Uncontrolled changes

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2 parts
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Part 1

Andrew woke up from his drunken stupor from the night before. Although he didn’t remember much, he did remember joining his good friend Lukas at a bar on the far side of town. He laid in bed trying to recollect the previous night. He sat down at the bar and ordered a few drinks while he talked about his new girlfriend with Lukas. Suddenly Andrew remembered a guy sat down at the stool next to him. The unknown man was older, about 40, and was fit as could be. The last thing Andrew remembered was asking Lukas to watch his drink as he went to the bathroom. Andrew couldn’t remember how he got home nor when he left the bar, nor when Lukas left.

Andrew picked up his phone from the charger on the bedside table and called Lukas, who didn’t answer.

Feeling a stir from his 7-inch cock Andrew reached down and started stroking his hardened cock. Andrew knew he had a slightly above average cock for a white male, standing 6ft and had 200lbs on him from his frequent four-times-a-week gym work out. As he stroked his cock he remembered something weird the stranger at the bar said the night before after he sat down at the bar from the restroom: “Every time a male cums his strength increases and also his cock increases just before he cums.”

Just then edging towards cumming his body grew hot and his cock pulsed as he came. The cum shot out and hit his self in the face with a full forced load. Andrew's cock didn’t soften, almost like it wanted another go.

He grabbed the clean hand towel from his bedside table and wiped his face off and just like every other time he licked a big glob of cum off the towel and put it back atop the bedside table. Andrew continued to jerk off his cock but something felt different, his body still felt hot and his cock was still engorged like he was going to cum. He wrote it off as his libido was high and continued to jerk off. Right when he was about to cum his body grew hotter and his grip on his cock increased as his cock pulsated and engorged again and he came. Although this load should be smaller it wasn’t. When he came his cum jetted out up and over his head into the head board and finally his cock started to soften.

Just like every Sunday he got up from bed and went to the shower, turned on the water and stepped his naked body in. As he lathered the body wash into his and applied it to his body he started noticing something different. His four-pack abs were more defined with deeper ripples, his cum gutters reaching from his abs to his crotch were slightly deeper. His arms were slightly thicker, too.

His cock started to stir and quickly hardened. He started to lather his cock with body wash and started to slowly stroke it. Andrew took notice immediately at his thicker grip and longer strokes. He couldn’t explain it but he couldn’t let go of his cock. He just stroked it harder and harder with the water as his lube. He edged and again his body increased in temp and his cock engorged he looked down and saw it for himself. His body radiating with heat was slightly increasing in muscle mass. His abs were more defined as six abs started to show, his pecs grew slightly, his arms increased, his whole body surged slightly and his cock thickened and lengthened. Suddenly he came, he shot onto the shower wall as it dripped down. He wanted to let go of his cock but his arm wouldn’t let him. He tried to will himself off in a panic but his arm and hand just kept stroking his cock. After load after load his body increased and finally after the fourth load shot onto the shower wall he was able to let go of his cock.

Panicked, he pulled open the shower curtain and stepped in front of the mirror to finally see his body. Pain struck him as he saw his well defined 6 pack abs, his pecs more defined than the swimmers build he'd had had, arms thicker with slight veins, legs of a runner and then he saw his cock start to harden. He watched as it stretched up to full hardness, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8 inches, what the fuck he thought to himself as he reached down to grab it, suddenly in the mirror he noticed his balls, the balls that were kept tight up with his life long use of tighty-whities now lower and from the size of 2 walnuts to the almost the size of 2 oblong golf balls.

As his hand continued to rub his boner uncontrollably his other hand without his will to do so reached around to his ass and started his index finger started to rub his asshole. Andrew tried hard to move his hand away from his ass but he couldn’t even budge it. Andrew shook with fear—he was straight! What the fuck was going on? Suddenly his legs started to move as they walked him back to the shower, his hand on his cock let go and turned back on the water and returned to his cock. Water ran down his body as his wet index and middle finger pushed against his hole. He felt his hole relax and his fingers entered without his own free will. Suddenly his fingers deep inside him found his prostate and Andrew’s body went into a blissful state as his fingers massaged his prostate harder and deeper.

Part 2

Andrews body continued to rape itself without his control. As the fingers rubbed his prostate till his legs started to shake as he began moaning and breathing hard. His legs couldn’t stand any more and he fell to the shower floor supporting himself on his hand and knees as his two fingers still planted into his hole. His hand on its own accord pulled out and was replaced by three fingers, his index, middle and ring finger stretching his hole wide. Three fingers start to massage and torment his prostate as his balls churned growing with seed, his body reddened from increased blood flow, precum oozed from his cock as the showers water rinsed it down from his cock to the floor and wasted as it went down the drain.

Andrew felt his fingers leave his hole as he felt the warm water stream down his back and over his gaping hole. His hand cupped collected some precum and proceeded to re enter his hole. The warm precum now being massaged into his hole started to get warmer as it covered his prostate. Andrew felt his hand supporting himself climb up the slippery wall as he got to his feet. Bent over in a hunched position his free hand turned off the water as his balls churned more. As the water turned off his body grew warmer as his balls hurt as seed demanded release. His hand slipped out of his hole as his cock pulsated. Andrews body stood completely up right as his hand cupped in front of his cock.

Andrew expected his cock to explode seed into the wall with great force but instead his balls grew larger and in an orgasmic bliss his seed pumped slowly into his cock almost in a slow motion as it the cum grew hotter and hotter almost burning up his cock and oozed into his hand releasing a thick concentrated cum with the consistency of a thick jam. The concentrated seed burned in his cupped palm. Andrew looked down and saw the thick solid colored metallic silver seed as it all but scalded his hand. Andrew felt his body start to move towards the door of the shower as he stepped out and walked out the bathroom door into his bedroom. Andrew laid on his queen size bed on his back and his legs bent gaining access to his hole, all while not spilling a drop. His hand moved below his sight and it reached past his cock and down to his hole.

Almost as if his hole was hungry, it gaped open allowing three fingers to easily access into his hole. He felt his cum run from the palm of his hand to his fingers as his fingertips touched the rim of his hole. The cum ran from his fingers to the tips as it fell into his hole. The hot burning cum drifted its way into his hole as his fingers slid inside. The cum grew hotter as Andrew started to yelp and yell out in pain. Andrew panicked and with all his might tried to get up to jump into the shower to wash it out but it was no use, his body was possessed. His fingers dove in and started massaging the concentrated seed throughout his hole. He screamed out as the cum grew hotter which in turn made his whole body temperature grow warmer. From bliss to sheer pain Andrew began to lose conscious, as he started to slip into a sleep his body grew redder in colour.

As Andrew laid there limp his fingers slipped out and his body laid flat on the bed all while the concentrated cum absorbed into his prostate and into his endocrine system, pumping a new form of concentrated testosterone through his bloodstream. His muscles contracted throughout his whole body. Each muscle ripping cord after cord stretching and multiplying. The potion reached to his cock as Andrew’s cock inflated with blood and testosterone, if he was awake it would have been the most pain he had ever felt, more painful than two kicks to the balls from a steel toed boot.

Hours later he would wake up for the third trial.

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