Not just imagination

By DarkDjin 
2 parts
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Part 1

I always had a—how others like to call it—wild imagination. I never had any friends or anyone that wanted to hang out with me. So I began to make up my own perfect world in my fantasy. Well, the real reason why I don’t have any friends is because I’m a little different. No, I am a human—but I have some… preferences. When I was ten I figured that I like the guys a bit more than the girls. I stared at the nine-year-older guys from our school quite often, especially when they were wearing tank-tops. I have to admit that I liked the view. Soon the others noticed, too. And that’s how the tragedy began. They started bullying me—I got punches and kicks and I was even thrown into a garbage can.

That was 8 years ago and guess what, nothing changed. At least I found a little corner in the school where nobody would ever look for me. I really don’t know why I like men more than women. Maybe because I could never experience how it feels like to live together with a female. My mom died right after I was born. My dad was pretty depressive but because of his buddies, that tried their best to cheer him up, he didn’t do any stupid mistakes like killing himself. My dad is like a hero to me—probably because he is some sort of hero. He works as a policeman in our town. Fortunately nothing bad happened so far, I guess that’s because of him. Every time he comes back home from work pretty late at night the first thing he does is checking how I am and talking with me about my day. I usually tell him about what ‘creative’ pranks the bullies in my school tried to pull on me. Sometimes I tell him about some stories I made up. It’s very cool that my father is not making fun of me because I’m not like other guys and play football instead of making up stories. Once I finished telling him about all that stuff he starts laughing, strokes my head and says “Wouldn’t it be cool if those stories weren’t just in your imagination?” That would be totally awesome if one of them becomes real.

This night was kinda strange. While I was sleeping I dreamed of a mysterious lake. There wasn’t anything but that lake, not to mention that it had a strange energy. What appeared to be energy was in fact a spirit. It started talking to me in a deep and calming voice. “Everything you always wanted can come true if you let your imagination guide you…” I felt really awkward, not bad, just… as if someone was breathing into me, it was the oddest feeling I ever had. When I woke up I looked outside the window that was right next to my bed and wondered if that dream was actually true.

Today is Saturday, my dad told me that he would be out with his friends tonight. He left our house pretty early—I was alone from 10.00AM to 11.00PM. I was in my bed already when I heard some noises downstairs. My father invited his friends to our house and it was quite obvious that they had a couple of drinks. They didn’t behave bad, though—just funny. I went downstairs and sat on the couch. I watched the six men laughing with each other. I giggled from time to time, too—but I was pretty distracted by their looks. I never noticed how incredibly handsome my father’s friends actually were. Dave—my dad’s friend since Junior-High—has short red hair. He got quite the handsome face, too. Nice chin, cheekbones and every time he smiled he looked amazingly smart and sexy. Dave wears a long-sleeved shirt and some light-brown pants.

The second one, Jefferson, who likes to call me ‘Jammy’, has some nice green eyes and a very manly nose. He wore a shirt with a square pattern and shorts that had the same color like Dave’s pants. Herold, with a quite sinister look on his face—even when he is drunk—stands next to my dad. Herold is actually very nice. His hair has the same color like my dad’s, it is a bit longer than his, too. His dark-blue shirt is a bit unbuttoned showing off his hairy chest. He looks well-built, not that muscular but still, nice shape. He wears blue jeans.

Ryan, a guy my father met at work, is laughing about something silly his friend Chris told him. Ryan has brown short hair with a sexy curl hanging in front of his forehead and Chris is a blond haired guy with quite the sexy voice. Both of them wear a red t-shirt that says “Take it easy”. Ryan wears blue pants and Chris shorts with a square pattern. My dad decided to wear his uniform because he didn’t feel like putting on something casual, also, his friends convinced him to do that in order to “score at the ladies”. Before he left with his friends he wanted to shave his face—he didn’t shave it for three months now and he had grown quite the nice beard. It made him look very handsome.

I continued watching those men standing in the kitchen around our table telling each other jokes and being drunk. Then Dave looked over at me and asked me if anything was wrong. Without actually paying attention to his question I muttered “I wish you guys became really muscular, so abnormally muscular that you would shred your clothes into pieces. And that your dicks grow pretty huge.” Then my mind went totally crazy. I imagined how their bodies started to change—muscles just erupting out of their bodies, leaving their clothes in shreds on the floor—and then how they made out with each other. I looked up and was kind of shocked that I said that to him. I didn’t even understand why I said it. I was probably so lost in thought that I didn’t realize that I was talking to Dave. I hoped he didn’t hear what I said. I was very embarrassed and my face flushed quite fast. But then the really awkward part was happening.

“What did you say, Jampson? Getting huge with big dicks? You guys heard that?”

They were all laughing now.

“Hey Jeff, can you imagine yourself with muscles and a huge dick?”

“Muscles? No. Dick, sure.”

They were laughing again.

“But hey… don’t you guys kinda like that idea? I mean… muscles are pretty hot.”

“I have to agree with Herold. And I mean… what’s so wrong about dicks? We all got one.”


“How big is yours when not erected Peter?”

Jampson was kind of surprised that those men were talking about muscles and penises without a reason all of sudden. He was even more surprised when his father answered the question.

“Good ol’ 6 inches my friend.”

“You’re making that up. Mine is only 4 inches.”

“Well, I got quite the nice gift down there.”

They were laughing again.

“Ok… Peter and Chris told us their length. Now me… heheh… 5 inches. Cool eh? What about you Ryan.”

“Ok Dave… mine is… 3 inches…”

“Hey, heads up. Nobody can be as gifted as Peter here. Hahaha!”

“Quite true, but mine can compete with yours, Dave.”

“Eh, really? How long, Jeff?”

“5 inches. Nice right?”

The men kept laughing and laughing.

“Maaannnn… I don’t know about you guys, but don’t you feel like kissing someone?”

“Haha… yeah.”

The men laughed once more.

“Come here Dave. Gimme a kiss.”

Jampson’s eyes opened wide when he saw his father kissing Dave right on the lips. The kiss lasted at least twenty seconds.

“Hmhmhmmmmm… Nice… I should have done that a lot earlier with you.”

