Toy from my gallery

By Loucaman 
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In my home, there is a door under the stairs that leads to a hallway that ought not be there. The hallway is lined with trophies leading to a store room. The trophies are the heads of handsome men frozen in a dreamless slumber. They are mounted on oaken plaques with their names and the year they were captured. No matter how many I collect, I always find another plaque ready for another man.

In the storeroom I have placed their bodies, separated and organized into parts. A dozen or so hands and feet with matching arms and legs. Hairy muscular torsos line the walls and bins of cocks lie beneath. I tattooed each piece personally so that I know what parts go together.

I chose one pair of feet. They were olive skinned and had tufts of hair on the top and on each little manicured toe. The bottoms of the feet were lighter skinned. I kissed each foot on the sole. They smelled so good that I lost control and began kissing them from toe to heel. It wasn’t until one of the legs started twitching that I stopped. Too much attention wakes up my sleeping sex toys.

I put the feet into the basket I was carrying and went to the bins of legs. The large beefy ones were in the back, and the lanky ones in front. I checked the symbol on the ankles of the feet in my basket and started looking through the thighs. I found the left leg first. It was nestled between two blond tree trunks. This leg was shorter than most of my collection, but one of the hairiest. It took some time, but I found the right one in another bin. I double checked the symbols before putting the legs lengthwise into the basket.

I was never sure what to call the next part. It was the combination of ass, upper thigh, crotch, and lower torso. The ass I was looking for was tight and had the sweetest dimple. It was the first one I looked at on the shelf that held all the asses. I put it into the basket on top of the feet.

I kept the hands in pairs in drawers under the shelves of arms. The drawers were labeled with the symbols, but I was terrible at putting my toys away. The small but strong hands were in the correct drawer. I kissed each one as I put them into the basket.

The arms were always a surprise to me. They were muscled, far more than any other part of him. They went into the basket with the rest.

Finally the torso. It had a slim build, hairy in all the right places, and very huggable. I carried it under one arm and the basket with the other hand. The torso was warm against my side. I almost left the storage room without the most important part. I put the torso into the basket to free my hand.

On the wall next to the door was my prized collection. I found the one I was looking for right away. It was the biggest flaccid cock in my collection. I could choose another one of course. I had more cocks than I had of any other part. I had collected cock and balls before I collected whole men. Looking at the cocks made me wonder about my plans for tonight. I looked at the meaty monster in my hand and smiled.

I put down the basket and reached down my sweat pants. I grabbed hold of my cock and balls and pulled. In the most exquisite mix of pain and pleasure, my cock and balls detached from my crotch. They weren’t my cock and balls of course. Not the originals. I was not sure which one was my original. I detached them before I thought to tattoo symbols on them and switched so many times, I lost track. I put the monster cock into my pants and pressed the stump against my crotch. I moved it around until it connected. Feeling filled the cock like a warm wave. I pulled back the foreskin to look at the flared head of my favorite cock. So suckable, I thought to myself.

I looked at the shelves and baskets filled with cocks. Which one did I want in my ass tonight? I asked myself. I picked the one I won in a poker game from my friend Russel. I eventually added the rest of him to my collection, but I enjoyed watching him try to live a cockless life. Yes. This one. It was six inches soft and uncut. It was pale with red hairs on the balls. It was the red hairs that made my borrowed monster cock excited. I put the ginger cock into the basket and headed to the Head Gallery.

Joel was one of the first men I collected. I did not know he had a monster cock when I met him. He was a lovely man with brilliant blue eyes that contrasted against his darker olive skin and black coarse hair. His smile always made me melt. His head was mounted in the middle of the gallery. His eyes were closed, but he had a wide grin. He was dreaming of me. They all were. But Joel smiled the widest. I held Joel by the chin as I separated his neck from the plague. I cradled his head in my arm as I carried him out of the gallery.

He hummed and slowly opened his eyes as I closed the door under the stairs.

“Hello love,” he said in his sweet groggy way. The rest of him moved in the bag like he was stretching. It is a hard thing to do when you are in pieces. I know because I tried once. “What is the special occasion?” he asked me smiling.

“I just wanted someone to cuddle,” I told him as I walked to the sofa.

“Is that why you picked me? Because anyone would do?” he teased. I sat on the sofa and put the basket on the sofa next to me. I put Joel’s head on my lap, on top of my swelling cock.

“You know you are my favorite cuddle buddy,” I told him as I caressed his cheek.

