The kiss

By Sean Innicioni 
2 parts
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Part 1

I was 16 when I’d discovered my ability. We were all at a party, and decided to play spin the bottle truth/dare. It was childish, but we thought it was hilarious. We might have been a little drunk at the time too now that I think about it …

Anyways, I spun and it pointed at Kayle Stagerin, the hottest kid at the party Now, I wasn’t bad looking in any sense of the words, though I was a little plain. Kayle, on the other hand, was a complete knockout. Looking at him, you’d think he was a college student working as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch. He grinned at me, and without waiting for me to ask said, “Dare.”

Damn! I was hoping he’d go for a truth. Recent rumors were that he was gay, but no one could verify them and he always seemed to be checking out the girls, but he didn’t seem to shy away from his buds either. I wanted to know, though, and so I tried to quickly think of something stupid he could do. Whether he was gay or not, I didn’t want to let everyone know that I was.

“I dare you to … go steal a traffic cone from outside.”

Kayle’s grin vanished instantly. “That’s it?” he asked, trying not to sound disappointed and failing miserably. I nodded and he sighed dejectedly. “And what should I do with it?”

“Leave it on Mr. Horseffer’s porch,” I said. He complied and the game continued. Finally, it was his turn, and it landed on me. “Truth!” I instantly yelled louder than I’d intended, but Kayle shook his head.

“You can’t do ten truths or ten dares in a row, your own rule, remember?”

Shit! Wait, why had he been keeping track?

“For your dare, I dare you to go into the closet, wait there until the end of the game, and then make out with the first person that comes in for a full five minutes.”

“Not gonna happen,” I said instantly. He raised an eyebrow at me. Shit, I’d forgotten Stacy’s rule; if you refuse a truth or a dare then you need to make out with whoever challenged you in front of everyone, and they had to see tongue.

“You sure you wanna do that?” Kayle asked. I hung my head and grabbed a book.

I never realized how good a book Harry Potter was, but then again, I’d never been stuck in a closet with nothing better to do for five hours. By the time the door opened, I’d forgotten why I was in there. Then Kayle stepped in.

“Fucking long game,” he said sheepishly. “Party ended before it did! Still, I haven’t forgotten your dare.” He pulled the door closed behind him and grinned at me. Before I knew what was happening he was in my arms, running his hands through my hair as my tongue explored his mouth. “The rumors,” he said between taking my shirt off and pulling me closer, “are definitely true.” How do you describe your first kiss? What mere words can do the sensations and pleasure you feel justice? All I knew, right then and there, was that I didn’t want it to end. Though my eyes were closed, I could still see Kayle in front of me. As I felt his arms around me, exploring my plain body, my hands began to explore his. Up until now, they had been wrapped around his neck, but as I moved them down I gasped: somehow his shirt was off too. I felt his firm muscles under his soft skin, I felt his back, his pecs, his perfectly defined abs.

Suddenly I wanted him. I wanted all of him, as he was, and I wanted him now. I didn’t want to have sex with him, no, not yet, but I wanted him. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to be him. And I wanted to give myself away, get my old body out of me and jut have Kayle’s perfection. The moment I thought that, I felt a sort of surge run through us both. I thought I was just imagining it, but then I opened my eyes and gasped. I was no longer kissing Kayle, I was kissing myself!

With a start, I broke our embrace and stared at myself, my other self. “Sean, what’s the matter?” he asked me. His voice was mine, but his inflection, his attitude, the way he said my name … it was Kayle.

“Kayle, look at yourself!” I spluttered. I saw myself look down and sigh.

“I know, I only wish I could be as perfect as you.” I looked at me … him, as if he’d gone insane. Perfect, me? Compared to his proper body, I was anything but! But then I took a step forward, and felt muscles flexing, muscles that felt distinctly different from my own little ones. I looked down at myself now, and almost screamed. I somehow was in Kayle’s body! My abs, pecs, legs, arms, everything was perfect! I ran a hand through my hair and instead of feeling long black strands, it was short and soft. Exactly like Kayle’s. But I didn’t want to rob Kayle of his body! No, I just wanted my body to be like his.

“Come on, Sean, we were way past the five minute mark ten minutes ago,” Kayle said, hugging me again. “I want to see how long we can go.” I couldn’t stop him; he kissed me again. Passion swam through me, but all I could think of was how I wanted Kayle to have his body, and I wanted a Kayle-version of mine. I felt the surge again, and broke off from him. He was back to normal! But I still felt odd. I ran to a mirror, leaving him there with no explanation, and I laughed. My body looked just like his, but I still had my distinct face and hair! Kayle followed me out of the closet and put his arm over my shoulder to my opposite pec. “What, admiring yourself? I didn’t picture you as a narcissus, Sean.”

“Oh, shut up,” I said, kissing Kayle as hard as I could. The party may have been over and everyone may have gone home, but the night was young, I was horny, and we were going to do a lot more than kissing.

Part 2

I wrapped an arm around Kayle as we lay in bed. It had been three years since the party and the discovery of my abilities. Three years, and we still only slept with each other. Since the party, I’d learned a few things about my ability. By kissing someone, I could trade bodies with them, or even simple parts of their body. I didn’t always need to trade, though. If I wanted, I could let someone have aspects of my body, or I could just take them for myself. Of course, sometimes it looked odd with really long arms on a regular body, but I could control which adapted. After a make out with Skip Amica, the tallest guy in school back then, my arms were at least half a foot longer than they should have been, but just by thinking I could either make myself taller so the body fit the arms, or I could make the arms shorter so that they fit the body. Whenever I did a swap or a swipe, though, I could tell what had happened, but everyone else acted like things had always been that way. Sometimes they didn’t even remember we had made out.

