Muscl Hansl

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2 parts
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Part 1

Hans was walking through the dense forests, trying to catch up with his father and mother. They seemed to be kilometres ahead on the narrow path. He couldn’t really be sure, the path kept on winding around boulders, trees, holes and little streams and ponds. It was beautiful, but he couldn’t really enjoy the scenery, afraid as he was of losing sight of his parents. Now and then, he got a glimpse of his father’s red raincoat, or his mother’s blue jumper, but a second later, they were gone again. Hans was very short and extremely thin for his age, so he definitely couldn’t keep up with his parents who, at 40, were still at the prime of their life. This was definitely going to be the last summer holiday with his parents!

He decided to run for a while, hoping it would bring him closer to his parents. Running had always been something he was pretty good at, and liked. He was never as fast as his school mates with longer legs, but he was the master of the short sprint in high school. It was one of the reasons he was quite well accepted at school.

About ten minutes later, he came to a fork in the road. In one direction, the path went down to the lake where the parking lot was, the other seemed to be heading up the mountain. Without hesitation he took the path down. He galloped down for another ten minutes before noticing that the forest was becoming more foggy and moist. The trees were covered with moss and fungi, and there were huge ferns everywhere. The trees seemed older and much wider and taller. Not at all like the forest near the lake where they started their walking tour, scrawny Mediterranean vegetation all that could survive on the dry slopes. Only seconds later, the running boy got to the lake shore. He looked around, becoming slightly panicked. This was definitely not the lake he remembered! The trees surrounding it were gigantic, and nothing disturbed the surface, no canoes, no people swimming. An eerie fog wisped across the lake, without any wind whipping it around. And there was no parking lot visible anywhere on the shore!

Hans felt his eyes starting to tear, he wanted to go home! He turned around to run up the path again, but to his shock, the path had disappeared. In its stead, Hans now stood in a big clearing in the forest, right on the lake shore. Behind it, he could see massive mountains, much taller than the mountains he had seen up to now in Greece. He turned around, on all sides of the lake, forest slopes rose up to majestic peaks, rugged and capped in snow and glaciers in the midst of summer. Definitely not something you would expect in Greece. He turned around at the meadow. It was beautiful. A small stream ran along the clearing, which was filled with all kinds of herbs and flowers, birds and insects buzzing and whirring around. It smelled wonderful, more like spring than summer. The temperature was also much colder than it was earlier that day, even on the mountains.

At the other side of the clearing, next to the stream, stood a large cabin. A bit ramshackle, with moss and flowers growing on the roof, flowers on the windowsills, smoke coming out of the chimney. Most of the building was one floor. The right side of the building, above a water mill slowly turning in the stream, had a low second floor. The ground floor had 4 windows on both sides of the door. No sign of technology to be seen anywhere.

Then Hans heard his mother’s voice. “Hans, come in, it is nice and warm”. Hans’s heart leapt in his thin boy chest. He found them! He run across the clearing into the little cabin, coming into a small hallway. He turned left, into a room covering the whole left side of the cabin.. Even though the room had a lot of windows, it was rather dark inside and he couldn’t spot his mom. He did see large, tall shapes all around him. First he was startled, but then saw that it were only wooden statues. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he saw that the statues had a lot in common. They were all incredibly accurate and life-like representations of hugely muscular guys. Inhumanely muscled and big,… all young and——all nude.

Their chests, backs and shoulders were three to four times the width of his father’s, their arms thicker than his father’s chest, pecs thicker than his mother’s breasts. And his parent’s weren’t in any way small… Incredible! Their torso’s narrowed down dramatically towards their waist, the front cobbled with deeply striated abs. Their waists were very wide, much wider than his chest, but compared to their gigantic upper bodies they were relatively small. And right underneath were some of the biggest cocks and balls Hans had ever seen, and he had seen quite a few…. including augmented ones online. He felt his own teen cock stir while looking at the larger-than-life genitals beautifully cut out in the wood. They were all at full mast. Wow, the artist must be really gay as well, Hans thought.

He had known for years that he was gay, ever since he had grown his first public hair. And here he seemed to have entered gay heaven. He looked back at the statues, savouring the rest of their bodies with his eager eyes. The muscle statues turned away from him showed hard muscular asses, some more bubble buts, with firm perky ass cheeks, while others were much bigger than that, massive globes of hard ass muscle. Fucking awesome! And then the legs! Thick like tree trunks, far-more-than-massive upper legs pushing their knees apart and their huge genitals to the front. Some also had almost grotesquely thick lower legs; massive and round. Others were thinner, but more cut.

The men were all so big, where would the artist have gotten his inspiration from, Hans wondered. While he was looking at the superhuman statues, the word that sprang to mind was man-bulls. All of them looked like what he would think man-bulls would look like: massive, all-powerful and masculine; the only thing missing were actual horns. He felt the front of his boxers getting wet as he started leaking pre-cum. Although small, his teen-cock was always ready and hard. He loved these statues. He considered whether he would like to look like them. He loved their mass, their strength, their size, but he found that he liked the more cut, aesthetic guys better you now saw everywhere online, big muscles, but cut like razors, incredibly narrow wastes, not an ounce of fat on their body. He especially loved those Giles Crofta men, like Sergi Constance, Ryan Terry, Roger Snipes, Jason Goodale, Jase Dean, Liam Macca, Matt Salis, Daniel Blackwell and Kirk Miller. Still, at least these manbulls could probably eat, while those skinny muscle boys probably never ate anything outside of their diet. Well, he himself could eat tonnes without gaining a single gram. Hans looked down at his body, his skinny legs sticking out of his shorts. He lifted his shirt, seeing his abs, not because he was in any way muscular, but just because he could not gain weight.

