Muscle for master

By Mad Dog 
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Randy entered the room, feeling nervous and timid. His feet were turned slightly inwards to each other and he shook a little. His nipples were erect because of the slight draft that wafted over them. He was almost fully on display, wearing nothing but the electric blue poser that he had been provided with. Meeting his master was always an anxiety-producing experience.

“Well,” a male voice said from a dimly lit corner of the room, “are you going to stand there looking like a little lost boy all night long or are you gonna get your big bubble butt over here?”

Randy flinched at the insult, but he heeded the call and plodded over in front of the man who was seated, laid back comfortably, in an expensive looking recliner. The man was somewhere in his thirties and red-headed, with fairly average, non-descript features. He wasn’t skinny, but he wasn’t muscular or fat, either. He was rather pale, as well. But the extraordinary thing on this man wasn’t his build or looks, but the enormous cannon-like organ that protruded from this man’s groin. To call it a cock or a penis would be to do it no justice at all. This thing was titanic, laying all the way down to his knees flaccid, and almost as thick as his legs!

Randy’s mouth began to water, despite himself. It was the same every time he saw it. He thought it was gorgeous, one of the most beautiful things he’d ever seen on a human being. He loved it even when it was soft like it was now. The shaft was pink and smooth, looking like a marvelous column of flesh daring someone to try to encircle its girth. It was impossible, even in this state of rest; Randy had tried. Even with his big, meaty paws it was simply too big to be handled.

“That’s a good boy,” the reclining man cooed, making Randy blush. No one could ever call him a boy, except for him. “Let’s have a look at you first. I wanna remind myself of how big you are now before you get any bigger. You know what to do, I presume?”

Randy nodded silently. This wouldn’t be his first meeting with this man. Randy closed his blue eyes and took a deep breath. He brought his mighty arms up from where they had splayed outwards on his barn-door lats and performed a double bi pose. The bicep mounds on each arm shot upwards and formed a rock-hard countenance announcing their definition and power. The shape of the muscle was excellent as well, big, full heads that started close to the elbow joint and nearly took a vertical dive next to his delts. A vein ran over his peak, his famous peak, pulsing with the blood it took to power his magnificent muscle. Even his triceps, while relaxed, were sacks of muscle that were not to be trifled with. His forearms, corded and vascular, crashed against the side of his biceps, almost interfering with the pose. Randy could almost reach the peak of his biceps with his fingers if he tried to.

The reclining man purred in approval. He was reaching toward the slumbering giant hanging from his groin, running a hand over the wide base of the cock and his other searching underneath to fondle one of his testicles, which were the size of small melons and speckled with auburn hair. “Another,” he breathed out.

Randy switched from his arms to his legs. He displayed one of his enormous legs, the quad muscles hanging heavily over the kneecap. He shook his leg back and forth, making the huge mass wobble and wave, showing just how much mass he had in just one of these legs. It was without a doubt wider than the torso of the man that was beginning to masturbate in earnest at this sight. All of a sudden Randy snapped the muscle to attention, showing its strength and definition. Every ridge of every muscle stood out in stark relief. It was like an anatomy chart blown up to giant proportions that only a true muscle devotee could appreciate.

“Another,” the masturbating man huffed out.

Randy took a deep breath and raised his arms over his head and flexed his midsection for all he was worth. The abs stood out in all their blocky glory. A full set of eight abdominal muscles, pushing against each other for dominance. Ripped serratus muscles completed the ridged, armored look of his midsection, the torso tapering into a waist that wasn’t bloated like a steroid user’s. A more skeptical observer wouldn’t believe that a man could get this big without drugs, but Randy had done it.

The man’s cock was snaking longer, bit by bit, the task of erecting the huge obelisk, which was now hanging lower than his knees, a big one. Veins were now starting to become visible along the shaft of the penis and around the big, lounging balls. Precum dribbled copiously out of the immense tool, making a mess on the floor. Randy was eying that prick as intently as the man was drooling over Randy’s muscular form. “One more, boy,” the man ordered. “You know the one I like.”

