Unsealing the power

By BigBunny 
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Lance walked down the halls of the nearly deserted dormitory. With midterms being held nearly everyone was still in class testing or studying in the library. Having finished his own rigorous testing he was ready to take a well deserved rest. But before Lance could even reach for the door handle he could smell the strange variety of scents coming out of his dorm room. “Damn it” he thought, “Jace must be trying another of his miracle gainer plans.”.

His roommate Jace was always trying to become more muscular. Every day for hours he was at the gym. He devoured meals and inhaled any food placed in front of him. There were rows of supplements on a shelf, each of them dedicated to packing on more muscle and size. Without ever meeting him most people would assume Jace was a massive beast of a man. However the truth was he was actually rather normal sized. Jace was the definition of a hard gainer. He had told Lance that he started working out at 11 and has been trying to get huge since. 10 years later and he is still a normal sized 21 year old. Jace stood 5' 10” and weighed in at 165lbs. Although he was not giant he was incredibly ripped. Lance could not help but feel a twinge of envy every time he saw him undress. His body was shredded. Veins crisscrossed his whole body and he looked carved from stone. Lance was no slouch at 6' 1” and 190 lbs., but he had some fat on top of his muscles. He had started going to the gym with Jace months ago. He took to it well and had been putting on size quite easily. Something that only further fueled a envious Jace's desire to grow.

Taking a deep breath Lance decided he could delay it no longer and opened the door. Looking across the room he saw Jace sitting at the desk with an assortment of dishes on top of it. Shutting the door and approaching, Lance saw that each dish had something different on it. Gelatinous masses, pills, various meats, fruits, vegetables, grey glop, and something green that didn't look of this earth. Jace closed his laptop and greeted his roommate.

“Hey there, Lance!” he said in a very chipper tone.

“Jace, what the hell is all that crap?”

“This stuff will finally help me pack on some pounds, man!”

“Dude nothing in the past has worked and now you have what looks like half the chemistry department on plates! You really think this will work any better?”

“Something out there has to work. Plus this website promised some pretty great resul—”

“ENOUGH!” interrupted Lance. “Man, every week it's some new fad diet and workout program. You are not a gainer man. Why don't you just become a model or something instead of chasing after a lost cause?”

Jace's face showed a look of shock and then he looked on the verge of tears. Lance immediately kicked himself for lashing out at him. Jace had always been so passionate when he talked about his goals. He always wanted to be a huge muscular man. Some day he wanted to be a pro bodybuilder or even a champion powerlifter, maybe even both. Lance always thought it was silly. He obviously could never get big or strong enough for it. However Lance was serious about the modeling suggestion. Jace had a beautiful set of green eyes. They almost pierced through you with their emerald gaze. His face was rugged with a strong jaw. A smile full of pearly white teeth that could melt the hardest of hearts. His hair was dark black and thicker than any animals, but surprisingly soft. It came down to his shoulders and he would constantly toss it out of his face in a very charming way. Together with his tight body, Jace was a perfect man for any ad.

“I'm sorry Jace. I didn't mean it or anything. It's just that I am pretty stressed from midterms and then I come back to a reeking dorm room.”.

“Sorry about the smell Lance I was just really hoping this would work”.

Jace's face went into a pout so adorable that it broke Lance's heart. Lance was straight as they come, but he had to admit Jace was just too damn cute sometimes. Over the years Lance had his fair share of encounters with the ladies. More so now then ever since he had started working out and packing on some muscle. Still Lance couldn't help but feel a little turned on by Jace. He was probably the hottest guy on campus. Something that Lance was reminded of frequently. He had been approached by what seemed to be half the women at the school. All of them asking about his roommate. Wanting to know if he was available or wanting to go on a date. If Lance had access to half the women Jace could have, then he would never even make it out of bed. Lance knew that Jace had no interest in them. Jace was gay, but you probably would never find out. Lance had never even seen him with another man. Not so much as a friendly flirt with another male. He chalked it up to that fact that Jace! was solely focused on getting bigger.

Feeling bad for snapping at him, Lance decided to at least feign interest in Jace's newest venture. “So what is the program this time?” asked Lance trying to act genuinely interested in this newest futile attempt. Immediately Jace's eyes lit up again as they always did when he talked about getting huge.

“Well it's this really interesting program called Unsealing the Power Within,” said Jace excitedly. “It's designed for guys like me who can't put on any size. It talks about it in great lengths on the website, but I will give you the shortened version. Basically guys like me don't grow because we are storing the power and energy inside of us. All that growth just stays inside instead of letting us grow. The program helps you unleash that growth and keeps you from storing it all inside. So you end up making huge gains!”

