Seeing stars

By OneLuckyGuy89 
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Adam Berry walked home from school, today was his eighteenth birthday and last night he had the weirdest dream. He was visited by a giant muscular man with a ram’s head. The man told him his name was Aries and Adam was in line for his gift. Writing it off as a dream, he was surprised when suddenly that man appeared in front of him again.

“You have been chosen.” He boomed, in a deep baritone.

He then disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Then without a cloud in the sky, he was struck by lightning. Adam saw just white for a good minute and assumed he was dead. Then the world came back into view and he began to sweat profusely. He suddenly shot up from 5’7” to 6’4” and then all his muscles began to swell. The outline of all the muscles on his lower body were apparent in his black skinny jeans. He watched his non-existent biceps swell to baseballs and he felt his ass crowd out his jeans even more. Adam couldn’t believe the size of the Pecs he had, he couldn’t even see over them. All the muscles continued to grow until all of his clothes exploded off of him like confetti.

Turning to look in the window of the building next to him, he was floored by the man looking back at him. He had to be 250 pounds of muscle and his pecs looked like slabs of beef with a coating of dark hair. His dark brown hair hung effortlessly to his shoulders with a natural fluff and sheen. The green eyes were shining like emeralds and his body now had a light tan as well. A thick treasure trail extended from his pubic bush and his chiseled chin had a permanent, dark shadow.

“Holy shit I’m hot.” Adam smiled.

“Hell yes, you are!” said a voice.

Adam quickly turned around to see a hot mixed man in a revealing blue Lycra outfit. The chocolate eyes pulled him in and his caramel skin was pulled tight against his cheek bones. His light brown, kinky hair was pulled back and he wore blue gloves and a blue tank top both lined white. The biceps looked large even unflexed and his arms were a little abnormally long. The tank top cut off like a crop top to show off his eight back and happy trail. The jock he wore perfectly cupped his enormous package and perfect ass. The outfit capped off with blue boots and a ruby choker around his neck.

“Me, Adam,” he mumbled, with a raging hard on, easily ten inches.

“Looks like I got here late. Since you have no clothes on, but I’m Caesar.” He smiled.

“Wait, you got here late?”

“Yeah, I was supposed to get here before your clothes exploded. I have a towel to wrap you in and we’ll get you clothes back at the base,” Caesar said.

“How do I know I can trust you? Just because you’re gorgeous, doesn’t mean I’ll jump in your arms.”

“I know what you’re going through,” Caesar said.

“Prove it,” Adam said, glaring.

“All right, fine.” He sighed. “You had a dream involving a sexy man with a different head, he appeared before you like five minutes ago. Then you got struck by lightning and exploded out of your clothes with muscle growth.”

“How’d you know?”

“Same thing happened to me. I was chosen by Cancer,” Caesar said, showing the tattoo of the blue symbol of his left asscheek.

“Do I have one?” Adam asked, trying to look.

Caesar saw the tattoo of the symbol in a teal color and rubbed his lightly hairy ass, sensually.

“Very nice.”

“Stop it, I’m getting hard over here,” Adam blushed.

“Right, we can fool around at the base,” Caesar laughed.

Adam grabbed the towel and wrapped it around himself.

“Is this base far?”

“About a twenty-minute walk. I can tell you about us all, while we walk.”

“So how many of us are there?”

“With you we are now thirteen, well technically fourteen if we count both twins. So we’re Aries and Cancer and now I’ll tell you about the others. Gemini is Gavin and Michael; they’re redheads with blue eyes. Michael’s a little more flamboyant then Gavin, but they’re both good lays. Aquarius is Angelo and he’s an Italian stud from New York. He’s kind of a douche bag, but he grows on you. Libra is Liam, he’s super into fashion and 7’0” tall. Pisces is Panga, our Egyptian hunk, and has really big feet. Trust me his big feet aren’t for show. Then Leo is Simon, he’ s a stud with long, blonde hair and a plethora of sexy blonde body hair.”

“Is this all we’re gonna talk about?” Adam asked.

“Well, no, I just thought you’d like to know about everyone,” Caesar said.

“Sorry, I was just wondering.”

