The virus escapes

By mike 
9 parts
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Part 1

Deep underground in a secret lab scientists have been experimenting with animal and human dna trying to create hybrids but a lab accident allows it to leak into the surrounding water supply just waiting for a victim….

Jake was out exploring the woods near his house all alone. 15 year-old Jake enjoyed exploring the forest, but this time he had wandered off a considerable distance(near the chemical plant) and was getting thisty. He briefly thought of warnings from his parents of not drinking water in the forest but shrugged them off kneeled down, and took a drink.

Jake suddenly felt kind of strange. He felt something sending tiny shockwaves around his body. Then, he didn’t know why, but he just had to, he took off his shirt. Then, his chest now bare, he pulled down his pants and his underwear. He dropped them on the floor, examining his naked self. Jake looked at his penis. He was shocked. Another penis was growing besides his real penis. Another pair of balls grew out as his new penis grew out like a flower.

Jake was quite shocked by this. He felt around his new penis, wondering if it was a fake or not. But then, he had a sudden urge to pee. With his house three minutes away and really having to go. He positioned his two penis’s to the river, and released.

He stopped. Jake sat down on the grass, still naked, wondering about his new penis.

Part 2

Jake started fondling both of his penises, still quite surprised that he can feel from both of them. He decides that he should go home and keep this a secret until he thinks of something to do about it.

He got to his feet, but accidentally slipped landing face first in the river! By doing this he took quite a few gulps of water before he got out.

He started feeling the shockwaves again and started getting worried!

Jake got back on his feet, when he felt a tingling in his groin for a second time. This time it came from the other side of his penis, from where the second penis had grown. He looked down and gasped when he saw what was happening!

A small lump had formed next to his original penis. Then it thickened and grew longer, until it matched the other two. After a few moments, he realized he had now grown and THIRD penis as well! Not only that, but a third set of balls had sprouted from underneath the third penis, too!

The 15 year-old now sported three identical dicks and six balls.

Suddenly, he had the urge to take a leak. He stood up and aimed his three cocks at the river. Suddenly, three identical streams of piss came shooting from his three cock-heads, all at the same time! Of course, he was done in a third of the time as well. When he stuffed the three cocks back in his pants, he realized how huge the bulge looked. He had become a freak, with his three cocks!

Finally, he turned around and started to walk back home. What was he going to do, now that he had three dicks????

Part 3

Jake turned back in fear. He wanted to wait until his parents left home before he went back. Unfortunately he tripped on the exact same spot, landing in the river. He got out quicker than before, but not before he swallowed a bit of the water again.

Moments later he felt that darn tingling again. “I’m doomed” said Jake.

Jake looked down again. Another bulge was growning out beside his triple penises. A new penis sprouted out, with another set of testicles.

Jake wondered. ’What the heck am I going to do now?’

When Jake finally got up, he took his shoes off. He realized that the thin, flat soles on the bottom of his shoes were causing him to slip on the wet grass every time. As he began to walk barefoot on the wet grass, he felt the tingling in his groin one more time.

“Oh no… not AGAIN!” he groaned.

As he looked down, he realized that a fifth cock had sprouted, evening out the neat row of cocks that had lined up along his groin from one end of his waist to the other. He also sported ten testicles, by the time the fifth penis had finished growing so it matched exactly the length and width of the other four.

Part 4

Jake bent down and put his shorts back on, struggling to snap the elastic band around his row of penises. He felt like he had become a freak. How was he going to explain walking around with five cocks and ten testicles?

Once he made it back at the house, he quickly went into the bedroom and got some dry, clean clothes. He found the largest pair of board shorts he could find in his closet, and he undressed behind closed door in the bathroom. As he raised the toilet seat, he grinned, as he took a leak.

Having five dicks no longer seemed an oddity anymore. In fact, it seemed kinda cool, when he saw the urine spray from five penises all at once. He was done in just a few seconds. It just took both hands, holding the thick row of cocks together, so the five streams of liquid ended up in the toilet bowl.

He then flushed and hopped in the shower, washing his whole body with soap. It felt so good, having five cocks and ten balls. All ten of them started to tingle a little, when he rubbed them with soap. He began to wonder what was going on, when his muscles started to feel a bit stiff as well. When he turned off the water and got out of the shower, he hopped out and admired his body before the large mirror, which was hanging from the wall.

“Whoa… Am I growing?” Jake wondered out loud.

Suddenly, he felt a rumbling inside of him. His ten testicles were tickling him. Something was traveling through his body, and going from his testicles through his body and to his muscles. He realized that having five sets of balls must have had some sort of effect on his growth rate!

