Robby’s new legs

By Josh Dugan 
6 parts
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Part 1

Everyone was looking at Robbie as he came running to meet me in his cutoffs and flip-flops.

“How do you like my new legs?” he smiled as he hugged me. He had four of them!

“How did you get four legs?” I asked him. He was taking off his flip flops to show me his four feet, and he took off his shirt to show me his new muscles and tan.

“The fortune teller,” he said. “Only the fortune teller didn't do it, but said that I could wish upon the moon, for someone I love. So I wished upon the moon for you!”

I was kind of boned, and so were all the guys in the terminal. Robbie is good looking to start with, but tan and muscled and with four bare feet he is awesome.

“For me?” I said, genuinely suprised.

“I just thought you'd like me this way.”

“I do!” I smiled, and Robbie gave me another big hug, his tan body wonderful against mine. I patted his hind butt, loving him for doing such a crazy, sexy thing for me.

“They had to give me two seats, one for me and one for my hind legs, because I bumped my head on the overhead compartment when I sat with all four legs under me. They folded up the armrest so I could sit most of me in my seat and put my hind legs in the seat next to me. It was like someone's legs were riding next to me, only they were mine!”

He was chattering joyfully, walking arm in arm with me, striding on his four tanned legs. I loved feeling my arm around his bare, muscular shoulders. “Lucky you had two pairs of cutoffs,” I said.

Later he fell asleep during the long, warm ride home in the back seat of the cab. Robbie lay his big tanned torso on the seat cushion, his tanned arms folded on his chest, his four legs bent so he could rest his four beautiful feet in my lap as we rode along.

It was a nice ride, except the cab would swerve every now and then. The handsome young cab driver kept apologizing. “It's hard to stop looking at his four legs,” he said.

“You're not kidding,” I smiled, kissing one of Robbie's knees that was near my face. I put my arms around all four of Robbie's knees and hugged them to me, loving his four beautiful feet on me as he slept, tired from his journey.

Part 2

As Robbie slept, lying his handsome tanned torso on the cushion of the back seat of the taxi cab, his four beautiful bare feet in my lap and my arms around his four knees, I noticed one of the feet had a gold toe ring around the second toe. All four of his feet had second toes that were a little longer than the big toes.

Later, we were in the den, Robbie seated cross-legged on his four legs, one pair of crossed legs on top, the other pair of crossed legs underneath, with all four of his big, handsome feet relaxing with their smooth, nicely arched soles facing upward.

The toe with the toe ring was on Robbie's hind right foot, so it was beneath its front partner, his front right foot.

But then the toe ring appeared on Robbie's front right foot! I had to blink a couple times to make sure my eyes weren't fooling me. Hadn't it been on the second toe of Robbie's hind right foot?

That's when I noticed Robbie's smile as his eyes watched mine, waiting for my reaction.

“What did you do?” I asked him.

“It's something I discovered I could do,” Robbie smiled, enjoying my perplexed look. “I think the fortune teller liked me, so there's some magic that he didn't tell me about. Neat, huh?”

I looked at his right front foot, gracefully resting atop his four folded tan legs, its beautiful sole facing upward. The second toe was naked again.

“Where'd it go?” I asked. There was Robbie's smile again.

He pulled his left front foot out from underneat his right front foot, and there was the gold toe ring, on the handsome foot's second toe .

“That's a pretty cool trick,” I said. “If you can move the toe ring like that, can you make it appear in two places at once?”

“Yeah, but it takes the toe with it,” Robbie said. “I end up with six toes on the foot that has the extra ring on it. Here, I'll show you.”

He pulled out his hind left foot, which had been sleekly comfortable beneath its brother front left foot, and there was the toe ring on its second toe, but it had a second second toe also.

Even though Robbie had said it would happen, it was still startling to me, and it kind of turned me on as I deliberately counted that Robbie's hind left foot now really did have six toes.