“Scorpio is Sai. He is a Japanese stud and very quiet, until you get him into the bedroom, that is. Sagittarius is Sakima and he is still a bit innocent, but sexy without trying. Taurus is Tanner and he’s our lazy but strong country boy. He’s got a sexy muscle bear body, but not as hairy as Simon. Callum is Capricorn and he’s our sexy British genius. The things that man can do with his tongue are amazing. Vincenzo our Virgo is our little slut. He acts all innocent, but he’s not. Then there’s Lachlan, our green-eyed ginger and our Orphiucus. He’s a real hornball, but we don’t complain.” Caesar laughed, upon finishing.

“Are you all gay?”

“We weren’t all before, but we are all now. Our orgies are so hot!” Caesar drooled.

“Now I’m really excited,” Adam said and grabbed his erection, surprised at the size.

“Very nice piece, handsome,” Caesar smirked.

“My dick is bigger!” Adam gasped.

“Part of the transformation, probably about 10 thick inches.”

The pair were walking along the beach until they reached a tall cliff and after going fully around it they came upon a building built into the cliff. The structure was in the shape of a giant “Z” and Adam gasped.

“Well, you weren’t lying.”

“What’d you think I made myself a Lycra outfit and made everything up?” Caesar asked. “You’ve seen the news, right?”

“Seeing is believing, and I never thought I’d be approached by a superhero. Or become one,” Adam said, smacking Caesar’s ass and going to push open the double doors.

Upon opening the door he was suddenly in heaven. On the couch sat two red heads he assumed were the twins; they were passionately making out. They were both shirtless, one wearing athletic shorts, while his brother wore pink booty shorts. Playing video games on the love seat, looked like Angelo. Shirtless as well, he had a nice curly coating of chest hair and a chin strap beard. He was clearly going commando, since Adam could see a good amount of his pubic bush. What stopped his eyes was the yoga ball sized bulge at his crotch. Forcing himself to look away he saw a broad back with long pink hair covering it. Assuming this was Liam, it looked like he was putting makeup on. He wore pink skinny jeans and nothing else.

Attracted to the back of the room by clanging metal, he saw who he assumed as Simon and Tanner lifting weights. Tanner was laying on the bench and Simon was spotting him. Both the men were covered in sweat and shirtless, just wearing mesh shorts. Panga was wearing tight sweatpants and doing yoga. He was currently bending over to touch his toes and gave Adam a view of his tasty ass. Sakima and Sai were currently sparing, they were wearing nothing but black karate pants. Sai’s hair was spiked up and Sakima’s ebony hair was in a braid down his back.

Callum was currently bent over his work table and showed off his perfectly tan ass in a Speedo. He absentmindedly scratched his balls as he tinkered. In the middle of the room Vincenzo was only wearing a pink lace thong and doing stripper moves on a pole. Adam counted eleven and was wondering where Lachlan was.

“Can I help you?” Angelo yelled at Adam, since he was staring at his crotch again.

“No, s-s-sorry,” Adam stuttered.

“Looks like Caesar brought in the new meat and he looks scrumptious,” Lachlan said appearing.

Lachlan, alias Orphiucus, was the snake bearer. He was currently naked walking down the steps and his 14-inch flaccid dick was fully on display. Adam was hard as steel and Lachlan smiled.

“Like what you see, captain?”

“Fuck yes… wait, captain?” Adam asked.

“You didn’t even tell him?” Vincenzo asked, approaching the trio.

“I’m not following that faggot’s commands,” Angelo said, walking over.

“Newsflash, you are also a faggot,” Vincenzo said, taunting him.

“Funny, coming from our apparent ‘virgin’ who’s the biggest slut in the house!”

“And proud of it. At least I don’t scream at the top of my lungs when I get fucked like you.” Vincenzo smirked.

Angelo blushed bright red and everyone knew he was busted.

“Only a top, huh?” Liam asked, approaching the group.

Vincenzo laughed and Angelo looked ready to explode.

“I’m done playing insult wars with the douchebag. I was only down here for the welcome orgy. I’ll be in my room, waiting for the fun to start,” Vincenzo said.

“We were gonna introduce ourselves, Vin.” Caesar said.