Now Kayle and I were perfect. Both of us were 6 foot 5, and our muscles were like perfect sculptures. The best part was that it never changed. I found that out when I broke my arm and had to stay in the hospital for a month. I never knew why they kept me there so long over a broken arm, but when I got out, it was like nothing had changed. I hadn’t gone to the gym, had sex, or eaten much of anything, but I was exactly as I had been when I went in. That wasn’t the best part though. The best was when I had a run-in with Gina Tyler, the most beautiful girl at my current college. Now, I may be gay, but Gina had some strange ability to excite any man who saw her. It was impossible! I didn’t want her like I did Kayle, but I wanted to at least kiss her once. She was the reason I found I could switch or swipe beyond normal.

Gina liked me, and was disappointed that I was gay. But I still couldn’t resist her when we were alone after class in the underground tunnels between buildings one day. Neither of us said anything, we both kind of acted on animal passion and just went at it. It may have just been a kiss, but that’s when I found my favorite change. I had been curious what it was like for a girl, and wanted to try it, but I hadn’t wanted to lose my very well-endowed package. But when I kissed her, I found out I could have both. After the kiss, we both pretended it never happened and made it a point to not see each other again. I felt terrible, but I preferred Kayle, and I’d have him. In fact, he’d have me that night.

I wanted to go to bed, but Kayle wouldn’t take no for an answer. Try as I might to go to sleep, his rock hard cock kept poking at my asshole, and finally I gave in. But when I felt him inside me, something was different. It felt … better. It felt … natural, as if I’d been made to have him in me. That’s when I found out that my ability had kicked in with Gina, and I had swiped her pussy and put it where my asshole was. Oh. My. GOD! You can’t imagine what it feels like feeling built for sex like that. Best part was, I still had my dick. After the session though, I wanted Kayle to know what it felt like, so we kissed, I passed the pussy-ass to him, and it was his turn for some fun. He hadn’t been a screamer before, but that changed in a heartbeat.

“Sean, that was without a doubt the best I’ve ever had,” he said afterwards. We laughed and I considered telling him what happened, but I was curious. How did it feel for me to be inside him? I gave him a gentle kiss and did a small swap. His dick for mine. Except he kept his, and I kept mine. What? Two dicks! I hadn’t been expecting that! But he didn’t seem to notice. Kayle just slowly jacked one as he began to fall asleep while I guided the other one into my now wet behind. You might imagine what it feels like to fuck yourself, but you have NO idea what it feels like to stick your cock inside your anus-turned-vagina. I thought I’d died and went to heaven.

From that day on, I made it a point to make sure Kayle and I always had at least two cocks, and when we weren’t making love with each other, we were constantly making love with ourselves. One day I got curious, and decided to try something new. I put the pussy on Kayle’s front, making it like the middle of a triangle where each corner was his cock. Yeah, I’d given him another one along the way. Grant Rodriguez was very long, very thick, and very flexible, so I of course wanted a cock like his! And boy, if I thought one was good, three was AMAZING! I still hadn’t found out the full extent of my abilities, however.

I came home from class and found Kayle standing naked in the kitchen cooking something. It smelled delicious, and my three cocks were hard just at the sight of his perfect bubble butt. When he turned around, I almost jizzed in my pants. His top cock was, of course, in his front slit, and the other two were sticking up like flagpoles. “Oh, you’re home early. I wanted to have dinner done as a surprise for you.”

“Maybe I could help with that,” I said, shucking my shirt and unzipping my jeans. Instantly my three cocks poked out, almost as if they were searching for their home in Kayle, knowing he was so close. “I’d think things would go faster with another set of hands helping you out, don’t you?”

“I think you have the most amazing ideas,” Kayle said, kissing me again. “Four hands to cook for you, can you imagine it?” In fact, I could. I could imagine quite a bit, and right now I wasn’t concerned about cooking. I was imagining four hands for me. Four hands to hold my lover, to Jack him while I dominated him and explored his body. We were basically identical except I only had my ass-slit, but now I wanted his hands. I wanted his hands and mine. And when we broke apart for him to turn back to cooking, I had them. His hands. My hands. FOUR hands. I did cream myself that time, cos I’d given them to Kayle too.

We both had four hands! Four arms, four hands! Wait, had Kayle gotten taller? “Except, I think eight arms cooking might get in the way,” Kayle said as he continued cooking as if we hadn’t just made love in the middle of the kitchen and he had had them all his life. “Four is enough to manage for me, now you go sit down.”

I obliged, wondering just how far I could take my powers. Apparently, reality was putty in my hands whenever I kissed, and I was liking it. When Kayle came out of the kitchen holding our supper, I gasped. I just had another pair of shoulders growing under my originals; HE had another set of pecs attached to them, and he’d gotten a few more abs stacked underneath as well. No wonder he was so much taller than me now! Fuck the food, I wanted him! Before he knew what was happening, I had leaped from my chair and pounced on him. My middle cock slid into his pussy while two of my hands jacked his remaining two. He guided my left cock into his ass-slit with one hand and used two others to jack me. The fourth he used to pull me into the best kiss of my life.

We rolled on the floor, lips locked, cocks cumming, hands exploring for hours and hours. I had found my angel, my Kayle, and he had found me. I figured maybe tomorrow we could try something a bit closer to normal again, but for right now, we were both triple-cocked, four-armed lovers who would never let go. And I never did.

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