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I had gotten some transformation powders from an overseas magic mail-order house, and was anxious to try it out on Doug, the man of my dreams.

Doug knew I got turned on by the thought of making love to him when he was drunk, so he'd gladly downed the several glasses of wine I'd served him while he had been relaxing in the hot tub. Helping him towel his body off afterwards, I couldn't help but feel turned on by him as he swayed slightly, warm and sweet-smelling from the hot tub.

Doug sat his lanky athlete's body down and crossed his legs. He was drunk, and gorgeously nude. I had put the stuff in the wine, and it made him very stupid and horny. It turned me on to see him so stupid and slow, and to see his magnificent broad-shouldered body more or less on its own, as his brain foundered in confusion.

The fact that the stuff in the wine gave him power to transform really turned me on, just the thought of it.

I wanted to try to confuse him into transforming, because the thought of his magnificent body sprouting extra items drove me mad.

“Hey, Doug,” I said. “Let me see if you're too drunk to do simple stuff.” His eyes focused on me with difficulty, and his gorgeous lips pouted as he processed what I'd said.

“Here, sit on your hands,” I said. He laughed, placing his beautiful hands under his perfectly muscled butt. “It feels nice,” he said.

“Quick!” I said. “Take my hands!” He reached for my hands, his strong gentle fingers warmly grasping my hands, and he smiled, dazed. “Gotcha!” I cried! It had worked. He was still sitting on his hands, and the arms that reached for me were newly created. “I have four arms now,” he said, confused and laughing.

I felt my hardon becoming huge, looking at my beautiful monster. “You look nice with four arms,” I said, kissing the warm hands that held mine. He really did look nice, too. They were just like his originals, long and muscular, with beautiful big hands.

“Hey, I bet you could do a lot of chin-ups now, couldn't you,” I said.

“Come on, big guy, let's see you work all those muscles,” I said, pulling him to his big, beautiful bare feet. He laughed, draping the arms around me.

“That'll be easy!” he laughed.

He grabbed the chin-up bar we'd set up in the garage, the four hands powerfully wrapped around it, and it was a wondrous sight watching his beautiful body hoisted up and down on those four muscular arms. “Looks too easy,” I said. “Try holding in one position.” He held half-way up, then gradually sagged down on all four arms, smiling at me lazily. “OK, let's make it easier. Reach your legs back and rest them on the workbench behind you,” I said, “I'll help you.” While he hung there, ablaze with beautiful muscles streaming along those beautiful arms, I guided his long, warm legs back to the workbench, and his feet found the surface, which made him look something like a diver in mid-jump.

I walked around in front of him. His breath was sweet. “I know, wrap your legs around me!” I said, and their long, sweet male muscles reached forward and held me gently but firmly. “Cool!” I said—it had worked again!

The original legs were still reaching back to the table. “Hey, man, you're a horse! Try walking!” He unwrapped the front legs from around me, and the back legs swung forward, slapping into the front legs. He laughed, as the four big feet stumbled together as the legs bumped each other. The hands let go of the chin-up bar, the two left hands holding my shoulder for balance as Doug tried to figure out what to do with all the feet. They were such nice feet, a beautiful matched set of four big guys! I wanted to wrap the legs around me and nuzzle all four of them!

“How do you feel, Doug?” I asked, kissing his big sweet lips, savoring their slowness and sweet winey scent. “Kinda turned on,” he smiled, kissing me back.

Mmmm, it was like heaven to kiss him. I was turned on myself.

I was going to enjoy getting him to sprout extra hardons! I thought of all the hot cum he'd be pumping soon, and my stomach growled.

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