Stage fright

By peace-man 
5 parts
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Part 1


Tom tried once again to do up the front of his flies. No matter how hard he tried to stretch it, both sides of the zip failed to meet in the middle. He looked at his watch, he was running out of time. He tensed and strained, trying desperately to bring the zipper into contact. But it was no use. His dick and balls had expanded too much. The zipper could not contain the meat now packed into Tom’s over-stuffed boxers as it overflowed the crotch of his trousers.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Your five minute call, sir. Your five minute call!”

Fuck! Why had he not waited? Tom was due on stage any minute now. How could he go out there like this? It looked like he had stuffed a salami and two oranges down there!

Why couldn’t he have been patient? One pill per 24 hours. That’s what the guy online had said. The effect was only meant to be temporary; it would wear off a few hours after it had reached its new size. Go back to normal. Like nothing had happened.

But that was the problem. Nothing had happened. He’d taken the pill hours ago and nothing. Not even a wiggle! Not even a vaguely impressive semi!

Tom had gotten worried. It had reached the half hour call before he was due on stage—and naked for gods sake!—and nothing had happened. Maybe the pills were fake? Well, if it was, what could 2, maybe 3 more pills do? And if it wasn’t—maybe they’d just give it a little boost and speed up the process?

Tom cursed his vanity. None of this would have happened if Charlie hadn’t had a bigger dick than him!

Charlie—his co-star in The Weekend House. A revival of a controversial 1960’s play previously banned due to its homosexual content. The then controversial content referred to the Act 1 finale where the two male co-stars slowly undressed in front of each other and stood naked as the curtain closed, taking in the beauty of each other’s male form.

When they had gotten to the scene in the final rehearsals, the director suggested that, for the sake of getting used to it, the two stars should have one go at the scene in the nude. Tom had no objections. He was doing averagely in that department. A perfectly normal 3.5” softie. And besides, every great actor at some point or another had dropped his trousers for the sake of art. It was a rite of passage, as it were.

As the finale approached, Charlie and Tom began to remove their clothes, as directed. Tom felt good in the moment, looking at Charlie—or his character at least, with a lustful gaze. Which wasn’t all that hard. Charlie was quite attractive as it goes. Blonde hair, smooth skin and RADA cheekbones. Tom by contrast was the “dark and brooding’ of the pair. Black hair, a decent pair of pecs and a treasure trail heading down to his underwear.

Tom had just gone to reach for the elastic of his pants when he looked up and saw that Charlie had already removed his underwear, and there, flopped out of his pants was a thick, 7” cock. Completely soft. And a pair of egg-sized balls propping up the impressive package.

Tom had stammered and looked down at his own crotch. He could feel his now inferior dick shrivel up at the sight of Charlie’s superior man-meat. How could he compete with that night after night on stage?! He was meant to be “the man’! The dominant character who seduced Charlie’s character and corrupted him for a love of cock. (or at least a 1960’s play alluding to a love of cock.) How was he meant to do that when Charlie had him beat by 3.5 inches! Soft!

Tom had stopped the rehearsal—proclaiming he has just remembered some old stage superstition that no actor should remove their clothes until opening night for fear of the show becoming “a right balls up’ (theatrical types will believe anything—particularly if it contains a pun.) and managed to hold off the embarrassment of revealing his now lowly excuse for a dick.

Tom had left the rehearsal in a state. What was worse was that he knew he had not convinced Charlie, his co-star with his bizarre, improvised old wives tale. As he’d headed for the door of the rehearsal room that evening he heard Charlie remark as he passed “Don’t worry pal. You wouldn’t be the first guy to get stage fright.’ Tom had quickly turned and saw Charlie wink at him, then look down at his crotch, then saunter off in front of him like the cat who had got the genetic cream.

Tom had cursed him all the way home under his breath. I’ll show you, you stuck up little twink! Tom had jumped online and searched desperately to find some sort of way to improve the size of his member. Jelquing would take too much time, pumping would look too fake on stage—there was nothing! Until, late into the night, on some bizarre little known chatroom, Tom began talking to a guy who claimed he had found, for a temporary time at least, the solution to Tom’s problem.