And then Jampson realized what he had done. He watched the group of men as they kissed each other. He was impatiently waiting for the first thing he wished for. And then… it started!

“Urgh… I think I ate too much today… I’m feeling really strange inside right now.”

“Maybe Peter’s kiss wasn’t good for your health, haha! … Eh… Dave?”

Dave grunted and moaned.

“Oh god… ohh—”

Jampson looked closer and was amazed how much Dave’s back was changing, it became wider pretty fast. You could see that his shirt couldn’t hold the size of his massive-turning back any longer. There were some rips on it already.

“Urgh… man… hrgh… what’s wrong?”

A loud ‘RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPP!!!’ could be heard. Dave’s massive back exploded out of his shirt. Very soon his arms underwent the same process. Dave felt a powerful energy inside of them, the energy became stronger with each second. His arms looked like they had a spasm, and what appeared to be spams were actually his muscles contracting and relaxing very fast in a short period of time. They started to swell up to an unnatural size. He moaned again. The arms of his shirt tried to hold the huge content, but just like his shirt couldn’t withstand the extreme pressure of his muscular back, they simply failed to hold it inside. His incredibly huge arms were now visible for everyone. His biceps and triceps and his forearms as well were very defined and covered in veins.

“Eheh… hehe… Hey dudes! Check this out.”

Dave flexed and made a double-biceps pose, they made a wonderful peak. The other men stared at his new arms. They were quite speechless—and turned on as well. None of them noticed that they are starting to change, too, while looking at Dave’s transformation.

“Hey, Dave! Look at your chest, man!”

Ryan noticed how Dave’s pecs started to grow. While they became bigger they pushed the rest that was left of Dave’s shirt away and revealed his upper body. His abs got more defined and cut as well—very soon he had a beautiful 8-pack. Every single ab was so bulgingly thick that it looked like that they were fighting for more space.

“Heheh… dudes, that feels so hot!” Now Dave’s neck and trapz became thicker, too.

“Geez, look at you! So hot. Your body is turning into one of those fantasies some of us have.”

“Some!? I guess we all should have that fantasy by now. Hey! I think Dave is not done yet. Check out his thighs!”

While he massaged his own pecs you could see that Dave’s legs seemed to have a ‘spasm’ just like his arms had before. His legs started to push against the fabric of his pants. Very soon they were so tight that you could see strains all over them. And just like his shirt his pants gave up holding the swelling content inside. His thighs literally exploded out of it. His calves followed right after. Now he stood there, only covered in his underwear and shoes. Some of the guys touched his biceps, then his neck, then the pecs and then they wanted to feel the strength of his enormous legs.

“You like that, guys?”

He rubbed with his left hand his right pec and with his right hand he stroked his abs.

“Oh damn! I really want to be all over you, my friend.”

Said Jampson’s father. He touched Dave’s chest. Dave was quite turned on by that touch so he moaned.

“Come… I want you, right now, Peter.”

Jampson’s father kissed his friend, he knew since Junior-High. Their kisses became more passionate. Peter worked his hands behind Dave’s neck down to his butt.

“Ohhh, hmhm… You got quite the tight ass there. …Huh? Seems your friend is knocking at the door of my friend. Maybe I should let him in.”

One could definitely see that Dave’s dick was swelling up—but not only that but also his member seemed to become thicker. He had no 5 inches anymore, but amazing 12. Dave’s underwear ripped off because of the pressure his bubble-butt and monster cock were causing. Peter enjoyed the view and after some exchanges of kisses he started to stroke Dave’s stiff meat. He grunted.

“Don’t stop… continue—”

Peter kept stroking until he put his lips on top of Dave’s cock. He started to lick the head of it until he finally put it into his mouth. Both Peter and Dave enjoyed the feeling.

“Damn… it’s getting tight.”

“I know what you mean, Ryan.”

“No seriously, it’s getting tight, Chris!”

“What do you- Holy… Dick!”

Chris watched how the bulge in Ryan’s blue pants got larger with every second.

“Hnngh… Quick… I need your help to get out of my pants—”

“Wha… oh, yeah, yeah. Wait… There.”

When Ryan’s pants fell to the ground Chris’ jaw dropped. As Ryan’s bulging meat was freed from its barriers it shredded his underwear into pieces. Now it stood there, a proud 11 inches tool.

“Phew… thanks for saving, buddy. The pressure was getting a bit too extreme.—Chris?”

Chris tried to focus on Ryan’s words but he couldn’t concentrate because he felt something odd in his arms. When both guys looked at them they saw that veins slowly appeared on them and that these got thicker.

“Flex them, dude. I wanna see how big your guns are.”

Chris did a double-bi pose. He was shocked at how big his arms got, but they were still growing. Very soon he had mountains.

“Fuck… this is getting pretty intense, mate. … Is it just me or is your neck getting thicker?”

While both guys were marvelling at Chris big arms Ryan’s neck bulged up.

“Ohoho! Man, look at that! Your neck is freaking thick!”

Now both felt quite weird in their stomachs. They lifted their shirts and saw that a 6-pack was slowly appearing. At first it was just flat, hardly noticeable, but their abs became more defined quite fast. Both of them had an incredible 6-pack now—but even that didn’t last for too long because they watched in amazement how another pair of abs slowly carved itself into their stomach to create a beautiful 8-pack. The guys laughed and touched each others abs.

“You’re getting damn hot, Ryan.”

“So are you, my friend. Say, do you have a strange feeling in your back?”

“No, but in my legs.”

Chris’s thighs got meatier and meatier and Ryan’s back was tearing its way out of his shirt. Then Chris’s back got bigger and Ryan’s legs exploded out of his pants.

“Now you only need such an amazing dick like me.”

“I’m at it, buddy. Heh… See?”

You could see that something was moving inside of Chris’ underwear. After some few seconds an 11 inch dick burst out of it.

“Shit… I want you… Go, do it, Chris.”

“I guess we’re not the first. Herold and Jefferson are already at it. Man. Look at their bodies! They are so fucking huge.”

“Fuck! Do it!”

Chris pushed Ryan to the ground and then bend his legs so that he could reach his hole.

“Get ready.”

