By CoyoteR 
2 parts
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Part 1

“It was right here!” I scrambled around my lab bench then moved to the nearby ones, shoving them aside and checking underneath. My biceps bulged at the sleeves of my royal blue football jersey, tightening them against my skin almost to bursting from the exertion of moving the heavy equipment.

It felt so good finally filling the uniform out, I couldn’t help but pause and lift my arm, staring at the hard peak it was able to achieve while flexing. I still can’t believe that just a few days ago my arms were maybe 12 inches around, now they’re filled out at a solid 18. I went from being just another kid on the team keeping his head down and playing follower to Jason to... Well now I’m quarterback and he’s the one tagging along, always wanting to hang out with me.

I mean, I didn’t really hate the guy but there’s only room for one top dog ya know? And after I found that MyWorld computer thingie and gave myself these guns, I think it’s clear that that’s me... Besides I did feel a little bad for stealing his position... not to mention his cheerleader girlfriend Jen.

That’s why after I gave myself a gigantic dick to match my muscles; I decided to be the bigger man I now was and help him and the rest of the team out too. The guys are all way stronger and bigger too now, like me (except of course for their scrawny ordinary cocks; having their own fire hoses between their legs wouldn’t help them play any better after all). But now we’re the biggest team in the state, maybe the country! And with my new toy I’m gonna take us all the way to nationals!

“Andrew! What are you doing?! Push those back into place! The burners are connected to gas lines, they aren’t meant to be moved!” Dammit! Couldn’t Mr. Kurtzman stay in his office a little while longer jerking off into test tubes or whatever the hell he does in there?

He stood in the doorway looking at all the stuff I’d shoved around “Sorry Mr. Kurtzman I—”

“DOCTOR Kurtzman, Andrew.”

My teeth clench and I push the damn tables back into place. You just wait til I find MyWorld “doctor”, you’ll be a drooling idiot who won’t even be able to tie his own damn shoes... “—DR. Kurtzman... I was looking for a small computer... thing. I think I left it here during class, did you see it?”

He glared at me, god even if he knows he’s probably not gonna tell me, teachers are such assholes. I’m here for my C and that’s all. Hell our team’s so good now I think the principal told him he has to pass us all anyway...

Huh though I guess I could just make it so I’d get an A... Dammit! Whatever! Just another thing to do once I find this stupid thing.

“No Andrew I didn’t. You’re a senior now, perhaps if you would finally pay more attention in class than in the weight room, you wouldn’t lose things in here.” Rage begins to build up inside me at the same time as I feel a sneer paint itself across my face. I didn’t ever set one foot in the weight room to get these... I cross my arms and let them flex while tightening my chest as well. I can feel my heavy pecs bulge outward and tug up the bottom of my shirt just enough to show my bottom row of abs.

Kurtzman’s still glaring at me until he coughs, and looks the other way after a second. Ha! I bet the old guy was just perving on me. I guess it’s not surprising, I AM the hottest guy in school now. I reach down and adjust my now enormous junk a bit just for good measure. Heh he’ll probably need some more private time in his office after this show...

“...I believe Jeremy sits at your table during last period, perhaps you could ask him; I think he stays after on Thursdays to help out in the library.”

UGH! Jeremy? That little loser? I stagger slightly for a moment, but catch myself and straighten quickly. It’s hard sometimes keeping everything straight... I mean I remember a bunch of times I was there when Jason messed with Jeremy; when he nailed him in the head with a basketball and when he would knock over library carts the wuss was pushing around... stuff like that. But it wasn’t Jason now, he was there but only because he was following me and I was the one pranking the dork.

“Thanks, maybe I’ll go check out the library then.” I stretch a bit just to give him one last peek at my huge arms stretching out of my blue sleeves and revealing the washboard ridges across my stomach.

The old bastards already looking down and heading back to his office, whatever; maybe Jeremy did pick up the MyWorld to turn it in to the lost and found... He better not have taken it on purpose, I’ll pound him into the ground if he thinks he can take anything from me.

I head out into the hall and start heading across the school. I still feel a little woozy from the double memories but I try to walk quickly; it doesn’t help that it’s kinda cold in here. I don’t know why we don’t have bigger uniform shirts; it’s cool getting to show off my jacked arms and pecs but it’s kinda weird but the uniforms all ripped in the sleeves and fraying across the chest, it looks kinda stupid.

