The last day of summer

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It was the last day of your son’s summer holiday, only one more day until he returned to University and any hope of quality father-son bonding time was completely lost. All summer long you’d tried to engage with your son, you’d booked day trips, taken him fishing, taken him go-carting and more…but he hadn’t been interested in any of the activities you’d arranged. Trying to talk with him was pointless, within seconds of the conversation beginning he’d disappear to his room to sulk.

Your son had been dreading returning to University, you knew that, but you’d hoped that you could at least give him an enjoyable break. However, the only thing your son had been interested in over the summer had been finding something that would make him ‘cool’ and popular when he returned to school. You’d pleaded with him not to be so harsh on himself but he had his mind set on finding some miracle pill or clinical trial that would finally give him a chance of fitting in with the high school jocks. You’d already confiscated a bottle of dubious looking capsules from him a few days before, worried he’d make himself ill with all of these random chemicals.

Determined that your son’s final day of the summer break would not be spent sulking in his room you decided to go upstairs and offer him the chance to do anything he wanted on his final day off. Knocking on his door you were greeted with the usual forlorn invitation to enter.

“Hey, son! We’ve only got one day of summer break left….you’ve been up here all summer,” you said, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“One-time offer, son. You can do or have anything you want today, okay? Whatever you want to do, I’ll make sure it happens. You can’t spend the entire summer break without having at least one day doing something you truly want to do. So… what are we gonna do kiddo?” you rambled on, receiving very little interest from your son.

With a dramatic sigh your son looked up at you, throwing his games controller to one side. “You already stopped me from doing what I wanted to do… I want to test those pills out, Dad. I paid almost all of my savings for them to try and give myself a shot at getting onto the football team this term” he complained.

“I know, son, but they could be dangerous…they could be—” you started.

“I don’t care! Look, if you’re not going to change your mind then get out of my room,” shouted your son. Hurt, you stood up and turned for the door taken aback at how desperately your son wanted to try one of these pills…’hmm, I suppose letting him try one couldn’t do any harm and I am here with him if anything happens…’ you thought.

Turning back to face your son you took the key to the medicine cabinet out of your pocket and dropped it onto his bed. “Fine. You can try one of those pills, but no more than one, and make sure you call me if you feel funny afterwards,” you said, already regretting your decision.

Your son, suddenly filled with excitement, jumped from the bed an raced into the bathroom, fumbling around with the lock on the medicine cabinet. Shaking your head you went back downstairs to begin making lunch.

After a while you realised you’d not heard anything upstairs for a while, I suppose those pills mustn’t have done anything at all to your son after all. Deciding it’s always better to check, you began to climb the stairs listening for any sign of trouble. As you climbed you began to hear a deep rumbling, almost groaning sound. Far too deep to be my son, maybe he’s trying to move his furniture around again, you thought. Nearing your son’s room you could hear he was breathing heavily, ‘probably from shoving all that furniture around by himself’ you chuckled to yourself as you pushed open his bedroom door.

As your eyes fell upon the unfolding scene in your son’s room your heart raced. There in front of you was your son, only now his slim, scrawny frame was replaced with a huge hulking mountain of a man. His clothes scattered around him some looked as though they’d been torn off, he propped himself up on all fours wearing only a jockstrap, his colossal frame heaving with exertion.

“ Oh my God! What happened to you!” you yelled, not daring to move any closer.

Ohhh fuck….” your son moaned as his frame continued to thicken, his huge meaty ass stretching the jock to breaking point. “They fucking worked, Dad…. Look at me!” your son said, his voice unbelievably deep.

“Son, how many did you take! What on earth was in those things…?” you exclaimed, frantically searching for the bottle.

“Only two Dad, I swear! But look at me now… I’m a fucking beast… my… oohhhh… my body is so big I can barely lift myself of the ground anymore… my… my arms are so thick with muscle I can’t even bend them!” he moaned, his voiced filled with desire.

“I’m taking these straight to the doctor, we need to find out what’s caused this so we can turn you back! Why… why would you take two…?” You stumbled, your son’s huge frame heaving itself upright, his now massive bulk filling the room.

Ohhh…oohhh no! Fuck no…you’re going nowhere with that bottle little man….. mmmnngg.. fuuuck.. just look at me! I’m a monster, so much muscle…. so much… so much power… I… I need more!” your son commanded.

He reached forwards and grabbed your arm pulling you towards him, the bottle of pills in your hand now well within his grasp. You looked on as your beastly son shuddered in pleasure, watching his huge cock finally break free of the jock he’d been wearing.

“MMMM….OH GOD THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! LOOK AT HOW BIG MY DICK IS NOW, ITS ALMOST AS BIG AS YOU ARE LITTLE MAN AND….. AND GODDAMN LOOK AT MY FUCKING FEET, THEY’RE HUGE… I’M HUGE… I’M THE BIGGEST MAN IN THE WORLD…PACKED WITH MEATY, POWERFUL MUSCLE…” your son went on, seemingly lost in his lust and self-worship, using his free hand to rub his mighty muscles and stroke his gargantuan cock. You were lost for words… only hoping that he’d forget about the pills in his lust and that the effects would eventually wear off.

You watched on as your son began to stroke his cock, pumping out rivers of thick, white pre-cum….he moaned as he looked down at you.

“NOW DO YOU SEE WHY I WANTED THOSE PILLS!?” he boomed. “SPEAKING OF WHICH… I’LL BE TAKING THOSE BACK,” he said grabbing the pills from your helpless hands.

“FUCK. THIS FEELS REAL GOOD, DAD… BUT IT’D FEEL EVEN BETTER IF I COULD GROW OUT OF THIS TINY FUCKING ROOM…. HELL…. I MIGHT EVEN TAKE ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO FUCK THE HOUSE…” he laughed, as fear rose up inside off me. You realised he wasn’t joking as he poured out a pile of pills into his monstrous hands and threw them into his mouth.

Almost instantly his frame began to expand again as he let out a deafening roar of euphoria. “FUUUUCK YEAH…..MORE, MORE……MMMMM FUCK MORE! LOOK AT ME YOU LITTLE BITCH, LOOK AT THE GOD YOUR SON’S BECOMING!” he bellowed, the ground shaking as his expanding size caused the floor to collapse and the walls to crumble. He’d literally outgrown the house. His giant muscle ridden body now sprawled all over the street crushing neighbouring houses as he grew.

All around people were screaming, fleeing for their lives as he continued to grow demolishing more and more houses as he went.

“FUCK YEAH YOU INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE SHITS…. LOOK AT ME NOW! NOT SO FUCKING SCRAWNY NOW EH?” he roared, as his size became truly enormous…outgrowing the entire street in height and width…

“YOU’D BETTER START RUNNING… CAUSE I AIN’T DONE YET….. MEET YOUR NEW FUCKING GOD!” his voice boomed as his enormous cock finally erupted causing a literal flood of cum, washing away the remnants of house, cars and the unfortunate people who hadn’t been able to escape.

“OOOHH FUCK! THAT’S BETTER….NOW TIME TO OBLITERATE THIS PATHETIC CITY…” he said as he heaved himself up, standing taller than even the tallest buildings. “I’M A TRUE FUCKING GIANT NOW….. AND I’VE STILL GOT MORE TO COME!” he laughed as he shoved the remaining pills into his mouth and strode off towards the city, his gargantuan feet crushing the very earth he walked on.

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