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Metabods caters to a specific segment of the erotic spectrum: erotic fantasies about and among men with enhanced and augmented bodies. The fantastically endowed, the impossibly muscled, the transformed, the multilimbed...the denizens of Metabods are men born of a special kind of fantasy. IMPORTANT WARNING: This site contains descriptions and depictions of alternative sexualities. Please do not enter if this will offend you. If accessing such material causes you to break local laws, please leave now. By proceeding further and following any links at this site you implicitly declare under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to material intended for mature, responsible members of society capable of making decisions about the content of the images and documents they wish to view and read. Any further material you receive will be the result of explicit action upon your part. You are accessing this site of your own free volition. You have been warned.

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Below are some links to sites that might be of interest to some visitors. This is a very random collection -- I'm certainly not promising that this is at all comprehensive in any of these categories, or even that the most important sites in any category are to be found here.

It should be assumed that everything here is both adults-only and NSFW!

Suggestions and corrections to this list are most welcome. You can send them to me using the contact form. You can even send me your exported bookmark list. Either way, I'm not going to guarantee to post anything, but if it's of interest to some of our visitors I'll give it a look.


  • Stories and Images
    • -- "Online resources for boytaurs, multilimbers, shapeshifters, and their friends." Curated by my friend Spike, one of the original boytaurs. Though not updated recently, still a great repository for the multilimb experience. Unfortunately, the site is now down.
  • Artist Portfolios - Multiple Artists
    • Arms Army -- "We specialize in characters with multiple arms." Female and male.

Multihead / Conjoined

  • Blogs
    • Conjoined Guys -- From frooooooo, one of the more visible conjoinophiles. "I'm pretty much into anything that has two or more guys stuck together in some way, which is why I love conjoinment, and started a blog about it!"


  • Stories and Images
    • Choose Your Own Change -- Contains story and image archives, but the heart of the site are several threads of branching, continuous user-written stories involving many different kinds of transformation, including transgender, muscle, age progression/regression, anthro/animal, growth/shrinking, and (occasionally) multilimb.
    • Male Transformation Blog -- Archive of stories on themes ranging from shape shifting and age regression to body swaps and bodysuits.

Muscle Growth and Morphs

  • Stories and Images
    • The Evolution Forum -- Central site in the muscle growth community, where users post stories, videos, and images related to muscle and muscle growth. Many of the best-remembered muscle growth stories and media first appear here, with supportive commentary.
  • Stories and Images - Pay
    • Club MegaPecs -- "The big pecs website and official home of the Nick's Big Pecs stories."
    • MusclTeens -- Pay site with thousands of muscle teen photos, muscle growth stories, and artwork.
  • Writer Portfolios
    • Muscle Growth and Super Strength Stories by Corwin -- Muscle growth stories.
    • A Growing Concern -- Muscle growth stories by Josef Howard, arranged by mode of transformation (science, magic, and super hero).
    • O'Melissokomos: The Bee Keeper -- Though it contains drawings (including extended story illustrations) by O'Melissokomos, this site is mainly an extensive archive and link collection to a variety of muscle growth stories, including those involving hypnosis/mind control, authoritarian themes, and so on. Includes complete collections for some well-known MG authors.
    • Silicondog's Muscle Fiction Shrine -- Muscle growth stories by Silicon Dog and others.
  • Writer Portfolios - Pay
  • Artist Portfolios - Photo Morphing
    • BMD's Big Dudes -- Morphed muscle images. "'Cause when it comes to dudes, bigger is always better."
    • BMD's Huge Dudes -- "It's what happens when bigdudes get huge."
    • dPhenix Morphed Men -- "This blog is about big, morphed man. Bigger bellies, unbelievable huge muscles and even bigger bulges of tanktops and underwear. Feel free to grow and get big - in every way!"
    • Freakin' Huge -- Morphed images and animations of monster bodybuilders in magazine format.
    • Iconx Massive Muscle Morph -- "Woshipping muscles, Transforming the finest bodybuilder's pictures since photoshop was introduced. Morphing images for the fun of it... and your enjoyment."
    • ILuv2Flex Tiny Waist Morphed Muscle -- Big-muscled guys with tiny waists.
    • International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding -- "A land of fantasy, morphed muscles and cocks beyond common size... Backstage training and posing, onstage pics from competitive athletes , showing not only their muscles... The IFNB's rules include a section with naked posing of course, and "onstage cumming" during individual or collective posedown."
    • Beyond Big - The men of LeatherGryphon -- "A site celebrating the fetish of huge muscles and genitals." Not many images.
    • Major Morpher -- Massively morphed muscle men.
    • Morphme's Morphed Muscle -- Morphed images of buff and muscular guys.
    • MuscleMuk -- "Made purposely to display viewable works of unusual fetishes involving the male gender, muscles, and genitals at unproportional sizes and abstract body structures. Reality rarely exists."
    • TallSteve Morphs Tribute Archive -- "TallSteve had a unique style of muscle-morphing guys where he made them look taller and more muscular, along with editing their faces in interesting ways; I do know that he often mixed and matched heads and bodies in his work."
  • Artist Portfolios - Video
  • Artist Portfolios - Pay
    • Morphed Muscle's Masters of Muscle -- "All the great works from the first 4 versions of the original Morphed Muscle site PLUS new muscle art and new Artists in a fully featured gallery setup!"
  • Image Archives
    • Alpha Zone -- This is a sanctuary where the hugest stallions, daddies, bears, jocks, muscles beasts are worshipped.
    • MusclePhile -- Muscle and muscle growth image and video blog.


