Miracle grow boys

By Benjamin Puddles  Email
9 parts
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Part 1

“So do you think they’ll work?” Aiden tipped the pills around in his hand and then began inspecting each one with nimble fingers. They were glossy odd shaped bulbs, speckled green and yellow, and smelled like something between musky and fruity.

“Yeah, I think so.” The other boy, Jack, sat across from Aiden on the shag rug. They were in his room and it was Jack who had supplied them with tonight’s entertainment. He’d done his research, gone out one afternoon after soccer practice, and paid a woman in a business suit $55 a pill.

“So…” Aiden was reluctant to ingest them. He paused in his sentence and placed the shiny balls back on the napkin in between him and Jack. He’d thought about this a million times, about how this could be a solution, but the actual prospect of solving what he thought was his problem was more daunting then he had expected. Jack understood, too, but he had always been a little more adventurous than Aiden. Jack had been the one who had proposed trying out the drugs and he’d been the one who went on the quest to find them. Something about that journey and the task seemed to have hardened him, though, and now he sat stone faced and rigid on the carpet. He was determined to go through with this.

The whole issue had started at the beginning of the soccer season. Jack and Aiden had been playing soccer with each other since the 4th grade on the town leagues and now, as juniors in high school, they both had made varsity. It was a shock to them seeing as how they certainly weren’t the most talented people trying out but they were glad nonetheless to share yet another season of the sport with one another. What was most exciting to either of them, however, was the prospect of camaraderie. They’d been on close teams before, but the varsity team was well known for being a close knit group of boys. This excited both Jack and Aiden emotionally and physically.

The truth was they had been discussing boys for years. They’d never had a passionate interest in one another but they had certainly fooled around a number of times. Those times were generally acts of desperation and convenience then preference; the best way to define Jack and Aiden is explaining that they were two straight boys who hung out a lot together, occasionally sucked some dick, and fucked on the weekends when they had nothing else to do. Of course this doesn’t qualify them as straight, but that’s how they acted in public, and that’s how they were thought of.

This is why the idea of showering together (finally) brought both boys to full mast. The high school cliche of showering boys had never come true for either of them and evidently it would come true with varsity soccer. In fact, it was a surprise to them that boys even showered together anymore considering the way schools were now about privacy and bullying. Needless to say it was a blessing and a large portion of the force driving them to try out.

After the initial easy practices, things got really tough and all the boys were forced to crack down on their bodies. Sweat poured in liberal amounts from their chests, backs, and heads and showers became unavoidable. The locker rooms weren’t exactly segmented to allow for separate showering so, as all the boys feared, they were all forced to cram into a sloping maze of tiles and shower heads forming one large communal area with only slight and superficial walls (and these were hard to come by in the large room). When Aiden and Jack walked into the room—now full of steam and naked boys—their hearts sunk.

That practice was on a Friday. Friday night Aiden and Jack hung out and wallowed in dismay and self pity. What had been anticipated as the most exciting day of their junior year had ended up being a complete disaster; how exactly were all the boys on the soccer team hung? How had that happened? How had Aiden and Jack not been endowed with meaty swaying dicks between their legs? They briefly considered that to make varsity soccer you had to have a big dick and that their acceptance had been a mistake, but that seemed awfully outlandish. Aiden contended that all the boys had noticed their smaller dicks in the showers but Jack maintained that no one could have seen because they both rushed out only after shampooing and briefly flirting with soap momentarily. What they knew for sure was that almost every member of the soccer team had a cock greater than 4’’ flaccid and they all seemed to know.

Either way, they had to do something about it. Neither boy had ever suspected they had a small penis and truthfully they had no reason to other than relative mass with the rest of the soccer team. The thought of those flopping tubes of flesh—some were veiny, some were smooth, several had loose foreskin hanging from the tip, some balls were the size of golf balls—engorged Aiden and Jack’s dicks and cast them into a despair they had never encountered before. It was through this despair that Jack spent close to $350 on ‘safe enhancement drugs.’

That’s what the woman had called them, anyways. Jack remembered the occasion vividly; the lady was well dressed when she met him in a downtown coffee shop and the box she gave to him was simple and durable. It was a very professional scenario considering she was giving him pills to make his dick bigger. She was almost aggressive about it, he recalled. She seemed happier than most drug dealers to hand over the pills and see Jack off on his merry way.

“I’ll go first.” Jack stood up and threw his boxers to the floor. Aiden watched his friend, somewhat shocked that they were going through with this, and made no effort to move himself. He traced the lines of Jack’s body; the boy was shorter than himself but had better defined muscles. He had brown eyes, brown hair, and tufts of hair on his chest and stomach leading to his cock—an average dick protruding from a cropped layer of dark brown pubes. Aiden was like Jack in the sense that he was muscular and athletic looking, cute and boyish, but Aiden had sandy blond hair and dark blue eyes that hoarded light—they were a placid and almost velveteen navy. Aiden was taller, thicker, bigger than Jack, but he was also shyer and his dick was shorter and had more girth than Jack’s.

Jack slumped back to the floor, leaned over the napkin, and popped three pills in his mouth. He dry swallowed (as instructed by the woman in the suit), and only then realized his eyes had been squeezed shut. He opened them moments after he felt the last pill drop through his throat. Aiden was staring at him, a little disgusted and a little concerned.

“Three? At once?”

“Yeah, she didn’t say anything about dose. She just said ‘You and your friend should take three each for the maximum results’ and then she left.” said Jack.

Aiden grimaced. “Maximum? Do you know what maximum is?” His mind grew bleak at the thought of what each pill contained. Was it 3’’ each? Or was it 5’’? All he had envisioned as perfect was maybe an additional 3 inches.

Jack laughed. “Does it matter? Go big or go home…literally!” Jack had a knack for being corny at bad times and he used it to get what he wanted out of Aiden. It generally worked, and these jokes were followed by a punch to the chest. ( Aiden laughed and took the slug from Jack. He then scooped up the remaining three pills and took them all at once. “Go big!” he thought, and then he took off his tight undies and looked at his dick. “Grow big…” he thought, “just not too big.”

The boys were sleeping at Jack’s house on account of his parents not being around for the weekend. The parents had to attend to Jack’s grandmother who was at a nursing home four hours away near Jack’s uncle who was on vacation. They had the house to themselves, not like the parents would be up at this hour anyway.

“And you said we’d see instant reactions?” Aiden asked as he began to play with his dick.

“Well, not really.” Jack said, watching his friend massage his flaccid penis. He must have looked unsure because Aiden picked up on it.

“What do you mean, ‘not really?’“

“Well she didn’t really say. She just said be patient and it could kick in whenever.”

“Whenever?” Aiden spat incredulously.

“Yeah, whenever…”

Two hours later, several rounds of ‘Death Camp: The Video Game’ later, and half a bag of candy later the boys were still up and had yet to receive any results. They both had put back on their underwear and had almost disregarded the instance as one huge failure. They were pissed they had wasted their money but, to be honest, they were financially comfortable to the point of not lingering on the fiscal drain for long.