Chris shoved his manhood in Ryan’s ass. He screamed and then moaned with pleasure. Jampson observed everything from afar. He noticed that his father hadn’t changed yet. And after the guys shot their loads they quickly noticed, too.

“Ahh, shit… that was too fucking good.”

“You’re absolutely right, Herold.”

“Heh… you were quite good at sucking my cock, Jeff.”

“Thanks, Herold. But you also did a fucking good job. I never came that hard.”

“Guys! Look at that! Peter is still normal!”

“Damn, dude! You have no idea what you are missing.”

“How about we just show him?”

The five naked, muscular men went to Peter and started to massage his body.

“Hngh! “What are you doing? If you don’t stop I’m gonna burst into my pants!”

“Ohhh, don’t be like that. You seriously mind a good rub? From five big dudes?”

“From what I can tell he prefers sucking.”

The men laughed.

“You really don’t like this?”

Dave caressed Peter’s chest with his left hand while he flexed his right arm, Herold was stroking Peter’s belly while he pushed his cock, that was still covered in his cum, against his butt, Ryan moved his hands up and down on the insides of Peter’s thighs, Chris was kissing him while he touched his crotch and Jefferson massaged Peter’s arms.

“Hnnnngh! Guys, really! I can’t hold it much longer!”

“Oh Peter… Just give in to it.”

“Why don’t you become like one of us? We really want to have some fun with you, too, you know?”

“Not to mention how hot such a body feels—”

Chris flexed his biceps. What you saw were literally boulders, boulders that were covered in veins. The other men also put on a show. Herold flexed his thighs, Jefferson did a lat-spread, Ryan clenched his abs and Dave struck a most-muscular. But then Jampson’s father started to grunt.

“That’s a real turn-on, isn’t it?”

“I don’t think it’s because of that, Dave. Look at him.”

Peter was finally undergoing the same change like the other men.

“It’s about about time!”

“Guys, look at this!”

Dave watched how Peter’s shoulders stretched out broader and how they got much bigger. His neck followed up next.

“Check out his arms!”

Jefferson noticed that Peter’s arms had the same ‘spams’ like Dave had. Soon his biceps, triceps and forearms were huge, defined and covered in veins.

“Ohh… ohhhh… hurgh—”

“Just enjoy this, buddy. You’ll be like us in some minutes.”

Ryan and Chris looked at Peter’s legs and saw that they were getting thicker.

“Heheh… That’s some nice meat. Wonder how it feels like to be captured between those massive thighs.”

Soon his pecs got more visible, and eventually they became as thick as softballs.

“Now there is only that fat belly of you left, Peter.”

“Yeah, what a turn-off.”

A gurgling noise could be heard from Peter’s stomach. It got louder and louder.

“Fuck! Do you have a monster inside you? That sounds fucking creepy, dude.”

The gut of Jampson’s father got slowly flatter until his stomach was completely flat. And then it looked like he was flexing it. What appeared to be flexing were actually his abs contracting and relaxing.

“Now that’s more like it, bud!”

“Hurgh… hnngh—”

“Oh yeah, right. I think he’s getting a bit out of space in that super-tight uniform. Let’s give him a helping hand.”

All of the men ripped off Peter’s clothes.

“I already like what I see.”

“Me, too. But It’s gonna be better, so much better.”

The men laughed with pleasure and watched how Peter’s abs got more defined by the second.



A faint six-pack could be seen.



The six-pack got a bit more visible now.



The six-pack could be perfectly seen now.

“Ahhhahhhh… hngh… ohhh… Oh shit… oh shit… It’s not stopping—! Hargh!!”


Peter’s abs got a lot thicker now.

“Ohh! Hnnff…”


Another pair of abs slowly emerged.

“Hnnngh… ahh… ahhhh!”


He got an eight-pack with incredibly thick obliques now.

“Haaaa!! HAAAAAAA!!! Oh fucking… hell!! I can’t… HURGH!!!”


The contract—relax process finally stopped and Peter could breath again.

“Oh fuck, dude! That was the most intense and hot thing I have ever seen!”

“Holy shit! He got a fucking ten-pack! Check that shit out! He had a gut before and now a fucking ten-pack!”

“I’m kinda jealous now. All of us got an eight-pack and he got a fucking ten-pack.”

“Fuck that! Look at his briefs! Something is getting to life!”

Something was moving inside of Peter’s white briefs, indeed. After some seconds there was an obviously visible bulge in them—and it got even bigger! The bulge filled out the bag of his underwear. It looked like he had a snake in there. Some ripping noises could be heard now, too. There were small tears at the sides of his waistband, but they got a lot bigger as Peter’s bulge continued growing. The bag of his briefs now looked like he put a watermelon inside. His underwear eventually gave up holding his huge dick inside. It sprang out immediately to full erection. There it stood, the biggest cock those men have ever seen. They all gathered around Peter and touched his meat.

“Shit… I never thought that your transformation would be so amazing.”

“Guys, I think we’re gonna have some fun with Peter now.”

“Especially with this 19 inches pole.”

They rubbed, licked and touched it.

“Guys- hnnff! Not all at- haahhhahaaa! once… damn… I’m gonna c-cum! Ahh… ahhhh… ARGH!!!”

Jampson’s father shot a thick and creamy stream of cum. It hit all guys.

“Oh man… all this waiting was worth it. Just look at this.”

“Muscles and big dicks. I never thought that I actually like that kind of stuff.”

“I never thought that I like men, but now… I wouldn’t be surprised anymore.”

“Here… let me help you clean that up.”

The men were licking the cum off each other’s bodies.

“Whoever did this to us is a genius. Normally something like that would creep the shit out of me, and I would never want this kinda stuff happen to me, but now… Amazing.”

Jampson got pretty tired from watching all the excitement that happened and he fell asleep on the couch very fast. He hardly noticed what happened to his dad and what the other guys did.

“No, I didn’t mean it, Dave! “Hm? I’m in my room… Wait… it was just a dream?” I sighed. I remembered what happened to my dad and his friends last night and how they made out with each other but now… I’m not sure if that actually happened. Secretly I hoped that it wasn’t a dream at all. When I heard a moan I got up and went out of my room. “Dad?”