I guess I should be happy though, it’s silly to complain about being TOO buff. Last time I bothered measuring them my arms were like 22 inches around; hell they look like they’re probably bigger by now. I don’t think they could fit in any normal shirt...

I slow down a bit more just to take another look at them. God they’re hot... I duck behind a set of lockers before reaching up under my shirt and cup my chest, squeezing the heavy flesh and accidentally brushing my fingers against one of my nipples, shuddering and stifling a quiet moan.

Man, this body is totally worth all that time I’ve put in in the weight room, I know no one can keep their eyes off me. It’s too bad I have to waste so much time practicing football, I’d love to just spend my days working out and strutting around school. Why DO I stick with it anyway? It’s just a dumb game; I know I’m the biggest guy around but that doesn’t mean I should have to do something I don’t wanna... Though it does let me spend more time around the team...

I can feel my jeans tighten around my coke-bottle sized dick as it thickens and strains at the thought of the other guys. They are all crazy hot; Dylan, Billy, Mike, Joe, Jason, Matt... Images of them in the locker room stripping down filled my head. They’re all hugely buff with gigantic mouthwatering cocks to go with their stacked bods and they’re always— wait... mouthwatering cocks... what the fuck...

I lean against the lockers and wince for a second. Why am I thinking about dicks? I like Jen... Right...? But the more I think about it... No... I don’t really. I don’t really like any of our cheerleaders, in fact none of the guys on the team do; no matter how much they always try to get with us. When I get the MyWorld back I should make it so they stop bothering us so much, or maybe replace them with a few guys from the lacrosse team...

I start walking again. I’m almost to the library before I notice that the head of my penis is sticking out the bottom of my shorts. I blush and reach down to adjust and tuck it away, and I hear the strain on the stitching going up the front of my tank top... ARGH! These shirts are so annoying! It’s bad enough these are the largest size they have but every time I have to reach to fix them I have to be so careful not to rip my shirt again!

Having arms as thick as your thighs and a chest twice as large as your waist can be a real burden sometimes... though it’s definitely got its perks... Like the hottest boy in school absolutely loving guys packed with thick cords of muscle... I feel a small giggle slip out my mouth as I open the door to the library.

But as I step through I squint again in thought for a moment... Wait a second Andrew... Hottest boy in school, I thought I was the hottest guy in school... I shake my head to clear the cobwebs; I must have been confused for a second, I mean I’m definitely the hottest guy on the team, but the hottest guy in school doesn’t waste time on something as pointless as football. Mmm... Just thinking about him... his shaggy head of chestnut brown hair, his playful smile, hazel eyes, and lean body...

I sigh wistfully before coming back to myself... What was I doing...? Oh! Right! I look around the library; strangely it looks completely empty and quiet, I grow worried a moment until I finally spot Jeremy in the back corner.

I bound over to him and plop down on my hands and knees beside his chair at his feet, peering up at him. Looking up at his face I feel a surge of adoration welling up inside. He looks like he’s busy typing on some ipad- looking thing, but he turns his head to me and smiles, and I feel my heart melt when he does. He reaches out and puts his hand on my head, ruffling my hair with one hand, while reaching low and cupping my package with the other.

“Jere— err— Master! I needed to ask you something important!”

“Oh? And what’s got you all excited Andy?” He whispers as he reaches into my shorts and runs his hand over my throbbing length.

“...I-I—” What was it again? It’s always so hard to think around Master... he smells so good... “I think... you might have something that’s mine?” I peer up at him again, thinking hard.

Master smiles and brings his hands up, pulling off my muscle shirt and running his fingers over the crevasses of my abs before gripping my chest. I gasp and before I can say anything he pinches my nipples sharply, I can feel precum dripping down out of my shorts.

“Ah! You’re right Andy, I do!” He just as suddenly releases me and turns around, closing the mini computer and reaching into his backpack. After fishing around for a moment he pulls out a brown leather collar with his name emblazoned across it. He motions me to lean in closer to him and I immediately obey. My heart races both at the thought of the collar and at how close I am to his lap, I can feel the heat coming from it and his smell hits me even harder...

I hear a click as the clasp of the collar closes around the back of my neck. Master sits back and looks me over; he must be so pleased with me, he is smiling so much!

