My high school god

By Peterbilt  Email
2 parts
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Author's Note

This is a true life experience about sex between two high school students (me being one of them). All legal disclaimers apply. If this topic offends you, do not read any further; and ask yourself why you are at this site. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) and too young to be reading such material or if you are in a locale or country where it is not legal to read such material then please leave immediately and come back when it is legal for you to do so. We’ll be glad to have you back.

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Part 1

I wasn’t very athletic in high school and I was envious of the well-built jocks that dominated the locker room; and secretly hot for them. I didn’t get harassed or picked on though, probably because I was bigger than any of them in the cock department. They seemed to have respect for that, and some were envious. I only had experience with one boy in high school. It was mid-November I think and I was a senior when he transferred in from another school. He was immediately the talk of the school, even though he was only a sophomore. Guys being guys, some of them befriended him, but mostly down class lines. Juniors and especially senior boys were okay friendly as they thought they should be with a sophomore, especially since he didn’t join any of the athletic teams. The sophomore boys were all friendly, and the freshman guys were mostly awed or outright scared of him.

He was cute to a fault, going on handsome, and built like a tank. He had with muscles in his shit. Senior and junior girls all thought he was hot but their status as upperclassmen wouldn’t permit them to become overly friendly with him and risk pissing off their boyfriends. Sophomore and freshmen girls were ga-ga over him. His name was Don. He didn’t look like a sophomore. It became quickly evident from PE classes that he was the best-built boy in school. Well, it was evident at first sight, in his clothes, seeing him walking down the hall, with his broad shoulders and thick arms and his tight bubble butt flexing in his jeans. But in the locker room his body was out there for all to see. The older jocks must have been greatly relieved that they didn’t have to compete with him in the locker room.

There was one girl, a junior, who knew a good thing when she saw it, and she decided that Don was about the best thing that had walked through the doors in a long time. She especially liked him because he wasn’t a jock. He caught her vibes and took up with her because she was a junior, and I think because it gave him the status he thought he needed as a new kid in school.

I befriended him too, from the get-go. I was somewhat of a loner; I didn’t run with any particular group or belong to any clique, so I didn’t worry all that much about status. And I wanted to get to know him. I wanted to get to him. Fuck, I wanted him. My best friend from grade school and I had drifted apart sexually and this guy brought back memories of what I now sorely missed. He was friendly back; he seemed to appreciate that a senior would go out of his way to be friendly to him. He was so damned hot I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him when he walked down the hallways. I was especially attracted to his tight muscle butt. Don’t ask me why; it was new to me.

Unfortunately, we never crossed paths anywhere except in the hallways…..we weren’t in the same PE classes…..and, Godd, I was dying to see him naked.

Theresa soon became “his” girl, and she was damned proud of it. She was smart and popular, into all sorts of extra circular activities.

I had a car but it wasn’t dependable so I was on foot much of the time, walking home or to work, while I saved up enough money to get it fixed. I noticed that Don parked his car on the street a good long block down from the school after he would let Theresa off at the back gate. I started walking that way when I didn’t have a car to drive; it was only a little bit out of the way. I would give him a wave when I saw him as I walked by and he always waved back, looking up from whatever he was reading while he waited in his car for Theresa. I soon learned that he sat there every day after school, waiting for Theresa to finish up with whatever after school activities she had that day.

One day as I was walking by he had the windows down and he asked if I needed a ride. I gladly accepted; thrilled that he’d asked me to be in his presence alone, and I got in his car, paying little attention to what he shoved under the seat. We still waited on his girlfriend, though. He said he had noticed me walking past and I explained that it was because my car was in hock more than it was out and I always had to wait to save the money to get it out. He said he could give me a ride every day that I needed one. Just walk by, he said, and if he was parked there, just climb in the car and he would give me a lift home or to work or wherever I needed to go. He said he never locked his car. I asked him what about Theresa. He said it didn’t matter, if he was waiting for her, we would both wait for her; if he wasn’t waiting on her we would just take off and he would take me where I needed to go. What he was telling me was, he would wait for me whether he was waiting on Theresa or not. I couldn’t believe it. So every day I would walk down and get in the back seat of his car, whether he was in it or not, and wait on him; or sometimes he would be waiting on me.

One day as I approached his car he reached over and opened the front passenger door and told me to get in the front seat; said his girlfriend wouldn’t be coming. I was so impressed and excited that he had waited on me, just like he said he would!! That happened pretty often after that; sometimes we had to wait, sometimes we drove off. In the time that we did sit waiting on her, or those times when he drove me to work or home, we got to know each other pretty well. I got to know Theresa pretty well, too, and I was pleased that she didn’t seem to resent at all that Don would wait on me even when he wasn’t picking her up.

I complimented several times on the way he was built and he appreciated that, although he seemed a little embarrassed by it. With a modest grin, he said Theresa liked his body and that was all that really mattered to him. I told him a lot of girls liked his body. He confided then that he was fucking Theresa on a regular basis; I told him everyone assumed he was. He seemed surprised at that, and I laughed. I told him everyone would assume that he was fucking any girl he went with; I mean, what girl could resist him. He sort of blushed when I said that.

One time I walked up to his car and as I opened the door he quickly closed the magazine he was looking at and started to shove it under the seat…..I’d seen him do that more than once……but this time he shrugged and muttered something like “what the fuck,” and laid it on the seat between us.