“Like, seriously, this was cool but I think it’s just a bust,” said Aiden as he rocked to the left, intently focused on the screen.

“Whatever, we’ll see. She was pretty sure of herself and if she cheated us $330 then I’ll kill her,” Jack mashed the buttons madly and the lights of the video game illuminated the boys with a flickering orange warmth.

“Yeah? How?” Aiden laughed and screams echoed from the t.v.

“I’ll make her choke to death on my huge fat cock,” joked Jack as he reclined in his beanbag chair, casting the video game controller to the side. He rubbed his eyes and pulses of light were left behind as he opened them. He blinked them away.

“Dude,” said Aiden, “I’m fucking wiped. Maybe we’ll be met with a surprise in the morning or something but I need to sleep.”

“Yeah,” said Jack. He moved forward and then stood up from his spot on the floor amongst his pillows and many blankets. “I gotta pee like a pregnant woman though. Seriously those pills should be used to flush you out or something.”

Aiden laughed as Jack crossed over him and, for less than a second, he thought he caught a whiff of something musky and a little fruity. Something inside him recognized it, stirred, and pulsed, but he was too tired to be feeling around for stirring jumping sensations. Not at this hour. He was thirsty, though, and that sensation was clear. He looked around for his bottle of water, spotted it, and was met with a surreal contradiction.

He did not want to drink water. He was thirsty, he could feel his tongue’s dryness, yet as he eyed the water he had an utter lack of desire to drink it. It was such a lack of desire that it fully deterred him from quenching his thirst. It was almost as though his mind was steering him away from it in total disregard of the usual remedy for the situation.

“Weird,” he said, and then he dragged his eyes from the bottle and let them slide shut. Down the hall he heard the sound of peeing and a moment later he heard his room door open.

“It feels later than it is,” said Jack without much interest in what he was saying. Aiden opened his eyes and looked for the clock.

clock clock clock…went his hazy mind as he scanned the shelves for the floating red numbers….clock clock…clock………cock cock cock

Cock! It took Aiden a second to match his mind’s detection with actual sense, but soon he realized what he had actually found. The digital clock was obscured by Jack’s hips, and as Jack turned to the side and stretched Aiden saw what he’d been looking for the whole night: a large bulge protruded from Jack’s underwear where a much smaller bulge had been hours before. Aiden had sucked the dick, handled it, and introduced it to his prostate many times in the past years but now it held an alien appearance. It held the aesthetic indications of an endowed stud.

“Uh, uh…” Aiden’s tongue had started twitching and his thirst had tripled rendering him incapable of speech. His mind buzzed with excitement and this new found inability to speak was cast aside with rosy indifference. He scrambled from his seat with such surprising celerity that Jack jumped back a step. Aiden, on his knees, scooted across the carpet to Jack and made it clear what he was going after by fixing his eyes on it in a crazed manner and slightly salivating.

“What?” Jack was a bit apprehensive of this behavior and he had no idea what Aiden was after for a moment. He had just been in the bathroom but he hadn’t even bothered turning on a light. He’d just lowered his waist band and peed, too tired to worry about the toilet seat.

Aiden was between Jack’s legs in second. “Hey, Aiden, what’s going on with you? What a…ah…AH!” Aiden pressed his lips to the thin cloth of Jack’s tight boxer briefs and Jack nearly fell over with pleasure. Why was his dick so fucking sensitive right now? As Aiden massaged it, slowly soaking his undies, he dimly registered the feeling that his dick felt swollen and too snug in his underwear.

Aiden had yet to look at his own dick for results. Something within him had concentrated 100% of his attention on Jack’s hung cock and he was going to suck the stud off if it killed them both. He grew bored of licked the hardening dick through the fabric and backed off long enough to draw the waist band down and bull the thing out into the open.

It was definitely bigger. Both Aiden and Jack noticed as the thick shlong swung in front of Aiden’s nose. Jack got a clear shot of it and was freaked when he realized that the 8’’ meat bopping between him and Aiden was extending from his pelvis. Aiden had no qualms, however, and just plunged his drooling mouth onto the cock.

Jack closed his eyes and let out a guttural moan. He was so sensitive to pleasure that the smallest flick of Aiden’s expert tongue sent electricity up his spinal cord. Aiden bobbed up and down on Jack’s dick for a minute before slowly sucking just the end and rolling his tongue around the cock head.

“Fuck yeah…fuck Aiden, it’s huge…uuuuuuuhhhhh,” moaned Jack as his head rolled back, eye still shut tight. “Uhhh, yeah suck that dick, this is so goooood….” he began to slowly push his dick into Aiden’s hungry mouth.

Aiden, meanwhile, was beyond sentences. The more he sucked, the more carnal he became and the more he needed to fill himself with Jack’s cock. The dick rammed through his lips, pressed over his tongue, and slid into his throat with shocking ease. Aiden kept sucking the tip and a splash of salty precum was his reward. He swallowed it and was desperate for more.

Jack felt himself start oozing precum and he quivered as Aiden sucked it up. Aiden moved a hand to the shaft of Jack’s dick and pumped just the base as he continued to work the head with his tongue. ( “Oh my god, Aiden, you’ve never sucked me this hard…uuuuhhh, don’t stop Aiden, you’re incredible,” Jack encouraged.

Aiden swallowed another burst of precum with eager tenacity. His free hand found its way to his own underwear and was met with a surprise; he paused momentarily as he felt a rigid mass in between his legs that had not occupied the space previous to this night. He pulled himself from Jack’s cock with a wet pop and looked down to see a thick juicy cock between his hands dribbling precum already. For the time that he was lucid, he smiled and appreciated his grown dick, but soon resumed blowing Jack.

At some point Jack began to notice a change in the head he was receiving. Aiden seemed to be going a lot slower and the warmth of his hand around the base was no longer as encompassing. Jack had had his head thrown back for the majority of the blowjob and his arms up, folded behind his scalp, but now he allowed himself to glance down.

With an astounded yelp he pulled out of Aiden’s mouth and stepped away from the cock hungry stud. No wonder Aiden had slowed down! Jack’s dick now appeared to be a lofty 11’’ and the head alone could fill Aiden’s mouth. Jack’s head spun at the prospect of sporting a dick this big and a part of him swelled in excitement. He felt the swell pulse through him and a throb in his manhood soon followed. He felt his skin stretch and he felt the limb grow a fraction more. A new glob of precum formed on the tip.

Aiden noted the change in size and remained cock hungry, thirsty as ever. The glob of precum on the tip set his craving on fire and he lunged for the huge dick swing in front of him. As Aiden moved, Jack was able to see down to Aiden’s own swelling dick and he was not surprised to see that his friend was sporting a massive dick himself; 10’’ at least, and very very thick. Something deep within him sighed and said, ‘This is a nightmare,’ yet he couldn’t bring himself to do anything about it.