“Son! I… errm… Wait a second!” I could hear my dad’s voice coming from the bathroom. “Dad, are you ok?”

“Don’t come in!” I was kinda scared, but I opened the door to the bathroom, anyway.

“What’s… wrong?” I could feel how my jaw dropped when I saw my dad with all those huge muscles.

“Sorry, son. I made quite the mess in here.” Jizz was dripping from the sink. There was also some jizz on the mirror and at the walls. “I’m very sorry… but I just couldn’t stop myself. Something really strange happened yesterday. I’m not sure if you actually noticed it since you were sleeping. When I got home with my friends we went into the kitchen and were talking about work and some other things when Dave noticed that you were sitting on the couch. After he asked you a question—which you seemed to answer but nobody understood what you said—Dave was talking about the male body all of a sudden and then… well you can see what happened. Since that incident I have to make myself ‘feel better’ quite often. And son, there is also something else I have to tell you.”

I tried to understand all the things my father told me but I was too busy being happy about the fact that my imagination actually did that to my dad, and to his friends. “Son, I’m afraid that I like men more than women.” He put his jizz-covered hand on my left shoulder.

When I felt the tight grip I got back to my senses. “What now?”

“Yes. I hope that you can get along with that one day. But right now… I really need you to get out of here.” When I left the bathroom my father closed the door behind me. Not even a second later I heard him moan again.

“So it wasn’t a dream? That’s just… Oh my god! I have the power to make my dreams come true!” And with that I made up some ideas what I could do next with that power.

Part 2

After I changed my dad and some of his friends, life wasn’t as ‘normal’ as it used it to be—especially my father’s. His first day at work with his new body made some people—except Ryan and Chris—feel uncomfortable. They simply didn’t know how they could handle such a… situation. Not to mention that everyone on the streets stared at him when he was walking through town. Also he was quite struggling with the choice of what he should wear since all of his clothes were so tight-fitting that it was almost impossible for him to take a step without shredding them. I don’t feel exactly sorry for him—sure, most of the things he used to do aren’t working as smoothly as before but it’s not like that he doesn’t enjoy any of that what he has now. Every morning and evening he leaves some traces of his ‘enjoyment’ in the bathroom, which I have to clean afterwards. But that’s not too much of an issue for me. Ever since that day I realized that I could turn my imagination into reality I tried to think of some things—or persons—I could change. But unfortunately I can’t think of anything at all… Quite funny, isn’t it? Just when I figured out that I got a gift I am unable to use it. But that is something I shouldn’t worry about any longer since my biggest problem is the survival of this week. Another week of mindless bullies that like to turn my life into hell.

Monday is probably the least harmful day of the week. There is only one of the four guys that want to beat me up in my classes that day. And between breaks I just quickly run to my ‘secret corner’ where they would never look for me. So yeah, Monday is the best day for me. Tuesday is also not too bad—only three of the guys are in my classes. But they are not as stupid as they might appear. They are smart enough to sit close enough to me to throw random tiny things at me. Again, Tuesday is not that bad. But there is still Wednesday and Thursday left. Those are the days when all of them are in my classes. After the last lesson is over I can’t get out of the room fast enough. They stop me right at the door and then they walk together with me out of the school. And that’s the point of the day when I wish that I could be home a lot earlier—

“Hey, Fagson!” That’s what Kyle, their ‘leader’, calls me. “Why do you always try to get out of the room so fast? Avoiding something’?”

“Yeah! Or are you afraid of something?” said Ron, to make himself feel as a part of the group. “I really don’t have time for this.”

“Ohhh! You don’t have time for this! Sorry, guys! I think we have to beat him up another day. Too bad.” Kyle really tried his best to sound cool, but he pretty much failed at it. “How about we just make it quick, eh? I mean, it seems you are busy, right?”

“In fact, I am, Luke. Now just leave me alone.” Tony, the fourth of the guys was just standing there and watched all that. I still don’t understand why he joined the club of those brain-dead idiots. He used to be bullied, too, but now he got himself on an even lower level than before. I tried to walk away but that was probably the most useless action I could ever do. I felt a punch that went right to my stomach. I coughed a few times before I could regain my breath. “Take this as a little preview of what will happen to you tomorrow.” said Kyle. Oh goodness… I completely forgot that Friday is by far the worst day in my week. It’s the day when I have P.E. lesson. Right now I just want to disappear from this planet. “See ya later, Fagson!” Tony stayed a bit longer and looked at me. “If you don’t want to help me then go back to your group. I don’t need any more attention.”

“I’m sorry—”

“As if.” I headed back home and went straight into my room. My dad entered it shortly after. “Everything ok, son?”

“No… I just want to get this over with so that I won’t have to see them again.”

“It’s just this year.” My dad tried to comfort me by giving me a hug but when he reached around my back with his arms the back of his shirt tore apart. “Again? Wait, isn’t that shirt the one you just bought yesterday?”

“Well, I guess I didn’t spend my money on a good one, haha! Oh well… I’ll make some dinner. I’ll see you i n the kitchen.” After dinner I went to bed and mentally prepared myself for tomorrow. Although I absolutely hate P.E. I have to admit that I like it at some point. After our first teacher, Mr. Folt, left our school we got a new one, Mr. Roland. He was definitely the coolest teacher at the school, mainly because he is also the youngest—he is 30 years old, the other teachers are around 40 to 50.

Today is Friday, the day I fear the most. Before P.E. I have five other classes. Whenever one was over my nervousness rose and rose until the time has finally come. “Ok, grab your stuff and head straight to the toilet.” I always locked myself up in the little room where the toilet was. I really tried my hardest to avoid those four guys. After I changed into my training clothes I waited 5 minutes to make sure that absolutely everyone left the changing room, after that I went outside and joined them in the gym.

“Alright, everybody! Today we are going to play some dodgeball.” Great… “Make two teams and make sure that you don’t put every guy that is quite good at this sport in one group and the weaker ones in the other.” That’s what he always says when he doesn’t want to say ‘the bad ones’. But at least he is recognizing that there are bad players like me, unlike our first teacher that somehow tried to convince us that we are all equally good. “But Mr. Roland! Jampson can’t join any group since he is neither good nor bad. He should actually join the girls’s team.” The four guys laughed. “Hey! Stop this immediately! I don’t want to see such non-sportsman-like behaviour in this gym, you got that? How old are you?” ”18!”