“I’m sure you’ve seen magazines like that, I don’t know why I try to hide it,” he said.

I picked it up and flipped through it. It was a slick porn magazine……didn’t notice the name of it…..but it had full page glossy pictures of very good looking guys fucking very good looking girls in all kids of positions, and the girls sucking the guys off.

“Yeah, I’ve seen some, but where’d you get it?” I asked, knowing he wasn’t old enough to buy them.

“My uncle lets me borrow ‘em out of his stash,” he said. ”But I gotta keep them locked up in my car. I keep them in the trunk except when I’m looking at them.”

Friendly as he was, he seemed a little out of sorts that time; not as talkative as usual. I noticed several pages had spots on them that blurred the pictures. I knew what they were and I lingered on those pages on purpose, hoping to illicit some comment from him. Finally, he did say something, like, “My uncle hates that when I mess up the pictures,” and he laughed. When I finished flipping through the magazine and laid it back on the seat, he shoved it under the seat.

“Does Theresa know you look at this stuff?”

He laughed. ”Yeah, she knows, she caught me. She thinks it’s icky but she understands, I’m a guy, and guys are like that. Besides, for the last week, that’s the best I’ve had,” he said with a smirk, and went on to complain that Theresa had been so busy with her activities that he wasn’t getting laid. I laughed, surprised that he told me that; but then he had told me he was fucking her. He joked that he was so desperate that he was ready to drive out to the old roadside park he’d heard about and get a blowjob.

The roadside park was located way out on a country road that had been bypassed by a newer county road a couple of years before. It was little used, long forgotten, abandoned, but infamous as a place where old guys hung out to give blowjobs, and it was a place where a lot of truckers knew to go. Guys joked about going out there but I’d never heard of anyone actually doing it. I laughed and told him I’d never been there, which was the truth….I was always afraid I would run into somebody who knew me. I look back on that decision with great regret.

“You must really be hard up,” I joked.

I was really surprised when he asked me, seriously, if I wanted to drive out there with him. I was so excited I could hardly tell him YES. So we drove out there and he made me promise I wouldn’t tell ANYBODY about it. He said he’d never been there before either, but he’d heard about the place. I mean, it wasn’t a place where you would want to be seen hanging out. I was so damned excited at the prospect of possibly actually seeing the stud get a blowjob; that is, if it happened and if he would let me watch. Of course, I was fantasizing other things, but was afraid to think of them as reality. I mean, this guy was so out of my reach, so fuckin’ hot and sexy and studly. And besides, I wasn’t ready to let anybody know I was gay. All of my gay activity had stopped when my best buddy and I started high school. Hell, I hadn’t come right out and admitted it to myself yet that I was gay, and I never did; I only knew I had an attraction for guys that seemed to be getting stronger as I was exposed to more mature, muscular bodies.

I asked Don if he’d ever had a blowjob. He said no but for a long time he’d been wanting to find out what it felt like. I wondered if that was a hint.

The roadside park was badly overgrown with bushes and weeds and trees with barely a trace of the drive that led in behind the trees where the rustic toilettes were located. We pulled in and he parked back in among the trees to wait. We weren’t completely hidden, but wouldn’t be easily seen from the road unless someone was really looking.

Only one car drove in and that guy went in and came back out; apparently only had to take a piss. Don was squirming in the seat, rubbing his crotch, and in his frustration, finally said, “Fuck it, I’m going in there and jack off; maybe somebody will drive up and take care of me while I’m doing it.” Without hesitation, without even thinking, I got out of the car to go in with him!He gave me a funny look but then said, “Fuck, yeah, you might as well come and jack off, too, maybe we can both get a blowjob if somebody comes along.” He asked me the same question, had I ever had a blowjob. I lied and told him no. Probably the hugest lie I ever told.

I was going to make the excuse that I needed to take a piss, but I didn’t bother after he said that. I followed him into the old, rustic toilette building, my legs shaking. There were two urinals and a toilette seat separated by a wooden partition, covered with old graffiti and the partition had a big hole in it. He stood at one urinal, the one closest to the partition, and I took the other one. I was nervous as hell. I couldn’t help seeing his cock when he hauled it out and I could see why Theresa always walked around with a smile on her face, and a little bow legged some mornings, but wondered why in hell she was in so many after school activities with something like that waiting on her every day after school. I was well hung, too, actually exceptionally hung, and I noticed him glance down at me when I hauled my cock out but he didn’t say anything.

I actually took a piss, thank God. He didn’t. He had come in for a blowjob, obviously, and nothing more. After a moment, he started pulling on his cock, getting it harder, and every now and then he would glance down in my direction, like he was looking to see if I was getting hard, too. Well, he produced one gorgeous, BIG, perfectly shaped cock that he proudly worked with his hand. Maybe he actually was going to jack off! Although he was more stroking it, slowly, like he was waiting for somebody to drive up.

I got hard too, naturally. Couldn’t help it, standing beside this stud. He made some remark about I must really make the girls happy with that and I returned the compliment about his cock, looking boldly down at it when I said it. He said he wished he had what I had; I returned the compliment and told him I would gladly trade cocks if I could have his body. He seemed real pleased with that remark. After several minutes he got impatient. He said, “Dammit, if somebody didn’t come along soon!...I hate wasting a perfectly good hardon on my fist.”