Aiden’s mouth enveloped Jack’s cock head and his tongue lapped up the precum immediately. He struggled to stuff his face with the alarmingly hung dick and his effort was met with a new surprise: as that glob of precum slid through his mouth and down his throat, he felt his muscles relax and release a little allowing Jack’s dick to squeeze farther into his mouth. Though Jack was now unnaturally hung, Aiden now was unnaturally able to accommodate the gargantuan dick with this new oral finesse.

Jack watched in shock as Aiden’s lips enveloped and sunk down onto his veiny cock. In the dimly lit bed room Jack’s cock shined, soaking wet with saliva. After a moment of being completely stunned, he took advantage of Aiden’s new ability and started to slowly pump his hips, gently fucking his friends throat with his monster cock. The glistening log slid easily into Aiden’s throat and then Jack would pull out while Aiden sucked, reluctant to be evacuated of the gorgeous dick. Jack would quickly slide his cock back into Aiden’s awaiting hungry mouth and they would repeat.

Pleasure coursed up and down Jack’s body as Aiden vigorously continued to give him the blowjob of his lifetime. He, under normal circumstances, would have cum three times down Aiden’s throat by now, but every time he thought he would bust he just felt more precum skirt into Aiden and his dick would grow a little bigger. The pleasure had just kept escalating, introducing Jack to knew plateaus of ecstasy that he never knew he could reach.

Aiden had ideas for Jack, however, and was eager to test out his own massive penis. He fumbled with it beneath the blowjob and occasionally spit would dribble from Jack’s dick and Aiden would catch it on his own thick meat. He had been using it as lubrication to jerk off with but it had given him another idea.

Using both hands to double fist Jack’s dick, Aiden released himself from the gorgeous cock and pushed Jack back onto his bed. Jack posed no resistance as Aiden’s large hands fucked his dick and he hardly noticed when Aiden began to nudge his ankles and legs into the air. Aiden then went to town of Jack’s balls.

The balls were not forgotten by the magic formula that had endowed the boys with their swollen flesh tubes. The balls had swelled to what appeared to the trained as two tennis balls squeezed into a corrugated silk sack. They jiggled as Aiden engulfed them in turn and Jack spasmed in lust. He arched his back and raised his hips giving Aiden full access to his ass.

Aiden took the opportunity and dragged his hot tongue down between Jack’s legs and to his cute little anus. It puckered gently in response to the tongue and Aiden buried his face in between his friend’s ass cheeks. As his tongue worked into the hole, spreading it apart and streaking it with saliva, Aiden began to bob up and down in rhythm as Jack pushed his hips forward. Aiden fucked the other boy with his tongue for a couple minutes and then suddenly, without much of a warning, drove a finger straight into Jack’s ass.

Jack arched in complete pleasure. His anus was just as sensitive as his dick, maybe more, and he had to bight his lower lip to keep from screaming as Aiden began to finger fuck him.

“Uhhhhhhhhhh fuuuck yeah, stud, Finger me!” He absently brought his hands to his nipples and began pinching and playing with them. The flashes of pleasure his brain was receiving was comparable to hard drugs, he imagined, and he was content to sit back and have fun with it.

“Mooooore, Aiden, MORE!” Jack’s hole sucked and pulsed as Aiden fingered it and practically pulled in Aiden’s second finger as soon as he lined it up. Aiden’s fingers weren’t exactly thin and delicate so the fact that Jack could take two made Aiden wonder if the drugs had enhanced something else…

As Aiden continued to slide his finger in and out of Jack’s tight whole, Jack’s loud moans made him reminisce. When they had screwed before, it had been intense too. Neither considered themselves to be really gay but they never denied that they loved to have sex with other men. This of course made them gay, but they refuted it with the idea that they weren’t gay with one another; generally they fucked other guys only. Jack would screw the closet foot ball players while Aiden generally went for the track guys. It wasn’t as though they could have anyone though. Most of the time nothing happened with prospective gay jocks in their school and when either guy was in a drought they would resort to screwing the other. It was always good between them because it was always carnal and out of pure desperation for sexual release.

“More, Aiden, c’mon just fuck me already,” growled Jack as he squirmed on the bed. Aiden lined up his third finger and pushed in. He twisted them and wiggled them around and Jack let out a marvelous gasp of pleasure.

“You sure, Jack? I mean…” Aiden paused his rigorous finger fucking and looked down at his hefty cock. It was the largest dick he’d ever seen on a man and possibly the most surreal experience that had ever happened to him. He knew Jack liked to take dicks up his ass but he somehow figured this was a different dick all together. It was the girth of a Smartwater bottle and nearly of foot long. As he eyed it it twitched and oozed more precum onto the floor beneath the bed where he was kneeling.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah…” was all Jack managed to moan as Aiden plunged his writhing tongue back onto the his ass. Aiden felt the ease of sliding his tongue into the ass now and he could taste Jack’s tangy insides and, he noted faintly, Jack’s ass taste a little musky and a little fruity. As Aiden lapped up that taste and as he began masturbating Jack with both hands again, his sense of caution for Jack and himself began to fray, and then unraveled entirely. What was left was a gleaming pearl of lust that murmured, “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck his brains out!”

Aiden stood up suddenly and leaned over Jack’s squirming body. The bed was springy beneath their weight as they enveloped in a grinding mess of saliva and kissing. The kiss was messy and both boys used their tongues to bathe the other. Aiden, in the mean time, had reinserted three fingers with one hand. Jack moaned into the kiss and a suction began pulling Aiden’s fingers in further. How was Jack doing that? wondered Aiden. It was as though he were being reverse fucked by Jack’s hungry ass. He took it as a sign.

With a concerted effort and a loud squelch, Aiden managed to removed his slippery fingers from Jack. As they pressed their muscular bodies together, their two goliath cocks formed a wedge in between them and their precum began to intermingle on their bulbous reddish-purple cock heads. By now their dicks had exceeded any semblance of a real dick and could only be defined as a godsend. Jack was longer, it appeared, but Aiden was by far the thicker one. Both were three times long than the average dick and much much thicker then even the most hung men in the porn industry. This went for their balls too as either testicle matched the size of a baseball.

Aiden used one hand to support himself on the bed while he used to other to arrange his cock. He had the mind to decide on slowly going about this, but his patience was withering with each moan of jack. Precum from Jack along with his own precum began to torrentially ooze from his cock head and to prevent it from going to waste he pressed the velvety head into Jack’s butt crack. The precum glistened around Jack’s ass and he moaned with the prospect of being fucked by that monster hose. Aiden continued to kiss Jack but he began moving down to the boys neck and collar bone. Jack groaned as he was bombarded with pleasure and inadvertently felt himself press back onto Aiden’s dick. Aiden growled at that and started using his teeth to lightly nibble Jack’s chest and nipples.

