By Josh Dugan 
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Tom had been meditating on his form, practicing the art of expressing his spirit through his body, at which he was naturally gifted. Our class members were pretty amazed at Tom for his powers of meditation. It helped that he was very personable, modest, and drop-dead gorgeous without being aware of it.

The guys liked to kid him about his meditation, not to make fun of it, but just to make him smile; he had a beautiful smile and a beautiful laugh. He was the kind of guy who looks beautiful no matter what—he could pull a sweatshirt on over his hair, touseling it completely, and he would look great. If all he had to wear were jeans and a tshirt, he'd look great. He favored slip-on shoes, running shoes or, in his room, white socks or going sockless. No matter what, he looked great.

Since I was really crazy about him and since he wanted me to help him do his sidewinder meditation, I could barely think about anything else, and it seemed forever until I finally got to do it.

He was there sockless (and clothesless) in his room when I came in, the room darkened except for the candle he kept lit before him when he did his meditations.

He'd already started his sidewinder meditation, which was kind of a paradox because while it imitated a snake's motion, the effect was just the opposite of being a snake, because instead of being legless like a snake, when he did the sidewinder meditation he had even more legs, beautiful extra legs and feet that were additional to his original legs and feet, and produced by the sidewinder motion. He'd done six legs so far, and was sitting in the crosslegged position in which he did the sidewinder meditation.

I liked his six beautiful feet, comfortably laying with soles facing up as they rested among his six folded legs. He smiled at me and showed them to me, letting me touch them, all warm among his six legs. They were so nice! He showed me how he rocked his body sideways, sort of sidewinding, going this way and that, adding a new left leg, a new right leg, another left leg, another right leg, and once again another left leg, another right leg.

“Wow, how does that feel?” I asked him. “Erotic,” he smiled.

It looked awesome. “What's the point of having so many feet,” I asked, kind of hard-pressed to think of what to talk about.

“Just to have them,” he smiled. “I like them, and it feels good to have so many of them.”

They sure looked nice, I told him, and they really did. He offered to let me hold a few pairs of them, and they were awesome, so big, warm and heavy, and so beautiful, each one, and so beautiful to have so many of them all kind of heavily tumbled over on each other as he uncrossed some of his legs to let me hold them, to let me hold and massage his extra pairs of feet. I actually caressed them as much as massaged them, but I couldn't help myself because they were so amazingly beautiful, and Tom was so sweet that he liked giving me all these beautiful feet of his to hold and massage.

We talked about his feet, which helped, because it was pretty overwhelming, the feeling of enjoyment and arousal I got from him letting me hold them. It was so easy to talk about a foot of his as I held it, calmly but feeling astonished at its size and beauty, its warmth and weight. Each foot had its mate, an equally handsome partner, and I found my self massaging each foot as Tom and I talked about it. Stuff like, “this one feels really relaxed, and I like the way it just sort of lets itself hang heavily from your ankle. It's so handsome.”

It was so nice to hold each foot, kind of probing among the toes and feeling the smooth arches, the strong muscles, the gentle pads, the beautiful shape, and I'd take another foot as Tom lifted its leg to me, lifting the foot to me and planting it on top of its partner. I kissed them, too; I couldn't help it because they were just so beautiful. Soon I had several of his big, beautiful feet, heavy on my lap, my hands freely feeling them, loving to squeeze and feel their beauty, so many of them. Tom liked that too, and I think he added a lot of extra feet for that reason, the room warm with them and with all Tom's extra legs. They were all so handsome, and Tom was handsome to start with, but with so many legs and so many beautiful feet like this, he was awesome.

Eventually, he had to laugh, “It's confusing having so many feet!” I could tell he was turned on. They must have felt awesome to him. I couldn't get enough of them. He kept bringing them to my lap, laughing and aroused that he could grow so many of them. He did look awesome with them, and I helped him have sex with them, giving him time to recover and catch his breath after having sex with one batch of his feet, so he could have sex with the next batch.

For all their size and beauty, they were also very flexible, warm and sensitive, and Tom's extra legs and penises were long and flexible enough to bring enough of his beautiful feet to his penises to give him really satisfying foot sex—his feet really turned him on because of their beauty and because he had so many of them. I think it helped that I was totally into him like this, and he was grateful for me helping him like this; it made it even sexier for him. It was awesome and very sexy being around him with so many beautiful feet, and even after I came I still had to come more, and so did he; we just couldn't get enough of these awesome feet of his.

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