He looked around the room again. He counted 28 man bulls; all big, brawny and beautiful. But there the resemblance stopped. Although all of them were young, only a few seemed to be around Hans’s age. Most appeared to be one or two years older, around 19 or 20, and a few were older than that, up to around 25. That made a huge difference though in their faces, between teen and young men. However, most were not the prettiest around. Obviously they were chosen as models for their huge size, not for their handsome face. Several were just plain, while some others were quite unattractive, zits and marks on their faces, dull eyes or dumb expressions. Some other’s had a positively brutal, thuggish face. A couple of the older guys looked like what you would expect Bane to look like underneath his mask; like ferocious, ruthless barbarians. Others were what you would expect highwaymen to look like, rough, savage and hard. Although not handsome by long shot, Hans still found them incredibly attractive, and started to fantasize about being dominated and used by one of these brutes. He only discovered a couple of guys that were actually good looking.

Also in height and muscle, they were not as alike as Hans had thought at first glance. Although difficult to discern considering the different poses that had been chosen, some were not very tall and only stood around 15 cm taller than Hans, at around 1.75, while others reached up to what must be 2 metres or more. Incredible. The same differentiation was visible in their body mass. Although all were definitely build like man bulls, some were more like prize bulls, their biceps and triceps looking like they could just pop of their body, their shoulders and pecs even fuller, their asses giant globes of muscle, their legs more massive, but also more cut than their peers. They were truly an amazing sight. Moving between the statues, Hans found that some were quite hairy, anything from curly hairs covering their chest, stomach, groin, legs and ass, up to shorter straight hairs limited to their legs. Most of them, and especially the younger guys had little hair. Hans found that he liked them all but was more than happy that he hardly had any body hair, he thought with a smile. Only some light hair in his groin and armpits. And his legs had become sparsely sprinkled with hair since the last two years.

Finally he gave some more attention to their cocks and balls. He quickly saw that although the variation between the statues was at least as big in this department, they all had one thing in common. They were much better endowed than he was. Hans was still hoping his cock would continue to grow from its current 13cm, but he hadn’t seen any development in the last year. The smallest on display here had just under 20cm. The longest Hans could find while walking around was attached to one of the meanest looking, biggest and oldest man bulls, one that combined both great height and a massive body. He looked to be around 25. He couldn’t help but touching the massive shaft and running his hands along its great length, from the statues groin up to the gargantuan peach-sized head. This was really more like a third leg, Hans thought, his own cock straining in his pants. How long would it be 40 cm, maybe even 45. Incredible.

Hans caught himself fantasizing about how it would feel to have a cock this large up his ass. It would probably kill him he thought, but some of the 30 or 35cm ones he would like to give a try, he thought with a smile. Last year he had behaved like a total whore, a complete bottom and always ready. He could hardly remember how many guys had fucked him since he found out he was pretty enough to get lucky every single time he went online to hook up. He smiled again; with at least one new guy per week, sometimes two or three, he had probably been with more than a 100 guys. And he had turned into quite the size queen, quickly discovering that he liked big cocks… preferably attached to guys with big bodies. It had become his favourite thing; feeling a big cock entering his hole and pounding his ass. He had also become better and better at gauging cock size, landing some of the biggest cocks in his home town, just by checking everyone out in the gay clubs he was allowed to enterbefore he had turned 18. Some of the biggest guys he had stayed with for a while. But no guy had ever come close to what he saw here, he thought, turning his attention back to the guy with the monster cock.

Although his cock was simply beyond belief, the statue wasn’t anywhere near being the one with the biggest balls. Although his plum-sized balls were indeed massive, the biggest balls, Hans quickly found, belonged to one of the youngest bull man, maybe not even 18 years old, of more medium size at the back of the room. He literally dwarfed all other statues in that department. His ball sack hang halfway down to his knees. Clearly outlined in his sack were two balls the size of very big grapefruits. Again Hans couldn’t help but touching the statue, letting his hands run over the smooth wood.

All of sudden he came out of his reverie, remembering that he had come into the cabin because he had heard his mother’s voice. He turned around as she was obviously not in the statue room and moved to search the rest of the house. On the other side of the hallway he found two more rooms. One which was probably a kitchen, with a small stove and several larders, a small table and two chairs. One of the chairs was huge, with thick, massive legs, seemingly made for a giant, while the other seemed more of a normal sized chair. Hans walked on to the next room, which mostly contained a lot of equipment, gear, clothes, and several drying racks. In the corner where the milling stones that were probably connected to the watermill outside. Where was he? Who still lived like they were in the middle of the stone age, Hans thought by himself.

At the end of the room were the stairs to the second floor. Maybe his mother was there? Walking up the ladder, he peeked across the first floor and saw that it was set-up as a cosy bedroom and living room. A small bed stood in one corner, covered with a straw mattress. The floor was covered with all kinds of fur hides and little benches, while the walls were draped with leather hides. It looked really snug and nice.