  • Image Archives

Buff Guys

  • Artist Portfolios
  • Image Archives - Pay
    • All American Guys -- " gives you instant access to America's finest male models, male fitness models, hunky body builders, and athletic college guys, anywhere."
    • Muscle Teens -- Images and videos of hot young models.

Huge Cock / Hyper Cock

  • Story Archives
    • Chili Palmer's Big Dick Story Archive -- Includes a large array of cock growth stories and even more big dick stories. Unfortunately they're all straight, and many/most involve breast expansion as well.
    • LPSG - Fictional Stories -- Fictional stories at the Large Penis Support Group include both straight and (less frequently) gay themes, and both big cock and (less frequently) cock growth stories. The gay stories are fairly consistently marked "m/m".
  • Image Archives
    • Addictive Wishes -- Pics of guys with big cocks.
    • Big Whack Attack -- Pics and photo-illustrated stories about hung guys masturbating.
    • Bulge Freak -- "Hey all you bulge lovers out there! As a crazy ass bulge freak I thought it was time to share my fetish... hot juicy men in all kinds of sexy underwear, lycra, spandex, leather, and other bulge popping gear!"
    • Fuck Yeah Huge Penis -- Tumblr archive of huge cock photos.
    • Hung Dudes -- Tumblr archive of hung dudes.
    • Large Penis Party -- Tumblr archive of pictures of huge cocks from the net, both straight and gay.
    • Self Suckers -- Tumblr archive of guys selfing, especially those who have it easy cause they're hung.
    • Size Minded -- " is a free dating/hookup site for well endowed men and those seeking them."
    • The Sublime Cock -- "I am not defined by my love of the beautiful male physique and rampant cockophilia, but those are the province of this blog. Cock is king here; likewise, here are venerated the many things we do with our dicks."
    • Yep Size Matters -- "Lusting after lust objects: especially men, especially cocks, especially big cocks, especially big uncut cocks."
    • Great Looking Cocks -- Lots of big and huge cocks, many in close-up.
    • Magnum Dicks -- Above average cocks.
    • Magnum-Sized Males -- "Guys with big enough cocks to burst a condom!! Pics of men with large cocks, straight men, gay sex pics, occasional vids(esp. solo!). Guys that need extra lube lol."
    • Taur Lover -- Great abs with some big cocks mixed in.
    • Sexy Webcam Guys -- Lots of big cocks, many of them in motion.
    • Smuggling Puppies -- Hot pics of dudes with great bulges and vpl (visible penis line).
    • The Big Dick Mutiny -- "This blog mainly profiles well endowed men & gay porn pics but also includes hot straight porn pics & vids, and hot solo vids & even the occasional smaller endowed dudes as well. I find almost all nudity hot so take your pic! I love amateur photos, iphone pics, close-ups, etc. I love to reblog photos from others! & yeah I love big dicks too."
    • Big Young Boys -- Big, "gifted" young men.
    • Tubesteaks -- "the main course in a mock meal that you might offer to a hungry friend. Hungry friend: I'm awfully hungry. You: Really? How'd you like a nice tube steak, smothered in underwear?"
  • Video archives
    • Monster Cock Land -- Archive of straight, gay, and solo videos all involving guys with big or huge cocks.

