series: The Salt

The salt: the African-American

By RdyRoger  Email
3 parts
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Part 1

Nathan is my name. That and the color of my skin are the only constants I have these days.

It started at the gym. Being gay I worked out, and being worked out I was in decent shape. And with my African heritage, I had some height and a bit of muscle too- and I didn't have the fat gene, fortunately. That was all great.

I was raised in the suburbs so I didn't have too much in common with the gangstas in the inner city. It was a part of my heritage and I related. Everyone gets discriminated against. Black people, we get discriminated against as much as anyone else. Sometimes, it's worse when someone isn't trying to discriminate, but is just ignorant. Like when they expect black people to like a certain food, (like white people don't like fried chicken, right?), or that black men are super strong (I'm strong, but my back hurts just like everyone else's) and when they think all black men are huge hung, or want blond women, or are super sexed (hah, I wish!) . I've seen my share of giant black dick and also giant white dick and some giant Asian dick too. There's probably giant eskimo dick but I haven't seen it, eskimos are scarce in my area. Not that I'm a size queen, at least, not any more than any other gay man who enjoys oral sex. Some say more than a mouthful is a waste, but I've certainly enjoyed the more than the mouthful variety myself. In fact, I prefer it. Not necessary, by any means, but certainly, you know, a great visual aid, as they said in high school a/v lab.

So I'd get guys picking me up, and they'd feel my biceps (16”) and then my package (5”) and they wouldn't SAY anything, but there'd be a pause, or more groping like maybe they'd missed it, or checking to see if it was hard or soft.

Well, that's not to say I haven't had a lot of fun. There's a lot of guys, all different races, that appreciate black men, and I do look great in a speedo, I do have a great ass. I work for it, doing squats at the gym.

The gym, I went in there and there was Austin, looking bigger than ever. I swear that boy has a glandular problem. Or a steroid problem. Austin is one guy that had a giant Asian cock. I hadn't seen it, you know, but I've certainly seen the giant bulge in his sweatpants. I wondered if maybe he had a hernia or something, but Eddie told me that Austin was enormous, like 18”. Which is impossible, but he is like 8' tall or so. Like I said, glandular problem.

But he was sweet and aggressive and flirty and I was just interested enough. Well Austin slept around a lot, and I'm kind of into relationships. Nevertheless, I decided to ignore the “hey my brother” as I came in and we flirted a bit and he genuinely seemed nice.

The next thing I knew I was still wearing my sweaty gym clothes, and we were out at a cheap burger joint. Austin had kissed me, made out with me, in the car. He had a big SUV just so he could fit into it. And I'll be damned if I didn't go down on him and suck him off. He was enormous. I was pretty surprised and he just laughed. He then returned the favor. I have to say around Austin it was easy to get horny, his sweat smelled like… lust.

When he was eating his 4 double decker cheeseburgers he said, “That was fun.” He meant the blowjob.

“Very fun, and thank you!”

“My pleasure.”

“More mine, that was amazing.”

Austin smiled. “Ah well some of us are just lucky. We're all the same under the skin.”

“I guess that's true. At least we disprove stereotypes.”


“You know, black guy with a giant penis, asian guy with a tiny penis- just proves that there's no truth to stereotypes.”

“What do you think about the black stereotype?”

“If it weren't so racist I guess it would be fun, if it were true.”

“Would you really want a monster like mine?” Austin gestured downward towards his massive genital region.

“Well, I mean, sure, who wouldn't want to be bigger?- I mean, I guess except maybe you.”

“You'd be wrong there I love being big. But you, even if you totally were the 'black stereotype'- you'd still want to be that? Hung, constantly horny, even if people looked at you and saw that you fulfilled that stereotype? I thought you wanted to break stereotypes.”

“Well, you have a point. But who doesn't want more sex? And anyway, it's completely hypothetical.”

“Speaking of hypothetical, do you live far away?”

I didn't. We went. And the roommate was gone for the weekend, suffering with his parents.

So we had a lot of fun. Austin was a cum fountain and was a bit kinky. He could probably snap me in two but he was careful, a little bit rough, but nothing too crazy. He did tie me up and feed me his giant cock. That was amazing, to see it on my bed, in the daylight, wow. He really was a giant.