“Fine. My name is Vincenzo Gabriel Green and my superhero alias is Virgo. I have the powers of seduction and a Taser in my ass…” Vin started.

“In your ass?” Adam asked.

“I seduce men into fucking me and then they get tazed through their cocks. I’m also the best fuck you’ll ever get, my door’s always open. I’ll be upstairs, toodles.”

“Stupid fairy,” Angelo spat.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself and go cool?” Tanner told him.

“Fine, whatever, papa bear. I’m Angelo Esposito and my alias is Aquarius. I can control water and the amount of water makes my balls grow in size. What the fairy forgot to mention is we all have a super-sized muscle or male trait. He has a huge ass, while I have large nuts. They are both normally as big as grapefruits. FYI, captain, you aren’t allowed near my big nuts,” Angelo said and left.

“Sorry about him, pardner, he’s still getting used to this himself,” Tanner said.

“It’s okay, I probably shouldn’t have been constantly staring at his balls,” Adam laughed.

“We all do, don’t worry about I,.” Panga laughed, walking over.

“Oh okay,” Adam smiled.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Panga Madbouly, also known as Pisces. My best features are my large calf muscles and large feet. My powers are super speed and being able to swim through the air itself,” Panga said, then pulled Adam into a deep kiss and groped his balls.

“Nice to meet you.” Adam moaned.

“Come visit my room, my ass is hairy but like velvet on the inside,” Panga whispered.

Tanner pushed Panga to the side and turned to Adam.

“My name sir is Tanner Jeremiah Long and I’m known as Taurus. My pride is my manly bear body and my gut. My powers are unstoppable momentum and demolishing anything in my path. I also have a mouth like a hoover.” Tanner laughed.

“My turn, papa bear,” Liam said, stepping in.

Liam’s face was so gorgeous and angular. He had on foundation, mascara and lip gloss.

“My name is Liam Taylor, otherwise known as Libra. I’m 7’0” tall, in case you’re wondering, and have very big thighs. Holding onto your dick like a vice-grip. My powers are being able to tell whose lying and being able to use the powers of gravity,” Liam said, in his low tenor.

Caesar walked up and winked at Adam.

“I’m Caesar White, and you know I’m also Cancer. My pride are my large biceps and I have abnormally long arms and big hands. I can scale walls and crush anything with my hands. I also fuck like a jack hammer,” Caesar smirked.

The other six men finally made their way over to the group and the twins approached first.

“We’re Gavin and Michael,” the twins said in unison.

“I’m Michael,” said the twin with the pink shorts. “And my brother is Gavin.”

“We can merge into one body with two dicks, four legs and arms.” Gavin said.

“We’re the best at double penetration,” Michael said, sticking two fingers in Adam’s ass and scissoring them.

“And Eiffel Towering.” Gavin said, grinding his crotch into Adam’s crotch as Michael ground into his ass.

Sai pushed the twins apart and stepped up to Adam.

“I’m Sai Hung, aka Scorpio. I am immune to any type of poison inhaled or injected. I also have a second dick that grows out of my tail bone and spits poison. I have abs of steel, I can seduce you without even trying, and when fucking I hit your prostate every time.” Sai smirked, causing Adam to swoon.

Callum stepped up next with his deep blue eyes and wind swept, chocolate brown hair. He noticed the Speedo sagging from the weight of his crotch and adjusted.

“Ello captain, my name is Callum Brown, also known as Capricorn. I’m as smart as a supercomputer, can out strategize anyone and I’m an amazing tactician. And when we fuck I know pressure points to make you see stars.” Callum grinned and rubbed his crotch into Adam’s.

Simon walked up next and Adam could smell the musk coming off the blonde.

“Hey stud, my name is Simon Fischer or my super alias, Leo. I have a super, sonic shout and can transform into a lion. The musk in my body hair can instantly turn you on and my dick is just thick enough to fill you up,” Simon smiled evilly.

Lachlan physically pushed Simon to the side with his dick.

“Well, captain, my name is Lachlan Finnegan, also known as Orphiucus. I have a fourteen inch or seventeen erect penis and it can extend longer. I can use pre to stick to things and swing by my dick. Once you’re fully prepped no one can fuck better than me with my beast.” Lachlan smirked.