“Th-Thank you Mas—” I am cut off as he roughly tugs us together by my collar, he wraps his arms around me and buries his face against my chest before nuzzling against my neck and into my massive arm. His legs entwine with mine as we fall back onto the floor, my breath hitches and I feel his pelvis and manhood grind against my thickness as I suddenly spasm, wracked with orgasm. I feel him kissing and pressing his face against my hard biceps before settling into my armpit, his mouth running over the soft taut skin containing my packed muscle. Finally, I let out a whimper as my enormous cock pulses and thick strands of seed soak through my shorts and cover his pants and t-shirt, my body finally settling beneath his.

“Y-Your clothes! I-I’m sorry—!”

“Shh, shh, shh... Don’t worry about it.” Master smiles at me again, snuggling into me and I do as he says. I hold him tight against me in my arms and feel content just in his presence.

After a while I feel myself begin to drift off to sleep on the library floor. As my eyes slowly close, Master looks up at me and his smile shifts into a more playful grin. “Oh Andy... You really do need to remember to keep passwords on your electronics...”

Part 2

Sweat ran down the gap between my shoulder blades and my body tensed; Master’s hand is in my hair as I press my face into the pillow and muffle my gasps.

“Mmm... You’re blushing quite hard Andy. Are you really so embarrassed to be with me?” There was a teasing edge to Master’s voice as I squirmed beneath him rolling over, quite red in the face, unable to meet his piercing hazel eyes. He sent the point home by leaning back slightly and crossing his arms, a whimper slips out as I feel his small hand release my heaving chest; my nipples hardening as my back arches to try to extend the contact.

“N-No Master—!” I realize how loud I responded and duck my head down lower into the cot beneath him.

Much quieter now... “n-no Master... I just don’t want the nurse to hear...” I peer over at the very thin seeming curtain beside our cot and think back to this morning...

The bell for first period rang and I headed for class. I was wearing my favorite uniform muscle-t, it was royal blue and at least a half size too small, but the material was decent enough that it just stretched across my chest and around my heavy arms. I could even get away with flexing in it if I wanted... at least a little. The sleeves were starting to look a little worn, but as I looked down I smiled at how nicely it highlighted my pectoral shelf and constantly pressed against my nipples. I reached up and ran my thick index finger along my collar, tugging on it and playing with it gently... It smelled like him... I could feel my bright red shorts strain and peered down. The tiny garment was stretched to capacity already, my balls were nearly the size of baseballs and the contours of my rounded muscle-butt were pulled into visibility by the tight shorts. And then there was my dick... It hung obscenely out of my pant leg down almost to my knee, its girth made it feel heavy against me and it had a slightly pendulous swing as I walked. It was beginning to throb and I could feel it becoming hotter as I stared. I flushed, looking around and tugging my book bag off my shoulder, holding it at crotch level but it wasn’t nearly enough to conceal my growing cock... Looking around though none of the other students said anything as they walked past, more than a few stared but who could really blame them I guess, I had the biggest cock in school...

Before reaching the door I suddenly felt a bit lightheaded and had to take a second to gather myself, the wave of dizziness passed though and when I looked up I noticed that Dylan and Joe, from the football team, were walking down the hall and they... well I thought something seemed to be a little different but it must have just been the dizziness. Joe was shirtless, and double-taking at him I quickly remembered why. Joe’s torso was HUGE, his bull neck connected to the most powerful pair of shoulders I was probably ever going to see. His chest and arms even at rest looked tightly flexed. His skin was bulging from the enormous biceps but still pulled taut by his equally massive tri’s forming a perfect pair of enormous guns. His face seemed a bit flushed, he was probably a bit embarrassed walking around like that.

I remembered that after he realized we didn’t have any uniform muscle shirts that fit him, Joe begged Coach to just let him wear those big shawl things his mom had started making for him to wear in middle school. But Coach insisted that if he couldn’t wear a team tank top or muscle-t, he had to go shirtless. He said the whole point was to show off the team’s “unique assets” and then he went into his usual speech like a broken record, complaining about how it was ridiculous that every guy on the team was such a shy beta male about everything. Like we can help how we feel, besides he’s not the one having to wear these things...

I couldn’t hear what he was talking to Dylan about but I noticed Dylan was blushing slightly as well and walking a little strangely, like he was leaning a bit and trying to hold his jacket in a weird way in front of him... And suddenly I saw a flash of something peek out the bottom of his jacket sleeve as it dragged on the floor, Dylan’s leg caught with it and he tripped, dropping his books and jacket both... and that’s when I remembered that Dylan had the biggest cock in school.

