Reece’s morph

By Seth Peterson 
2 parts
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Part 1

Reece was very excited. Only three more hours. Just three more hours. See, Reece was going to go see the new Avengers. And while that alone was very exciting, that was not what had Reece so ecstatic. No, Reece was going to see Ultron with Jeremy. Jeremy was in Reece’s English class and just drove Reece wild every day. He wasn’t very tall, or muscular, or even chunky (Reece would embarrassingly admit he had a thing for all three), but he was seriously cute. Reece and Jeremy had become close friends during the year, and Reece had tried very hard to drop subtle hints to Jeremy about his sexual preference. Well, technically Reece swung both ways, but mostly toward guys as of late. But Jeremy had clearly taken the hint, because he had asked Reece to go see the new Avengers! Reece had almost cried. But he kept telling himself “Calm down, relax. It’s probably not a date. He just wants to go see it with you as friends.” Nevertheless, the delicious fantasy kept his heart beating at a breakneck pace.

He checked himself over in the mirror. Reece was pretty good-looking, in a very ordinarily cute sort of way. He was of average height, maybe 5’8 or so, with ear-length dark red hair. Years of running track had left him with great legs and spectacular calves, but he’d always wanted a bigger upper body. His muscles just looked too lean for his tastes. He rubbed his copper stubble in the mirror, wondering if he should shave. It was the perfect amount for him, not smooth in the slightest, but not grossly hairy like some of those apish seniors. Meh, he’d give it a shot. Maybe Jeremy would drop a hint about it later! “Stop that. It’s not a date OMIGOD IT’S TOTALLY A DATE.” And then came the challenge of preparation. Should he wear something nice or casual? It’s a movie, stupid, not a prom. Okay then, something flattering or low-key? May as well go all the way here. He put on his tight shirt that showed what little pec muscle he had. And the black jeans too. The ones that showed his firm buns. Okay, time to go. Calm down, calm down. Nothing to panic about. Remember, the movie comes first.

That was what Reece told himself before he left. An hour and a half later, when Jeremy leaned in to press his lips into Reece’s, poor Ultron took a back seat. The movie was completely forgotten about when both of them got into Reece’s car, locking lips and playing with each other’s tongue. Jeremy pulled off Reece’s shirt to kiss his slight six-pack. Reece bit his lip in disbelief and pleasure. Jeremy looked up at Reece with his gorgeous hazel eyes.

“So how far do you want to go?”

Well, that took Reece by surprise. Should he obey his crazy hormones or be the good person he should be?

“Let’s get to know each other first, if you don’t mind…”

In the darkening light, Jeremy’s eyes seemed to flash. It must have been the light shifting off of the mirror, but it was still unsettling.

“It’s good to see that there are still good people in the world. Everyone’s always just about sex and kinky fantasies nowadays. I’m so relieved humanity has given birth to at least one good person.”

Reece laughed.


Jeremy sat on Reece’s lap erotically, and Reece had to struggle not to make his raging boner too obvious.

“What’s your darkest desire, Reece?”

“I’m…sorry? I thought you didn’t like kinky fantasies.”

“I know…but just humor me.”

This was taking a weird turn. From cliche makeout to moral standings to sex questions? What was next, favorite Naruto character? Should he tell Jeremy, anyway? He did have one dark little secret. But he’d never told anyone. This relationship could be over in a week. But he figured, he may as well tell Jeremy. No lasting harm…

“Well…I…I’ve always wanted to be bigger. Not even like, taller. Just huge. In every way. Not giant huge, but just much bigger than everyone else.”

Reece was sure that Jeremy’s eyes gleamed this time. A flash of green. That was when he started to get nervous.

“A good wish. I hope you enjoy it. You’re a good kid, Reece, and I want to make you happy.”

He kissed Reece again, and an electric shock coursed through Reece’s body, knocking him unconscious instantly. Jeremy sighed in affection, patted Reece’s head gently, spread his two massive wings, and flew right through the car roof and into the sky.

