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By The Obsessive-Compulsive 
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Connor sat despondently in the kitchen. Outside the window, dark clouds had rolled in with occasional flashed of stark, blue-white lightning. The normally tranquil wetland had an evening stillness too it that seemed to reflect his own inner despair. Easing his neck softly, he stretched back and sighed. It seemed Over.

Ever since Bill left last month to chase that job in Denver, it felt like the “Size Club” had died. It had been more than just the wild and spontaneous sex; it had been the companionship, challenge and thrill of the ‘forbidden’ love they had shared. Dirk (who’d been called “Dyre” since High School) had brought them all together. Both he and Bill were Bi, and had shared a deep relationship since they’d met.

It had started with himself and Dyre.

Connor tended to like Big men. Really Big men. The closer they were to being hung like a horse, the better. The fact that Dyre was pretty well-endowed was helped by the fact that he also kept in shape and really knew how to use every inch he had. Dyre also never had any problems with his numerous fetishes and way-out fantasies. He shared most of them, himself.

Sexually speaking, Connor wasn’t undersized either. He had been exceedingly busty since the Tenth grade. He liked the attention his muscles got him and loved teasing cute guys at the local “Ten and Five Saloon” down the street. He and Dyre had been lovers for a year when they decided it would be fun to try a three-way affair. That was how Bill had come into the picture.

Bill was also Horse-like in many ways, thicker than Dyre, but not as long.

The three of them had shared many intimate nights, erotic fantasies and long weekends together during the past two years. Now it was over.

Craning his head, he thought he could hear Dyre and Mike going at it upstairs in the hot tub. They were probably trying to be quiet, but—as he knew—Dyre never could keep himself back for long.

The two of them had weathered Bill’s departure pretty well considering the abruptness of the job-offer he’d gotten. They stayed close throughout the whole ordeal, but sex seemed strange and alien without Bill’s quirky sense of humour and non-sequitur sexual observations during their ‘sessions’. Then, after two months, Dyre brought home Mike.

Connor felt it was a bit abrupt, but quickly warmed to the funny, up-beat man. He was just right for their little club; according to Dyre, Mike virtually drooled when he saw him in the Men’s room at ‘Ten & Five’. He was more interested in men than women, but Connor didn’t mind—it was a turn-on to watch two overly-hung guys going at it for his benefit. Dyre assured him that Mike might not have been up to Bill or his own standard, but was adequate for membership…

But that was as far as it had gone.

For a month now, Mike and Dyre had stayed strictly alone. Oh, he had no doubt they’d had numerous romps during the past month; but he’d been uninvited. Just an hour ago, Dyre had come home with Mike and explained it after he had confronted him. With Mike waiting upstairs and out of earshot, he had told him that Mike wasn’t really sure about the whole ‘three-way thing’. Furthermore, Connor’s open practice of his Pagan religion made Mike uneasy.

Mike was more of an Agnostic than anything, but years of Christian dogma had left their mark on his open-mindedness. Sure, he liked him; but he was also nervous about getting involved with a practicing witch. “I hope you understand … I am working on him…” was all Dyre had to say, before leaving him in the kitchen and going to join Mike upstairs.

Bitterly, he wished he did practice his faith as much as everybody thought he did. Maybe then, he’d know of a rite or spell to find a solution for this mess … find some way for the Three of them to be together again. Damn it, he was lonely.

Yeah, he wanted the sex; but he also didn’t like holding back his fantasies and daydreams. It was an uneasy sensation. He’d been so open and free for so long—fearing neither scorn or derision—that not being able to express himself, felt like he and his fetishes were on trial in front of some faceless jury.

A splash of water and hardy laughter from upstairs punctuated his thoughts and gloom.

“Damn them, anyway…” he thought, wiping away a tear.

The sky was still overcast and threatening two days later when Connor ran into Marco.

Marco generally followed the same Pagan path that Connor did and was—consequently—able to understand some of his problems better than most. They’d been friends since college, and Marco had always been the sardonic but pleasant source of sanity in Connor’s life before Dyre and Bill. Even so, it was hard for Connor to tell his long-time friend of his recent problems.