“It’s a pill. Basically,” typed the mystery man in the chat bar. “Pop one in. Wait a while, and your dick and balls will grow a few inches. It won’t last, mind. A few hours, tops. But long enough to have some fun with it eh? ;) “

Tom was overjoyed! He only needed to have a bigger dick for 90 minutes! Well…90 minutes plus a 15 minute interval.

“How much?” Tom had typed.

“The price of postage. And you let me watch you grow one time on webcam ;p”

This all seemed a little too good to be true. But, every guy had a fetish Tom supposed. He had agreed to the terms and given his address.

Part 2

A week later, a small box appeared in his mail. Inside contained a bottle of pills, printed with the instructions for use. Tom had been going frantic over the course of the week, waiting for it to arrive. He had wanted to try out the pills before opening night but now there was no time. The first showing was tonight! Tom unscrewed the lid and popped a pill into his mouth. He had anticipated an immediate growth, but nothing had happened. Tom had headed off to the theatre relieved. That’ll show that blonde douchebag!

Tom had sat in his dressing room since the afternoon waiting for the pills effects to take hold. He had even tried jerking off to stimulate something, anything! But sadly no growth. Tom was getting worried again. It was a full house tonight. The audience was filled with industry and reviewers, waiting for this highly anticipated revival. Tom had looked at the clock. 30 minutes until curtain up. He looked at the bottle of pills and fretted. “Oh, Jesus—why not?” he had exclaimed. He opened the bottle and popped 2 more pills. After 10 minutes he popped a third. That’s when he had felt it.

Tom went to his dressing room mirror and looked at his reflection. He stood looking at himself in his white boxers as the front of his crotch ever so slowly started to increase with size. His shaft and balls tingled as he felt them expand, as if being filled by water, and fill out the pouch of his underwear. Tom jumped for joy, as he did, he felt the slightly increased weight of his dick and balls bounce with him. It felt good, arousing even! He looked back at the mirror, what a bulge! A nice, thick cock and two decent sized balls, if not more than decent! Tom predicted he must be reaching about 6” soft by now. This was good enough for him. Even if he didn’t quite reach Charlie’s size, the matter of an inch would do him no trouble.

But it didn’t stop. His dick and balls continued expanding. The front of his boxers began to feel tight as his shaft continued to thicken and lengthen. Beneath them, his balls had continued to swell, taking up space between his legs that he had to spread his thighs a part.

“Ok…that’s enough now,” Tom had muttered, watching as his ballooning privates surged past Charlie’s size and into the realms of porn. His dick must be at 8 inches by now, and thick as hell! Meanwhile his balls continued to swell, churning with a need for release. Tom got worried, what could he do?!

Tom sat back in his chair and spread his legs, watching as his junk continued to throb and inflate, and he was still completely soft! Bigger and bigger the bulge grew, he could feel his underwear beginning to tense under the weight of his crotch! Tom’s fear was overcome by arousal as he was lost in the feeling of the growth. He caressed his growing member, feeling the power surge through. He was nearly at 10” now, and thick as a can of coke. His balls were now the size of large oranges, filled with cum.

Then, just as soon as it had begun, it had stopped. Tom was roused from his horn-induced haze and looked down at his crotch to survey the damage. He whipped down the elastic of his pants and watched as an 11” soft cock, thicker than his forearm flopped out and thwacked his thighs, followed by two huge, heavy balls—like two small grapefruits.

Tom was freaked out. He pulled his underwear back over his crotch, struggling to stuff his meat (his meat!!!) into the stretched out pouch. He ran to the costume rail, feeling his enormous bulge flop violently from one side to the other as he moved, and tried to pull on the trousers of his costume.

The sheer size of his endowment prevented the zipper from meeting. “Oh…fuck,” Tom whispered.

