Nick’s serum adventure

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Author's Note

I’m sorry guys for my bad English and I really need help in English. This was my first try making stories here so please upvote and comment.

Part 1

Nicholas Erwich, or Nick for short, had lived in his house for 16 years.

His father, Edward Erwich, was Assistant Vice President at a faceless corporation. He was an old, bald, short, and fat man. He was 5’4” tall and weighed 185 pounds, almost all of it fat. His mother, Franciska Onrust Erwich, had died when Nick was 2 years old, and since then his father was the one taking care of Nick.

By the time Nick was 16 years old teenage boy, he had skinny build and was 5’7” with 100 pounds of bone and skin.

He had a brother, too. His brother’s name was James Thamrin, and he was an 18-year-old teenage hunk—quite the opposite of Nick, standing at 6’6” and weighing 295 pounds of pure muscle. He was one of the jocks in school, but not the biggest. He had better genetics than Nick, and was proud of it, showing it off in the house by often wearing tank tops and shorts.

Today was the another day like most before it for Nick. He was crushed and bullied by the jocks, ignored by his own friends, and teachers were mad because his project was not perfect.

Ed has always accepted both his sons, despite their differences from each other, and he supported them whether they wanted him to or not. Ed’s job earned him a lot of money, but James’s size and energy meant he consumed more food and energy that both Ed and Nick combined.

Ed noticed that Nick was always sad when he was alone, and mad when he was with somebody else (especially James). He decided to call his friend Leo to help him out with some gifts to help his son, and Leo agreed. He came over to the house in the morning and prepared his gifts downstairs. Ed then had to persuade Nick to go downstairs to at least act pleased about the gift that Ed and Leo prepared.

“Hi there. How are you, so.?” said Ed, curious.

“Fine, I guess.” Nick was annoyed and mad because he wanted to be alone.

“Okay, what happened? and I don’t have to be your mother to know something happened to you in that tone,” said Ed with a father-and-son talk tone. “You cannot be mad all the time.”

“Just at school,” Nick answered, annoyed with his father for not leaving him alone.

“Maybe you can tell me what the problem is. Maybe we solve it together.”

Nick sighed. His dad was still very nice and gentle after putting up with both of his sons.

“Is it James? I can talk to James again. Has James bullied you again? He is your only big brother, you know that,” said Ed.

“Uh… Hmm… No… James didn’t bully me, but I got bullied by someone else, and James immediately stood up for me, as well as Aaron. I was afraid that it will destroy his image and respect he is building through his year. If their reputation is destroyed, then they will be the ones getting bullied.”

He continued, “And he is so tall and muscular! Jocks are constantly bullying me and keep getting more cruel. After that, I want to big like him… or maybe bigger.” Nick said all this too quickly and maybe too loud, even though their bodyguard might hear.

Yes, Ed had a bodyguard. Nick’s father needed to have protection because his position was more sensitive that it appeared. He had a secret that no one knows except him and vice president himself.

“You know what, let’s have some breakfast downstairs,” said Ed. “Maybe after you eat, you’ll feel better.”

“Okay, I’ll go down in a second,” Nick sighed. Nick’s stomach growled, he really needed some food.

Nick got out of bed and went to the wardrobe where there was a full-length mirror. Actually, though he was skinny he was also healthy enough to not be sick every day, or to have to surrender when they started beating him. He had good muscles in his legs so he could run from the bullies, or at least avoid them. The bullies did catch up to him sometimes, though, and he still got beaten, shoved into lockers, or his allowance taken.

Sometimes, James bullied Nick for his own popularity and image, like he didn’t care about his own brother, but the truth was that usually after the bullies left he came with the first aid kit and helped Nick out. James was nice but cocky, but he needed to save his image.

James’s best friend forever, Aaron, usually helped them by doing chores. Aaron felt that the Erwich family welcomed him and the Erwiches’ house felt like his only home.

James and Aaron were competing to see who could be the bigger and usually, they wrestled and posed in front of the mirrors.

Aaron was actually a rich teenager, but because of some accident that happened in the Himalayas 14 years ago that killed both his parents, he took care of himself and his little brother. His personal assistant, Adam Meyer, was the one who managed his wealth.

Aaron Walker, who was an 18-year-old who stood 6’7” tall and 425 pounds, had a 15-year-old brother named Tony, who was 6’3 feet tall and 310 pounds. He and his brother often visited James and Nick’s house frequently. When summer began, Aaron managed to stay for an entire summer in their house, his brother with him.

Aaron and his brother had a very decent house with a private swimming pool, a small pond, a horse ranch, an organic farm, and a private gym. His father owned several gyms and markets in the town he also owned many things outside the town. The Walker family was one of the wealthiest and influential families in the town.

Ed was waiting downstairs preparing breakfast, Nick thought. He worked hard for his family. Maybe he was too hard on his father.

He cleared his mind and decided to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts that were very simple clothing like usual. He didn’t want to stand out, especially not for clothing, so just simple clothing was okay for him.

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