Multicock hold ‘em

By Armie Lingo 
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"All right, Marcus, small blind. John, big."

Marcus threw in a fifty-cent chip, John a dollar. Carl dealt two cards to everyone at the table, including himself. The weekly poker game was five-handed: Carl, Marcus, John, Brian, and Gary.

Brian was first to act. He folded. Gary did the same. Carl called the dollar, Marcus completed his bet, and John checked.

The flop came ace of spades, 10 of hearts, 6 of spades. Marcus bet a dollar. John and Carl folded. Marcus collected the four-dollar pot.

"Come to Papa!" crowed Marcus sarcastically. "Pretty sweet! Four bucks!"

"Yeah, and two of 'em were yours!" said Brian.

"God, I'm getting pretty sick of these penny-ante stakes," complained Carl. "I mean, even with a good-sized pot, what can you win? Like, ten, fifteen bucks?"

"Well, do you want to raise the stakes?" asked Marcus.

"No!" Brian quickly interjected. "I lose plenty as it is. The stakes are fine."

John agreed. "Yeah, let's not change anything. This is still a friendly game."

"Well, then, I'll tell you what," said Carl. "How about we play for something other than money?"

"Like what?" laughed Marcus.

"Let's just play like we normally do," said Carl, "but I'll make you a separate wager up front that I win the next hand."

"All right," said Marcus. "I'll take that bet. How much?"

"No, no," said Carl. "Like I said, this won't be for money. Here's the deal. If I win the next hand, you've got to suck my little dick."

There was a shocked pause as the other four looked at each other. Then they all broke out laughing.

"Oh, fuck you!" said Marcus.

"No, I'm serious," said Carl loudly, trying to drown out the laughter. "If I win, you've got to suck my little dick."

"No way, you big faggot!" said Marcus. "Although I'm not surprised to hear you've got a little dick!"

"Come on," insisted Carl. "Are you in or not?"

"No, I'm not in," said Marcus. "You're nuts. Besides, what do WE win if you lose?"

"Well, then, I'll suck YOUR dicks."

Again the table erupted with laughter. "Yeah, great!" said Marcus. "Just what I need!"

"I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what," said Carl. "If I win, you've got to suck my little dick, but if I don't win, I'll give you my car."

"Fuck you," said Marcus. "Just give me the cards so I can deal."

"Hey, hey, look at me," said Carl. "I'm dead serious. If I win, you suck my little dick. If I don't, you get my car."

Marcus laughed. "So, let me get this straight. If you win, whoever takes you up on this has to suck your dick. But if ANY one of the rest of us wins, he gets your car."


Marcus sat there dumbfounded. Finally, he looked at the others and said, "Any of you guys want in on this?"

The room was quickly filled with "No ways!" "You've got to be kiddings!" and "Forget its!"

Marcus sat still for a few more moments.

"All right, you're on."

John, Brian, and Gary couldn't believe their ears. "Oh!" they all screamed in unison.

Carl smiled. Marcus grabbed the deck of cards and started shuffling. "John, fifty cents. Brian, a buck." He let Carl cut the deck and dealt out everyone's cards.

Gary was first to act. He folded.

"Call," said Carl, throwing in the dollar bet.

"I call," said Marcus, doing the same.

"Fold," said John, throwing his cards in.

"I'm out," said Brian.

"What?!" cried Marcus. "Brian, you're the big blind! It doesn't cost you anything to stay in!"

"Oh, I know," said Brian. "But I'd like to see you suck Carl's dick."

John and Gary laughed. They all knew that Carl had a much better chance of winning the hand if he were only competing against Marcus.

Marcus had realized this too late.

"Oh, you fuckers!" he said. Marcus looked hard at Carl. "So, if I win, you're giving me your car."


"Swear to God?"


Marcus paused again. "Goddammit," he said.

He burned a card, and dealt out the flop. It came 9 of spades, 9 of diamonds, 7 of hearts. Marcus looked down at his hole cards: King of clubs and 9 of clubs. His heart was pounding. He had flopped three 9's. Things were looking up.

"Check," said Carl.

"Bet," said Marcus quickly, throwing out a dollar chip. Carl called.

Marcus burned another card and dealt the turn: King of hearts. Marcus now had a full house. His heart skipped a beat. He wasn't sure if he was excited about winning Carl's car or just relieved that he wouldn't have to put his friend's penis in his mouth.