At this point Lance noticed a bulge forming in Jace's gym shorts. Jace loved nothing more then the thought of growing huge. The thoughts had such a powerful effect on him that he got off on it. Lance felt another twinge of envy as he noticed the size of the bulge. There was at least one place on his body where Jace was massive. He had seen it a few times when Jace showered and happily strode naked through the room. Even soft it was longer than Lance when he was hard and it was incredibly thick.

“Right and how much is this going to cost you?” asked Lance as he peeled his eyes off Jace's giant tented meat.

“Well that's the great part. This is one of the free ones. Just requires some odd materials to do it. It was published on some guy's blog. I had to dig into the internet pretty deep to even find it. But some men on there say it totally worked.” said Jace with an almost dreamy glazed look in his eyes.

“It doesn't even make sense man. I mean you honestly think you have 10 years of power and growth sealed inside you?”

“I guess it is pretty farfetched. All of the other guys didn't seem to be having nearly as much trouble as I am putting on weight. None of them have been working out as long as me either. I am willing to try anything at this point though.”

“Well, I guess you already got all the stuff out. You might as well give it a try. I am going to go take a shower now so try to be finished by the time I am done please.”

“Okay man I will hurry and get this cleaned up.”

With that Lance walked into the adjoining bathroom and started taking his shower. Jace sat at his desk and reopened his laptop. Browsing through the many instructions he slowly started the process. He took nibbles of a few things, drank a few other items, downed some pills, and inhaled some of the scents.

“All right, the guy says I should be done now. The only part left is to simply concentrate on releasing my inner power. I need to focus on my strength and desire to grow. Should be easy enough after all these years of wanting to grow.” Jace mused.

Jace stood up and shut his eyes tight. In his mind he started visualizing himself as a muscular behemoth. He started flexing all his muscles. His ripped arms and tight pecs straining at his t-shirt and his bubble butt pushing against his shorts. He gritted his teeth and groaned. Louder and louder he started growling. The image in his mind became more perfect and seemed closer to reality. Jace concentrated and focused so intently he was sure he would pass out.

Just as he thought he was going to black out something inside him snapped. As if a bubble inside his very being had been burst. Suddenly Jace's eyes were wide open and his body straight. A flood started pushing through him. Coursing through every vein into every section of his body. It was power. Pure and unstoppable power.

“Yessss!” groaned Jace loudly.

Jace had never felt anything like this, but somehow he knew it is what he was meant to feel his entire life. He felt a tightness in his body. Every muscle in his body seemed to be flexing. He looked down and saw that he was indeed growing. Slowly at first, but it seemed to be picking up pace. His arms were swelling and he could see little tears forming in the sleeves of his shirt. His pecs pushed out against the front. Stretching the fabric even further. Looking down he saw that his shorts now look painted on him. His quads were growing thicker and his ass growing outward. His penis was clearly visible through his shorts as he became increasingly aroused by his growth. His dick gave a sudden twitch and then swelled even larger in his shorts.

“FUCK YEAH” yelled Jace.

“Dude what the hell is going on!?” shouted Lance as he burst out of the bathroom holding a towel to cover his own meat.

The sight before Lance stopped him in his tracks. Before him stood Jace, but a Jace that was larger than he had ever seen. Lance had to guess that Jace was nearly 185lbs now. 20 lbs in only a few minutes and he was still growing. Jace's arms were now growing larger and his sleeves were tearing apart. His pecs and shoulders were growing so large that his shirt started riding up and revealing his tight 8 pack. His adonis belt pointing straight to his groin where the thick base of his cock could be seen. A loud tear echoed through the room as Jace's shorts gave out. As the tattered remains fell off, Jace's legs came into full view. They were a monstrous sight to behold. So incredibly thick and powerful that Jace's cock somehow grew even harder upon seeing them. His dick had grown so large that it was straining the jock he was wearing. It looked ready to burst at any moment.

“Jace how are you doing this!?” asked Lance.

Ignoring him Jace only grunted “THIS FEELS AMAZING!! MORE!”

“Dude I think you should stop you are huge!” Lance pleaded.

Jace was now easily 230 lbs of pure muscle and power.

“NO!” roared Jace “I will have more muscle! I WILL BE HUGE! I WILL BE MASSIVE! I WILL BE A MUSCLE GOD!!! MOOOOORE!”