I looked at Robbie's front left foot, which still had the toe ring on its second toe. Only five toes there, unchanged.

“I don't know, Robbie, I kind of like your hind left foot with six toes. They're nice looking, and extra toes are kind of cool.”

Robbie smiled, obviously enjoying the look of his handsome hind left foot, which was just a toe-width wider than his three other feet, because of the extra second toe. He gently clenched and unclenched the six toes. It was a handsome foot, just as pretty if not prettier with the perfect extra toe.

“What do you like better?” he asked. He leaned back on his arms and gently unfolded his warm, tanned legs, the leg muscled working handsomely, as he delivered his four big, beautiful feet to my lap. I'd forgotten how much heavier it was to hold four of his feet in my lap, but it was worth it.

On impulse, I kissed the sixth toe, the one with the gold ring on it. “Look; you've got a gold lip-ring!” Robbie smiled.

I felt my lower lip. Odd! I hadn't felt a thing, but sure enough, I had a gold lip ring, and my lower lip was pierced and everything.

“That's cool, but I don't really want it,” I told Robbie, not wanting to complain, because this magic was really awesome.

“It goes away if you kiss my other toes, the ones you want the ring on. It's like a talisman,” Robbie explained.

“Okay,” I said. So I reached my lips forward and gently kissed the second toes of Robbie's hind right foot, his front right foot, and his front left foot, which already had the original ring on its second toe.

Sure enough, the ring was gone from my lip, and it was as if my lip had never been pierced.

But it was cool to see Robbie's four feet all with rings on their second toes.

And just like with the one foot, they all had a second second toe. Six toes! They looked so nice!

I grabbed them all, such big beautiful guys, and pressed them against my face and chest as Robbie laughed, enjoying his four feet and turned on that I enjoyed them so much, too.

“What nice feet, Robbie!” I said, meaning it.

He smiled, flushed and aroused, letting his four big warm feet kind of snuggle me with their beautiful soles, their six perfect toes. The toe rings added such a nice, kind of exotic touch.

“Can you take off the toe rings?” I asked. “Or do you have to leave them on in order to have six toes?”

“No, I can take them off,” he said.

He took the toe-rings off, leaving his four handsome feet just as handsome completely bare, their six toes naked without any rings.

“I can put them on my hands, but then my hands would turn into feet,” he smiled. “What would I do with two big feet hanging from my wrists? I already have four feet; it's not like I need to have six of them.”

We both laughed, turned on. “Oh, Robbie!” I said, snuggling his four big beautiful male feet to me.

Part 3

I looked down at the veranda below. I was looking down from the window of the upstairs room where Robbie's four-legged sweatpants were thrown over the back of an overstuffed chair in the room.

The view from the window was a nice overhead view of Robbie sunning himself below on the veranda while doing yoga stretching of his four legs.

He was doing front/hind splits, that is, front legs forward and hind legs rearward. He was graceful and slow as his beautiful torso stretched forward, his arms reaching for the toes of his front feet, his hands grasping them and pulling on them to help him stretch even further forward.

Then he released his hands from the front feet and slowly leaned up and backward, his beautifully muscled tanned back arching over backwards like a ballet dancers, and actually lying on his hind legs, his arms reaching up and back to grasp the heels of his hind feet as he heavily lay on his hind legs.

Then his hands let got of his hind feet and his powerful, graceful torso raised itself up again with a dancer's beauty and again stretched forward as his long-muscled arms reached for his front feet again, his hands again grasping them and using the front feet to pull his torso even further forward in a beautiful, gentle stretch of his awesome torso.

It was beautiful to watch his beautiful body gracefully flow back and forth in this way, his four magnificent legs so majestic yet relaxed as they lay stretched out so far in front of him and behind him as well.

I turned to the chair in the room to hang up Robbie's four-legged workout sweats, but I was startled that they were almost too heavy to pick up—there were actually four long, beautiful male legs in them, Robbie's legs, Robbie's four big beautiful bare feet hanging lazily out the ends of the four sweatpant legs.