"Check," said Carl.

"Bet," said Marcus throwing in two dollars. Carl called again.

The river was the 2 of diamonds. A meaningless card. Once again, Carl checked, Marcus bet two dollars, and Carl called.

Marcus stood up. "Full house, baby!" he cried, turning over his cards. John, Brian, and Gary let out friendly groans of disappointment. (In truth, they probably DIDN'T really want to see Marcus suck Carl's dick.)

"Me too," said Carl, as he calmly turned over the king of diamonds and the king of spades. Carl had made a higher full house.

John, Brian, and Gary literally screamed. Marcus's face went blank.

Carl didn't waste any time as he stood up and started unzipping his pants.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Marcus cried, coming out of his stupor. He held up his hand. "Keep that thing in your pants! You're crazy if you think I'm going anywhere near that!"

"Hey, we had a deal," said Carl. "I was going to give you my car."

"That's true," said one of the other players.

Marcus wasn't convinced. "I sincerely doubt that," he said. "Besides, how do I know you didn't cheat?"

"Come on, I didn't cheat," said Carl. "Hey, you're the one who shuffled and dealt the cards."

"Yeah, well," said Marcus, "well, YOU cut them!" It was then that Marcus noticed that Carl had already taken out his little dick.

Only it wasn't a little dick.

No, most people would refer to this as a BIG COCK.

Marcus couldn't believe it. He was suddenly face-to-"face" with the biggest cock he'd ever seen in his life. Actually, he hadn't seen that many "live" penises at all; only the ones he'd caught glimpses of at the gym, and none of those had been erect, as Carl's now was. But Marcus had seen plenty of porn penises. And Carl's was bigger than anything he'd seen in porn.

It must have been a good twelve inches long, and it was THICK. It stood straight out from Carl's crotch, staring Marcus down with its moist slit.

Before Marcus knew it, the cock was in his mouth. He wasn't sure if he was the one who had grabbed it and put it there, or if Carl had shoved it in himself. Either way, it was in there now, and Marcus was sucking away.

John, Brian, and Gary stood mesmerized. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Then, all of a sudden, great gobs of semen started spewing from Marcus's mouth, shooting out from the edges of Carl's cock. Carl had cum quickly. Marcus released the cock with an audible grunt. He refused to look at anyone as he stood up and ran to the bathroom, cum dripping from his mouth and face.

"Hmm, that was fast," said Carl, stuffing his dick back into his pants. "Oh, well. I wanted to get back to the game anyway."

Marcus returned screaming. "You dick! You fucking asshole!"

"Hey, hey, we had a bet!" said Carl.

"Fuck you, Carl!" said Marcus, grabbing his coat. "I'm out of here!"

"No, no, don't go," said Carl. "Here let's do it again. I'll give you another chance to win my car."

Marcus turned around still ranting. "Oh, you want to do it again?! You want to do it again?! Sure, let's do it again!"

"Okay, okay," said Carl. "Let's do it again. If I win, you suck my big dick. And if I don't, you get my car."

Marcus had gone over the edge. "You got it! You got it, fucker! Only, I get to shuffle again, and NOBODY cuts the cards! And you fuckers can't fold this time!" he yelled, pointing to John, Brian, and Gary. They all nodded vacantly. "And, goddammit, you'll be giving me your car when you lose or, I swear to God, I'll fucking kill you!"

Marcus grabbed the cards and shuffled about twenty times. Brian and Gary put in their blinds. Marcus dealt the cards.

Everyone called before the flop, with Gary checking in the big blind. The flop came 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 9 of diamonds. Everyone checked.

The turn was the 2 of spades. Everyone checked.

The river was the 10 of spades. Everyone checked.

"Anyone else got an 8?" Carl asked, turning over his pocket 8's. He had made a 10-high straight. The rest of the table was silent.

"Well, then," he continued, "I guess it's my big dick's turn for a sucking." He stood up, undid his pants and reached down inside, pulling out a cock that was easily twice the size as before.

The other four men gasped. "What the fuck is that?" asked Marcus. He was sure that this was some sort of prank. The two-foot long cock quickly hardened to full erection.

"Oh, this is my BIG dick," answered Carl. "Remember, last time I said you'd have to suck my LITTLE dick, which you did. This time the bet was you had to suck my BIG dick. Maybe you weren't listening carefully enough."

