Too big

By freakyhugemuscles 
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Hank grunted as he managed to do the last excrutiating rep.

He had been bodybuilding for 7 years now and it showed: 249lbs, 21 biceps, 29 quads, 52 chest and only a 32 waist. But he wanted more, much more. He dreamt of being so big he could easily beat Ronnie Coleman at the Olympia. In his mind he was a shredded 350 lbs!

He always worked out with his buddy Tom, 5—6 times a week. Tom was as big a muscle head as he was. They were always competing for the biggest gains and were comparing their muscles in the mirror. When Tom started juicing 2 years ago, Hank immediately followed but with bigger doses. By now they were both taking huge amounts of deca and testosterone.

After their workout, Hank stopped at the local paper shop to buy some of his favourite muscle mags. In the rack he saw a mag he had never seen before: ‘Too Big’. ‘Pff, like there is such thing as too big! I could never be too big’, he thought, ‘nor Tom for that matter’. He couldn’t take a look at the inside of the mag because it was wrapped in plastic.He decided to give it a go and bought it.

When arriving home, he immediately wanted to read it so he opened it and turned the first page. ‘What the fuck!’ he said in amazement. Inside were the biggest men he had ever seen: easily 375lbs without any fat whatsoever. ‘Geez…’ he said, ‘that ‘s how I wanted to look all my life. How did those guys get so big?’. He went through the pages and saw one mountain of muscle after another. Some of these guys were so big they had to spread their legs apart, their arms were in a 60 degrees angle from their torso, their pecs so big the nipples were pointing downwards, … There was not a single article inside, only pics. Another strange thing was that every couple of pages there was an ad for the same stuff, some ‘amazing muscle drink’. ‘I wonder if this is the stuff their muscles are made of’ Hank thought.

He decided to try this drink and so he surfed to the web page mentioned in the ad. Their was only one thing for sale, but hey, if this really worked there was no need for something else!

He had to register before being able to buy it, and when he finally came to the order screen, he noticed he could only buy 1 bottle. ‘For safety reasons’ it said on the page. ‘Who are they to tell me what is safe and what isn’t ‘ Hank said. He registered under another name and ordered another bottle. ‘Better order some more, just in case…’ he said and so he registered 18 new usernames and ordered 20 bottles in total.

One week later his ordered bottles arrived. He took the boxes with the bottles to his living room. Strangely enough he felt kinda nervous. Would it work? Would he finally become the true muscle monster he craved to be?

He opened the first box and read the ‘manual’: ‘This potion will make your muscle dreams come true. One bottle will increase your muscle mass with approximately 200lbs, although results vary from person to person. For safety reasons do NOT drink a whole bottle at a time, so you can let the growth occur gradually, leaving you time to decide when your muscles have increased enough. Thank you for shopping at Too Big’. That was all it said. He couldn’t believe it, 200 lbs of pure muscle just by drinking 1 bottle? ‘Better be careful’, he thought, gonna start slow, you never now.’

Hank went to the kitchen and got him a glass. He poured about 10% of the bottle in it. ‘This should give me around 20 lbs extra’ he grinned, still not sure whether to believe it or not. ‘Well, bottoms up!’ he said and gulped it all down.

After about 5 minutes—the longest of his life—his stomach started to feel warm. He felt the glow spreading throughout his body. ‘Fuck’ he thougt, ‘it’s started!’. He went to his room where he had a full length mirror, as to see every possible change. By the time he had arrived at his room, he saw how his tak top was already tigher, his jeans were snug around his but and thighs. ‘Wait, I’m gonna leave my clothes on, this should be interesting’. The glow continud for 10 minutes and during that time, his top became really tight, even uncomfortably tight, his legs had become so big he could no longer sit down with his jeans on. And then it stopped. ‘Whoa! That’s amazing’, he shouted as he admired his new found size. He hit a double bi and almost came in his pants. His biceps had to be at least 23”. He managed to peel off his jeans and wriggle his way out of the top and stood in his tiny posing briefs. He looked amazing: every muscle was visible, striations everywhere, thick veins pulsating allover, big teardrops above his knees, his butt was big and round, diamond calves, wide lats and high traps… He ran to the bathroom to weigh himself: 273lbs! That’s 24 lbs extra in just 15 minutes! He got so horny from all this he had to jack—off there and then. He fantasized about the growth he could still have…