The cock was obviously not going anywhere. It was too massive to be taken by anyone who hadn’t practiced taking huge objects up their ass for many years. It would, in effect, tear Jack apart but neither boy seemed to care at this point. What mattered was that they were hung. The drugs they had taken obviously were more then size enhancement pills. They seemed to have increased either boys sensitivity, their stamina, and their capacity to take huge dicks in assorted orifices. They were gay sex machines.

As the precum had opened up Aiden’s throat, it now did it’s magic on Jack’s ass. It was sufficiently soaked in the precum gurgling from Aiden’s dick and as he pressed his dick into the soaked anus, it slowly began to part. Jack clutched the bed sheets and squinted his eyes as some pain blossomed but was shocked when it quickly subsided. As the huge cock head slowly worked its way into his ass, all Jack could do was let out a shaking moan of pleasure. The cock head continued its journey into the tight world that was Jack’s bowels and, with a pleasurable squelch, eventually Aiden’s entire cock tip was burrowed into Jack. Precum slowly began coating the inside of Jack’s ass as Aiden let the dick rest while he continued to nibble and twist Jack’s nipples.

Aiden, not wanting to go too fast, began retracting his dick from Jack. Jack was breathing quickly now, his eyes still tightly shut, and he began to bite his lower lip (a telltale sign that he was either about to cum or in complete ecstasy). A slippery pop emanated from Jack’s eager anus as it was left bereft of Aiden’s fantasy dick and a moan of sadness gurgled in Jack throat.

Aiden smiled to himself, growled again, and slowly pressed the cock head back up against Jacks ass. This time there was more give and the dick head slid in with more ease. As Jack’s ass enveloped Aiden’s ridge, they both moaned in unison. Aiden pulled out again with another moist pop and then slowly began fucking Jack with just the tip of his dick. The head would squeeze all the way in until the anal lips had eaten up until the ridge, then Aiden would pull out mostly and eventually just press back in.

“Uh, Uh, Uh! Uh! Uh!” moaned Jack and Aiden felt his own cock stiffen up even more. It was time to get serious. He didn’t want to waste whatever was flowing through their blood on fucking with just a fraction of his manhood. Jack, though obviously manipulated, still felt extremely tight on his cock and the warmth that engulfed him with each dive was driving him insane.

Aiden put his chest’s weight on Jack and scooted forward to kiss him on the mouth. Both of Jack’s arms were spread to the sides and pinned by Aiden’s forearms as they kissed. With a smooth motion and a series of loud squelches, Aiden inserted his dick head into Jack again, and then went on. His dick was already slippery with the excess precum flowing from Jack’s dick and from his own and the lubrication aided in the fucking. It was more than enough to get the job done.

Jack cried out into Aiden’s mouth, but Aiden silenced him with his tongue and continued pushing slowly into his ass. Inch after inch, Jack’s ass eagerly ate Aiden’s massive thick cock. It felt like forever for the entire thing to stuff itself into Jack but eventually he felt the soft pubes of Aiden up against his balls.

Jack’s screams died down and he realized they were more out of fear than pain. The whole process had taken several minutes due to Aiden’s slow speed and the sheer width of his shlong, but it had been unrealistically pleasant. It must be the drugs, he concluded, and thought no more of it. Instead he began kissing Aiden back with a fiery need for more sex.

Aiden took this as another sign and, after letting Jack adjust to the 12+’’ with him, began to pull out. When he felt the ridge of his cock head reach the exit to Jack’s bowels, he stopped. Then he slowly slid the jumbo manhood back in. It wasn’t any easier this time and he went the same pace but he could tell Jack was enjoying himself. He removed one hand from pinning Jack down and used it to slowly massage Jack’s rock hard cock head. It was fully coated with precum and he slowly worked the length of the longer dick with the slippery amazing substance.

He felt himself all the way within Jack again and he began to pull out again. He had to sit up a little due to the immensity of his cock because he could not retract the whole thing by just moving his hips up and down. It required him to literally bend over and stick his ass out in order to remove the hefty cock. He watched for a moment as he slid the cock back in, faster this time, and realized how odd it looked to see a young muscle stud like Jack take what was probably one of the world’s thickest cocks. It was nearly the size of his forearm, remarked Aiden, which was saying something considering the amount of time he worked out his arms.

Aiden placed Jack’s ankles upon his shoulder and grabbed ahold of the elephantine joy stick between Jack’s legs. He pulled out now with greater speed and pressed in with greater ease. Each time he sunk his fat cock into Jack, Jack moaned and squirted fresh precum that Aiden then used to jerk him off with. Jack’s eyes were glazed over in complete lust and Aiden was growling like an animal as they began to really get going.

Aiden would pull out nearly all the way but then slam right back into Jack with astound force. The bottom boy would rock under the pressure but he was held tight by Aiden’s strong hand. Each time Aiden pulled out a stronger suction engulfed his manhood, massaging it with the inner walls of Jack’s ass, and tempted him to come back in. When he did he was met with the same massaging sensation as Jack was an expert at clenching and letting go. Aiden couldn’t help but feel as though this skill had grown in tenfold, much like their cocks, since taking those drugs.

Jack’s cock was a blur as Aiden furiously masturbated it and frothy precum coated both cocks. Aiden was deep fucking Jack now, only pulling out about 6’’ of his dick before ramming it back into the smaller boy with remarkable force. Six inches before this night would have meant pulling out all the way, but now it meant less than half of his dick, mused Aiden. Both boys dripped sweat and moaned wildly as Aiden began power fucking Jack’s hungry ass and as Aiden continued to double fist Jack’s colossal meat.

Both boys could feel a new sensation gurgling within their sloshing beefy balls. It was the feeling of many orgasms, layered one on top of the other like an orgy, and it was anxious for release. They were finally coming close to cumming, they figured. Or would they simply just go on like this forever? They had felt like cumming at least ten times each by now but they were only rewarded with more precum and more pleasure.

Aiden’s ass squeezed in maximum effort as he quickly piston fucked Jack. A large bump would appear in Jack’s abdomen each time Aiden slid all the way in and it only made Aiden hornier. Precum began to really pour from either dick but since Jack’s was out in the open Jack decided it couldn’t go to waste. He watched as the pearly ooze dribbled down his cock and was quickly engulfed by Aiden’s strong hands.

“Fucking…UH….suck…Uh UH UH….me off…UH Uh…duuuude-UH!” he managed to say between groans. Aiden followed obediently and capped the spouting cock with his hot wet mouth. The feeling of Aiden’s enhanced mouth was now familiar to Jack and his cock jumped at the attention. In response it squirted a double does of precum down Aiden’s throat. Aiden swallowed and began bobbing up and down on Jack’s dick while continuing to double fist his shaft and fuck his anus.

They continued like this for several more minutes; Aiden’s massive thick meat would spread Jack’s legs further while Jack’s donkey dick would slide deeper into Aiden’s throat. Both boys lost track of time as they fucked and neither realized just how unnaturally large they were becoming. All they knew was that they were going to cum very very soon.