Reece woke up with a throbbing headache. His lips tingled like they were on fire. He massaged his face tenderly and groaned.

“What the hell…”

That little rat had electrocuted him. He felt around. Nothing had been taken, no organs stolen, everything looked normal. But he felt like he’d been hit by a truck. Waiting for the pain to subside, Reece finally put back on his shirt and drove home, his head still reeling from the night’s adventure. He’d kick Jeremy’s ass on Monday for sure.

Well that was a problem, because Jeremy wasn’t at school on Monday. In fact, Jeremy had seemingly vanished from existence. No one talked about him, his name was never mentioned, and Reece had seen too many cliche sci-fi movies to ask the teacher and have her give him an odd look. He knew what happened. But he still couldn’t figure out what the hell Jeremy had been…or worse, what Jeremy had done to him. Maybe he was impregnated with some alien parasite. Maybe he was going to grow an udder. Maybe he was going to explode in a few days. Or maybe that’s just how aliens/deviants/whatever’s kiss. Reece massaged his brain, not wanting to think about it anymore. Whatever Jeremy (if it was a Jeremy) had done, it would show itself sooner or later.

Turned out to be sooner. The next afternoon, in fact. Reece always stayed after for Chess Club. There was this wicked cute boy at Chess named Alex who was about Reece’s height with some nice lean muscles, but had abnormally giant pecs. They were baseball-sized and just stretched everything Alex wore. Of course, the boy was straight and taken, but Reece still loved to stare at the tantalizingly curved muscles. As Reece played a game, his eyes taking in every inch of Alex’s chest, he felt his lips tingle slightly. It was unnoticeable at first, but quickly grew in intensity until it quickly became a problem. Reece tried not to react too much, but he soon found himself squirming as his lips pinched and seemed almost to fizzle. His chess partner looked at him curiously.

“Bit my lip.”

“Rough, man.”

“Hey, Reece!”

He turned in his chair to find Alex standing in the doorway.

“Can I see you for a sec?”


He got up and walked the door. Alex motioned him outside into the hallway.

“I really want to make out with you.”



“I know. I’m not gay for you; I’m not gay at all. But I just feel like I need to make out with you. You wouldn’t mind, right?”

“Wha…of…of course not…but where is this coming from?”

“I have no idea! It’s like an instinct. I need you right now.”

Reece almost said no, but how often did a chance like this come around, even if it was totally ludicrous?


Alex took Reece’s hand, causing Reece to blush. Pulling him into the bathroom, Alex dug his fingers into Reece’s ass, molding the nice cheeks. Reece’s hands went to the pecs he’d been dreaming about and met nothing but firm, pure muscle. His cock boned instantly and he massaged Alex’s giant chest wonderingly. Alex pulled up his shirt to reveal the bloated, beautiful pecs, large nipples just beginning to harden.

“Oh…my…god. They’re…incredible.”

“You like them?”


He found his lips involuntarily traveling to slip over Alex’s pec, his tongue flitting over the hard nipple. Alex gasped in pleasure and slid his fingers through Reece’s hair. Lifting Reece’s chin, Alex pressed his lips into Reece’s and Reece gave it right back. All at once, Reece’s lips tingled again and Alex moaned in what seemed like pleasure. Reece tried to pull back just out of instinct, but found he couldn’t. Confused, he tried again. Nothing happened. It was like his lips were stuck to Alex’s. Alex seemed oblivious and pressed his body into Reece’s. Reece was becoming scared and tried to pull away, but found that now Alex’s body was sticking to Reece’s. Alex began to merge into Reece, his lips and skin blending into Reece’s. Reece panicked, but there was nothing he could do. Alex was being absorbed into Reece. Reece realized there was nothing he could do, and helplessly watched Alex slide into him.

