The orange jewel

By Charley 
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It all started on a Sunday, I was at the mall with my friends. We had just gone to see the new Spider-Man, when I saw it on the ground. It was a ring, my first impressions were that it was really pretty, then it must be valuable. I leaned down and picked it up, then looked around to see if someone had a “I just lost my ten thousand dollar ring” expression on their face. Nobody did, and I looked closer at it.

It had a pretty sunset orange colored jewel on it, I tried to think of the gems I knew but it didn’t look like anything I’d ever studied; then again, now that I was 18 and done with high school I couldn’t really recall what I learned in my earth science class anyway. It had a delicately crafted yet thick gold band around it for your finger to go in. Even though it was a ring, it didn’t look very girly. It looked like if men wore jewel rings, this would be it. Then as I turned it in my hands I noticed writing on the band. It said, “Put this on if you want a bigger dick.”

That’s when I broke out laughing, it was so out of place and such a weird thing to read off a ring. You expect a sappy saying or a perky, “live life you the fullest,” kind of stuff.

Jason looked over at me. “What’s so funny?”

I turned to him. “Look at this ring bro!” I said still laughing. He took it and gave me a animated happy face.

“It’s so pretty! Did he go to Jared’s?”

I punched him on the shoulder. “Yeah, your mom did jackass. I mean the writing on the band.”

He looked down, then doubled over laughing. “What the hell?”

“That’s what I’m saying!” He passed it to Wes who had been quite this whole time, probably texting his girlfriend Sarah, whipped as he was. “Wes!” Jason called, trying to get him to look up and give him his attention.

“…Yeah?” He said not looking up.

“Wes look at this!” I said still fighting laughing, you know when you talk and have that laugh mixed in with it.

“…what?” he said still not looking up.

“Yo Wessy,” Jason said using Sarah’s nickname for him, “if you would please pull your head out of your girlfriend’s ass for two seconds, we would greatly appreciate it.”

Wes looked up and glared at Jason. “Shut up, just because you don’t have a girlfriend to get some you don’t have to bitch about mine.”

“Oh I still get some, but unlike you my friend, I get to chose whoever I want whenever I want.”

“That is if you can trick the girl into bed with you,” I added, and Jason punched me in the shoulder, getting me back.

“What did you want to show me?” Wes asked.

Jason handed him the ring. “Read the words on that,” he said pointing to where the words are. Jason didn’t laugh, but he smiled. He was the more serious one of the three of us.

“Where did you find this?” Wes asked.

“Charley found it.” Jason said looking to me.

I shrugged. “I just found it on the ground. I mean, I know someone’s probably looking for it, but I don’t know how we’d find them. Not like there’s a number on it to call.”

“We could turn it into the police.” Wes suggested.

Jason snorted. “Turn a lost ring into the police? The person who owns it wouldn’t even probably think to go looking for it. Most people aren’t as decent as us—they probably assume someone took it or sold it by now.”

“Yea,” I agreed with him, “Besides, I want to know where they bought it in the first place.”

“Probably an adult store, some kind of sick role play.” Jason said.

Wes made a face and handed the ring back to me, “I don’t want to hold it if it’s a sex toy…a used one.”

It grossed me out a bit, but the words still tugged at me. I smirked. “Think I should put it on?” I said, more as a joke than a real question. The weirdness of the text did get offset a bit by the whole used sex toy thing.

“If you want.” Wes said looking back down as he got a notification, from Sarah most likely.

“Yeah,” Jason said, “if anyone needs help in size down there it’d be you.”

I glared at him, and he raised his hands, expecting another punch. “It’s big enough for Kaitlyen.” I shot back.

He glared. “Alright man let’s leave my sister out of this.”

That night I washed up and headed into my bedroom still drying my face off. I tossed the towel over my desk chair and walked to my bed and sat down on it getting ready to go to bed. As I put my khakis in the dirty clothes, I checked the pockets out of habit. (After the third phone got washed I made sure to.) I felt something hard, and pulled out to find the ring I’d forgotten about after the mall earlier that day.

I looked at the words again, I knew it was stupid, but a small, and gullible part of me thought, Why not. “Worst case is nothing happens,” I said to myself as I slipped the ring onto my ring finger.

About three seconds after it was in place there was a soft grinding noise, like tiny gears moving. Then with a painful prick I felt a needle go into my finger making me yell. Then a squirting noise, and the jewel’s orange color went out from the top a bit. It was then I saw that the jewel wasn’t orange colored. It had orange colored liquid inside its hollowed out inside. Then the gear sound and the pain subsided. The ring was empty, all the orange gone—pumped into me.