Well, it was like I’d been waiting for this moment all my young life and suddenly there it was, and I had my cue. Again, without thinking, I blurted out, “Maybe you don’t have to.” I have no idea to this day where the courage came from for me to open my mouth like that. I don’t know if it even was courage, probably more stupidity than anything else, laced with a good dose of lust. It just came out.

He just looked at me, a rather blank look at first, then one of surprise when the meaning of my words soaked in. Words that I had not intended to speak

He started to smile and said, “No Shit?” He sounded really excited.

Well, it was too late to back out; I’d just played all of my cards; Don was only the second other person in the whole school now who knew about me.

“If you don’t tell anybody,” I said.

“Fuck, no, I won’t tell,” he said, and turned to face me, pointing his big cock at me.

I had not intended to speak the words but it didn’t take much for me to go down on my haunches; my legs had suddenly grown weak. I dropped down and leaned back against the wall just as natural as you please and he stepped between my outspread knees, stroking his cock. He was circumcised but still had a generous collar that was very attractive on his thick cock. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He slid his cock across my tongue and fed me his cock.

“Ohh, fuck!” he moaned softly as I started sucking him.

It was absolutely the most heavenly experience I’d ever had in my life. I sucked him like I knew how; and I guess I did, by instinct, and all those times I’d spent with my best friend and those other boys back in grade school. This was different of course....I was older and Don was a lot more mature than a grade school boy. He went crazy, fucking my mouth, and moaning and groaning and whimpering with pleasure. It was all coming back to me. Godd, it was so wonderful. He undid his belt and his fly and shoved his jeans and shorts down about mid-thigh “so I could get to it” he said. I got to it all right….switching back and forth to his balls. He loved having his balls sucked. At the same time I was practically worshipping his beautiful, muscular thighs, and his butt too, with my hands.

I must’ve sucked him for twenty minutes or so and his cock kept pushing against my throat, sometimes with great urgency and Don seemed to be exercising great restraint from shoving it in my throat. I decided it was time to practice taking him down my throat, although I wasn’t very good at it…..he was so big and thick. But I kept trying, thinking that if he let me do this again, and again, maybe on a regular basis, I could learn how to deep throat him with ease. I loved watching his cock disappearing in my mouth, and more the feel of it. I gave him my best; I so wanted to satisfy him.

He didn’t even ask when he got ready to come, he just shot off in my mouth. Experienced as I was, I wasn’t ready for his big load and I choked on it, but I held onto his cock, and because it was HIS load being shot out of HIS gorgeous cock, attached to HIS gorgeous, muscular body, and I swallowed it. Yeah, my first real gay experience was complete; the first one that counted anyway. Okay, it wasn’t the first time I’d swallowed cum, but this was somehow different.

He was stupefied, shaking his head in disbelief that I had let him go off in my mouth, then swallowed his load. He pulled his cock out of my mouth but I leaned in and gobbled it up again when more cum came running out. Finally, I let him have his cock back and stood up. He was putting it away and doing up his jeans.

“Fuck, that was great,” he said. Then he told me if I wanted to get off too, he would wait. I was so hard I had to do something and the idea of him standing there watching me made me all the more excited. He seemed a little embarrassed now but I jacked off, wishing and hoping he might lend me a hand, but he didn’t. But he watched, and that was enough as I wondered/hoped he might feel some excitement from watching me. I finally got off, shooting my load all over the wall.

“Holy shit!” he gasped, wide-eyed, as I laid thick ropes of cum along the wall, one after another; I guess it was my usual, about eight or nine spurts. He laughed and said I was a regular pony.

His legs were shaking so bad he could hardly walk back to the car. So were mine. Fuck, I loved the aftertaste of his cum in my mouth. I wanted to tell him he tasted good but I didn’t know if he would want to hear that.

Driving back, he jokingly remarked that we’d have to do that again sometime. I said okay. He looked at me with a little crooked smile and said, “No Shit? You want to?” I told him “No shit. Yeah, anytime he wanted to.” He was absolutely elated at the prospect of having somebody suck his cock when Theresa wasn’t taking care of him properly. Which I did, every chance I got.

Every day I walked down the street to his car, hoping she wouldn’t be coming, and on those days we would drive out to the park or mostly someplace else in the country, like in a field or something, where I would suck his cock. Sometimes he would shove his jeans and shorts down and lay back in the front seat and I would lean over and suck him. Other times I would go around to his side of the car and he would stand down out of the car and I would pull his jeans and shorts down to his ankles and suck him while holding onto his massive thighs. Several times he got out of the car and I knelt in the grass. I was in heaven.

One day he was studying which surprised me because he seldom had a book when he was waiting; it was usually the fuck magazines he borrowed from his uncle. He said he was having trouble with math.

“Hey, maybe you could help me with it. You’ve had got a couple of years of math on me.”

I jumped on it. I was good at math and gladly agreed to help him any way I could. He asked if I could come over to his house and tutor him a couple of nights a week. I told him I could be there any night I wasn’t working. So the next night that I wasn’t working, he picked me up and we drove to his house; actually, it was a small mobile home on the outskirts of town. His mom and dad both worked the night shift at the local mill so we had the place to ourselves.

He tossed his books on the kitchen table and slid into the booth. I sat opposite him, and we got to work. We kept having to turn the math book back and forth for me to show him stuff, as well as his worksheet, and he finally told me to come over and sit beside him. Well, you can imagine how that worked out. We had to sit close in order for me to guide him through the problems and neither of us bothered trying to keep our legs from touching, and my arm and shoulder kept brushing up against his muscular arm. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on math; the only math I could think of was the measurements of his body.

