There’s something about Billy

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Everyone could tell that Billy was different. From the waist up he seemed perfectly normal—better than normal perhaps. His clean-shaven face somehow managed to straddle the line between handsomely mature and cutely boyish, and his cool, frosty pale blue eyes sent shivers of excitement down the spine of anyone who his laze gaze fell upon. His typical attire of a simple t-shirt really showcased his slim, slender physique. He obviously had a bit of muscle definition to him but not enough to really be bulky. It was below the belt, however, that he really stood out.

Billy was always seen wearing comically oversized sweatpants. The pants were so big on him that it looked like he was wearing Hammer Pants. The sweats were so incredibly oversized that he had to use an array of belts just to keep the damn things up! But there was something else strange. Somehow it looked like he needed those pants to be that huge. Somehow it seemed like there was something in there—something huge and bulky that pressed against the insides of his pant legs as he strode nonchalantly through the campus.

It finally reached a point where Duke and Kevin had had enough. Their curiosity needed to be sated, and so they resolved to get to the bottom of Billy’s bulbous sweat pants once and for all. The plan was simple: the two buds planned to follow Billy’s trail until the guy made his way to a more private location where they could confront him once and for all, and as it happened they didn’t have to wait long. No more than twenty minutes after they started following Billy, the guy took a look around and casually strode into a nearby restroom—better yet, the restroom in question was the one that attached to the locker rooms that the football team used. Duke, being a quarterback on the team, would look right at home going in and would not arouse any suspicion. Kevin on the other hand being the wirier sort with huge, thick-rimmed glasses stood out like a sore thumb, but he didn’t let that stop him.

The two friends strode right on into the locker rooms as if they owned the place. They figured if they hurried they could catch Billy before he could slip away, and to an extent their plan played off but not in the way they had expected.

No sooner had the two friends stepped through the doorway than they found themselves face to face with the man of the hour. Billy was casually leaning against the lockers and staring right at them as if he had been waiting right there for them the whole time.

“You two really don’t get the finer points of stealth, do you?” Billy remarked wryly. He even through in an exaggerated eye roll for good measure.

“Y-You knew we were following you?” Duke asked. Duke fit the big, dumb, blond jock stereotype to a T from his beefy calves right on up to his spike-up, frosted tips, and the dumbfounded look of slack-jawed shock that he had on his face wasn’t doing him any favors either.

“Duh. It’s not like it was hard to see.” Billy replied sarcastically.

“Then you know why we’re here.” Kevin said as he stepped out from behind his big, beefy buddy’s literal and metaphorical shadow.

“Yes… I know why you’re here…” Billy replied with an exasperated sigh. He didn’t waste any time. He grumbled a little bit but he set to work undoing the various belts that held his bulky sweat pants in place.

“What… just like that?” Kevin squeaked incredulously.

“What? You think you’re the first dudes to get curious? I know by now that it’s easier to just get it over with rather than deal with the hassle of you two dinguses tailing me for who knows how long.” Billy replied.

Duke and Kevin exchanged a few quick glances as if looking to one another for some indication of how they should proceed, but they were both in unexplored territory. The best either of them had hoped was to catch a peek of Billy as he tried to take a piss. They hadn’t planned on Billy giving them front row seats to the grand unveiling. Fortunately, they weren’t given a chance to start to second guess the situation. Billy had his belts off and on the floor in a matter of mere moments, and once the last belt was unhooked, gravity took over. His sweat pants fell to the floor. The actual motion probably took a fraction of a second once the belts were off, but to the two friends who were watching in awe the moment seemed to stretch on for ages. Time seemed to slow down on that exact second as inch after long, thick, bulky inch of cock spilled out from beneath Billy’s sweatpants. The two friends’ jaws dropped as low as they could go, but they still didn’t drop near as low as Billy’s junk dangled.

“Why is it so big…?” Duke murmured. It was less a question and more a statement of reverent awe. He was enthralled by the sheer size of Billy’s bait and tackle, but Kevin had a starkly different reaction.

“T-Two!?” Kevin squeaked in shock. “What!? Why!? How!? You’ve got two!?”

