick assumption only for it to get passed around as a fact. If anything, Nat was really excited to skip its pre-evolution’s somewhat annoying evolutionary method, and as he carefully weakened the wild Pokémon and ultimately threw an Ultra Ball at him, he couldn’t contain his excitement as it shook once, twice, and then clicked shut as the successful catch fanfare resonated. Skipping the nickname prompt, Nat couldn’t help but smile as the Dark type Pokémon was added to his current team, and as soon as his game character returned to the overworld his eyes automatically focused on the Pokémon Amie option.

The young man eagerly tapped the icon, having this silly tradition of giving a good pet to the latest rare Pokémon he caught, as if to congratulate it for letting itself be part of Nat’s. Yet, as Nat selected his latest catch, a wave of weird, unexplained feelings, hit him as the special Pokémon came into view. Nat had heard how during the game’s development Game Freak made sure to future-proof the Pokémon models, making them high quality so they could reuse them in future entries. Still, as the young man looked at the Pangoro up close, even with the 3DS’ small resolution he couldn’t help but be impressed at what the devs managed to achieve. The ursine stood tall and wide with a cocky smile plastered on his face, his thick fur a mix of deep gray and soft creamy white, while his whole frame was just beaming with pride, confidence, and strength. The short, somewhat scrawny student that was Nat couldn’t help but feel stupidly intimidated by this 3D model, the Pokémon’s arms and legs exuding raw power, and his mighty round gut swaying almost imperceptibly as he stood in his idle animation. His fur seemed oh so soft, and Nat sheepishly started to caress the panda’s belly via the touch screen, using his bare hand as his breathing started to quicken. Now visibly flustered, Nat’s gaze deviated toward the edge of the console, until his eyes met the 3D slider, which he had never used before.

Like in a trance, Nat gently pushed the slider bit by bit, each increment making the Pangoro look even more visually stunning, his fur getting more detailed, his limbs getting some slightly more defined muscles, his smile widening impishly. As the slider came to its maximum capacity, a jolt of electricity unexpectedly struck Nat’s hand and then coursed though his arm until he had the reflex of throwing the 3DS out of his grasp before it could reach his shoulder. The console flew to the end of his bed, bouncing against its side before dropping right on the floor.

Nat just stood there for a bit, hunched over, gritting his teeth and grunting in pain as he massaged the arm that was seemingly electrocuted, a feeling of fuzziness slowly taking over his body starting from the struck arm.

“F-fuuuuuck…” Muttered Nat. “Must be the endorphins or some shit, but damn… it feels like hell…”

Giving the faulty console a dirty look, he got up on his wobbly legs and slowly but surely went to pick it up, noticing that the screen was frozen as he did so, the Pangoro seemingly gone as only the Pokémon Amie background stood in front of his eyes. Giving the thing a better look, Nat noticed that one thing still remained of the mysterious Pokémon: the vague imprint of his silhouette, with only a wide, devious disembodied smirk really noticeable.

“Piece of crap…” Mumbled Nat under his breath, roughly opening the drawer of his bed stand drawer before throwing the 3DS inside and slamming the thing shut. His anger quickly replaced with a feeling of powerlessness, letting himself fall on his bed as he felt his legs giving up on him.

The young man just laid there, breathing difficultly as he had the impression he was melting into his covers, his entire body trembling and throbbing sickly, like one’s lips when they’re about to puke. Every inch of his his skin was also overwhelmed by a cold shiver, goosebumps making what little hair he had on his small frame stand straight. Nat’s world spun before his eyes as he started to feel more and more oppressed, like the blood in his veins was boiling.

Panting as his Adam’s apple kept rising and falling erratically, as if he were about to throw up, Nat was writhing around while still doing his best to make himself comfortable as he waited for this weird episode to end. Raising a feeble, trembling hand, Nat started to repeatedly lift and drop the collar of his shirt, desperately trying to get his body to breathe as it was like his skin was on fire.