He said something like, “Is it me, or is getting harder to concentrate on math?” and he laughed and pressed his muscular leg against mine.

I laughed and told him I was having the same problem. It’d been several days since I’d sucked him. He said, “Why don’t we take a break from math and do something about it. I might be able to concentrate better if I relieve some of the pressure on my brain,” he joked.

We got up from the booth and he got us two beers out of the refrigerator and led me back to his bedroom. His was located at the very end of the trailer; he pointed out another bedroom that was his mom and dad’s. He pulled the door closed and started taking off his clothes, taking long swigs of beer between times. I was mesmerized watching him bare his magnificent body. Being the nice guy he was, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it; he didn’t want me to think he was forcing me or anything; said it really wasn’t the reason he asked me to come to his house; he really did need help with his math. I told him he wasn’t exactly twisting my arm.

When we were both naked, he stretched out on the bed with his arms over his head and his muscular legs spread apart. It was the first time I’d seen him totally naked. My Godd, he was absolutely beautiful!! He took my breath away. I wanted my hands and mouth all over his body, but I wasn’t sure he would go for that, so I crawled between his legs and nuzzled my face in his crotch.

We were going at it big time, I was slurping and slobbering and choking on his cock when there was a sound from the other end of the trailer. I stopped and raised my head and he rose up to listen. He about shit. It was his Mom, home from work early. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up on the bed beside him and scrambled to get us both under the covers and told me to pretend to be asleep and if she said anything.

She came back to check, tapped on the door but didn’t open it. He told her he had a friend helping him with math and he’d asked me to stay the night. she was okay with it; said she was so glad he was getting help. If she only knew!!!!! The math I was helping him with was his eight-inch cock!!! She made some remark about us drinking his dad’s beer, but didn’t sound mad about it; said it was okay since we weren’t driving.

When we heard her in the kitchen, he rolled over and threw an arm and leg over me and started humping my thigh; said he still needed to get his head cleared so he could concentrate on math. I told him I could clear his head for him, and I scooted back down in the bed. He put one leg out for me to lay my head on. I found his cock and started sucking him again. He said he wanted us to take our time. We did. I sucked him all night, off and on, in all positions he could think of. His favorite position seemed to be on top in the pushup position where he could fuck my throat like a pussy. He could do a LOT of pushups. I doubt he realized it but I made love to his body. He didn’t mind at all that I covered every inch of his spectacular body with my mouth and tongue. Even his butt, although I only licked and kissed his butt, I never tried to go between the awesome mounds.

He shot off several times and the last time he said we needed to get some sleep but he wanted to wake up and look down and see my head down there with his cock in my mouth. I obliged him. I spent the night down there. It was the most wonderful night of my life, and I was already thinking that now I would invite him to my place where we could truly be alone without anyone interrupting us. I lived by myself in a rented room with a private entrance.

Some kids at school were urging him to enter a bodybuilding contest, teen division, but he was too shy and embarrassed. I encouraged him too, and without telling anybody—not even me—finally he did it, and he won first place. No Shit! The way he was built….that was no big surprise. The way we found out, I walked down to his car and got in; Theresa wasn’t coming that day, so we took off, he was driving me to work. I saw this big trophy laying in the back seat, partially covered with a blanket. I asked him what it was. He just smiled. I reached back and got it….it was his bodybuilding win! It had a statue of a muscle guy posing on top of it. I really went off on him for not telling me, or anybody else but especially me, not just that he had entered, but that he’d won the damn thing. He said there were some pictures in the glove compartment. Godd, I got so turned on, looking at those pictures of him standing there on stage in that tiny posing suit with his trophy in front of him. There were a couple of others with him posing with other bodybuilders. Those were really hot, two muscle studs standing so close with their arms around each other. I damn near had to skip work!!I told him he needed to bring the trophy to school, have them put it in the trophy case with the other sports trophies. He said no, that was for the athletes. I went off on him again. Fuck, he WAS an athlete! I asked him if his girl knew about it. He said no. I was sort of impressed that I was the first to know, and sort of thought he wanted me to know, which was the reason he’d left the trophy laying in the back seat for me to discover it. Well, I did go to work, wrestled with a hardon most of the night, just picturing him in that posing suit.

Next morning I hung around outside of school till Don pulled up to drop Theresa off at the door then he would go park his car down the street. I jumped in and rode down with him. I asked him where his trophy was. He said it was in the trunk. I told him to get it. He wouldn’t do it. I reached over and took his keys and got out to get it myself. He climbed out to stop me but I was already unlocking his trunk and he didn’t really fight me on it. I asked him if he wanted to carry it in the school or if he wanted me to. He finally took it from me and I got the pictures out of the glove compartment. He really didn’t want me to take the pictures but I did anyway. I think he was secretly proud of what he’d done but was embarrassed to show it.

We walked into the school with the big trophy; it must’ve been three feet tall; he followed me, reluctantly I’m sure, right into the principal’s office. While Don stood there with an embarrassed grin on his face, I explained to the principal what Don had done and said the trophy should go in the case. He sort of scowled, surprised, when I showed him the pictures, and Don turned real red. The principal agreed on the trophy, but said he wouldn’t display the photos. Okay. He set the trophy on the counter at the front desk where anybody walking by could see it. And he told his secretary to type up a note and put with it so everyone would know what it was and whose it was.