I was so startled I dropped the heavy sweatpant leg I had tried to pick up, and it fell back on its three brother legs with a sweatpant-muffled “foomph”, the handsome leg snuggling among its equally handsome brother legs as Robbie's four beautiful feet smoothed themselves among each other.

I couldn't help but notice that the four legs were hugely aroused, with giant, healthy-looking penises swelling up from between each pair of Robbie's legs and out of the waistband of the sweatpants.

Not sure if I were hallucinating this or not, I looked back out the window at Robbie, who was now also hugely aroused between his front and hind legs, with huge penises that grew so big that they now interfered with his four-legged yoga stretching.

Breathing hard and obviously sexually aroused and flushed, he twisted his beautifully tanned, muscular torso to look up at me.

“I think my legs bilocated,” he called up to me, sounding turned on in spite of his efforts to control his breathing and calm his voice. “I felt you grab one of them, and now they're all turned on and tumbled on a chair or something, right?”

“I hope that's what it is,” I said, more turned on now than weirded out, although I was weirded out pretty good. Although I was oddly aroused, against my will, not wanting to think of Robbie's legs as an object, but they were really turning me on as they lay beautifully splayed there on the chair, almost taunting me, four big sexy legs and four big beautiful bare feet lazily lying there comfortably, all by themselves, away from Robbie.

“They're in your sweatpants, your four-legged sweatpants that you left over the chair,” I called down to him.

“They do that sometimes,” he explained, unconsciously massaging his own four legs as he leaned his hands on them, looking up at me from his beautiful muscular body with its four beautiful legs splayed in front of him and behind him. He had to roll his hind legs a little sideways to make room for the giant penis that had grown between them, and his front penis was pressed against his chest, it was so huge and hard.

“When it happens, it makes me so hard I can barely walk, even with four feet,” he said.

“Can you make love to them?” he almost begged me. “It's making me crazy like this, and it would be a huge sexual relief.”

“I'd help but I can't move; my four legs are useless, I'm so turned on,” he added.

Part 4

“Well, if you can't walk your four legs up here, I was thinking that maybe you can bilocate yourself up here,” I suggested.

It seemed reasonable that if Robbie's four legs could bilocate on their own, he should be able to bilocate his whole body, four legs and all.

At that suggestion, Robbie's huge penises blew, shooting wad after wad of come, as he screamed with pleasure. He rolled and spasmed with pleasure, his four legs writhing as his tanned torso became soaked in massive hot glazing jets of his come.

“Aaagghhh…” he moaned, lying his beautiful muscular torso on its side as he gathered his four beautifully-muscled tan legs together, his four beautiful feet smoothing themselves against each other.

He was trying to catch his breath. As I looked down at him from the window, so handsome as his massive flanks rose and fell with his breathing, I felt a gentle nudge against my leg.

It was Robbie's four legs, still in their four-legged sweatpants, having walked their four beautiful feet over from the chair where they had been splayed.

The poor legs were still achingly turned on, their huge penises heavy and giant with arousal. For some reason I felt affection for them as well as arousal (after all, they were Robbie's legs, oddly and erotically beautiful as a foursome of beautiful legs and feet on their own, even without Robbie!)

I found myself gladly hoisting the four huge, heavy male legs and feet up, loving the feel of the four long, beautifully muscled legs as they warmly embraced me, around my shoulders, chest, back and arms. I was dazzled by the sweet beauty of Robbie's four handsome male feet, so extremely close as I carried all four of them, all four of Robbie's awesome legs. I had to kiss one of them, and I loved squeezing all four of them as they and Robbie's four legs enveloped me in a wonderful, huge, four-legged squeeze.

They were so heavy around me! And they were as boned as I was. Robbie's boners looked even more giant and beautiful up close like this, basically right in my face, as I worked to keep my balance as I stood there with Robbie's four long-muscled, beautiful legs and feet wrapped around me, so friendly and strong, just like Robbie.

