Tall taxi ride

By Barney 
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Allan was running late, as usual; so of course it was impossible to find a taxi. New York taxi drivers seemed to follow some unknown signal, so that they were all on duty and empty at the same time (nice sunny day) or very few were available and none were free (rainy days and rush hours). This occasion made no sense, since it was early on a pleasant Saturday evening before the crowds of kids were out going to clubs and parties. And, to make it worse, Allan was horny and frustrated; very horny. He had just spent a disappointing couple of hours at two different gay bars’ “happy hours” and he was not at all happy. For a good looking forty-something gay man in Manhattan wearing expensive designer jeans and a Rolex he expected some serious attention, even if only from opportunistic young hunks who were hoping for a sugar daddy for the evening or more.

Wait…oh shit, he thought….there’s a cab three lanes away from his side of the street. Could the driver possibly make it across all that traffic? Jesus! The small cab veered so suddenly and smoothly from lane to lane without any turn signals that Sonny almost fell over backwards when it stopped on a dime right in front of him with the passenger doorknob almost in his hand. He was so surprised and flustered when he got into the back seat that he just blurted out the address of the party where he was heading without even looking up at the driver. And “up” is the key work because when Allan heard this amazingly deep yet young voice say “Yes sir!” he realized it was emanating from a very large and very dark presence. This was one of the newer smaller taxis and it appeared to be driven by a young giant.

After recovering from his flustered entry, Allan first looked at the taxi driver’s ID and noticed that his first name was Abadabe which he thought sounded African instead of the usual South Asian names. Then, when he dared to look closely at his giant he realized that he was slumping down to fit into the seat and that his head still rubbed against the roof of the car. He must have been at least 6’8” and the single hand, which was all he needed to control the car, seemed to cover half the steering wheel. It was a beautiful hand- an almost bluish black color with very long elegant fingers that you would expect to find on a pianist- but of course the overall size was double that of an average man. From what he could make out from the side and in the rearview mirror, the man looked quite young and boyishly handsome despite his huge size.

Since this ride was only going to take about ten or fifteen minutes and horny Allan’s usual inhibitions were loosened by his three Ketel One martinis he immediately began to engage the giant driver in conversation. “What a great name you have; is it African?”

“Yes, sir; I am from Ethiopia. I have been here for three years, but just started driving a cab in New York a week ago.”

“Well, you are very skilled then; with just a week’s experience you really know how to handle your vehicle. I wonder if the size of your hands helps to give you better control over the situation,” said Allan seductively.

The big black boy chuckled heartily and said that he had never thought of it that way before, although he knew that he was very tall and that his hands were much bigger than most drivers. As he said this, the cab stopped at a red light and the driver turned around and flashed a beautiful huge smile revealing his stunningly white and perfect teeth. Sonny realized again how gigantic this boy was since he had to tilt his head up and to the side to see his huge face. Of course, something else huge was now stuck in Allan’s pants at such a painful angle he had to reach down and adjust it so that his big cock was now pointing up and laying against his stomach. Abadabe noticed this gesture and let out another deep chuckle and carefree grin before turning back to resume driving.

This emboldened Allan, who now proceeded to try to see and even feel more of this young god-like creature. He leaned forward and spoke right into Abadabe’s ear: “You are a very big young man; how old are you, Abadabe?”

“Well, sir; I am 23 years old, but I have had a lot of experiences already. Driving a cab in New York allows me to meet all sorts of interesting people” said the driver with another easy laugh. “I’ll bet it does” said Allan while casually and lightly putting his hand on the man’s shoulder.

His cock started throbbing even harder as he realized how large, smooth and powerful the big boy’s muscles were. Because of his height, the image of a basketball player comes to mind, but actually feeling his shoulder made Sonny aware of the great development of his neck and traps and the immense smooth and round deltoids, more like a serious bodybuilder’s. His nostrils were also assaulted with an intoxicating scent that seemed to emanate from the boy’s closely cropped hair and from his body as a whole. It was a warm, earthy and sensual emanation that drew Allan into a very strong sexual frenzy that made it seem impossible to remove his hand from the man’s body or to control his obvious excitement.

He told Abadabe how wonderful he smelled, how powerful his muscles felt and how glad he was to have found such a fine specimen of a man with such big hands to drive him to distraction. He vaguely realized that the combined intoxicating effect of the martinis, the man’s scent, and his physical presence were destroying all commonsense and caution. His painfully throbbing cock was now oozing more pre-cum than he had ever before experienced and his pants felt like they were getting soaked and this only added to the unreality and sense of urgency he felt.

He put his other hand on Abadabe’s other shoulder, as though to give him a massage and, feeling even more irresistible muscular power, he wondered aloud: “Since you are so tall and have such big hands, I bet people wonder if all of your body parts are also unusually large.”

This time, the man’s full deep laugh frightened Allan, since his whole huge frame shook and with the hand that was not driving he suddenly reached back and grabbed Allan’s arm. It was a firm yet gentle but gentle squeeze but Allan realized the enormous strength in this young man whose hand more than completely surrounded his upper arm.