“I bet you say that to all the heads,” he said. He smiled his amazing smile. I picked him up and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back. We both opened our mouths and our tongues met. Like always, he used his tongue to pull me close. We locked lips and our tongues danced in our mouths. My cock tented my pants and started to strain against the fabric. The cock in the basket did not react of course. It was someone else’s cock until I attached it to Joel’s crotch.

I broke the kiss to the obvious dismay of Joel. He frowned then wagged his tongue at me. “Hold on, I need to get more comfortable,” I told him. I held the back of his head in one hand as I used the other to pull down my pants. The monster cock, now free, slammed into my chest. Precum splashed into my chest hair. Joel looked amazed.

“That’s a big one,” he said looking at the monster.

“Do you like it?” I asked. I guessed that he did not recognize his own cock when it was attached to someone else.

“It’s scary. No one would wanna get fucked with that,” he said, laughing. “I feel bad for the guy with that beast.”

“So you don’t wanna have fun tonight?” I said, rubbing the flared head of the cock against his lips. He stuck his tongue out and licked the cock head.

“You know I would do anything to make you happy,” he said nervously. “But I never had a cock in me, and that is like a person’s arm.”

I laughed. “I took it. We took it slowly and then it was the best fucking I had in a long time.”

“No way?” He said, looking the cock up and down.

“You were there,” I told him.

“You sure? I would remember a cock that big. Was it that big Arab man?” Joel asked, trying to remember the cocks he had seen. “Wait no, he didn’t have a cock last time.”

I put Joel’s head between my knees and lowered the cock to his mouth. “Suck on it and try to remember while I put you together.”

“Okay. I like just being a head too,” he said. He mumbled something after I maneuvered the cock into his mouth. His tongue went under the foreskin and it made my toes curl. He was an amazing cocksucker for a top. It was a skill he learned from being a just a head during many orgies.

I dumped his body parts from the basket onto the sofa next to me. One of his legs fell to the floor. Joel said ow as best he could. I attached the left hand to the left arm and used it like a grabber to pick up the leg. “Grab it,” I told Joel. He did and I lifted it onto the sofa.

I took my time. I kissed the bottom of his foot while I rubbed the other one on my face. Joel curled his toes and moved his feet as if to say how much he loved it. His smile also told me so. Eventually I put his feet down on my knees. It made me precum even more to see his head between his feet. “That right there can make me cum,” I told him. That just made Joel suck harder.

If that the game, I thought to myself. I can pleasure him too. I picked up his ass and kissed each thigh, his empty crotch, and each ass cheek. Joel made a quizzical grunt on my cock as I buried my face into his ass. I kissed the hole and then attacked it with my tongue. I used a pattern when I eat an ass. First I lick the hole with the flat of my tongue a few times, then I poke the hole like my tongue was a cock trying to get inside. I lick on side of the hole then the other, then I blow on it and what it twitch from the cold air. I used this method because I once made Joel cum by doing this. And his cock was five feet away at the time. This time, he had no cock. It was all build up and no relief. Joel was moaning and whimpering on my cock. I only stopped when my tongue was exhausted.

I moved my hips so that the cock could spring out of his mouth and hit my stomach again. “Oh my god. How do you do that?” Joel said like he was out of breath.

“Shall I?” I said, holding his ass above my wet cock. Joel’s eye went wide. I wet my thumb with my mouth and said, “Let’s start smaller.” I held Joel’s crotch in one hand while I teased his asshole with my thumb.

“Oh, Jesus,” Joel moaned. Then I pushed my thumb inside him. I went deeper until I found a spongy round part. I saw Joel’s toes curl and his hands became fists. “Oh Fuck. I need to cum,” he said as I pressed on his prostate with my thumb. I kept pressing on it as I grabbed each leg and attached them. I Had learned from long ago how to tell the left leg from the right one; the outside of the thigh was hairier than the inner thigh. The extra weight pushed my thumb deeper and I pressed harder on his G spot.

Joel’s eyes were rolling as he moaned. I leaned forward and picked him up by the top of his head and moved him onto the couch next to me. I then attached his feet to his legs and positioned him so that he was kneeling on my lap. My thumb kept pressing his prostate like it was an X button and I was facing the final boss. I could feel Joel’s hot breath on my thigh as he swore and moaned for me to let him cum.

Almost there, I thought to myself. I attached his right hand to his right arm and then arm to right shoulder. The left arm and hand were already attached so I just attached them to the torso. Feeling himself come together, Joel reached for me. His arms wrapped around me and squeezed. I pushed him off my and pinned his upper torso to the sofa. “Stay there,” I told him.