Indeed, Jake’s biceps became hard! As he flexed his arms, his muscles became harder and harder. Then, they grew slightly bigger! He groaned slightly, as the muscles inflated. Next, his shoulders widened as his pectorals started to push out by an inch or two. Abdominals started to surface over his otherwise flat stomach, where there were nothing just moments before. His quadriceps widened just a little bit, and his calves began to push out further.

“Whoa!” Jake gasped, as he witnessed the sudden muscle growth. “Where did all that muscle come from???”

Little did Jake realize this was just the beginning of a wonderful growth spurt—

Part 5

Jake could feel the tingling spread over his entire body, filling him, becoming a deep burn within him. He gasped at the pain, but as he did, his voice began to deepen, becoming a low groan. His ten balls churned, pumping hormones through him, filling him with new sensations. His entire body grew, becoming taller, thicker, larger. His muscles swelled, and his face began to change, becoming older, more mature, and rather handsome, in an almost brutish way.

Jake’s muscle growth before had been impressive, but still a bit modest. Now it was beyond that. He grew and grew, his biceps swelling to the size of juicy melons, surrounded by thick, ham-like forearms and huge, powerful shoulders. His traps were thick and hulking, reaching up dramatically to frame his thick bull-neck. Below, a massive chest pushed out from his big torso a good half foot, each huge pec jutting impressively, thick and meaty, cut with deep striations. Hard, powerful abs ran down the center of his hard midsection, and to each side, massive lats swept to each side, wrapping around to his huge back, which was a veritable mountain range of peaks and valleys. His glutes were thick and round and firm, set atop a pair of massive legs, thick like the trunks of great trees, bulging with hard, powerful muscle. He couldn’t even get his heels together, his thighs were so thick and hard.

And of course, there were his cocks. They swelled as well, pushing against one another, becoming thick and long, hanging over Jake’s ten engorged balls. He let out a low groan of pleasure, as lust overcame him, each cock stiffening, becoming longer, thicker, harder as blood filled them. “Oh fuck…” he groaned, surprised at the sound of it. That wasn’t his voice… that was a man’s voice!

He looked up in the mirror, and his eyes widened at what he saw. Looking back at him was a man… no, a musclegod… In his late 20’s, a soft covering of stubble on his manly jaw. Handsome, with thick hair, and piercing eyes. And then there was his body. His huge, powerful muscles, bigger than any bodybuilder’s, set upon a six and a half foot frame. And in the middle of it all, five very thick, very hard cocks, above ten very big balls. Jake shuddered, and wrapped his strong hands around the mass of dicks, trying to grab them all at once.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned again, as he began to jerk himself off, his brain buzzing as it was overwhelmed by the sensations of not one but five different penises. He jerked harder and faster, grunting in his deep new man-voice, until finally, his cocks shuddered and exploded, spraying jizz all over the mirror, five ropes of thick, creamy cum. Jake let out a long sigh of contentment, slowly stroking the last bits of seed out of his dicks.

Part 6

Jake looked at his arms and legs, they were now almost twice the size they had been before. His shirt was now starting to rip, and fearing that his shorts would be next, he ran inside to his room. He shut the door behind him and let out a sigh of relief. He walked over and closed the blinds on his window, making sure no one could see him. He wasn’t worried about anyone barging in. He didn’t have any other siblings, so he had the whole room to himself.

He went to lay on his bed, but found his feet were now hanging off the edge. He stood up and found his head was a lot closer to the ceiling. ’I must have grown at least two feet!’ He thought to himself, ’What on earth is going on?!’

He wanted to get help, but thought his parents would freak out. He tried taking another step, but found he hadn’t adjusted to the new length of his limbs. He sat down and started to worry. He didn’t know if he hadn’t noticed, or if it had been there the whole time, but there was pain across his shoulders. Not enough to make him scream out, but enough to make it uncomfortable.

He could see two lumps, one to either side of his head, growing out of his shoulders. They started to get bigger and bigger, forming a neck and what looked like a head each. It wasn’t long before they started growing hair and a nose each. The mouths took form along with the eyes, and before he knew it, Jake now had two extra heads.

“Wow! I’m alive!” The left one said.

“Ya dude, I know!” His right one said, “This is awesome!”

“What?!?!” Jake shrieked, making his new heads look at him, “This is not awesome! Who are you?! And what is going on?!”

“Calm down Jake.” His right head said.

“Ya!” The left one spoke next, “You’ve always wanted brothers! And now you have two very VERY close ones! Isn’t it super cool?!”

“NO!” Jake screamed. He rolled them forwards and lifted them with his legs. He tried to use his arms to push them away, but he couldn’t seem to move them. “What’s going? Why can’t I use my arms?!”

“Hmm, you can’t huh?” His new right head gave an evil smile. Jake watched as his right arm came up to the right head. It stuck out a finger, and put it into the right boy’s mouth. Jake tried turning away as the finger then slide into his ear. “Wet willy!!”

