The healing power of four feet

by Gio Multipod

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Anthony and I are best friends. We came from the same high school, same town, same village. Now, we also go to the same university, taking up the same degree program. Hence, we share one condominium unit located right across the street from the main gate of the university premises.

After one night of relentless studying for our final exams, I felt a sudden pain. The next morning, after the examination (which was our last), I went straight to our condo unit. I left Anthony in campus since he has a meeting in the student council (he's an officer).

As I reached our unit, I slumped into my bed, experiencing a fever. Few hours later Anthony walked in as well. He saw me slumped in my bed, having chills.

I saw him removing his shoes and socks, and the sight made me aroused. My best friend got the most handsome feet I've ever seen. He went straight to the bathroom, and I heard the trinkling of water from the shower. After five minutes he got out, half naked.

“Did you take medications already?” he asked me.

“I already took a paracetamol tablet,” I replied.

He pulled a chair from our study desk and placed it beside my bed. He sat on it, in a seemingly lotus pose, concentrating. There was a sudden surge of energy emanating from him. It was so powerful that I couldn't bear it, and became unconscious.

When I got my consciousness back, I felt something warm touch both my cheeks, and caress my hair. When I woke up, I saw Anthony sitting at the end of my bed. To my surprise, four legs were stretched towards my face. I felt two feet rub against my cheeks, and two more gently touch my hair.

“This oughtta make you feel better,” he said. True enough, I never felt better. My temperature went down.

I held one foot and lifted it towards my lips. “Can I?” I asked him, signalling that I want to kiss his feet.

He lifted the other three towards my lips. “You can kiss them all. After all, we're best friends.”


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