It was Jack who busted first. It was a roiling, white hot feeling within his balls that incapacitated his ability to warn Aiden other than a guttural cry of carnal ecstasy. Aiden felt Jack’s cock grow an unbelievable 3’’ more and he knew his friend was coming. He was about to pull of, fearful of his life concerning the explosiveness of the orgasm, but he found his jaw was too stuffed to be removed from the cock. He panicked for a moment, trying mightily to pull his mouth from the cock, but his efforts subsided as a hefty torrent of cum began coating the back of his throat and sliding down into his stomach. He relaxed, rendered contented by the massive amounts of cum pouring into him and felt his own orgasm begin. As he had double fisted Jack’s spewing horse cock he had been deep fucking Jack’s anus. Now, as he felt his own white hot orgasm build, he bent over, pulled his entire swaying elephant cock out of Jack, and rammed it back into Jack with such force that Jack was moved on the bed and Aiden’s jaw nearly was released from the cock head. Aiden continued to swallow Jack’s cum (though Jack’s dick was so far down his throat it was widely unnecessary to try swallowing) as his own torrent of jizz rocketed through Jack’s bowels, coating them with porcelain lust. The bump in jack’s abdomen that was Aiden’s Herculean cock was bigger than ever and each blast of cum caused a smaller bump to pulse near the head of the mountain. Through his orgasm, Aiden was able to continue massaging Jack’s cumming dick and was rewarded with even more jizz as Jack shook on the bed, writhing in insurmountable euphoria. Aiden swallowed even more cum and his own monstrous cock showed no signs of stopping as it continued to plug Jack full of boy teen cum.

They must have cum for what felt like an hour—though that was the pleasure speaking. It was all over in less than a minute but considering the dose of cum spewed each second, they had ejaculated what must have been gallons from their swaying bouncing huge balls. Both boys slowly stopped cumming and their heads cleared as they slumped onto one another, sticky with cum and sweat. Jack’s dick finally released Aiden’s mouth and he gasped in air as cum dribbled from the corner of his lips and from his nose. He coughed several times but stopped, wanting to savor the salty flavor the permeated him.

Aiden kept his cock within Jack for another minute before slowly sliding it out with a slimy slick slap and frothy cum dribbled from the puckering hole. More cum should have gushed from it considering the profuse amount poured in and the massive stretching that had taken place but, inexplicably, the hole just slurped it back up and tightened shut like a bag with a draw cord. Jack felt this and sighed with a smile as Aiden slid on top of him and began to kiss his neck and collar bone.

Both boys felt more full than they had ever been in their lives. Aiden’s muscular stomach had made the transition between clean cut six pack to sloshing pot belly as it was now stretched to its limits with Jack’s cum. Jack himself had a bulge in his stomach from the massive amounts of cum being kept in side of him by his selfish anus.

“What…” Aiden panted, “…the hell…..just happened?” His eyes were drowsy and he spoke with effort. He ran his hand along Jack’s protruding stomach and defined chest, feeling the difference between the two.

“I have no fucking idea,” Jack’s voice was lined with complete awe. “That was incredible.”

“Yeah,” Aiden agreed, “But what about our dicks? We can’t go around with them being like this…we’ll have to leave the team.” Aiden pushed off of Jack with a grunt and stood up in the musky smelling room. Jack examined the bigger boy and felt a slight stirring in his cock. No, he thought, not again, not tonight.

Aiden’s stomach sloshed and jiggled with all the cum as he stood and he ran his hands over it, hoisting it up and shaking it. “This is an ungodly amount of jizz, Jack. I didn’t know you had it in you!” He moved his hands across his sweaty body and jumped a little to watch his stomach bounce and shake.

Jack laughed and felt his own bulging abdomen, “Hey, you’re not the one who took a massive cock up their ass…” Jack’s eyes sparkled and he made a silly face at the other boy.

“Speaking of which…” Aiden motioned to their cocks. They were still perplexed by what just happened but exhaustion had set in and they were now too tired to entertain risks or fully examine the events. As either boy looked to the other’s cock, another revelation ran through them.

Aiden’s dick, while fucking Jack, must have exceeded a foot in length and had a diameter of about 7’’. Jack’s cock was obviously more than a foot and had a diameter of 5’’, they guessed. Yet, as they looked at their respective cocks, they were shocked to find out that flaccid they did not exhibit their new immense size.

Granted they still looked hung for boys their age and size, they were no where near as hung as they thought they should have been. With cocks as big as the ones they had just screwed with they should have been 10’’ flaccid and pretty thick. Instead each boys cock hung at about 6’’ flaccid. Their balls, oddly enough, had not shrunk back to a proportional size and sat at the bulbous size of slightly deflated tennis balls.

“That is so strange…” murmured Jack as he sat up and reached for Aiden’s dick. “I felt it in me. It was huge…” he was wondering how something so huge had not remained proportionally massive after he had cum.

“Uh, yeah, I felt it too. Two of my fists couldn’t wrap around your cock, one over the other,” said Aiden, just as confused. “Either way, though, those pills worked. Before tonight I was this long erect, and now my flaccid cock is thicker and longer then my old hard one!” Aiden’s voice jumped at this dream come true.

“Yeah, these are hung anyways. That lady was totally right.” Jack began to slowly jerk Aiden’s cock. He hadn’t gotten too much time to play with it before Aiden had initially sucked him off and then fucked him. Now it sparked to life again. Jack kissed it with glee.

“Dude, not again, I can’t…” said Aiden even as his head rolled back and he lifted his hands to get out of Jack’s way. He absently began playing with his fat cum stomach.

“Relax,” said Jack between suction kisses, “I…just…want…to…see…it…hard…” he took the hardening cock into his mouth and began to pull and play with Aiden’s balls.

“Duuuuuude,” moaned Aiden as he felt his cock grow again. “We really shouldn’t….” he managed to say, though he didn’t mean it and they both knew it.

Aiden’s cock was fully hard now and about 9.5’’. He absently began pumping his hips into Jack’s hot moist mouth. “Fuck yeah…” he moaned.

Jack pulled off, goal attained, and eyed the cock. Aiden rolled his head back with a look of disappointment as Jack stopped blowing him.

“Yeah, we’re still hung…” said Jack as he showed Aiden his own hard cock. It was 2’’ longer than Aiden’s but not as thick.

“Oh don’t look so sad!” said Jack, playfully jerking Aiden’s cock, “We can play in the morning. I’m too tired right now.” He smiled and licked Aiden’s cock playfully. “Besides, the prospect of more cum is nauseating to me.”

“Yeah, me too,” said Aiden as he passed Jack and flopped onto the bed. His belly sloshed loudly. Jack followed him and they were soon under one of Jack’s blankets.

Aiden snuggled in closer, pressing the length of his body to the back of Jack’s, and making sure the his long dick was pressed between the other boys ass cheeks. Jack moaned a littler and guided Aiden’s hands up over his hips and into his underwear where he placed it over his massive balls.

