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Javier all but dashed up the stairs and flung himself into bed. The last of his finals was finally complete, and now it was time to start the summer off in style. He kicked off his shoes and fished his 3DS out from the top drawer of his nightstand and picked up right where he had left off two weeks ago before hell week began and classwork and studying had devoured every waking moment he had had. The monochromatic colors on the screen were a throwback to a simpler time—a time when Javier had first discovered the joys of video games. It was hard for him to believe that it had already been sixteen years since he had received his first Pokémon game for Christmas. He had barely been old enough to read, but even so he took to the game like a fish takes to water. Within the span of a few months he was a certified Pokémon master.

Much had changed since then. Javier was no longer a little tyke. He had grown up and was now well into his university studies, but he still had a love for gaming and he particularly had a love for Pokémon. He had never missed an iteration no matter how many Nintendo churned out. He bought all the versions of all the generations, and when he heard they were rereleasing the originals in their classic, blocky, Gameboy era graphics, Javier knew he had to own those too.

The games were much the same as they had always been, and that was part of the charm. What had changed however were some of Javier’s own interests outside of his gamer life. Javier wasn’t a child anymore. He no longer gravitated towards the cute and cuddly Pokémon he had made his team out of in his youth. He no longer had the fat and squishy shock rat or the tubby flower toad. His new line-up reflected his new fascination, and no creature on his team embodied his new fixation more than the critter he currently fielded.

An ear-splitting, digital shriek echoed through the dorm room as Javier’s prized Pokémon took the field. Even in poorly rendered, pixelated form Javier couldn’t help but ogle the broad, burly backside of his four-armed beefcake. Javier’s Machamp was the towering wall of meat and muscle that Javier wished he could be, but he just didn’t have the time or the metabolism for it nor did he have the money for protein powders and dietary supplements. It seemed he was stuck as a short, scrawny little nerd for the rest of his days, but unbeknownst to him, there were strange things afoot off the coast of Cinnabar Island.

Javier aimlessly coasted up and down the shoreline as he waited for the mysterious glitch Pokémon, Missingno, to make its appearance. It was a cheap exploit that he had used many times in his youth. The appearance of this mysterious data-dump could mean instant wealth in his play through which in turn meant all the supplements he could ever dream of. One quick encounter and he would suddenly have more gold nuggets than he could carry, and one quick flight back to the shopping mall with his thousands of pokedollars in ill-gotten gains would yield him all the irons, and zincs, and proteins, and whatever the hell other stat hack he wanted. It was a one-way ticket to super stats for his entire team… or so he thought.

Javier smirked as the enemy Pokémon made its appearance. The garbled up mass of vaguely rectangular pixels was unmistakable. “Jackpot.” Javier said with a smirk as he commanded his Pokémon to seal the deal.

A serious of electronic boops and beeps ensued as Javier’s Machamp transformed into a black ball of whoop-ass and seismic slammed right into whatever passed as a face of the digital void-beast. It was supposed to be a one hit KO, but halfway through the impact animation something happened.

The screen faded away to white, and that was it. There was no victory fanfare. There was no points tallying up. There was just an unearthly white glow emanating from his screen.

“Did they patch it out?” Javier asked himself, but he knew that that was a silly question. Had they patched it, the enemy would no longer even appear. It had to be a glitch, and a new one at that.

“Man… that blows. I haven’t saved in an hour.” He grumbled as he punched the power button on his DS, but to his surprise the game didn’t turn off. The light continued to shine, and his device continued to emit a low, electronic hum.

Javier tried another approach. He held the power button down in hopes of forcing a manual restart of the system, but nothing seemed to be happening. His game was still frozen, and his system was still humming.

He felt a sharp zap against his thumb and instinctively recoiled. “Yeowch.” He muttered and shook out his hand. His thumb had gone numb from the shock, but other than that there appeared to be no real pain involved.