Hans heard someone stumbling downstairs. His mother! He went down the stairs again, and walked into the hallway where he saw a large shadow cast across the hallway floor. A man appeared, dressed in medieval hunter gear. He was tall, maybe 1.95. His legs were covered in tight brown leather pants, thick leather and fur boots running up to the middle of his calves. His upper body was covered in a woollen shirt with tight sleeves, covered by a tight leather jerkin. He had a thin woollen cape draped around his shoulders which was coated in pollen, as was his long light brown hair. Only then did Hansl notice that the guy was absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful dark green-blue eyes one could drown in, high cheekbones, masculine jaws. he seemed to be in his late twenties. And from what Hans could see through his clothes, he had a pretty great body. Not nearly as big and muscular as the other guys here, but broad shouldered, a nice outline of pecs and arms visible through the shirt, his legs filling up his trousers quite well. He seemed to have an incredibly narrow small waist, while his ass was pretty well developed. And in the front he had a really big bulge tenting his pants; the guy seemed as well-endowed as most of the statues, apart from the biggest ones. Nice! Hans thought.

The guy seemed extremely worried, and came up to him anxiously, almost aggressively. “You need to go”, he said to Hans, “Now”. “What”,

Hans stumbled over his words, “I can’t go, my parents are here somewhere”.

“No boy, nothing is here, accept for trouble and misery. You need to leave, now”. At that moment, Hans heard his mom call out again at the other end of the cabin.

“My mom is here, I have to get to her”.

The man grabbed him and pushed him up against the wall. He was much, much stronger than Hans expected. He couldn’t move a millimetre. “No, you should not. This is not your mom, this is him, the spirit of my Master. He is returning, returning to ensnare you”.

“What?! What the fuck! Let me go”, Hans said, while struggling to get away from the hunter.

“You need to run, you need to run now or you will become his slave and he will turn you into a mindless man bull like those guys over there”, the hunter said while pointing at the statues in the next room.

“What the fuck do you mean”, Hans said while still struggling to get free from the man’s grasp, “if you are trying to make me afraid you are not succeeding. I would love to be bigger and stronger. It has always been my dream”.

“You don’t understand me, that is why you have been chosen. Because you crave to be bigger, because you would to be muscular, strength and masculine”.

Hans blushed, wow that summed him up pretty well, although his biggest dream was being fucked by guys like that.

The hunter continued.” You must listen to me. You will be big, bigger than you have ever dreamed of, maybe even bigger than the guys in that room. But you will be mindless and only focused on sex and muscle”.

“Still not sounding to bad, even if anything about it were true”, Hans shouted at the hunter.

“You still don’t understand, you ignorant runt”, the hunter shouted back, “first you will be without a will of your own. But then, once you get as big as you can get, when you have become a true man-bull, he will take your soul and change you into one of those statues. You must understand that you must flee”, the hunter continued, now pleading. “They were once boys like you. But there is no time to explain, you need to go before my Master returns. I will not be able to help you then”. The urgency in the beautiful man’s voice started to make Hans very worried, but his story was just too preposterous.

“Who is your so-called Master then”, Hans asked sneeringly.

“You still do not believe me I see,” the hunter said angrily. “Aren’t you surprised you are not seeing any technology, that there are no people around, just ten kilometres outside of Thessaloniki, that the mountains are snow-capped at the height of summer?”

“Yeah, sure”, Hans said, now with more doubt in his voice, “but what you say is crazy”.

“Boy, I do not know how to explain it to you, but you must believe me. My Master is Priapus, the God of the Phallus, son Dionysus and Aphrodite”.

“Who? The what?”, Hans said angrily, “you are fucking crazy man”.

“My Master is the Greek god Priapus, the god of the male sex, the male organ, of sperm, of virility. In the latter, he is both the sworn enemy as well as the lover of Hercules, son of Zeus and demi-god of strength and masculinity. Ages ago, Priapus, at that time only a minor, rustic god, overpowered Hercules and imprisoned him somewhere no one knows, not even me. I just know he goes there to take Hercules’ essence, his seed, combines it with a little bit of his own and feeds it to the boys he imprisons here. Every boy can taken a certain amount of essence, the smaller they are from the start, the more they can learn to take. And it also has something to do with inclination. The more a boy wants to be big, the bigger he can get.”

The hunter looked at Hans to see if any of this was getting through to the boy, and seeing Hans’ thoughtful expression, continued. “By investing all that essence in these boys he keeps Hercules severely weakened. Normally, divine strength vested in a mortal would flow back to a deity once the mortal dies, but Priapus has discovered that changing his victims into wooden statues captures Hercules’ essence and allows Priapus to draw upon it. By doing so, Priapus has become one of the strongest gods in Olympia. Only Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and Hera are more powerful than he is.”

A gong sounded outside, seemingly originating from the sky itself. The Hunter turned white. “Too late”, he said softly, turning to the door. Outside, Hans could see a closed litter approaching at the other side of the meadow. A feeling of dread emanated from it and Hans finally decided to make a run for it. He wanted to dash but found himself lifted from the ground like he was a feather, stuck in the iron grip of the hunter. “I’m sorry”, the hunter whispered, “it is too late. My Master wants you here. I have no other choice than to obey.” Hans kept struggling and lashed out with his arms and legs against the hunters rock hard stomach, legs and chest, but the man did not dodge in the slightest. Then he pushed Hans outside of the cabin in front of him so that they faced the approaching litter. There was nothing Hans could do to stop him, and he was forced to slowly see the litter approach.