“Told you they would work,” murmured Jack as the boys quickly began to slip from consciousness.

“Fuck you…” joked Aiden.

“Tomorrow,” responded Jack, completely serious.

Part 2

Minuscule specs of dust floated in and out of highlighted visibility as sunlight pushed through the unlit house’s many windows. It was a wooden house composed of stable furniture and practical uses, and it was cluttered with photos of people smiling, singing, dancing, and getting married.

Up the stairs and to the left of the hallway stood a shut white door. Past the door was a room with no light. Nothing could be seen at first except the zebra patterned strips of light cast onto the floor as they filtered through the closed shades. The rigid stripes of soft yellow ran over the end of a large bean bag, some sports magazines, one show, three socks, and a crumpled paper towel that had once held an assortment of tiny pills that smelled of musk and fruit.

In fact the whole room had a definite smell to it. It was almost sweet but in a way that suggested it had once been a very powerful scent and had since fermented into something less potent. The glow from the grill of light on the floor illuminated the room as the sun got higher and the sky and eventually the light bands were on the bed where they exposed two large lumps. One was Jack and the other Aiden.

Their bodies were twisted by sleep and comfort. As they lounged in the early afternoon haze, their bodies regained the strength which they had expended the night before: the room’s scent was distinctly that of sweat, sex, and an obscene amount of semen.

Aiden was bigger than Jack, still. His body was proportioned larger and his frame was more filled out. He was on the right and sleeping with one arm above his head and the other hanging over the side of the bed. On his back, his hips were pushed against the thin white sheet. His stomach, beneath the sheet, appeared smooth and regular but, upon reaching below his navel, a large bump began to form. It was obviously semi hard as Aiden dreamed, and it rose in a shallow arch along the length of his thigh, ending in a ridged bump and slight wet spot. The bump twitched and Aiden groaned in his sleep, eventually rolling over on his side an obscuring his swollen penis from view.

As he rolled, he inadvertently pulled the covers from his bed mate. Jack had been sleeping on his side, facing away from Aiden, and the covers slid from his body like a liquid going backwards. His tanned skin glowed softly in the muggy room and his muscle were defined. He was smaller than Aiden, but he was well built and handsome. Without his covers the majority of his body was exposed, and without any clothing to sleep in, Jack was naked. His dick was also somewhat hard as he dreamed: it stood out in front of him, resting its hefty length on the bed. It was beautifully shaped with a swell to it and a slight down curve as it remained in limbo between solid and soft. An expanding wet patch of tangy goo had formed near right beneath the tip. A small drop of precum formed at the end of Jack’s dick just then eliciting a soft growl from his puckered lips. It fell onto the sheets and was absorbed quickly, just like the rest.

It was 4th period in school and Jack was at his locker. It had been a rough day to say the least. After the night of growth between him and Aiden, things hadn’t been the same at all! The next morning was foggy but both boys were able to remember every detail. They woke up hard, talked about what happened, and felt around for clues. They had found that their dicks were still larger than before, and either boy still had a small pot belly from the cum they’d ingested the night before.

This morning marked the first morning of Jack having to put on real pants. He had awoken to his alarm, groaned that it was Monday, and rolled out of bed. He felt his cock slide from laying on top of his stomach to in between his thighs as he waddled across the room to his underwear drawer. It was hard to walk with a piece of salami swinging between your legs.

He had fished out a pair of boxer briefs that had always felt a little large on him and slipped into them with ease until he had to practically shove his inflated dick into the pouch. He ended up settling with pushing the length of it off to side because after putting on even loose jeans, he had a prominent bulge extending a good two inches from the rest of his pelvic area.

Now he stood at his locker willing himself to breath slow breaths. Each time he took a step, the fabric from his jeans rubbed against his sensitive dick head causing it to gradually thicken. At one point, in chemistry, he had just walked out of his lab, pushed to the edge by the constant standing and moving. He went to the bathroom and undid his belt buckle and button, letting his dick pop from its cage and swing freely. After five minutes of willing the hard on to go away he was able to return to class.

Weary with worry, he filed notebooks into his locker and then removed the ones he would need for the rest of the day. A knock came from behind his locker door and he backed up to see a bleary eyed Aiden.

“What happened to you?” asked Jack, though he knew the answer.

Aiden looked around to make sure no one was listening then hissed, “My cock is going crazy! I had no idea being hung was so hard!” he paused and then smiled, “literally!”

Jack smiled in spite of their plight. “I hope soccer isn’t compromised! I’ve been dying to shoot a load all day and getting hard on the field would be suicide!”

“Yeah, but soccer shorts don’t grind like denim does so maybe it will be different.”

And different it was. Though the rest of the day was filled with sporadic spasms of pleasure and balls gurgling with cum, the boys were pleased to find that their soccer uniforms allowed them respite from the day’s torture. The way the material fit allowed them to walk freely without having their cocks stimulated and it didn’t even put their massive bulges on display! The material was light enough that it didn’t drape over what looked like a large pair of socks in their undies. Instead it simply belled around evenly. The practice itself was uneventful. In spite of their earlier efforts of enlarging themselves for the sake of showering, the boys found themselves resisting working hard as to not get too sweaty. This was a mistake however, and the coach made them do extras of everything they had originally gone light on. They ended up staying after for a few minutes while the rest of the boys cleaned up and headed to the locker room.

After their final pushups were done, cock was the last thing on their mind. Instead they found themselves inundated with thoughts of sleeping and eating unhealthy food. They talked about these things as they headed to the locker room and grabbed their towels for showering. The rest of the team had already changed out of their gear and was screaming and yelling in the shower room. Many boys had either skipped showers or showered quickly in an effort to get home. As Jack and Aiden walked into the showers a slight whisper fell across the room.

They had yet to drop their towels from around their waists but the large arching tubes were easily seen behind the thin terry cloth. Most of the time the team would have jeered at them for having to stay after but now hissing sounds and surprised laughter ran through the soccer team. The new boys had stayed after and now was their first real time in showers after practice.

“You boys missed out on showers last week, didn’t you?” said Cross June, the senior captain of the Varsity team. He was towards the back of the room next to two free showers that had obviously been set aside for Jack and Aiden.

“You missed all the fun,” he said flatly. The team snickered. A few boys mumbled to one another.

Aiden and Jack paused, not sure of what was going on, but thought that playing it cool was their best bet. They felt bashful about their new dicks but, as Jack had put it, “We’re larger soft then most guys are hard.” They made eye contact for a brief moment to transfer their reassurance that nothing was going to happen.

The towels were flung onto the bench behind them and their dicks swayed between their legs. Both Aiden and Jack sported what appeared to be lengthy flaccid cocks, each 6’’ in length, and behind the darker flesh colored shafts swayed a pair of massive balls on each boys. A communal hush ran through the many boys in the soccer team and a scent twisted into their sense; a slightly fruity smell laced with carnal lust and musk. In spite of the vast majority of straight boys in the room, many dicks began to plump up with blood and intrigue.