The left head start to laugh. It was using the left arm to poke Jake in the cheek. “It’s no use, your stuck with us now!”

“Oh ya?”


“Well then… how about this!” Jake realized that only he could use their legs, so he threw then onto the floor, and started to roll around, causing their heads to bump on the floor. Jake started to laugh. Not because he liked hurting them, but because he was having some fun, “Haha! If I’m stuck with you… then you’re stuck with me!”

“Hey, that’s not fair!” His right head said, “We can’t move our legs…”

“But we CAN move the arms…” The left one grinned. He took the left hand and started to tickle their chest. The right one followed suit. Jake couldn’t roll any more. All three of them were laughing so hard tears were running down their cheeks. Their shared body was jerking this way and that as the three of them all tried to move. Their chest was heaving, so they stopped to catch their breathe.

“This… is…” Jake looked from one head to the other, “Awesome! Super cool!” They sat up, and working together as best they could, they got to their feet. Jake looked at his new body, and his new brothers and smiled. “I like it!”

“Me too!” His two other heads said in unison.

Part 7

Jake was really enjoying having… twin brothers. It was a little weird they were so close, but he could live with that. That’s when he realized he didn’t even know their names. “Hey… guys, Do you have names?” He felt silly asking, but he would need to know sometime.

Looking at each of them in turn, both looked stumped. “Uh…” the right head started. “I never thought about that. I guess we need to come up with names for ourselves.”

“Yeah” the left head nodded in agreement. “Let’s see… Harry, no… Larry, no… I don’t know what my name should be.”

Jake thought for a moment, and then said, “I’ll give you names then. Let’s see…” Looking to the right head, Jake said, “You will be Josh.”

“Nice” Josh gave a thumbs up. “I like it.”

“And…” Looking to the left head, Jake continued, “You look like a Jason.”

“Alright! I was just about to pick that name for myself.” Jason smiled broadly. But before any of them could say anything else, there was a knock on their door.

Now Jake’s dad was a short, skinny guy with glasses and a mustache and short, curly hair on his head. His name was Harold, and he was a computer programmer. He walked in the bedroom and looked up, and gasped when he saw his muscular son with three heads, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“J-j-jake? Is that you? Ohmygosh!!!” he stuttered, as he approached his son. “What happened?”

“Uhhh… I went to the river, out back… In the woods behind the house, dad… And I drank some of the water…” Jake replied.

“Yeah! And then our muscles began to grow really big!” Josh added.

“Right! And finally, we appeared on Jake’s shoulders! So, now we’re stuck like this! Three heads on one body!” Jason explained.

“Oh my goodness! There… There are three of you?” Harold wondered.

“I’m Josh!” Josh grinned.

“And I’m Jason!” Jason quickly added excitedly.

“I’m your son, dad. I’m Jake…” Jake said, in a soft tone of voice.

“I… I can’t believe this! Look at you! You’re so BIG and your shoulders are so wide! And now you got three heads???” Harold asked.

“Ummm… Yeah… The water did something strange to me! Plus it made my muscles grow bigger and bigger…” Jake sighed.

“OUR muscles!” Jason corrected.

“I think our muscles are still growing, daddy!” Josh said.

Harold ran his hand over Jason’s chest and arms and he felt how hard his muscles were.

“This is so strange… Big muscles and three heads! But, you only have two arms and two legs!”

“I use the left arm!” Jason said.

“And I use the right!” Josh quickly said excitedly.

“Uhh… What about you, Jake?” Harold asked.

“I use the legs!” Jake cheered, as he kicked both legs up into the air.

“And we’re STRONG!” Josh laughed. “Nobody will mess with us!”

“Yeah! Look!” Jason said, as he made their left arm flex and cause a huge bicep come up as a big ball of muscle.

“Well… Ehhh… You guys feeling hungry? I don’t want you to stay up too late! You got school tomorrow!” Harold said.

“Yeah! We’re starving!” Jason shouted.

Harold and the boys went downstairs where they ate a large pizza in the kitchen.

While they ate, Harold noticed how the boys’ muscles slowly grew even BIGGER as they were enjoying their pizza!

The boys’ calves bulged out even more, their chest grew even bigger, and their shoulders widened a bit during the meal. It was amazing to see how their muscles just continued to grow!

Afterwards, the boys decided to take a showers before going to sleep. After all, the next day would be Jake’s first day in school with Josh and Jason!