“Yyyyyyep.” Billy replied casually. He reached down and gave both of his fat cocks a hearty shake which caused both fat schlongs to jiggle enticingly before his captive audience.

Billy’s dicks weren’t just big. They weren’t just huge. There were MASSIVE!! Either super-sized schlong was the size of one of those stand-up boxing bags at the campus gym. Each fat cock was thicker around than Billy’s entire waist! Both massive dongs had to be at least three feet long. In fact, they were longer than Billy’s legs! Had it not been for his massive, sagging sack which his double dragons had to droop over, this tips of Billy’s dicks would have easily rested on the floor beneath, and speaking of Billy’s enormous nut sack, that was a spectacle to behold in and of itself. The entire sack was easily the size of a plush, La-Z-Boy recliner, but that wasn’t even the most astounding part. The way it bulged out made it plainly obvious that Billy had some enormous nuts tucked away in his ball pouch. Each massive orb was easily double the size of Billy’s head! Each enormous teste was almost as big as a beach ball, and when you consider that there was a grand total of four of the fantastic cojones cramped inside of Billy’s bulging ball sack it made sense that his pouch was as huge as it was.

Billy smirked at his two would-be stalkers as he stepped out of his sweat pants and began to pull his t-shirt up and over his head. Soon he was completely nude with both his lean, lithe body, and his super-sized set of schlongs on display for his studio audience.

“Now then… I’ve given you what you wanted so how about you do something for me?” Billy said slyly.

“W-what…?” Kevin replied meekly.

“What do you mean ‘what’? You know how it works. Quid Pro Quo. I scratch your sack, you scratch mine. That’s fair, right?” Billy replied playfully. His smirk had grown into a smug, saucy grin by this point, and his crystal blue eyes practically sparkled with impish glee.

“What do you want us to do…?” Kevin asked uncertainly.

“Oh. Nothing you don’t already want to do.” Billy replied playfully.

“That is not at all helpful.” Kevin replied.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be asking me. Go ask your buddy there. He seems to know what’s up.” Billy responded with a sly smirk. He then nodded towards Duke to indicate that Kevin should look at his friend.

Kevin quickly complied, and what he saw made him gasp. Duke was already down to his skivvies! The big, beefy football star had shed his clothes and was quickly stripping completely nude. Duke seemed like a man possessed. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Billy’s behemoths. Even as he stumbled and nearly fell flat on his face when his foot got caught as he tried to step out of his underwear, he still couldn’t focus on anything other than Billy’s enormous cocks and balls. In a matter of seconds, Duke was completely naked and starting to trek towards Billy’s cocks like a shambling zombie on the hunt for brains. Duke didn’t even seem aware of anything that was happening around him other than how amazing Billy’s dicks were.

Kevin was given the best view of his life. He had always thought Duke was hot as hell, but he never in his wildest dreams believed that he would get the chance to see his big, beefy buddy in all his naked glory. Duke’s thick pecs bulged out like a shelf in front of him. His chiseled, sculpted abs seemed to flex all on their own. The toned V of his Adonis Belt pointed straight down to his rock hard dick, and even Duke’s dick was quite the sight to behold. It wasn’t the longest cock Kevin had ever seen—even excluding the present company. In fact, it was a bit on the short side. Duke’s four-inch rod seemed a little out of place on his six-foot-six muscle-stacked bod and looked even smaller sitting atop his huge, tightly packed ball sack, but what Duke’s dick lacked in length it made up for in girth. Duke’s short rod was as thick as a can of shaving cream! And as duke continued his trek towards his current object of obsession, Kevin was given an even more amazing view. Duke’s backside was just as beefy as the rest of him! His back muscles were so defined that Kevin could pinpoint and name each and every muscle group as they bulged out from Duke’s beefy frame, but what was no doubt the best part was Duke’s beefy butt. Duke’s ass was thick as hell! His brawny muscles complimented his own natural bubbly backside to make the largest, roundest ass Kevin had ever seen. It didn’t seem possible for anyone to have an ass that fine, and the cute little dimples on the sides of Duke’s butt cheeks just sweetened the deal. Kevin already knew he needed to tap that ass someday, but he had other issues to attend to first.