Hans didn’t understand. The hunter was bigger than him, but couldn’t be this strong. Then Hans felt the hunters growing erection pressing into his back. It was huge! Hans couldn’t help getting excited himself as well. Actually, when seeing the litter he felt scared and awed on the one hand, but on the other hand felt more turned on than ever before. He was pretty sure that this feeling of excitement was being forced upon him by whatever was in that litter.

Looking closer at the approaching litter, he saw that is was carried by six man bulls, all at least as big as the biggest man bull in the room in the cabin. They seemed remarkably similar in appearance, just over 2 meter tall, incredibly muscular, as wide as price bulls and with cocks that would put an average stallion to shame. Their cocks stood at full mast, sticking out at least 40 cm from their groins and accompanied by coconut sized balls. Whoever was in that litter, he picked the biggest and the best, Hans thought, his cock starting to ooze pre-cum.

As the litter came even closer, the feeling of dread increased. He saw that where he had first thought the man bulls were actual still man, he now saw that they to were living, walking versions of the wooden statues inside. There was a more natural sheen to their “skin”, which at a distance made it seemed they were alive, but at close distance Hans could see the grains and seems of the wood. He also saw the empty, dead look in their eyes. The hunter had been right all along, Hans thought. He was completely and utterly screwed!

Finally, the litter arrived at the cabin. Only now could Hans finally appreciate how big these guys actually were. They were at least 2.20 meters tall and all true prize bulls, even more muscular and endowed that their peers inside. Hans just hadn’t noticed their utter masculine superiority because the litter itself was also much bigger than he had thought. He probably could stand upright in it. The statues put down the litter and took a few steps back away and then went down on their knees. The hunter also forced Hans down on his knees and pushed Hans’ face down on the grass in front of the cabin. Hans heard how the curtain was opened and he heard and felt footsteps approaching.

“Hello youngling”, the god said, and at that moment Hans would have sold his parents, his soul anything to please the god. “Welcome, and thank you for being of service to me”. At the back of his mind, Hans knew he was under some sort of spell, but he couldn’t help it. He came harder than he ever had before in his life, without even touching himself.

“Good, good, you seem to be made out of the right material”, the god mused, apparently aware of Hans’ ejaculation. How could he though, Hans mused, as his cum was not yet leaking through his shorts. “I hope this one has not given you too much trouble Azekial?” the god asked.

“No my Lord”, Hans heard the hunter answer, with an eager tone in his voice.

“Good, then let’s prepare this little one”. Hans felt how his head was pulled back violently by his hair. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to see what was going on. “Oh, but this is a very pretty one”, the god purred. “It was time for something a bit more pleasing to the eye in that department. Are you pleased, little hunter?”

“Very pleased master”, Hans heard the hunter respond, but now his eager voice was also infused with a slightly militant tone.

“HA HA HA”, the god’s laugh boomed across the clearing, “still trying to rebel after all those years, still trying to protect these boys. Oh hunter, will you ever learn. To please you, I will give the boy a bigger dose of essence, just to kick-start the process and make him grow that much quicker. Let’s say I give him the entire amphora and all of my own seed”. “No my lord, please don’t”, the hunter pleaded loudly. “The boy will completely lose any sense of the world. No mortal’s mind can cope with so much divine essence. He might even die”.

Then Hans felt how the god was turning his full divine attention towards him. It was an oppressive feeling, like a cloak being clad over his mind. “That’s is the boy’s risk to take. And I’m sure the boy doesn’t mind taking some risks to serve his Master and become a big muscle man. Do you want to please your god, little one?”

Hans tried to force himself to deny the god, but felt how the answer was ripped away from him. He gave the god a resounding yes, and heard the god laugh happily in acceptance. “Boy, open your eyes”, and that was what Hans did. He found he was eye to eye with a gold amphora, the rim almost touching his lips. It was being held up by one of the man bulls, while another had taken up position behind him, replacing Azekial. “Drink”, the god said forcibly. And Hans drank, because there was no choice, but also because he wanted to. A part of his mind was screaming no, while another, treacherous part couldn’t wait to become huge to please his god and above all fulfill his own desire to be big. And maybe even become an acceptable partner to someone as beautiful as Azekial.

From the first second, it was clear he was drinking cum. Probably the cum of Hercules, as the hunter had told him. However, it didn’t taste like normal cum at all. The jizz of the demi-god was very thick and tingled on his tongue, its potency flashing through his body almost immediately. It was almost sweet and the best drink Hans had ever had. He drank for a long time before he had had his fill and pushed the amphora back. “No drink it all”, the god ordered, “you, help him”. He felt how his head was yanked back again, and a massive hand pried open his jaw. He then felt more of the fluid poured into his mouth, much more than before. He gagged, but the fluids he spilled were immediately scooped back into his mouth. It felt like there were litres of jizz in the amphora, and there probably were.