The next day he couldn’t wait to go to the gym. What was Tom gonna say? He would be green of envy. 24 lbs could not remain unnoticed. He put his biggest spandex short on, but it still strained to cover all of his big butt and quads. He chose a top that had as little fabric as possible; His pecs showed even bigger in it. His back poured over it and because his traps had become higher, it didn’t cover all of his stomach, which made his now 8—pack abs clearly visible.

As soon as he walked in, Tom new there was something different about Hank. He had never looked so good before. ‘Hey man’, tom said, ‘been taking some new juice?’. Tom always said what was on his mind. ‘I knew you would say that’, Hank replied, ‘but I’m not gonna tell you now, first we gotta work out’. Tom knew Hank and therefore he agreed, no use trying to force Hank to tell now. During the work out Tom couldn’t believe the changes Hank had undergone. Hank’s whole body glistened and every muscle rippled as he moved the weights. The pump made him look even bigger! Yesterday they both had more or less the same strength, but today Hank beat him at every exercise. Tom was jealous, he could not stand being the smaller and weaker one.

After the workout, they went to Hank’s house. Tom couldn’t wait to hear all about it, but he had to wait until Hank brought it up. Hank offered him a drink and took one for himself as well. ‘Okay’, he said, ‘you wanna know what happened?’. ‘You know damn well I do’, Tom replied. And so Hank told him the story, with every passing minute Tom’s eyes grew wider. Hank deliberately had left out the fact that one bottle would make you gain 200lbs and that he had 20 bottles. You never know what Tom would do. ‘That’s fucking amazing’, Tom said. ‘I know’, replied Hank, ‘but you know what’s even more fun?’ ‘Tell me’, said Tom. ‘I just gave us a dose through our drinks’, Hank grinned. Tom’s mouth opened in amazement. ‘You mean we’re gonna grow any minute now?’ ‘Yep’, Hank smiled. ‘Fucking A!’.

His words were not even cold yet, when the glowing kicked in. Tom felt his clothes getting tighter and saw Hank’s top ripping slightly at the sides, as well as the lycra shorts becoming very stretched. The growth only took 5 minutes, not much, but enough to demonstrate to Tom Hank was telling the truth. ‘That was awesome! So I guess you’re willing to share it with me?’ ‘Yes, I got more than enough for the both of us’ said Hank. ‘Can I see it?’ asked Tom. ‘Not just yet, maybe I’ll show you later.’

As Tom went to the bathroom to take a leak, Hank stayed in the living room, wondering how much he would give them next. He had taken 10% yesterday and he had given them each 5% today. That means there was still 80% left in the first bottle, good for 160lbs. He was the bigger one now, he guessed he must weigh 285lbs, and Tom started at 244lbs so with the added 10 lbs he must be approximately 255 lbs now. ‘Let me even that out a bit’, he thought. ‘I’ll give him 95lbs extra and myself the remaining 65lbs. God, we’re gonna be 350lbs monsters!’. This thought gave him a starting hard on. He went to the kitchen and poured the rest of the bottle in their drinks and mixed it with some cola. When he went back to the living room, Tom was already sitting in the couch again. ‘Here we go’, Hank said while offering Tom his glass. Then he realized he had left the cupboard open where he hid half of the bottles. ‘Just one second’ he said hastily. He quickly closed the cupboard doors and returned to the living room. ‘OK, let’s drink’, said Tom. They both gulped down their glass and when Hank put his down he noticed Tom had a big smile on his face. ‘Happy about it? Hank asked. ‘Oh yes, very happy, but not for the reason you think’, Tom said. ‘Why’s that’?’. ‘You see’, Tom said, ‘while I was in the bathroom I found your bottles standing on your shelf. ‘Oh shit’ Hank thought, ‘I forgot to hide those’. ‘Don’t tell me you drank some if it…’ ‘Let me reassure you, I didn’t drink it. But while you were in the kitchen I added some to your drink. It’s gonna be interesting to see what’s gonna happen…’Tom said with a grin. Hank turned pale, Tom did not know what dosage to use. ‘How much did you pour in?’ Hank stuttered. ‘I saw 10 bottles there so I figured half of those would be mine and half yours. So I poured you 3 bottles, great isn’t it?’ ‘God, what have you done! Each bottle gives around 200lbs, together with the drink I just had that means an extra 665 lbs on my frame. I’m gonna weigh 950lbs!’. Tom’s jaw almost dropped to the ground. ‘Geez, Hank, I had no idea. I thought one bottle would be around 20 lbs, as you gained 20lbs yesterday…Is there a way to reverse it?’ ‘No there isn’t, said Hank. He was worried but kinda excited at the same time, noone had ever weighed that much, what would it be like?

