Naked morph for ps2

By Male Enhancer 
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The game store

Billy was a 16 year old junior. He was never too skinny or too big. He loved to play video games. That’s mainly all he would do. He got good grades and never was held back. He would always wished that he would be muscular like the guys in the magazines. His only family were his dad, his 15 year old brother, and his 22 year old brother. Their mother had left and their father was always busy to support his family.

Robert, the father, is still upset over his wife. Dan, the 15-year-old sophomore kid brother, is usually playing sports just like their big brother John.

While their dad was at work, The boys were enjoying their summer in Cali. John took Dan to a football game this afternoon, so Billy had the house to himself. He decided to go out to the mall and noticed a new store. It was tucked away in a little tiny, narrow space between the clothing stores. Billy went in and saw it was an odd game store, with games that were called transformations. Guys only. He thought this would be a lame game but he was bored enough. He bought it for 19.99. He went home and put it into the PS2. This game said on the title screen to take your clothes off for maximum fun. Billy just followed the rules. He sucked his clothes and sat back down on the soft leather couch, buck naked.

He started and the game told him to put in the size of these body parts.

* arms= * thighs= * calves= * biceps= * chest= * penis= * neck= * weight= * height= * waist= * feet= * hair color= * skin= * ball size=

He didn’t know why it asked for it but he just put them in. This game was made for 4 people.

When he started the game his character was totally naked. It looked just like him. This guy looked average—tight but not muscled or even very defined. It was in a generic indoors environment, nothing but walls and doors. Then he saw a box and, instinctively, he smashed it. Inside was a bottle. It was red. It said, “size”. He drank it then a little scene happened. The guys’ penis grew 5 inches. This turned out to be male enhancement. Billy thought this was cool and wanted to find some more. Then he felt a tingly sensation in his crotch area. His 5 inch cock started growing and grew up to 10 inches, still flaccid. His balls grew to the size of eggs. This felt good to him just then Dan and john came in….

The brothers play

John and Dan came in, talking about the football game they’d been to. John stopped when he saw Billy sitting naked on the couch, his jeans and shirt piled on the floor next to him. He chuckled, “Dude are you jacking off? Go do it in…” John froze, his jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he caught sight of Billy’s limp monster.

Dan walked around their older brother to see what was happening. “Isn’t jacking off that thing you do all day?” he asked, looking from his big brother John to his naked brother Billy. He finally noticed why John was stunned as he stared at Billy’s 10 inch cock hanging over the edge of the couch. “Are they supposed to get that big?” he asked nervously, unconsciously feeling his own fifteen year old prick.

John’s gaping mouth twisted into a smile. “My little brother is a MAN. Holy shit that’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen and your not even boned. How big are you?” he asked proudly.

“Uhhh… over a foot hard,” Billy guessed. He hadn’t seen his new equipment erect yet, although all this attention was feeling liable getting him there. His face felt war and his cock felt like it was starting to chub.

“Well, you got me beat,” John replied, unzipping his jeans and flopping out his own seven and a half inch cock and healthy bush, completely soft. John was sporting a hefty set of balls also.

“Wow that’s a big cock,” said Billy, forgetting his own new size.

“Are you kidding? You’re a beast! That soft monster’s as big my boner,” exclaimed John waving his dick up and down with his hips.

“You’re both huge. Why does everyone else have a giant dick?” asked Dan, sounding upset. He pulled down his pants to reveal his seven inch penis, completely erect and hairless.

“You’re just younger than me little man,” said John. “And Billy’s apparently part horse. That’s actually a big cock compared to most people.”

“Yeah, you’re super hung,” said Billy, trying to ignore the fact that Dan was as big as he used to be despite being two years younger. “Listen guys, I wasn’t jacking off. It’s this game. The instructions say play naked, then when I found this magic bottle in the game, THIS happened.” He lifted his python and dropped it back to the couch with a slap.

Both Dan and John lit up. “Really?” John was ecstatic. The two hurried to strip off their clothes. John lifted his shirt to reveal his muscular quarterback body. His thick arms and heavy pecs bounced and flexed as he pulled his shirt over his broad shoulders. His deep muscle armpits were black with dense hair. His incredible six-pack flexed as he bent down to lower his jeans, exposing his built quads and large calves. Then he removed his size 15 shoes.

Comparitively, Dan’s short 5’1” body made him look like a mini-me of John, standing next to his 6’5” brother. He had a lean athletic look, completely shredded and defined with a cut set of abs. He was hairless.

Now nude, the young athlete and the muscle stud stalked over to the couch. Billy couldn’t help but notice that his brothers were sporting boners now. As the jocks sat down on either side of him with controllers, Billy couldn’t help but feel inadequate, despite his huge manhood, and he stayed soft.

His brothers both created players and joined the game. The three nude figures set out on a search for the bottles.

The first to find a bottle was Dan. It was green and said muscle.

Immediately the video character pumped up. Billy felt squeezed as his younger brother grew wider with fifty pounds of muscle, swelling up to 180, pressing him against his muscular older brother. Dan now definitely looked like John’s mini-me. Dan paused his character and hit a double bicep that stunned Billy. John reached around Billy and grabbed a handfull of huge teen bicep.