Then the pleasure hit him. The intense feeling was so wonderful and orgasmic it instantly erased any fear or disgust he may have been feeling. He tried to moan in pleasure, but the feeling was just too great. Alex finished merging with Reece, clothes and all, and Reece gasped with the exertion. As the pleasure subsided, Reece felt a growing pressure in his chest. This is it, he figured. Now I’m going to die or explode or something. But the pressure soon dissipated throughout his body, leaving a dull ache in all his limbs. He massaged his sore arms, wondering what was happening. Then came his answer. He felt his arms begin to grow. He looked down in shock to see that indeed, his biceps were swelling before his very eyes. It didn’t grow very much, but Reece could easily see a difference. He felt his legs grow as well and looked down to see his thighs harden and grow slightly. Then two mounds erupted into his field of vision. His hands flew to grab the expanding flesh on his chest. Looking in the mirror in shock, he poked one newly grown pec in awe. It was only slightly smaller than Alex’s had been! Jesus Christ!

As he looked, his frame grew upwards an inch and his face seemed to harden, his jawline firming ever so slightly. His hair darkened a tiny amount and his whole body seemed to grow more appealing. His abs were harder, his arms were bigger, his legs were thicker, his pecs were HUGE, and even his dick had grown about a half an inch! Reece stood gawking at himself for about five minutes before realizing he was half-naked in a school bathroom, so he put back on his shirt, biting his lip in pleasure at the feel of his swollen muscles and bulking pecs in his shirt. This was unreal.

The best part was walking back into Chess Club. No one asked about Alex, no one commented on Reece’s newly grown muscles, nothing. It was as if life had always been this way. Then again, maybe it had for everyone else. Maybe Jeremy had done something truly wonderful. But Reece was not about to let slide the fact that he had just absorbed another person…and GROWN as a result. It was probably a one time thing. Jeremy had granted Reece’s wish to be bigger, and that was that. And now Reece was bigger. What an awesome change of events. Reece spent the night fondling his new pecs, his cock totally stiff as a result. His thoughts that night revolved around that incredible afternoon, and the dark part of his brain secretly wished that perhaps it would happen again.

And happen again it did. Three days later, Reece found himself in Chemistry, staring as per usual at Ethan. Ethan was yet another gorgeous hunk that Reece had a crush on. He wasn’t even close to Alex, though. Alex was cute and buff, but nerdy and at Reece’s social class. Ethan was one of the super popular kids; never even noticing kids like Reece existed. And he was much bigger than Alex. Taller, more heavily muscled, much studlier. Alex only barely had bigger pecs. Ethan was just so much eye candy, though. He was an ass, and Reece would never consider dating him.

Well, about two minutes before class ended, Reece felt his lips tingle again. This time, though, he knew what was to happen. But what could he do? He couldn’t just leave, and he doubted it would stop even if he did. And he had a sneaking suspicion who would fall for him next. The bell rang and Reece immediately made for the door. But Ethan’s deep, sexy voice stopped him cold.

“Hey, Reece.”

He turned slowly.


“Come here for a second.”

Reece had no choice. He walked up to Ethan, his eyes only reaching Ethan’s nose.


“Follow me. Don’t argue.”

Swallowing nervously, he followed Ethan into the bathroom. As soon as they were both in, Ethan shut the door and turned to Reece. Reece knew what was coming.

“Please don’t. You don’t know what will happen.”

“Yeah, I do. Now shut up and enjoy it.”


Ethan didn’t let Reece get any further. Pulling Reece in, Ethan pushed his lips into Reece’s. The tingle burst through Reece’s lips and he tried to pull away in vain. Ethan stuck to Reece like Alex had done. And just like Alex, Ethan began to sink into Reece’s body. Ethan pushed his crotch up against Reece’s and Reece just had time to feel what felt like a banana press into his dick before it began to merge with the rest of him. How big was it? Reece, unfortunately, had no time to find out as Ethan was fully absorbed by Reece. The same orgasm wracked Reece’s body, but it was more enjoyable now that Reece was expecting it. Everything just seemed RIGHT as the pleasure coursed through Reece’s body. The pleasure turned into pressure which turned into the ache. And then Reece grew.