His dick flopped out of the jacket sleeve and onto the floor, I couldn’t even guess its length, it just hung low enough that it reached his ankles. It looked like a thick, throbbing baseball bat laying there on the ground between his legs. He turned a bright cherry red and quickly scrambled to pick up his things and gather... himself. Joe went to aid him but had a little trouble with bending over so I quickly helped collect Dylan’s belongings instead.

As I was reaching for his science book he shifted though, trying to balance and stand... causing his member to swing around and thwack me square in the face. It was so heavy it knocked me down on my butt and I winced as I heard a tiny tear start to form in my own shorts. God these things were ridiculous, why does just our team have to wear them for our uniforms?!

“Oh man-Oh God! I’m so sorry Andy!” He bent over me and extended his hand to help me up... Not noticing his slowly engorging horsecock pressing down against my own weakening shorts as he did so. I reddened and squirmed a bit but nodded to him, took his hand and stood up. At this point most of the students were staring at the three of us and we quickly headed down the hall, I said goodbye to each of them and entered my English class.

Looking around I saw that the class had already started and I was the last one to arrive; I heard some whispers and giggling and could feel my face slowly turn crimson again. I went to quickly take my seat but saw some other boy sitting there. I looked to Mr. Gomez, the teacher, with confusion. He frowned back at me, crossing his arms over his drab green sweater vest before removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes in seeming frustration.

“If you had arrived on time Andy, you would have heard me telling everyone that we were re-arranging the seats starting today, I want fresh discussion and that means no more chatting with your friends all period.”

“B-But Mr. Gomez, I don’t have any friends in this clas—”

“Really? Well then it’s time to make some new friends! Now go take your seat next to Jeremy.” My heart skipped a beat and I turned around... Sure enough there was Master smiling at me, he had that weird looking computer thing open on his desk but I didn’t really pay much attention to it, more noticing that there WAS only one open desk left and it was pulled up right beside his. I practically ran over to it, nearly tripping in the process, I heard more whispers and giggles as I quickly wedged myself into the small uncomfortable piece of furniture, staring at the ground and wondering for a moment how Joe has ever managed to sit in one of these.

“When you were late I was worried you weren’t coming...” I could feel Master’s breath on my skin as he whispered playfully into my ear before reaching under my desk and into my shorts, stroking my muscled thigh before gripping my length.

“I wonder what got my Andy so hot and bothered...” I felt myself blush deeper as I looked around the room but if anyone had noticed Master’s movement they hadn’t reacted... Mr. Gomez just continued to drone on.

“Mmm... You look so adorable like this... I don’t think I’m going to be able to even wait til the end of the period...” His breath became hotter as his mouth pressed closer to my ear and neck, his hand traveled down, cupping my heavy balls and giving me goosebumps before suddenly moving up under my shirt and dragging his fingertips over my rippling abs. I bit back a gasp.

“Mr. Gomez!” Master’s hand suddenly pulled away from my body, causing me to almost slump over as he raised it over his head.

The teacher turned around from the chalkboard. “Yes Jeremy?”

“I’m not feeling well. May I go to the nurse?” I turned quickly to Master, suddenly more concerned than aroused. Mr. Gomez frowned at him.

“Not feeling well? You just got here!”

Master frowned back at him a bit and started typing something on his mini- computer.

“Yes and I was fine then, but now I feel sick so I need to go to the nurse; and Andy’s going to walk me down.” Some of the students were looking a little confused and others a little incredulous. I whispered as quietly as I could.

“...M-Master, what are—” But the words caught in my throat, that queasy lightheaded feeling hit me again for a moment.

“Ah of course Jeremy! Wouldn’t want anything happening to you. Are you sure you want Andy walking you though, and not someone a little more reliable?”

“No no, Andy will do just fine.” I looked up at Mr. Gomez then back to Master, a bit surprised. But I suppose I really shouldn’t have been, I mean he should have just listened to Master in the first place.

“Come on Andy.” I came back to reality quickly when Master’s finger looped around my collar and tugged me out of my seat. The heavy blush returned to my face as he picked up his computer, put it in his bag, and pulled me alongside him out of the room. I looked back a moment to see if anyone had been staring, but the students’ eyes were all back on Mr. Gomez as he resumed the lesson. As I closed the classroom door behind us I remember thinking how I was a little impressed with how built Mr. Gomez looked in that tight sleeveless vest of his...