Tom continued for the next 4 minutes to arrange his cock and balls into his trousers. Despite being terrified, a small part of him was slightly aroused. If he could just get this…thing hidden away until the finale, it would be fine. Hell, think of the reviews! This will wipe the smile off Charlie’s smug face.

Tom eventually realised if he lay his dick along his hip and pushed his balls into the crotch of the trousers, he was, just about, able to do up the zipper of his trousers. It was a tight squeeze. But manageable. Tom put on his shirt and, rather than tucking it in, allowed it to hang over his crotch, hiding the rather obvious bulge.

Tom surveyed himself in his mirror. He looked flustered yes, but his crotch was fine, and nicely covered by the end of the shirt. Yes his dick was a little too big, but it was only temporary, and, well, at least he’ll be able to show his face in the bar afterwards without feeling like he had come second place to Charlie’s dick!

Tom walked out of his dressing room towards the wings. He could feel his dick sway slightly along his hip with each step and his balls bounced to the pace of his walk. He rather liked it actually! As he stood in the darkness he waited behind the door where he and Charlie would make their entrance. At that moment, Charlie appeared and took his mark next to Tom.

“Feeling nervous?” Charlie whispered, flashing a quick smirk in Tom’s direction.

“Nope,” Tom said proudly, hearing the music of that opened the play begin to pump out of the speakers. “Feeling excited actually.”

“Well. Good for you I guess. Let’s see how you feel after the interval.”

And vice versa! Tom thought happily.

The music was reaching the cue where Tom and Charlie would make their entrance. Tom was thrilled. This was it! Everything was in place now. He knew his lines, he knew the part, and he had a bigger dick than Charl—

Tom felt the tingle in his crotch begin again.

Oh fuck. The third pill.

Charlie heard the cue and opened the door, bringing himself and Tom onto the stage…

Part 3

For a few seconds Tom was blinded by the beams of the stage lights that basked himself and Charlie in their glow. He felt the warmth of the light hit his face and body and for a moment felt at home. Back on stage where he belonged. Then he felt his already enormous cock lurch further to his hip bone and he was terrified once more.

“Well, better than nothing isn’t it?” asked Charlie (as “Rupert” in The Weekend House).

Tom looked over to Charlie, he froze. What the fuck was he going to do? He knew he should leave. Just run off the stage. But he couldn’t! Maybe it wouldn’t grow so much? It was just one more pill! And this was his big shot. He needed this play! Just say the line Tom!

“…Indeed! Though we’re lucky to have gotten here at all to be frank.”

“What on Earth do you mean?”

“What I mean, Rupert. Is that you drive like a maniac. It’s like someone has dropped a mouse down your pants.”

Yeah, thought Tom. And somebody’s dropped a Python down mine.

Tom tried to keep focused on the scene, but all he could concentrate on was the growing tightness in the front of his trousers. His shirt still managed to cover up the bulge, but underneath he could feel his cock and balls desperate for room to breathe. The head of his cock was reaching his hip bone, and his balls were churning and growing in the front of his trousers, craving release.

Tom moved across the stage, as directed, to the sofa. With each step he could feel his growing meat flop and lunge. How big was this thing going to get? What could he do?! “Sorry folks, just gotta call a brief intermission, my dick is getting too big!” Tom sat down on the sofa. This was a mistake. He heard the seams of his crotch start to pull apart. His balls were surging forward, looking for freedom, and his cock bunched up along his side, slowly expanding upwards. Oh crap, oh crap!

“Tell me Geoffrey.” Charlie, as Rupert, asked. “When will the others be arriving?”

“The others?” Tom stammered. He tried to keep in character, but the pressure was getting too much. His entire crotch was so tight now. He could even see his shirt being lifted up from the sheer amount of dick and balls trying to be contained. Oh fuck! And it felt so good!

“I don’t think I—” breathed Tom. Just try not to focus on your cock. Your enormous cock. Your enormous growing cock! “I don’t think I mentioned any others.”

