What a single compliment can change

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When I met Toby for the very first time, I knew what I was about to do. After a few years without any close contact with another man, I couldn’t resist any longer. This hunger inside me was bigger than anything else about me, and I should tell you: I’m a pretty big guy. In fact, you probably haven’t seen anything like it before, when I think about it.

Anyway, the story of how I became as big as I am now is really the story of my life. And, it’s hella complicated. No one knows about this, and I will probably never tell anybody about it either, because it would mean to give someone all the power over me. Because the right words from other people let me grow. I think I’ve carried this curse since the beginning of my life, but I just realized it in my late twenties.

If you get a compliment, you automatically get this tingling feeling inside your chest. The affection of the other person increases your heart rate. Maybe you blush, and your ego grows a little, because of the compliment. Not me. I grow. Literally. And, it only becomes worse as you get bigger. I mean, people will only talk about your size, at some point in time, when you’re bigger than anyone else. And it’s not only compliments, but the expression of respect and awe too. And that is the center of the problem, and it’s why I couldn’t let anyone near me for a long time. I didn’t want to give anyone that power to ruin my life. But the beast inside me wasn’t sleeping the last few years. Numerous jack-off sessions per day are needed to tame it, but it somehow grew as big as anything else about me. Fuck, I’m even hard right now, and I think I must pause writing for another jack-off. My dick is just pressing against my zipper, until it pops open, and I wish you could see how unreal it looks. Now, after that night with Toby (which I’ll tell you about later), it’s hard for me to write this, because my hands have become the size of huge dinner plates, and most times they push 3-4 buttons on the keyboard at the same time. But let us go on.

I realize that this all may be a bit difficult to understand, but you have to understand it, before I get to the part about my night with Toby. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so here is a little example.

Every Wednesday morning, around 6 a.m., I drive to my favorite swimming hall and take some turns in the water, up and down the swim lane. It’s the most calming thing in the world. There, in the water, I’m not that heavy, I’m not that big, and I can forget about it for a second. Because the truth is, I’m not this intimidating, giant mountain of muscles. Instead, I feel quite awkward, even embarrassed, by my own size. If I had let myself go, and if I had let the beast out for only one night, I didn’t know what would have happened. Now, thanks to Toby, I know.

I’m totally by myself in the morning, and I enjoy the swim for an hour or two. When I leave, I hope that nobody wants to talk with me about my size or stature. If I visit the coffee shop on the other side of the street, it means that I need to talk to people. And sometimes, people want to talk about the things they see, and there’s only thing to talk about when you see me: my size.

So, I enter the coffee shop, wearing 4-XL Sweats, and a 4-XL Jacket that covers most of my muscles, and the barista greets me as always: “I swear, you look bigger every time you come here!” Wush. In that moment, I can literally feel and hear my body stretching the smallest fraction of an inch.

Of course, she doesn’t know about it, and never will, but I must live with it. Now, imagine the 100 small conversations you have every day, and all the situations where people can talk about me and my fucking size. And with every conversation about it, every word spoken about it, it becomes more obvious, and so they talk about it even more. Luckily, it doesn’t affect me when they complement me indirectly. If so, I would just grow 40 pounds heavier by running down the San Francisco Boulevard!

So finally, that night two days ago when it happened. I had created a Grindr profile. Sure, that was pretty stupid, considering the facts I just gave you. But I was alone, very alone, and for a long time. I needed sex. It felt like I couldn’t breathe any longer, if my cock couldn’t get the exercise it needed so badly. Maybe it was my sex drive that tricked me into doing this; I don’t know.

I set the stats and hid the bigger truth about me. The photo I took was pretty nice. My bulge was hidden by the bottom edge of the photo, but I couldn’t hide my muscles. I’m 7’3’’, and 328 pounds now, so there are no clothes for me that look good and hide my physique. And, I’m picky about my style too, so I sometimes choose clothes that even pronounce my freakish body. However, the key is to avoid talking to people so you won’t grow any bigger, and so, we’re back to lonely again.

My beard and hairy chest, with the cleavage of my muscle breasts perfectly on display, looked nice by the caressed lighting. My sleeves were rolled up, and the arm which was holding the phone with the active camera looked fucking huge: hairy, over-blown, simply manly as fuck. On some days, I was too much for myself, but on this night, I was just the horniest man on the planet, with a phone in my hand.

I tapped on “Accept and Continue”, and my profile was uploaded. After a few seconds, my profile picture was accepted by the policy, and I was finally online. I wasn’t prepared for what happened right after that, though.

In a few silent seconds, my phone transformed into a ringing and vibrating alarm. It seemed like the whole gay part of the city was writing me, one after another. In the message feed, I just saw dozens of chats opening up with first words and I couldn’t act fast enough. The fact that I didn’t see it coming, tells everything about my state of horniness that night.

