The scratching

By Dak 
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The clock on the wall of the gym struck noon, and there was no one in sight. Dak, a 25 year old puma, sighed as he finished his lunch at the gym desk. He was a tall, white-furred puma, standing at 7 feet. His powerful frame withheld 450 pounds of pure muscle. The shirt he wore stretched at the seams, with the bottom of the shirt just below his abs. The grey gym shorts he sported didn’t even try to hide his magnificent bulge, which, when erect, stood at 15 inches long, 9 inches thick. Dak was about to bring it out, when he heard the front door of the gym open, and then close.

A dragon was standing beyond the desk. He was around 5 foot 8 from head to toe. His scales showed off a magnificent blue glow. His green eyes looked a bit nervous, as if he was meeting someone for the first time. His sleeveless shirt bulged a bit at the chest, showing off his pecs a bit. His wings were folded back, neatly in place. He had on black gym shorts, with a hole in the back of them to free his powerful tail. Dak noticed, with some interest, that the dragon had a nice bulge. Maybe he didn’t have to paw off after all.

“Hello!” Dak said in a slightly booming voice.

The dragon was startled, and looked at the desk. His green eyes spread wider as he got a good look at Dak. The dragon hadn’t seen a feline this big before! “H-hi. I’m Viper Half-Dragon.” Viper was trying to perk his ears to seem taller.

Dak smirked. “Well I’m Dak. Owner and Member of this gym. How may I help you?” Then Dak laughed. “How blunt of me! You’re here to get a membership, right?”

Viper stammered a bit at the laugh. “Y-yes. I also got an e-mail saying that someone here would like to meet me.”

Dak, for a third time, let out a laugh. “Well, that would be me! You see, I was tired of waiting for others to gather the courage to come on in here on their own, so I sent out an e-mail to anyone affiliated with muscle-furs. I guess I snagged you!”

Dak extended his arm to shake the dragon’s paw. Viper took it eagerly. As the shook hands, Viper said, “Nice to see you-I mean meet you!” He blushed, immediately embarrassed.

“Well, nice to ‘see’ you too!” Dak smirked. He could tell that he was going to like this dragon.

Viper couldn’t help but smile, but as he pulled his paw away, the smile turned into an expression of horror. As he pulled his paw away, one of his claws drew blood on Dak’s palm.

“I am so sorry!”

Dak licked the spot where Viper had nicked him. He tasted the coppery taste of his blood. “No worries. I’ve had a lot worse, trust me.”

Dak was smiling at Viper when he felt a bit odd. He had felt like the temperature had risen by at least 20 degrees! He felt like he was growing, but he stayed the same!

Viper looked worried. “All you all right?”

Dak walked around the desk, and in front of the dragon. “I have no idea, but what I do know is…” His shaft was fully erect, straining the fabric of his gym shorts. “…you’re just too cute to pass up!”

Viper took a step back, looking around, then back at the muscled feline. “M-me?” Viper gulped, and looked at Dak’s perfect body. “You sure do look strong!”

Dak smiled, and flexed his bicep, showing off a veined bicep. “Does this lie?”

Viper moaned as he watched the bicep bulge up. “Holy shit!” As Viper watched Dak flexing, his shaft peaked through his gym shorts, slowly becoming erect.

Dak walked over and, with one arm, picked up Viper. As the two touched, Dak’s feeling of power increased. “I feel like I’m 100 feet tall!” With his other paw, he grabs a weight bench and crushes it, leaving behind scrap metal.

Viper watched in awe, as his shaft became even harder. He looked at Dak’s bicep to see that it was slowly growing! “Whoa!” He yelled in shock.

Dak’s body pulsated with every second that passed by. He set Viper down. Dak grew beyond 8 feet, his muscles increasingly bulging.

Dak’s clothes began to get uncomfortably tight. Using one of his claws, he ripped both his shirt and his shorts to shreds. His shaft, now nearing 20 inches, stood erect, free from the fabric prison.

Viper stood it awe. He was pawing his bulge like there was no tomorrow. Dak, nearing a height of 10 feet, easily ripped away the dragon’s clothing. Viper’s thick hose stood erect, awaiting pleasure from whoever touched it.

Dak walked towards an open door. “We’d better move somewhere with more room. I have no idea why I’m growing, but I’ll probably grow bigger than the room!” He stepped through the door, tail nearly breaking the doorway. Viper heard a splash as he walked into the next room.

There was an Olympic sized pool, water shimmering brightly. Dak’s head popped out from the water. Viper read the deep-end sign. The water was 15 feet deep. Dak had grown to a size of 20 feet tall. His muscles bulged with power, and his shaft erected to nearly 4 feet in length. Dak lied down in the shallow end, acting as though the pool was a bath tub. He extended his massive arm, allowing Viper to climb aboard. Viper slid down Dak’s arm, and landed with a soft “Splish” on Dak’s chest. Viper began to scratch Dak’s enormous chest, while Dak sat there and purred.

“I bet you’re super strong now!” Viper’s Shaft throbbed, enjoying the view.

Dak laughed in a loud, booming voice. “You see that metal plaque?” Dak pointed to the large metal plate that bore a picture of a muscle feline. “It took 5 cranes to get that baby up! 10,000 pounds of pure steel.” Dak stood up, making sure Viper was still on his massive chest, and ripped off the plaque with one hand, then rolled it up like it was newspaper.

Viper gasped in awe, then started pawing himself. Dak stopped him, and removed his paw. Climbing out of the pool, Dak lied flat on his back and his cock erected straight up. “You wanna try it?”

Viper flew up, and landed his tail hole on Dak’s Dick-head. He clenched his butt cheeks. “Ready when you are, big guy!” Then, he started pawing off again.

Dak buried his cock deeper into Viper, both moaning in sheer pleasure. Dak began fucking faster, and faster, causing his cock to sink deeper and deeper. Viper cummed all over himself and part of Dak’s sheath.


“Oh yes! Yes, you Muscle god!”

Dak’s Cock throbbed, and ejaculated gallons of cum into Viper and all over his white-furred body. Both furs panted heavily, enjoying the climaxing effect that they both had experienced. Dak looked at his cut. For some strange reason, it had turned from red to blue…the same shade as Viper. He decided to test out a theory. He grabbed Viper’s claw, and slashed his chest with it. “Oh god, I am so sorry!”

Viper cried out in pain. The cut didn’t go deep, but his clear blood oozed from the spot.

“Are you ok?”

Viper’s body stiffened, as did his cock. “Yeah…but I feel…horny…and….strong!” Viper grabbed Dak, and pushed him into the ground. As he did, Viper began to grow.

Dak couldn’t resist the now-growing cock in his face, so he leaned in and covered the whole thing in his mouth. His tongue savored it, as the cock pushed the tongue out of the way, and deeper into Dak’s throat. Viper grew to over 10 feet…15 feet…and finally, to the 20 foot mark. His muscles bulging with every breath he took. His wings spread to over 40 feet!

Dak took his mouth off of Viper’s cock, and stood up: Muzzle to Muzzle. Dak grinned. “Well, I guess my theory worked!”

Viper licked his lips. “Now let’s try out my theory!” Viper grabbed Dak’s body, held him close, and they both held a long, passionate kiss. They both collapsed to the floor, enjoying the night of wild sex.

Dak awoke the next morning. He felt great. He peered pass the sleeping dragon on his chest. He noticed, through a cum-splattered mirror on the wall, that he and Viper both returned to normal size.

Dak looked down at Viper and his slightly blood-stained paw. Dak smiled. He was definitely going to enjoy himself tonight!

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