The perfect body

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Alan was sitting on the couch, playing a game on his phone. He was so close to getting the perfect score. He had collected all five stars in the level and just needed to make it to the finish line before the timer ran out. Unless he fucked it up, he should make it.

That’s when he felt a tingling in his crotch. He decided to ignore it and simply shifted his legs. He couldn’t ruin this run, not now.

He already saw the finish line, but he got distracted by something moving in his pants. One split second of reduced attention and he evaded the obstacle too late, sending his ingame bike flying. He would not be able to make it now.

More concerned than angry, Alan tossed the phone away and looked down at his crotch. To his surprise, he did indeed see the bulge in his pants shifting. It felt like his dick was moving on its own.

As soon as he got his hands on his sweatpants, the moving had subsided and the tingling stopped. He lifted the waistband and saw… He wasn’t entirely sure what he saw, but it wasn’t a dick. He had to pull his pants down to get a better view.

He was not prepared for what he found there.

Instead of his regular cock, a small man grew out of the place where his dick used to be, his back turned to Alan. On second glance, the small man grew out of Alan’s shaft, being all dick from the waist down and miniature human from the waist up.

The little man had turned around at this point and waved at Alan with a friendly smile on his face. “Hey there.”

“What the hell?!” Alan blurted out. “Who the fuck are you!”

“I’m Nathan, and you?”

Alan ignored his question. “What the hell happened to my dick?”

“Well, I am your dick now.” Nathan looked down his body and stroked the region where Alan’s shaft became Nathan’s body. “Kinda cool, huh?”

“What—” Alan shook off the distraction of the small man stroking what still felt like Alan’s penis. “Did you do this?”

“Hell yeah.” Nathan checked his body out from all angles.

Alan waited for elaboration and got none. “Why?”

“Because now I am a dick!” Nathan looked up. “I always wanted the perfect body. Went to the gym every day, ate healthy.” He flexed one arm and stroked the ripples of his abs with the hand of the other. “But something was missing, you know.”

“That thing being?”

“I wasn’t masculine enough! Sure, I had muscles and all that, but I wasn’t really a MAN, you know.”

“And being a dick makes you more of a man?”

“Fuck yeah! I am now the embodiment of masculinity. I am the very concept of being a man. I am hard, I am testosterone, I am sex. I will transport your love juices through my entire body, squirting male orgasm into each pussy you fuck.”

“Aaalright” Alan made a swirling motion with his index finger. “We’re gonna have to backtrack on some of that, but first things first.” He put on an unsure face, pointing at Nathan. “You’re saying that…”

Nathan looked up blankly.

“That…” Alan moved his head in a circle, hoping that Nathan would get his question.

But he didn’t.

“That…” Alan continued. “You do what my dick did?”

“Of course!” Nathan was relieved. “As I told you, I AM your dick. Piss and cum will come out of my mouth and my body will go hard when you see a hot girl.”

“Out of your mouth?”


“And that doesn’t strike you as somewhat non-masculine?”

“No, why would it?”

Nathan pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I am literally a cock, doing cock things.” Nathan spoke as if this situation was the most normal thing in the world. “What could be more masculine than that?”

“Okay whatever.” Alan changed topics. “Is it permanent?”

Nathan looked to the side as if admitting a secret. “Not yet.”

“… Care to elaborate?”

“You need to jerk me off once for it to become permanent.”

“Until when?”

Nathan hesitated. “48 hours.”

“Oh, that’s manageable.” Alan breathed out.

“You don’t want to jerk me off?”



“Because I don’t want you as my dick. Why are we even having this conversation? I don’t want a tiny dude’s torso as my penis. I am totally happy with a normal one.”

“Can’t you at least give me a chance?”

Alan looked to the side without moving his head, trying to think of anything he missed. “No, I literally can’t, because you just told me that’d make it permanent.”

There was a short moment of silence. Nathan turned back around away from Alan. His shoulders and head dropped. “Will you at least tell me your name?”

“What’s it to you? You’re not going to stick around.” Alan watched Nathan for a moment and sighed. “I’m Alan.”

Nathan turned around with a smile on his face. “Nice to meet you, Alan.”

“You’re trying to play the sad puppy eyes tactic, huh?” Alan remained unimpressed. “Doesn’t work on me.”

“Well, I did get your name.” Nathan couldn’t suppress a smirk.

“Yeah, that’s all you get.” Alan retorted. “Well, you might also get a taste of my piss before the 48 hours are up.”