It felt funny to walk back to the window wearing these four giant, heavy, beautiful legs and bare feet wrapped around me like some kind of leggy stole, but my hands were in heaven feeling them, feeling the four beautifully muscled legs and Robbie's four awesomely beautiful male feet.

I looked down at Robbie, as I stood there wearing his four legs around me. He smiled up at me, his penises getting aroused again at the sight of me enwrapped in his four legs and all those beautiful feet.

“They look good on you,” he laughed, his own four beautiful tanned legs squirming slowly against each other as he became aroused at the sight of me, turned on as I was by the four heavy long legs gently snuggling their beautiful giant muscles around me.

“I'm pretty sure I can bilocate myself up there,” he said. “The thing is, it'll make me pretty stupid while I'm bilocating, because it's still my one mind, no matter how many bodies or legs or whatever. I think I'll just take a nap down here while I'm doing it, ok?”

“Cool,” I said. An arousing thought occurred to me. I almost didn't dare ask, but I was too boned by it not to.

“Can you bilocate yourself wristfooted?”

Robbie groaned, his beautiful tanned muscular body stretching and writhing with four-legged arousal. He was so awesome to look at, even from the upstairs window.

“Dude,” he moaned, “you really know how to turn me on.”

He rolled on his side, gloriously tan and muscular in the sun, and drifted off to sleep, his naked four-legged body heavily drugged by sleep as it lay there basking in the sun, so beautiful and masculine, and so wildly erotic with its handsome complement of four long, muscular legs and four beautiful bare feet.

He was asleep.

From behind me, I noticed I was hearing a kind of “phoomf-phoomf-phoomf” at the door of the upstairs room, like someone was trying to knock at it or bump it or come in or something.

I turned to go to the door, feeling the weight of Robbie's four legs about my shoulders and arms as the four long legs and feet held me. It was like giving someone a shoulder ride, only, of course, in this case it was all legs, big beautiful Robbie-legs. With one hand holding one of the beautiful bare feet, I reached my other hand to the doorknob and opened it.

The “phoomf-phoomf-phoomf” sound was the sound of big, gentle wristfeet clumsily padding on the door, as Robbie tried to use them to knock on it.

They were huge and beautiful, the same size as all Robbie's feet, but too clumsy and heavy to easily knock at the door. Still, their size and their beauty totally turned me on, as they hung there stupidly, so huge and handsome, hanging heavily and languidly from Robbie's strong wrists.

They were so big and clumsy they accidently bumped together, making Robbie laugh, aroused.

And Robbie! It was definitely Robbie, amazingly stupid.

Oddly, it was a turn-on to see him like this, almost like he was drunk or something, beautiful, naked, tall, tanned, and four-legged, clumsy on his four beautiful feet. He smiled, a kind of stupid but sweet smile, and held up his two arms to show me the huge, beautiful wristfeet than hung clumsily from his strong, tanned wrists.

He was turned on by them, and by the sight of his own four bare feet that were wrapped around me along with his four legs.

He reached his big, heavy wristfeet forward to feel their four big foot-brothers, the four handsome feet wrapped around me.

Robbie's four huge legs around me began to squirm, aroused at being both wrapped around me and at being so near to this second gorgeous, stupid Robbie.

I could feel Robbie's big warm boners heating up inside the soft fabric of the sweatpants as his four legs became turned on by the touch of the two big wristfeet, and it felt soo cool to feel such beautiful big legs and all their muscles get turned on as they slowly squirmed against me, just like Robbie's own four legs were slowly squirming now with arousal.

I kissed Robbie on his sweet, beautiful lips. It took a moment for the kiss to register with him, and when it did he closed his eyes and put his love into his return kiss, almost forgetting that he had four legs he had to keep standing.

He started to fall, but I immediately caught him in my embrace, crushing his four big feet and his two huge wristfeet between us as I hugged him through the maze of beautiful legs wrapped around me.