Even in his confused, feverish state, Nat couldn’t help but pick up something that was quite… odd, to say the least. At this point he began to realize that what was happening to him was very, very wrong, as he felt his clothes seemingly getting more snug around his frame, especially around his chest. Indeed, the realization finally sank in as while lifting the collar of his shirt and glancing at his torso, Nat could see that it did appear a bit fuller, the vague outline of some pecs making themselves visible, alongside a set of abs on his stomach. Looking at it more attentively, and as he felt the muscles in his upper half tickling him as they grew, the young man could actually couldn’t deny that they were real and not just the result of his fever. Meekly, he slid one hand under is shirt, shivering as he ran a hand over the slight bumps on his stomach and felt how warm and defined they were.

Reaching higher up his torso, Nat could feel his slim pecs as he groped them with his trembling hand, and despite not there being all that much brawn at all they were slowly but surely swelling up, much like his abs. Still, is was exhilarating to Nat, yes he still felt like he burning, but seeing how scrawny he had always been sure wouldn’t be the one to refuse a bit more muscle.

As he kept on mindlessly caressing his pecs, Nat slowly found out that they were quite pleasurable to rub, feeling quite soft. Not only that, but he soon realized that the reason why it was the case was because a thin layer of hair had grown on them, like the kind that you can find on peaches. Noticing that the hair had also started appearing at the bottom of his otherwise smooth stomach, it also hit the young man how the burning of his skin felt more like a prickling sensation, like when you pull on the hair of your beard. Nat leaned forward, trying to get a better view of himself, before stopping once he felt the muscles in his back shifting slightly as he moved.

Panting softly, the young man hesitantly lifted one of his arms and gawked as he witnessed thin but definitely athletic muscles filling his frame, his lats and biceps now being like those of a person who swims religiously. Lying on his bed, Nat was unsure how to react to the changes that were affecting his body. On one hand, what used to be an uncomfortable unexplained burning sickness was slowly turning into a rather pleasing warm sensation on the parts of his body which were getting hairier, but on the other end, Nat couldn’t help but have a voice in the back of his head telling him that it just wasn’t right, that there had to be a catch.

Letting his arm drop to his side, Nat started to breathe in and out deeply, not only to calm himself down, but also to enjoy how his clothes were rubbing against his more sensitive body. Still caressing his pecs, Nat actually felt the hair covering them getting slightly denser, like stubble, except really soft. If anything, his entire body felt warm and soft, yet with each breath he took Nat could feel his body getting just a little bit fuller and heavier, muscles beautifully filling his clothes, making the young man blushing bright red.

The sound of fabric rubbing across hair could be heard as Nat’s neck rubbed against the collar of his shirt, his previously smooth face now starting to grow some stubble, tickling the young man. Peering over his chest, Nat could see that the weird hair had now taken a dark tone, making his treasure trail impossible to miss as the sea of black seemed to slowly spread its way across his stomach and down his pants, coating his thickening legs and fueling into the bush of his crotch. Not only that, but Nat could both see and feel his lower half filling his pants, his legs rubbing against the sides of his already tight fitting jeans.

Yet, as he scratched his now slightly stubbly cheeks Nat just couldn’t ignore any longer how amazing he felt, the cold shivers and the dizziness replaced with the feeling of his clothes getting deliciously tight while his eyes were feasting on the sight of his new masculine body, his swimmer build slowly getting brawnier and more athletic.

Nat suddenly felt quite cocky, enjoying how his new muscles felt as he moved his shoulder, flexed his arms, and bent his thick legs, that and how heavy his abs and chest felt as he breathed. Speaking of his torso, Nat couldn’t help but bite his lower lip to repress a moan as his pecs filled his palm, grunting lustfully as his hands themselves felt like they were so much bigger and sensitive, just like the rest of him. The brawny man smirked as he felt the bones in his hands creaking, growing larger painlessly as he noticed the faint clear hair covering them slowly getting darker. Chuckling deviously, he felt the prickling start under his armpits, Nat raising one of his arms and admiring his swelling lats, a moan escaping his lips as he felt the brawn shifting, his cock throbbing harder instantly as he witnessed dark hair sprouting under his pits, forming a rapidly growing a thick bush.

