The lotion

by Jefftaur

When I saw the lotion was marked “for guys who love feet,” I knew I had to buy it.

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Rick has awesome feet. He and I both wear shoes as little as possible, and so I almost always get to see Rick's gorgeous bare feet, even if it's just his perfectly shaped toes peeking out from under the hems of his jeans or cargo pants. His feet are beautifully smooth, with flawless, cream-colored skin, and an enrapturingly handsome architecture of arch, sole, and heel. I always perk up whenever I hear the distinctive slap of Rick's flip-flops against his bare soles, because I know that soon Rick—and his sexy feet—will be in view.

So when I saw the lotion, “for guys who love feet,” I knew I had to buy it. It was thick and rich, infused with a lightly refreshing scent of peppermint and some other sharp herbs.

Rick, lying on the bed, his muscular body, like his beautiful feet, bare, folded his arms behind his head and smiled at me as I read from the bottle. “Directions: Rub generously and meticulously into feet until you have enough.” I grinned a bit at the mistranslation. “I guess they mean, 'until you've had enough.'” I glanced down at Rick's gorgeous feet and he wiggled his toes at me. “I may never stop!” Rick grinned and I turned back to open the bottle. “Wait, there's more: 'Notice: Wash hands thoroughly after each use.'”

“Lather, rinse, repeat; enough with the directions already!” said Rick, laughing. “Get over here!”

I laughed too and knelt down on the bed at Rick's feet. Scooping out a large daub of the thick lotion in each hand and grabbed up both of Rick's feet at once, massaging them both simultaneously. The lotion squeezed between my fingers and his toes as I spread it over every inch of skin on his feet. I cradled his heels in my slickened palms, firmly kneaded his soles and caressed his arches with my thumbs, and explored every one of his toes with my fingers, caressing the rounded ends with my fingertips, and occasionally wedging my fingers among them, where Rick would trap them momentarily by flexing his strong toes around them. He lay there, eyes closed, a blissful, relaxed smile on his face, lazily brushing his hands up and down his abs, occasionally stopping to lightly brush a finger across one of his nipples, or to gently caress his cock, which was already urgently hard just from my ministrations to his gorgeous feet.

I had completely coated his feet with the lotion, even the shapely bones of his ankles and the smooth top surface of his feet, with the strong tendons beneath. Rick's feet gleamed with the moisture of the lightly perfumed lotion, seeming, if it were possible, more shapely and gorgeous than ever. I had scooped up more of the lotion in my hands and was gleefully working in a second helping of the stuff when Rick suddenly gasped and shifted beneath me, his beautiful feet slipping from my lotion-slickened grasp and landing, with a pair of soft slaps, on the bed.

Without even stopping to think why they had made this noise, I reached down to pick Rick's feet back up—off his other two feet.

I froze momentarily as my brain struggled against the impossibility of what I was seeing: Rick had four feet! Lying on the bed were another gorgeous pair of feet that exactly matched the lotion-slicked pair I held in my hands. In fact, if the ankles flexed, the toes would just touch my knees…

And then suddenly they did, and the contact sent a jolt like a lightning strike through me. The feet were real! I lifted my eyes, following the four muscular legs that ended in the four feet I was examining. All four of them were Rick's! He now had a second pair of legs behind the first, and I could imagine him as he would look when he stood on his four feet: his muscular torso perched proudly on his centaur-like four-legged lower body… only his hind legs closely crowded his front legs, a tight cluster of thighs, so that he might even tread on his hind toes with his front heels if he weren't careful.

My cock was raging hard as I survey's Rick's muscular four-legged body, and then I caught a sight that made my dick buck with such a sudden spasm of desire that I almost lost control: between Rick's second pair of legs, he had another huge, hard cock! My boyfriend had two cocks!

I hesitated, torn between Rick's four gorgeous feet and his two giant dicks. I was about to lean forward when Rick, definitely—doubly—turned on but apparently unfazed by his sudden transformation, looked up at me and said, “Don't stop with the lotion! I'll take care of… these,” he finished with a moan as he wrapped one hand around each cock. His head rolled back and the toes on all four of his feet flexed.

In almost a daze, I lifted Rick's legs and let Rick's original feet—now his front feet—rest on my shoulders, and scooped out another two palmfuls of the foot lotion. Carefully—somewhere between reverence and the persistent fear that they might still turn out not to be real—I lifted Rick's new feet—his hind feet—into my hands. I could barely keep from coming as I handled my boyfriend's new feet, his third and fourth feet, his feet that until a few moments ago hadn't even existed, except maybe in my more wild imaginations. But they were real. I felt the heavy heels, the smooth soles, the curved arch, and all of the perfect toes—Rick now had twenty of them!

I doggedly, meticulously, joyfully went about my task of coating Rick's new hind feet with the fantastic lotion, as Rick's front heels rested heavily on my shoulders, his toes occasionally jabbing at my checks or tickling my ears.

Suddenly, Rick spoke again. “Let me see your feet.” We both swung around, top to toe, and Rick scopped out a huge handful of the lotion. “Don't see why you should get all the fun,” he said grinning, and took my two feet into his hands. The lotion tingled soothingly, but the sight of Rick's four feet in front of me, his hind feet not yet completely coated with the lotion, distracted me from the prospect of soon having four feet myself!

The next minutes were a glorious blur: Rick's hind feet in my hands; his front legs wrapping around me to rest his smooth, lotion-slick front feet on my back; his two dicks occasionally poking my chest and stomach, leaving large smears of precum; and his two hands, almost dripping with lotion, strongly kneading my own two feet.