I yanked the ring off violently, still freaking out, and on my finger there was a dot oozing a little blood where the ring had been. That ring had just squirted a little of whatever was in it, in me. For about twenty minutes I sat on my bed starring at nothing in horror waiting for death to hit. I could see the internet headlines now: Stupid 18 year old dies from putting on ring containing deadly poison because it told him it would give him a bigger penis.

“I’m such an idiot,” I said, still angry at myself while waiting to die. I considered going to my parents. I played through what I would say. “Hey mom and dad? Yea just wanted to let you know that I found this ring at the mall that said if I put it on I would get a bigger dick so I put it on and it injected something into me, probably poison, so how was your day?” I’d rather die in quiet shame, I decided.

So I waited, for symptoms, for anything. But nothing came. I was starting to get bored, if I was going to die it better hurry up and get it over with. Tomorrow was work and I’d rather die on the weekend if I had to die, but I didn’t. After another twenty minutes I decided I would just go to sleep and see what happened. So I go into bed, turned out my lamp, and fell asleep. Praying I would wake up.

As my alarm clock rang I wished I had died, because if felt like I already had.

I stumbled to the shower and started to undress to get in and wake up. As I washed my body I noted my dick still had a little morning wood left. It was in that half-flaccid, half-hard stage, but it felt more flaccid today. I stepped out and dried myself off, noting it was still half-hard. “Either get hard and I’ll jack you off or go soft, but you gotta decide,” I said as I walked into my room to start getting dressed.

I got on my phone and air dried on my bed for about twenty minutes before I did though. I love air drying—it’s so nice and freeing and kind of sexual, it makes drying off a little fun. When I was almost completely dry I pulled up my underwear and felt a tight squished feeling in the front. Looking down I thought the bulge was larger than usual? It never got soft, I guessed.

I sighed and yanked off my underwear to just jack off so it would go down. I lay down on my bed and pulled out my bottle of lube I keep in my drawer by my bed. I started playing with it to get it all the way hard before I started. I didn’t expect much more size as it boned since it was already halfway there. But as I rubbed it and played with it it got to the point where it usually stops, and kept pumping. “Whoa now,” I said starring as it kept going, “you’re past seven inches.” It was definitely past my usual seven, it looked to be at almost seven and a half now, and it was still going.

I grabbed my lube and started going up and down. “Holy shit.” I moaned as I leaned back and it grew bigger, it felt so good. It was more sensitive than it had even been, and as it grew longer, it grew thicker too. It was making my hand spread out wider and wider. “Unnhhh,” I moaned in pleasure. I went faster, and it was still growing. “So huge,” I moaned as I looked at it, it had stopped now. It looked like eight and a half.

The pleasure was building, I knew the end was coming soon. I went faster, the pressure built in my balls, it was intense. More insense than I’d ever felt. I started having orgasms, but not ejaculation yet. I moaned louder, overcome by the feeling. The pressure was building, I fusted over my oversized head and the pleasure feeling peaked. It was so strong my back arched and I moaned louder than before. But no cum came out, except it felt like I was cumming though.

It was intensifying, and as I went up and down as fast as I can the top wasn’t where it wasn’t supposed to be. In the middle of what felt like cumming but wasn’t I looked and saw the last thing I expected. Instead of cumming, my dick was growing. With each cum feeling it swelled bigger and bigger. Thicker, longer, stronger. The more it swelled the more intense the peaks. The more intense the peaks the larger it swelled.

I was completely overcome. “Bigger,” I moaned, “so huge, I’m so huge.” I groaned as the next peak hit, it was the strongest one yet, I put my pillow over my mouth because I was yelling from the intensity. My dick swelled like it had an air pump attached to it, it swelled out longer, and thicker. It reached my belly button now, and it was thick enough to cover it. Then, the peak got even stronger, the pressure got to the point where it felt like my balls were going to explode. Then it felt like the pressure was rising, and growing. I felt something on my legs, and looked down too see my balls swelling. Making more room for the cum filling them up. They swelled, and the pressure became better, and stronger.

I was so out of it from it all, they swelled until they were the size of large eggs, then the peak went so high I left reality. I felt my load shoot out of my massive dick like a pressurized hose, it went so far it hit my face, it just kept coming and coming. It felt like cumming always had but fifty times better. The feelings were rolling through my body.

Finally, it stopped. I lay there panting for a long while, then sat up. My chest and some of my face was covered in tons of cum. My dick was going down now, but it stopped flaccid where most men stopped hard. I grabbed a ruler from my desk, it was nine and a half inches, soft. I sat there completely in awe. Then I looked at the ring, still where I left it, and felt eerie amazement that it had worked.

Then I saw the orange color, and there was more liquid in it. Forget work today, I was going to visit Jason and Wes.

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