Nathan thought for a moment before looking up at Alan. “I would really love to be your dick, you know.”

“Oh my god.” Alan grew desperate. “Okay, look, here’s the thing. I’m gay.”

“… Oh.” Was all Nathan let out.

“Yeah, ‘oh’.” Alan continued. “I have a boyfriend and you will not see as much ‘pussy action’ as you planned to. Or any, for that matter.”

Nathan was visibly gathering his thoughts. “Mmh… That might take some getting used to, but I think I’ll manage.”

Alan was at a loss for words. “I don’t have the energy for this right now.” He mumbled to himself and pulled up his pants, burying Nathan in his underwear.

Luckily the little man on his crotch did not protest. Alan figured it was because Nathan was already fully accepting his new role. This made it easier for Alan to free his head and distract himself.

Alan decided to just ignore Nathan for the rest of the day, pretending nothing had happened. Luckily it was a Friday evening, so he didn’t have to leave the house until the time expired and his boyfriend would return from his trip late on Sunday, so he wouldn’t even have to see Nathan.

All in all, things were looking okay. Alan would just have to avoid jerking off until Sunday evening and it would all solve itself. A fairly easy problem to deal with, all things considered.

As he went about his day, Alan even occasionally forgot about Nathan, until his hands absentmindedly roamed to his crotch where he felt Nathan’s little body. Plus, there was the moment when Alan had to go to the toilet. He couldn’t help but flinch, seeing a stream of yellow coming out of Nathan’s mouth, although Nathan didn’t seem to mind.

Eventually it was time to go to bed, but before that, Alan would have to take a shower. As he undressed, he would try to pay as little attention to Nathan as possible and although the little man looked up at him, Alan avoided eye contact. Afterall, if he ignored him for long enough, he’d go away, quite literally.

Alan stepped under the shower, turned on the water and lathered himself up. When it came to washing his dick, or Nathan rather, he hesitated.

“Umm…” Alan began.

Nathan turned around and looked up at Alan.

“Do I need to be careful?” Alan wanted to know.

“About what?”

“Your body. I need to wash you and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” Nathan smiled. “I’m a dick, so you can handle me like one.”

“But your arms.”

“There’s no bones in them. It’s all spongy cockflesh.” He twisted his body around so he was facing Alan’s face almost fully. “Same with my spine. That’s why I can do this.”

“And your head?”

“No bones either. You can squish it like a cockhead.”

“But your brain.” Alan was worried. “Wouldn’t I-”

Nathan laughed. “Really, it’s fine. I don’t have a real brain any more, not a physical one. It’s all cockflesh. You can squeeze as much as you like.”

Alan took Nathan’s head between two fingers and began squeezing, which felt to him like pinching his own cockhead. “Wow.”

“See? Absolutely safe.”

“How do you know all that?”

“I did have to research the spell, you know.” Nathan explained. “Need to figure out what exactly I am getting myself into. Especially since it’s permanent.”

“You study magic?”

“Only this spell.”

“Mmh.” Alan started cleaning Nathan.

Nathan used the resulting silence. “So, are you going to jerk me off?”

“No…” Alan put his fingers around Nathan’s head on purpose, pretending to do it for cleaning purposes. As he did, he felt a developing erection.

He removed his hand. “Stop getting hard!”

Nathan spit out some suds that got into his mouth. “Hey, I’m your penis. I get only as hard as you are horny.”

“Nice try, but no.” Alan continued. “It takes a bit more than showering for me to get hard.”

“Maybe you do like me after all.” Nathan jabbed.

“Shut up.”

Alan managed to ignore his boner under the shower, although it did take quite some time for the erection to go down.

Even as he was lying in bed, he still felt some residue horniness on his crotch. Nathan kneading his balls certainly didn’t help.

Alan pulled the covers aside. “Could you please leave my balls alone.”

“I’m sorry.” Nathan stopped. “I’m just so excited. Half of my body is literally producing sperm now.”

“My balls aren’t part of your body.”

“They are.” Came Nathan’s response. “I can feel them.”

“You can?”

“Yeah. I can feel your shaft, your balls and the small area around both.”

“I see.”

Alan could feel Nathan standing up, clearly not tired at all. Though then again, Alan wasn’t really about to sleep either.

“So…” Alan began. “If you want to be a dick so bad, why not go all the way? Why stay as a little man attached to someone’s crotch?”

“And undo all my work in the gym?” Nathan pointed out. “The goal isn’t to be a cock. The goal is to have the perfect body. Being a cock is a part of it, but not all of it.”