“19, sir!”

“18!” ”You weren’t supposed to answer that question but thank you for sharing the information that you can’t act like 18 and 19-year-old persons.” I actually like that Mr. Roland tries to makeus work together as a team, even though some of the guys prefer pulling a solo-act. Kyle and Tony decided to be the captains of the two teams. I knew that I’ll be picked last so I decided to just look around and pretend that I don’t care about any of the choices that were made. I caught myself staring at Luke, Ron, Kyle and Tony, though. I know that I simply despise them but I still think that they are in quite a good shape. I imagined how they would look like if they put on some serious muscle and a bit more meat somewhere else. That’s when my mind went completely crazy. I saw how they actually grew huge and how they started to feel each other’s bodies. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a hand on my left shoulder. “Jampson!”


“Tony picked you. Go to his team.”

“Of course.”

“Alright! Good luck, guys!”

“Yeah, you definitely need that, Tony!” laughed Ron. The next 30 minutes were probably the longest I ever lived. After the first 20 seconds I already got hit on the side of my head. And that wasn’t the only hit I got. “Ok, guys! Game is over. Kyle’s team won.”

“That’s not too much of a surprise.”

“Hey, watch it! Well, get changed and then go home. I’ll see you next week.” I went to the toilet as fast as I could and locked myself up. “Great… that will leave a mark. Damn! Such idiots!” I changed to my casual clothes and waited some minutes until the changing room was completely silent. I knew that those four guys wouldn’t wait for me forever. I unlocked the door and went outside but then something happened that I could never have expected.

“Yo, Fagson!”

Kyle said. He waited the entire time with his ‘friends’ for Jampson.

“Don’t think you can just get away from us that easily.”

“I told you that today would be a special day for you.”

Kyle pushed him against the wall. The other three just watched him.

“So… you ready?”

Jampson waited for Kyle to punch him but instead he moved some steps backward.

“We saw you staring at us in the gym. We all know that you like guys more than girls. So… I hope that you’re gonna enjoy this.”

Jampson was confused. He didn’t exactly understand what was going on.

“What do you think?” Kyle flexed his right arm. The bicep made a not so big yet noticeable bump.


“I know you like it. But I also know that you like it even bigger.”

He relaxed his arm. Just when Jampson was about to ask what he was really going to do to him he noticed that veins appeared on it and that they got thicker.

“Let’s try it again, shall we?”

He flexed his right arm again. This time the bump looked a bit bigger—he relaxed his arm and then flexed it another time, the bump was obviously bigger than before now, even his entire arm looked bigger!

“Well? Like it? I’m not done yet.”

He did the same thing with his left arm and it became bigger quite fast. Then he made a double-biceps pose—the sleeves of his shirt were strained to their maximum.

“I don’t know what to—”

“Say? Don’t say anything at all. Just enjoy this. I won’t be the only one that is going to put on a show just for you.”

The other guys in the back laughed. That’s when Jampson remembered that he imagined how the four of them grew bigger.

(No way! I did it again! And it looks like that they won’t be bullying me that soon again. They are actually doing his for me! Maybe this day could become better after all.)

He didn’t know that there will be some unexpected surprises for him, indeed. But he will figure that out soon enough. Right now he watched in amazement how Kyle, and soon his friends too, grew bigger.

“And now… check this out.”

Kyle turned around to show his back. Jampson was surprised how much wider it became.

“Almost—” Just a few seconds later the shirt tore apart in the middle and a massive back was revealed.

“Think this is hot? It gets better, Jampson!”

He turned around again and lifted his shirt. He flexed his abs. At first they looked ordinary and flat but when Kyle flexed them some few more times they got a lot more noticeable and bigger. Jampson marvelled at the 8-pack. Kyle moved his shirt over his abs and then he put both of his hands in front of him and flexed his pecs. They ballooned out and filled his shirt to the point where it couldn’t hold the massive content inside. His shirt was shredded into pieces revealing his upper body which looked extremely ripped and huge.

“I’m not quite finished yet.”

Kyle’s pants looked like that they got smaller—which is because of the increasing size of his legs. Eventually his pants ripped open at the seams to fully show his massive legs. Now he stood there in his underwear and shoes only. But there was something that seemed to increase in size as well—his boxers looked like he stuffed it with some pairs of socks, but it was in fact his dick that became thicker and longer.

“I think I am ready now. What do you think?”

He dropped his boxers to show off his 10-inches tool. Jampson was speechless. For the first time in his life he felt an uncommon pleasure building inside of him.

“Why, it looks like you are enjoying this after all. Guys, I think you can make this situation a lot better.”

Luke, Ron and Tony went in front of Kyle.

“Show him what ya got.”

Kyle gave Jampson a lustful smirk—he knew what was going to happen next. Luke lifted his shirt to show his abs that slowly became more defined—one pair of abs carved itself into his stomach… then a second one emerged… and then a third one completed his beautifully shaped 6-pack. But it wasn’t over just yet. He moaned before he clenched his abs to make a last, fourth pair appear. He gently stroked his abs, feeling every crease and every bump there was. Jampson swallowed hard at that sight. Then Ron rubbed his crotch to bring Jampson’s attention to his cock. He saw an obviously visible bulge in his jeans that got bigger and bigger. Soon his cock pushed so hard into his jeans that the button flew off and the zipper forced its way down. Ron’s dick immediately burst out of his underwear. Jampson swallowed hard again when he saw Ron’s 11-inch member.

Then Tony started to moan—his legs pushed against his pants and eventually exploded out of them into sight. Jampson felt himself turned on by those massive thighs and incredibly big calves. Then all three of them turned around and did a lat-spread. In just some few seconds three huge backs tore their way out of the shirts. They turned around again to face Jampson who looked at their chests and carefully watched how their pecs increased in size and eventually pushed the remains of their shirts away. Ron, who was standing in the middle, got his arms massaged by Luke and Tony. While they massaged them they got bigger and more defined and covered in veins. Luke, who flexed his right arm from time to time to increase it in size, looked at Jampson to see if he still enjoyed the view. He noticed that there was a little bulge in his pants. Luke looked at Tony and and nodded in Jampson’s direction. Tony looked over at him and smirked. He flexed his left arm to make it become bigger—soon it had the same size like Luke’s right arm. Jampson felt like he was about to faint, he could hardly believe that this was actually happening in front of his eyes.