“…fucking hung…”

“…jesus christ!”

“…monster dicks..”

These were a few of the many quickly whispered phrases thrown in the perimeter of the room as the boys took their place in the showers next to Cross. Cross himself looked at them with a sly smile and seemed to be acting purposefully well intentioned as he continued to slowly soap up his nearly perfect body.

“How you boys liking soccer?” Cross ran his hands behind his neck and over his large broad shoulders. He was well defined in his upper body and was making a point of showing it off to the boys.

By now a lot of the team was trickling out of the showers but they left their showers on aiding the amount of steam in the room. The boys of the team seemed to know something was about to happen to Aiden and Jack and either they didn’t want to participate or they didn’t want to be seen participating. Maybe they were scared?

A batch of hunky senior boys remained behind, however, slowly dragging bars of soap across their pecs and abs and smiling to one another.

Jack watched the team leave the showers and, in spite of the impending air of doom, relaxed a little. Having everyone not stare at his genitals was sort of nice for a second. He smiled back at Cross. “Soccer is great! Coach really goes hard on us, doesn’t he?”

“Oh yeah, Coach loves to go hard on us soccer boys,” laughed a large boy on the other wall. His friends laughed at his comment and gave him a little shove. He shoved back. Jack noticed they were getting hard.

“And how about school?” Cross was no soaping up stomach and sides, putting his 6 pack on display for everyone to see. He would let a stray finger slip down and around his penis on occasion but it looked like it was all in good fun. “Is school going well?”

This time Aiden answered. “Yeah, both Aiden and I have sort of heavy loads so we study together a lot but it’s not so bad.”

“Damn right you have heavy loads!” said another boy, this one just as large as the first and slowly washing his flaccid cock. Snickering erupted in the tiny room and both Jack and Aiden turned red.

“Don’t mind the other boys,” said Cross, nudging Aiden, “They just get a little horny when they stay in the showers for too long! It must be the steam.”

He smiled down at the boys, his half smile extremely sexy and somewhat crooked on his face making his jaw line seem a work of art.

“Besides,” continued Cross, “You can’t blame ‘em,” he said as he gave the boys an overlook and a wink.

“What?” ventured Jack.

“Well,” sighed Cross, now overtly playing with his cock (which was in itself a massive one even flaccid). “It’s just that, we have a bit of an initiation when it comes to the newbies on the team and none of the others are as…” He paused and wrestled with the word in his mind, chewing on it lightly and mulling over whether to say it.

“fucking hung like a donkey!” elected one of the other boys. Robust laughter echoed off the tiled walls at this one and the steam only rose higher and thicker.

Cross tried to control his laugher himself and stepped a bit closer to the boys.

“And none of the others are as…” he started laughing again but then finished, “…blessed as you two.” For the first time he made it clear he was referring to their cocks.

Aiden and Jack both looked down and were shocked for the fortieth time since the weekend to see the large swinging cocks between their muscular legs. What was equally as unsettling was that the cocks had been growing through the whole foreplay and now either boy was semi hard. This was an inconspicuous length for Aiden and Jack because it meant they now had about 7 to 9 inches of cock slapping against their thighs. Cross was right. They appeared blessed.

“Initiation?” prompted Jack, his hopes showing through his thinly masked anticipation.

Cross jerked his head up from staring at the cocks in all their glory.

“Oh, right, initiation!” he laughed and couldn’t help but glance at the boy’s privates again. “It’s a little game we like to play here in the locker room with just us boys.”

Aiden and Jack stepped back towards the wall as the rest of the team, on cue, stepped out of their own places and started forming a group around Cross and the boys. Looking around, almost every boy either had a hard on or was rubbing his dick slowly, grinning at the two younger guys.

“What game?” ventured Aiden. He had always heard about initiations but he hadn’t heard many stories concerning the varsity soccer team in his high school. By the sound of Jack’s breathing, he was just as surprised.

“It’s called Corn Field,” said Cross as a hand from the crowd provided his with two slick wet blindfolds. He saw the two boys tense up as he moved closer, “Relax! Relax! I think you boys will enjoy yourselves. We save this specific game for only the special guys on our team.”

As he stepped towards then and began blindfolding them he held them close and growled in their ears, “And you guys? You’re special.” And with that he gave them both a quick squeeze on their cocks before seemingly stepping away.

Both Aiden and Jack stood there, unsure of the rules or even the objective of the game. They could feel the multitude of horny boys standing in front of them, jacking off at the sight of them blindfolded, and they could feel the steam of the room grow thicker and hotter. They must have turned the showers on full blast and full heat.

Cross’s voice was suddenly within the crowd of boys.

He said, “Your objective is to find your way out of the corn field!”

Both Aiden and Jack felt large powerful hands pushing them onto their knees. They both sloshed obediently onto the hard tile floor.

“The catch? Well, let’s just say you boys really really love corn on the cob and this years crops are just bursting with fertility, ready to be eaten fresh…” and his voice was swallowed by the sound of bare feet shuffling in water and low loud snicker. And then silence.

Aiden and Jack didn’t move for at least three minutes. Either of them just sat on their legs, waiting for further instructions. They could hear the other breathing, and the breathing of the team as one communal bull standing above them, but they waited for further instructions just in case the game wasn’t what they thought it was. Both, though they had not admitted it to themselves, secretly wanted the game to go exactly as it sounded.

They did love corn on the cob, after all. With their increased sex drives they could contain themselves no more and both boys started to slowly walk forward on their knees.

It wasn’t pitch black behind the blindfold. It never is. Either boy could make out feet below them but the steam was the hard part to see through. It was oddly thick, as though it were regular steam echoing off the tiles of the room and thickening itself.

Aiden felt Jack take a left and he decided to take a right. He could hear the hushed laughter of the boys above him as he took another knee step forward, and then another, and then it was silence. Where was Jack? His own hear throbbed so heart in his chest that he could feel his skin being pulsed. Aiden slowly turned his head to the left, hoping to hear Jack sloshing, and felt something soft and warm and round pressed into his cheek.

“Found your first piece of corn, farmer boy!” said a deep voice from above. A second later Aiden heard another boy near by say, “Eat up, newbie. Suck down that corn.” Both Aiden and Jack had found their first pieces of corn, it seemed.

Aiden was unsure how to handle this. He wanted the cock in his mouth really bad. He wanted to suck of the soccer boy jabbing his face with his dick, but what if this was a test to see if he would suck dick? What if they were all straight? It didn’t explain why they were hard and jacking off. Aiden felt his own dick begin to thicken and plump up again and then he heard a soft moan from Jack’s direction, elicited from the senior jock.

That was all he needed to get started. Without using his hands, Aiden turned his head and swallowed the cock head into his waiting mouth. He turned his body to better face the boy and began lapping at the dick was eager motions. A low hum of approval ran through the crowd and Aiden could hear a moan from the boy he was sucking on. He continued working the cock head with his tongue and the boy moaned louder.