Sakima walked up last and from the erect shape extending down his leg he was hard.

“Hey there, big boy,” Adam purred, grabbing Sakima and earning a kiss.

“I-i-i’m Sakima Tarkirk also known as Sagittarius. I have control over nature, can turn into a centaur, have healing powers and have perfect aim. My asshole is also like a second mouth and will suck any dick inside.” Sakima blushed.

Adam looked around the room and saw twelve erect dicks, since they all had shucked their pants.

“Let’s go surprise Angelo, I’m hornier than two steers during mating season,” Tanner said and led the charge upstairs.

Simon entered the door first and, using his pheromones, got Angelo in the mood.

“Simon, that’s not fair dude,” he moaned, fully hard.

Tanner motioned for Adam to approach him and Adam pulled down the sweatpants getting his first look at the massive nuts. He began lapping and sucking on the hairy orbs, earning moans from their owner.

“God damn it Simon, so fucking good!”

Sakima made his way between the pair and began sucking off Angelo, while Sai filled up the Native American, moaning as his dick was sucked.

“Sai, since you took the best hole we’ll have to punish you.” Gavin smirked.

Gavin and Michael hugged each other becoming one body with four arms, legs and two dicks. They sheathed themselves into Sai, earning a deep moan from the Japanese man. The twins smirked as they tweaked his nipples. Vincenzo hearing all the moaning took this opportunity to fuck Angelo, earning a moan of resistance/pleasure from the Italian.

Tanner suddenly pulled his workout buddy close and began to fuck him in pure lust, as Panga licked all over Simon’s hairy body while jacking him off. Callum not to be out done slid effortlessly down Lachlan’s erect member, moaning like a bitch in heat. Caesar began stroking himself as he lapped at Adam’s pucker.

“God damn it, just put it in!” Adam cried.

“Of course, handsome.” Caesar smirked and shoved himself in.

“Fuck yes, I knew you’d be big,” Adam moaned.

“Your ass is amazing!” Caesar cried, kneading the hairy boulders and tracing the Aries’ symbol with his finger.

“God, I need Panga’s ass. Sai take ove,.” Sakima said and Sai whined at his now cold erection.

“Get to it dude, I’m so fucking horny!” Angelo cried and Sai started sucking.

“He’s better than you Sakima!” Angelo cried.

“Whatever,” Sakima said, rolling his eyes and bit the hairy orange Pisces symbol on Panga’s ass.

“Please just fuck me!” Panga cried.

Sakima smirked and inserted himself. Liam finally lost control and slid Simon into his ass. Panga then went to sucking Liam’s large member. The twins were the first to orgasm and their double barrels filled up Sai. Panga orgasmed next coating the floor in the first of many puddles of cum. Gripping onto Liam’s hips, Simon let out a deep moan and filled him up. Callum cried out in ecstasy, covering his face and chest in cum. Adam shot all over the floor, as Angelo cried out filling up Sai’s mouth. Caesar and Tanner came in unison filling Adam and Simon’s asses respectively. Sai quickly coated Angelo’s chest hair in white paste and Liam covered his own with a cry. Vincenzo filled Angelo’s up so much, it ran down his own shaft. Sakima filled up Panga, gripping his furry boulders. Lachlan with an orgasmic shout came into the air and his jizz rained down on the other guys.

The twins separated and Gavin started fucking Lachlan and Michael started fucking his brother. Panga slid into Michael and Simon into him. Callum, Angelo and Caesar joined in, in tandem. Adam was called by Caesar’s ass, inserting himself and found himself filled by the big bull that is Tanner. Vin smacked the purple Taurus symbol and slid into Tanner, Sakima caressed Vin’s perfect bubble butt before sliding in. Sai and Liam finally joined in with Liam ending the Daisy Chain. With the amount of hormones in the room, it didn’t take long for them to release in unison, resulting in Lachlan cumming on Angelo’s bed.

They all landed in a pile after pulling out. They were covered in sweat, in cum and fully satisfied.

“You guys all covered my room in jizz!” Angelo yelled and they all laughed in response.

Meanwhile, at the outskirts of the city, five frat looking guys approached the city limits.

“Time for the Hets to get rid of all these fags!” said one and they laughed evilly.


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