He brought me some tomato juice to drink, a little glass like 6 oz, but it was good and the salty taste cut the you know what in my mouth. He was so considerate. And then he told me.

He told me that he hadn't always been like he was, that he'd run into some science guys and they'd done this to him. He'd been a tiny Korean man, with a penis even smaller than mine.

He told me that the tomato juice I'd drunk a few minutes earlier was loaded some some of the stuff that he'd taken, that I was going to find out what it was like to be a stereotypical black man. He explained further. He had put in a bunch of salts he called them, that were designed to make my cock and balls grow enormous, and drastically increase my cum output (he said, “you think I'm a super shooter, you just wait”), and drastically increase my libido, and also something to make my muscles grow and something else to increase my secondary sexual characteristics.

I thought he was playing, you know, kinky role playing, like, he'd pretend i was huge and let me up and I would pretend to fuck him with a giant penis.

So I played along for a minute or two, although he wasn't really making sense, and then damned if I didn't just fall asleep.

When I woke up I had a yucky taste in my mouth. Also, my tongue was all swollen, it felt like. Austin was there, and it was now early afternoon. He'd put a blanket over me while I slept, which was nice, but the ropes were starting to chafe a bit. He brought me a pitcher of water and let me drink a bunch, and then fed me more of his “magic” tomato juice.

And a few minutes after that… he threw back the blanket.

I looked down. I blinked. I was a lot more muscled. Like 21” biceps, giant pecs. And my penis, laying down my leg halfway to my knee- it was so FAT. not thick… FAT. And my testicles were giant. Like big eggs. HUGE eggs. If there were eggs as big as baseballs.

I thought for a second that he'd put some rubber suit on me.

He was already untying the ropes. I sat up. I was all off balance. He got me on my feet and over to the mirror. Nathan was gone, the suburban fit Nathan I was used to. In the mirror was Nathan the black stereotype. I was thickly muscled, huge muscle ass, and 12” of cock hanging fat over baseballs. My face looked a lot different too. I had a beard, and my lips were really thick, and my nose was a lot broader. My eyebrows were more pronounced, my whole skull looked bigger. And my pecs were covered with a sprinkling of dark hair. Giant dark nipples. My cock was now black, not just dark but almost completely black. I think my skin was darker too. I seemed to be about the same height I'd been.

“What…?” and I stopped. My voice as a basso profundo rumble, deeper than Barry White.

“What did you do to me?” I said in my now super sultry deep voice.

“Just fulfilled your wish to be a black stereotype,” said Austin.

“I didn't wish for that!”

“You said you wanted to be bigger. Now… you're bigger.”

I started to get hard. Truthfully, I was so TURNED on… everything started to become super sexual to me. I looked at Austin and I sprung a HUGE boner. My eyes opened wide.

“You ain't seen nothing yet!” said Austin. I couldn't stop him as he reached out and started to jack me off slowly. It was such an intense lust it was BURNING. I held back for a few minutes and then I felt… this amazing push in my groin and I came. I came like a fountain on the mirror. Austin was right. I shot like a half cup of cum… maybe more.

Afterwards, I was quivering. My enlarged muscles were pumped. Austin brought me some food and some water and I ate that. I was getting sleepy.

“I can't wait to see what you look like in 4 hours!” said Austin.

I looked up in surprise.

“I gave you another megadose in that tomato juice!”

“What—how much????”

“About the same. Well, quite a bit more really. You were looking so good… I wanted you bigger YET!”

I realized about then that Austin was crazy. I wanted to fight, to do something, but I was exhausted. And confused.

I swear the room spun as I fell asleep. I had horrible dreams… where I was some giant black gorilla, with a huge cock always spewing cum. It was terrifying.

When I woke up, I had a lot of trouble balancing. Maybe it was my 31” biceps, or my 58” chest… or maybe it was my 16” long penis, fatter than ever, and the two cantaloupes between my legs. With a foreskin now. I'd been circumsized. No longer.

Austin was there of course, and when I was awake enough he kissed me. I understood why my tongue felt swollen. My tongue had grown huge too. I had to end up learning to speak again, around this giant appendage in my mouth. My lips were more thickly negroid than ever, and I would have been good looking if I wasn't so tough featured and my nose wasn't so broad across my face. My chest was hairier, covered with a fine coat of curly black hair.. and I was so broadly built I was over 3’6” wide. And I discovered I was 6” taller now.

