Too many pills

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5 parts
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Part 1

Dylan and I have been dating for years. It’s our first spring break since high school and this year was gonna be different, so I figured we’d go down to a beach in Florida. I’d even spring for Dylan’s tickets. I was anticipating plenty of fun to make it worth it.

Now we both are quite athletic—Dylan used to wrestle in high school and I used to play football, but these days we both just hit the gym pretty hard. Through an acquaintance at the gym I recently came into some interesting pills that aren’t labeled but I was told that they make you grow.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I will on the vacation. Dylan will love it and I don’t plan on telling him either.

“Really you’d do that for me,” said Dylan after I told him my idea for funding our beach vacay together.

“Of course I would, we’re gonna have a great time,” I said.

“Mikey, I haven’t been down there in years,” he said.

“Before we go we’re gonna speedo shopping,” I said. “Mine is getting kinda old I wanna a new one. I want you to come with.”

Dylan blushed and smiled. “Can’t wait, I need one too,” he said. A few days I picked him up and drove to a local swim shop. It’s family owned and it’s been a great provider of my and Dylan’s favorite outfit. Dylan got out of the car and I noticed he’d gotten his haircut. I brushed my hand through his soft brown hair. He smiled, reached up because I was a bit taller than him and he rubbed my soft short blonde hair. We did always have a touchy relationship. We walked in holding hands.

We headed over to the selection of speedos they had. I was looking a black one (I always did like the sleek design) and Dylan was looking at one with several shades of orange that looked like melting metal. He was more into flashy colors. He took one off the hanger that I knew was a size or two too large for him.

“Isn’t that too big for you?” I said.

“This one is for you,” Dylan said.

“I donna know, Dylan. It’s not really my style you know I like the more subtle designs,” I said.

“Please, we’re gonna be a on vacation. I wanna go all out,” he said

“Okay, fine, but I’m gonna pick yours in exchange,” I said. I looked through the hanger until I found one that had pulsing yellow electricity on it.

“Perfect, now let’s go try them on together,” he said. We went to the changing rooms I locked the door behind us. Dylan smiled and he stripped naked and then pulled up his speedo.

I smiled and said, “You look cute, buddy.”

“Thank you, big guy, now it’s your turn,” Dylan said. I stripped down and slipped on my speedo.

“How do I look?” I said.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

I squeezed my pecs together and flexed my tri’s. “How about now,” I said.

Dylan’s bulge started stirring. “You’re getting pretty big, Mikey,” Dylan said with googly eyes. I was a bit concerned that these pills might make me too big for this speedo—it was already smaller than I usually go.

“Ya, it’s all for you buddy,” I said softly. He went in for a hug. He put his hand on my four-pack. I felt his hard-on against my legs.

“I can’t wait for our vacation,” Dylan said. He let go off me and said, “Turn around,” and I did.

“I can see the bottom part of your butt,” said Dylan.

“It’s one of those speedos huh,” I said.

“I like it, you never go that skimpy,” Dylan answered.

“Well, this will be a different experience, I guess,” I said. We went to check out Dylan for paid for both of them.

“Dylan, you didn’t have to do that,” I said when we got back into my car.

“Well, you are paying for my plane ticket so it’s the least I can do,” he said.

Part 2

That night I was lying in bed that shaking the pills in their bottle. Would these even work? And how many should I take? Would Dylan get scared if they did work? I put the pills in the my night stand drawer. I walked over to the full body mirror in my room. I took my shirt off and looked at myself.

“I already huge… maybe I don’t even need these,” I thought. I took off my shorts then my compression shorts.

“I gotta big dick, all right,” I said to myself. I was about 7 inches soft and 8 hard. Dylan certain liked it. Staring at myself I was starting to plump up and I started playing with myself. I laid back down on my bed and started stroking. My thoughts wondered to Dylan and how cute and sweet he was. Before I knew it I was dripping pre and I was rubbing my nipple just like how Dylan did. I busted all over my stomach. I rubbed it on my skin.

I can’t wait for this vacation, I thought as I fell asleep.

I woke up hard as I always do, but I didn’t have time to deal with it—I had to pick up Dylan I get the airport. I got dressed grabbed the bag I’d packed the night before and made sure not to forget the mysterious pills. My parents were still asleep and I left a note saying, “bye be back soon, i’ll text you” and like that I was off. Dylan fell asleep in the car and as you could imagine there was a huge line at the airport—it was spring break for the majority of colleges around here.