Well, Don got so much attention that day, and he loved it, even though he tried not to show it. I happened to have kept the photos and unbeknownst to him at first, I was showing them around as well. He was embarrassed about that when he found out and asked for them back. He was dead serious so I gave them back to him but a lot of kids had already seen them.

Theresa was sort of pissed that (1) he had entered the contest at all (she didn’t like the idea of all those strangers seeing his fantastic body), (2) that he hadn’t told her about it and I knew about it before she did and (3) that kids around school had seen the pictures of him. Well, I thought, screw Theresa; if she only knew how she was sharing her studly boyfriend.

We had what we called convocations every month; where the school would bring someone in to do a presentation of some sort, educational or entertaining. I took it upon myself to embarrass Don even more. I told him I thought he should do the next convocation; demonstrate some weightlifting techniques that got him that body, then do his posing routine that won him the trophy. He said no. He was adamant. That didn’t stop me.

I talked to the football coach about it. He thought about it for about a minute and agreed it was a good idea; said Don was every bit as much of an athlete as any of his football players even though he didn’t play organized sports. He remarked that he wished his players were built half as good as Don.

Don seemed a little pissed that I’d talked to the coach about it. No way, he said. Besides, Theresa would kill him. But with the coach on my side, we convinced him that he should do it. Being a sophomore, he bowed to the authority figure of the coach. I took the coach with me to talk to the principal, and having him along helped convince him that it would be a good idea to have one of the students do the convocation.

I helped Don work something up; a program of sorts. We would bring some weightlifting equipment up to the gym where the convocations were held; a weight bench, dumbbells, barbell and weights, etc. for him to demonstrate some lifting techniques. Then he would do his posing routine. He didn’t need any rehearsals; he already knew what he was doing.

They didn’t announce what the convocation would be (and Don never told Theresa). Don and I got out of our classes early that day and went down to set up; he did most of the carrying of the weights of course. I asked him if he had his posing suit. He said yeah, but he wasn’t sure about wearing it in front of the entire school; he wished he’d brought a swimsuit, something that would cover more. I told him he wasn’t going swimming, and besides, everybody in school had seen his body when they watched him in PE classes….and a lot of kids made it a point to watch him if they could. And a lot of kids had already seen the pictures. He said he thought he would wear his gym shorts to pose in, since he would have them on anyway. I resisted that idea, convinced him that it wouldn’t be “authentic.” Actually, I told him I would kick his ass if he wore his gym shorts. We both got a laugh out of that. I didn’t tell Don beforehand but I got his trophy out of the trophy case and set it on a pedestal for the convocation.

Since it was my idea, I was designated as the announcer.

The entire school filed into the gym, sat in the bleachers, looking curiously at the weights set up on the gym floor. Don filed in with the rest of his class and was sitting with Theresa. I announced what was going on; told them we were going to have a demonstration, then asked Don to come down front. He had his gym shorts on under his jeans, and his trademark white T-shirt that fit him like his skin.

Much to Theresa’s surprise, and everyone else’s, he came down and sat on the bottom bleacher to take his jeans off…. whistles and catcalls all around when the kids saw him…..then he came out and started pumping weights. That in itself was an incredible sight, and the place was quiet as everybody watched in awe. Shit, he was hot!!! Theresa pretended to be embarrassed, hiding her eyes, but she was proud as hell; especially knowing that everybody in the place knew/assumed she was enjoying all of those muscles up close and personal.

The lifting demonstration ended and I announced that Don would now do his routine that won him the trophy. He came over and whispered in my ear; he had to go down in the locker room and change into his posing suit. I nodded....thought he would have it on under his gym shorts....then I announced that we had to take a break for Don to change. I was so pleased that he’d decided to wear it instead of his gym shorts.

He and I went down into the locker room for him to change into the posing suit. He was still reluctant but it was either that or his briefs, and he couldn’t wear those. Or, he said again, he could wear his PE shorts. I said NO WAY. Besides, I reminded him, I had already told the whole school that he was going to change. So he agreed to wear the posing suit. Well, then he hit me with a surprise; he had failed to mention that he needed me to rub bronzer on his body to make him look tan, and then muscle sheen to make his muscles shine, like at the contest. Fuck! What could I say? Fuck, yeah, I would be glad to get my hands on those muscles. He put on the posing suit…I don’t know still, how it contained his package. I mean the pouch actually bounced when he walked.

I applied the bronzer. Needless to say, I got a horrific hardon! Geeezsuss, having my hands on his hard muscles with the student body waiting in the gym was so HOT! He just laughed when I told him I might have to take a cold shower. I scrubbed my hands and applied the muscle sheen. Fuck! What it did to his body was indecent. He checked himself out in the mirror, shaking his head, said he didn’t believe he was doing this.

Just then the door opened and in came the principal with the coach, checking to see what the delay was. The principal about shit when he saw Don in his posing suit, his muscles glistening softly. The coach was pretty impressed too but in a different way; but then he appreciated athletes.

The principal told Don he couldn’t go out there like that, wearing “that thing.” Don said it was all he had to wear; it was what he wore in the contest. Coach stepped up to the plate; said there was nothing wrong with being healthy and well built; that Don had a right to be proud of what he’d accomplished with his body and he would serve as an inspiration and role model for other boys. No fuckin’ shit, Sherlock!”I only wish my athletes were as dedicated,” Coach added.

