The magic jockstrap

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Rick eyed the small, purple garment skeptically. It really wasn’t his style of clothing. Rick typically preferred loose, airy boxers over briefs, and he certainly wasn’t the type to wear a jock strap, but the guy at the store had insisted that he try it.

I’ve got just the thing for you,” The clerk had said as he pulled a small box out from underneath the desk.

“Huh? What is it?” Rick asked.

“See for yourself,” the store clerk said and opened up the box to reveal a single jock strap resting inside. Rick was taken aback, and the expression on the clerk’s face made it clear that he had noticed.

“Not your style?” The clerk asked.

“Not really...” Rick replied.

“I understand. These aren’t for everyone, but I still think you should at least try them on. Trust me when I say that wearing these will give you so much confidence.” The clerk said.

Rick wasn’t sure what the store worker meant by that, but something about the way the guy was talking to him made him feel like he could trust him. If the shopkeeper said it would be a good fit for him then who was he to say otherwise, and Rick had to admit there was no harm in trying them on. He also couldn’t shake this nagging curiosity. The fabric looked so soft, and the color was just perfect. It was just a shade too purple to be blue but a shade too blue to be purple. In other words, it was his favorite color. It was as if that jock strap was made exactly for him.

Rick had taken the box and asked to be shown to the fitting room, and that was how he found himself where he was now—standing bare-assed naked in front of a trio of mirrors in the back stockroom of the small clothing boutique he had come to while killing time waiting for his folks to finish with their other errands at the mall.

Rick took a moment to admire himself in the set of mirrors. The lighting back here was phenomenal. The way the overhead lights shone down on his lean, lithe physique seemed to accentuate his slight musculature, and the way the light reflected off his shaggy brown hair just seemed the magnify the way that his hair framed his handsome face. The only area he didn’t really shine was below the belt.

Rick had an alright cock by most accounts, but like most dudes out there he often found himself wishing it could be a little bigger. That was part of the reason he was a little leery of the jockstrap he had been given. Judging by the size of the frontal pouch attached to the garment, it was clear that the jock was designed for someone a little less modest downstairs. Still, Rick couldn’t shake the notion that this was the piece for him, and he had to admit he was curious how it would feel once he put it on.

Rick stepped into the leg holes that the jockstrap provided him and quickly went to work adjusting where it was needed. A quick snap of the straps around back was all it took to get the leg straps in place. As he stared at his reflection in the array of mirrors in front of him, he had to admit he looked pretty good. The way the straps framed his butt cheeks made his buns look even bubblier than they normally did. His ass looked fantastic! But perhaps what was even more amazing was what he had to work with up front. The cloth pouch which he had feared would be too big for him actually looked to be exactly the opposite! The way the purple fabric gripped his bait and tackle made the very shape of his cock and balls show through. His dick looked huge! If he didn’t know any better he’d say he was packing eight inches of soft salami underneath the layer of fabric that gripped his cock and balls like a second skin.

Rick couldn’t help himself. He had to feel it for himself. His hand slipped down to his crotch and began to caress his fat cock and huge balls. His dick even FELT larger. He couldn’t get over how amazing and how huge it felt. He could feel his thick cock filling his entire palm, and it felt like it was getting even bigger and thicker with each passing second. It was like he could actually feel it swelling against his very fingertips.

Rick glanced at his reflection in the mirror and then suddenly did a double take. He could do nothing but gawk at the huge bulge that was reflected in the three mirrors. His dick looked every bit as huge as it felt. The strap which at first he was afraid would be too big on him was now so small that the fabric was starting to turn sheer from being stretched so taut across his junk. His dick was almost as fat as his forearm. His balls were now bigger than chicken eggs and hung halfway down his thighs. His dick dipped every bit as low as his balls, and that was with the layer of fabric struggling to hold everything up and inwards. He had no doubt in his mind that if he were to shed the strap his dick would dangle nearly to his knees. The sheer thought of which made him hornier than he had ever been in his life. He was so turned on that his very skin felt warm and tingly to the touch. His dick felt so sensitive that every stroke and caress of his fingertips against his fat cock sent shivers of pleasure up his spine. His balls felt so full and heavy that he just couldn’t wait to drain them, but no matter how great the thought of whipping out his dick and pounding one out felt, he just couldn’t bring himself to remove the jock. He didn’t know why his dick was growing, but he wasn’t about to complain. His cock was already almost as fat as his fist, and his nuts were the size of softballs. He couldn’t wait to see how much bigger he would get. The only problem was that his jock was not nearly big enough for him anymore. His cock and balls were now so huge that the pouch had pulled away from his smooth, clean shaven crotch. Large swaths of his saggy ball sack were now exposed to the elements, and the bigger his dick got the thinner the fabric of the pouch became. If things kept going like they were going now, his dick would soon grow so huge that the pouch of his purple jock strap would burst like a balloon.

Rick continued to sigh and moan as he sensually stroked his thick chubby through the nearly sheer fabric of the overstuffed jockstrap. He was so entranced by the euphoric bliss that coursed through his body and entranced by the reflections of his fantastic package that he barely even heard the knocking on the door. He couldn’t even bring himself to respond as he heard the sound of keys slipping into the deadbolt on the fitting room door or the sound of the door slowly creaking open. It wasn’t until he heard the sound of the shopkeeper calling to him that he finally managed to pull his gaze away from the trio of reflections that showcased how obscenely huge his bulge had become.

“How are you liking it? Is everything alright?” The store clerk asked.

“Hmm? Yeah. It’s great man...” Rick replied groggily, still stroking the thick bulge of his fat cock through the skintight fabric of his overstuffed strap. He continued to stand there for a moment just lost in the bliss of his own huge dick, but eventually he managed to pull his attention away from how great he felt for a moment... just long enough to ask a simple question. “Hey, man. Got anything bigger?”

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