A chance discovery

by Josh Dugan

Prepare to be declined, but put your bid in.

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It might have been at the mall, or at school. I should remember, but I don't. I just remember remarking on my incredible luck, at a one in a billion chance discovery. We'd seen each other suddenly, for the first time, and each of us felt something. I didn't want to ruin this.

He stood there, four-footed, looking at me. I'm sure he was evaluating my reaction to him, to his four feet, his four legs. I thought he looked like a Gap model, barefoot times four. I didn't want to be rude, stupid or offensive.

I was sure he could tell he turned me on, but I'm not sure he meant to. I tried to remain impassive. I didn't want to be rude by ignoring him, either. I couldn't ignore him. Not with four bare feet. I wanted him just for that. I felt my face tightening as I tried to hide my feelings, and tried to act natural. I tried to act casual, cool, the opposite of what I was feeling. I smiled briefly, a smile I hoped would be welcoming. He smiled back, relaxing, his hind feet shifting slightly. I relaxed, too. I think we were both bone-hard right then.

“Go for a walk?” I offered, ready to be declined.

“Yeah,” he said. I can come every time I think of the sound of that “yeah.” I about came right then.

I forget what we talked about, but it was so easy to talk. I think we both felt huge relief. I felt this friendly feeling that was sexy as well, having him and his four legs alongside me. I know he was buzzed that I liked him, liked his four legs, liked him having four legs, four feet. For me, it was perfect. It was totally mind-boggling. I was boned and drunk with arousal, shot through with fresh air and oxygen, unable to think or care about anything but him, amazement with him, amazed that he was feeling the same way for me.

He let me hold his back, the part that went between his front legs and hind legs, my hand on him there as we walked together; he liked me wanting to touch him, touching him there. I could feel the horizontal part of his spine and its slight curve between his front and hind legs, and my hand could feel the complex movements of his lower body as his four legs walked along side me. How cool that he had four legs! He had nice arms, too; it seemed so much extra for him to have four legs and also have the two nice arms, because there was so much of him.

I wanted to kiss him, and suddenly I was holding him and kissing him, pressing his chest to mine; he was kissing me passionately, sweetly, the only kiss humanity had ever had in all history, so it felt. I realized as I kissed him that his genitalia were doubled along with his legs; I could feel his frontal genitalia come, even as mine came, spontaneously, just from the love of him, holding him, having him holding me, his four bare feet pushing at the earth to push his four legs to push his body against mine, this mysterious beauty of a man, this kiss from a beautiful barefooted, four-footed man. I dried a tear in his eye, I caressed a muscle in his neck, and he kissed me and held me, as we embraced wordlessly. I wanted him and his four model's feet, and he wanted me to want him. It would last.

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