Meanwhile, the fabric of Nat’s pants kept getting taunter to the point it actually started to hurt to have them trying to keep his legs contained. By then Nat couldn’t help but shiver as the pleasure his skin-tight clothes procured him just kept building up, feeling like his entire body was having an erection. And sure enough, his cock couldn’t help but jump in his denim prison as Nat looked down and really gave himself a good look.

Gone was the skinny, pitifully average student, and in his place stood a brawny man, the gym rat kind you wouldn’t want to mess with. With each breath he took in Nat could feel his thick meaty chest and beefy abs rise up, his back and arms making it hard for his shirt to keep doing its job. Nat simply couldn’t resist letting his large hands travel across his new body, grunting as he caressed his thick sensitive nips through his tee, his fat cock and full balls throbbing through the fabric of his jeans. Spreading his legs to accommodate for his junk taking all the space it could, Nat once again found himself focused on the exposed part of his stomach, his treasure trail now really spread out and the hair itself quite thick. Actually, as he lifted up his shirt he realized that his trail had connected with the patch of fuzz of his pecs, the hair being strangely white in between his chest and his crotch. Chuckling to himself as he ran a hand across his beard, feeling it growing underneath, Nat couldn’t have cared less about the weird body hair however, if anything it only added up to his deliciously manly appearance.

Giving his crotch a glance, Nat couldn’t help but gawk at the massive monster that was doing its best to fight its way out of his jeans. It had long since outdone Nat’s previous record of a hard-on lengthwise, beating his legendary 15 ½ with what had to be close to 22 cm of fat, juicy cock, which might prove hard to encircle even with his new larger hands. Similarly, his balls were bigger than they’d ever been, now larger than what his balled-up fists used to be, the things feeling heavy and full of warm cum.

That, coupled with his widening waist and thickening legs, only made Nat feel like he was just gonna burst out of his pants at any second now. Starting to panic a little, Nat found himself incapable of taking off his pants, his large hands struggling to unbutton them.

To his horror, Nat felt his stomach rumbling and starting to bulge outwards, his abs beginning to fade while his gut slowly swelled fatter, his newfound chub only making his denim prison even more oppressive. Biting his lips, the burly guy grunted as he felt the jeans getting more and more taunt, to the point he couldn’t even slide a finger between his body and the fabric, squishing his cock and balls painfully, which only served to tease them, making them throb bigger and in turn reducing the available space.

Whimpering like a sad puppy over his inescapable wardrobe incident, after what seemed like a painful eternity a loud pop could be heard as the button finally tore off, launching itself at the other end of the room at lightning speed. Without even having a second to react, his fly was pushed down by his growing belly, which seemed all too eager too fill up the now available space. Grunting annoyingly, Nat could feel not only his legs, but also the rest of his body trying to outgrow his pants, his muscles tensing up dramatically as they pushed and pushed, the sound of seams creaking getting louder and louder. Nat panted and groaned with pain in his voice, begging for it to stop…

With one mighty shout and one loud creak of the bed, Nat’s jeans finally tore in half, his growing body finally getting rid of them, his swelling legs helping in the process as they grew to accommodate for the newly available space, the hairy tree trunks sized appendages ripping the seams of the upper legs. His breathing still erratic, Nat did his best to catch his breath, that sudden display of strength being both really unexpected and incredibly arousing, his cock reacting accordingly as it was now free to swell up in his much more spacious boxer briefs.

Panting softly as he laid on top of his now groaning bed, Nat did his best to relax, yet he simply couldn’t, his ongoing transformation being way too for much him to stay calm. Peering down, Nat truly felt like he was a beast now as he couldn’t help but gawk, his gaze driven past his hairy meaty pecs and over his equally fuzzy manly gut, right where his lower half stood among the tattered remains of his jeans. With how tight his pants had become, he never really got to give it a good look, but now that it was out in the open he could really admire it for all it was worth.

His legs were thick, wide, and muscular, the imposing brawn making it look like he could break a concrete wall just by kicking it. Not only that, but they were covered in a coat of fur so thick it was almost hard to see the skin underneath it. Nat also realized that not only had his legs grown alongside his arms, but his feet had also swelled larger, his usually already snug socks struggling to keep them contained.