Most messages went like this:

 » hey ;)

 » Sexy, wryd? (I don’t actually get sexier by being called “sexy”, because that is very subjective, I guess)

 » :)

But of course, there were also a ton of these other messages too:

 » Wow, you’re huge!

 » Fucking beast! Have time!

 » Show me that beast cock!

 » Any more photos of that body?

 » I wanna squish my face between your juicy man tits!

 » I like my man hairy, muscled and fuckable, and you’re all of that times two!

 » Fuck how big are you? Massive!

 » Show me your monster cock!

My eyes passed over all those messages, and I nearly dropped my phone from the pleasure that entered my body. I had never gained so much true attention, in such a short time. I barely managed to hide my profile from the public (so that no one could write anymore new messages), but by that time, the process had already begun.

I felt my button-down getting snugger with every new breath. My chest was filled with a tickling sensation, and I could feel it getting wider and beefier, adding another pound or two of muscles. My nipples were rock hard, and pointed even further down now, because of their size. My 10-pack that had developed over the last few decades, grew stronger, and the littles spaces between the abs now looked, even more, liked carved marble than before. My quads and butt, probably the biggest things about me, just ripped my jeans into pieces. I was down to my underwear within a few seconds. My bulging cock plopped out like the heavy snake that it was, and then grew even bigger and more useless.

“Fucking piece of shit, no!” I screamed, while I watched my cock grow one inch bigger in a matter of seconds. A few users even wrote about my bull balls, even though they weren’t visible in the picture, so even they grew a few sizes bigger too. People with foot fetishes wrote me, and soon, my socks were snug on my newly-grown, size 19.5 feet. My beard became even thicker and darker, and I could also feel the hairy coating of my chest, abs, and underarms, getting slightly fuller.

(Side note: Between age 23 and 25, I had a boyfriend with a fetish for my hairy pits. While having sex with him, which was no problem back then because I was only 6’7, 238 pounds, and with a 9-inch cock, we would be going off pretty rough and hard, and he would press his head inside my sweaty pits. He would say things like “I love how hairy you are, beast!” or “That smell could kill me and your fur too”, or “I wish my ex had manly, hairy pits like yours!” This sometimes made it worse.)

Anyways, I looked in the mirror and saw how unnaturally wide my neck was, and how it became even wider with the rest of my body. Veins appeared on my arms, and they just grew heavier, until both sleeves ripped from the sheer force.

So, I sat there, sleeveless, and without pants. My monster cock was dangling from the edge of my seat, but still winding over my bull balls. My nipples were puffy, because of the chilly air coming in through the open window. By raising my arms, the rest of my shirt exploded from my body. When I eventually stood up, I realized that I was closer to the ceiling of my flat than before, now standing at a towering 7’5’’.

I was out of breath and looking down at my phone, which looked crazy small in my huge paws. The growth had stopped by the time I went invisible on Grindr, but the messages were still there and I could answer. I guess I must have had this hypnotic look on my face when I scrolled through the people who wrote me. The beast inside me had only grown bigger and if I hadn’t used that chance for sex, everything would have been pointless.

That’s when Toby caught my eye.

He was pretty small, only 6’ tall, but compared to me, everyone seemed small. He had this puppy dog look, with dark brown eyes, and I just couldn’t resist writing him, and hoping for the best. He was looking for “Right Now”.

I answered his heart-eyes emoji, and we started to talk. He was completely thunderstruck by me, and while writing with him, I became bigger on a much smaller scale than before. He sent me nudes and asked about me sending him some, in a very charming way. “It’s just a guess, but I’d bet you’re big everywhere”, he said. Wush. Bigger again. But, I declined to send them, and said that he had to find out the answer by himself. We talked and talked, and in his texts, I could feel that he was hard all the time, too. Finally, he wrote, “I’m coming over.”

After that session, I shaved myself all over, because it would just be too much for a newcomer to see for the first time. After shaving my massive pits, the hair started to sprout again within seconds, but it would look much nicer for that first time. I found some old sweats, and an XL-shirt that looked painted on, but it was stretchy enough to hold me.

The moment I was finished preparing, the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and bent down a little to see him. I almost laughed out loud, because it just looked like he left his body the moment he saw me. I told him about my size, and though he had seen three photos of me, the real deal was something completely different. His eyes wandered down my body, and he probably saw my cock through the fabric of the sweats immediately. I had given up on underwear a long time ago.

He stepped closer and said: “Wow, you’re really huge! I think you’re the biggest guy I have ever met. Probably the biggest guy in town, or even this state!”