Javier sighed and set the system back down on the top of his nightstand. “Well… It’s got to run out of battery sometime.” He muttered and started looking around his room for other things to do. It was a fruitless search though. There was nothing else he wanted to do. Sure, he could bust out his other systems. He could even try to play one of the other Pokémon gens, but he didn’t want to play another generation. He wanted to play the original. He was in such a nostalgic haze that anything else just felt like a cheap substitution.

Javier rolled out of bed and trudged over towards the restrooms down the hall from his dorm. He didn’t even need to pee. He was just so bored and listless that he needed to get out and stretch his legs, and that was the only place he could think of to go.

He passed a few other guys that he vaguely knew. He gave them all a cursory glance and a half-assed hello and continued his trek. He hardly even bothered to reply as dude after dude commented on how he looked.

“Damn, Javier. You’ve been hitting the gym lately?” Javier’s next door neighbor commented.

“Wow. Lookin’ good, dude.” Said another guy that Javier occasionally ate lunch with in the cafeteria.

Javier was surprised by the compliments, but he wasn’t about to say anything about them. For starters, he didn’t even know what to say. He wasn’t the most outgoing guy, and he certainly wasn’t the type of guy who got compliments heaped on him on a regular basis. All this undue praise was kind of freaking him out more than anything.

As soon as Javier stepped into the large, spacious restrooms that everyone on that floor shared, he made a beeline towards the sink and began to run some cool water. He gave it a few moments to get nice and icy and then splashed some of it on his face. He had hoped that would help him shake the funk he was in, but it didn’t help much at all. All it really did was make his dark hair cling to his forehead. Javier looked into the mirror and began to fix his hair, but he stopped before he could even raise his hand to his face. Something was different… very different!

Javier merely stared in awe at his reflection as he tried to soak in what he was seeing. His normally loose t-shirt now clung to his fit bod like a second skin. He could actually make out the shape and size of his meaty pecs through the thin fabric which made no sense because he had had all the muscle definition of a pool noodle before this afternoon. When had he gotten so buff? When had he gotten so handsome? … when had he gotten so tall?

Javier slowly began to realize that he was still steadily growing even as he stared at himself in the mirror. Just this morning he only reached about halfway up the rectangular mirror even when standing fully upright, but now he was every bit that tall and he was hunched over the sink! When he stood up to his full height he realized that his forehead was now even with the metallic rim of the bathroom mirror! He couldn’t even fathom how tall he must have become. He had to be well over six feet tall by now! He had almost grown a full foot just in the span of a single afternoon? How had this happened?

Javier wasted no time. He bolted back towards his dorm room and latched the door behind him. He was breathing heavily, but it was not because of the exertion. Even the breakneck speeds he had bolted down the hall hadn’t so much as made him sweat. Sprinting was as easy as blinking. No. He was gasping from excitement. He was so giddy he was practically hyperventilating.

Javier flexed in front of the full length mirror that was attached to the back of his doorway. Even that was too short for him to see all of his face in it. He was now taller than the door frame! And at the rate he was going, he was soon to be wider than it too! His shoulders had grown broader and burlier faster than even his growth spurt should have indicated. He wasn’t just growing upwards—he was growing outwards as well, and it wasn’t hard to see where the extra girth was coming from. Javier’s skin-tight t-shirt made it perfectly clear. He was jacked!

Javier’s shirt was now so short on him that the bottom hem didn’t even reach his belly button. The lower half of his now well-defined eight-pack set of abs was now openly on display. Javier couldn’t help but run his hand across it to see if they were real. The thick, toned muscles felt so fantastic against his fingertips that he just couldn’t help but check out the rest of his growth.

Javier ogled himself in the mirror. His legs had grown so thick that his bulging quads now strained against the sides of his once loose and airy basketball shorts. His shirt was stretched so tight across his skin that his white t-shirt had become nearly completely see-through. He could actually see the very shape of his dense, shapely pecs straining against the front of his shirt, but there was something very odd.