“So, he dumped ya, hunh?”

Connor looked up from the coffee quickly. “No, Marco… It’s just; the new guy’s nervous about me and Dirk doesn’t want to scare him away. I mean, I know that Dirk’s just looking for another guy to replace Bill, but they’ve been getting closer to each other day by day. I’ve seen it.

“And now,” he said sipping from the cup, “I’m afraid I’m gonna get left out.”

Marco smiled and put his hand reassuringly on Connor’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t fret it… You should feel glad that they’re getting something outta this. Don’t begrudge their happiness.”

“I’m not… It’s just … just, what about My happiness? Don’t I deserve any?”

“Yeah … yes you do. Do you like Mike?”

Connor smiled. “Actually, yes. I mean, it’s kinda crazy, isn’t it? Here I am, complaining about how he’s screwing up my love-life, but I actually like him.”

“Doesn’t seem so strange to me,” Marco said, shrugging; “he could be a good person for your little ‘Club’ … he sounds like a nice guy. But have you considered that maybe your own happiness could be found somewhere else? I mean there are a lot of guys out there who go for zeppelin-sized pecs; in fact, that’s the only thing most guys are interested in.”

Connor sighed. “That’s not true; and you know that’s not what ‘the Size Club’ is all about, Marco… It’s more than that. It’s about freedom to express sexual desires … size-related or not. I need people to share my fantasies … all of them. How many gay-guys with horse-sized schlongs are out there who would condone or share my fantasies? How about my religion … what about magick? What about other fantasies—blatantly impossible without magick—but still something fun to dream about? How many would be comfortable with that?”

Marco sighed. “If Mike’s not like that; you’re up a creek-without-a-paddle anyway. Why not leave Dyre an’ his beau and look for the ‘impossible’ Mr. Right? It can’t be worse than your situation now.”

Connor sadly shook his head. “No…” He looked up, fighting back the loneliness-inspired tears. “No, Marco. I can’t bear to go on like this; not knowing—not living. I need Dyre. I love him.”

Marco sighed and nodded slowly.

For several minutes the two sat in silence as a disinterested waitress deposited their bill on the table. Eventually Marco sighed. “I’ve got an idea, Connor… It’s probably a bad one and I’ll regret it later, but it could help.”

Connor looked up, pushing his sadness back into his throat. “What’s that…?”

Marco reached into his shopping bag that they’d carried in from the car and pulled out a stack of spiral note-books. Plopping them down in front of Connor, he smiled. “Not quite a Grimoire, but they’ll do for a witch in the city.”

Experimentally, Connor reached over and started flipping through one. A curious expression chased his sadness from his face. “Marco… What are these?”

“You’ve never taken your following that seriously, Connor. If you had; you’d already know.” He indicated the stack with one hand. “It’s a collection of my knowledge. You know the basics; these will help you a bit more thoroughly.”

Connor kept paging through, stopping occasionally, to stare at a diagram or description.

Marco continued. “I admit, it’s like giving a teenager with a driving permit a Porsche on the Audubon and telling them to ‘be careful’. I probably shouldn’t be doing this; but I think it’s the only way you’ll both learn and be able to express yourself. Do you think you could shift Mike from suspicion to desire?”

Connor looked stunned as he closed the first notebook. “Half this stuff… I thought it was mostly myth or … or lost to modern practitioners.”

Marco shrugged with an irreverent smile. “Nothing that gets lost can’t be found. You’d know that, if you studied more! Still, Power isn’t what the Path is about … it’s about Understanding, Expression and Enjoyment. If you can use these … bits of arcane knowledge … and still keep that in mind, there should be no problem. Do you think you could change Mike’s mind?”