“I can’t wait till we get there,” Dylan said as he snuggled up on arm and shoulder while waiting. After the hours of security and waiting we finally got to the plane. The trip was uneventful but Dylan held me the whole time. I felt I could barely fit in the seat and if the pills worked would I even fit then? That was a slight concern. We got to the hotel which was nothing fancy but it was affordable and I figured we would be spending most of our time elsewhere. Our room was a regular two beds and one bathroom. I was late and even though there was two beds Dylan snuggled right up to me and laid his head on my chest.

“You have such a big chest, Mikey,” Dylan said as he rubbed his face against it.

I smiled and said, “Just you wait… I’m gonna make it bigger.”

“I can’t wait,” Dylan said as drifted to sleep. He had no idea that I was try my first pill tomorrow. We woke up and Dylan climbed off me and as we’d both slept naked he just put on his beachy clothes—short shorts and a hawaiian shirt that he left unbuttoned. He wasn’t as muscular as I was but he wasn’t skinny or fat. He filled out the outfit with flip flops and a hat and the best part was his new speedo, which he wore like underwear.

I put my new speedo on first and said, “Dylan, are you sure about this?”

“It’s not showing so much that you’ll get arrested… just a small part of your tush,” Dylan said.

My outfit was similar to his but instead of a hawaiian shirt I wore a bro tank. Breakfast was included so of course we went there. There were a couple more people there and the food wasn’t special.

“You’re a tastier meal than this,” Dylan said jokingly.

I froze and blushed. “Dylan don’t say that stuff too loud, there a other people here.” But Dylan laughed. We both finished I told Dylan I needed to go back to the room. When he asked why I said I forgot my phone. Which was a lie—I went back to get the bottle of pills.

Part 3

The beach was in walking distance and after we got there we didn’t even go into the public changing rooms they had. We just stripped down to our speedos right then and there. Dylan ran off ahead of me to the water and I was left to set up our spot. After Dylan got back I needed to rub sunscreen on him. He burns like a marshmallow. I also knew he liked getting rubbed down by me.

“Your turn,” he said cheerly. Dylan loved any excuse to massage my muscles. I laid down on the blanket and let rub my whole back. Then I turned around and let his rub down my chest and abs. After that he just fell into my arms we snuggled in the warm sun the nice ocean breeze. After a bit of that I decided it was time to pop my first pill or two.

I got and said, “I need to go the bathroom.” Dylan’s eyes were closed and his head wasn’t facing me. I grabbed my shorts which had the bottle in them.

“Be back soon,” Dylan said. I walked in the bathroom and took the bottle out.

“I hope this works,” I said to myself. When I got in the bathroom I flexed a bit and said, “All right, here goes nothing.” I opened the bottle and swallowed one pill. I put the bottle and on the bench and waited. I felt a tingling throughout my body and my face light up. It was about to happen.

I looked in the mirror and watch as my chest puffed out bigger, my shoulders widened and 4 pack fully grew into a 6 pack like I’ve always wanted. My traps creeped up my neck. My arms grew thicker and wider. This was awesome and it wasn’t even over. My thighs, butt and calves grew as well. I looked at my hands and forearms go thing those grew or I would look weird. Then it stopped I did some posing in the mirror. My new muscles with tight speedo I was gonna be the best looking on the beach. Then the I felt a pleasing sensation in my crotch I pulled open my speedo and watched as my dick grew a bit thicker and longer and my swelled and presumable filling with more sperm. I felt amazing, happy and joyous at what just happened. Then my head felt like someone had taken an axe to it. I fell to the floor and pressed on my head and I felt it too was growing.

“Oooww,” I yelled. I was still a bit dizzy but I was stable enough to get back up.

That fucking hurt, but maybe it’s a good thing my head and neck grew. I don’t wanna be a no-neck, I thought. When I looked at myself in the mirror I noticed I had also gotten taller.

“Could these pills get any better!” I said. “Okay, one more… just one more then I’ll go back to Dylan.” I took the bottle and popped one more pill. I immediately felt that sensations again—this time I was prepared, though. I sat down on a bench. Instead of looking at my muscles as they grew I felt them. Rubbed my pecs and biceps and the expanded then moved to thighs and butt. My whole body grew and I saw the get just bit further away I was a few inches taller.

It’s a good thing speedos are stretchy, I thought. Then the best part. I felt my penis as it grew in my speedo. I had a sizable bulge sticking out now and it looked hot.

Damn, can’t wait to try this out on Dylan, I thought while rubbing it. I had to readjust it a lot because my entire dick was getting a little too big for this speedo but after a bit of fighting I was able to get it all in there. Now for the reason I sat down because that splitting headache hit again and like last time my head and neck grew to fit my body.

All right, Dylan, here I come. I walked out of bathroom and as I walked back to Dylan I saw a few people were staring. Not everyone, mind you—there were some pretty buff guys out today, but I definitely fit in with them now. It was probably the muscle mixed with my outfit which made me more eye catching, but I liked that. I put my shorts down before Dylan could see.