“Oh no, sir, it is not unusually large, as you say”, giggled Aba. And then, after a short beat during which Sonny felt let down and the driver kept giggling, Aba added: “It is not unusually large, sir, it is gigantic” followed by whoops of laughter and finally the deep chuckle.

Poor smitten Allan was close to cumming in his pants from just the thought of Aba’s monster cock and from the thrilling vibrations of his huge deep voice. Then came the irresistible and unexpected invitation: “I would be glad to satisfy your curiosity if you like, my dear sir.” After his heart and cock stopped palpitating, Sonny realized they were just a few blocks from his destination so he impulsively told Aba to turn down a quiet street and park in an empty parking lot that wasn’t used at night. He realized that just as he had kept squeezing Aba’s big muscular shoulders, the driver was also reaching back to touch his arm or squeeze his leg with his huge beautiful black hand; that is, the one not on the wheel, since he seemed to be able to maneuver the vehicle with just a couple of his incredibly strong fingers.

“So, dear sir, how can your Aba satisfy you?” Allen was so delighted by the combination of sweetness and youth mixed with gigantic power and sexual confidence. He reached further over the big man’s shoulders and rubbed his hands over his broad muscular neck and down onto his incredibly broad chest. Aba’ s pecs were huge but very firm -as though a defined chiseled body had just expanded to a giant size. When he reached the nipples they responded instantly and swelled into large firm protrusions ; when Sonny tweaked them, groans of pleasure came from deep inside the big man and echoed heavily in the small vehicle.

“Please, dear sir, may a get out of the cab? My little organ is getting too big for these pants and, besides, when I produce pre-cum there is so much that my clothes will get soaked.” Sonny could barely breathe due to his excitement.

“Of course, Aba, let’s step out so I can really see you—all the parts of you.” Allen jumped out so he could see the whole show unfold. And unfold is the right word to describe the slow, sensual exiting of Aba from his cab. First the door opened and his left leg moved out. Then the big African boy bent his head way down so he could slip under the doorframe and pull out his torso along with the other leg. As he emerged, Sonny had flashes of the genie being freed from Aladdin’s lamp- a story that had thrilled him as a child almost as much as the real thing was now doing.

Wow! Allen looked up- way up- and saw a big sweet boyish smile shining down on him but the youthful face was perched atop this magnificent overwhelming body. Upon seeing the shock on his passenger’s face, the driver giggled again and admitted that he neglected to tell Allan that he was both a basketball player and a bodybuilding champion in his country. As his eyes swept downward from Aba’s face over his magnificent chest and shockingly small waist, Sonny saw this slow but inexorable movement in the big boy’s crotch. It appeared as though an animal the size of a large cat was working its way down his left leg and was stretching the trousers so tightly in its attempt to escape they might soon be shredded from the sheer force of the creature. A dark stain was steadily moving ahead of the huge bulge as it expressed pulsations of pre-cum. Allan’s pants were also getting wet and he was afraid they were about to get really soaked any moment since he felt close to cumming without even touching himself from the sheer excitement of being so close to this magnificent black giant.

Along with his titanic size, Aba’s body produced enormous quantities of testosterone and pheromones; these were now bombarding Allan’s nasal membranes and even his skin pores so that he felt quite overcome and overwhelmed. Also, the remaining alcohol buzz kept him disinhibited enough that he didn’t hesitate to follow his nose, eyes and penis to their inexorable destination. As if in a trance he moved towards his beautiful black genie and reached up to again tweak those big nipples. It really required a reach since the top of his head barely reached Aba’s chest level. He unbuttoned the shirt and squeezed the big meaty pecs, again eliciting the thrilling resonant groan. Allan stood on his toes so he could lick the big nipples since touching them had so excited the big man before. But to his thrilling surprise, Aba effortlessly lifted him up off the ground so that Allan’s hungry lips could latch onto the nips and nibble and suck like a starving baby.

“You can bite them if you like, dearest Sir; I promised to satisfy you and I would enjoy it as well” moaned Aba; even the giant’s breathing was becoming more intense which meant that Sonny was moved back and forth like a ship on the sea. On impulse, he swung his legs up and around big Aba’s waist and squeezed hard so he could better position himself to suckle on the big juicy pecs. Feeling that his “Aladdin” had gained some new purchase in this position, Aba moved one hand beneath Allan’s butt so that the other one could caress his head and sensually rub up and down the back of his body. His one hand was so big that it easily held his entire ass and even started to rhythmically rub and squeeze it so that Sonny was bombarded with erotic sensations from both ends. With his other hand, the huge “genie” unzipped his fly and unwound his gigantic black dick.

Fortunately, he removed it from his pants before it was fully erect or there would have been no way to pull it through the opening. Now it was stiffening rapidly- or as rapidly as possible for the biggest monster cock ever- and Allan could feel a huge throbbing club pummeling his bottom with the rhythmic force of Aba’s blood filling his phallus.