Tony and Luke got on their knees and started to massage Ron’s legs with their now-massive arms. His thighs became thicker first and then his calves followed right after—they finally tore their way out of his pants. Then both guys got up again and started stroking Ron’s stomach. He pretty much enjoyed that feeling. After some seconds of rubbing he had a wonderful 8-pack. Luke and Tony stopped massaging Ron’s body—he wanted to feel the bodies of his friends now. He got on his knees and carefully touched Luke’s thighs. He rubbed them—first slow then a bit faster, which eventually made them grow thick and meaty. Luke’s pants surrendered to the extreme pressure his legs caused; his pants ripped open at the seams.

Ron stood up and looked at Tony who was impatiently waiting for his treatment. Ron gently caressed Tony’s stomach—he wanted to feel how every single ab slowly popped-up under his skin and how they got tighter and harder. First he could feel one bump—Ron grinned—then… Bump! another ab appeared—Bump Bump!—a second pair of abs appeared—Tony felt so turned on by that feeling that he had to moan—Bump Bump!—a third pair appeared—Ron touched with his index finger every single ab once as if he was counting them. And then Tony shut his eyes, he prepared himself for the final incredible feeling—Bump——Tony moaned “Hnnf… hngh…”—Bump!—he finally had an 8-pack just like his buddies—he felt like he was about to shoot a load into his briefs.

“We should even out our other arm, Tony.”

“I am ready if you are, Luke.”

Both guys flexed the other arm that was still thin—which quickly changed, though. After flexing them three times they had the same size like their other arm.

“Now for the final. Make sure to get a good look, Jampson.”

Ron grabbed the crotch of his two friends and gave them a good squeeze before he removed his hands again. Their dicks slowly filled out their underwear and eventually… they bursted free from their barriers! Kyle went in front of Jampson again.

“So? Enjoyed this?”

“I… I really am not able to describe all this.”

“You don’t need to. Your pants are already answering my question.”

Kyle noticed that Jampson had an erection and that a wet spot was appearing.

“But if you think that we are done yet then you are quite mistaken, my friend.”

Kyle kissed Jampson, who couldn’t comprehend what was happening to him right now, but he finally decided to give in to that feeling and he kissed him back. He kissed Kyle more and more passionately, the other three guys caressed Jampson’s body which caused the wet stain on his pants to become even larger. Kyle stopped so that Luke, Ron and Tony could also have some fun. The four guys started to sweat due to all the excitement, they also slowly stroked their own meat to release some pressure that was building up inside their large poles. That is when all of them heard someone entering the changing room.

“What the hell are you doing!?”

Mr. Roland was still in the gym collecting some of the equipments that the guys didn’t return to the lockers and also checking if someone forgot something in the changing room. You could clearly see the shock in his face when he saw the five guys, four of them naked, making out.

“What the heck happened!? And put some damn clothes on already!”

Jampson was still in the middle of a passionate kiss with Ron when he finally got the chance to move his head a bit to the side to look at Mr. Roland. He already changed from his training suit to his casual clothes. He wore ordinary blue jeans, a blue long-sleeved shirt with some green stripes on it and his brown shoes. Jampson looked him into the eyes, his gorgeous green eyes. He always thought that Mr. Roland looked incredibly handsome—he has a very masculine face with sideburns and a short haircut that he gelled back. Then Jampson’s imagination kicked in again. He imagined how the four guys teased Mr. Roland with their bodies and how he eventually falls for it and even becomes bigger himself.

(Oh, no way—)

He thought. Ron stopped kissing him—all four guys now went to Mr. Roland and flexed their muscles in front of him.

“What do you think you’re doing there!? Back off, will ya!”

“You can’t fool us, Mr. Roland.”

“We know you like it.”

“No, I don’t! Get away!”

The four guys circled him, making it impossible for him to get out of the room. Then Luke took Mr. Roland’s right hand and placed it on his right bulging pec.

“Stop it!”

“I guess you need some little help.”

He moved Mr. Roland’s hand across his chest. He felt a bit turned on all of a sudden.

“” Quit it already—”

“Let me continue.”

Ron took Mr. Roland’s right hand now and put it on his abs. He gulped when he felt all those bumps when Ron slowly moved his hand across his magnificent stomach.

“” This… feels good actually.”

Ron let go of Mr. Roland’s hand allowing him to explore his muscular body on his own. He obviously enjoyed every second of it.

“I never felt something as hot as that befo- HARGH!”

He couldn’t even finish his sentence when suddenly Mr. Roland’s cock grew thicker and longer. A massive bulge quickly tented the front of his jeans, which eventually gave up keeping the monster inside his barriers. A big 16-inch dick bursted out.

“Oh god… What’s going on!?”

Mr. Roland stared in shock at his new tool before something else got his attention—his skin was writhing. It didn’t take him long to realize that his muscles, that were growing bigger, were the cause of it. His arms quickly filled the sleeves of his shirt.

“Flex your arms for us.”

Mr. Roland was a bit unsure about that but he felt way too aroused to just not try it out. He flexed both of his arms making a wonderful double-bi pose. He looked in shock at the peaks his muscles made. While he flexed his arms a tearing sound could be heard—his back grew out of his shirt making it rip open in the middle. But it wasn’t the only thing that tried to force its way out of his now rather tight-fitting shirt—his pecs bulged up pushing hard against the front of it. His shirt clung so tight to his pecs that you could see the outlines of his nipples. Not even a second later it ripped open in the front showing off his big pecs that looked like they wanted to be massaged real good.

“This… this is too good. I want more—”

With his left hand he felt his stomach which seemed like he was flexing it.


Mr. Roland already had an admirable 6-pack but the new two extra pairs made it more beautiful.

“Heheh… Guys this feels incredible! Here! Check it out!”