As Charlie continued the scene, Tom couldn’t help but let one hand slowly sink down to his crotch and feel the monster underneath. Jesus Christ, how big was it now?! He had to be well, well past a footlong now. And his balls! God it felt so good to touch them, to stroke them, to caress them! No! You’re on stage! Stop! But he couldn’t. Tom was lost in the feeling.

“You said there were more coming, didn’t you Geoffrey? Uhh…Geoffrey?”

Charlie watched as his co-star started to rub his crotch. Right on stage. What the fuck was he doing?!

“Geoffrey old chap…what are you doing?”

Tom couldn’t stop. It felt too good. He tried to get up, to get off stage, but the sheer mass of his swelling privates wouldn’t let his trousers move and allow him to rise out of the sofa. He was trapped!

“Geoffrey. Stop it!”

He wanted to, he really did. But it was no use. Tom was being controlled by his cock now. His massive, meaty cock. God it felt so good. So big. So manly. He wanted to jerk off. To see it hard. To feel it as it came. To feel the power of his enormous cock pump out rope after rope of hot cum.

All of a sudden, he heard it. Tom felt a great RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPP as the seams of his trousers finally gave way to the mass of flesh they had been trying to hold back. Out flopped two enormous balls, heavy and full with cum, followed by a huge, thick 14” cock. Completely flaccid and so thick.

Tom heard the audience gasp.

“What the fuck is that?”

“Oh my god!”

“This wasn’t in the script I read!”

Charlie, now no longer in character, yelled “Jesus Christ!”

Tom looked down at his crotch. And what a crotch. Everything felt so heavy and manly. His gigantic soft cock, pulsating like it was alive. Resting atop of two massive balls, churning so much hot cum.

Suddenly, Tom came back down to Earth. Oh my god. He was exposing himself. On stage. RIGHT NOW.

Tom got up, suddenly free to move now that the pressure around his tattered costume has been released. As he stood, Tom felt the weight of his cock and balls drop with gravity, feeling their heft almost yanked him down slightly. Tom looked over to Charlie who stared at him in disbelief. He looked round, saw the exit in the wings and ran off. Feeling his enormous privates slap and sway as he moved.

Part 4

Tom slammed shut the door of his dressing room. Outside he could still hear the sounds of the Producer and the Director shouting. He tried to block out the noise, but one word kept making its way loud clear over the rabble. “Fired.”

“Well, that was that,” sighed Tom. He leaned back against the door and looked down at the enormous appendage hanging between his legs. “This is all because of you,” Tom thought. Tom scooped his hand round the thick shaft of his now enlarged member, his fingers couldn’t even meet around the circumference of his cock! He lifted up his dick and felt the heft and weight of his balls underneath. They were warm, radiating heat—and so heavy too! Tom wondered how long he would be stuck like this. A few hours maybe? What would it be like to feel his cock and balls shrink back to their old size?

Tom made his way over to the mirror, feeling his meat stick sway and smack against his thighs while his balls swung pendulously from his groin. Tom slowly removed the tatters of his trousers, all the while unable to take his eyes of his crotch in its reflection in the mirror. It really did look obscene. But somehow, so hot too.

Tom slipped on the sweats that he had brought to wear home. This provided his package with a lot more space, though the bulge at the front was still insane. So much so that the usually loose fitting legs of his sweats pulled tight across his bubble butt trying to provide more material to his over-packed crotch.

The noise outside had died down. Tom wasn’t sure whether to wait for a formal sit down with the management, or just make a break for it. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Tom answered nervously.

To his surprise, in stepped Charlie.

They stared at each other for a moment. Tom felt a rush of simultaneous emotion. Embarrassment for the incident on stage followed by rage—it was Charlie and his stupid big cock that had started this in the first place!

Charlie advanced towards Tom. “I don’t know what the fuck you think you were doing out there but you have just screwed up this opportunity for both of us!”

“I know.” Replied Tom “Charlie, I’m really sorry—”

“Where did that thing even come from?! You didn’t have that when we’re in rehearsal!”