Hans continued drinking for another 10 minutes, closing his eyes to fight off his tears, before it was finally empty. His stomach really started to hurt and he felt his body and mind going numb, like he was on drugs. The man bulls still didn’t let him go though. They pulled back his head back again so Hans was facing forward and then pried open his eyes. For the first time, he could lay eyes on the god Priapus. He looked like a rather normal man in built, but all his dimensions were massively supersized. He wasn’t particular muscular looking, he had more of a toned swimmer-build, but he was just “larger”. He seemed to be around 2m40 in length, with everything else perfectly in proportion. Except for his cock and balls. His cock was completely hard and stuck out almost a meter from his groin. It was the most glorious thing Hans had ever seen. Although truly grotesque in its size, it was straight and beautifully proportioned. Not only was it long, but also incredibly thick. The shaft was around 20 cm in diameter, while the cock head was a lot thicker still. Underneath were balls the size of cantaloupes and Hans could have sworn he could see them churning in the gods sack, waiting for release. Above it all was a face of truly devilish beauty. He could hardly look at it, the God’s face was so beautiful it burned his eyes.

Hans quickly turned away and gave his attention to the God's beautiful endowment. Hans didn’t understand how the huge cock stayed hard and pointing at such a beautiful 90 degrees angle. “My new slave”, the god boomed, “I know you are going to make me proud. Grow as big as Hercules, take away his strength for me. Take my essence and become truly mine”. Before Hans could consider what the god meant, the massive cockhead was at his lips, and Priapus’ intention was quite obvious. Hans must have looked absolutely terrified, because Priapus started laughing again, still that same uncaring laugh. “I am a god, little slave boy”, don’t be afraid it won’t fit.” That was certainly not what Hans was afraid for. He was more terrified about the pain, and dying. Also he felt himself getting more and more drowsy, detached and fuzzy. If the cum of a demi-god already had that affect, how would the cum of a powerful god affect him?

Priapus grabbed his cock, and started moulding it. Hans saw how the cock started to shrink, keeping the same beautiful dimensions, but just getting smaller. At the same time, it seemed that all the mass Priapus lost in the cock department, came back in ball-size. Several moment of kneading later, the god’s cock was down to 40 glorious centimetres, sill with the girth of a 1 litre coke bottle. Hans felt how one of the man-bulls grabbed his head and started to force him to take the head. When the head didn’t pop in immediately, the man bull started applying more pressure. Hans also felt how the god started to push his steel hard prick forward. The pressure continued to build from both sides, and eventually Hans’ jaws gave in. As he was blinded by pain, he truly couldn’t understand how it was possible for them not to dislodge. His mouth seemed to be filled entirely with Priapus’ leaking, pulsating cockhead and his jaws were screaming in agony. The corners of his mouth were ripped, and he felt blood dripping down his chin.

The god only allowed him a couple of seconds to adjust, and although the pain hadn’t receded in the slightest, Priapus started to push his cock in further. First, the entrance to Hans’ throat stopped the advancing penis, but then Priapus passed that blockade and enjoyed unrestricted access to Hans’ gullet. The god quickly pushed the rest of his cock in until he probably almost reached Hans’ stomach, and then started fucking Hans’ face, pulling out until his head was almost back in Hans’ mouth, and then pushing the rest in. Hans couldn’t even gag as he felt Priapus cock growing again. Within seconds the mighty shaft was a thick as his cockhead had been at the start. As a size queen and cock-slave Hans couldn’t help himself becoming turned on. The sight of the massive cock sliding in and out of his mouth, and the feeling of the cockhead deep in his body was just too much and he came again.

“I’m going to enjoy this new slave a lot, Azekial”, the god said, sounding truly satisfied with his new conquest. To celebrate he increased his tempo. Then, minutes later, Hans finally felt the god cumming. The god was shouting out, a resounding roar of bliss being echoed back by the mountains. As his stomach was already filled to bursting with Hercules’ jizz there was no room for the additional spunk to go. As the pressure continued to build, the God’s magic seemed to be at work, as Hans felt his stomach extending and his belly becoming larger by the second. His whole body started to hurt, the tingling becoming a stinging feeling in his chest, arms and legs. It seemed to take minutes before the torrent of cum finally subsided, and when the God pulled out his giant dripping cock, Hans barely noticed how it quickly ballooned back to his full size. He felt like he was in another world, just looking down upon himself like he was a different person. He had never felt so foggy. He only noticed his hugely swollen stomach, and when he turned, his stomach churned from all the liquids it contained.

Finally the god turned away towards the hunter and the man bulls let him go. Hans crashed onto the grass immediately and curled up around his hugely swollen stomach. He looked down at it. It seemed the god had inserted a sextuplet into his stomach; it looked gigantic, especially on his short, thin frame. He hurt really bad all over his body. His skin was burning, raw stretch marks crisscrossing his belly. His mouth, his throat and his jaws felt abused and battered. Worst however was the feeling in his stomach. It felt like someone was pushing a knife in and out. He wanted to retch, but thought that that the god would probably just repeat the torment. His mind getting more and more numb by the second became a blessing; he felt how the pain was being pushed to the background. Instead, his thoughts were increasingly woolly. At the same time, he felt incredibly turned on and could only think about getting fucked. He hadn’t lost his hard-on, even during the torment he went through. Finally, blissfully, the world went black around Hans and he lost consciousness.

