Adam’s dream

by Josh Dugan

Bet you didn't know this about boytaur dreams.

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“You can come with me into my dream,” Adam said, smiling.

“How do you know?” I said, nestling my back against his chest as we snuggled warmly under the covers; I grabbed his hands and held them to me as he wrapped his arms around me.

“It’s something boytaurs can do,” he said. “Only it’s more real than dreaming normally is.”

I thought I said it sounds nice, but I wasn’t sure. I was strolling barefoot with Adam through a country fair, the fresh straw on the ground crisp and clean beneath our bare feet. The huge sign overhead at the fair entrance was lit up with a surround of electric light bulbs; the fair’s sign was giant and wooden, antique-looking. It was shellacked and glossy, over a comic-book-like illustration of two naked boytaurs walking hand in hand on the straw, among the roller coasters and booths. They were both blonde and muscular on their four legs, smiling at each other. I realized they both had Adam’s handsome face.

“Cool, huh?” Adam laughed, nudging my shoulder with the bulge of his shoulder’s huge deltoid muscle, and pointing to the sign.

He looked wonderful in the warm evening air, the muscles of his beautiful body highlighted by the light from thousands of electric light bulbs strung everywhere along the fair’s midway.

The fair was crowded with hundreds of tall, blonde, muscular boytaurs, their four handsome legs carrying them along singly, some of the boytaurs in pairs or groups, some of them hand in hand. They all had Adam’s beautiful face, and the way they stared at each other aroused me, as it aroused them. Some of them were seated on their foursomes of legs on benches, making out. Occasionally pairs of them were stopped in the middle of an admiring crowd of tall, muscular Adam boytaurs, who watched them as they kissed each other or spoke to each other with tearful passion as they held each other, their passion spurting from their huge frontal and hind penises as they succumbed to the beauty of their four-legged bodies, helpless to do anything but mate with one another.

I felt Adam’s hand squeeze mine gently; sure enough, he was really aroused at the sight of so many of him, so many of him making love to each other. We squeezed past dozens upon dozens of Adams, who smiled at us with Adam’s sweet, wonderful smile as they parted their broad-shouldered naked bodies to let us through, and they helped us, laughing and apologizing as we tripped over their beautiful bare feet. Adam was particularly aroused, his four beautiful feet clumsily stepping on the bare feet of all the handsome Adam boytaurs all around us as we tried to get by, loving their hands on his naked muscular four-legged body as they tried to help him untangle his four long-muscled legs and four bare feet from theirs, laughing and aroused as all their huge, bobbing penises managed to bump and swell and get little dabs of warm come on all of their skin.

It was on the merry-go-round that Adam really had to come… all the Adam boytaurs were riding the beautiful merry-go-round when the horses turned to barefoot centaurs of Adam, leaning inward on their four barefoot legs against the centrifugal force of the turning merry-go-round. When the ride was over, the poor barefoot Adam centaurs were dizzy and clumsy on their four bare feet, and as they tried to hang on to each other for balance, their animal nature took over and the barefoot Adam centaurs had to mate, mounting one another with their huge centaur genitalia.

Some cross-mating between the Adam boytaurs and the barefoot Adam centaurs took place, causing six-leggedness among the boytaurs, who also grew wristfeet because of the powerful centaur come.

I awoke groaning with pleasure as my Adam was inside me, mating with me in his sleep. The nice thing was his huge wristfeet I found myself holding against me, loving his arms wrapped around me. I kissed Adam’s beautiful wristfeet, huge, sleek and warm, loving their handsome male-foot shape and their warmth and beauty. I was sure Adam was now six-legged, because a half dozen of the Adam boytaurs from the dream had spilled into the dimly-lit room, as they held each other with handsome wristfeet, their handsome, naked six-legged bodies mating quietly so as not to awaken Adam too suddenly from his dream.

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