“Looking good, Mr. Roland.”

He felt how his jeans started to get tighter.

“Oh man, here we go—”

A massive thigh exploded out of the right leg of his jeans, then another massive thigh out of the left. He flexed them seeing how every single muscle was just writhing under his skin. He laughed in excitement.

“This is getting better and better! I love this new body!”

The remains of his jeans were pulled tight around his calves as those were expanding. Eventually they forced their way out. Now Mr. Roland stood there just like the other four guys, naked and extremely muscular.

“What do you think, guys?”

Mr. Roland clenched his 10-pack.


“Perfectly shaped.”

“Very hot, Mr. Roland.”


“Well? What about you, Jampson? No words?”

He grinned at him. Jampson felt a bit uncomfortable all of a sudden.

“I… You… I think I should go home now. My dad is probably wondering where I am.”

“Don’t be like that, Jampson! I just asked you something, no need to leave. But ok, let me just put on my training clothes, I’ll drive you home. You guys should probably go home, too. And don’t forget to put something on as well. You don’t want to completely freak out the people on the street, now do you?”

Mr. Roland put his right hand on Jampson’s shoulder and walked with him out of the changing room to his office in the gym. There he put on his training clothes which used to hang loosely on his body but were now super tight.

“You still didn’t answer my question.”


“What do you think?”

He flexed his right arm for him. A huge mountain of a bicep that was covered in veins heaved up. Jampson had to hold his breath for a second.

“I… I think you… look… gorgeous—”

“Heh, thanks, Jammy. Can I call you like that?”

“Oh, s-sure, Mr. Roland!”

“Please, call me Henry. Now, let me drive you home.”

“Yes, Mr. Rol… Henry—”

The entire ride Jampson was completely silent. He was still unable to understand that he changed five guys into huge gods. He also didn’t know how to explain to his dad how Mr. Roland became so big all of a sudden. But that is something he will definitely not have to worry about. When they arrived Mr. Roland was ringing at the door. Jampson’s father opened the door and looked at both guys in confusion.

“Hello, Mr. Dustfield.” My dad was obviously not sure what was going on'to be honest, I wasn’t even sure myself. “Oh hello there, Mr. Roland, if I’m not mistaken?”

“I wanted to get home a bit faster so he decided to give me a ride.”

“Well, I gotta go now. I’ll see you next week, Jammy.” My dad looked even more confused than he did before. “W-wait! Why don’t you come in and have some coffee or tea?”

“Eh… sure.” Mr. Roland went with me inside our house. I had no idea why my father wanted him to stay with us but I could imagine why he also didn’t want him to go. I went to my room and changed my clothes since I pretty much ruined them back in the gym. Meanwhile my dad was talking to Mr. Roland in the living-room—both of them seemed to be quite turned on by each other’s bodies. When I went downstairs I could overhear them. “So… You are Jampson’s P.E. teacher?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, please don’t get me wrong but, I never thought of you so… big.” Mr. Roland laughed. “It’s quite new to me as well. But you are also quite big yourself, Mr. Dustfield.”

“Haha, thank you! But please, call me Peter.”

“Well, I am Henry.”

“I have to admit that I am glad that you are my son’s teacher, Henry.”

“I’m lucky that you are the father of one of my students—” Mr. Roland put his left hand on my dad’s right leg. His pants seemed to get a bit tighter around his crotch. “Maybe we should wait until your son—”

“Don’t worry about him, I know he doesn’t mind.” Which is actually true by the way. But that was just a side-note. My dad leaned in to kiss Mr. Roland. And for about 40 seconds they had some fun but they got interrupted when somebody was ringing and knocking like a madman at our door. I opened it. “Where is your dad!?” It was Tony’s father. He was obviously angry so I didn’t try to upset him even more. “He… uhmm… living-room—” Tony’s dad pushed measide and went into our house. “Peter Dustfield, you sick bastard!“ I turned around when I felt someone tapping my shoulder. “Tony?”

“Sorry for this, Jampson. But well… looks like my dad doesn’t like what happened to me.” He flexed his pecs which caused the super tight shirt he was wearing to rip open a bit. “But… what does my dad has to do with any of this?” I sighed. “This day is definitely not going how I imagined it… Come in.” Tony went inside, too. I closed the door behind us and went with him to the kitchen where we watched everything from afar. “How can I help you, Gordan?”

“Don’t ‘How-can-I-help-you-Gordan’ me!! I know that YOU did that to my son!!”

“What exactly?”

“I don’t know how and I really don’t want to know it but I know that YOU did it!! You turned my boy into a muscle freak like you!!”

“I’m sorry but I don’t understand, Gordan.”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Peter!! Just look at you!! One day you were an ordinary man and the next you have all those muscles!! You must have taken something!! And you gave that something to my son!! Are you out of your mind!? How do you think I’m gonna explain that to my ex-wife!? HM!?”

“Calm down, Gordan. I really don’t know what you are talking about, but I am sure we can find a solution to it.”

“Your dad is quite mad, isn’t he?”

“That’s his nice side… You really don’t want to see him when he gets mad. Listen, I’m sorry for what happened the past days and well… years.”

“Now I am confused.”

“Well, I’m talking about how Kyle and the other guys and I as well, bullied you. Ever since we changed I realized how much I actually like you.”

“That’s… cool?”

“No, I mean, I ‘like’ you.”

“That’s… wait, really?” He kissed me right on the lips. “Really.” I was quite speechless for some seconds. Tony is into me now? Maybe this is even better than I could have imagined. “But what about the others? Aren’t their parents shocked to see them… you know… so big all of a sudden?”

“Their parents are still at work. They will either be scarred to death later this day or tomorrow morning. Man… I wish my dad wouldn’t be mad at me. I mean, I do enjoy this here.” He flexed his left arm making the sleeve rip open at the seam. “I really wish he could feel how amazing this is—” I looked at Tony’s dad that was still yelling at my father. “I really wonder how your dad would look like if he could be just like you—” I kept staring at Tony’s pretty much out-of-shape father and imagined how all the layers of fat just disappear and muscles erupt from his body and how his crotch fill his pants. “Oh no—”

“What is it, Jampson?”

