Side effects

By TheSizeKing 
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“So what do you think this is?” Stephen asked, sitting on the exam table, trying not to cough up his lungs. He had been sick for the past few days, and finally his boss got fed up with the gross coughing he was doing and demanded that he go see his doctor.

“It sounds like the flu to me, but we’re going to do a quick test just to be sure. If it is, then we will get you some medicine to help you get through this. There is a new medication on the market that is supposed to get rid of the flu in 2-3 days as opposed to the 7-10 it normally takes.”

“I’ll do whatever it tak—” Stephen began, but immediately began to cough and hack. “Sorry,” he said, his voice more hoarse than when he arrived.

“Not a problem. I’m going to send in a nurse to run the test and I’ll be back with the results shortly.” He closed the door behind him and a nurse came in a few minutes later. She got the swab done in no time at all and left just as quickly as she came in. The doctor came back in a few minutes after that and said, “Yup. It’s the flu. I’ll send through for the new medication and if it doesn’t work or if you have some side effects that you can’t tolerate, don’t hesitate to come back in to see me.”

Stephen stood up to shake his hand, but quickly retracted it and said, “Probably not a good idea, right?”

The doctor chuckled slightly and said, “No, probably not. Feel better, Stephen.” Stephen left the room and headed straight to his car so that he could go to the pharmacy and start this new medication as soon as possible.

Stephen was trying to read the fine print on his small medication bottle and was getting more confused as he read:

Take one pill a day for 1 month.

Do not exceed one pill each day.

No refills available.

The name on the bottle said Stephen Miller, but the doctor said it was supposed to get rid of the flu in 2-3 days. So why did it want him to take it for a whole month? Stephen shrugged his shoulders and assumed that the doctor knew what he was doing and popped the first pill. He took a few gulps of water and drove home.

On the car ride, he felt a strange sensation in his lower abdomen/crotch area, and had to adjust himself a few times during the drive in order to get more comfortable. He just assumed that he was feeling weird from him being ill and being jostled around in the car.

Stephen pulled into his apartment complex and grumbled as he looked up the multiple flights of stairs he had to climb to get to his apartment on the seventh floor. “Why can’t this place have an elevator?” Each agonizing step felt like it took forever, and his feet felt like cinder blocks. The closer he got to his front door, the more effort it felt like it took for him to make it there. He finally stumbled up to his front door and practically sprinted to his bed.

Stephen didn’t even remember his head hitting the pillow. He woke up a few hours later and it was about 7 p.m. He was still feeling pretty gross, but not as badly as he was before. Maybe this medication really does work the way he said, Stephen thought. Even though his appetite was weak, he knew he needed to eat something, so he got up to go to the kitchen.

He chugged 2 full glasses of water when he got to the kitchen. He was extremely thirsty and it hit him all of a sudden. I’m going to have to pee like a horse later, he thought as he started getting sandwich-making materials out of the fridge and cabinets.

“Feeling any better?” That was Kyle, his best friend and long-time roommate. He had walked into the kitchen to get something to drink, but kept a wide berth from his friend so that he didn’t get sick.

“Maybe a little. But the doctor gave me this new medication that is supposed to make the flu go away in like a few days instead of over a week.”

“That’s good, both for you and me. I haven’t been sick since I was in my teens and I don’t want to start now.”

“Must be nice, dick.” Stephen said jokingly, but then started coughing profusely when he gave a little laugh.

“Jeez, man, sounds rough. It sounds like you’ve been a smoker for 40 years.”

“Shut up. I’ll cough on you.” This made Kyle retreat back to his room slowly with his hands up. “Alright, alright, you win. Go die somewhere else, please,” and he promptly closed his door, leaving Stephen there to finish making his sandwich. He took a disinfectant wipe and cleaned everything he touched, since he really didn’t want to get his friend sick either.

Stephen wolfed down the sandwich in bed and turned the TV on so that he could fall asleep again. He noticed the same sensation he felt in his crotch during his car ride home, but sleep was calling him, and he drifted off to sleep without thinking twice about it.