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you weren’t feeling well Master!” I reached around and embraced Master in a big hug, my arms crossing around him so his cheek could nestle against my bicep like I know he likes. He seemed startled and placed his bag and computer down but then he seemed to flush a bit and I could feel his smaller perfectly formed member stir against mine. “If you’d like I could carry you to the nurse...”

He paused a moment staring at me strangely then giggled and finally laughed before causing me to shudder and waiver in my grip by licking the small of my neck ever so softly...

“If I asked you, you would wouldn’t you? God that’s... that’s just...” I tilted my head to look at him but his mouth mashed against mine and I could feel my knees quiver, his small tongue teasing and playing with my own, my heavy arms falling to my side as he wraps his own around my head, holding me in the kiss for several long wonderful seconds before pulling away.

If Master had not had his hand on my collar I’m sure I would’ve fallen to the floor. Instead he just pulled me upright with one hand and picked up his mini computer with the other as he doubled our pace while we walked swiftly towards the nurse’s office...

Nurse Beth-Carole was a young woman, pretty attractive I guess if you were into her type... She was in her 20’s, long blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was the staff adviser for the school debate team... But she had earned a nasty reputation for her lack of bedside manor and general disdain for most students bothering her. If she thought you were wasting her time just to get out of a test or something she would walk you back to class herself, making a huge scene and proclaiming you a liar in front of everyone. It was usually an experience you just had to witness or hear about once to know to avoid her office... But if Master wasn’t feeling well we had to go see her.

I opened the door to the office for us and stepped inside, trying to stand a little behind Master so as to hide my growing erection... Though his own seemed to be somewhat blatantly bulging in his jeans. Nurse Beth-Carole looked up from her desk with a scowl, she was wearing a puritanical two piece business casual woman’s suit.

“And what’s wrong with you two?” She stood and walked right up to Master, glaring at me then down at him, waiting for an answer; I cringed a bit and pulled myself further behind Master. He simply smiled up at her.

“I’m feeling fatigued, I think I need to lie down for a bit.” Master motioned to the small curtained off side-room at the back of the office. She stared at him like he was crazy, it made me feel uncomfortable...

“Alright first off, why’s he here? You’re old enough you don’t need some musclebound idiot holding your hand to make the walk down here.” She thrust her finger at my chest accusingly. “Second, “feeling fatigued”? What kind of BS is that? You’re a high school senior not an 80 year old geriatric! Whats your name? What class are you supposed to be in?” I winced from her verbal onslaught but Master’s smile just widened... It looked like it was making her mad...

“My name is Jeremy Shaw. And if you will check my health file I have a medical condition that causes this fatigue. While you do that though I’m going to go lie down.” He walked right past her, his hand still holding and pulling my collar, I stammered a bit as I was practically dragged and she looked furious. She marched around her desk and yanked open her file cabinet so hard it knocked over the nameplate on her desk as well as a photograph of the debate team.

“Two minutes. Why don’t you lie down for 2 minutes; that’s how long it’ll take for me to dig out your file, check that you’re full of it and get your parents and the principal on the phone.” She fumed as she rustled through worn looking manilla folders. I paused at the curtain with uncertainty, I felt like I was going to get in trouble, but worse that Master was going to... I peered in and saw him sitting on the cot, typing on his computer again.

“Shouldn’t you be lying down Master? I-I don’t think you’re going to have a lot of time to rest...” I suddenly staggered slightly and felt another bit of fatigue myself, shaking my head lightly. He grinned up at me and in what seemed like a single motion, put his computer down, reached around behind my head, and dragged me down onto the cot. It creaked tenuously under my weight, then outright felt like it was going to buckle when Master climbed on top of me.

“Oh I don’t plan on resting much at all. I think only one thing will make me feel better Andy, my big puppy.” He straddled my waist and yanked my tiny red shorts off, freeing my cock as it stiffened and began dribbling out a small amount of pre-cum.

“M-Master! She’s right outside—!” I whispered sharply before trailing off as Master pulled down his jeans and briefs, releasing his own perfect manhood... I couldn’t help but stare, leaning in towards it before getting a powerful whiff of Master’s masculine scent...

“Andy... I think the only thing that’s going to make me feel better is being inside your tight little ass.” His eyes seemed to twinkle and my own went wide... Master wanted to be... inside me...?