Try as he might to convince himself otherwise, Kevin was seriously considering joining in the fun. It wasn’t every day you find a dong that’s nearly as big as you are, and it’s even rarer to find TWO of them. To make matters worse, the way that Duke was now holding the big, puffy head of one of Billy’s massive cocks in both of his hands as he licked and nuzzled against the tip of it was so damn hot that Kevin knew he needed to get out of his own jeans before he creamed all over them.

Kevin muttered something under his breath that was unintelligible even to him and quickly started undoing the buttons on his flannel plaid shirt. He hastily pulled the garment up and over his head after only undoing a mere three buttons and chucked the shirt aside like an old, soggy towel. Kevin didn’t even wait ‘til he got his jeans off before making the trek. He hopped and hobbled on one foot as he kicked the jeans off his other leg, and once his foot was free, he began the same process all over again on the other leg. By the time he was standing directly in front of Billy, Kevin was clad in nothing but his boxer shorts and socks. Kevin’s boxer shorts left nothing to the imagination, and that was less a matter of the cut of them and more a matter of the steady stream of pre that had been oozing out the tip of his cock. His shorts were now so soaked that they had become fully transparent and clung to his cock like a second skin. The entire shape and size of Kevin’s cock was clearly visible to everyone, but nobody seemed to be focused on Kevin’s six-inch spire—not when there were a pair of three foot schlongs sitting right in front of him.

“Come on. No need to be shy. I’ve got one for each of you.” Billy goaded Kevin on playfully. He reached down with both hands and jostled his chubbed up cock enticingly in front of Kevin’s eyes as he did so. The massive meat lolled and wobbled about erotically before Kevin’s very eyes. Kevin couldn’t explain it. Billy’s dick was just so fantastic that he couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch it. Just being this close to such an amazing cock was almost more than he could take. Kevin felt like he could cum at any moment. His dick shuddered in anticipation. His cock was already lurching and preparing to spurt, and his balls were already pulling up against the base of his cock.

Kevin placed a hand gingerly against the tip of Billy’s massive cock. It was so soft and warm to the touch. It felt so great against his fingertips that he needed more. He needed to feel it against his lips. He needed to taste it on his tongue, but more importantly he needed to…

“Oh… f…fuck…” Kevin whined. He couldn’t stop it even though he desperately wanted to. He hadn’t even had a chance to shirk his shorts yet. Kevin was so wracked with orgasmic bliss that he stumbled forward. His legs felt like jelly and were on the verge of giving out from under him, and then they did just that. As Kevin fell forward he grabbed onto the only thing in range with which he could steady himself—Billy’s colossal, semi-boned cock! He latched onto Billy’s swelling schlong with both arms, and then his body took control. Even without realizing he was doing it, Kevin began to grind his hips against Billy’s hardening dick as he came and came and came again. Kevin had never come so much in his life. He couldn’t believe how much there was spewing from his balls, but he couldn’t focus on that. He could feel Billy’s already enormous cock getting bigger and thicker in his very arms. The feeling of which just made him cum harder and harder.

Finally, Kevin was so overcome with orgasmic bliss that he couldn’t even hold on. His arms felt like putty and his grip slipped. He slipped backwards on the damp tile and landed flat on his ass. It didn’t take him long to regain some modicum of his senses as he stared up in awe at the massive cock which now loomed before him. Billy’s cock was now fully hard, and pre was dribbling down from the tip of the massive shaft. Each small droplet of pre from Billy’s colossal cock was the size of a water balloon and splashed down with a similar intensity. With each drip from Billy’s monstrous cock, Kevin got even more saturated in the slick juices. Kevin was quickly getting coated in the stuff, but he didn’t mind. He loved every second of it. He loved the warmth, the feel, the taste. He loved being bathed in the stuff and he wanted more.

Kevin scrambled to his feet, and this time he finished what he started and pulled off his cum-soaked boxer shorts. Kevin haphazardly chucked them aside and once against stood before Billy and his massive cocks. Kevin’s cock was coated in his own jizz. It was the largest, messiest load of his life, but even so his cock still did not seem ready to go down. Kevin was as hard as ever.