Yet, despite all his best efforts, Nat simply couldn’t avoid his crotch and the beast that was throbbing there underneath his tight boxers. Biting his lips, he admired his cock as it stood wider than his arm used to be before the transformation, clearly past the 30 cm mark, making his underwears groan as they struggled to keep it contained alongside his melon sized nuts. Nat wasn’t just panting anymore, he was grunting like an animal in heat, enjoying how good it felt to have the skin of his fat, sensitive beast rubbing against the fabric. Groping his massive cock with both hands, Nat smirked deviously as he felt his veins filled with raw, almost electric power, the same kind that filled him at the start of his transformation…

Nat had long since grown past the athlete or even the bodybuilder stage, now almost more bear than man as he steadily grew larger with each stroke of his shaft. Quickening his pace, Nat immediately realized that his body seemed to grow a lot faster than before he had started teasing his manhood, that, and his whole being seemed to be changing in a rather different manner than before.

The biggest change yet was that he was now growing taller, and that he sure was! Soon enough, his feet had not only torn free from his socks, but they were dangling off the edge as his legs had started lengthening accordingly. The bed was creaking again, louder than ever before under the weight of the growing male who couldn’t care less as jolts of pleasure were coursing through his veins the more he pleasured himself. Each one of those rubs made his legs thicken, shredding what little jeans still clung to them, all while his arms and pecs swelled up, making his shirt finally start to give out as his back broadened and his lats flared up. Nat was smirking like a cocky devil, chuckling in a low tone while he couldn’t help but sniffle for some reason.

Checking to see what was wrong with his nose, Nat was left speechless as he saw it had taken a rounder shape, the skin around it now a deep black tone with a leathery sheen to it. Wanting to feel its texture, Nat lifted one of his big hands, only to miscalculate how big it had become and accidentally hitting himself in the face. Massaging his hurt cheek, he realized that his beard also had creeped up the rest of his face, white, dense, and weirdly fluffy. Speaking of his head, Nat couldn’t help but feel like it was weirdly tickly, not only like the hair growth tickle, it was more like the changed were happening under his skin, deep in his very skeleton.

He could feel his ears twitching and shifting, his teeth growing a tad sharper, and his jaw bone widening, making his face appear rounder, which wasn’t helped by the fur covering it giving it an already more teddy-like form. Speaking of fur, and giving his hand a good look, Nat realized that it too was covered in fur as no skin was left to see, and not only that, but his nails had gone darker and pointier, while his palms seemed to have started growing deep black… paw pads?

Slowly, Nat followed the thick fur from the base of his wrist to the rest of his arms, never stopping to stroke his cock with his other hand even as it sank in that was now coating his entire body wasn’t just body hair anymore, but actual fur. Yet Nat wasn’t scared or even puzzled, to him it felt strangely natural: the growth, the fur, that weird tickling in his face… That was him now, what he had become and what he was still becoming.

Nat couldn’t help but grunt lustfully as his bed was starting to really cave in under his weight, creaking so loudly it almost managed to be heard above the growing man’s moans and grunts. Despite that, the entire world had long since ceased to exist to Nat, all that mattered to him at that very instant was taking care of his growing body.

Panting with his tongue lolling out of his mouth, Nat was almost hiccuping as the more he stroked his cock the more spurts of growth hit him. Much like his pants before them, Nat’s other clothes fighting a losing battle to handle the swelling of his body. His shirt was getting so taunt the seams were already tearing at the shoulders and sides, thick dark gray fur overflowing from them. Nat shuddered as his thickening torso was doing its best to destroy his shirt, his pecs heavy and sensitive now almost bumping against his chin, his brawny lats and back complementing his massive arms which flexed wonderfully as Nat kept on stroking his cock.