Stephen woke up abruptly. His bladder was screaming. He flung the sheets off of his bed and ran to the bathroom to relieve himself. Stephen threw the toilet seat up, almost cracking it, and pulled down his sweatpants quickly. He grabbed his dick and aimed it at the bowl and closed his eyes as he pissed, glad to feel the pressure in his bladder release. Even through this feeling, he thought he could feel his soft dick spread out across his fingers more than normal, but because the lights in the bathroom were off and he felt too gross to find out.

After he was sure that he was done, he pulled his sweats back up and lumbered back to bed. He found the bottle of medication on his bedside table and popped another pill before passing back out.

Stephen woke up at about 9:30 the next morning feeling much better than he anticipated. He was still slightly feverish, and still had body aches and weakness, but he didn’t feel like he was going to die anymore.

His morning boner was at full mast, but it felt different. His normal 7 and a half inch stiffie felt like it was pressing against his sweats a bit more than normal, and everything felt heavier down there.

Stephen threw back his bedsheets to reveal his raging hard on. It did look bigger than normal, and Stephen peeled away his sweatpants and underwear and his jaw dropped. He was now sporting a much bigger package.

His 7 and a half inches looked like it had gained another 2.5 inches in length and was much thicker than normal. Stephen gingerly wrapped his hand around its girth and gasped when his hand wasn’t able to fit around it. He also looked at his balls, which had also joined in the spontaneous growth, now looking like the size of large eggs.

He opened the drawer of his bedside table and grabbed the tape measure he had lying in there and got the measurements. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that his dick would come close to double digits. It was something he practically dreamed about, but he never thought that it was something that could be possible.

Not remembering if he took his medication last night or not, he grabbed another pill when he put the tape measure away and tossed it back.

Stephen then went to town on his new dick, exploring it like it was his first time. He had never been able to use both hands before, but now he was able to, and with some room to spare. He was also surprised at the volume of cum he was producing. His entire chest was generously coated with his spunk, and he knew he would have to wash his sheets after he took a shower.

After his much longer shower, he went into the kitchen for a late breakfast. Kyle was making his daily protein shake before having to leave for work. Kyle gave his cursory “Mornin’, dude” to Stephen over his shoulder before continuing to put in ingredients for his shake. Stephen walked to the fridge and opened the door, staring inside trying to find something to eat. Stephen was starting to get another boner, unbeknownst to him.

Kyle turned to put the milk away and immediately looked down at the large tent sticking out from Stephen’s sweatpants.

“Holy shit, dude.”

“What?” Stephen glanced over at Kyle and saw him looking directly at his crotch. He saw his full 10 inches sticking straight out in front of him and he immediately did whatever he could to cover up. “Shit shit shit!”

Kyle looked away but gave a little laugh. “There’s no way you’re that big down there! NO way! I’ve seen what you look like down there. Remember when I accidentally pulled your underwear down that time when I fell and tried to catch myself? No way you were that big!”

He laughed a little bit and walked toward Stephen, reaching out with his hand.

“Dude stop! Stop!” Stephen said, trying to get away from Kyle.

“Come on, man, what did you stuff down there? A toilet paper roll? A bottle of shampoo? What?” Kyle lunged out and grabbed for Stephen’s dick. He was much more athletic and nimble, so he was able to get his hand around most of Stephen’s member.

Kyle immediately released his friend’s cock when he realized that it was 100% real. He stepped back and stared at his hand, unsure of what to say.

“I told you to stop, man!” Stephen said, blushing. “I didn’t know that he was… out… like that.”

“I think you need to tell me what’s going on because I know that you were smaller than that down there.”

Stephen sighed and flopped down in a nearby chair. “You’re right, I was, but I really have no idea how this happened. If I knew, I for sure would be much farther along than I am now.”

“You mean bigger? Jesus, dude, most people aren’t that big! Why would you want to be bigger?”

“Come on, really? I’m sure people who are like 10 inches want to know what it’s like to have a whole foot. But I don’t have to tell you.”