“It’s hard to explain.”

“You’re a prick.” Charlie barked. “You fucked up our big opportunity, just to show off your new enormous cock.”

“No! It wasn’t like that at all!”

“Whatever. You couldn’t take a bit of gentle banter or face the idea my dick might be bigger so you turned yourself into a freak!”

Charlie was so close to Tom now, he was worried Charlie was going to punch him.

“There’s only one way you can make this up to me.” Charlie growled into Tom’s ear.

“What?” answered Tom.

Charlie grabbed hold of Tom’s enormous bulge.

“I want you to fuck me with your big dick. Right now.”

Tom was completely thrown “What?!”

“You might have screwed tonight up for us,” Charlie replied. “But I’m sure as hell not missing out on the chance to ride one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen.”

Tom couldn’t believe it. The man who had made him feel so inadequate was begging to be fucked! By him! He had no idea Charlie was such a size queen. But then again, what actor wasn’t? This was all too much. Though clearly Tom’s cock had other ideas.

“Seems somebody likes the idea,” whispered Charlie, watching as Tom’s cock slowly hardened in his straining sweats. Charlie placed his hand back on Tom’s bulge, and stroked and groped up and down the length of Tom’s enormous member.

“Jesus it’s so fat,” Charlie cooed. Tom looked at Charlie, he was like a lion desperate to sink his teeth into a juicy gazelle. Tom weighed up his options, then decided, he was very happy to be that gazelle.

“Let’s see if it can fit in that mouth of yours,” Tom commanded.

Charlie immediately fell to his knees and yanked down the elastic of Tom’s sweats. Like a beast being let out of its cage, Tom’s massive cock swung violently out of its sweatpant prison and into the open air, slowly fighting gravity to reach its full erect height.

“Fucking hell,” Charlie whistled. “How big is this thing?”

“I’m, uh, not really sure,” Tom answered. He had no clue how to guess its hard length. Would it get much bigger?

“It’s incredible, I’ve never seen one this big before…”

Charlie slowly stroked his hands along Tom’s appendage, sending shivers all over Tom’s body. The feeling of having a cock nearly 3 times the size of your old one being stroked made the pleasure increase exponentially. As Charlie slowly started to jerk it, he attempted to fit the enormous apple-sized head into his mouth. He failed miserably, but made up for it by licking and kissing the tip, and tonging his way down the shaft until he reached Tom’s balls.

“They’re so heavy!” Charlie exclaimed. He could only fit one in his hand as he lifted it up and down gently. “I want you to empty those inside me big boy.”

Tom was in heaven. This gorgeous blonde man. The cause of all his anxiety was desperate for his cum! Tom looked down to see that his cock had reached his full hardness. 16 long, fat inches of incredible cock meat. Thick and veiny with a gorgeous head dripping pre-cum. Tom was overtaken by lust, not just for Charlie, but for his own incredible dick.

“Oh believe me,” Tom declared, gripping hold of the base of his incredible appendage. “You’re gonna get it.”

Part 5

Tom grabbed Charlie by the waist and flipped him over, pushing him down onto the sofa in his dressing room. In response, Charlie positioned himself on all fours, presenting his gorgeous bubble butt towards Tom’s cock.

Tom gripped his fat member and slowly guided it towards Charlie’s tight hole. He rolled the dripping head around Charlie’s entrance.

“Jesus, it feels so big.” Charlie cooed.

Tom was in awe at the proportions of his dick. How the hell was he going to get it inside this hot twink? Tom had no lube with him, so he used his flowing pre-cum to coat his dick and loosen Charlie’s hole. When everything was good and covered, Tom began to push himself inside.

“FUCK!!!” Charlie gasped, Tom’s dick was insane! As Tom slowly pushed his massive head into Charlie’s hole, Charlie began to have second thoughts—he was going to get destroyed by this guy! But as the fat head slowly entered him, Charlie couldn’t resist. This was potentially the biggest dick in the world. He needed it inside him. Now.