His boxers weren’t holding any better, his growing cock testing the limits of the seams as it kept rapidly fattening up like a balloon filled with water. Not only that but his watermelon sized balls also joined in on the fun, ungodly large, heavy, and sensitive as the warm cum inside them kept on building up. With each stroke Nat could feel his cock slowly yet surely hardening, which only made the next rub all the more intense as blood was rushing to his cock, his boxers starting to give up under all the pressure. Groans kept on getting louder, Nat’s entire wardrobe failing under the mass of his new body, each stroke making his body so much bigger, his clothes so much tighter, the pleasure all the more unavoidable…

Almost unexpectedly, a snapping sound boomed across the room as Nat’s shirt and underwears finally gave out, his Nat’s semi shooting out of its prison and hitting him in his now exposed chest. Nat was trembling and shaking as his cock was not only finally into view, but literally right below his panting maw. It reached up to his pecs, rubbing against the fur of his belly and the brawn of his chest, giving Nat a feeling stronger than any orgasm he’d ever felt before with each breath he took in. It had to be as fat as his arms now, veiny and heavy, the skin a deep dark ebony color which contrasted with the mix of deep gray and creamy white of his stomach. Nat couldn’t resist it anymore as he sat up, much to his bed’s dismay, and started actively rubbing his dick between his furry pecs. Back, forth, and then back again, each move making his sensitive shaft harder, his balls now so full of cum they were aching, begging for Nat for release. As for the man himself, he did his best to keep the pleasure going for as long as he could, but as he felt his hot breath on his cockhead again and again it proved to hard for him to resist any longer.

Leaning forward just that much more, Nat opened wide and took his entire cockhead in his maw, letting out a muffled moan as his mouth was overstuffed with throbbing sensitive meat. Nat then resumed stroking his cock with his large hands, his sizable paw pads only adding to their silkiness, which coupled with the fur of his chest only drove Nat closer to the edge. Not wanting to lose on any more of his cock, the manly bear started to let his wide tongue rub against his head, before going all in and burying its way in his slit. And that was it, after what felt like an eternity of teasing Nat had finally reached his cock’s limit. With one muffled yet still earth-shattering roar, the pent up pressure finally released itself down his throat.

Liter after liter of hot spunk were quick to fill up the bear’s tummy, making it surge bigger and wobblier, which in term proved to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back, as the bed finally gave under Nat’s newfound weight. As he fell to the ground, Nat’s cock dislodged itself from his jaw and ended up hitting him in the face, dousing his face in what had to be close to two or three jugs worth of leftover cum, the surprise of it all leaving him speechless.

Nat just laid there, naked, hard, and panting like he just ran a marathon as he sat among the broken remains of his bed, his still half chubbed up cock resting between his pecs, its head nestled against his. The events of the evening spun around in the ursine’s head, afterglow clouding his brain, that and the strength of his orgasm leaving him too exhausted to think straight. Even if he could, deep down Nat knew he wouldn’t mind any of it, even as he’d notice how bushy his his eyebrows had gotten, how his ears became round and covered in black fur, and how his now creamy white hair had fused with the rest of his face’s fur. Yes, looking at that grinning face crowned by a faux-hawk he knew he’d find none other than him, who he was destined to become.

Indeed, as he looked at down at his large form he noticed something standing out among the tatters of his clothes. Leaning forward, he picked up what turned out to be his phone, which had somehow managed to survive his entire transformation despite the fact it was stuffed deep inside his pants’ pockets. Using the screen as a mirror, the only thing he could see staring back at him was a large, deep black eye crowned by one thick fuzzy equally dark eyebrow, with the white fur covering the rest of face only making the contrast more pronounced. Smirking deviously, the large male squeezed the cellphone with his huge paw, effortlessly making it creak, the screen shattering as the entire thing popped open with the sound of broken plastic, pieces of wires and chunks of inner mechanisms spilling out of the cracks. Chuckling impishly, he threw the broken thing at the other end of the room, savoring the sad thump it made as it landed before wiping his paw clean on his bedsheets.

Breathing softly as his heart finally calmed its pace, the huge Pangoro didn’t even tried to resist the sweet embrace of sleep as he closed his eyes and smirked to himself, knowing that not only will life from now on sure be interesting, but also that his friends will definitely love seeing that special catch he managed to get today.

5,181 words Added Dec 2019 13k views 4.5 stars (10 votes) This story was submitted as is and was not edited.

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