Growth / Macro

  • Stories and Images
    • Coiled Fist -- Community and archive for the sharing of gay-themed stories, images, journals, and other media related to "the world of GIANTS and little guys, otherwise known as macrophilia."
    • Barefoot Male Giants -- "For macrophiles and microphiles. Focus is on male giants, specifically their big powerful barefeet and the tiny things under and around them."
  • Story Archives
    • Size erotica stories -- "A repository of stories pertaining to the fetish of size and growth." Mixed gender and orientation, not many stories.
  • Artist Portfolios - Photo Morphing
  • Image Archives
    • Giant/Tiny People -- Tumblr archive. "This site is a 'Macrophile' website which follows my own personal preference of Giant and Tiny People."
    • Big versus Little -- Tumblr archive. "I love size disparity of all kinds. Tall, fat, muscular (preferably all of the above) guys towering over tiny, petite women. ... Anything that has a comparison with a large difference in size turns me on."

Tall Guys

  • Commentary
    • 7-Foot-Tall Stunt Actor -- Seven foot tall actor blogs about his life experiences. Photos. Videos require membership to view.
  • Image Archives
    • Big Don's Boys -- Extensive archive of tall and very tall teens and men.
    • Fuck Yeah Giants -- Unmorphed pics of tall and large guys, including size difference pics.

Age Progression/Regression

  • Stories and Images
    • The AR Archive -- Collections of stories and images related to age regression (straight and gay).
    • 2 Be Young Again -- "This web page is set up for anyone who enjoys stories about reversing or forwarding the aging process."
  • Story Archives
  • Yahoo Groups
    • Older Men and Jocks swapping bodies -- "The idea for this Group is to promote the fantasy of younger jocks and older men swapping bodies. The group contains many photos with captions and I would hope that all would look at them and imagine with me and the other members how these bodyswaps could happen."
  • More Links

Mind Control / Hypnosis

  • Story Archives
    • Narcissus Cursed Men Collection -- The NCMC is "a collection of erotic gay-friendly fiction along the themes of mind control, magic, and science-fiction."


  • Stories and Images
    • Big Furs -- Features message board, unique IRC chat feature, more.
    • Furry Muscle -- "Furry muscle fandom at its best."
    • So Furry -- Wide variety of furry-related media.


  • Story Archives
    • FictionMania -- Contains Transgender / Transformation Stories. Most of the stories center Magical, SciFi Gender Changes and General Crossdressing Themes.

General Erotic

  • Story Archives
    • Nifty Erotic Stories Archive -- One of the oldest erotic stories sites (established 1992) and still thriving. The gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender divisions are all further organized into types of stories, including sci-fi/fantasy (the place I first found stories like mine and the first place I posted back in 1997) as well as celebrity, authoritarian, historical, interracial, high school, and so on.
    • Only Gay Stories -- "This site is dedicated to bringing you the best erotic gay stories on the net 100% free of charge - so if you like reading about men fucking, sucking, binding, flogging other men we have just what you are looking for."
    • Alt Sex Stories Text Repository -- "ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature, host of the newsgroup,, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives."
    • Choose Your Own Adventure - Adult Stories -- Most of the few MSM stories that exist here are marked "gay." No transformation as of yet but feel free to submit your own story and mark it either public or DO NOT EDIT.
  • Image Archives
    • Kev's Cave -- Massive archive of erotic images in various categories, including repositories of morphed images. Requires GMP AVS; the free site is here.
    • Masculinifinity -- Images and videos related to a wide variety of specific interests and fetishes, ranging from "surfing" to "soggy undies."
    • Boys Kissing -- Tumblr archive of young guys making out.
    • Gay Triple Kisses -- "What's hotter than two guys kissing? Three guys kissing."
  • Artist Portfolios - Multiple Artists
    • DeviantArt -- Major site for posting a huge variety of unusual art, much of it erotic; muscle themes, yaoi, and transformation crop up at random.
    • y!Gallery -- Massive gallery of artist-posted yaoi (homoerotic manga), largely images but also includes some stories. Relevant groups include Make Horses Cry, Hyper Massive Guys, and Size Difference.



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