The principal didn’t disagree but he thought the tiny suit was indecent. Well, it was, but wonderfully so. I couldn’t imagine one person in the entire gym who would be offended and I said so.

Coach chimed in, “Certainly not the girls.”

There was a short discussion, and even a mention of calling it off, but Coach jokingly remarked that the kids might riot. The principal kept looking Don up and down, shaking his head and I noticed he kept glancing at his posing strap, the way he filled it out; I knew that was the problem…..the mighty bulge. It really pissed me off that he was acting this way. I finally said, rather sourly, “He can’t help the way it fits. It’s just the way it’s made.” I wanted to say “it’s just the way he’s hung” but I didn’t. That embarrassed the hell out of the man; I think because he saw I’d noticed him looking. Coach piped up again, said he wasn’t wearing all that much less than what he wore in PE classes and most everybody in school had seen him in his PE shorts. Finally, rather than cancel, the principal let him go.

For some reason, Don picked up a towel off the stack and wrapped it around his waist to walk out in the gym. I didn’t know if it was to cover himself or to build up the suspense. I thought the rafters were going to come crashing down when Don walked out into the gym wearing a towel. Hoots and hollering and whistles and catcalls and stomping their feet, was almost a riot. I looked up to see Theresa with her hands over her mouth. Don gave her a little wave….a nice personal touch, I thought …..then took off the towel.

There were some audible gasps, and some “Damn’s” and “Shit’s” and “Would you look at that.”

Don went into his routine, calm as hell. Fuck! The place suddenly went quiet and there wasn’t a sound all during the posing routine, except for a few Ohhh, Aahhh, My Godd....and that sort of thing. Me, I was sitting on the floor in front of the bottom bleachers nursing a hardon that I hoped nobody would see—I had Don’s towel in my lap—and wondering what I was going to do if it didn’t go down, and it would certainly have no reason to.

He was absolutely incredible. When he was finished, he raised one hand with a fist then waved, smiled and walked back toward the locker room. I got up, with his towel in front of me, and followed him; no reason, except that I was sort of his manager and it seemed a natural thing to do....and I needed to hide my hardon. Fuck, I was getting harder, just watching his tight, round bodybuilder butt churning and flexing inside that posing suit. Meanwhile, the applause and stomping continued in the gym.

Well, we were quickly not alone as I hoped we would be. Suddenly there were guys pouring into the locker room, high-fiving Don and congratulating him and punching him playfully like guys will do. I wondered how many of them just wanted to get their hands on his muscles. He was modestly embarrassed but I could tell he was proud as hell. He said he had to shower the stuff off his body before he could get dressed. The guys even followed him back to the shower and stood and watched and talked while he showered! It was an incredible time, and I was so proud of the guy; especially since I had my little secret with him; the rest of the guys were only admiring his body.....I had hands on experience with it. If he had not already, Don attained stud status that day, above and beyond anything the jocks enjoyed.

One of the guys said, “Fuck, dude, you had the girls so turned on, you could hear the pussies sloshing when the girls left the gym.”

It was wonderful to see Don basking in the attention.

When I walked down to his car after school he was waiting. I climbed in the back seat.

“Theresa’s not happy with me,” he said.

“She’ll get over it,” I said.

“Sooner than you think,” he said with his mischievous grin.

“What’s that grin about?”

“She got so turned on, she wants us to go to her house. First time she’s ever invited me up to her room.”

I got out of the car.

“Where’re you going?”

“I’m walking, you guys have fun.”

He protested but I waved him off and walked down the street.

I had entertained the idea of asking Don to my place, and after Theresa invited him to her room, I was more compelled to do it. Maybe I thought I had to keep up, or compete. My place consisted of a large room situated separate from the house of the people I rented from. It probably wasn’t originally part of the house. It was basically a big bedroom, with a small easy chair with a floor lamp, a bedside table with a lamp, a small bookshelf, and a wardrobe. And a bed. It was usually a mess. I cleaned it up and put clean sheets on the bed.

It was a day when Don didn’t have to pick Theresa up; she would be late at play practice. But I had to work right after school, till six. I had my car. I gave Don the key to my room. He said he would pick up sandwiches for when I got off work.

I rushed home after work to find Don already there. He was in his shorts, T-shirt and socks, reading a book. He smiled big when I came in and laid the book aside. He asked if I was hungry and held up the sack of sandwiches.

“Very, but not for that. We can eat later. Right now, I want an appetizer.”

He smiled and set the sack aside. I made sure both doors were locked then checked the curtains and blinds. I stepped out of my shoes and started taking off my clothes. I noticed how he was watching me.

“I gotta be not much to look at after seeing yourself in the mirror all the time,” I said.

“You’ve got a good body, just needs some work,” he said. ”You’d be surprised, if you started working out.”

I stripped down to my shorts. Don took off his socks and stood up, started to take his t-shirt off but I stopped him.

“Let me do that,” I said, and he held his arms out. I pulled his shirt up with his arms overhead but left it covering his head and began running my hands over his incredibly muscled torso, my mouth following the trail of my hands. I kissed back and forth across his chest, nibbling and sucking on his nipples till they stood up hard while I squeezed his thick pecs.

“Fuck, man, that’s torture,” he said.

I licked his armpits, that made him groan louder. He smelled and tasted so good.