He remembered to keep his four legs standing, and he freed his wristfeet from between us. As I closed my eyes, my lips buried in his kiss, I felt my face and neck framed and warmed by the long, beautiful shapely soles and handsomely sculptured toes of his two huge wristfeet, so gentle and beautiful against my face.

I led him to walk his his four feet over to the window, where we looked down at the golden Robbie basking four-legged in the sun.

“Mmmmm,” he said, looking down at his sleeping form.

A couple of the big, handsome Robbie-feet wrapped around me freed themselves and gently mussed Robbie's hair, as he closed his eyes and smiled, tilting his head this way and that as the beautiful feet slowly caressed his hair.

“Mmmmm…” he said.

Part 5

From behind me, I noticed again I was hearing that "phoomf-phoomf-phoomf" at the door of the upstairs room.

How odd! Who else would be trying to knock at the door with wristfeet?

I gently substituted one of Robbie's own wristfeet for the foot he was kissing (one of the four feet from the four Robbie-legs straddling my shoulders.) I felt like I was taking advantage of Robbie's clone-stupidity, but he didn't notice, and enjoyed kissing his own wristfeet as much as he had enjoyed kissing his four beautiful feet from his Robbie-legs. Freed from Robbie, and one hand holding one of the beautiful bare feet, around my shoulders, I walked again to the door and reached my other hand to the doorknob and opened it.

It was total deja vu. The "phoomf-phoomf-phoomf" sound again was the sound of big, gentle wristfeet clumsily padding on the door, as yet another Robbie-clone tried to use them to knock on it.

This was weird. Another Robbie? I couldn't help gaze at this Robbie's wristfeet. They were huge and beautiful, the same size as all Robbie's feet, but too clumsy and heavy to easily knock at the door. Still, their size and their beauty totally turned me on, as they hung there stupidly, so huge and handsome, hanging heavily and languidly from Robbie's strong wrists. They were so big and clumsy they accidentally bumped together, making Robbie laugh, aroused.

Hadn't we already done this?

It was definitely Robbie, amazingly stupid, almost like he was drunk or something, beautiful, naked, tall, tanned, and four-legged, clumsy on his six beautiful feet. He smiled, that stupid but sweet smile, and held up his two arms to show me the huge, beautiful wristfeet than hung clumsily from his strong, tanned wrists.

I checked his feet again. I was right; there were six of them. It was sexy, but I was feeling like the sorcerer's apprentice. Worried, I gave the stupid new six-legged Robbie a kiss on both his beautiful wristfeet and left them dangling there stupidly as I turned to check the window, where four-legged Robbie was still contemplating his wristfeet with his lips.

Robbie was still sleeping naked in the sun downstairs, but another of him, beautiful tanned, wristfooted, and six-legged, was spooning him. Two others were riding each other around aimlessly in the back yard. This was out of control. I had to wake Robbie to stop this spontaneous bilocating. The new Robbies weren't just stupid, they were total idiots. I hoped Robbie had enough brains left to wake up.

"Hey Robbie! Robbie! Wake up!" I yelled down.

It wasn't doing any good, but fortunately the Robbie clone that was spooning him tried to help wake him up, patting Robbie's abs with his wristfeet.

"You're tickling me!" Robbie said, laughing as he woke, grabbing the beautiful wristfeet. The clone spooning him laughed.

"Hey, Robbie! Stop bilocating!" I called down.

"You're right; I can feel myself getting stupider, the more there are of me," he agreed. "The fortune teller said if this happens, make love to myself, which will pull all my karma and auras and everything together."

I heard Robbie fourlegs and Robbie sixlegs groaning behind me; I turned to see them mounting each other. Warm hardons heated and grew among the four Robbie legs wrapped around my shoulders, as the four beautiful Robbie-feet smoothed themselves along me and along each other.