I was nowhere near Austin's size, except my massive endowment. I also was suffering from the effects of the overdose of libido enhancer he'd given me. And he'd given me more of the cum stuff. I shot… it was like a cartoon. A cup, or more. I could get dehydrated if I didn't drink a couple big glasses of water before sex.

Austin was available. I found I could now take his giant cock and he could take mine. I did especially enjoy fucking him senseless, then blowing a load in him, then pulling out, jacking for 30 seconds and blowing another cup of cum on his face and chest.

I really never was sated. Just, exhausted.

What had he done to me? He didn't have the right. How was I going to work? And… why was I enjoying this so much when I was so horrified and angry? I started to loathe myself, but I couldn't stop having sex.

When I went to the gym the next day, Austin was at the counter.

“Hi Nathan!” he said gayly.

“Fuck you Austin” I told him.

He followed me into the locker room and we went into the janitor closet and I did fuck him. Again and again and again.

Part 2

I didn't not have fun. It wasn't FUN, to be so in constant need and so constantly turned on. It made it difficult to… cook a meal, read a book, or have a phone conversation. The food would burn, some random description in the book would make me crazy horny and I'd end up shooting a cup of cum onto the book, and the constant images in my mind with a guy's voice in my ear… what did he look like, what was he doing, how big was his dick, maybe his dick was bigger than that, maybe he was buff, or had a hairy muscle belly, or was really cute… blond, redhead, brown, black, white, asian, african, hell, I actually did fantasize about stripping off those eskimo furs and finding some hot guy underneath. And it didn't matter how hot he would be, as EVERYTHING turned me on. To varying degrees, but I had a LOT of sex. With some really skanky guys. I was a skanky guy. Isn't that the idea, mindless sex and you don't know their names and you have to fight to use your brain in between erections… I might have 20 minutes, or sometimes a glorious hour, where I was… Nathan, not Nate the big black buck. That's what I was called, at this one party. I thought it was hot. I was so ashamed, but I couldn't stop myself.

I started putting the books into plastic baggies. I would take it out, turn the page, put it back in and then read it through the clear plastic. I never knew when an overpowering lust would hit me and … that was that. I told people I wanted to keep my books nice. No one EVER argued with me.

I knew I wouldn't kill myself. I wouldn't have to. I would just slip away, into sex… cock and more cock, and hot asses raised for me to fuck…and soon I would only be sensation. That's what I feared. It wasn't like that, though. It was worse. I was still me enough to know I was behaving badly, and I didn't lose myself, like I both hoped and feared.

Austin became a constant in my life the next two weeks. I couldn't stop it. He was able to keep up with me sexually. He used me. I used him. I hated him, and I needed him. Is that being co-dependent?

I also went out to down low club nights… and I found myself the life of the party. The brothers and I had a lot of fun. And I did call them my brothers, and I picked up a lot of slang that I had disdained before. But I hated it when I heard those words on my lips. I felt more a part of the African experience, but I felt like my manners, my body appearance, and my clothing… well, it was hard not to show off, I wore a lot of tight clothes. The worst of it was when a little old white lady would freak out seeing me just walking down the street. Hard to make yourself small and not imposing at 6’6” tall and 270 lbs.- and 3% bodyfat. And hairy everywhere and just mean and tough looking. It wasn't all the time, but it was so unpredictable, if I was in that situation and I had a few minutes I would walk backwards around the block to avoid confronting a little old lady. Pretty damned funny.

But I didn't enjoy that. Not the intimidation in the street. But in the bedroom… I was a sexual dynamo, and Austin and I had a lot of wrestling matches that turned pretty much into fights. Winner got to top.

And I was complaining. I mean, when I wasn't having sex. Austin got tired of it and told me to shut up. I didn't. But I didn't leave either. I'd lost my job, and I was living as a street hustler and sleeping at Austin's. I didn't lose my job the way you think. I just wasn't that person so there was no point in going back. “Hi, I'm 6' taller and look completely different. That's cool isn't it?” No, it wasn't cool.