Connor slowly smiled. “Maybe I can… Dyre told me he gets off on most of our favorite fantasies … he might be more receptive if I can just show him proof. I just never thought it could; well, really happen. Even for me, this is pretty new.” Looking down at the huge stack of notebooks before him, his smile grew. “But I think I can figure out a way to prove to him how much fun ‘sex with a little magick’ can be…”

Marco smiled and stood up to go. “Good,” he said, gathering his shopping bag, “you can pick up the check…”

“Gentlemen,” Connor said, with a slight smile, “I hope this dinner helps bring us closer together…”

Mike smiled at him, but was still a bit at a loss for what to say. Dyre had told him Connor had something planned to help smooth things over between them; something to show that Connor was more interested in ‘fantasy’ than being intimidating. Dyre seemed to know something more about it than that, but had refused to tell Mike.

The meal was excellent and had obviously taken Connor most of the day to prepare. Each course, from the opening soup to the closing yogurt dessert was intended to represent a facet of his faith.

“You see; it may seem odd to the monotheistic world of Judeo-Christianity,” he said, “but witchcraft is just as valid as any other faith. We rely upon magick for many things, and much of it is tied up in this food.” He smiled warmly as Mike nodded, showing some interest.

“Whether it’s being able to get up on time for a college test when you’ve had less than an hour’s sleep or trying to find true love, many witches use magick daily for common things.” He took a sip of wine. “From housekeeping to lovemaking, just about anything can use magick …”; he looked introspective for a moment, “… more than I ever realized…”

Mike cleared his throat and tossed his napkin on the empty plate. “Well, I don’t have much problem with all that…”

“I sense a ‘but’ coming…” Connor interrupted with a half-hearted smile.

Mike returned it and arched an eyebrow. “But,” he began, “seeing is believing. I’m a bit of a skeptic. I suppose that if magick really existed, I’d love to use it. But I don’t know if I believe or not.”

Dyre put his hand on Mike’s shoulder. “Yeah, but remember, this is part of Connor’s religion… I dunno if it’s right to ask him to prove anything.”

“Oh, that’s O.K. Dyre. I’ve already begun to prove it…”

Dyre looked up, a slight look of confusion playing briefly across his face. “Well… I suppose. But, Connor … don’t you think…”

Stopping abruptly, Dyre shook his head and tried to subdue the temporary sense of vertigo that quickly rushed through his system. A slight sound from his left told him that Mike had felt something too. Looking up again, he glanced at Connor.

A slight smile of amusement and—excitement?—was etched across his face.

Warm tendrils of electrical energy seemed to run through Dyre’s muscles and taught flesh as the disorientation continued. Next to him, Mike was looking at him and at the room with a look like a stunned fish. The room was growing bigger around them.

The energy of the magick coursed through their veins like a hot flood. Slowly, they continued to shrink, gradually losing height and mass; their clothes getting more and more clumsy and confining.

Dyre broke the spell of confusion enough to break to his feet. As he did so, he dropped another inch in height. “Connor! What’ve you done?!!”

Connor continued to smile, but rose to his feet rather than answer. Each of the two men were now a good foot shorter than they had been five minutes ago. Seductively, he pulled off his oversized sweat shirt revealing the tight T-shirt that barely held his thick shoulders and gargantuan pecs at bay. “Follow me…” he said enigmatically, and started his way out of the kitchen towards the living room.


Dyre looked towards Mike. The new-comer was still stunned and sitting in his chair. Looking after Connor, Dyre swallowed his nervousness and offered Mike a hand down. Both of them continued to shrink, now each two-thirds of their normal heights.

“Don’t worry Mike… I’m not sure what’s happening, but we’ll be all-right; O.K.?”

Mike nodded and kicked off his too-large shoes. Quickly, the two diminishing men started after their larger host. Just as they got to the raised entry to the sunken living room, Mike winced and grabbed his crotch.

“What’s wrong? Mike! What happened?”

“Nnngh. My balls… Feels like their all pinched up…”

Dyre quickly put his hand to where Mike held his enlarging clothing to his body. Now nearly half their original heights, their shirts and pants were like bed quilts confining their movements. Swearing under his breath at the entanglement, Dyre quickly shed his clothes and bent his attention to his friend.