It was Kyle’s turn to blush. “How’d you know?”

“How can you not tell? You always wear either super skimpy running shorts to slow off your buff legs or you wear sweatpants that leave little to the imagination. Especially when you used to see a hot chick around campus or when we watch TV and a girl in a bikini comes on.”

“Okay… well… I don’t have time for this, or I’m gonna be late! We are definitely gonna talk more about this later, because that is definitely no small matter.” And with that, he half-sprinted to his room to finish getting ready for work. Stephen looked over at the blender that had his protein shake still left in it. He had a feeling that Kyle wasn’t going to come back out and spend time drinking it.

Stephen went to his room until he heard the apartment door shut. He then went to the couch to begin playing video games. What else was he supposed to do while getting over the flu? After what seemed like hours, he decided to go take a nap until Kyle came back. It was inevitable that he would confront him again.

When he finally got tired of playing after a few hours, he flopped down on the bed, but not before grabbing the pill bottle off of his nightstand. The bottle said to take once a day, and since it was about the same time that he took his medication yesterday, he popped another one. Stephen drifted off to sleep as his above average package slowly expanded again.

He woke up three hours later feeling totally refreshed. Any sign of the flu had gone and Stephen felt like he was a new man. The first thing, other than feeling healthy, was the weight tugging at his crotch. He also was able to feel that more of his junk was resting on the bed than it ever used to.

Just like he did earlier that morning, he threw his sheets off to reveal an even larger bulge protruding out from his sweatpants. Even the waistband of his sweats were being lifted away from his waist. Stephen grabbed his hard phallus with his hand and was impressed at how his hand fit around just past the halfway mark. Bucking his hips upward, he slid the sweats down so that his meat could be seen.

12 thick inches of dick stuck out from Stephen’s crotch, and two swollen testicles the size of billiard balls rested heavily on the bed. He gave a little laugh of disbelief, but was mostly impressed that he now sported a cock that he had only dreamed about having. He didn’t care much about his balls to begin with; now it was just an added bonus. Besides, he would look rather ridiculous if he has a massive dong and tiny balls. He needs to stay somewhat proportional, right?

Stephen had to push down any overwhelming urges to jack off and decided to go to the gym. This was a good way to avoid having an awkward conversation with Kyle, but also a great opportunity for Stephen to show off his newly acquired equipment. He jumped out of bed and ran over to his dresser, noticing how heavy his balls felt swinging as he ran.

He opened the top drawer and found a large jockstrap that was gifted to him by a college friend but turned out to be the wrong size. He slipped it through his legs and pulled them up, but had to stop. There was no way that his whole package was going to fit into these. Not without them either ripping or having one of his large testicles pop out.

After much maneuvering, he decided to stuff his balls into the pouch and keep the waistband underneath his dick. The workout tights he was going to wear would have to suffice with keeping his large member in place.

Stephen remembered that he wanted to flaunt his new package as much as possible, so he dug his all-white workout tights out of his bottom of his drawer and struggled to get the tight material over his legs. He had bought these as a joke in college, thinking I’ll never wear these, but it’s fun watching the cashier’s face as I paid for them. They were a size medium, and since he had gained some muscle since college (not as much as Kyle), they now fit like a glove.

This, of course, only made his package stick out even more. The material looked like it was vacuum-sealed against his dick, which laid across his leg and protruded out past his thigh. From a distance, it would have looked like he shoved a water bottle down there, but upon closer inspection, you would soon realize that it was very much real. Some of the fat veins that were snaking down his shaft could even be seen, and his fat cock head provided even more definition.

Stephen then found a tank top to throw on and went into the bathroom to inspect himself. He looked at himself in the mirror and laughed. It was insane how he looked down there when he looked at himself head on. There really was no hiding his package. Not even a little bit.

Since he didn’t want to get arrested for indecent exposure on the way to the gym, he decided to tie a sweatshirt around his waist to cover it up until he was ready to work out. Luckily, the gym was only a few blocks away, so he only had to leave his apartment complex, turn left, and walk a few blocks.

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