The rest of the men stared blankly.

Carl laughed in mocked annoyance. "Guys, you remember. Marcus sucked my LITTLE dick the first time." He reached down into his pants and pulled out the twelve-inch cock. "See? Little dick." Then he grabbed his two-foot monster. "Big dick."

Marcus, John, Brian, and Gary were speechless.

Carl sighed. "Look, guys, it's very simple. We made two separate bets. Each bet involved the sucking of one of my four cocks." Carl pulled his pants down. There, stretching out from his crotch were four, beautiful cocks. The two-footer was still rock hard, sticking straight out. The twelve-incher was limp and thick. A third cock, about sixteen inches long, was already pumping up with blood, bouncing up and down as it hardened. And a fourth one, about twenty inches long, was semi-erect, but was already shooting cum. Below all four was a sac holding two huge testicles.

At this point, something came over the rest of the men at the table. None of them knew exactly what was going on, but each of them instantly got down on his knees and took one of Carl's cocks into his mouth.

"That's it, boys," said Carl approvingly. "Plenty to go around."

As if hypnotized, the four men slurped and sucked on the powerful penises. There was nothing subtle about the way they tackled their targets.

"Now, John, you've got a hold of my little cock. It's the one I use to actually fuck people. Sometimes I'll use one of the other ones, but they're usually too big for people to handle. Hell, this LITTLE one is too big for most people! Little one! Can you imagine! My 'little' cock is one of the biggest cocks in the world!"

The "little" cock was now hard again, and John's head bobbed violently forward and back as he tried to take in as much of it as he could.

"Marcus, you've got my monster cock, which was part of our wager. I see you're having trouble getting a lot of it into your mouth, 'cause of its girth. Yeah, its head is about as big as a baseball, so just keep trying. As long as you're sucking it, you've satisfied your end of the bargain."

Marcus opened his mouth as wide as he could, trying to accept the huge penis. He would come close to getting the head all the way in, then release it and just suck on the end to give his jaw a rest.

"Brian, I love the cock you have in your mouth because, even though it’s my second smallest cock, it's still bigger than any other man's cock in the world! God, suck that big boy! Shove it down your throat!"

Brian did the best he could, grabbing the base of the penis and pushing it as far as he could into his mouth.

"Now, Gary, you've got what I call my Cummin' Cock. I call it that because whenever it's hard, it's shootin' cum. Literally! I kept it hard for a half hour once, and it just shot and shot and shot the whole time. Must've been a good two gallons of jizz. I don't know how my balls keep up!"

Sure enough, every half second or so, a long stream of cum would shoot into Gary's mouth. He tried to keep his lips around the shaft and swallow as much of the semen as he could, but a great deal of it was spilling out the sides of his mouth.

"Sorry, I know none of you guys are gay. But really, every straight man in the world should have a big dick in his mouth at least once in his life, don't you think? Now, suck on that meat, boys! Stick those dicks down your throats!"

The men voraciously sucked on their targets, licking them with their tongues and tugging on them with their hands. They looked like a litter of animals nursing on their mother.

"I'm serious boys, I want those dicks down your throats! When I cum, I want that jizz to shoot right into your stomachs!"

Carl, wrapped his arms around the men's heads and pulled them inwards. The cocks pushed into the men's mouths, even Marcus's, whose jaw felt like it would break off. "That's it, boys, down they go." Carl pulled harder, and the penises worked their ways in, further and further, pushing into the men's throats. The Cummin' Cock was still spewing, and Gary was now swallowing every drop. The monster cock was so far down Marcus's throat that he could feel it down in his chest. The men's faces were now pressed hard against each other as Carl tried to push his penises as far in as they would go.

"Here we go!" yelled Carl, and all four cocks erupted. Some of the cum went down the men's throats, some came blasting back out of their mouths. Instinctively the men tried to pull away, but Carl had a vice grip on their heads. "Ah! Yes! Take that cum! Swallow my cream! Eat that cum you fuckers!"

Carl sprayed cum into the men's mouths and down their throats for a good sixty seconds, after which he released the grip on their heads. The men fell back on the floor as the cocks popped out of their mouths with loud smacking sounds. They were covered in cum, not just on their mouths and faces, but all over their clothes and hair as well. There was also a great deal of cum in puddles on the floor. The men were dazed.

Their four-cocked master stood over them with his arms crossed. "Same time next week, boys?"

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