Something in the spell seemed to excite him and his large erection sprung out as he slid out of his pants. “Mike, take off your clothes… let me see.”

Mike nodded with another wince and started struggling out of the thick cloth. As soon as the constricting pants and underwear was removed, Mike’s expression eased considerably. Dyre could see why.

Mike wasn’t shrinking proportionately. His normal eight-incher was still its original size! To Dyre’s reduced perspective, it was if Mike had just doubled in length and thickness. Not only that, but Mike’s fleshy balls—normally freakishly large like a pair of oranges—hadn’t changed either. Each looked like they were nearly nine inches in diameter while hanging low with the weight of their liquid cargo.

Mike looked at his crotch in stunned amazement.

“Not bad, eh Mike?” Connor’s voice shocked both of them as they looked up. The gargantuan hunk stood over them like a twelve-foot tall giant. His shapely body, quite lanky and yet generous with its muscle seemed exaggerated from their perspective so far below his chest. He’d apparently walked up to them as they’d undressed and now stood about five feet away from them. “Don’t worry though… The shrinking should wear off soon now. For a time, at least.”

With that remark, he turned back into the living room and sat himself down on the overstuffed recliner by the window.

Slowly, the giant Connor slid out of his pants and kicked them in a slow arc over to the couch. The fabric let out a whoosh of air that blew the hair back on each of the three-foot tall men standing there. Enticingly, he spread his legs and gently began to massage himself through the soft cotton fabric of his boxers.

More humiliated than angry, Dyre stalked forward. “Damn it, Connor! What th’ hell have you done to us? What’s goin’ on?”

Languishingly, he looked down on his diminutive lover. For a second, he considered toying with him for just a bit longer, but the fury and latent fear behind his eyes sobered him up quickly. “It’s for you Dyre… For you and Mike.” He reached out a colossal hand indicating the other man, still standing next to the couch. He no longer looked stunned, but rather seemed to be trying to figure out what Connor was up to.

“For us?” Dyre responded, “What kinda fucked-up, acid-trip are you on? How did you do this?”

He smiled again; not seductively, but with friendship and care. A bit of embarrassed humility crept into his voice as he began to answer. “Magick, Dyre. I did it with magick. I did it for both of you … and for me.”

Dyre rolled his eyes and put his hands on his hips. He tried to ignore the feeling his erection was giving him to instead concentrate on the crisis at hand. “Give me a break! You said you had something romantic planned… This is … this is … silly!”

“I think I understand where he’s coming from, Dyre…”

Mike’s smooth hands gently caressed Dyre’s tense shoulder muscles as he moved up behind his lover. “I think he’s showing me what he’s all about … you too, I guess. But he’s done it in a way, neither of us expected.”

Dyre could feel the hard head of Mike’s cock rub softly across the middle of his back. He looked back at Mike. He was still uncertain of what was going on, but there was a look in Mike’s eyes as if he really didn’t care. Turning back towards Connor, Dyre began to realize that he didn’t either.

Whether it was part of the magick that had reduced both he and Mike to the size of children, or just the inevitability of the situation setting in; Dyre calmed himself and addressed his giant companion.

“All-right… I see.” Slowly, he brought his hand around behind his back and found Mike’s hard shaft up against his back. Suppressing the shiver of anticipation that ran down his spine, he stroked Mike once. “Any rules to this little game, Connor?”

He smiled and leaned forward, his massive pecs swinging out towards them. “You know the drill. It’s always been a fantasy of yours to suck on the biggest cocks around right? Well…” He indicated Mike. “I fed you each different potions. Mike’s has run its course … yours hasn’t.”

Dyre looked puzzled. “You’re not done shrinking yet, Dyre. In fact, you won’t stop shrinking until you manage to suck the antidote out of Mike’s big balls there. Sound like fun?”

Dyre’s look changed from confusion to alarm. “I’m not gonna stop? But how long…?” A slight shiver ran down his spine and the feeling from earlier slowly started to seep into his pores again.