"I see you're getting started," I managed to call down to Robbie, disconcerted by the awesomeness of his four legs squeezing themselves around me. I fondled some of the four beautiful Robbie feet in spite of myself. They were so nice!

"Yeah, this will be nice," Robbie said, turning to embrace the Robbie clone that had been spooning him and then awakened him with his wristfeet. The two Robbies riding each other likewise were fully boned, one of them starting to mount the other.

"Can you do my legs?" Robbie asked, looking up from his embrace with his wristfooted clone.

I would have answered, but I was otherwise occupied with the four of them.

Part 6

"I think it's working," Robbie called up to me from the yard below.

I was in the upstairs room, still with Robbie's four legs comfortably weighing upon my shoulders and wrapped around my sides. I loved holding them to me and feeling their four beautiful feet, as the four muscular Robbie-legs gently embraced me in a four-legged squeeze.

The room was full of the gentle, arousing sound of quiet male giggles, where the two wristfooted Robbies had each others' six legs hopelessly tangled together. They giggled and kissed each others' wristfeet.

While the Robbies were as tanned and beautiful and muscular as Robbie, they were hopelessly stupid, just like all the bilocated Robbies, because, of course, all their beautiful nude bodies shared Robbie's one mind.

Somehow they were able to follow Robbie's plan, which he had gotten from the fortune teller, although I am sure they didn't have a clue that they were following any plan at all. It was Robbie who was able to get them to follow the plan, which they obviously loved doing. The plan was to merge all the bilocated Robbies back together to stop them from bilocating out of control and creating stupider and stupider Robbies; to merge them all, they all had to make love to one another.

I hoped the fortune teller was right.

I walked over to the window, enjoying the weighted and top-heavy feeling of carrying Robbie's four muscular legs as they held me in their four-legged embrace.

I noticed that there was only one other Robbie down there with Robbie now, instead of the three other six-legged, wristfooted Robbies; one of them had been spooning Robbie and the other two had been mindlessly riding each other around on their six legs. So now they were joined. What a relief. Having them make love to each other did help merge them, more or less.

Actually, it was both less and more. The was only one remaining Robbie-clone, but the legs of the three Robbies hadn't merged; the remaining Robbie-clone had all their handsome legs. I was worried, but I was also conflicted because it was hot seeing this handsome, stupid tanned wristfooted Robbie-clone leading around a train of, what, eighteen of them.

Well, I had to give Robbie credit for trying. He was assiduously working his four legs, holding onto and pumping the hindmost ass of the stupid, giggling wristfooted Robbie-centipede, who was giantly boning himself among all his legs and trying to jack himself off with his wristfeet.

I couldn't help but become distracted while I watched, and I realized why. The giggling behind me was growing louder, with thumping and scuffing sounds.

I turned, feeling the weight of Robbie's four beautiful long legs around me as I did so. The two Robbies had gotten their six legs untangled from each other and were up on their six feet and trying to walk their naked six-legged bodies out the door. But their muscular bodies crowded each other at the door, the six-legged Robbies laughing and boned by the clumsiness of their beautiful wristfeet, which they were trying to use to turn the doorknob.

But their big, beautiful wristfeet were too clumsy and they were too stupid to use them, and they got turned on at the sight of each other's big beautiful wristfeet clumsily trying to work the doorknob.

I did, too; I couldn't help it. The wristfeet were gorgeous and sleek, helpless and clumsy as they hung there heavily and stupidly from their strong wrists, and the Robbies got more and more aroused as their beautiful, heavy, stupid wristfeet bumped into each other while trying to get at the doorknob.

They started to forget about the doorknob as they smoothed their wristfeet against one anothers', loving the feel of the gentle warm wristfeet and their beautiful size and male foot shape. Still crowded at the door and forgetting why they were there, they kissed each other's wristfeet, flushed and aroused. They would never get themselves or their wristfeet out the door.

I realized that they needed to make love to Robbie too, so I went over to open the door for them. At least that was my intention.

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