The most incredible massage you’ll ever get

By chicagogiantlover 
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“The Most Incredible Massage You’ll Ever Get”. That’s what the personal ad in the gay weekly said. I’d seen the ad before — I was sort of intrigued. The picture accompanying the ad was that of a hunky older guy — maybe in his early 50’s. Big, beefy…just my type. I mentioned the ad to my friend Doug. Doug told me he had a massage from this guy — and it was INCREDIBLE. Doug then smiled and wouldn’t say anymore. I decided to give the guy — Hank was his name — a call and find out more and possibly schedule an appointment. Hank was very nice and said I was for a one of a kind experience. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment. The appointment was for the following Wednesday evening.

The night of the appointment with Hank, I arrived at his townhouse. I buzzed the buzzer beside his name and Hank’s voice answered. He buzzed me in.

I walked into a townhouse the likes of which I’d never seen before. The ceilings had to be 30 ft in height — I felt dwarfed standing in the living room. The room itself was sparsely furnished, with a massage table in the middle of the room.

Hank walked in the room, completely naked. Oh, man. He was HOT. Big, beefy, as I mentioned. Tanned. Big, thick cock. Balding and full, sexy lips. The greenest eyes I’d ever seen. Like I said, a hot, hot man.

“Hi, Terry”, Hank said as he shook hands with me. “This is going to be a 2 hour session, as advertised. And you are aware of the rate—$350, right”? Now, that was quite steep. But I had the money…and my initial thought was why not pamper myself? And seeing him now, I knew I wanted the massage from Hank.

“The reason this is a one of a kind massage”, Hank said, “is because of an ability I have that I daresay no one else has. I have the power to grow to gigantic size”

I looked at Hank, not knowing what to say. Hank smiled at me. “I guess I’m just going to have to show you. But, please, take off your clothes first”

“Ok”, I said, shaking my head. I took off my clothes and stood in front of Hank. “Well?”, I asked.

“Don’t be afraid of what’s about to happen”, Hank told me. Nothing seemed to happen for a few seconds. And then…Hank began growing. My mouth open, I watched as Hank grew…7’ft….10’ft…15ft…doubling in size. All perfectly in proportion. I looked up at him, continuing to grow. Finally his growth stopped at around 20ft. I stood between his feet. I was no bigger than his knee. He looked down at me, smiling. “I’m ready to start the massage, little man. Hold your arms out”

I did as he said, and leaning down and putting both of his massive hands around my chest, lifted me up with no effort at all and placed me; face down, on the massage table.

Hank got down on both knees, the massage table between his huge, muscled thighs. I could feel his gargantuan, stiffening cock (easily 20”) on my back. I was getting hard, very quickly, myself.

For the next couple of hours, Hank gave the most incredible massage I’ve ever had, running his huge hands, kneading slowly, down my small (to him) body. Down my back. His huge hands encompassing my entire thigh, he ran them down my thighs and legs — but gently, taking care of how small and frail I was to him. He had my feet in his hands, and again, massaging them, gently. “You’re a hot little guy, Terry” Hank said. “Let’s turn you over, ok?”

Again, wrapping his hands around my chest, he gently turned me over on my back. My cock was hard and throbbing at that point, almost at the point of cumming. “Let me take care of that”, Hank said with a smirk. He grabbed my cock in his hand, completely engulfing it. He pumped a few times before I came in his fist.

I laid there, heart pounding. I looked up at that massive chest — and that monstrously large cock in front of me. Hank was all around me, it seemed. I was surrounded by Hank. And, man…I was still hard.

“Wanna do me?”, Hank asked. I sure didn’t need any prompting at that point. I grabbed the shaft of his cock with both hands….they could barely fit around it. I then began jerking him off. He started moaning…in a big, booming voice. I went faster with my rhythm, finally, yelling…and seemingly rattling the windows…Hank came all over me, my face, my chest. I felt drenched with his cum.

“Hot, little guy. Hot”, Hank said. He stood up, towering over me. He bent down, picked up a towel off the floor, and threw it on me.

“Wipe yourself off and grab a shower”, Hank told me. “I wish I could join you, but I’m obviously too big to fit in the shower. The effects of my giant size lasts several hours — and then I’ll shrink down to normal”

I took a shower, came out, and put on my clothes. I took out $500 (of course, I tipped for that amazing experience) and put it on the massage table.

Hank got down on his knees in front of me, and putting his huge hands on my shoulders (nearly slamming me to the floor), gently kissed me on the lips.

“Come back again, ok”? Hank smiled at me.

“Suuurrrre”, I stammered. In a daze, I walked out the door and headed for home — vowing to make another appointment as soon as I could.

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