This one was not as concentrated as Alex’s, but it was far more intense. Every part of Reece seemed to bloat outward, his muscles expanding to form definite bulges. His pecs swelled even further, his arms pumped out, his thighs grew bigger, and Reece felt his ass press tighter against his shorts. Looking in the mirror, Reece saw his face grow even more attractive, his stubble darkening and spreading across his jaw. His hair grew slightly longer, darkening to a light brown-red and growing silkier. Reece watched a solid vein push out in his biceps, and flexed to watch his muscles bunch. His nipples darkened slightly and puffed out, the areola around it spreading a tiny bit. His abs hardened to form a solid six-pack, the grooves in between deepening. He pulled down his pants to watch his rock-solid ass flex and bounce, but stopped as his cock began to swell again. Reece’s shaft pumped and swelled, and his head grew slightly as his cock grew a full inch. His cock was easily eight inches by now! Grinning in sheer awe, Reece poked his swollen pec testily. It was real. This was all real. He was a muscle jock! Even as he looked at himself, he watched himself grow two inches upward, his frame becoming more natural for his big muscles.

Once again, no one noticed the change, or Ethan’s sudden disappearance. The only downside Reece found was none of his clothes changed size. His newly grown body was becoming tight in his shrinking outfits. It was hardly a problem, though; more of a serious turn-on. Flexing that night in the mirror, Reece silently thanked Jeremy, whatever he had been. Perhaps this whole thing was more fun than he’d thought. There were seemingly no consequences, Reece was steadily growing bigger, and damn, he looked HOT. Maybe…Reece could enjoy this a little more. Maybe he could try it again. Maybe he could do it…a lot. Reece found himself grinning in anticipation as he pumped his muscles. Flexing just right, Reece’s pecs began to pop on command. And just like that, Reece gave in to his darkest desire.

Reece took no time at all. The very next day, he tracked down one of his serious crushes: Anthony. Anthony was even bigger than Ethan and probably twice as hot. Gigantic, swollen arms, big pecs, the best ass, with stunningly amazing blond good looks and the perfect amount of facial hair. God, he just turned Reece on every time he saw him. And Reece knew just when to get him. He always saw him in the classroom across from the auditorium after school. He was usually with a teacher for after help, but there was a small window in which he was alone.

Reece waited until the teacher left to go get food as he always did, and Reece took his chance.

Walking into the classroom, Reece felt his lips tingle explosively. Anthony looked up in confusion, but his face quickly took on a look of erotic anticipation. Reece tried to act cool by beckoning with his hand, but he ended up looking like an idiot anyway. All the same, Anthony smiled and, looking around for the teacher, followed Reece into the nearest bathroom. Closing the door, Reece put his arms around Anthony’s neck and kissed him firmly on the lips. Anthony’s tongue shot into Reece’s mouth so quickly it took Reece by complete surprise. Whoa! This kid was good at what he did! Anthony’s tongue began to fuse into Reece’s, and Reece’s cock sprang upward in lust. Anthony actually had to shrink a little to fully merge with Reece, and Reece was not average size anymore, either. Reece moaned and bucked as the pleasure hit him and pulled off his clothes quickly as the pressure mounted in his body. He watched in tense anticipation for his body to grow.

And grow it did. Swelling and expanding, Reece’s muscles filled out and grew to giant proportions. His arms bulged obscenely, his biceps growing to baseball size and his forearms thickening hugely. His neck swelled outward as his shoulders and traps ballooned. His pecs grew bigger, obscuring his view of his abs. Easily softball-sized, they were firm and gorgeously curved, his thumb-sized nipples beginning to move downward on his new chest. His abs grew seriously harder, his grooves becoming so deep he could almost fit his muscled finger in them. His already-big thighs grew even bigger, the muscle bursting to the surface and defining heavily. His calves thickened and swelled, not overly gigantic but seriously hot anyway. His ass inflated massively, each cheek firming to the size of a soccer ball. His cock hardened to its full eight inches…and then went soft. Reece gagged in amazement as his eight-inch soft cock began to harden again, lengthening to a full foot-long cock! Holy shit! He had a legitimate horse cock, with a hugely muscled shaft and a head the size of a lemon.