“You have an answer for everything, do you?” Alan was annoyed.

“I did think about it a lot. I was working on the spell for two years.”

“Sheesh. That’s what I call dedication.”

“I know what I want.”

“Mmh mmh…” Alan mused. “But why me?”

“Oh, that was more or less random.” Nathan explained. “I just specified what kind of dick I want to be and the magic did the rest.”

“And you didn’t think of specifying the sexual orientation?”

“… It didn’t occur to me.” Nathan had to admit.

“Well, better luck next time, I guess.”

“You really don’t want me to be your dick?” He said with a sadness in his voice that told Alan it wasn’t faked.

“Why do you want to be my dick so bad?” Alan tried to be helpful. “Why not try again with a different guy, maybe some better parameters for your spell?”

Nathan didn’t say anything for a few moments. “The ingredients for the spell weren’t cheap. Some of them were very rare.” He paused. “I may have sold some things to get them.”

“How much did you sell?”

There was no reply. Alan knew what that meant. Nathan had given up too much to try a second time, possibly too much to go back to his former life.

There was not much more to say, at least for now, so Alan pulled over the blanket and rolled to the side. “Good night.”

Alan woke up horny, very horny. His mind was clouded by sleep and lust as he was drifting into consciousness. He found himself lying half on his stomach while his dick was rubbing against the sheets below him.

He enjoyed the feeling for a couple of seconds before his eyes shot open. Alan immediately turned onto his back and pulled off the sheets.

“Are you trying to jerk me off?” He shouted at the little man growing from his crotch.

“Well, you’re not doing it, are you.” Nathan retorted, visibly exhausted, but still trying to rub his hands over his body.

“Stop that!”

But Nathan didn’t listen.

Alan put his hand around Nathan’s body, pinning down his arms. “Stop. That.”

There was no reply from Nathan apart from a frown.

Alan loosened his grip. “Look, I know you’re currently in a bad situation.” He thought for a moment. “I’ll help you, okay? I’m sure my boyfriend will agree to let you crash on our couch for a few weeks after you turn back. If you don’t have a place anymore.”

Nathan simply looked at Alan, not particularly convinced.

“You still want to be my dick, huh?” Alan asked.

Nathan looked away. “Yeah.”

“I’m not sure you want that. Maybe I should give you a demonstration.”

Alan ignored Nathan’s confused face as he walked over to his computer and sat down, waiting for it to boot up.

“Let’s look at what you would have to deal with.” Alan said as he opened his browser. He quickly navigated to a website listing various videos showing naked men in the thumbnails. With a speed and precision that marked him as a frequent user, Alan found a video and played it after making himself comfortable on the chair so that Nathan had a good view of the monitor.

On the screen were now two men undressing each other in the bedroom, while exchanging kisses all over their bodies. Soon one of them was kneeling on all fours on the bed while the other started rimming his hole. A few more minutes and their position reversed, with the latter guy lying down on the bed as the former one gave him head.

All the time Nathan’s eyes were glued to the screen, although he did not show any particular reaction. Alan meanwhile became more and more horny, watching the two hot guys going at each other. As he felt his dick getting hard he wondered if Nathan noticed. If he did, he didn’t show it.

Eventually the two guys in the video had moved to the next stage. The first guy was now lying on the bed with his legs up, while the other was plowing his ass, careful to not let his leg get in the way between the camera and his dick entering the hole.

Alan was expecting Nathan to tell him to stop, but he did no such thing. It was as if he absorbed every frame of the video. After the top shot his load and helped jerk off the bottom, the video ended.

Nathan turned around to Alan, his face beaming with excitement. “Can we watch another?”

Alan could only gesture at the screen as he was gathering his thoughts. “You… Did you like that? It was gay sex. I thought you’re into pussies and all that.”

It was as if Nathan suddenly realized something. “Wait, I’m gay now?”

Alan buried his face in his hands. “Oh god, don’t tell me you turned gay when you became my dick.”

“It makes sense though.” Nathan mused. “As a dick I would share your preferences. Holy crap, I’m gay.”

Alan let his head fall against the headrest of his chair and let out a long sigh.

“But, this is great.” Nathan continued. “Now we even share the same interests.”

There was no reply from Alan.

Nathan thought for a moment. “So, will you—”


Alan and Nathan didn’t talk much beyond that, although Alan tried to be a bit more accommodating to his little penis man, mostly by not wearing pants so Nathan could still see everything.

