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Rob steadily cranked his way up the long hill. He had already been riding his bike all day and was excited to see the top of the climb in sight. At the top of the hill was a man enjoying the view of the pacific ocean. The view is always the best part about getting to the top, but this time was even better. From what Rob could tell, despite the glare of the sun set in his eyes, the man was a large man with broad shoulders, casually leaning on the hood of his Jeep.

These long days of cycle-touring have a way of playing tricks on the mind, mirages one could say. However it was the minor fantasies that kept him going after nearly 7 hours of cycling. Fantasies about an attractive man waiting up ahead at the next gas station to make love to him in the bathroom. His name would be something sexy like Craig and would match his body for strength of character. Craig would take advantage of his firm cyclist ass while waiting for the attendant to finish filling up his dolmar. Craig would caress Rob’s thick thighs and throw his tight calves up over his shoulders giving Craig full access. Craig would be big, but gentle. Easily able to hold Rob down, but charming enough that no one would ever run away from him. He would be so big that he wouldn’t be able to take his tshirt off with a little help, his pecs getting in the way of his own biceps. As he reached down to lift his shirt he would realize the trouble he was in and sheepishly ask for help from Rob.

And Rob would lean forward and slide his hands under the shirt, searching for any inch of space to pull the shirt from his tight body. Lifting his arms over his head Craig would realize he was actually too big for the bathroom. In fact he was so big that he couldn’t bring his arms back down and the shirt didn’t need to be taken off because it simply shredded under the force of barely working muscle. How had they even gotten this mountain of muscle into this bathroom? It almost seems impossible.-

Rob snapped out of it when his bike started to slide on the pine needles on the side of the road. He caught his balance and the eye of the man at the top of the hill. How foolish to have such a fantasy while there is this man up at the top of the hill. Bike shorts do nothing to hide Rob’s throbbing hard-on. There is no hiding anything in bike shorts, not even behind his bulky quads.

Rob glanced down at his cock, cursing the embarrassment he had cause for himself. Turning his attention back to the top of the hill he could see the man a little more clearly. He was big alright, but it was still unclear if it was muscle or just dead weight.

With still half of the hill to go Rob decided to trick himself into losing his hard-on before he met up with this stranger. He was going to concentrate on getting up the hill as quickly as possible, only think about breathing and keeping a good pace. No more fantasizing.

Rob began to put his full weight into the pedals, shifting uncomfortably in his seat, his hard-on making it hard to find room to pedal. A hard grip on the handlebars, no need for the brakes, he worked his quads and calves until they were screaming. Shifting his eyes from his dick to the top of the hill he noticed the stranger was watching him. The sun was low now and Rob could make out a wide figure with sharp edges, cut and defined edges. Maybe this guy had seen Rob almost wipe out, it’s so embarrassing. Determined to impress this guy Rob concentrated back to the rhythm of the crank arms on the bike, pushing through, back and up. The feel of muscle power is intense and inebriating. Rob often wondered what it would be like to feel that all over, to be the kind of man he often dreamed about.

Right! The man! Was he still at the top of the hill? A quick look up and Rob could see not only was he still there but he was looking right at Rob. He stood with the wide stance of a man who had too much muscle to stand with his feet together. His arms caught in the warm glow of the setting sun. They were crossed in front of his massive pecs. Rob couldn’t make out the strangers face, but his body language spoke of bemused curiosity, perhaps curious if Rob’s scrawny body would make it up the hill without falling over.

This was not helping his hard-on. Rob quickly focused back on the cleats locked into the pedals. The rhythm, the breath, the tension, the challenge. Even this was a too much of a turn on as he started to consider the rhythm being the same as the rhythm this stranger might pound his ass with.

Rob kept his head down, feeling the rise of the hill. Staring at the way the his legs rubbed against the seat, making a quiet swishing sounds; concentrating on the way the muscle fibers jumped on the down stroke.

As he felt the hill start to crest he chanced a look at the stranger hoping to maybe see the sunlight cut a tight line over his tricep as he stood with one arm on the hood of his truck. When Rob looked up he was caught by the stranger not just starting at him but giving him a thumbs up. A firm thumbs up that made the muscle fiber in his giant forearm quiver and the veins dance. A strange look on his face of admiration, lust, and deep concentration and then a sly, knowing smile.

Rob couldn’t break his attention away from this man. Was he asking to hitchhike? Looking for a ride? Or was he pointing up? Rob looked up, up at the blue sky. Vast and infinitely expandable, much like Craig in the bathroom. And thats when Rob hit a rock and was thrown over his handlebars. The horizon spun and Rob hit the ground hard, right on his back. Struggling to get his breathing back while still out of breath from the climb proved to be quite a struggle. He continued to lay there cursing himself for making an ass of himself in front of that hot stranger.

That is when the man walked into Rob’s vision from behind. Leaning over Rob he spoke in a resonant tone, “are you alright?”

Rob just lay there, feeling a tightness in his chest betraying his attempts to breath.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to screw you up, I was just trying to help you out.”

