Skunk fuck

By Maxx Wood 
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“Aaaah! Aaaah!” Peter the skunk moaned, hands deep in his crotch.

Over the years, as the testosterone treatments had taken root in Peter the skunk, he had become more and more like a cisgender (non-trans) male. Cisgender penises are an especially funny thing, he thought—so incredibly hot and sexy, but also so incredibly hilarious and ridiculous. But the variety in penises is beautiful, a beautiful rainbow mosaic of diversity.

For instance, some dicks are rather turtly—reflecting the shy and introverted nature of the owner, perhaps? Or just being a random quirk of genetics. In any case, they will “turtle” back behind their balls and become pretty invisible. (And then, throb throb throb, they grow straight up into nine-inch long monsters—thick ones, too.)

Peter had the ftm version of a turtle dick: incredibly gigantic and saggy outer labia lips (which, by the way, had the same exact feel and texture as a scrotum at this point) that completely enveloped his cocklet. Happily, his modest cock rose up to a positively gigantic three inches (hey, this is porn star size in the ftm world) that stuck proudly away from his body.

On that fateful day in the bathroom, as Peter sat on his knees and drove fist-deep in his own cunt—god, he had not been this turned on in forever, it was almost like being in heat! Otherwise known as the monthly curse that Peter thought he had escaped forever… though, now that he thought about it, it was almost kind of hot… the idea of abandoning yourself, your most rational self that never shuts up, to the intense haze of lust that overtakes reason with desire… and the thousands and thousands of skunk pricks that end up tickling your cunny with their softly barbed dicks that caressed the innermost reaches of you while you grind up urgently against the giver of pleasure, until you clench your whole being around his dick and squeeze the cum right out of his penis, milking every last drop of semen into your hungry womb… thankfully, your tubes were tied a long time ago.

This definitely felt like that. God, he could hardly think through the sheer haze of lust that permeated every fiber of his being—

Unselfconsciously, he stuck up his ass in the air, just as he had done in the days that he was in heat, and waved it to and fro, almost as if he were creating a hypnotic motion to lure all the available men into the area…

Oh, god. He throbbed so badly, in both holes—he was beyond turned on…

… and, as he ground his hips back and forth, he realized that he could feel his cocklet being fucked by his own labia.

Holy crap!!! This was an amazing sensation—feeling the pussy lips wrap around his cocklet and caress it with every thrust he made, reveling in the knowledge that he had provided this fuck-partner to his own cock—he hardly needed anybody now!



A wave of completely undistilled desire, painful in its intensity, burned him up from within, hit him in the groin and spread throughout his body again!

“Hey, Penny,” Peter said in that stagey voice that people use to summon their electronic servants.

From the corner, the smol robot blipped happily. “Hello, Peter!” it said in its mechanical-woman voice. “How may I help you today!”

Peter groaned softly. Penny’s voice usually turned him on, to be honest—he was bi—but he didn’t particularly feel like fucking the ladies today. Besides, his dick was currently in heaven: Grinding his own pussy lips while his brain thought of hundreds of men fucking his holes and caused his cock to throb ever harder, huger, longer, fatter…

Addressing Penny, Peter panted: “I wanna… I wanna big, gigantic, huge, stallions, just gapingly huge stallion skunks (well, maybe a few literal and actual anthro horse stallions interspersed here and there too—maybe even the odd centaur…) to bust through my apartment’s walls and mount me and fuck me until I cum and open up my cunt deeper to him, and his knot pops into me while his entire cock throbs with the virile, potent cum that cums and cums and cums inside all my holes…”

“Okay!” Penny shouted. “You’re turning this lady right on!”

Peter laughed. “Hell yea, I taught a robot love!”

If it were possible to hear a robot blush over a moment of radio silence, then that was exactly what was happening here.

“So…” Peter said tentatively. “Whaddaya think?”

Penny paused. Then, “The fuck-army is outside. Shall I open the moat door to them?”

Peter groaned, relishing in the thought that he would soon be pushed up against the rough-hewn castle walls, getting his holes filled up with all sorts of cocks and cum…

He removed his fist with a wet squelching, then straightened and stretched out his back. He had been super hunched over whilst he had been simultaneously fisting his pussy and fucking his own cock with his own pussy lips.

For a moment, Peter gazed at his own reflection, admiring the sight of himself on all fours while he frisked his butt back and forth in the air, swished his tail that spread his man-attracting musk in the air. His now-empty pussy drooled and throbbed in wait of all the fuckening men who would presently be penetrating all of his orifices from every angle…

And now he saw, in the mirror, the reflection of a horde of men behind him, sporting hard erections!