Part 8

That night, all three boys went to bed, but didn’t really go to sleep. As soon as they laid down, the argument began. Jason wanted to roll over and sleep on their chest, but Jake wanted to stay on their back. Josh didn’t even want to go to sleep, so he flicked the light on the night stand and grabbed a comic book from the drawer. Jason and Jake agreed to roll over so that Josh wouldn’t be able to read, or turn the light back on once they turned it off. But eventually Josh got tired of Jake breathing in his ear, so he rolled them onto Jason’s side.

The continued to argue in such a manner until Josh passed out from exhaustion. Jason and Jake couldn’t really move with the dead weight, so they stayed as they were until they drifted off too.

They woke up with pain across their body. Growing pains. During the night, they had grown another inch, and their skin was feeling tight around all the muscle. They worked together and sat up, feeling a bit dizzy. Jake looked from Jason to Josh and put on a smile, “Good morning you two.”

“Good morning.” They both groaned in unison.

“Yes… good morning the three of you!” All three boys looked at each other in shock. When Jake went to turn to Jason, he felt something hit the back of his head. He nor Jason could see what was going on, so Jake raced them over to the mirror. There in between Jason and Jake’s head, was another, new head. It was situated further back than the rest, so it wasn’t in line.

“Oh my god! Who are you?!” Jake cried.

“Hmm… I think I’ll call myself… Jim!”

“Oh great,” Jason sighed, “Another one…”

“Ya, now you know how I felt!” Jake stuck his tongue out, and almost into Jason’s ear. “I didn’t think I even had room back there for another head!”

“What are you talking about?! There’s lots of room!” Jim grinned. The three original boys watched in the mirror as another set of arms lifted into the air over their heads and flexed.

“Wow! Cool!” Josh cheered, “We have four arms now! Awesome!” Now, all four of them laughed. They walked over to the dresser, but soon found that none of the clothes would fit them. They agreed to quietly sneak into their dad’s room, and steal some of his before heading to school.

Part 9

Jake, Josh, Jim and Jason hurried to the kitchen and grabbed four empty bowls, filling them with milk and cereal. Then they grabbed four spoons out of the cupboard, and sat down at the table, with four spoons in all four hands, and started eating.

Finally, Jake’s mom came down, and spotted the muscular boy with four heads.

“How are my four boys doing?” Helen asked. Harold had already told her what had happened to Jake, and both parents had now accepted the fact that Jake had become a lot more muscular and he had added several more heads and arms to his body.

“We’re fine, mom!” they all said in unisom.

They quickly finished their breakfast before they got their four backpacks and walked out the door.

About ten minutes later, they were walking around the hallway at school, when they heard Joe, one of the bullies, taunt them loudly.

“Look at them! Four heads on one body! You guys look absolutely rediculous!” he shouted at them.

“Shut up Joe!” Jason yelled.

“Leave us alone!” Jake said.

“Buzz off!” Josh sneered.

“Get lost!” Jim added.

“Oh yeah? Make me!” Joe sneered, as he walked up to Jake and the rest, and stood right before them. Then, Joe extended his arms, and gave them a hard push. Jake and the rest barely budged, since they were so heavy and so muscular.

Then Jake and the rest extended their four muscular arms, and gave Joe a mighty shove back. They shoved him so hard, they actually sent Joe flying ten feet in the air, until he landed on his back, a few feet away!

“WHHAAAAAA!!!” Joe screamed, before he landed on his back.

“Darn! I guess we don’t know our own strength!” Jake grinned, as he slowly marched up to where Joe was laying on the corner against the wall.

“C’mon… Get up, you dweeb!” Jake said calmly, as he extended one of his muscular arms to Joe, who was still sitting on the floor, in a daze following his mighty shove, which sent him sailing across the hallway.

“Who… What are you, you FREAK????” Joe shouted. “Get the HELL away from me!”

“Just get up, you moron!” Jake repeated, as he grabbed Joe by the arm and hoisted him up with just one hand, like he was a rag doll.

“Let… Let go of me…” Joe stuttered.

Suddenly, due to Jake’s powerful grip, Joe felt his body shrink. He was shrinking rapidly! He shrunk faster and faster, and what remained of him was magically absorbed into Jake arm and hand!

“Hey! Where did he go?” Jake asked.

Suddenly, a big lump began to form next to Jim’s head, behind Jake’s. It grew bigger, forming a neck, a head, with eyes, a mouth, a nose, and other facial features. Within seconds, Joe’s head had formed on Jake’s broad shoulders, on the back row, next to Jim’s head!

“Hey! What? I can’t move! No way! I… I’m a part of you guys!!???” Joe shouted.

“Welcome to your new home, Joe!” Jim smiled.

“Uhh… I guess Joe just joined us!” Jake smiled.

Now Jake had five heads on his wide, muscular body, along with four arms and hands, and two muscular legs, and nobody else dared to mess with him, since he was now the biggest and strongest kid in school…

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