“Yeah, my buff little brother’s a stud,” said John, chuckling with pride. He flexed his larger bicep and compared arms, both brothers grinning.

Meanwhile Billy located a new bottle, blue. It said height. The video character grew taller. Billy felt himself stretch as his entire form grew. His body stayed in proportion. Stopping at 6’9” with size seventeen feet and a 12 inch soft cock. Billy swelled with pride as he was now taller than John.

The game intensified as the brothers searched. Dan found another red bottle, stretching his fat boner to a full foot soft with egg-sized balls. The little muscle stud looked like a short bodybuilder/pornstar.

Billy found an orange bottle that coated him with a masculine layer of hair.

The only one who didn’t seem to be finding any bottles was John. Billy found this puzzling, since his now shorter big brother was smiling.

John finds the secret

The three brothers focused intently on the game. Fifteen year-old Dan was now super hung with muscles that looked like a bodybuilder on his short body. Billy, at sixteen, was now incredibly tall with rugged body hair and an even bigger cock. John, the oldest at 22, was the only one not to have changed. Although he was still a tall muscle jock with a big dick, because he’d been like that before. All three brothers were fully hard now, Dan’s enhanced 12 inch member, then most impressive was Billy’s throbbing sixteen inch monster and lastly John’s large ten inch cock was the smallest.

Billy found another box and smashed it, revealing a pink bottle that said orientation. He didn’t have a clue what that meant, but as he reached for it, a short muscled figure dashed in front of him, grabbing the bottle first. “Ha ha,” said Dan. Billy kept searching but watched his ripped little brother out of the corner of his eye.

“What did it do?” Dan asked when nothing happened.

“I guess nothing,” said Billy.

Billy was puzzled. Perhaps John simply wasn’t any good at playing video games. He seemed so focused on opening a secret door he found, he was losing out on valuable transformation bottles.

That was when Billy made a startling discovery. He broke open a box to find, not a bottle, but a ray gun. The screen said Tranzapper2.0, so Billy figured it eliminated transformations. The ammo indicator said two shots.

He rounded a corner and saw someone then fired.

“Hey,” said John, but the ray had no effect.

Must not work if they haven’t used a bottle. The ammo indicator went down to one. Billy decided to seek out the young muscle brute pressing into him. He quickly found Dan’s character breaking open a box. Dan picked up a green bottle at the same time Billy fired. Dan’s impressive muscles shrank only slightly than inflated again for a net gain of squat.

“Awwww,” cried Dan. “I wanted to get bigger.” He broke another box and found a gun of his own, the Tranzapper1.0. It only had one shot. “HaHA,” said Dan as Billy ran out of the room. Dan gave chase.

Billy realized only another transformation could save him. He broke a box and found a purple bottle. He took it before reading. Immediately his body swelled up, not with muscle but fat. His tall frame went from normal to overweight to obese. Dan ran in and fired. Billy felt relief as the pounds of fat vanished. “Thanks,” Billy said, sighing.

“Eh, no problem,” said Dan, who was dissapointed that he hadn’t removed a better transformation but also kinda happy his brother was no longer the fat hairy guy. “Let’s agree on no more guns ok.”

“Sure,” said Billy. Smashing box, Billy found another pink bottle and took it. But as Dan said, nothing happened. He did feel slightly hornier though, especially being naked like this. Especially being naked with his two brothers. Especially being naked with his two naked incredibly muscular and well hung brothers. Billy took one hand off his controller and squeezed his giant horsecock with his overgrown hand.

Just then John cried “YES.” Billy check his screen to see he had broken a box and found a key. John raced back to the door and opened it. Inside floated a bottle that was golden and glowing. As John grabbed it, the screen flashed: WINNER!

John receives all the best transformations

John leapt to his feet in triumph, his boner slapping his abs. “So what do you win,” asked Dan, eyeing his oldest brother curiously.

Suddenly, John began to grow. The growth wasn’t concentrated on his dick, his muscles or his height, but all of it. His entire body expanded, his head reached for the ceiling as his muscles exploded with size. His cock pulsed longer and thicker, his enormous balls being lifted by his expanding quads. His back flared and widened, rippling as pounds of muscle was packed on. John’s arms stretched as they were pumped up with huge bulges all along their length.

By now he had passed Billy in height, once again becoming the tallest of the three. In addition he was now the buffest and certainly best equipped, sporting his 17 inch erection which was still swelling. If Dan’s little five incher had become a foot long sausage, Billy couldn’t imagine how big John’s impressive 10 inch cock would grow.

“Fuck yeah, I’m so huge and I’m still getting bigger.” John flexed both his swollen arms, easily twenty-five inches of solid muscle. “Look at all this muscle, I’m loving it.” Even his voice sounded deeper.

His gigantic shoulders pressed further outward, anxious to get away from his thickening traps which were engulfing his neck. John’s pecs exploded to a foot in front of his face, nearing the size of pillows with bottlecap-sized nipples.