Actually there were several things that were very odd. Not even counting the fact that he was now so tall that his shoulders were now even with the top of the door frame, Javier now had a massive bulge in the front of his shorts. The bulge was just enormous, but the shape of it made no sense as well. It didn’t look like he had a single dick in his shorts. It looked more like he had three of them! He could make out three separate dick bulges in the front of his shorts. He had one fat cock right in the center which was easily already a foot long, and the beast was still soft! The other two dicks were much smaller. They were both a little less than half the size of his huge, central schlong, but they were quickly catching up to the central spire in terms of length and girth. The combined weight of his three sausages and his enormous nuts pulled down on the front of his shorts so much that they pulled the waistband down further and further by the second. His shorts already rode so low on his hips that much of his crotch was already on display, and it wouldn’t be long before the bases of his cocks started to make an appearance.

As fantastic as the changes that were going on in his crotch were, they weren’t even what really had Javier so captivated. His gaze was transfixed on the sides of his torso. He stared on in shock, awe, and horror as four small hands clawed against the sides of his shirt in an attempt to escape their cloth prison. The weirdest part was he could feel the fabric against his fingers. Those hands were his! He could feel them and control them as easily as he controlled his other two arms.

His hands finally shredded through the sides of his shirt. Even now that they were out in the open, Javier could do nothing but stare at them curiously. He watched in awe as his four new arms steadily lengthened and formed. His new hands grew to match the size of his old ones. His new arms stacked on mass and muscles faster than a sponge soaks up water. It wasn’t long until his new arms were just as big and beefy as his old ones. Each set of arms had biceps that bulged like soccer balls and triceps the size of footballs. His forearms were as thick as his neck, and his pecs jutted out in front of him like a shelf.

Javier gave his chest an exploratory flex to try and soak up what he was seeing and feeling. He bounced the left one… then the right one… then the other left one. Javier’s jaw dropped as he watched his chest wiggle in time with his flexing. He had thought his pecs looked absolutely massive even compared to the enormous muscles that now covered his body, and now he knew why. He had three sets of pecs! One set hidden away right behind the other. He had a triple layer cake of flexing pectoral brawn! The net result was that his chest looked even more ridiculously stacked. His triple-decker pecs were so thick that his chest looked like he had a pair of memory foam pillows wrapped tightly underneath his flesh.

Javier reached up with his uppermost two arms and gave his thick, meaty pecs an exploratory squeeze while his central hands caressed his exposed abs. His muscles felt fantastic! His muscles were dense and thick, but they had just enough give to them to give them just a slight bit of squish. His beefy body felt like it was coated in the kind of dense rubber that they line the floor of the weight room with at the gym.

While his upper four hands enjoyed his sculpted muscles, his lowest hands checked out the other new additions. There was no doubt about it. Javier had three fat cocks straining against the front of his formerly oversized basketball shorts. The front of his metallic blue shorts was so strained with cock and balls that the very shape and size of each and every cock and ball he had stashed in there was showing through. In fact, his shorts were so stuffed that much of his triple package had already begun to spill out. The sheer size and weight of his cocks and balls had weighed his shorts down so much that the waistband now rode down his thighs leaving his entire crotch exposed as well as the upper several inches of all three schlongs. Javier couldn’t help but ogle his enormous cocks. Each one was thicker than his wrist! Hell, they were almost as thick as his forearm!

Javier’s growth began to taper off as unexpectedly as it had started. Part of him wished it had kept going so that he could get even larger, but at the same time he was stoked that he had gotten as huge as he had. He was simply massive! He was so tall that the top of the door frame only reached the underside of his thick pectoral shelf. He actually had to hunch over to keep from smacking his head against the stucco ceiling. He was so broad and burly that even just his midriff was wider than the doorway. His legs had become so huge and muscular that his massive, meaty quads were as thick as an oak tree. His biceps bulged out the size of basketballs. His traps rose up almost to his ears. His lats were so thick that the individual ridges of his wings were as thick as his fingers, and he wasn’t even flexing.

