Two heads are better than one

By LeChuck 
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I was eighteen years old when I found out I was “different”. How could I have known? My dad and brother were the only men I’d ever seen naked before then and they, of course, were just like me.

It happened one night when I was sleeping over at my best friend Robby’s house. He had snuck a Penthouse magazine out of his dad’s room and we were on his bed looking at it. I got rock hard and was trying desperately to hide the huge bulge in my pants. My dad had always told me to make sure no one could see when I was hard, it was getting almost impossible by that age though.

The first pictures we saw were women by themselves or two women together but when we finally got to a picture with a naked man in it I was shocked. He was buff and tall with a huge, rock-hard cock.

“What the hell happened to him?” I asked, my mouth gaping.

“What do you mean?” Robby asked. I couldn’t believe he was not as freaked out by this deformity as I was.

“What did they cut it off or something?”

“What are you talking about?” Robby asked me, completely confused.

“His other cock. Why would somebody get one cut off?”

“Other cock? Joey, you are so funny.” Robby laughed, still not at all shocked by this man missing a penis.

“I’m not joking. Why does he only have one cock?”

“Doesn’t everybody?”

That’s when it dawned on me that maybe it wasn’t the guy in the magazine that was a freak but me. “Not me or my dad or Cliff. We have two. I thought everybody did. You mean other guys only have one?” Robby giggled but when he saw the look on my face he stopped. “You’re joking right? You’re not serious!” I nodded, feeling very scared and ashamed without really knowing why. “Oh my God! You’ve got two dicks? Can I see?”

I stood up in front of him and pulled my pants and briefs down to my knees. My negative feelings had wiped away any excitement I’d felt earlier and I was completely soft. My penises were both flaccid, drooping over my low-hanging ball sack. I looked up at Robby. His mouth and eyes were as wide as they could get and he was holding his breath.

Then, he exhaled slowly and said, “Oh my fucking God! That’s amazing! They’re so, so…” In my mind I imagined how he was going to finish that sentence: weird, freakish, disgusting. “Beautiful!” he finally got out.

I was so relieved. In just minutes I had gone from thinking I was just another average kid to finding out that I came from a family of deformed freaks. I thought Robby would hate me or be afraid but he thought it was great.

“Can I touch them?” he asked. I noticed the bulge growing in his pants and smiled. I’d always fantasized about Robby and me messing around but I never said anything. I never told anyone that I liked guys. Now he was asking to playing with my cocks. I nodded enthusiastically.

He reached his hand out and grabbed my right shaft. He gasped when he saw them both jump at his touch. He stroked it a couple times and watched as they started to swell and harden. He switched to the left one and gave it a couple tugs. Soon they were both standing at attention, pointing out of my fuzzy patch at a 45-degree angle. He wrapped a hand around each and started pulling on them together, making me weak in the knees. Simultaneously, a clear drop of precum oozed out of both of my cockheads.

“Do they shoot at the same time?” Robby asked, still stroking me.

“Yeah,” I nodded. It seemed strange to me that this was all so strange to him.

“I wanna see. Jerk off so I can watch them shoot.” He lay back on the bed.

I would’ve preferred for him to beat me off but I figured he wanted to sit back and just enjoy the show. I grabbed my cocks with both hands and started to pound my puds frantically. Both rods leaked a stream of precum. My balls started to rise up toward their respective cocks and I felt my orgasm building. Robby was so turned on, he pulled down his pants and started beating off himself. I was still shocked to see just one shaft between his legs, especially when I noticed his nutsack. I didn’t understand why you’d need two balls if you only have one cock. In fact, it still seems strange to me.

I felt my orgasm getting close and moaned, “Here it comes.” Robby sat up and leaned forward to get a closer look. My dickheads pulsated and swelled up and spewed forth two identical jets of cream. They sprayed on opposite sides of Robby’s face and splattered against the headboard behind him. I held my cocks closer together and pointed them directly at my best friend’s lips. Another pair of blasts splashed right on his mouth. He smiled and opened his mouth wide, sticking out his tongue. I spurted my last pair of cumshots onto his tongue and down his throat.

He licked his lips and wrapped them around one then the other of my rods, sucking up the last of my spunk that was drooling out. I pushed him back onto the bed and laid on top of him. Kissing passionately, I started to hump him, rubbing my two softening penises against his rock hard one. He wrapped one of his legs around me and started to hump back against me. We were both panting hard when we broke our kiss to catch our breath.

“I wish I had shown you my cocks sooner,” I gasped.

“I would’ve done this even if you were a regular guy. I love you, Joe. Don’t ever think that I just want you for your cocks.”

If it was physically possible for a person to melt, I would have at that moment. I was so happy I started to hallucinate bright colors flowing around us as if Robby and I were the only things in existence amidst a kaleidoscope of love and happiness.

I was snapped back to reality when I felt his hot cream all over my belly. I was disappointed. I’d wanted to suck him off like he’d done for me. But I knew I’d get another chance soon enough.

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