He shifted himself almost immediately and I moved to accommodate, getting on my side as he slowly entered... The sensation had me almost immediately seeing stars, I clung to the cot, my face buried in the cheap pillow as he grabbed hold of my body and began thrusting. My erection was so strong it was almost painful, a steady stream of pre coming from it now. He continued to pump into me before gripping my cock with one hand and giving it a teasing stroke from the base to the tip... and that was all it took. I practically bit through the pillow as the streams flowed out of me, covering the cot and floor. My muscles tightening for the climax must have been all Master needed as well, I felt him shudder against me and then a feeling of his warmth filling me.

Sweat ran down the gap between my shoulder blades and my body tensed; Master’s hand is in my hair as I press my face into the pillow and muffle my gasps.

“Mmm... You’re blushing quite hard Andy. Are you really so embarrassed to be with me?” There was a teasing edge to Master’s voice as I squirmed beneath him rolling over, quite red in the face, unable to meet his piercing hazel eyes. He sent the point home by leaning back slightly and crossing his arms, a whimper slips out as I feel his small hand release my heaving chest; my nipples hardening as my back arches to try to extend the contact.

“N-No Master—!” I realize how loud I responded and duck my head down lower into the cot beneath him.

Much quieter now... “n-no Master... I just don’t want the nurse to hear...” I peer over at the very thin seeming curtain beside our cot and think back to this morning... But a strange noise distracts me, I ever so gingerly tug back a corner of the curtain to peek outside... then nearly fall off the cot.

“OH FUCK! Oh Dylan! What the fuck did they feed you growing up?!” Dylan’s on his back on the nurse’s desk with what looks like a large muscled blonde surfer on top of him. The man’s rather well endowed but not like me and certainly not like Dylan... But more than enough to fill him it seemed, as he thrust into my timid looking team-mate all the while clinging to and stroking Dylan’s incredible length with both arms.

“P-Please... I don’t want to join the swim team...” Dylan mewled softly beneath the blonde man, squirming and looking close to bursting. The man let out a throaty groan, lapping at the head of Dylan’s cock as his virility slowly leaked out, before leaning his face forward close to Dylan’s.

“Mmm... It’s such a waste though... The football team is such shit, can you imagine the looks on our opponent’s faces when you step up to the edge of the pool with this—” He squeezed Dylan’s cock and pulled his face to it, licking up the shaft before barely getting his mouth over the head and giving it a momentary suck. “—this leviathan, coiled up in a massive hanging speedo... Their manhood’s will shrink right back into their bodies.” He laughed harder and resumed thrusting. “Ngh... I bet their moms and sisters in the stands will get pregnant just looking at you...” With a final guttural roar, the man seemed about to release inside Dylan. He thrust deep and his mouth dove onto Dylan’s fat dick one more time. He somehow managed to take almost a third of it and Dylan squealed, sitting up and violently spasming as his seed poured out. It came out with such force it flung his blonde lover off his cock head and the desk entirely, spurting up to the ceiling and coating the room and furniture with his thick man juice.

“Ahh! I’m feeling much better now, thank you nurse.” Jeremy, his pants back on, yanked the curtain aside revealing me as well as the soiled cot and steps out with his computer under arm, and I very nearly squeak as I grab for my now torn shorts to cover myself. At the same time Dylan let out a very audible “EEK!” of his own as he saw us, and pulled his own shorts back up... then seemed to remember that they only cover maybe about 10% of him, causing him to grab a handful of file folders for good measure, his face a deep red.

“That’s great Jeremy! Wouldn’t want anything happening to you. I was just discussing with Dylan the merits of swimming as a sport over football.” The man pulled a pair of shorts on that seemed to double as a bathing suit. I stood up quickly and moved back in line with Master... feeling a little confused.

“Master... Where’s the nurse?” The man laughed and gave me a hardy slap on the back.

“I’m right here buddy!” I blinked a moment and then nodded as he walked over to his file cabinet and replaced the photograph of the swim team and began clearing his desk as Dylan stood up sheepishly. I tried to help the man pick up folders and wipe the cum off his desk and floor with a towel he handed to me; it had been draped over the back of the office chair. Once I had gotten most of it he very quickly snatched the drenched towel back. I started back to the office door towards Master before pausing one last time; I reached over to the toppled nameplate and picked it up, replacing it on the desk: “Nurse Beef- Cake.”

“Silly puppy, come on. We should get back to class.” Dylan gives me a small wave goodbye as I nod dumbly and follow.

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