I was already growing bigger with every single one of his words, but it wasn’t noticeable yet. He came closer again and raised his hands to touch me. I gave him my permission by just looking right into his eyes. Toby was eye-level with my chest. My nipples were hard and shining through, and when he caressed my swollen pecs with his hands, the beast inside me howled and broke free.

I slammed the door and literally grabbed Toby from the ground to carry him to my bedroom. In a matter of seconds, he was buried under me, the giant. With a cocky grin on my face, I could feel his normal sized hard-on pressing against the wall of my abs under my shirt. Toby was glowing from within with sexual energy, and I think I was a dream come true to him. Our lips were sealed through our passionate kissing, but he somehow broke it now and then to explain his unimaginable disbelief.

“How is it even possible to be this big?”

“God, you’re such a huge guy I can’t even…”

“I can feel your abs through your shirt… damn!”

“I love your beard…”

“That chest hair is so thick, I could use it as a pillow for the night!”

“I can’t even get my hands around you!”

Even when he didn’t say anything in particular, he added a “Big guy”, “Giant”, or “Beast” to the end of the sentence, and I then grew even bigger without him realizing it.

Toby was naked within seconds after our first round of discovering each other’s bodies, and said, “Take your shirt off, big guy. I want to see every part of that body.”

I kneeled in front of him, on my super-sized bed, and grabbed the back of my shirt to pull it over my head. After I was exposed, I looked down at myself with a satisfying grin and thought, “So this is the new me… I like it.”

I let my pecs jump a few times for Toby, and he held his breath. One of my pecs was bigger than his head, so his reaction was completely fine. My chest was already covered in hair again, but it wasn’t as thick as before. Toby used his hands and traced every line and shadow of my magnificent body.

“This is impossible…”

“I want to fuck these bulging pecs all night.”

“Has anyone ever sucked these fat nips of yours?”

Bigger, bigger and bigger again. After a few minutes, I gave a double biceps pose and simultaneously showed him my hairy pits. His eyes told me that he had just entered the gates of heaven, and so I pressed his face into my pits while his hands wandered over the rest of my brick wall of abs, and then my back with the wide wings of muscles.

“So thick… so furry…”

“You’re a running sex machine on testosterone!”

“How often are you lifting to get this big?”

“Show me these massive guns of yours again.”

I was over 350 pounds at this point, for sure. My muscles pressed outward, and became even bigger with every minute of our session. Before my steadily growing butt could rip through my old sweats, he stopped his service and confessed that he wanted to see my big fucking cock, because he was certain I had the biggest cock in the states.

It grew before he could even see it.

That somehow brought me back to reality. For a second, I asked myself what I was doing here. I just took a deep breath and could feel how much more massive I had become in the last hour. I could feel how my arms were pushed outward by my widened back, and how my beard had grown back to a respectable size. My now bigger hands caressed Toby’s face for a second, and I just loved the way he was looking at me. I knew it from just looking deep into his eyes. He was ready for the real deal.

“You should know that I’m kind of embarrassed by my size down here,” I said and grabbed parts of my soft junk. “I hid it for a lot of years so nobody would see it and be able to joke about this monstrosity between my legs. Please, don’t be scared of it. I know it’s really huge.”

In that moment, Toby looked a bit scared about the things coming his way but he just shook it off, and with more eye contact, we were ready to move on. My heart was beating like a drum. Toby pulled my sweats down in a long but steady motion. He didn’t pause, even though his astonishment grew with every inch of cock seeing the light of the world. From the growing grin on his face, I realized what a size-lover Toby actually was.

“Shit, it’s really big.”

“Bro, are you fucking kidding me?”

“…and it’s so thick!”

“That’s almost thicker than my arm.”

“Bro, how can you be this big?”

“Love that bush of yours.”

“This cockhead is bigger than my fist—and I have big hands for a small guy!”

The tingling sensation spread behind the root of my cock, and it dropped even lower with every one of Toby’s words. Some of the things he said made my whole body grow again, and I couldn’t hold a groan back when the sensation flashed through my body like a lightning strike.

“Is everything all right, big guy?” he asked me, and I grew bigger.

“Perfect. Everything is just perfect, little guy,” I smiled, and in the process of us both loving and touching each other, I forgot about the consequences of this night. I just wanted to be bigger for him; the price didn’t matter.

He was lying on his back in my bed and I laid my semi hard cock on his front. Meanwhile, my cock was almost as big as his whole torso, and I think he nearly came, just from the weight of my elephant cock alone. He said the word big aloud more than 30 times in under 3 minutes, and I estimated my new size at 7’7’’, with over 400 pounds of mass. His arms and feet were around my cock, and he soon jacked me off with all of his body, while I thrust forward and into him.

After I laid myself onto him he said, “I love everything about your size! But these pecs…I could play with this massive chest all day. It’s so round, and full, and your nipples can’t even point upward anymore because they’re so big. They become even bigger when you work out, don’t they? God, I want to see you pumping them even bigger.”