Part 2

When the god and his man-bulls finally left, Azekial found himself lying on the ground close to the boy. It took Azekial several minutes to gather his senses. He still couldn’t think straight with the god there; each decennium it became a little bit better, but seeing his gorgeous new guest ravaged had been too much. He had completely lost control.

When he got up he found that his pants were utterly soaked with a massive quantity of his own cum. The tent in the front of his pants was still huge, his semi-hard cock painfully constrained, its massiveness pushing his balls down, resulting in two clearly visible globes pressed against the thin leather at his crotch. His nuts were huge, far larger than he had seen them in years. Although it could have only been ten minutes ago when he had soaked his pants, they were already full to bursting, screaming for release. God, his balls hadn’t been this active for ages, he could actually feel them working overtime and demanding their master to give them instant release. He felt so incredibly worked up and horny, as he relived the moments when the boy went down on the god’s monster cock, with the mindless man bulls standing around them, grunting and jerking off their huge tools. And all Azekial could think about was fucking the boy himself, grabbing the boy by his narrow hips,inserting his massive cock in his narrow chute and pummeling him until he would fill up the boys ass with his own spunk. He felt his balls jerking as he thought about that, looking first at the boy and then quickly down at his crotch where he could see his balls slowly but surely expanding as they were denied release. Fuck, this hadn’t happened in a century! The release would be amazing, Azekial was already looking forward to it.

First he planned to take a pillow from his room to make the boy more comfortable. Setting up living space for the boy in the storage room, could wait until after he had gotten his release and cleaned up. He looked at the boy while adjusting his massive rock-hard cock. The boy was absolutely beautiful, exactly as Azekial liked it. Not the classical Mediterranean look that most of the man-bulls had, but nice and Nordic. The boy’s blond hair was at shoulder length, curly and thick, and was cut to fall over his forehead in a care-free, incredibly sexy way. His eyes, now closed, were a radiant, sparkling blue. His golden locks and eyes provided a striking contrast to his deeply tanned skin. The boy was exceptionally tanned for one that blond. Azekial then considered the boy’s aristocratic face, with its high cheekbones and pronounced chin, almost feminine in its beauty with his huge eyelashes and light eyebrows. He looked very young, maybe 15 or 16, which was further accentuated by his rail-thin body.

The boy was wearing very sexy light-blue shorts, which did not even reach a third down to his knees, leaving most of his well-formed legs exposed. The boy was so thin that every muscle was clearly visible. Azekial loved it. He was especially keen on the boys tiny waist, even thin for someone his size, and his beautiful perky, cheeky ass filling up his pants. Azekial truly hoped he would get to fuck that ass, although he would need to wait some time before his monster cock would fit.

He knew the boy’s thin body would not last very long, but he promised himself to enjoy it while it lasted; either by just looking or hopefully by sampling the boy’s hot body. Consering how the boy had ogled over those man-bulls even when he discovered the danger, his desire to be big and have a monster cock was incredibly strong. He had even gone down on Priapus without to much of a fight. Considering that he was by far the smallest guy ever to arrive at the clearing, chances were he would become the biggest bull of them all.

When he had been young himself and recently imprisoned by Priapus, Azekial had loved massive muscles. They just couldn’t get big enough. He remembered when he had seen Hercules for the first time; a 2.50 meter tall muscle monster; the star amongst the prize bulls. He had had wet dreams about that image of divine strength for years. 2,500 years amongst man-bulls had cured him of that completely. He still loved big muscles, but he prefered his men to be cut to the bone and perfectly toned and proportioned. Some of the boys that Priapus brought in had been that, but within months, they were turned into the giant muscle behemoths, those mindless, all-powerful beasts, the sight of which he had come to hate with all his heart.

Not only was the boy by far the most beautiful victim of Priapus in over a 1000 years, maybe since the beginning of his imprisonment, the boy had also shown a far more friendly demeanor. He hoped that would last as the divine powers raging through his body remade him into the pinnacle of masculinity, sexuality, raw power and virility. Most guys could not cope with that. Azekial even had the hope he would be open to making love with him.

He at least hoped to avoid the worst case scenario, which Azekial became less and less sure about as he saw the massive amounts of cum being pumped into the boy. All of the guys Priapus found were predominantly driven by a strong desire to be the biggest and strongest. Unfortunately, most also came with a desire to dominate others. They weren’t necessarily gay; in fact, only two had been. And whether or not they were gay, most were driven by a desire to subjugate, to take whatever they wanted; to fulfill their own needs and make sure they enjoyed their pleasures. Most were ruthless, uncaring, inhuman even. Almost every single time, as soon as their sex-drive got out of hand and the seed of the gods de-humanised them more and more, their only goal was to fuck Azekial. And of course, how could they not, as Azekial was the only other being at hand. Only a select few had resisted, instead reverting to almost constant jerk-of sessions.

As a demi-god himself, Azekial could fend them off at first, but eventually they grew too strong and could overpower him. He had always believed Priapus had taken a sadistic pleasure in this himself; he had denied Azekial Hercules’ seed after giving him some trace amounts in the first months to build Azekial’s body to a level pleasing to his god. He had remained the same ever since, he had a good body; muscular at the right places, cut and tall. In the outside world, he would be a total hunk and could have probably made his live with modeling. But he was just not powerful enough to defend himself. In contrast, the god had unloaded himself numerous times in his young charge. He had kept on doing that over the ages, eventually growing Azekial’s cock and balls to their current huge size, while the body of the demi-god stayed the same, rock-hard, toned and razor cut, but nowhere near the size of even the smallest man-bulls.