His clothes were in a sorry state indeed. It was a miracle they had held out this long. His shirt was so tiny on him that it looked more like a baby’s bib than it did a t-shirt. The sides of his shirt had long since shredded, thanks to the arrival of not one, but TWO new pairs of big, beefy arms. The lower hem of his shirt didn’t even manage to reach all the way over his massive, meaty pecs. What little bit of his shirt that still remained—which was little more than a collar and a bit of stitching around the shoulder—had been popping and fraying at the seams for minutes now. The collar of his shirt was so tight that it was beginning to dig into his throat so hard that it was beginning to leave a mark.

His basketball shorts which were once so long that the bottom hem hung past his knees and were so loose that he could fit his whole body down just one pant leg were now so tiny on him that they looked more like a pair of booty shorts. The legs barely managed to stretch past his ass. The bottom hem of the shorts didn’t even make it to his thighs which was even more impressive given that his massive cocks had weighed down his shorts so much that the waistband of his shorts now hung so low on his hips that the base of all three cocks were out in the open as was the upper half of Javier’s thick, muscular, bubble butt. Large tears had formed up the sides that now stretched from the bottom hem almost to the waistband, and the tearing was just getting worse which each passing moment.

Javier smirked as he eyed himself in the mirror. His clothing was literally holding on by a thread. The slightest bit of additional pressure was sure to snap it clean off his bulky frame, and he was only all too happy to oblige.

Javier flexed with all his might. His chest puffed up. His biceps bulged out. His quads flared out, and his clothes shredded like tissue paper. His bulging traps demolished what little bit of stitching still remained around his shoulders as well as snapped the long-suffering collar of his undersized shirt like a weak rubber band. His shirt shredded clean off his body and fell to the floor as a few clumps stray fabric. His pants were little better off. His quads had shredded through the seams on the sides. The pant legs shredded from hem to waistband reducing his shorts to little more than a loincloth. The only piece of his clothing that was still intact was his waistband, and he was quick to do away with that. Javier reached down with his lower left hand and effortlessly ripped the tattered remnants of his shorts from his body. He chucked the shredded shorts off to the side and added them to the tatters that were once his shirt.

Javier stood completely nude before the mirror and admired his buff, beefy bod. His muscles looked even more phenomenal now that he was nude. His six, beefy, burly arms looked absolutely amazing. His thighs were so thick and strong that could effortlessly crush a man’s skull between them like a sparrow’s egg, but he had no intention to do that. He would much rather spend some time getting to know his newly sprouted cocks.

Javier lumbered across the room and sat down on his bed to do just that. The bed creaked angrily under his immense bulk. He was now so massive that the bed was little more than a bench to him. His meaty ass had grown so huge that it was more like sitting on an ottoman than a twin sized bed.

Javier’s hands explored his newly formed muscles. They felt fantastic against his fingers. He couldn’t get over how huge he had gotten. His middle hands caressed his abs and drifted lower towards his crotch. Each individual ab was the size of a football. They were so thick and so defined that the trenches between them were thick enough to lose a quarter in, and while his middle hands had their fun with his abs, his lowest pair of hands continued their search even lower. His hands drifted lower and lower. Down past his abs and across the thick, well-defined V of his Adonis belt. The angular slabs of muscle were as thick as a pool noodle and several times denser. There was no doubt about it that it was made of 100% solid muscle, but there was never any doubt about that. His body had hardly a single ounce of fat on it.

His lowest hands drifted down towards his three, semi-boned cocks. Each enormous schlong was almost as thick as even his meaty forearm and hung down past his knees, and they were only getting bigger as they got harder. They were so huge that even though he could feel them against the palms of his hands he could hardly even believe they were real. They felt so huge, so full, so fantastic that it all seemed like a dream.

