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You have to be so careful! Last summer, I was working with my crew—I have a small landscaping company and employ most of the local highschool wrestling team…really, no joke…very painful to look at…in a good way—and I thought to keep an eye on them I would hide as sweat on the blond buck. You see, I'm a shapeshifter. I can become anything I want but prefer small forms. Great plan until they started bumping into each other and rubbing me around. I was kinda getting into it, being spread across each of them like that 'til lunch time.

Wrestlers! They can't keep their hands off each other. Before I knew it I was on 5 different guys at the same time. Every time I would collect a bit of myself to change, I would get crushed by a tanned pec or toned arm. Finally it was time for them to head back to work. I was able to gather about a quarter of me together and change into a very small fly and escape. I flew around to the other side of the property and changed into a hollow version of myself, to appear full sized, and found one of my younger teen-aged crew members. He's not homosexual or bi-sexual…HE'S JUST REALLY SEXUAL! I always hoped I could sway him to the “dark side”. I'm lucky I was right. Before he knew it I had him in the bushes. Gentle kisses made his back arch in pleasure. Finally, I saw a tiny face in one of the many sweat drops on his lean, smooth torso. It's an interesting sensation watching your own eyes fly wide in suprise as you lick the sweat drop from a young torso! I could feel my power return by half as I re-absorbed myself. I left my young stud breathless and ready for more next time, none the wiser about my abilities.

I moved around the side of the house and was confronted with a broad hardworking back, attached to a dark youth with a Greek background. (No laughing now!) He seemed engrossed in his gravel levelling (sweaty work), so I changed back into a fly, flew over too him and turned into a mist of sweat. I settled onto him and, again, re-absorbed myself.

What I didn't realize was the original blond buck was watching his friend from the bushes. He saw the whole thing. He knew I liked his physique, and he now knew I could shift. Of all my team, he has the most wicked sense of humour.

I was feeling powerful, being back to almost full form. You see, I absorb their sweat also which adds to my mass. I changed back into my fly form and flew away. As I flew around the corner, I saw the most beautiful sight…a god tanning in the sun. The spy had run around the corner and made like he was slackin'. There he was on a hummock of grass, eyes closed in slumber, hands behind his head. As a fly, you could imagine how strong I could smell the wonderful sunburnt sweat drifting my way. I couldn't resist. Just as I changed, I could swear I saw his eyes crack open. As I spread across his deep, slightly hairy chest and down his abs, he stood up and moved onto the paved drive. I felt completely safe of course. He dropped down and started doing push-ups. I couldn't believe it! It was a dream! On the hot pavement, he began to sweat profusely. Before I knew it, I had moved beyond power and was becoming dilute.

He rolled over onto his back, his chest heaving. I heard my name. Slowly I formed a face in the sweat. He was looking at me with a mischievious grin. “I figure you bit off a bit more than you can chew.” To make his point, he flexed his huge arm. I felt a strange sensation and cried out as he licked the peak of his bicep. He smiled again, more broadly. “I thought so.” He walked around the corner to the dark Greek. Off to the side, he flexed his arms in a broad stretch. He looked over and caught the Greek watching him and looking quickly away. He walked up behind and caressed his friends back and around to cup a large pec. Wide, suprised, dark brown eyes looked up to meet those of his blond, friend. Blondie had guessed right! Greek turned and began to kiss his friend. I couldn't believe the missed opportunity and then realized with horror that I was being licked off the lovely chest. I was able to pull half of myself to the sweaty armpit, where I thought I would be safe. I formed a sweat face just in time to see the familiar brown eyes and large lips which parted to reveal the tongue. Before I could scream, half of me was consumed by the hungry youth.

From there it got considerably worse, until I was down to a couple of drops only. The sweaty teens rolled off each other spent.

That night, I was sponged off and deposited in a glass. He was beside himself with laughter. I had to promise to shift into what ever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

All in all, it hasn't been so bad. I'm even thinking of giving him the secret to shifting. I can't imagine a more attractive and interesting partner. He always has great, although risky, ideas for me to change into. But…a la Hammy Hamster…that's another story!

See ya…in some form or another.

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