At the sight, Peter salivated—and, if this were an anime, his eyes would have become hearts and popped out of their sockets—the men, all of them, every last single one, all were incredibly fucking handsome!

For instance, here was the brooding, full-lipped and thick-browed pinscher who looked like he could be a model with his eight-pack, Roman Gladiator chest, and GI Joe arms that pulsed with a bodybuilder’s veins.

Over there was a kindly old fox. His grey and russet fur offset his steely-blue eyes that were framed by smile-wrinkles.

And here was a smooth-skinned Eastern dragon with a tanned golden shade to his skin and an endearingly sparse yet fully fleshed out goatee-beard. He wore a gigantic codpiece—no, Peter observed, a thin athletic jock that strained and struggled to hold back his absolutely gigantic dragon cock!

On and on it went… All the men were so fucking gorgeous that his mind blurred from the thought of all the cocks that would presently be sliding in and out, in and out, in and out, of him at all angles and from all entrances…

Just the thought of all those cocks caused his pussy to clench and to dribble out a vast stream of precum… which, in turn, lubricated his cock that continued to idly fuck his own pussy lips. Unnf! It was becoming hard to hold back!! He would cum pretty soon!

And none of the men had even approached him yet!

Though now one did—a tall, lanky rabbit the exact shade of dusk, with a variety of white patches all over his fur. He was triangular-shaped with incredibly broad shoulders and a V abdomen leading to his crotch framed by a tiny waist—his crotch that throbbed with incredible double-rabbit dicks throbbing one atop the other ready to fuck both holes!

“I’m first,” he purred into Peter’s ear in a manner that was almost catlike, sending a shiver down his spine.

The skunk thrust his entire fat ass towards the new rabbit beau. Momentarily, he felt a gentle squish swing against his rear thighs– triple-volume rabbit balls that were gigantically delightfully soft yet pulsing and churning with the tons of virile rabbit sperm that lay in them!

“Unnf,” the rabbit groaned, his balls sloshing around from the jostling. Some men would’ve hated having their giant balls swing into someone else so hard. But he liked that sort of thing—his cocks throbbed ever bigger and longer…

And, before he knows it, he is sliding into Peter’s slickened holes, heavily wet holes that swallowed up his cocks without any resistance.

“Ohhhh, yessssss,” Peter the skunk moaned. “Give it to me.”

The rabbit grabbed his skunk bottom around the midsection so that he could pull the man into a wheelbarrow position. While he was getting his grip, though, he found himself gripping the giant saggy tits that were, after years of binding, more ‘saggy’ than ‘tit.’

To the rabbit’s own surprise, he found that the soft feel of Peter’s tits caused his 100% gay cocks to throb. But, after thinking about it, it made complete sense—these tits felt just as manly as the next man’s moobs (granted, way more saggy). They were covered with that beautiful layer of hair, that thick ‘70’s style porn-star pelt…

As if possessed by some other spirit, the rabbit’s hips bucked and bucked and bucked and ground, ground, screwed screwed screwed, right into Peter! It drew delightful whimpers, yelps, and moans from Peter.

It was as if every cell of the rabbit’s lust god-possessed body knew s exactly what all of Peter’s sweetest and deepest pleasures of the heart and pussy and ass were.

In no time at all, Peter moaned and screamed and squirted all over the rabbit’s titanium-hard rods…

That, in turn, caused the rabbit to cum and cum and cum.

Electricity seemed to go through the both of them as they orgasmed at exactly and precisely the same time!!!

Peter’s insides greedily drank in the rabbit’s gigantic cumdump. Gallons upon gallons of potent, virile sperm shot out from deep within those churning balls—the balls that that blasted and blasted inside of Peter’s hungry ass and womb.

The rabbit held Peter for a while, the two sweat-covered men panting and gasping from the sheer force of their mutual orgasms. After some time, the rabbit pulled out his softening cocks, cum dribbling down Peter’s leg.

“Phew,” Peter said, catching his breath. “That was so good. How did you do that?”

The rabbit only smiled. “Name’s Robbie. I’ll leave my number on your dresser.” Then, putting on a hat at a jaunty angle and wrapping a trench coat tight around him, he departed.

“My turn next,” a deep, reverberating voice said, rumbling Peter the skunk to the very core of his being, stirring his genitals afire once more—such that he began to softly hump his own cunny lips again. His pussy began to drip with a potent mix of Robbie’s spunk and his own renewed desire. He turned around and saw an enormous T-Rex wearing a white t-shirt that clung tightly to his muscles with a gigantic cock that throbbed in front of him.

Peter gasped and stuck his ass up in the air.

“Mmmm,” the deep-voiced T-Rex smacked his lips…

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