I was shocked out of this daze of feet, dicks, and legs by a sudden rush and gasp: I had four legs! I could feel them, resting now on my front legs, my front feet in his slick hands, my new hind feet resting on the bed on either side of his head, toes digging into the mattress, my two dicks dangling above him, poundingly hard.

Then, Rick's lips closed around the head of my new hind cock, and I lost it. All four of my legs lurched, my front feet escaping Rick's grasp. My own hands closed in a death-grip around Rick's hind feet… and suddenly they weren't his hind feet anymore. Rick's body heaved beneath me as his third pair of legs suddenly appeared beneath us, and then he was coming, from all three of his cocks. His six legs writhed, his six feet flailed and flexed, his new hindmost feet just beyond my reach.

It seemed to go on almost forever, each spurting jet of come seeming to strengthen the following spurts from the brother cock or cocks, while our ten legs and feet seemed everywhere, all around us.

Finally, the torrent of come abated and stopped, and still breathing heavily, I rolled my four-legged body off Rick's. We lay there for a moment, side by side, silently delighting in the feeling of our own multiple legs and feet resting together.

When I finally lifted myself up, Rick, clearly exhausted by his six-legged transformation, was almost asleep already.

I turned myself around, dragging my four legs across the bed, to place a gently kiss by his ear. “I'm going to wash my hands,” I told him quietly, “I've still got a bit of the lotion on them.”

Rick made a small affirmative noise in response. “I used mine up on your feet,” he mumbled, not even opening his eyes. I grinned and slid off the bed.

I almost fell instantly, as my four feet landed in all the wrong places and my four legs became tangled, but I caught myself with a four-legged stumble and many slappings of bare feet on the floor. I stopped for a moment and stood there, my four legs slightly splayed after catching myself, wondering at my now-extremely-solid four-legged stance, and feeling the smooth wood floor under all four of my feet. I turned back and look at Rick, his muscular body now even more amazing with six powerful legs, once restless, now resting quietly together, splattered with jets of come from his three cocks, his six feet resting together in a small pile of sexy bare feet. Signs of my own transformation were apparent, too: a mess of cum from my front cock shining on his chest, and a small drop of cum trailing from his mouth, were my hind-cock load had overflowed his lips.

I eventually tore my eyes away from Rick and his six legs and began to walk my own four-legged body towards the bathroom, making my way carefully but still stumbling a bit as I had to concentrate to lift each of my four feet in its turn. At long last, I reached the bathroom, flipped the light switch on, and quickly went about washing the remains of the lotion from my hands.

Finished, I again stood still for a moment, staring at my four-legged self in the mirror, idly tracing a finger through the many crisscrossing smears of cum shot from Rick's three cocks across my pecs and abs, feeling my two front feet on the soft bathmat in front of the sink and, behind them, my two hind feet resting on the bare floor, the cool tile kissing the smooth heels, soles, and toes of my new feet. I reveled silently in that wonderful sensation of having, of standing solidly on four legs and four feet, and imagined what it would be like to see Rick walking on his six legs tomorrow, and hearing the sound of six flip-flops slapping against his six bare heels.

But even though my two cocks were flushing again with warmth at the thought, I found myself, worn out by an evening of many-legged transformation, having to stifle a yawn. I quickly wiped Rick's drying cum from my torso and padded on my four bare feet, already enjoying a more comfortable four-legged gait, back to the bedroom, where Rick had already drifted into heavy six-legged slumber.

I awoke, slowly, to the brilliant morning sun filtering softly through the blinds, my muzzy brain trying clumsily to sort dream from reality. But then I shifted slightly and felt my four bare feet rub against each other, and I knew that reality now surpassed all dreams.

With a quiet, satisfied sigh, I flexed my four legs and sent my four feet out, smiling as I felt them mingle with Rick's six. Rick stirred and suddenly began moving his six feet among and around mine, making me draw in a long, unsteady breath as I felt all the heels, soles, and toes brushing and caressing one another.

Then Rick, with some effort, heaved his muscular six legged body up and turned around to greet me with a morning-bleary smile, propping himself up on one elbow.

“Hey there, Four-Legs,” he said, his voice sexily low and rough.

I grinned back and began to rub my two left feet up and down two of Rick's legs.

Rick let out a grunt of satisfaction, which triggered a giant yawn. He reached up to rub the sleep out of the corner of his eye… with a big toe!

I froze, my feet halfway up two of Rick's calves. Rick, blinking, took a moment to realize before joining me in stunned, wide-eyed amazement. Rick's hands had become another pair of his beautiful feet!

One lay on the bed, resting on its side where Rick was propping himself up with his elbow. The other, arrested in its trip back from Rick's eye, he held in mid-air, staring at it in wonder, slowly turning his wrist to examine the heel, the beautifully smooth sole, and the five tantalizing toes.

“I guess,” said Rick, with a growing smile, “they weren't kidding about the hand washing.”

I laughed and reached out to clasp the wristfoot between my hands, almost reeling at the feeling of its strong, masculine structure, its smooth, handsome shape, its five sexy toes between my palms. “They're beautiful.”

Rick suddenly pulled his wristfoot free and swung his three right legs over me, trapping my four legs beneath the prison of his six, and, planting his left wristfoot in the pillow beside my head, slowly dragged the big toe of his right wristfoot down my chest and abs. I shivered involuntarily, lurching into the deliciously teasing contact, as all twenty of the toes on my four feet flexed wildly as my four legs shifted against each other and his six and my two cocks instantly rose to drooling hardness.

“So,” asked Rick, grinning at me as his wristfoot toe caught at my navel, “where's the rest of that lotion?”

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