And after a couple of very fast living weeks, there was an evening where Austin told me that he could undo the changes. He'd take away the “extra blackness” he said as he laughed. I hated him for it. It wasn't the black color of my skin, and it wasn't the muscle, or the giant cock, or maybe it wasn't even the constant sex drive… but it was certainly all of that combined that made me unhappy. The thought of being myself again… having a night's sleep where I didn't wake up shooting cum on my chest… or going for a swim at the gym without being a freak show…

I wanted to know the details, Austin just said it would cancel out what he'd given me. I wasn't informed enough to make an informed decision. But I figured, what could he do? Ruin my life? Make me bigger? Even if I was as big as he was, it wouldn't make any difference to me. I was already a freak.

So I found myself sitting in Austin's apartment, which by the way reeked of sex, and watched as he mixed 6 teaspoons of some “salts” into a sports drink. I was watching his ass, the way up moved, his hips, his ass bobbing. I was getting turned on again. Again again again.

I didn't have a LONG conversation, a what if, promise me, bring me flowers and I'll forgive you conversation. I saw my cock, rising, rising, rising, a black python, and I pushed it away. It slapped back up against my hairy abs. It was so heavy, it was like getting punched. But I was so thickly muscled… it didn't hurt, of course. But it excited me.

“Are you su….” asked Austin as I strode across the room and grabbed the sports drink and gulped it down just like one of those stupid TV commercials. It was empty in a trice.

I threw it down. I pushed Austin, hard. He pushed me back. We had a violent round of sex. Four of them, actually. Then I felt really thirsty and drank about a gallon of water. Austin just had that fucking smile on his face. I laid down. I felt really sleepy. At least my nightmare would be over tomorrow, I could maybe get my job back, maybe ….. I was out.

Part 3

I had strange dreams. I felt really ill and I was near delirious consciousness a couple of times, I think.

I remember vaguely Austin getting me some water and food, and then my fever broke and I slept. Boy, did I sleep. And as I slept, the world changed. Or rather, I did. Which is the same thing, really, depending on your perspective.

I woke in the morning. I was out of it. I mean, really out of it. As in, hard to think. The room was way too bright. I was confused. Austin brought me some water, and I told him that the light was too bright, like when you get your eyes dilated at the optometrist. He assured me I would adjust. That fucking liar. He was so … glib. And I believed him every time.

I could see, it was a bit blurry and my eyes were tearing. I kept wiping away the tears. I don't know if they were from the light hurting my eyes or my relieved anger and frustration at the end of my tortured journey. I certainly felt different, and I started to feel better. Austin pulled all the drapes shut, and sat with me for a while. My voice sounded DIFFERENT. Still, I guess that was to be expected. It didn't sound like I remembered, but… it had a good resonant quality to it, and it was no longer the Nathan the walking penis voice.

After a while, I guess it was almost an hour, I started to be able to see better. And things looked wrong. I felt, better and stronger, the sickness was passing, but I realized that I was still, you know, I felt big. I opened my eyes and they were no longer burning. I looked down. I was different. My skin looked like I was sick, it was almost yellow. Then my mind lurched and adjusted and I realized my skin was no longer black. I was white, with a pale golden tan. I held up my hands, and looked at them. The pigment had processed out of my skin, and even my fingernails looked different. My hands were big and long fingered and kind of elegant looking. I looked at Austin, he had that shit eating grin on his face.

“Well, that cancelled your blackness nicely.” he said like the cat.

I was horrified. I looked down. I was still huge. er. Huger. More big. EVERYWHERE. I stood up very slowly. The penis about reached my knee. My penis. I walked, sort of, to the mirror.

I was almost completely hairless except my pubes and a dusting on my lower abs and my hair was like a freak show. Black and tight kinked curls on the outside, but the 5 inches of new growth was enhanced platinum blond straight and true. I looked and the white guy in the mirror looked back. His eyes were electric green. His nose was long and straight and aquiline and he had a long handsome face and fucking dimples and high cheekbones. Not only had my skin changed color, I was completely caucasian.

And I was taller. 7' tall. And more muscular. I flexed my bicep in awe. It got bigger when it was flexed. A lot bigger. My hips were narrow as was my waist and my back flared dramatically in that V shape- and my ass was tight sexy white boy ass.

“It's Nordic- Danish apparently. Why do you suppose their skin is so white up in the snow and the mountains?”

“It's because the climate was cold and they had to wear clothes to stay warm. So they needed more sun penetration for their skin to make vitamin D,” I remarked absently. I think that was the last thing I said before I fainted.

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