Even his face changed, from the attractive jock John became a drop your pants gorgeous model, with a large angular jawline and pronounced cheekbones and piercing blue eyes.

John’s head passed seven and a half feet and he looked down on his smaller brothers with a grin. “Don’t you guys fucking love this. I’m actually hulking out. I’m a musclebeast.” John grabbed his tremendous cock. Even with his large paws he couldn’t completely grip the thick shaft. Suddenly, John’s clean-shaven face erupted with a dark 5 o’clock shadow. Dark hair sprouted along the deep valley between his pecs and spread down to his 10-pack of sickeningly defined cobblestone abs. A large sexy, treasure trail branched down to his expanding bush. Thick leg hair covered the tree trunks that supported his massive frame. Hair coursed along the thick cords of muscle on his arms.

Billy began to wonder how many transformations John would get. He looked at the screen and saw a list. Awards won Height, muscle, size, hair, face, orientation. There it was again. Orientation. Billy was beginning to suspect its effect as he gazed in horny rapture at his gigantic older brother. It meant sexual orientation, and since all three had received it, they were all now gay!

When John’s incredibly growth finally stopped, the sexy titan stood at 8’2” with 500 pounds of sheer muscle with a masculine coating of hair and a two foot erect cock with softball sized nuts.

“Oh, Fuck Yeah,” cried John in his incredibly deep voice, flexing every obscene inhuman muscle. “Look at these huge arms.” The giant jock held a crushing double bicep pose, and at thirty inches they were bigger than Dan’s head. “Look at all this muscle. I’m the biggest fucking stud on the planet. My pecs could squeeze diamonds.” He hit a huge most-muscular, exploding with size, and Billy wasn’t sure he was lying.

“And just look at my fucking cock. I’m a big horny BEAST. And you guys thought you were big when you got transformed. I’ve got the fattest dick and always will.”

“No shit. John your cock is so huge. It’s big for a horse dick,” said Dan, looking with pride and lust at the muscle giant that was his older brother.

“Not just a horse dick man. A fucking clydesdale cock. Probably even bigger. Yeah. I got a fucking ELEPHANT COCK.” John smirked and flexed his massive manhood, waving it up and down provacatively. “So why don’t you two little men get over here and feel my big strong muscles.”

Their strong gay urges overpowered them and they approached John in awe. Billy began caressing his bulging right arm with one hand and his massive right pec with the other. Dan, still at 5’1”, was at the perfect height to start massaging our giant brothers swollen member.

John moaned in an octave so low it vibrated the floor.

He flexed the bloated arm Billy held and pushed it in his face. “Is that fucking bicep big enough for you. Lick my huge arm.” The shorter brother obeyed and it felt as though he were licking a hairy marble statue. “Grab my arm, try and squeeze it.” Billy squeezed with both hands, doing nothing. Instead he used his brothers thick arm as a bar and pulled himself up, allowing John to fully support him with one arm. The sexy muscle brother barely felt it.

Suddenly Dan put his mouth to John’s enormous shaft, impossibly swallowing nine inches and stroking the rest with both his strong hands. John closed his eyes and moaned loudly, still holding Billy with ease. “Oh, Fuck yeah. I’m so huge, and my dick is so big. Yeah. You can’t even handle half my monster can you Dan? I’m just to fucking huge. Billy, get back to work. Its gonna take both of you to worship my fucking huge body.”

Billy went around John, a lengthy journey, and pressed into his large rippling back, stretching one lanky arm around his side to grope a pec that felt like a steel plate. The other arm he reached out and slapped John’s bulbous shoulder before feeling down to his bulky arm. Billy felt his long cock grinding against John’s solid round buttocks.

John used a massive hand to push Dan further down on the elephantile shaft, amazingly managing to fit several more inches. Dan was pumping his own foot long dick furiously now, still standing at waist height to his giant brother.

When John looked down over his huge shelf of pecs and saw his young musclebro jerking off he said, “That’s a good idea.” With that he grabbed one of Billy’s hands and pulled his skinny brother around to his front with a fraction of his strength. John then grabbed hold of Billy’s big dick, encompassing more than half of the 16 inch member, and began stroking. “Does that feel good man. Your cock may be big but it still feel small to me. Especially compared to my monster,” the giant said, grabbing the base of his thick meat with his other paw. There was still plenty of shaft left between his hand and Dan’s mouth.

“Oh fuck, John, you’re so fucking big,” Billy moaned. “Damn, you’re huge. You’re a fucking beast. Oh fuck.” Billy shot a huge load, completely covering John’s side and his hairy thigh. At the same time, Dan let loose with his muscle cock, shooting through John’s titanic legs and covering the floor behind him.

“OH FUCK SO FUCKING HUGE.” John let out a deep sexual roar that shook the entire house as his entire body flexed at once. Dan quickly released the firehose in his mouth in time to be completely dowsed with John’s manjuice. Dan moved to the side and John continued cumming for three minutes.

After it was over Billy said, “Hey, look at the screen.”

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