“Yes, Master,” Randy said in his baritone voice. He took another deep breath and went into an astounding most muscular pose. His entire torso leapt out in muscular glory, his pecs most of all filling the space between his arms to the brim with billowing brawn, the development of the two hemispheres of muscle so advanced that his dark nipples weren’t visible. Veins snaked across his chest and arms and bull neck. He tried to achieve the ultimate flex for his Master, knowing that this display of might would drive him crazy with lust, making that almighty cock even more hard.

“Yeah,” moaned Master, “that’s the body of a Mr. Olympia. How’s it feel to be the biggest, strongest bastard in the entire world of bodybuilding?”

Randy came out of the pose, blushing. It was true, he had won the title of Mr. Olympia for the third year in a row. He was on top of the sport of bodybuilding, the fans of his rabid and numerous, the number of corporations he sponsored the largest of any in the sport. He was the most popular bodybuilder since Arnold. In fact, his exposure might even eclipse that giant’s. Of course, he was bigger than that son of a bitch had ever been. He was a little over 350 lbs. of enormity. That would’ve been impressive enough on a man over six feet tall, but Randy didn’t even reach that high. All that beef was piled onto a frame that wasn’t even six feet tall! He was the most massive thing any of them had ever seen and he was going to get even bigger.

But for all his fame and intimidating size, he was a boy in front of this man. He wasn’t sure what it was about him that cowed him so much. It wasn’t even the fact that he had a dick so big it could choke a horse, though it helped. There was a confidence and masculinity behind those smoldering green eyes that eclipsed his own. He was a bitch for his Master. He wanted to please his Master. His Master was everything to him. He’d do anything his Master said.

“On your knees, boy,” Master ordered.

Oh god, Randy thought, so soon?! He got down on his knees as ordered and stared eye-to-eye at the flesh pipe he was doubtlessly going to service in the next few moments. God, it was still leaking out that clear, sticky shit. Like a fucking faucet. Master’s balls were huge, their supply seemingly limitless. The dick was still trying to erect itself, but failing to get any altitude due to the immense weight of it. Instead, it seemed content to continually spread outward. Longer, fatter, it could do it all. It was a star at growing huge.

“Go ahead and show this cock some appreciation,” Master said. “You’re so hot now that it shouldn’t take long for you to get it all the way hard.”

Randy got to work at running his big hands all over the thing, pressing into it to test its firmness, caressing the big veins that bulged in time with Master’s heartbeat, licked and lapping the glans with his tongue, gathering the precum into his mouth and swallowing it greedily. Randy opened his mouth as much as he could and pressed the head against it. Slowly but surely, the dick began to be engulfed by Randy’s hot mouth, the heat and softness inside speeding Master’s arousal and making it shoot a stream of precum down Randy’s throat, slicking the way for what was to come.

Shit, Randy thought, this thing must be bigger than before! It’s almost dislocating my jaw, and all I have is the head! But he wanted that dick more than anything in the world at the moment and kept shoving more in, making the monstrous glans press against the back of his mouth and slide effortlessly downwards. Randy had suppressed his gag reflex a while ago. He had to if he wanted to suck Master’s cock and live. Besides, it was so awesome to feel so much of his Master inside him. He kept sliding the huge prong in and out, feeling it getting bigger and thicker until it reached its ultimate size. Randy feverishly ran his hands over Master’s hairy nut sack and the length of shaft that was just too much to get in his mouth.

“Heh,” Master huffed out. “You hard yet, boy? That little toothpick cock tenting out that slutty poser of yours? Making the fabric bunch on your butt, pulling the fabric even more into that deep ass crack? God, it’s so fucking funny looking at that thing you call a dick. You used to fuck girls with that q-tip? Pathetic.”

It was true, Randy was rock-hard in his poser. He wasn’t nearly as endowed as Master. He was average, maybe a little less than that. When fully aroused, he could stretch the tape at five inches. Not very impressive at all. And of course, all the muscle he packed on made him look even smaller. None of the women he used to fuck ever said anything discouraging about his size, but he’d always been unhappy with the size of his dick. Master taunting him about the difference between them actually sort of turned him on. If he wasn’t totally boned before, he was now!