I kissed every inch of his tight, defined abs, licking my tongue back and forth in the deep ridges that separated the muscles, slowly going down to my hunches. I mouthed the bulge of his shorts, which was now hard, his cock protruding out across his hip. I got his shorts wet. All the while, he stood there, helpless, with his arms over his head, his shirt covering his face. When I started to tug down the waistband of his shorts with my teeth, he pulled the shirt off and tossed it aside.

“Fuck, you are hot today. You really like my body don’t you?”

“I love your body. I can’t get enough of it.” I almost told him, but didn’t, that I was going to explore the final frontier of his body where I’d never gone before. I would surprise him. I felt okay doing it because we had both showered after our PE classes so we both smelled good and I was sure he was clean there.

I pulled the front of his shorts down with my teeth till his cock swung out and smacked me in the face then I pulled them down the rest of the way and he stepped out of them while I sucked on his balls. I ducked between his legs and began kissing his butt all over. When I dragged my tongue along the split he tightened the muscles. I dug my fingers into the taut muscles but he tightened them more. I wasn’t sure if he was flexing his muscles for my benefit, or if he was preventing me from doing what he thought I wanted to do.

I eased him over to the bed and he lay back across it, spread-eagle with his feet still planted on the floor. I crawled between his legs and began making love to his body, up the inside of his thighs till my head was smashed against his balls. He used his cock to pound my head. When I crawled up and started sucking him he clasped his hands around my head to guide me. As much as I loved his cock, my mind’s focus was still on his ass. I gave his perfect cock the attention it deserved but moved down to his balls from time to time, lifting them to lick under them. He was lying flat so I couldn’t reach my destination and I didn’t think he realized I wanted to go there, so I slid my arms under his thighs and lifted his legs up onto my shoulders. That gave me better access to his butt, at least so I could lick along the split. Gradually I eased his thighs toward his chest and he finally caught on.

“You wanta lick my ass, is that what you wanta do?”

“I want to do more than lick, I wanta tongue your hole.”

“Aww, fuck, man, sure why didn’t you say so,” he said as he drew his thighs against his chest.

That tilted his butt up off the bed, fully exposed and spread open for me. I crossed my arms and went to work on him. He had a butt that never lost its shape, no matter what position he was in. Even his asshole was perfect. I was almost delirious with lust. I kissed and licked and tongued him hungrily. He loved it. He even took hold and tried to pull his butt wider apart. What he did was pull his asshole open for me. Much to his surprise I worked my tongue up inside his ass. It drove him nuts, gasping and moaning and writhing his butt around like a whore wanting cock. But the thought of trying to fuck him was only fleeting, rejected almost as soon as the thought entered my mind. I didn’t even try to use a finger on him, except to rub around his clenching rosebud. I did it all with my tongue. He started stroking his cock but I told him to let go of it; I would get to it.

I learning to love rimming almost as much as sucking cock and I couldn’t tear myself away from Don’s most excellent ass. I wanted to crawl up inside him; I wanted to devour him. I almost did. I never got back to his cock. It got so good that he shot his load. I didn’t know it was coming or I would’ve scrambled to get back on it but he was cumming before I knew it; almost before he knew it. I rimmed him through it till he was gasping for air and his legs fell onto my shoulders.

I rose up from between his legs as he collapsed in a muscular heap.

“Sorry, I intended to finish you off right,” I told him as I crawled up to lie beside him.

“Man, it couldn’t have been any more right,” he gasped. ”Fuck, I don’t know how you did that, or even what you did to make me cum like that, without even touching my cock. Man, who would’ve thought I had feelings down there.”

“Do you mind if I clean you off?” I asked.

“No, go ahead; I know how you like my stuff.”

I licked up all the cum I could find, happy that it wasn’t wasted. Don watched my every move. When I lay back down I smiled and ventured a kiss on the side of his neck and laid my arm across his broad chest. In an intimate gesture he laid his hand on my arm.

“Promise I’ll suck you off when you’re ready to go again,” I said.

“We’ve got all night, don’t we?” he asked.

“As long as you want to say,” I said.

“You know I’m never going to get Theresa to do that for me,” he said.

“Don’t even go there with her, I’ll take care of that for you,” I said.

I got him off three or four times that night; again with a rim job.

I took care of Don for the rest of that school year. After almost being caught at his house that one time, he stayed over at my place a lot, where we had complete privacy and he could make all the noise he wanted. Those were the most wonderful nights of my young life, going to bed AND waking up with that gorgeous muscle body next to me…...and usually, I went to sleep and woke up with his cock in my mouth, or at least with my head down between his legs. One of the things I loved to do best was sleep with my head on his butt, and he thought it was cool, too, that I liked his butt so much. Invariably, I would end up rimming him, which he knew and expected would happen. But unlike the first time when he shot off without touching his cock, he liked to raise up so I could slide under him and he would do pushups and fuck my throat.

I don’t think Theresa or anybody else ever caught on. It was the best year of my life. I asked Don to carry my cap when I graduated. I was hoping we might get together and celebrate my graduation privately but it didn’t happen. We got together only one other time after that. Just before I went into the Army, I went to visit school and talk to friends and he made it a point to approach me privately. Said it would be nice to get together one more time before I left to become a trained killer; that’s the way he put it. I told him to name the time and place. He said he would pick me up, which he did that night.