Mike caressed Dyre’s shoulders and slowly turned him around. “Come on, Dyre… Let’s not waste any time.” Leaning forward, Mike pressed his lips firmly against Dyre’s and embraced him.

Connor watched as the two, small lovers kissed. Inside, he felt a pang of his earlier loneliness. However, this time, he knew the feeling wouldn’t last.

Dyre knelt and gently wrapped his hands around Mike’s monstrous shaft. The enormous organ was stiff as a board and wreathed in thick, blue veins. Feeling the shrinking beginning to set in, Dyre quickly began to lick at the base of the swollen cock’s head.

The tingling sensation of Dyre’s tongue against Mike’s purple cock-head made him suck in several short breaths. Lick after lick, the ministrations continued and Mike began to buck against Dyre’s hands and face. With each pass of Dyre’s tongue, Mike squirmed in mounting ecstasy. Again and again, he pulsed against his shrinking companion. The sensations made his balls ache and made his shaft tremble with anticipation; gradually, the blow-job began to overwhelm his senses, and Mike began to thrust his cock in between Dyre’s lips.

Swallowing his fear at the prospect of swallowing the freakishly enlarging cock, Dyre took both hands and began forcing the pulsing organ deeper into his mouth. Straining, he slowly took an inch of the cock-flesh head past his lips … then another. Slowly—his tongue getting smashed into the base of his mouth by the enormous intruder and Mike’s powerful thrusts—Dyre felt the ridge of the cock-head enter his mouth with an audible ‘pop’.

Connor looked down on his diminutive lovers and got down off the chair. Spreading his legs, he knelt in front of them watching Dyre desperately suck on Mike’s shaft. Connor felt himself getting hotter and hotter as he watched. Dyre was nearly a foot shorter than his partner now, and had managed to take Mike’s whole cock-head into his mouth. Slipping his hand beneath his boxers, he slowly stroked his own enormous cock, fingering himself towards climax.

Dyre boggled. It just kept Growing! Bigger and bigger, he watched Mike’s cock swell beneath his eyes. Massive gobbets of pre-cum dripped and spurt from the cock, forcing Dyre’s reducing cheeks to swell with the warm, salty fluid. Swallowing, as fast as he could, he felt is mouth muscles—now strained beyond normal capacity—stretch painfully as the cock neared Clydesdale proportions.

Fear began to set in. The cock-head would surely split his head in two like a grape! Half of Mike’s height, his enormous cock seemed to be at least thirty inches long. His mouth, stretched beyond capacity, tried desperately to hold onto the massive thickness that was at least four inches across to his tiny head. Probably still under the influence of whatever magick Connor had used, Dyre felt his jaw stretch to allow the greater size.

He looked like some South American snake devouring a guinea pig! The cock continued to grow from Dyre’s perspective as he shrank to half of Mike’s height. More and more pre-cum assaulted Dyre’s throat as he struggled to pull himself off the massive organ. Mike continued to thrust, now mindlessly enraptured by Dyre’s sucking and struggles. Finally, with a ‘pop’ and gush of over-sized pre-cum, Dyre pushed himself off of the massive cock head.

Mike looked down on his diminutive lover. His jaw was slowly retracting to its normal shape, but the overall picture was still diminishing. The pre-cum hadn’t been enough even to slow the effect down. Desperate with lust and concern form Dyre, Mike looked up at Connor.

“Connor, he’s still shrinking! He can’t get my cock into his mouth… What do I do?”

The giant smiled and spread his legs. Gently, he reached down and picked up the foot-and-a-half Dyre. “We’ll see…” he said seductively.

He placed Dyre on his flat belly and leaned back against the chair. Putting on a show for the tiny men, he tantalizingly pulled his tight T-shirt back and over his long hair. Dyre watched as the gigantic pecs appeared over his chest like small mountains. His own 16-incher (still enormous to his perspective, but in actuality reduced to a tiny 4-inches long by less-than-an-inch thick) was hard as he watched his titanic pecs mount up before him while he shifted his weight back onto his elbows.