His lowest hands stroked his two outer cocks as best as they could, but his dicks were more than a handful. Handling even just two of his massive schlongs with only two pairs of hands would be a chore. Trying to stroke all three was right out, but he just couldn’t bring himself to take his upper hands away from his pecs. The huge, thick slabs of pectoral brawn were so huge and sexy. They felt amazing against his fingers. He loved the way his fingers felt as they kneaded the dense muscles. He loved how his nips felt as he squeezed them between his thumbs and forefingers. He just loved everything about how amazingly meaty his chest had become. As crazy as it sounded, he wished he had even more hands with which to full enjoy his amazing new body.

The sensations of stroking his pecs was so erotic that his three cocks stirred to life even without the aid of his lower sets of hands, but that wasn’t to say their efforts of his lowest pair weren’t appreciated. As his cocks slowly plumped up and rose up from his lap, his hands eagerly stroked the enormous shafts. It wasn’t long before his three cocks were standing at attention and begging for more. His massive dicks were so huge and felt so good that they even managed to distract him from his phenomenal pecs if even just a little. Javier stared in awe at his three towering cocks. They looked beyond fantastic. Each cock was fatter than his thick, muscular neck. Each separate cockhead glistened and dribbled pre like a faucet. His three cocks were so that the tips of them reached up past his nipples! They were so huge that they almost reached his chin! It would take very little effort for him to lean forward ever so slightly and lick the tip of his central schlong.

Javier couldn’t help himself. He had to do just that. He leaned in and ran his tongue along the pre-drooling slit of his central cock. It felt more amazing than he had ever expected. He’d been sucked off in the past, but this was different. It wasn’t just that his cock was more sensitive than it had ever been before—although that was certainly a huge part of it. The taste of his cock and pre somehow made the sheer size of his schlong all the more unmistakable. Feeling his own dick against his tongue and lips made everything suddenly feel real. This wasn’t some tripped out fever dream. He was really huge. He was really hung. He was really hunky as all hell!

This knowledge seemed to break what little self-restraint that Javier had left. He gave up on massaging his abs and kneading his pecs and focused all his efforts on playing with his cocks. It was a massive undertaking, but fortunately Javier had enough hands for the job.

His uppermost pair of hands focused on his central cock. He gripped it between his two hands and stroked the shaft while he continued to suckle and slurp at the tip of his pre-drooling cock. Meanwhile his lower two left hands gripped his left schlong and his lower two right hands went to town on his right cock. He had all six hands working all three shafts and it felt amazing. It felt so wonderful that Javier really started to get into it. He stroked his cocks so vigorously that the shaking of his dicks caused his balls to bounce and wobble to and fro between his shins. He could feel them slapping against his knees… and his shins… and the insides of his thighs. Feeling all those balls slapping against him from so many angles just reaffirmed his feelings that this was real, and if the tactile clues didn’t do it for him, the visuals sure did. The jostling and swinging between his legs was enough to direct Javier’s attention away from his cocks and muscles—even if for just a moment.

What he saw when he looked in the mirror made him balk. His jaw dropped as he stared at his reflection. Last time he had checked himself out he was so fixated on his muscles that he barely even looked at what was below the belt, but now he couldn’t pull his eyes away. His ball sack was massive! It wasn’t just that his nuts were huge though. His nuts were definitely enormous. Each and every individual orb was larger than a basketball, but what really gave his over-stuffed sack its sheer girth was the quantity of cojones jostling around in the pouch. Javier had a grand total of six stones swinging between his legs. His sextet of supersized nuts filled out his sack so well that his nut sack looked like a cluster of grapes with a stretchy sheet over them. Javier was too amazed by his collection of cojones that he couldn’t even bring himself to jack off for a solid minute. He just sat there and stared in awe at his reflection.

Even without the added stimulation of his hands and mouth playing with his dicks, Javier was finding himself getting closer and closer to cumming. Just staring at how amazing hot and huge and hung he had become was driving him wild. His three cocks were shuddering as they struggled to hold back the six massive nuts worth of spunk that was threatening to shoot forth at any second. Javier was so close to blowing his load that his nut cluster was pulling upwards towards his crotch.