Kevin balked for a moment as he stared down the towering spire of Billy’s magnificent cock. It was even larger than he remembered. Billy’s cocks were easily three feet and some change when soft, but even at his massive size, Billy was more of a grower than a shower! The cock which now loomed before Kevin was so huge that it blew him away all over again. It was so massive that the head of the behemoth stood even higher off the ground than Kevin’s own head “Oh come on. Don’t tell me you need more motivation.” Billy chided playfully. “Come on, your buddy has the right idea.”

Kevin glanced over to see Duke going at it with Billy’s other cock. Duke was so tall—or maybe it is more precise to say that Billy’s cock was so massive—that the head of Billy’s cock was the perfect level for the towering football stud to lock lips with as he wrapped his beefy arms around the massive shaft as if giving the huge cock an enormous bear hug, but there was more at work than simply a hug. While Duke kissed and sucked and licked every inch of the massive, spongy head of the colossal cock he could reach, the rest of Duke’s body went to work giving Billy’s person-sized schlong a full-body hand job. Duke put every muscle in his burly body to work in stroking Billy’s massive cock for all it was worth.

Kevin knew he would have to work hard to come anywhere near giving Billy’s other cock the level of attention that Duke was giving the first one. Kevin didn’t have near the size or strength that Duke had. Kevin couldn’t even look Billy’s monster right in the eye. The tip of Billy’s enormous cock loomed over Kevin’s head. Kevin had to stand up on his tippy-toes just to latch onto the massive cockhead, but he didn’t let that deter him. What he lacked in size and strength he made up for in determination.

Kevin wrapped his arms around the head of the monstrous cock and pulled it down towards him. Billy’s cock was rock hard and didn’t seem to be interested in bowing to anyone—let alone a scrawny little nerd like Kevin, but Kevin wasn’t about to be outdone. Though it made his muscles ache, he pulled down Billy’s colossal cock until the beast angled right at Kevin’s face. Kevin found himself face to face with Billy’s one-eyed monster, and what a beast it was! The pre-drooling slit was almost as long as Kevin’s whole head. The bottom of the drooling maw was even with Kevin’s chin, and the top of it reached all the way up to his forehead. Huge droplets of pre the size of softballs dripped out of the tip. The sight and the smell was amazing. Kevin couldn’t hold back. He threw himself face first into the task of pleasing that amazing dick. He buried his face into the enormous cock head. His nose sunk straight into the slit so deep that he could feel the warm flash of Billy’s cock against his lips and forehead. Pre flooded his mouth and dribbled off his chin and he nuzzled deeply against the soft, spongy tip. It was less like Kevin was making out with the cock and more like he was burying his face into a soft pillow, but Billy seemed to be enjoying it nonetheless. Kevin could feel the warm, thick tissue of Billy’s cock head puff up excitedly as Kevin nuzzled against it.

Kevin didn’t have near the wingspan that duke did. Duke could easily wrap his entire arms around Billy’s secondary schlong, but Kevin could only just barely get his fingers to meet on the opposite end. Full body hand-jobs the like of which Duke was giving Billy’s entire colossal shaft were outright impossible for Kevin, but he had his own tricks he could use. Billy’s cock head was amazingly sensitive to the touch, and Kevin was not about to let that little tidbit go to waste. As he nuzzled and licked and suckled every inch of flesh of Billy’s overstimulated cock tip that he could reach, Kevin also began to dig his fingers into the spongy flesh. He massaged the soft flesh as if he was making a fresh batch of pizza dough. He stroked and kneaded every inch that his fingers could reach, and his hard work was met with shudders of arousal coursing through Billy’s cock and moans of bliss escaping Billy’s throat.

Both Kevin and Duke were too busy giving their respective monster cock the loving it deserved to recognize changes happening in their own bodies. Kevin had thought he had spotted something off with Duke’s dick when he had watched Duke make out with Billy’s cock, but he had not stopped long enough to ponder what it all meant. Even now as Kevin caressed and kissed Billy’s other cock Kevin could feel something strange down below, but he was too enthralled by Billy’s dicks to pay any mind to his own even as the waves of pure pleasure coursed through his cock with such intensity that he ran the risk of creaming himself all over again at any second.