And then the glowing began. But this time it felt not just warm, it felt extremely hot. Hank felt like he was on fire. He got out of the seat because he knew he would otherwise become stuck in it. ‘Tom, whatever happens, you gotta take care of me.’ ‘Course I will, I got you into this situation’ he replied. And then Hank could not speak anymore, the feeling was just too overwhelming. He felt how his pecs were growing, continuously expanding forward, sideward and upward. His top was ripped to shreds in a matter of seconds and soon after that he lost sight of everything below his pecs. His lats became broader and pushed his arms to the side, making them hang in an angle of 45 degrees—50 degrees—60 degrees—70 degrees—80 degrees !. His shoulders widened and became so broad he could only fit sideways through a door. But only briefly because his back also thickened and it became almost as thick as his chest was which meant he could no longer go sideways through doors either. He could never leave the room! His biceps inflated to insanely huge balls, first the size of melons, then bowling balls, then even bigger! He could no longer bend or stretch his arms because both biceps and triceps had gotten so thick they restricted moving his ellbow. They must have measured 45”. His 8—pack tightened and looked like solid brick stones with deep crevaces between them. He no longer had a 32 waist, more like a 64, but not like a roid gut, just big abs. Bending over was history from now on. His legs were next, packing on pound after pound. In minutes his quads had become 3—4 times the size of his former waist. His legs were pushed apart and he could only stand with his legs spread far out and still they were touching each other. The glutes in his but thickened, rising, which made it impossible to arch his back. His calves and hamstrings bulged and made the back of is knees disappear so Hank could no longer bend his knees. This was for the better because because his weight had increased so much he otherwise would surely have collapsed through his legs. But now his leg muscles were acting like some kind of braces, locking his knees.His traps rose higher and higher, until they reached above his head and had gotten so big he could no longer turn his head. Hank could no longer move, he had become immobile and he knew for sure that he had in fact become ‘too big’.

All the time Tom had watched this spectacle and was extremely turned on. He never noticed he himself had turned into a 350 lbs hulking stud. His mind was with Hank.

‘Hank, you look like a freak! Awesome!’. ‘What now?’ asked Hank, barely able to speak because his chest touched his chin. Tom realized he could do with Hank whatever he wanted as Hank could not prevent him. He sure would have some fun…’Well, I’ll have to take some myself now, can’t let you grow on your own.’ ‘Don’t take too much, someone has gotta be able to move.’ ‘Don’t worry, I won’t, 1 maximum 2 bottles’, Tom said, ‘the 5 others are all for you…’ Tom said with a mischievous grin. He forced Hanks mouth open by pinching his nose so he could only breathe through his mouth and poured the first bottle in. As Hank swallowed the drink and braced himself for the first 200 lbs of 1.000 to come, he hoped Tom would not find the 9 other bottles in the kitchen…

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