Lance could only back away in fear as Jace continued to grow. His roars seemed to have triggered something inside him and he was growing faster than ever. His arms were growing even larger. His biceps were huge and covered in veins. His triceps looked like horseshoes of pure steel. His forearms had cords of muscle running along them. Another large tear filled the room as Jace's shirt gave out. His shoulders looked like boulders were stuck on either side of him. His back had grown so wide there was no way he would fit through normal doorways again. Jace's pecs were growing even more massive with each breath. They were creating a shelf of muscle overshadowing his chiseled abs. His abs packed on more size but still remained as ripped as ever. HIs upper body formed a massive V of power. His lower body was not excluded from his growth. Jace's calves were growing and starting to resemble diamonds in both look and toughness. On his backside his impressive bubble butt grew larger and even tighter. No doubt his ass was capable of crushing anything between its steel like cheeks. His quads were now so massive they were touching and Jace had to adjust his stance to give his dick room to breathe.

His jock strap reached its limit and could take no more. With a giant snap it shot across the room. Jace's monster cock was finally released and slapped against his abs. It had been growing along with the rest of his muscles. His cock was huge and it was stretching its way up his abs toward his chest. It wasn't only getting longer it was also getting much thicker. Easily the thickness of Lance's own upper arms. Veins crisscrossed it and it pulsed with power and arousal. It was leaking precum like a faucet. His balls hung down halfway to his knees. They could have been used as bowling balls they were so big now.

“FUUUUCK! THIS POWER!! YEAAHH!! MOOOORE!!” Jaced roared again in ecstasy.

His body granted his desire and continued its growth. Jace's manhood started to get agonizingly hard and turning beat red from all the growth. It throbbed its way up his chest until it became trapped between his massive pecs. Jace's growth paused for the briefest moment and then he let out a loud roar as his body went into one more burst of growing. The final growth hit him hard and his mind was lost in utter bliss and ecstasy. His thoughts were only of his own overwhelming size and power and of how he could obtain even more.

Jace's dick reached its limit and could take no more. Cum rocketed out of his enormous manhood and hit the wall on the opposite side of the room. Like a fire hose his manly essence gushed out in an uninterrupted stream. He let out a primal roar of ecstasy as more of his alpha seed was released. Covering everything in the room in his power and manliness. He thoroughly soaked the beds, completely drenched Lance, painted the roof white, and flooded the floor. For minutes the only sounds were his deep grunts and the splattering of cum on the surfaces of the room. After what seemed to be an eternity the seemingly unending orgasm started to falter. Jace's cock let out a few more spurts of cum and then finally settled to a drip.

The behemoth that was Jace stood there in the middle of the room breathing deeply. His muscles heaving up and down with each breath. His cock was still extremely hard and throbbing. Ready to bring more pleasure to its muscular master. He was carefully examining each muscle and watching each one respond when he flexed. He grunted with approval as they bunched up and displayed their power to him.

Lance stood up and stumbled to his feet as he wiped the cum off his face.

“J-Jace?” whispered Lance.

The titan before him growled something inaudible.

“What was that?” Lance asked.

“Scale!” Jace demanded with a new deeper voice causing the walls to shake.

Lance nearly pissed himself out of fear, but ran into the bathroom to get the scale. He set it down in front of the new giant. It was then that he noticed how much taller Jace was now. Lance now only came up to Jace's monster pecs. He had to be over seven feet tall now. Slowly Jace stepped onto the scale. It let out a groan as it felt the titan's mass on it. Jace couldn't see past his massive pecs anymore. Even if he could his tree trunk thick thighs would block the view as well.

“What does it say runt?!” Jace barked as he flexed and admired his new large biceps.

Lance looked down at the number and gasped.

“Holy crap. N-no way…” stammered Lance.

“Well little man?” asked Jace as he bounced his massive pecs.

“The scale broke, but your over 500lbs now, Jace.” said Lance timidly.

Upon hearing this Jace's arousal reached its height again and his large cock audibly slapped against his abs. Despite having emptied so much cum just minutes prior Jace felt ready to go. He had to admit he didn't feel just ready, he felt pumped. He was brimming with energy. He felt like he could lift mountains, wrestle tanks, and fuck every last man on earth. He had always been an alpha at heart. He knew he was destined to be a leader, to command others, to be worshipped and feared. Now he had the body to claim his rightful position as a God among men. No one could stop this muscular titan.

“I should go into modeling huh? Nah fuck that. I'm better suited for a career as ruler of you pitiful bugs!” Jace emphasized his claim by going into a most muscular. His muscles exploded with size and filled Lance's entire view with their thickness. Everywhere he looked he only saw all powerful, vein covered, unyielding muscle. Before he could even process what he was seeing his body responded and he shot his own load. It was barely even a few drops in the ocean of jizz that covered the room.

“HAHAHAHA. FUCKING PATHETIC. To think guys like you call themselves men!” boomed Jace. Jace turned his enormous bulk toward the door and strutted toward it. Each of his steps shook the room.

“Come on runt! I think it is time I show this world their new King!”

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