Touching his enormous pecs testily, he moaned in sheer awe and pleasure. His cock instantly began to ooze pre as he fondled his new, bulging biceps and ripped abs. He felt his body stretch, his legs pulling upward and his upper body lengthening until he hit nearly six foot. He felt his face change and turned to look in the mirror. His hand began to automatically pump his cock as he took in his beautiful new looks. Gorgeous hair fell around his eyes, a sexily unique mix of brown, blond, and red. His incredible jawline was covered in perfect stubble of the same color, and his neck was slightly hairy, too. He rubbed his stubble and felt it crackle against his hand before it grew up his cheeks. Well that did it. Stumbling into the stall, it only took a few strokes before Reece blew his load. His balls throbbed and twitched with the effort, before swelling. Reece groaned with pleasure as more cum exploded from his cock, his balls growing to the size of tennis balls. Gasping with exertion and pleasure, Reece collapsed against the stall, his mind reeling. He was a god. He was one of the muscle gods he always lusted after. And there was no stopping him now. But like he had told Jeremy, he didn’t want to be a super-freak. He flexed his arms and watched his traps swell with the motion. He put back on his clothes, smiling in sheer bliss as his shirt ended just above his lower shelf of abs. His arms completely filled his sleeves and his pecs stretched his shirt out to an absurd extent. His pants were totally stretched between his legs, ass, and bulging cock. Even soft, it made a very apparent strain in his shorts. Reece grinned. He could afford to bust out of these. Maybe one more growth wouldn’t hurt.

Part 2

That weekend would provide his answer. Reece went running like he did every weekend through the park that ran by his house. Usually he could make two miles before he began to get tired. This time, though, he ran double that without even feeling a cramp. At five miles, he had to stop simply because he realized he had just ran five miles without any effort at all. Well, that wasn’t true. His body was just about drenched in sweat in the eighty plus degree weather. His pecs clung to his seriously-stretched exercise shirt and his biceps glistened with moisture. He turned to rub his bulging, veined calves, watching the prominent curve move with his thick hand. He peeled off his sweaty shirt and massaged his fat pecs, his finger flicking his big, fat nipples. Taking a brief moment to splash water on his face, Reece turned as he heard footsteps on the pine needles behind him.

The kid that jogged up to Reece was easily the most beautiful teen Reece had ever seen. He was easily six foot three, with muscles even bigger than Reece’s, but with an even flatter stomach. Like Reece, he was shirtless, allowing Reece to see every wonderful curve, bulge, and groove. Watermelon-sized pecs ended in monstrous, gorged nipples that wobbled slightly with every movement; grotesque to anyone but Reece (or some anthro-fans, but that’s a tale for another time). Gigantically swollen biceps and slightly swollen triceps were attached to arms that ended in forearms as thick as Reece’s neck. An unbelievably real eight-pack was grooved with trenches that water could probably flow through. The kid was probably Reece’s age, but looked like a supermodel, with blond hair and blue eyes and stubble like a god. Tight shorts showed how big the teen’s thighs, calves, and ass were…and how seriously hung he was. Maybe just a little less so than Reece! Reece looked at him for abouttwo seconds before instantly deciding on his final absorption.

The guy stopped, his massive chest heaving with exertion. He took Reece in and nodded impressively.

“Damn. I thought I was the only one with pecs this big.”

He bounced his pecs and Reece watched his nipples wiggle. Whoa.

“I just wish I had nips like that!”

He looked down.

“Really? You’re the only person to ever compliment these. What’s your name?”

“I’m Reece.”

“I’m Steve. It’s a pleasure.”


They shook hands, Reece watching Steve’s arms tighten with the movement.

“So, uh, are you from around here, Steve?”

“Me? Yeah. I live right on Route 15.”

“Seriously? I’m just off of that road! How come I’ve never seen you at school?”