“Just keep on talking and they will be bigger.”

I would have never thought that he would get what I was talking about, but somehow the idea caught fire in his head. He grabbed me by my beyond-melon sized pecs, and we could both feel how they became bigger. He started to kiss the valley between them, and I could feel the scruff of his beard on my hairy chest. He mumbled something, on and on, and I could hardly understand what he was saying, but soon I felt that tingling sensation in my breast again. My pecs ballooned bigger and bigger in front of our eyes, and with them, my nipples were rising to new sizes and soon looked like little cocks themselves. Toby jumped the train immediately and started rubbing and sucking them. I nearly lost it.

Behind his back, my cock had now accumulated a little sea of pre-cum and through the fog of lust, I could only see one thing. I wanted to fuck Toby. I pushed him down with my oversized breast, that was now not only pressing against my arms, but also against my chin when I looked down slightly. They jiggled every time I made a move, and buried Toby under me. To fuck him was a lot of work and moving.

After rearranging my dick and pressing it slightly against his hole, his face was a mask of fear. He did not want me to stop there and then, so I started to push. The first overly thick inches pushed into him, and Toby immediately grabbed my arms. His soul was leaving his body. He was a size queen and trained for the job, but not for a dick like this.

“How can you be this big?”

“How can you be this strong?”

“You’ll rip me apart with that monster of yours.”

“Please, not so fast! It’s too big to rush it.”

“Seeing your man tits shake nearly makes me cum on instant!”

“Your nipples became so huge! How did you do that?”

“The things I can feel between my legs…are those your balls?”

“You’re a fucking God!”

I rammed my cock deeper into Toby, but the capacity of his body soon found an end. We both stared down in awe, and saw how my monster cock was bulging through Toby’s belly. He just whispered a horny “Wow” into the thick air, and I felt my dick pumping bigger inside him.

I somehow began to dream about the things that could be with Toby. Scenarios like, me, sitting in my now too little office at my job, and him writing me dirty messages because he can’t wait for me to come home. And so he writes on and on what he would do with my magnificent body, and I would have to stop reading his messages because the intensity of growth would just be too much!

In another dream, we were sitting in a cinema, the lights are out, and we’re just busy kissing and caressing the other in the dark. He would continue his hot dirty talk and I would grow until my frame covers parts of the screen. People would complain about it, but the new me would be just too intimidating.

I even imagined Toby and me living on a farm in some rural areas where I could be as big as possible and hidden from stranger’s eyes. I would become 12 or 15 feet tall, with mountain-like muscles and a hairy chest so deep that it would soon become a real wood. My cock sprawling across the land, creating rivers of white gold.

I snapped back from my dream and saw how Toby was doing something with his phone.

I realized I had stopped humping him seconds ago, but the sheer size of my member was enough to pleasure him even without movement. I could already feel the ocean of cum building up inside me, when Toby said, “I took a photo of you while you were dreaming. You look insanely big in it, my boy.”

It took me some time to realize what just happened. Toby said, “I have to admit something… I’m quite famous as an internet blogger.” My inner voice screamed because I already know where this was going to end.

“You posted me?” I said.

“Yeah, and my followers are going crazy.”

“Sh—Show it to me,” I said, my hands shaking.

He gave me his phone, and it was constantly vibrating and ringing with push notifications of likes and comments. I watched it for a little while, and because everything of me was visible in the photo he took, my whole body soon began to tingle. At first, I thought that his phone became smaller in my hand, but soon I realized that it was the other way around.

What is happening?” Toby screamed, and my cock which was exploding in size pushed out of his ass.

My back, legs and arms stretched longer and longer and I realized that I never had grown so fast before. 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet and it did not stop there. I was literally becoming a giant. Soon, I felt the ceiling on my back and how it tried to push me down. My balls slipped from the sheets down to the floor and grew to become two XXL bean bags. My cock was already bigger and heavier than Toby; he was wholly covered by it.

Luckily, I dropped his phone and lost eye contact with all the comments. Soon, the growth subsided, and I was very lucky because my body soon would have been too big for my bedroom. I sat there, crouched to the maximum, and sweating like a pig, my body almost exploding from the power within.

Without realizing it I came in unimaginable streams and it not only looked but felt like a dam broke down. The whole floor was covered in cum. I hadn’t even realized that I came so excessively while growing into a fucking behemoth.

Soon, I felt Toby climbing my new body, covered in my juices. He said, “I hope at least you know what just happened here? What are you? A colossus in disguise?”

The tingling feeling started again, and parts of the ceiling started to crumble under my rising frame.

I just pressed my finger that was as big as one of his arms to Toby’s lips and stopped him from talking.

That was enough… for now.

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