As it happened, Billy was actually the next to cum. Billy writhed and moaned as he leaned back against the lockers. His twin colossal cocks bucked and lurched so hard that they almost knocked his two adoring fans clear off their feet—almost. Both Duke and Kevin held fast against the onslaught and it wasn’t until both ate a gigantic jet of jizz to the face that they realized how close they had gotten to making Billy bust his colossal nut. Duke managed to brace himself and stand strong in the face of the torrent of jizz that inundated him, but Kevin was nowhere near as fortunate. The second the first spurt of spunk shot him square in the face, Kevin slipped backwards on the pre-slicked tiles and went sprawling flat on his ass where he remained in a state of half-hormone addled awe and half-winded shock as spurt after thick, massive spurt of cum covered him from head to toe.

As Kevin lay there he couldn’t help but wrap his hand around his cock and stroke it for all it was worth. He was just so damn horny. He had never felt so hot and bothered before. Even as he came and came and his own wads mixed and mingled with the thick layer of spunk that Billy had doused him with Kevin kept tugging at his own fairly modest dick, but even through the haze of sex that clouded his mind he could feel that something was strange. With each stroke he could feel the length of the path his hand took as it glided up and down his shaft get ever so slightly longer, but it wasn’t just that. His cock actually felt thicker with each passing pump… and there was something else… something he couldn’t quite put his finger on through the haze that clouded his mind.

As Kevin continued to stroke his cock, he could feel his dick get so thick that it quickly became too fat for him to wrap his fingers around. It seemed like it was growing thicker faster than it was growing longer, but in his horny state he couldn’t even think about what that could mean. Even as he stroked his thickening cock with one hand and played with his swelling balls with the other he couldn’t quite make any sense of what he was feeling. He could feel his balls getting bigger and heavier in his hand, but that wasn’t quite all. As he gripped one of his nuts and gently played with the sensitive sphere between his thumb and forefinger he could actually feel them changing shape. They were quickly changing from their standard spherical shape to something more akin to peanuts. As he played with his nuts he could feel that they still felt mostly round, but somehow they seemed narrower in the middle. In fact, his cock felt much the same way. The puffed up ridge along the underside of his dick seemed to have a deepening groove forming down the middle almost as if he had two ridges side by side instead of just the one down the center, and that didn’t make send at all.

Kevin’s confusion slowly overrode his euphoric state. Finally, it got to the point where just feeling his changing cock and balls was not enough. He had to see it too. Kevin quickly wiped the cum from his eyes and glanced down at his crotch to see the changes firsthand, and what he saw took his breath away. It was so surreal. It was so bizarre. It was so… damn… hot! Kevin gasped in shock. His cock gave a lurch of excitement. What he was seeing was so amazing that he almost creamed himself all over again. His cock was huge! It’s wasn’t just long, it was thick as hell, and that was only the tip of the iceberg. His dick had two tips to it! He had one solid cock, but it looked like it had two shafts in one sleeve. He had two schlongs side by side which were conjoined by a narrow strip of flesh making his double-thick dong look much like those double-sticked frozen popsicles he loved as a kid. Kevin still only had one foreskin, but out from the beneath the clumped up ring of foreskin at the end of his dick stuck two separate, puffy glandes. Each cock head had its own slit which were both oozing pre like a faucet.

Beneath Kevin’s double-sided dong he could see his balls were also experiencing a similar change. His nuts had swollen up considerably, but that was only the beginning. His balls now looked less like walnuts and more like oversized peanuts! Either of his ‘balls’ now looked like they were two separate spheres which had been stuck together like a couple of soap bubbles. His nuts looked much like Pom bottles, and they weren’t much smaller than some either! Even just one of his Siamese-stones was enough to fill the palm of his hand.

As Kevin watched in awe as his cocks and balls steadily pulled apart. The spheres slowly separated, and the narrow band of skin that connected the two shafts together became ever so slightly thinner with each passing moment until finally it was paper thin, and then something stranger happened.