“Oh, I’m homeschooled. I haven’t been to a public school in a while.”


Reece kept waiting for his lips to draw Steve into him, but nothing happened. Maybe it just needed a little while to start working.

“If you don’t mind me asking, Reece, how much do you weigh?”

“Oh, um…I’m not sure. I haven’t checked in a while.”

“Haven’t checked in a while? You must be naturally gifted, then! With…” He gestured to Reece’s protruding pecs. “Y’know.”

Reece smiled, his cheeks turning red.

“You could say that.”

“You must be my age, though. You’re what, seventeen?”

“Yep. You too?”

“Yeah, but I’ve been working on gaining since third grade, if you’ll believe it.”

“Well, it definitely worked! I’ve never seen anyone with as much muscle as you.”

“Besides you, you mean.”

“Well, yeah…”

Steve chuckled.

“You’re funny. Girls must go nuts over you.”

“Oh, well…not really.”

“Not really? Come on…”

“Well, maybe they are. But I don’t really swing that way.”

Well, technically, he did, but he was not about to say he was half-straight with a perfect specimen of humanity just inches from him.

“You’re gay?”

“Yeah…sorry if that’s weird.”

“Naw, man…I’ve just never met anyone so open about it.”

“You ought to come to public school!”

He laughed.

“I guess you’re still. Still, I’d never peg you as it. You’re not flamboyant, you don’t have a high voice, and…”

He trailed off as he smacked my abs.

“Hey! Hands off the goods!”

Steve chuckled.

“So how did you wind up with an eight-pack, Steve? It’s so cool.”

“Endless situps. Day in, day out.”


“Sort of. I think that has something to do with genetics. You like?”

“I’m jealous of it, for sure.”

“You’re so much more defined, though. Look at those grooves!”

Reece ran his hand over them.

“I do like those.”

Steve cocked an eyebrow. Reece looked at him.


“Nothing. Hey, you want to finish up the run with me?”

“Yeah! Where you headed?”

“Just to the lakehouse.”

“Cool. You lead?”

“Sure. Keep up if you can!”

Steve took off, giving Reece a perfect view of Steve’s amazing, firm bubble butt bouncing in time with his steps. The teen’s thighs pumped with every step and his calves seemed to swell and grow with every footfall on the path. Reece had to try very hard not to let his massive boner appear too obvious, or it would be a pain to run with. The lakehouse was only a mile and a half away, and they reached it before long. Steve was slightly winded, but Reece wasn’t even out of breath. Steve looked him over as he paused to catch his breath.

“Jesus, are you superhuman or something?”


“We just ran a mile and a half and you’re aren’t even winded!”

“Years of conditioning, man.”

“Sheesh, and here I was thinking I was the buffest teen alive.”

“Naw man, you’re massive. I’d kill for your body.”

“I’d kill for yours! You have the best pecs I’ve ever seen, and…um…well,how do I put this…?”

He gestured to Reece’s dick. He looked down in shock to see that his boning cock created an orange-sized bulge in his tight shorts. Reece blushed profusely.

“Oh, god, sorry man.”

Steve laughed.

“It’s all good! Jesus, Reece, you’ve got to be easily ten inches! Do you know how big that is?”

“How about you? You’ve got some serious goods, too!”

Steve scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. His biceps bulged with the movement. Reece almost grinned at how adorable that was.

“Yeah, well…I like to show off. I’m only eight.”

“That’s still pretty freaking big!”

“Shut up. How big are you? Honestly.”




Steve snorted.

“Bullshit! No one’s twelve unless they’re black!”

“Seriously, dude.”

“I don’t believe you.”

But his face said differently. Perhaps Reece would get lucky after all.

“Come here.”

He motioned Steve into the abandoned lakehouse, making sure no one else was around. No one was, of course. He closed the door and slowly pulled down his shorts. His cock tented so quickly Reece was forced to abandon his plan of slow and sexy and just pulled his boxers down as fast as he could. Steve jerked back in shock as Reece’s enormous, powerful cock thrust out, the bulking head already beginning to leak pre.