I stood up which caused Joel’s head to roll face down into the cushion. I pulled my thumb out and it made a popping sound as Joel moaned again. I attached his lower torso and warned him not to kick because his head was nearby.

Joel’s headless body lay on its back on the sofa, squirming. I gently, but quickly picked up Joel’s head and attached it to his neck and shoulders.

“This will be amazing,” I told him. I picked up the limp cock and wet it with my mouth. I pushed it into my ass. I had practiced this before and had fucked myself many times. With cock in ass, I lowered myself onto Joel’s crotch. I used one hand to position myself so that the cock in my ass attached itself to Joel. I felt it connect. The pale soft cock got hard immediately, and Joel moaned so loud that it was almost a scream. He grabbed onto my ankles as he shut his eyes and arched his back. I rode him cowboy style, but it only took a couple thrusts before he came.

He thrust his hips each time his cock pulsed, shooting cum inside me. I counted twelve strong one, and about ten softer ones. He was covered in sweat and was breathing heavily. I pulled myself off his cock, which was still rock hard. That is why I chose that cock. It gets hard and stays hard for hours. Russel always complained about it.

I lay on top of Joel, pushing my arms under his shoulders. I kissed him gently on the shoulder, neck, cheek, and lips. “How did it feel?” I asked him in a whisper.

He held me as best he could in his position under me. “I can’t even,” he said in a raspy voice. He cleared his throat and turned his head to me. He kissed me on the lips and continued, “The first part was fun. I love being just a head sucking cock.” He reached down and grabbed the monster. “Which I now realize is my original. I like this one though too,” he said rubbing Russel’s cock. He sucked in some air like it hurt. “It’s still sensitive. Then when you ate my ass. It was like torture. It felt so good, but my cock didn’t get hard. So it was like there was a pressure building in my whole body. Then your fucking thumb. It was like I needed to pee so bad and you were punching my bladder. And each time you put a part of me together, it made the pressure stronger. Then when you pulled your thumb out, the pressure didn’t leave. Then I watched you put that cock in your ass and I was not even able to think of why. And then nothing.”


“It was like I exploded and I only remember the amazing relief and my whole body tingles. I am still tingling. But I have to try hard to remember cumming. It was like I was watching myself outside my body. I don’t know if I want to try that again.”

“Really? Was it that bad?” I would feel really guilty if he hated the experience.

“It was like the orgasm was too amazing for my brain to grasp,” he back-peddled. “I wanna watch someone else go through it.”

“You don’t want to go through it, but you wanna watch someone else feel it?” I asked raising an eyebrow. I did not peg Joel as a sadist.

“I am still in shock I think. I am still vibrating and my cock still feels like I wanna cum,” he told me. Russel’s cock was still hard as a rock. I went to grab it and Joel stopped me. “It’s still too sensitive,” he explained.

“I got an idea,” I told him and grabbed Russel’s cock. He hissed in pain as I pulled it off him. I then detached the monster from me and placed it on Joel, and as a lark, attached Russel’s to me. It was like Russel’s cock was on fire. I felt so good.

Joel’s cock was instantly hard and leaking. I grabbed hold of it. “Sensitive?” I asked. Joel shock his head to say no.

Using both hands, lips, and tongue I worked Joel’s cock. I was surprised it only took a minute before he came again. New balls meant more cum, I should have remembered. He grunted as a huge rope of cum shot from the monster and hit the ceiling. I looked down just in case some cum rained down into my eyes. He grunted again and a rope of cum hit me in the face. “Oh shit,” Joel exclaimed.

“Lick it off,” I demanded with my eyes shut tight. I felt his soft tongue lick my face from top to bottom. A few times he tried to grab my cock, but it hurt so I grunted and pulled my hips away. He instead focused on my nipples and once my face was cleaned, his mouth went to my nipple too.

“You didn’t cum,” he said to me as if I did not notice.

“I don’t need to right now,” I said. “Let’s have a quick shower and then come back and watch a movie.” He looked sad for a moment, then smiled his amazing smile.

“Love you,” he said as he stood up.

“I love you too,” I replied. As we started walking to the bathroom I stopped. Joel turned and looked at me. I grabbed his cock and mine. “Hold on,” I said, and I switched our cocks so that I had the monster. “I want the monster. I like how it hits my legs when I walk.” Joel just smiled and wagged his little dick at me.

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