Javier managed to find his second wind. He once again wrapped his hands around his cocks and began stroking his thick dicks. He even managed to take his eyes away from the six-armed Adonis in the mirror in order to lean forward and plant his lips against his central cock head. His whole body shuddered with delight as he felt himself getting closer and closer to blowing his load. His long-suffering bed creaked in protest against the gargantuan mass of cocks and muscles that sat atop it. Soon it got to the point where Javier was so close to cumming that he could no longer even lick his own dicks. He leaned back against the wall next to his bed and focused all his effort on holding back his need to cream for a few more seconds while his six hands went to work gently kneading and massaging his three, separate, spongy cock heads.

Javier could feel it coming. He breaths became shorter with each passing grope and rub of his strong hands against his sensitive dick tips. Javier’s moans and gasps grew louder by the second and his body’s and cocks’ shudders grew stronger until he couldn’t hold back no longer. He let out one last cry of sheer bliss as all three of his cocks erupted in unison. Ropes of jizz shot from his three cocks and arced through the air and splattered against the ceiling. Jizz splashed against the walls and dripped onto the floor. Cum quickly covered the full-length mirror on the backside of his door, but even through the milky white spooge that slowly oozed down the glass, Javier could still see his reflection. He could still see his massive, bulging muscles. He could still see his massive, nut-laden sack. He could still see his three, fully boned, rigid cocks as the bucked and spurted in front of him.

Again and again he came and came, and all the while he couldn’t help but explore his new body. His uppermost hands gripped and groped his dense pecs. His middle hands caressed his sculpted abs. His lowest pair of hands slid across the thick mound of the well-defined V of his Adonis belt and sensually traced a pack down past his sensitive crotch and down towards his thighs. He could only just barely wedge his finger in enough to even rub the sensitive flesh between his legs. His three, thick, massive cocks were blocking much of the way, and his nut-stuffed pouch was filling the rest of the area. As he gently massaged his inner thighs with his lowest hands, his fingers were pinned between soft, saggy sack and firm, fit thighs.

There was no telling how long he had cum. It felt like ages, but even still it didn’t feel like he had been spurting for nearly long enough when his thick spurts of cum finally tapered off. By the time he had finally stopped spurting and had begun to slowly come down from his amazing afterglow, his dorm room was thoroughly soaked in spunk. The stuff dripped from the ceiling and oozed down the walls. It covered his desktop and drenched his nightstand. His jizz even saturated his sheets even though his massive, brawny butt cheeks had covered every square inch of his twin sized bed.

Javier’s eyes fell upon his DS which was sitting on his nightstand. That too had been thoroughly soaked in spunk, but that wasn’t what really caught his eye. The power light had gone out on him. It seemed it had finally run out of batteries and had powered off. Javier had no idea whether or not the DS losing power had anything to do with his growth stopping, but his mind was already starting to stagger to life with the implications. As he thought about he glanced back down at his enormous body. He was so huge that even while seated atop his bed, his head nearly hit the roof. His broad, barrel chest was wider than his extra-long dorm bed was long, and his brawny shoulders were even wider than that! His six, meaty, muscle-laden arms looked like they would be right at home on an Olympic power lifter. His pecs were so thick and brawn that they bulged out in front of his like a shelf. His dense, sculpted eight-pack set of abs were so tightly packed onto his beefy frame that they bulged outward as if he was flexing even though he was perfectly relaxed, and below that Javier could see his three steadily drooping cocks. Each one was almost as thick as his muscular arm, and each one was nearly as long as his legs, and below that hung his six, heavy balls. Each one of those was larger than the largest NBA certified basketball and hung heavily over the side of the bed and dangled down between his ankles. Javier couldn’t believe how amazingly hot and sexy he looked. It was almost a shame he had stopped growing when he had. If he was this hot at his current size, imagine what he could look like with a little more.

Javier’s eyes once more fell upon his DS. A slight smirk played at the corner of his lips, and his three thick schlongs once more began to chub to life. That’s the thing about video game glitches. All the best ones are repeatable.

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