Charlie pushed his gorgeous ass down onto Tom’s dick, taking the entire head in one push. Tom loved the feel of the wet heat that surrounded his apple-sized head. “Good boy,” Tom whispered, stroking Charlie’s back as he continued to push inside.

Inch after inch entered Charlie’s gorgeous ass, filling him completely. Charlie was in ecstasy, and he hadn’t even started thrusting yet! As he felt the unending length enter him, Charlie was overcome and began his first climax, his ass shuddering around the enormous fuck pole and covering the couch in his cum.

“Oh my god Tom. This is unbelievable!” Tom watched as the gorgeous blonde boy shook and screamed with pleasure—and he was only half way in! Tom took the opportunity to thrust another 4 inches of his meat into Charlie, his hole loosened by his first orgasm.

“Oh god! Oh god yes!!” Charlie was lost in pleasure. All he could feel was Tom’s massive pole taking him over. He pushed himself further down onto his dick. He was already so full! “Please Tom, please, Fuck me!”

That was all Tom needed. Slowly but surely, Tom began to thrust his dick in and out of Charlie’s loosened hole. He gripped onto Charlie’s waist and pushed deeper, nearly a footlong of cock entering his ass. With each thrust Tom would slowly push faster and faster—long deep strokes from head to shaft and slowly forcing more of his mammoth dick into the twink’s overstuffed ass.

Tom pounded Charlie over and over again, never feeling more manly in his entire life, He looked down and watched as his massive cock entered and pushed so deep into Charlie, and this dick was attached to him! He could get used to this…

As Tom thrust faster and faster, he began to feel the immense pressure build up in his huge, swinging balls. His thrusts became quicker, longer, deeper, harder. He gripped Charlie’s shoulders and pushed him all the way down to the hilt. 16 inches were now buried inside this gorgeous man. Charlie screamed in pleasure and felt another huge orgasm burst out of him, more of his hot cum covering the sofa below.

Watching Charlie explode was all Tom needed. He rammed himself inside, over and over, closer and closer to climax. Yes, yes, yes! He could feel his enormous balls slap against Charlie’s cute butt. They were tingling with power, and the need for release. Fuck yes! His already enormous phallus swelled with pressure, he was so close, so close!

Tom thrusted once more and screamed as he felt his hot seed explode into Charlie, filling him up with cum. Tom pulled out and flipped Charlie over, releasing himself all over Charlie’s face and chest. There was so much! Rope after rope of hot cum spewed out of him like a fountain. And Tom could feel every part of it as it shot out of his amazing 16” dick.

Minutes passed and Tom continued to cum, slowly the fountain turning to Peter North style ropes, and eventually a normal man’s impressive load before finally his balls were emptied. Tom looked down at Charlie, who in the time Tom had taken to cover him in cum had climaxed for a third time. Even covered in jizz and with a little beer gut filled with Tom’s own cum, he still looked gorgeous.

Tom looked down at his softening dick, damn boy. He thought. I’m gonna miss that.

Several hours later, Tom sat at home in his flat. Naked. He had watched as his incredible 13” softie had retreated back to its original 3.5” normality. Part of him was relieved, another already missed having that immense meat between his legs. More importantly however, Tom needed to work out what he was going to do. He had been fired, the play shutdown, and Tom had no other means of income right now. He had been relying on that play to cover his rent! It seemed like he might have to move back home, he couldn’t afford to –

Just then, Tom’s phone rang.

“Hi, is this Thomas?”

“Uh, yes. Who’s speaking?”

“I saw your performance tonight. Very impressive.”

“Look,” said Tom. “If this is some kind of wind up—”

“My name is Chris Jones. I’m the creator of BigBoy dot com. I was wondering if you would like to come in for a meeting with us?”

Oh my god. He was being asked to do porn.

Tom looked across to his kitchen counter. He still had an entire bottle of pills.

“What time would you like to meet?”

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