“Hey…” I nudged him awake.

“Woah! Mikey, are you bigger?” he said, unsure of himself.

“No no it’s just you haven’t really had a good look at me,” I said.

“You sure, I could swear you didn’t look like that a few minutes ago?” he said.

“How could I have possibly grown in a the few minutes while I was gone?” I said.

“I guess you’re right,” he said.

“Let’s go play in the water,” I said with a smile.

“Okie dokie,” Dylan said as he snuggled up against my huge arm. He used to able to fit his head right on my neck but now my arm has become head level. He didn’t seem to notice. When we got the water Dylan started splashing me and I did the same. I picked him up and spun him around. He then came in close rubbing his face against my chest and felt my tri’s and abs. I felt my dick getting stiffer. My heart sank, as I had no idea how big I was gonna grow. I might rip my speedo! I pushed Dylan away.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Dylan said.

“Nothing it’s just…” I couldn’t finish my sentence before Dylan saw my hardening cock.

“Wow! Mikey if you were horny you should have said something,” Dylan said.

“Not in public, Dylan, even if it’s hidden by the water,” I said.

“Hey! Fags! Knock it off!” I saw some random guy at the sand started yelling at us. He looked as big as me and just as tall.

“You talking to me?” I yelled back.

“I’m talking to the both of you. No gays on this beach,” he said angrily. Dylan quickly cuddled up against me and squeezed me tight. I could tell Dylan was scared because he was progressively squeezing me tighter.

“You’re scaring him! Go away!” I said. I pushed Dylan away and stomped back to the beach to face this guy. I got close and sized him up. He was comparable to me so if we got into a fight I wasn’t sure who would win.

“How about you put some clothes while you’re at it, gay boy,” he said.

“How about no. It’s not my fault you’re uncomfortable with your body,” I said. Dylan slowly caught up to me.

“I’ll show you one hour from now when we fight, and after I win you and you boyfriend need to get the hell out of here,” he said. Dylan cuddled up by arm. “We’ll meet down there.” He pointed toward where the stands of food were.

“All right, fine, one hour from I’ll be there,” I said as I pointed to him. The guy walked off flustered. Dylan was sobbing into my side and hugging me tight. I rubbed his hair and back.

“I’ll be okay, I’m huge, remember buddy?” I said to Dylan softly.

“He was pretty big too,” Dylan said. I sat down on the wet sand with him in my arms and rocked him back and forth trying to comfort him. We snuggled a bit and he started sobbing at one point. I’m not sure how long we snuggled but I knew it was getting close to fight time.

Part 4

“All right.” I stared in the mirror of the bathroom flexing.

“I’m I big enough to beat this guy.” I thought. Dylan is waiting outside for me. I stared at the bottle. I’m not sure who many pills were left, I’d only taken two. I opened it up and swallowed all the pills.

My stomach turned but I shook it off and I felt myself inflating. I walked out grabbed Dylan by the wrist and I stomped over to where the guy was. There were only few people standing around waiting for the ensuing fight. I stared at him I was already inches taller than him and defiantly wider.

“You’re gonna go down!” I yelled at him.

“What… What… is happening to you?” he said as he stepped away.

“You’re just scared, aren’t you!” I said.

“No! You’re a freak—get away from me!” he said as he ran away and the other spectators started stepping away soon running. Then it all happened at once.

“No no no. This wasn’t I wanted,” was all I could say. I started rapidly growing until I lost balance and fell on all fours.

“Mikey! What’s happening to you!” I heard Dylan say.

“Dylan, I’m sorry I should have told you sooner,” I gasped out.

My muscles where inflating like balloons right before my eyes. My chest exploded outward. My arms were getting thicker and bigger and longer. I felt my abs pop out into a 8 pack. I felt my dick elongate and thicken while my butt inflated with thighs and calves. My speedo felt tighter and tighter until I felt it rip off. Pounds off muscle were being added to my ever-growing frame. I tried looking around for Dylan but my vision was getting blurry and I couldn’t find him. Then I remember about the headache. Would I be able to take that. I flipped over on my back and watched my legs grow longer and my feet grow to match. The last thing I saw was my feet growing before I blacked out.

I opened my eyes to see an orange sky. My head felt like it had been run over. My body felt so sore I couldn’t move. I was dizzy and sweating. What was I thinking? I could have probably beaten that guy if had just taken one more pill. Why did I have to swallow all of them? I closed my eyes and I wanted to cry. I had no idea how big I was now but I knew was never going to be the same.