“Holy…you weren’t joking.”

“Naw, man.”

Steve stared, his jaw falling lightly open. Reece noticed that the bulge in Steve’s shorts was slowly swelling outward. Steve caught Reece’s eye and blushed.

“I…um…might not be too straight, either.”


“Would you…um…mind…?”

“Go for it.”

Steve slowly approached Reece’s throbbing cock, almost entranced by its unreal length. Running his hand along its gigantic shaft, Steve took the head in his mouth. Reece closed his eyes in pleasure as Steve slid over his head and down his shaft, his cheeks bulging with the massive task. Reece couldn’t help but push his hips forward slightly, and was rewarded by Steve choking on his huge dick. Steve seemed to take this as a challenge and swallowed as much cock as he could. Reece grunted in pleasure as Steve’s tongue flitted around his massive slit.

“You’re…uf…good at this.”

Steve popped off briefly.

“I’ve had a bit of practice.”

Reece’s hand grabbed Steve’s long, blond hair as Steve continued his amazing blowjob. Now, embarrassingly, Reece had dreadful sexual endurance, but that was to be expected. He’d never even kissed anyone before Jeremy, nevertheless had sex. So he blushed like crazy when he came after only a few minutes. Steve gagged in surprise, but quickly began to swallow Reece’s whole load. He finally pulled off, gasping for breath.

“Holy shit.”

“Sorry…I’m pretty bad at holding it.”

“Aw, I don’t mind at all. But damn, kid, you’ve got some load in you.”

“Thanks, Steve.”

“Now, as payment, let’s be honest with me.”


“How are you so big? No me, either.”

“You lost me.”

“You missed the most basic bodybuilding stuff. You can’t have been serious for more than a month, which is way too little time for you to get so big. Come on, be honest. You juicing?”

“No! I swear! I’d never do steroids!”

“So how are you so big? And I swear if you say genetics I’ll kick your ass.”

Reece sighed.

“You want the truth?”


Reece took a breath and let it spill, fully expecting Steve to laugh and walk out. But to his surprise, Steve’s eyes began to widen. By the time Reece finished, Steve was spellbound.

“No one’s crazy enough to make up some story like that. It’s true?”

“Every word. You believe me?”

“I have to. So why didn’t you suck me in?”

“I don’t know. Usually I would have in the first thirty seconds, but I can’t for some reason.”

“You want to try?”


Steve walked up to Reece.

“Come here.”

He planted his lips on Reece’s. Reece jerked in surprise and pulled back. Except he actually did this time.

“It doesn’t work.”

“So you were shitting me.”

“No! I swear to God! And if you believe me, why try that?”

“Because…I have weird tastes, dude.”

“So do I, and I wouldn’t want to get absorbed by a random guy!”

“Well, maybe I’m weirder than you.”

“I doubt it…but…uh…”

Reece didn’t get any further because he then pressed his lips into Steve’s, his arms flying around Steve’s bulging neck. Steve drew in a sharp breath, but quickly slipped his tongue into Reece’s mouth. And the two kissed like they had never kissed before. Something happened, then. Some random twist of fate. Reece fell in love. Not lust; he’d fallen in lust hundreds of times. This was love. Steve pulled off first.

“So I guess we’re in it.”


“You’re not off the hook yet, cutey. I’m going to bring my friend next weekend to this exact spot, and I want to see this power of yours.”

“You want me to absorb your friend?!”

“Well, no…I want you to absorb a really hot guy in my school so I know you’re not lying. Deal?”

Reece smiled.


Steve patted Reece’s ass.

“I got to run, now, but I’ll give you my number. We’ll keep in touch. This will be fun.”

“I hope so. Maybe next time I’ll get to suck you off.”

Steve grinned.

“Will do. Catch you later, Reece.”

He slipped Reece his cell digits and took off, leaving Reece to collapse against the wall. Holy mother of all things holy, YES!

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