Maybe, if they would have tried, Azekial would actually have been willing to have sex with them, but most just took what they wanted. They wanted to fuck him whenever they wanted, no compromises such as giving the other guy some semblance of pleasure. Unfortunately, Azekial was 95% top himself. It wasn’t that he found getting fucked truly awful, as long as the other 50 times he would do the fucking. And his equipment was built for that purpose specifically, large, rock-hard and never tiring. Still, he had become an expert bottom over the last centuries as one man-bull after the other used him as their boy-toy and forced themselves on his bubble-but ass or his mouth. He could hardly remember the last time he had fucked someone himself.

He turned around, and walked into the house. He immediately noticed that his cum had not only dribbled down both of his legs, he had cum so much that it had leaked into his shoes. They had quickly overflowed and there was a puddle of cum around them. Fucking crazy! He then took a specific look into the room with the statues. He noted some of the guys that had raped him most often or most brutally. In particular Gustav, one of the biggest and oldest of them all, a 2.20 meter Viking tower of muscle with almost half a meter of cock, had been ruthless. When he had discovered that Azekial, as a demi-god, could not die from mere physical injuries he had used and raped Azekial with abandon, only caring about his own pleasure. Azekial shuddered when considering the injuries he had sustained each time Gustav had plunged his gigantic cock into his hole in one quick, ruthless push. And even though Gustav had kept on growing and growing Priapus, had not taken the man; in fact he had applauded the young Viking, only adding additional strength to Gustav so he could torment Azekial even more. They had been together for almost 4 years before the god sucked the guy’s soul out of his body. It had been some of the most miserable years in Azekial’s existence.

Still, although Gustav had been the worst, if only in terms of sheer penis size, he hadn’t even been the most brutal. Gustav had been focused on his own pleasure and instant gratification. In contrast, Azekial thought while focusing his eyes on a much smaller man-bull, Hrant, who had lived with him in the beginning of the 19th century, had been a sadistic prick, a goat-herder from Crete completely focused on Azekial’s misery. He derived most of his pleasure from actively hurting his care-taker. It was the only time when Azekial had been completely and utterly happy when his charge had been turned into wood.

One of the gay guys had been the highlight of Azekials life. Adrian had been the son of a wool merchant in 11th century Constantinople before finding his way to the clearing in the early 11th Century. While the other gay guy, Aurelias, a sailor from 3rd Century Alexandria, had been a top, and only allowed Azekial to fuck him two or three times, Adrian had been all about getting it from behind. He could spot Adrian’s body at the back, one of the shortest man-bulls at 1.80 meter. The guy had a particularly plain face, but his body had been amazing. Cut until the last month and growing slowly and comparatively modestly, Adrian did not have the bull in him. As such,however eager he had been to be fucked by Azekial’s monster cock, it had taken months before he had grown sufficiently large and robust to take the onslaught of Azekial’s cock. At that time, Adrian had been so eager to be fucked, almost like an opium addict, even though it hurt him and took him an hour to get his lover’s cock in.

The following half-year had been the best in his life. As fucking Adrian became easier and easier as the young Byzantine grew bigger, Azekial could finally get his fill. It had been winter at the time, the larder was full to bursting and there was not much to do apart from making repairs and checking the snairs outside to see if they caught rabbits or foxes. So they fucked. Sometimes hours in a row, just enough time for Azekial to recover before Adrian rode his cock again. Adrian must have literally gotten a tonne of Azekials jizz in his system, Azekial’s giant, faithfull balls pumping out ejaculation after ejuacualation.

This has led to the discovery that Azekial’s seed also had effect. Not as strongly as Hercules’ nor Priapus’ seed, but considering the copious amounts Adrian got in his system, the effect was much more profound. It had taken them a while to discover that Adrian had become more energetic, sharper and less focused on sex. He went out the door more and more. Their lives became more and more normal. Over the following weeks, they saw how the growth in his muscle mass decreased. Eventually, Adrian’s muscles started to shrink. His strength still increased as he became taller and his muscles became more cut and much more dense. At the same time his joints and hips became thinner. They both loved it, and hoped it would make Priapus willing to wait longer for Adrian to grow, and let them have more time together.

It took them a few more weeks before discovering it was actually Azekial’s seed, and the incredible quantities that Adian’s body absorbed, which made the change happen. They found out when Azekial was away across the valley for two weeks to check the traps higher up the mountain. While he was away, Adrian’s muscles had simply ballooned. So after they had made sure that every last drop of seed the demi-god’s balls produced ended up in Adrian’s ass or mouth. In the weeks that followed, Adrian had become a cut beauty, every muscle perfectly outlined. To Azekial, Adrian became more beautiful every day, but Priapus, when he visited the valley, became angry that his new slave had suddenly shrunk and turned him in a statute immediately.

It had been the last time Azekial had been truly happy. Several of the guys that followed were nice enough, and he had developed a certain affection for them, even though most them still fucked him against his will in the end. But some had at least been good comrades for a while. And now it was almost 200 years ago that he had had any company apart from the occasional visit of Priapus or other gods.