Alan sat down on the couch with his legs spread and turned on the TV. “What do you wanna see?”

Nathan simply shrugged.

“What’s your favourite show?” Alan insisted.

“I loved Architects of Will.”

Alan smiled. “Hey, I love that too.” He was being honest. Alan loved the intrigue aspect of the show and how every character had their own agenda. “Don’t the episodes release Friday night?”


“So you haven’t seen the one from yesterday?”


Alan was a bit behind on the episodes, because he was busy with other things recently, but looking at Nathan, he decided to spoil himself if it meant seeing Nathan less down. He went into his netflix account and played the newest episode.

While the show went on, Nathan filled Alan in on the plot elements he had missed and the two exchanged opinions on the characters.

When the show ended, Alan asked Nathan what else he wanted to see, but he didn’t really give an answer, so Alan just let the TV program play while he browsed on his phone.

After a while he looked away from his phone over to Nathan, who was lying in his side on Alan’s right thigh, his head resting on his arm. Ever since the show’s episode had ended, Nathan looked down again. Alan remembered how enthusiastically Nathan recalled the plot Alan had missed. But now Nathan was simply staring at the screen, rather than watching TV.

In that moment, something broke inside Alan. He realized that Nathan was now more than just a stranger attached to his crotch.

They had bonded.

“Hey, man. Uh, Nathan?” He put away his phone. “Can you promise me something?”

There was no reaction from Nathan, but Alan knew that he was listening.

“Can you promise me” Alan continued. “Not to regret your decision… To turn into my dick?”

Nathan turned around, clearly surprised.

Alan smiled warmly. “I’d hate, if, at some point, you wanted to turn back and couldn’t… Because we made it permanent”

Nathan blinked once, before the realization set in and his face lit up with joy. “Yes! I won’t regret it.”

“Well then, let’s make it official.” Alan put his hands around Nathan’s body and began stroking up and down. Alan was still somewhat horny, so Nathan became erect much faster than usual. Alan also suspected that, just as Nathan was turned gay by becoming Alan’s dick, part of Nathan’s horniness had been transferred over to Alan.

As Alan’s fingers massaged Nathan’s body, Nathan’s arms roamed over Alan’s hand as if to encourage him to more. It was somewhat strange for Alan to feel over the little body, to feel Nathan’s neck, his pecs and his abs and still feel his own penis, though it was not at all unpleasant.

After a while, Alan felt some warm liquid on his finger. Nathan must be leaking precum. To check, Alan moved his finger to Nathan’s head and as expected, another dollop came out of the cockman’s mouth. Alan wasted no time smearing the precum all over Nathan, which was easier than he thought at first, because he leaked much more than usually. Nathan must have been a leaker.

As Alan lubed up Nathan with his precum, he felt both of them become harder. Nathan’s muscles felt much more firm, his abs and pecs having the same consistency as a full hardon. He looked down at the little cockman and saw Nathan’s glistening body, oiled up by the precum. His muscles seemed even more defined than before. They might have bulged out a little, and his tan became just a tad darker from all the blood rushing into him.

The sight brought Alan close to the edge and he threw back his head, squeezing Nathan and stroking faster. Moments later, he felt the familiar sensation at the base of his shaft and he heard Nathan let out a stifled groan as the orgasm traveled through his body.

Alan held his dick firm as he watched Nathan eject strands of white sticky liquid out of his mouth in an arc. Wow, he was a shooter now as well. The more he learned of these changes, the more he liked them.

Alan squeezed the last drops out of Nathan’s mouth, before he sank back onto the couch. He felt Nathan collapse on his crotch as well.

After the two men had recovered from their orgasm, Alan cleaned up and lay down on the couch again, pulling out his phone.

Nathan looked up at Alan. “Who are you texting?”

“Sebastian.” Alan looked at Nathan from behind his phone. “My boyfriend.”

“Are you telling him about me?”

“Of course.” Alan continued texting. “You’re part of our relationship now.”

Nathan smiled from one ear to the next. He now had the perfect body and was looking forward to be used as an instrument of purely masculine sex. What could be more masculine than sex between two men? But some doubt remained.

Nathan’s smile faded. “Do you think he’ll be fine with it?”

Alan shrugged. “We’ll see. But I’ve known him for long enough. I think he will.”

Relieved, Nathan turned back and started daydreaming about the future.

“Here.” Alan moved his phone between his legs, in front of Nathan. The selfie camera was activated and Nathan was visible on the screen as well as Alan in the background. “Say cheese.”

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