Steve’s bodybuilder yoga

By Josh Dugan 
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It didn't help that Steve was straight.

A delicious bodybuilder, he worked out daily, and had grown huge, sleek shoulders, chest and back muscles. Because he was so devoted to growing his beautiful body, he was almost always shirtless and pumped as he followed his relentless timetable of weight routines.

His kitchen cabinets were full of supplements and body building fuels. When he wasn't working his huge, sleek muscles at his weight routine, he was standing his massively muscled, shirtless body at the blender, making one type of power protein shake or another.

It was when he took up a bodybuilder's yoga program via a specially imported illustrated manual, to improve the flexibility and resilience of his body's massive muscles, that things got really difficult; I had to jack off all the time in frustration. It wasn't easy being around Steve and his beautiful muscles. He loved the feeling of stretching them, especially as he progressed in the program. He developed some incredible flexibility, and spent hours on the floor, doing splits, stretches, and every imaginable contortion, gracefully and powerfully, a living, massively sleek sculpture of virile male muscle. His body seemed to love the new challenges, growing even bigger and more beautiful, sleek in its heavy, beautiful armor of muscle.

He had advanced to the highest stages of flexibility and strength in his bodybuilder's yoga program when he came to a threshold at which he had to make a decision. He showed me the bodybuilders' yoga manual, which aroused me with its endless illustrations of delicious naked bodybuilders peacefully stretching and contorting their huge, beautiful bodies. Especially odd and arousing were the step-by-step illustrations, which showed the placement of limbs as they progressed through the various stages of stretching and movement. The peaceful, relaxed bodybuilders in the illustrations appeared to be enjoying outrageously satisfying muscular stretches of extra pairs of muscular arms and legs, if you looked at the step-by-step illustrations in that way, which I did, and, oddly, which Steve liked to do as well, once I had pointed it out to him.

Somehow I read in the interested and somewhat longing look in his face, as he gazed at the hugely muscled forms in the illustrations, that his beautifully formed, smoothly bulging limbs were his bodily family, and he wanted to increase their number. Particularly when he advanced to the chapter about attainment of boytaur nirvana, a state attainable by mortals only when two bodybuilders wanted it or a bodybuilder and his male friend wanted it for the bodybuilder. It involved male insemination of the bodybuilder at the extremes of his yogic flexing and concentrated mental focus on the limbs at the opposite extremes of each position.

We didn't understand the somewhat poetic wording of the chapter that described this highest step, but the illustrations appeared to show a pair of highly devoted bodybuilder partners coupling sexually as one or both bent and stretched to extreme contortions this way and that; the numbered photographs showed a progression of these couplings, with more and more limbs in each progression. We realized that they appeared to be actual additional limbs, rather than step-by-step illustrations that could be interpreted as additional limbs.

The wording of the text described the spiritual duality of the partners making a yogic unity of two male souls, a powerful force which found its necessary expression in the doubling of their limbs. The spirituality causing this was the containment in each partner's body of the yogic force of the other, giving each the arms and legs of two men because of the duality, yet each retained only one heart, mind and soul, because of each soul's intrinsic unity, the living embodiment of the yin and yang life-force.

Neither Steve nor I understood it, but the blissful, meditative faces of the bodybuilders in the book's photographs radiated spiritual peace and fulfillment, as their coupled bodies exuded an awesome radiance of their own, glorious in each of them as they stretched and pulled each other's powerfully sculpted muscular arms, four of them, and legs, four of them as well.

I could see and almost feel Steve's blood pulsing in his huge bodybuilder veins as his eyes drank in the beauty of the interlocked four-armed, four-footed boytaurs.

We would be able to work together to advance Steve to the boytaur nirvana stage, the book encouraged us in the next part of the chapter; it would make our lives a little more crowded, but we agreed we would like it. Since Steve was straight, I would perform the inseminations on his body as he performed the extreme yogic movements, serving as a starter that would enable the yogic force to express its duality in him. Steve would become four-armed and would have four feet, his massive bodybuilder's arms and legs doubled.

Because the yin-yang life force would an unbalanced dynamic in Steve alone, it would force its complete expression in the doubling of Steve, his boytaur double being wristfooted to signify it as the needy child of Steve's boytaur body. The yin-yang force would live in Steve's boytaur body and that of his wristfooted boytaur double, perpetuated by as much sex as they could have with each other each day, facilitated by the natural doubling of their penises that accompanied their four legs. It was a win-win for Steve and his wristfooted boytaur double, because he could be straight and still have sex with what was essentially himself.

It was a win-win for me; I loved inseminating Steve and found I could almost not stop coming into him, our yogic karma was so strong; the lasting benefit to me was the permanent ability to ejaculate prodigious, near-endless quantities and volumes of potent come, a benefit I shared with Steve's boytaur body and that of his wristfooted boytaur double. I almost always had to come, because Steve with four arms and four legs was too much to handle without having sex; Steve was straight but had no problem with my making love to his sexy double with the four legs, four arms, and four beautiful wristfeet. And Steve's double and I could have all the sex we wanted while Steve continued to power his boytaur body with yoga and body building, since their karmic unity meant that any muscles Steve grew, his wristfooted double grew as well.

And did I mention that I grew four legs? I guess I was the needy child of the body of Steve's wristfooted double, with two huge cocks, another win-win! And as luck would have it, it turns out Steve doesn't mind making love to me either now.

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