“You’ll figure that one out in a few seconds—”

“Solution, my ass!! I swear, I will so kick your freakin’—!!”

Tony’s dad had to stop to catch his breath.

“Oh goodness… Is it just me or is it getting warm in here?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s just you, Gordan.”

Tony’s dad started sweating.

“Oh god… Mind if I take of my shirt? I’m getting really warm.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

He took off his shirt and let it fell to the ground. Sweat drops quickly covered is upper body.

“Everything ok?”

“I… I don’t know. Hey, can I sit down for a moment, Pete?”

“Sure, sure.”

Tony’s father sat down on the couch and breathed heavily.

“Phew… I really don’t know why I feel so weird all of a sudden.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have yelled so hard, Gordan.”

“Shut up, Pete.”

Tony’s father held his belly with both of his hands. A gurgling noise could be heard.


The noise got louder with each second. His belly slowly got flatter and flatter until there was no fat left.


“I have no idea what’s going on but man… I actually like this, Pete!”

The skin of his arms became tighter and firmer and eventually it was so tight that you could clearly see the muscles of his arms, which started to grow bigger. His biceps bulged up in a few seconds just like his forearms. His neck was next in the growing process.

“Pete! Look at this! Look at my guns!”

“Not bad, my friend. But I think you are still getting beefier.”

Tony’s dad’s hairy pecs became thicker in a matter of some seconds. He touched them.

“God… this is just amazing. My pecs are so big. Pete, feel them! Come on!”

Jampson’s dad touched those bulging pecs and carefully caressed them.

“Wonderful, Gordan—”

Jampson’s father’s dick started to swell, his pants didn’t put any effort into disguising his growing erection. Mr. Roland just watched everything, his own pants also showing signs of a growing erection.

“Hnngh… oh god… my back—”

The back of Tony’s dad stretched out broader and packed on muscle after muscle turning it into a massive wall of ripped muscles. Then he felt weird in his stomach again. He touched it with his left hand and felt how it got tighter with each second, finally he felt some little bumps which became bigger. He laughed.

“This is too hot. Just… hnngh!”

He clenched his abs making every single ab pop up under his skin.

“Gordan! You got a 10-pack! Oh man… you turn into a real god right now.”

“You like that, don’t you Pete?”

Now his pants slowly pulled tight around his legs.

“You ready for this?”

His pants ripped open at the seams revealing two meaty legs, he flexed them making every single muscle ripple under his skin. Now he grabbed his crotch with both hands.

“Oh god, hnnngh! Those briefs… they are getting too tight—!”

His hands slowly moved forward, Tony’s dad had to move his legs further apart to make a bit more space for his swelling cock.

“Oh sh—!!”

He removed his hands from his crotch and right at that moment his cock bursted free.

“Holy… Damn, Gordan! That thing must be at least 18-inches long. Shit, I think I’m gonna cum right now.”

“Heh, save it for me, Pete.”

Tony’s father stood up and kissed Jampson’s dad, his dick finally burst out of his pants. Mr. Roland couldn’t hide his erection any longer as well, his dick tore its way out of his training pants.

“I want both of you, now—”

Jampson’s dad moved behind Tony’s dad and started stroking his butt. Mr. Roland went in front of him and grabbed his dick.

“Careful, guys. We don’t to spill anything, do we?”

Mr. Roland licked the tip of Tony’s father’s cock and and eventually swallowed almost half of it. Jampson’s father shoved his dick inside his ass, pushing all of his 19-inches deep inside. Tony and Jampson were still watching everything from the kitchen, they just stared at the three men pleasing each other. They groaned louder and wilder as they were getting to the climax.

“Oh fuck—!!! HAAARGH!!!”

“AHHH!!! HARGH!!!”


All three of them shot immense loads. Mr. Roland swallowed hard trying his best to not spill a single drop of the juice that was running down his throat.

“Oh man! Ohhh!”

Tony’s dad felt how the jizz filled his butt and his stomach. He looked down and saw how his gut was slowly extending, which made him cum even harder. Mr. Roland was almost unable to keep up with the speed, his own gut was extending now as well. After three minutes of cumming the men finally stopped. Jampson’s dad pulled his dick out of Tony’s dad’s butt who pulled his dick out of Mr. Rolands’s throat. Both he and Tony’s father looked at their slightly extended stomachs.

“That felt fucking incredible.”

“I can’t believe how hard I came.”

“Not to mention that you did spill ‘a bit’ of your juice, Henry, haha!”

The men looked at the puddle of cum Mr. Roland left on the floor. They laughed.

“Sorry, guys. But I couldn’t hold it back.”

“It’s getting pretty late. Think I’m gonna go back home and enjoy my new body. Sorry for disturbing you, Pete. I can probably understand now why you like this.”

“Hey, no problem, Gordan. And if you ever feel like doing this again… you know where I live.

“Haha, I’ll gladly accept that offer! Hey, Tony! We’re going back home!”

“On my way, dad!”

Tony turned to Jampson.

“I’ll see you Monday! Bye, dude!”

Tony left with his father the house.

“Oh man, I should also leave now, still got some work to do.”

“Of course you got some ‘work’ to do, Henry. Same goes for you, if you ever feel like this again, you know where I live.”

“I know, Peter.”

Mr. Roland kissed him on the lips and left, too.

“Well! Looks like we are alone now, son. Son?”

“I’m right here dad.”

“You were in the kitchen the whole time?”

“Yes, dad. And yes, I did see what you, Mr. Roland and Tony’s dad did. But don’t worry, I don’t mind that at all. I’m glad that you are enjoying yourself so much.”

“What can I say? Having such a body makes it a lot easier to enjoy yourself! Haha!”

Peter stroked the head of Jampson.

“So… I guess I should clean up this mess here.”

He sighed.

“You know, son, I wish a lot more men in this town could be like this.”

“Like what?”

“Yo know, being big and all that. But I guess something like that could only happen in one’s imagination.”

Jampson smiled.

“Yeah, I guess you are right.”

He wondered how the next weeks could be like, now that he knows how amazing his gift is—and he wondered how a lot more men would enjoy what his father enjoyed so much.

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