By Brad Mercury 
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Neil was having a small party. He’d invited a few friends over for drinks and a bbq on a hot summer weekend night. The guys all enjoyed hanging out on the patio, drinking beer while dinner grilled. A casual party, most had kicked off their shoes or flip flops. Some had removed their shirts. After dinner, they moved inside, sprawled about the living room, a cool breeze blowing thru the patio door.

Neil had promised a magic show after dinner.

Jason and Reece sat on the couch, Reece’s bare feet in Jason’s lap. Josh relaxed in a recliner nearby. Mark sat on the floor, his legs folded beneath him. Only Jason had seen Neil’s magic before. The rest had no idea what would happen.

Neil stood before the small group, his legs spread, his arms folded. His long curly hair fell down past his shoulders onto a black shirt. He wore cargo shorts on his legs. His large, narrow feet were bare, a small gold ring on the toe of his right second toe.

Reece spoke to Neil, “How long have you been doing magic, bro?”

Neil grinned mischievously. “Forever, man…comes naturally.”

“So what is it tonight, card tricks?” asked Mark. He fiddled with his toes absentmindedly.

Neil laughed. “Nope. No card tricks. Transformations. Transformations all around. You guys seem to have had enough beer to handle that. Y’all cool with that?”

Reece gently bopped Jason with a pillow and grinned. “Sure thing Neil. Whatcha gonna do, turn Jason into the giant cock he’s been acting the past week?”

Neil laughed. “Nope…but I could. Thought I’d start with myself tonight. You’ll like it Reece…I know about those dreams you have about me…and I know you have that pair of my missing sandals under your bed…”

Reece half gasped, half laughed. “Hey man…how’d you know about that?”

“Magic…” Neil replied. He leaned forward and kissed Reece. “You never thought you’d see me like that. Well, you can.”

Neil closed his eyes, his arms still crossed, his lips whispered something indistinguishable. His legs tensed as his mouth opened and he moaned gently. “For you, man…”

There was a slight ripping sound as his shorts tore…and there he was…Neil stood on six of his sexy legs, his 30 toes unclenching.

All they guys’ jaws dropped in a combination of shock, astonishment, wonder and lust.

Neil opened his eyes, a wide grin spreading across his face. He casually surveyed his audience, noting the bulges forming in their shorts. His eyes settled on Reece. He looked at Reece’s legs, sprawled on the couch. “Like it?” he asked.

Reece mumbled something incoherent, but nodded to get his point across.

“Feels pretty hot, man…want to try?” Neil again whispered softly. As he did, Reece gasped…his eyes shifting down towards his legs, which had become six. Jason held two of them, while the other four caressed him, caressed each other. As he massaged two of them, Jason leaned over to alternately suck the toes of the other four. Three wet spots began to form on the remnants of Reece’s shorts.

“For my next trick…replication,” Neil announced loudly, interrupting Reece and Jason’s wrestling match. “Physicists said that nothing could occupy two points in space at the same time.” He folded his arms again, his six legs rubbing against each other. “I beg to differ…” He closed his eyes and smiled.

“So do I…” said a voice from across the room. It was Neil’s voice. They guys heads all turned towards the voice. Neil stood in the entryway grinning, leaning against the wall, his legs crossed. He pushed away from the wall and padded into the room barefoot to stand next to himself. The new Neil was not transformed as the first. But he was otherwise identical from the black shirt and cargo shorts down to the toe-ring on his second toe. As the new Neil stood beside the first, they leaned together and kissed passionately.

“A twin?” asked an obviously turned on Mark. “A clone?”

The two Neils looked up from their kiss to reply. “Not a twin,” said the first. “Not a twin,” said the second. “Two of me. The same, but not exactly the same physically, though I can fix that if you’d like.”

Mark stammered, “But how does that work? You can’t be in two places at once. Not the same you. Besides…we didn’t see where the new Neil came from. He just walked in the door.”

The Neils grinned at Mark as they continued to make out. “After all you’ve seen so far,…you should know better.” One Neil began the sentence, the other finished it. “But we’ll show you more.” They paused for a moment, looked at Mark and into each other’s eyes. At the same time, they both whispered, “Three.”

“What the…” Mark gasped…as a third Neil had appeared beside him, sitting on the floor next to him.

The new Neil drew Mark in for a kiss. As they gently pulled apart, the new Neil said, “And in case you still don’t believe I can be several places at once…well, feeling is believing. And here’s what it feels like…” Neil kissed Mark deeply, then leaned back, his arms folded, his eyes closed…

Mark’s eyes widened. His jaw dropped. He stood up, stumbling as he stood. Confused, he looked down at the floor. He stood on four legs. Amazed, he stared at his four feet. He began to grope at his ripped shorts where a large wet spot had begun to appear. He reached inside the remains of his shorts with one hand while the other attempted to pull them off. As he began to rub his chest, he realized he was doing so with two additional hands. He moaned. “Oh fuck, Neil…Neil….” he gasped. His torso thickened rapidly and before anyone could see, two Marks were standing there, groping each other. They both came, and then collapsed on the floor against each other covered in cum, panting.

The third Neil sat on the floor next to them, playing with his toes. He looked up at the two of him, still making out in the middle of the room. “I think he’s convinced,” he said. The three laughed as the two Marks writhed around on the floor.

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