“What the fuck is that?” cried Allan as he reached behind himself, still held up by one of the genie’s big paws. He could not believe the immensity of Aba’s tool as it expanded in length and width so that now it was reaching up Alan’s back and was not only immensely long but also so thick and powerful that Aba could remove his hand from Alan’s ass and the astonished young man could be supported by the giant cock while he steadied himself by his legs still around the giant’s waist. Large splashes of warm viscous liquid were soaking his back as Aba’s phallic monster started to pump out jets of precum; each blast was heavier than most normal men’s full ejaculations .

Alan gasped as he realized what was soaking him and how immense a cockhead and slit this huge gorgeous creature must have to produce such big squirts of precum. Of course, the precum was also full of pheromones and intensified the already overpowering sensations of lust and ecstasy suffusing Allan’s senses. He was feeling faint and excited simultaneously and both thrilled and terrified by the longing to totally surrender to Aba’s strength and sexuality.

“What do you desire, dear Aladdin? My purpose is to gratify your wish.

And if I am lucky I will share the pleasure with you, dearest Sir.” Now Allan was not used to bottoming although he had done it a few times; his tendency was to penetrate someone and bring them off with his own big dick. But now his asshole was pulsating in the most delectably compelling rhythm as though it had discovered a new life for itself. His asshole felt like a huge hungry mouth that longed to be filled up by something immense; and yet Allan still felt afraid of being hurt. “Oh, great genie, my desire is to be fucked with your magnificent phallus; but I am afraid of pain or of being injured.”

“Don’t worry, dearest master; I promised to fulfill your desire and your generous wish will make me happy as well. I would never harm my dear young master and we can both find blissful fulfillment.”

Then Aba stuck his great finger into the seam of Allan’s pants and ripped it wide open. He slid his young master backwards on the great phallus so that the humongous purple head—bigger than a softball and purple as an eggplant- was pressed against the asshole which was now pulsating like a mouth crying: “Feed me!” As Allan’s mouth worked its way up from the genie’s enormous nipples to past his muscular tasty neck and latched on to his big delicious lips, satisfying that mouth’s hunger and stimulating the giant’s passion, the huge slit in Aba’s penis opened wide and powerfully shot a least a cup full of aromatic precum up into Allan’s asshole. Allan gasped as his asshole mouth relaxed and opened wider than he ever imagined possible. Yet another great burst of precum shot out of this cannon of a cock and into his rectum. By now the erotic properties of the giant’s precum had relaxed and distended the previously tight bud of the boy’s ass so that it was as big an opening as a cunt that had given birth to huge African babies.

“Oh,” moaned the overcome boy. “Please fill my body and my being with your phallic power.” Aba chuckled and then grunted as he began to push the monumental tool up past Allan’s opened up asshole. He didn’t have to push hard, because the boy’s hungry hole literally sucked his gigantic purple cockhead up into itself so that the penetration was as much from the pull as the push. Now Aba again chuckled his deep rumbling laugh. “So, dearest master, was there any pain? Are you happy now?” Allan just purred and sighed, occasionally licking and biting Aba’s enormous tongue which now filled his mouth.

In this ecstatic dreamstate, Allen was only vaguely aware of the slow steady penetration of the giant’s cock into his rectum. It entered so smoothly and deliciously that his asshole lips felt like they were sucking it in just as his mouth suckled on the man’s nipples. But after a few minutes, the sensation was so overpowering that Allen’s could no longer recognize what was his body and what was Aba. The huge cock so filled him and stretched him out that he was anesthetized to all pain and discomfort and only felt sensual bliss and fulfillment. As Aba’s monumental cock moved slowly in and out of Allen, repeatedly shooting out pheromone-laden pre-cum, Allen felt as thought his entire body was palpitating in a prolonged unending orgasm. His skin tingled, his fingers and toes contracted rhythmically; he was all physical with no thoughts at all.

And finally, when Abu stuck his huge tongue into Allen’s ear and whispered: “Cum, dearest Alladin, enjoy your wish to the fullest”, Allen’ s own cock started to erupt in the longest most complete orgasm he ever imagined. “Ah” he screamed and as he did so, the walls of his rectum contracted against the giant’s cock which put him over the top. Aba started ejaculating cupfuls of his rich elixir into Allen’s bowels. The young man felt the huge quantity of hot liquid almost burn him as the warm substance was shot up through his intestines into his stomach and chest and brain and filled his entire being with a sense of warm powerful pulsations of bliss.

The overwhelming sensations were too much to process and Allen felt himself fade into a kind of blissful unconsciousness. When he came to his senses, he found himself in the bedroom of his friend’s apartment, at the address he had given the driver, where he had been heading for the next party.

“What happened?”

“Well,” said his pal and host, “you seemed to already have partied quite a bit, honey, before you got here. This huge black guy dropped you off. He said you had given him my address before you passed out in his cab and he wanted to be sure you were safe so he carried you upstairs. Jesus, he carried you with one arm like a baby, he was so strong. Oh, and he said this package was yours and to be sure I gave it to you.”

Still feeling floaty and unreal, Allen opened the box and was greeted with a shiny antique oil lamp, just the kind they had in ancient Arabian tales: the kind that Alladin rubbed when he wanted to release his genie. He smiled and thought of all the future taxi rides he was planning to take.

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