“You can’t be hurt, Dyre… You’ll just stretch or compress or whatever; so feel free to fuck my pecs. I won’t let anything happen to you.” Gently, he stroked his tiny head and indicated the cavernous crease between his massive pecs. Each pec was bigger than his body as he walked up to their firm, slightly shifting mass. Looking back over his shoulder, he watched Mike walk towards Connor’s undefended tower of cock. Smiling, Dyre pushed his rock-hard schlong into Connor’s pecs.

Connor’s sensitive pecs sent shocks of pleasure through his body as tiny Dyre pumped between their sweaty mounds. Moaning softly to himself, suddenly, he took a sharp breath as he felt Mike’s eight-incher thrust under Connor’s balls, fucking Connor’s crotch even as Mike pulled Connor’s huge cock toward him with an effort and humped it worth both arms.

Mike’s tiny moans of pleasure mixed with Dyre’s and Connor’s grunts as they pumped and fucked each other. Slowly, Mike felt the enormous pressure that had been building up inside him begin to churn in his extra-large testicles.

“ah … ah … I’m gonna … cum, Connor…”

“Pull out … Now!”

Mike held on and slowly pulled out from Connor’s massaging muscles.

At the same time, Connor reached down and pulled Dyre from between his pecs. The tiny man, now only six inches high scarcely weighed an ounce. Quickly, he raised him to his lips and sucked on his tiny prick with long, even breaths. Dyre’s eyes widened as he felt the spunk churn in his balls as he started to cum. Strand after strand of thick, steaming cum shot from his cock hole onto Connor’s massive tongue. His rigid muscles flexed and quaked as he shot endless strands of his own cum into the giant’s mouth.

For at least two minutes the orgasm continued, but then the hands turned his tiny body away from the enticing mouth. There, beyond the mountains of muscle pec-flesh, was Mike, holding his gargantuan cock and looking like he was ready to explode. Ramming his iron-hard dick between Connor’s pecs, Mike began to fuck his pecs like a wild animal. Again and again, he rammed his cock between the hard flesh, as he held the diminishing Dyre in front of where Mike’s cock-head emerged and hid.

Still rubbing his cock, Connor could feel himself start to climax, as Mike stiffened and began to shoot his load over Dyre and Connor. From Dyre’s perspective, Mike’s cock was three feet thick, and the massive hole spurting its contents over him; nearly a foot wide. The stream of warm, thick cum splashed over Dyre’s body like a fire hose, as Mike let loose with torrent after torrent of white semen. Again and again, the hose fired, and Dyre tried desperately to consume as much of the sweet liquid as he could.

The cock seemed to spray its contents endlessly; but soon, as the rocking emissions subsided, Dyre was all-but buried in the thickest, most copious amount of cum he’d ever dreamed of. As Connor’s own rocking gyrations subsided from his finger ministrations, Dyre lapped up more of the spunk as he made his way between his pecs to the weary Mike.

Climbing over the slick, warm surface, Dyre reached his lover and gently put a sopping hand on one thigh. Looking down at the tiny man, Mike smiled wearily.

“I’ve … ah … I’ve never cum so much in my life…”

Dyre smiled and nodded. The two of them looked up as Connor propped himself up on his elbows again and smiled down. Huge gobbets of cum dripped off his face and hair as he picked up Dyre and laid him on the floor. Still dripping with the massive amounts of cum, the six-inch man made a small ‘splotching’ sound when he walked. Mike quickly lowered himself to the ground and stood next to Dyre.

Connor looked at the two small men. He felt powerful; in control. Gently, he began to lick Dyre clean of the warm cum. “You’ll be returning to normal size soon, guys… What then?”

Dyre looked up at Mike’s colossal cock and body and smiled. “ ‘What then?’ “ he echoed. He turned to face Connor. “We rest a bit, and then see what else you have in store for The Size Club…”

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