Where’s Dylan? I thought. I hope I didn’t scare him away. He’s the love of my life and would never forgive myself if I did that to him. I tried sitting up. Then I remembered that I ripped my speedo during my rapid growing and that I was stark naked in public. I look at my huge tree-trunk thighs and calves and a dick that was long enough to reach my knees. I tried to rub my head because it still hurt. But my biceps had grown too big for my hands to reach my head. I look down but my chest jutted out so much that I couldn’t see my stomach but I felt them. I felt a blocky 8 pack. I looked around and the food shacks around me looked like toys to me.

“Oh god. I’ve turned into a giant muscle monster,” I cried out. Then I saw something that made everything better.

“Dylan! C’mere. I’m sorry I never told you!” I said as Dylan slowly approached me.

“Mikey, is that really you?” he said.

“Yes, it’s me!” I said.

“What happened to you? Why are you giant now?” he said as sat down next to me.

“I took a couple pills that made grow early today. Then after I got challenged to a fight I thought I would need to be bigger so I swallow the whole bottle. I had no idea how big I was gonna get,” I explained.

“I’ve been waiting here for you to wake up for hours I watched you continue to grow even after you passed out,”said Dylan.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“You scared them all away. But not me,” he said. Dylan climbed on my legs and sat on my thigh like a couch. He looked like an action figured compared to me. “I’m not scared of you because I know you’ll be a gentle giant, Mikey,” he said as he scooted forward to hug me. “You still got love handles though,” he added as he cuddled up against me side.

“Ya I guess those pills don’t remove fat,” I said.

“I knew something was up but I didn’t question it that hard because I kinda liked your new size,” he said as he snuggled closer and tighter.

“We’ll I’m glad you still love me,” I said as I put hand on hand and stroked him like someone would a pet.

“Mikey, I love you because even though you’re massive now, you’re are still a sweetheart on the inside,” he said as he rubbed his face on me.

Part 5

“Mikey, bring me up to your neck. I wanna give you a kiss.” said Dylan. I hand out my hand right in from of him and he sat in my palm. I brought him up to my shoulder and he stepped off and sat down holding onto my neck for support.

“Dylan, this doesn’t feel right. How are we gonna make this work?” I said.

“I’ll make it work like this.” He kissed my cheek and I felt the softest peck that made me feel all that much better. Then he kissed me again and we watched as my dick plumped up a bit.

“Oh, you like that don’t you big boy?” Dylan said slyly.

“Dylan, please don’t. I’m naked in public I don’t wanna a boner too,” I said.

“But I want you too,” he said as he continued to kiss me. It was too late. We both watched as my massive softy swelled and lengthened into a hard boner. I rose up like a drawbridge.

“Mikey, how big are you gonna get?” he said slightly concerned.

“I don’t know, Dylan, but it isn’t stopping,” I said. It rose and swelled until the head was right at my mouth.

“Damn, Mikey, it’s huge!” he yelled.

“Dylan, can you please keep kissing my face…” I said.

“Of course big guy.” He continued to rub and kiss my cheek. I began stroking my boner with both hands. It was thick, long and felt more sensitive than it was before. Precum was flowing down my shaft. I heard Dylan’s soft moans and grunts by ear. He was enjoying himself, watching me jack off my massive meat. Then I got an idea: could I self-suck? I went in for it and my mouth went right other the head of my dick. My warm mouth sent shock waves of pleasure through my dick.

“Ahhh,” I heard Dylan. I felt warm drops on my neck and shoulder. Dylan must have cum. That sent me right over the edge. I removed my mouth and let it rip. My boner exploded! Cum burst out like cannon shooting into the air. My dick became a cum fire hose and more cum was coating my shaft. My huge chest and abs were getting sprayed with sperm as well. A large puddle was forming in front of me. I came for maybe 4 minutes. There was a sizable pond between my legs and when I came back to reality I realized that I couldn’t leave this here, but before I could do anything I heard Dylan.

“Wheeee.” Dylan jumped off my shoulder and into the pond of cum. He made a splash and continued to splash it around and rubbing on himself and in hair.

“Dylan, that’s really weird,” I said looking down at him.

“You swallowed an entire bottle of mysterious growth pills and now you’re a giant, so… who are you calling weird?” Dylan said. Fair point, I thought. “Plus, you usually cum all over me,” he said.

“I guess, but I didn’t used to cum in such large amounts,” I said. Although, I thought it was weird at first there was something adorable about cute little Dylan playing in my cum while only wearing a speedo. He was so happy and I think I was gonna be too.

“Mikey?” he yelled up to me.

“Ya Dylan?” I responded.

“I think we need to get you a new speedo,” he said.

“You think so? You think you can get one to fit me?” I said.

“Sure! And if not I’ll get one custom made just for you,” Dylan said.

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