Master started to help Randy by thrusting his superfluous dick in and out of his mouth. “It’s funny, you know. How you’re such a big muscle stud but you’ve got such a small pecker. Seems to be the case with most bodybuilders, actually. Big everywhere but where it counts. Doesn’t it just humiliate you to know that I don’t even weigh half of what you do, but my dick absolutely dwarfs your own? Fuck, you can’t even compare them. It’d be an insult to my cock. Feel it in your throat, boy? That’s what a real man has. A dick big enough to slap you in the face with. Balls huge enough to coat the room in cum. It’s the root of manliness and I have so much more of it than you do.”

Randy’s face burned with embarrassment, but he kept sucking, his little cock still pressing firmly against the electric blue material. He felt Master’s balls begin to pull themselves toward the base of the shaft.

“Aw hell!” Master roared. “I’m gonna cum! Get ready for a flood of spunk shoving itself down your gullet!”

Master wasn’t joking. The torrent he began unleashing almost drowned Randy in the first shot. It completely filled his stomach, throat and mouth. Master howled in ecstasy. Randy had to disengage the cock if he wanted to live, but he was unable to get it all out of his mouth before the second shot of semen, mainly due to the large ridge of the cock catching in his mouth. Randy panicked as he felt another flood shove itself down his throat. He gagged, still trying to pull the dick out, semen pouring out of his nostrils and his sinuses burning. Master just laughed at what a simple orgasm was doing to this massive bodybuilder. Another shot coated Randy’s face in semen, the Olympia winner still gasping for breath. Master began rutting his cock between Randy’s marvelous pecs, feeling the bulging masses stimulated his glans even more as he continued to shoot. Randy’s close-cropped black hair and goatee were completely soaked in Master’s load, which wasn’t close to done yet. Randy began flexing his chest to aid his Master, who every now and again pointed his dick back at Randy’s mouth. The big man dutifully swallowed the thick, creamy shot, savoring the unique taste as he licked his lips. To Master, this was what it was all about; completely demeaning a huge muscular man, showing him exactly how submissive he was to his monument of maleness.

Eventually Master’s orgasm slowed to a dribble that would’ve looked like a normal-sized load on a normal man, Randy lying exhausted on the floor. That was when Randy began feeling the familiar, pleasant warmth inside. All of a sudden his body began swelling with more brawn. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to see his pecs. They were steadily filling more and more of his vision. He could feel his hips being lifted higher by his mounding glutes, no doubt rounding to even greater, more enticing beauty. His back was getting wider and thicker, his lats dominated Master’s view. Randy’s arms were developing deliciously, his biceps looking more and more hard and full, his triceps dominating the back of his arm. His forearms wound themselves into a size that was beginning to be the size of a normal man’s thigh. His abs shredded themselves even more, but not growing in size, though they looked much stronger than before. The growth of his thighs were pushing his legs farther apart. There was no doubt that Randy would be walking with the waddle of a mega-muscleman now. His calves etched themselves into diamond-hardness, the size of a heavyweight bodybuilder’s bicep. His shoulders were becoming beach balls, each lobe clearly defined. His traps were starting to reach past his ears and his neck had grown thicker and stronger, as well.

Master grinned. He loved this part almost as much as the other. “Get up. I want to have a good look at my big boy.”

Randy struggled to stand up with his new size, his body not quite done inflating with gorgeous new muscle. Once he finally steadied himself on his feet, adjusting to the new stance his thighs made him take, he looked with puppy dog eyes at his Master. “Am I big enough for you, Master?” he asked in his usually commanding voice, but here it seemed more meek and subservient.

Master heaved himself out of his recliner, his gigantic sex organ falling far past his knees, swinging in unwieldy arcs in the air, making loud slaps on his legs. He got a suspicious look to his eyes and examined his muscular creation. He walked around him several times slowly, burning each collection of bulging, enormous brawn into his memory. He came back around to Randy’s front and looked at him with a patronizing smile. “Why don’t we have a look in the mirror, boy? Or can you even see anything beyond those bloated sacks you call pecs?”

Randy shyly shook his head, with a hint of a prideful smile on his face at his newfound immensity. Master’s hand reached around to rest on Randy’s bare butt cheek (the back of the poser had crept entirely into Randy’s ass crack, due to his new size) as he guided his muscle man-boy over to the mirror in another corner of the room. Randy waddled almost like a toddler learning to walk for the first time. His cock still raged inside his poser. He now had even more muscle to please his Master with.

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