He snapped out of his daydream; he must have been standing in the doorpost to the statue room for half an hour! His pants were literally straining to contain his now gargantuan balls and the whole situation was becoming quite painful. He quickly walked up to his room, got the pillow and returned to the boy. After tenderly pushing it underneath the boy’s head and feeling his balls spasming enthusiastically from the sight of the boys beautiful face, he walked down the meadow to the lake shore and finally unbuttoned his pants. Each button he released send a shudder through his body as his balls were slowly provided with the space they needed. When the final button was loose he quickly stepped out of his pants, exposing the cum-soaked hair on his strong, long legs to the wind. The front of his thighs were completely covered in cum as were his knees and shins. His cum-heavy underwear was sagging under the weight of his massive equipment and he quickly pulled it down. He gasped as he finally got a good look at his junk. His balls were massive! Incredible; the boy had gotten him even more worked up that he had thought. His balls were at least 10 cm in diameter, and quivering as they grew further straining his ballsack to its limits. That was actually beginning to hurt. His balls had never been nearly this big, not even by a long shot. Seriously turned on as he was, he decided to allow his balls to grow even further, to see how far his excitement for the boy could grow before it became too painful. So he took off his shirt and vest, exposing his cut abs and strong chest, and laid down in the grass, his feet in the water and enjoying the sun. His massive cock was resting on his stomach, reaching well beyond his belly button, almost to the bottom of his chest, and he had his legs spread out wide to give his balls more room to expand. He quickly fell asleep in the warm late afternoon sun.

Two things woke him up. The first was a very large satir jumping away from him a couple of meters to his right, quickly galloping back to the edge of the forest, only showing his backside. He was one of the biggest of his species Azekial had ever seen, with a wide back and strong human upper legs above the lower legs of a goat. Weird, Azekial thought, while pushing himself up on his elbows. They almost never came this close to his part of the valley. Maybe this was one of the young bucks, eager to prove himself to his elders, and more importantly to prospective partners, by challenging the resident demi-god. He hoped he wasn’t going to be facing an endless number of duell challenges again, as he did last time one of the young satyrs was in heat. Azekial groaned, that was really something he didn’t want to deal with right now.

The second thing was the pressure in his ballsack. He looked down and gasped. He couldn’t believe his eyes; his balls were at least half as big as they were when he fell asleep, and now truly constrained, the skin of his sack taut around them. Unlike the Priapus, Azekial couldn’t influence the size of his equipment directly. His cock was always the same size, only growing when fucked by the god. He was huge in that department, no question about it. His balls, instead, expanded when he was particularly excited.

He hated Priapus with all of his guts, but this was something that Azekial loved, he thought as he stood up and took his cock in his hands. It felt incredible as he slowly started to masturbate; his hands pulling his foreskin all the way back, and then moving slowly forward. He quickly started to increase his pace as he became more excited. He got up, facing the lake, the sunlight caressing his body. His rock-hard cock was sticking out straight from his groin, massively thick and almost 45 centimeters long. As he jerked himself of, his balls started swinging between his legs, the pressure sending waves of ecstasy throughout his body. It was only a minute of bliss later when he felt his orgasm slowly building. He closed his eyes, imagining it was not his own hands around his cock, but the boy’s much smaller hands. Probably both the boys hands would be needed to grasp the massive cock but he was sure he would do it with enthusiasm. Azekial imagined the boy kissing the head of his cock, roaming his tongue around it while pulling back the foreskin. Maybe he would even try and put the massive head in his mouth, gagging in the process. Disgruntled, Azekial remembered the boy had only been able to take the god’s massive cock because of his magic; it would take him months before he could take Azekial’s non magically augmented cock. Still, Azekial thought with a smile, it was nice to daydream.

He waded into the water while continuing to jerk off, the small waves lapping against his legs. He let go of his cock which immediately slapped up against his stomach, to rinse the dried cum of his body. As it was not yet completely dried up, he could quite easily get rid of his spunk, although it stuck in his pube and leg hair. He was totally turned on by the procedure though, marveling at the size of the load he must have shot and keenly anticipating the even bigger load he would be shooting in a couple of minutes. He walked in further, gasping as his red-hot balls hit the water. The water took some of the pressure off. He slowly exhaled and inhaled for a minute before grabbing his cock again. It hadn’t lost any of his hardness while cleaning his body, and it was only a minute later that Azekial found himself on the brink of cumming. He felt his balls being pulled up, out of the water, as his body was preparing for his largest cumshot ever. He gasped and looked at his massive fuck-pole marveling at the feelings running from the base of his cock all through his body. He finished himself off with a couple of hard strokes and yelled as a he shot a massively thick rope of cum hitting the lake about 15 meters further. He knees almost buckled as his cock let out an ever thicker stream a second later, his slit expanding almost grotesquely in the process. It got even better as the shots became shorter, harder and more frequent. It seemed to continue for minutes, as he felt his balls emptying out slowly, torrents of pleasure wrecking his body. It felt amazing, but finally it was over, his balls back to their normal 5 centimeter diameter, his dick red from the abusive jerking it had been through.

Azekial turned around, looking back at his house and the boy laying in front of it. He stepped out of the water and started walking back to him, hoping for the best.

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