Being big

by BigBoy

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Jake was 14 years old. His parents had died 7 years ago and ever since he had been moving back and fourth from his aunt's house to his uncle's house—neither really wanted him.

Jake was pretty average looking for a 14 year old: he had pinkish skin a slightly larger penis than his friends—his was 7, most of his friends were about 5. He was also a little taller at 5,11. He was considered handsome with jet black hair bright blue eyes and a strong jawline he had good muscle definition but he wanted more.

One afternoon Jake came home and found his aunt looking through his hidden muscle magazines. He spent the next half hour being yelled at. That was the final straw.

Jake's special ability was computers. First he hacked into the bank and took five dollars out of every account then adjusted it to make it look they always had that amount. Then he bought a house over the Internet. He sent an e-mail to his aunt and uncle saying that they would keep Jake. Both were happy, so he got a cab to his new house. It was fully furnished. He then went on line.

He had been keeping tabs on two guys from the gym. He traced them and found them in a private chat room he hacked in and watched one said, “the formula is ready to be picked up get it at 8 from the gym safe I will e-mail you the code.” He quickly went to hotmail—he already knew the guy's log in name but his password could take a while. He ran a dictionary check (it's very fast—it tries every word in the dictionary then tries them with a number till it works). It was quick—the idiot had chosen “steroids.”

Jake opened the e-mail before he could delete it; the code was simple. He memorised it and ran off to the gym.

When he got there he climbed through the bathroom window. He'd done it a couple of times to perve on the guys in the shower. He ran in and was almost to the office when he was stopped a big beefy guy who asked what Jake was doing. He replied he was picking up something for Greg. He bought it and told me to hurry up.

Jake got the formula and caught a cab home. He decided he would do it so he went to the bedroom and sat down in front of the mirror and drank it. It tasted fruity. He watched the mirror. His face got much wider—it looked like a strikingly handsome man. It spread to his neck—it grew thicker and thick. It reached his chest, and his pecs swelled like balloons. It went into his abs—they grew larger like bricks then it went from a six pack to an eight pack. His waist thickened. It spread to my groin—his balls dropped lower and grew, and so did his dick—it swelled to almost 11 inches long. Then it hit his thighs. They grew incredibly well defined and swelled, his calves ballooned out and his feet lengthened.

Then he felt a pain in his back as he grew taller. He stopped at 6,5. Then thick black stubble appeared on his chin, then a fine mat of man fur covered his body and he developed a love trail, and his groin sprouted a thick forest of pubes. He went and checked his stats—his stats were even bigger than that of Mr Olympia.

He was huge. He went all over the net and couldn’t find any stats like it. His arms were bigger than most bodybuilders legs, and his legs twice the size of the most roided gut he'd ever seen. Calves as big as biceps. Each of his pecs as big as a bodybuilder's chest. He was going to have some fun with this body.

Then something attracted his eye on the screen—it was the tracer he had on those guys. They were saying “what do you mean it wasn’t there?”

“I mean it wasn’t there Jay said he saw a kid who said he was picking up a package for you.”

“But that stuff ain’t tested yet there was still one thing we weren’t too sure about.”

That made Jake feel a little queasy so he decided to make his presence known. “Hi.”

“This is a private chat how did you get in?”

“It was easy. I’m the kid who stole the formula. It worked well.”

“When we get our hands on you we'll kill you.”

“What did you mean when you said one thing we weren’t to sure about?”

“We meant that something could happen when you get a hard on.”

“Bull shit I’m outa here.”

Jake decided to go to a gay club. He met up with a nice guy there and asked him back to his house. His name was Matt. He was 6,2, muscular and telling by the mountain of a bump in his crotch, well hung to. Jake was as horny as hell. The first thing he noticed was his dick hadn’t stopped getting hard. It just looked semi-hard and kept on getting bigger. By the time they had finished sex (two anals and a blow job for each) it started to shrink. Jake measured it a 27 inches before it started to shrink.

Matt didn’t want to stay the night and said he'd call tomorrow so he went to bed.


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