We drove out in the country someplace, back in a woods. It was a special occasion, me leaving for the Army, and we made it special by stripping down completely. My Godd, he was gorgeous! I could never get enough of his terrific muscular body…. looking at it and feeling it all over. I always started feeling with my hands on his muscles but my mouth and tongue always followed. I gave him one more long mind-blowing blowjob with some rimming in between. I mean, it lasted for over two hours. He was in bad shape, moaning and whimpering and shaking; his legs were shaking so bad he couldn’t stand up. He laid across the back seat and I leaned into the car and really went to work on him. I shoved his legs up, he laid one over the back of the seat and the other one over the front seat and I ate his ass. I used my fingers in his ass that time, for the wonderful discovery of his prostate. He loved that so much that I had the fleeting thought again that I could’ve fucked him but I didn’t try; I didn’t want to take a chance on ruining the mood.

He was almost crying, I had him so hot. He shot the most unbelievable load! That was probably from what I was doing to his prostate. He laid there and moaned and whimpered how good it was for several minutes after he came, while I lapped up the cum off his sweaty muscles. I did do one risky thing as sort of a grand finale; for I did fear that this might be our last time together, ever…..the reason I fingered him, so he would have that to take with him…I had his cum in my mouth and I was licking it off the side of his neck and then his chin and he was laying there so fuckin’ handsome, I had the terrible urge to kiss him. When I moved my mouth closer to his, up from his chin, he surprised the hell out of me by flicking his tongue out across my lips and I knew he got a taste of his own cum. Suddenly he sort of whimpered/groaned and put his hand around the back of my head and pulled my mouth down hard on his and HE kissed ME, open mouth, tongue lashing and swirling around in his own cum in my mouth. It was the hottest kiss I ever had. He kept kissing me, harder and harder, and I was so hot I wanted to cum and he said go ahead and shoot it. I was writhing around on him, dry humping him, and I shot my load all over his balls.

He surprised me again by pulling me up on top of him with my head cradled in his very muscular arm. He said I wasn’t too heavy, and it was the most wonderful feeling to be lying outside on that mattress of muscle. He just wanted to talk, he said, and be like that, naked together. He told me he wished I weren’t leaving, he was going to miss it….me….what we did together. I reminded him that he had Theresa. He said Theresa could never do what I did for him. He was sounding sorta sentimental.

“You woke something up inside me, something I didn’t know was there. You’ve shown me so much, I….I wanta do something in return to show my appreciation,” he said in a low voice as he rose up. “I’ve never done this before and I won’t ever do it again, but……”

When I saw he was about to lean down over me I stopped him. “No, you don’t have to do that, Don.”

“I want to.”

I couldn’t have stopped him if I tried but I saw there was no need to try. He leaned over me and took my cock in his mouth. I wasn’t hard but there was a jolt that went through me that felt like it stiffened my cock in seconds. He starts sucking me. I closed my eyes.

“Oh, Godd,” I moaned softly and my voice broke.

I opened my eyes and watched the gentle flexing of his muscles as he moved up and down. His tongue sent eddies of pleasure through me.

“I’m probably not very good at this,” he said.

“Incredible,” I whispered. Then, “Turn around, we can do this together.”

“I want this to be all about you,” he said.

“It will be, trust me. Please.”

He turned around on the bed, offering me his cock. I was a little surprised to see he was hard; apparently his body’s response to him sucking my cock. The tears came as I took his cock in my mouth. I felt worshipful sucking him and feeling is muscles all over as far as I could reach.

He paused once to say, “Don’t come in my mouth, okay?”

“I won’t,” I replied.

I wasn’t sure when our sixty nine turned into love making but by the time we finished it could only be described as that. I doubted even he could deny it. I fought off my climax with nearly every stroke of his mouth, every lash of his tongue but I lost the battle nearly an hour later. I warned him that I was getting close but he never eased off my cock. I thought he hadn’t heard me and I warned him again. He nodded and kept sucking.

“Don….fuck, I’m gonna come!” I blurted.

He moaned and nodded and still didn’t let up. As I went off in his mouth he sucked all the harder, with a sense of urgency. It felt like I’d filled his mouth and when I had he used his tongue to swirl the stuff all around the head of my cock. As he was doing that, without warning, he shot his load. I nearly wept with joy.

After a long moment he withdrew and rose up, his lips pursed and a wild-eyed look. I quickly realized he didn’t know what to do with my load of cum. I started to grab the corner of the sheet to hold it up for him to spit it out but instead I rose up and grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his face to mine. I pressed my mouth to his and drove my tongue between them. He allowed my tongue to enter his mouth and I pried our lips apart and his tongue quickly met mine. The next moment was a total cum dump, exchanging our loads and mixing it like thick cream. I was surprised at his willingness in it but I was certain he would still want to get rid of the stuff and I began gulping it down. He fed it to me till I was washing his mouth with my tongue to get the flavor of us to the very last drop.

“Fuck!” he gasped as he broke away. “That was so fuckin’ hot!” He laughed as he stretched out beside me again on his back. “It was supposed to be out you. Turns out it was about both of us.” He paused. ”I won’t ever do that again.”

It was the most wonderful night of my life to that point.

Sadly, he never fucked me. I wished he had been the first one, but that’s another story.

That was the last time we had sex together and I lost track of him after I came out of the Army. We met up some years later by accident. I wasn’t sure who he was when he spoke but he recognized me, and there was a twinkle behind the tight smile when he introduced himself. We never talked about it except to remark that we’d had some good times together back in high school.

He never married Theresa.

I found out later that she’d caught him with her gay older brother shortly after they were out of high school.

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