Rolling his eyes over to better see the stranger, Rob could see there was no dead weight on this man. His skin was alive with rippling energy deep in his thick muscled torso. He held out a trustworthy hand and Rob was lifted up in a smooth jerk. “You aren’t bleeding, but you are a bit dirty. You should probably head down the road to the gas station and clean up. Besides, you’re going to want to get off the road soon.”

Rob couldn’t imagine what he meant by that, his head was still fuzzy from the fall. He looked around absent mindedly for his bike until he realized that the stranger was holding it up for him. He followed the hand on his bike seat with his eyes up the arm that expanded out in an explosion of geometric flesh, growing to the thick deltoid and across the dense chest. They locked eyes once more and the stranger again voiced his concern ,”better get going, you’re going to want to be off your bike soon.” and gave Rob the thumbs up again.

This time Rob felt a surge deep in his stomach and it got stronger as they continued to lock eyes. A passing car distracted them and they broke their stare. Rob shook his head and took the bike from the stranger. He was feeling clear enough to realize he did need to go down the street to the gas station and take care of himself but his body felt weird, slower and harder to manage. Rob mounted the bike and wobbled a few times trying to hold onto the handlebars that suddenly seemed much too small for him.

Once he was riding he glanced over his shoulder one last time and saw the stranger still standing there, giving him the thumbs up, and thats when Rob felt the tightening in stomach get more intense. It spread up his back and he felt a scratching of a seam as it slid across his shoulder. When Rob tried to itch it he realized he couldn’t reach his shoulder, his… arm was in the way? No, he must just be tight from the crash, the body does that after a trauma.

Rob began to pedal a bit harder, hoping to get to the gas station before he threw up or something . The speed made his quads hurt. He must have hit his legs when he fell. He looked down to check for a bruise but instead he saw that the elastic on the bike shorts was cutting into his thigh. His legs were swollen with… muscle? This couldn’t be right. Rob needed to think straight… He saw the gas station up ahead and needed to get there, needed to see what was happening. He found it easier to pedal, his legs stronger.

Pulling into the gas station he didn’t have time to lock up his bike he just went straight into the bathroom that was around back. What he saw in the mirror scared the shit out of him. His arms were purple from the circulation being cut off from his jersey that was tight with rippling muscle. The zipper had pulled itself all the way down to his rib cage, his pecs peeling the fabric back and exposing his obliques.

Staring down at his legs he could see they too were throbbing, begging for blood and oxygen. Not knowing what to do, not knowing if he could even get his clothes off, Rob just stood there in the mirror, staring at himself as his whole body expanded with each breath he took.

The door to the bathroom opened and guy walked in, stopping dead in his tracks.

“Take my clothes off. I’ve had an accident and I need to take my clothes off. Can you help?”

The man stood there dumb founded, clearly getting hard but too shocked to do anything about it. He stepped over and nodded to Rob. “What do you want me to do?”

“Take my shirt off,” Rob asked.

The man slid his hands under Robs shirt, finding it difficult to find space between the rock hard abs and the tightly stretched jersey. Rob tried to reach down and help but found his chest and arms were so big that he could barely bring his hands together.

Lifting his hands up over his head, Rob locked eyes with the man as he pulled and yanked the shirt over and off. Rob smiled and glanced down at his bike shorts. The man, began to reach for Rob’s sculpted waist but before he could Rob grabbed the man by the waist and lifted him to the counter top. Tearing the mans shirt off while deeply kissing him, Rob placed himself up close so he could feel his hard-on.

With room to breathe, Rob began to get bigger still, stretching his lats out so that his arm rested at a freaky angle from his tight torso. Getting so large that when he tried to adjust his stance to make room for his rolling thighs his bike shorts ripped to shreds, exposing his throbbing cock.

While Rob was distracted by his explosive growth, the man began to unbuckle his pants to make room for his dick. He had a hard time pulling his tight jeans off over his big thighs, he was a cyclist too. Rob noticed his little problem and yanked them off for him. They met eyes and smiled kindly, knowingly.

Rob pulled his bathroom strangers legs up over his massive shoulders and took a look at where he was going to put his massive dick. The man, leaning forward to try and grasp onto some part of Rob found his hands slipping off the granite body. Rob leaned in closer to let his new friend get all the glory of his new found body. The stranger explored the massive piles of corded muscle that was rippling all over Rob’s body while he positioned himself for entry.

Rob slipped in but found it a hard time moving his huge new body around. But when you are so big that you barely fit into the bathroom you forget that you don’t need to move to much. A little power goes a long way. The man rubbed whatever part of Rob he could touch, massaging Rob’s pecs and torso, exploring the striation of Robs forearms and biceps.

Rob was getting off so hard on his new body. As he fucked this little stranger, he watched himself in the mirror behind the sink on the counter. There didn’t seem to be an end to his growth, its as if he was growing vastly, infinitely. And at that moment a deep surge rose from the center of his density and he shot his load.

When the two men had finished cleaning up the stranger asked Rob his name. And Rob answered, “Craig”.

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