The narrow strip of flesh between his dicks completely pulled apart. It split right down the center, but it didn’t hurt at all. The flesh didn’t tear in the traditional sense. Rather it was as if it had been separate this whole time and just finally managed to unstick themselves from the other. It was almost like his two cocks had been glued together and the glue that bound them together finally dissolved allowing his two dicks to flop about as they were meant to. It felt breathtakingly liberating. It was almost as if he had had two cocks his whole life and only now were they free to act independently of each other.

Kevin couldn’t help but explore this new development. He grabbed a thick, foot-long dong with each hand and began stroking them. He could feel each cock independently of the other. He could feel his right hand on his right cock and his left hand stroking his left cock. He could feel the way both fat schlongs filled their respective palm and then some. His dicks were now so massive that they were almost as long as his forearm and easily as thick as his wrist, and below his twin dicks dangled four full balls—each enlarged teste easily the size of a baseball and then some. Kevin was so fascinated by his new additions that he couldn’t help himself. He went to town tugging on his twin cocks. He stroked them faster and faster all the while staring at his dicks. He was oblivious to everything around him. He didn’t even notice Billy leaning back and smirking as Kevin fervently played with himself.

Kevin felt his four huge nuts begin to pull up. He felt his two massive cocks shudder in the palms of his hands. He watched as the two puffy heads of his twin cocks flared up and prepared to shoot, but Kevin couldn’t even focus enough to try and hold back. He couldn’t even think about keeping his wad down. All he could focus on was how amazing it was to have two enormous cocks!

It was only a matter of seconds afterwards when Kevin’s dicks inevitably blew. His cocks gave a hard lurch—hard enough to shake completely free of his already tenuous grasps on both shafts. Cum shot from the tip of his two cocks like foam from a high school science fair volcano. The twin spurts of jizz slammed straight into Kevin’s face and splashed against his cheeks. Try as he might he just couldn’t seem to catch the loads in his mouth. He was being greedy and trying to catch both at once, but in the end he didn’t succeed in catching either. That wasn’t to say he didn’t get a mouthful though. His face was quickly coated in cum. The jizz oozed down his cheeks and seeped into his mouth. The warm, thick spunk quickly covered his tongue and dripped down his throat.

Kevin couldn’t tell long he had been cumming. By the time his two schlongs stopped spurting, Kevin was too exhausted and addled to really count. All he could do was flop back on the cum-coated tiles and bask in the feeling of Billy’s thick loads lapping against his body while his own heavy wads dripped from his face. Kevin would have been happy if he had never come down from that high, but all good things must come to an end, and eventually even Kevin slowly came to his senses.

Kevin propped himself up on his elbows and looked around. Billy had taken a seat on one of the benches and was smirking from ear to ear as he watched Kevin enjoy himself, and Duke apparently had had some fun with his own newly formed cocks as well. Duke’s twin dicks were by no means short anymore. They had gone from a slightly short but exceedingly thick four-inch chodes to a pair of impressive eight-inchers that were now every bit as beefy as Duke’s brawny forearms, and Duke’s heavy nuts had experienced impressive growth too. Each and every one of Duke’s four balls were now the size of a large grapefruit. His massive cojones filled out every last inch of his tight sack which was now so huge Duke had to walk bow-legged to accommodate his newly-enlarged nuts. Kevin couldn’t focus on his pal’s impressive cocks for too long though—not when there was an even more marvelous set of specimens standing before him. Kevin quickly turned his attention to Billy and his two person-sized schlongs and once again began salivating and the thought of servicing those amazing cocks.

Kevin shakily climbed to his feet and slowly slogged his way through the two-inch deep muck until he was once again standing face to face with one of Billy’s monsters. Kevin had already cum so much that he was exhausted. He could barely stand. His legs felt like jelly, but his cocks were rock hard.

“Ready for more?” Billy asked playfully.

Kevin hesitated for a moment. He actually pulled his hand back ever so slightly and balked at the thought. Was he really ready for more…? Maybe… but he had some questions first.

“If we do it again… will they… will they double again?” Kevin asked uncertainly. His voice was an odd mix of excitement and trepidation. Not even he was sure if he was excited or terrified by the prospects. He already had two foot-long cocks. What would happen next?

“Want to find out?” Billy responded impishly.

Kevin couldn’t bring himself to reply, but his dicks gave a shudder of delight.

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