“Is he good, Joey?” whispered one guy.

“Fucking great…” moaned Joey.

“Bet mine’s better…” growled another voice. That was the guy Jack was blowing concluded Aiden.

Aiden smiled inwardly and then began going deeper on the cock. The dick, like the rest of the team, was a hefty dick to begin with. It was one of the many dicks that had forced Jack and Aiden to resort to taking those pills that had…

Aiden’s hand wandered to his own cock and he nearly started coughing up the jock’s dick. He was fully erect now, sporting his 9.5’’ inch rod that was as thick as a water bottle nearly the entire length. He sucked and felt the length of his dick, still shocked that the flesh was his. Would he grow in this setting? He had no way of knowing. This was all new circumstances.

“Hey, concentrate cock sucker,” said a lighter voice above Aiden. His hand snapped of his dick and onto the Jock’s as he continued to bob up and down on the shaft. He began to jack off the jock in rhythm with his plunging gulps. Occasionally he would go down all the way on what felt like a 7’’ meat and would lap around the base with his tongue, putting pressure on it with his lips. The Jock really liked this and by the forth time deep throating him, Aiden could feel the boy’s balls tighten up. He was about to pull out when at least three sets of hands grabbed his body and held him on top of the dick, forcing him to swallow the steaming jets of cum as the boy that shot them convulsed in his mouth and moaned loudly.

A moment later, another rustle of bodies and another boy was cumming down a cocksuckers throat in the crowd. Jack was doing just as well! Aiden smiled as he felt the cum wash down his throat and into his stomach. He hated to admit it but he loved the feeling of a shuddering dick shooting white lava into his mouth. The boy didn’t taste half bad, either, he decided.

He slowly began to pull off as the many hands around him released. “That’s a good boy,” said one of those hands. He licked the cock and cleaned up the shaft with his tongue before the boy above said, “That’s was sick. Back to work though,” he snatched his deflating cock away. Aiden was left in limbo again, dick crazed.

He felt a small tingle in his hips just then. He felt a little jump in his cock and he looked down through a slit in the blindfold, through the steam, just in time to see his cock expand a bit between his legs. It had gained some length! What was going on?

Was it cum that made him grow? That night this weekend he had ingested so much of Jack’s precum that had correlated with his cock growth…but then again, Jack was just like him and had taken the pills…

There was no time to think about it now, though. Aiden shuffled forward and was again prodded in the face with a cock, this one a little smaller than the one before. He eagerly took it into his mouth and sucked it down. Jack sounded like he had his own dick to suck on too considering the amount of moaning coming from just behind Aiden.

After many minutes of sucking this guy hard Aiden resorted to using his hands and made swift spiral motions on the guys dick. This sent him over the edge and this time the hands didn’t hold Aiden for long as he swallowed another Jock’s load. This guy shot a lot and it came out in thicks gobs that tasted salty and great. As the cum washed into Aiden, he felt his dick give a little jolt and he felt his ball sac stretch a little tighter.

Jack had finished he second boy before Aiden and had also noticed the growing that was going on with him. Jack was already very long hard (around 11’’) and he couldn’t help buy moan as the second boy’s cum caused him to expand in girth a little. He just hoped no one would notice because that would be a disaster. Hopefully he and Aiden could find a way out of this ‘corn field’ before a repeat of the weekend occurred.

Jack waddled forward, trying not to let his cock swing too much as he waited fro the next boy to shove his cock out. He didn’t have to wait long, however, as suddenly two large cock heads came to rest on his nose and chin.

The boys around him laughed and he heard their hands rase up and down their slathered cocks. Jack knew what to do.

At first he took only one cock into his mouth and helped out the other buy jacking it off with his right fist. Then he would switch to the one in his right hand and masturbate the other guy with his left fist. Both cocks were pretty large and Jack was pleased to have precum spill out of them in copious amounts as he sucked them in turn. He heard a soft squelching sound from above which he concluded was the two boys making out as he double sucked them.

He felt an odd sensation—one that was familiar but odd—in his jaw as yet another batch of pre dripped out. It was the sensation of his jaw being loosened and morphed into a jaw that could handle significantly more dick. He made no move to test out his new attribute, no doubt given to him by the loads of cum he’d already taken and by the pre, and instead continued to fist one cock while he went down on the other boy.

Jack switched cocks and began sliding one dick deep into his throat, bobbing on the base of it while slowly jerking the other boys. He felt more precum slide down his throat and he felt his jaw being to ache with effort at all the head he was being forced to give. The aching didn’t persist though and a moment later was replaced with that eased relax feeling. He felt his mouth open wider and was shocked to find his tongue lapping and scooping first one testicle, then two, into his mouth.

“Jeeesssusss….” moaned the boy as Jack sucked down his balls and cock at one.

“That’s incredible. Is it good Henry?”


“Hey, my turn!”

Jack felt himself pulled off the cock and balls and plunged onto the other set. He slid his throat onto the cock with ease and opened just a bit wider, snatching up first one ball, and then the next, before massaging them with his tongue. He would feel the guy from before getting close in his left hand and this boy wouldn’t wait much longer so he decided to pull a bit of a stunt.

Jack swiftly pulled off the dick and then mashed the two big cocks together as tight as he could. He felt his mouth wash over the two cock heads and the two boys above him moaned in pleasure. Then he slowly slid his stuffed face onto the two shafts. Luckily neither boy was very thick. He managed to get about half way down on the two cocks before his throat protested, but that’s all it took to reward him with a double dose of hot Jock cum. The boys he was blowing moaned loudly and held onto his head as they came together, as one, down his throat. Jack moaned himself as he felt the uncontrollable growth of his dick yet again.

This time, though, Jack felt his throat loosen only a little. Instead his found his ass hole was puckering up, somehow getting itself lubed. He didn’t want to get fucked today yet he found himself turned on by the idea of getting the team up in his ass. He tried not to think about it as the two boys pulled out of his mouth and he shuffled forward, cum dribbling down his chin and on his cheek.

Aiden had felt the same sensation in his ass, as sort of preparation for cock. It wasn’t like the last time when Jack’s ass loosened up for his immense cock. It was more a slight tingle of anticipation. He had just sucked on a cock that rivaled his in girth but was much shorter when he reached what appeared to be another massive cock.

He knew the drill. He popped the head into this mouth and moaned as it filled him. His jaw had also loosened up a bit so taking down the massive dick wasn’t the most difficult thing he had ever done. The cock was nearly as long as Jack’s he thought, and pretty thick too. He felt it with his hands and tickled the balls and sucked, feeling a second win blow though him. The person above him must have felt the shift too because he moaned loudly and then mumbled something to the boys around him.

Aiden felt the cock slip out of his mouth and then reappear. He felt himself being guided onto all fours as the owner of the cock got on his knees. Aiden didn’t stop sucking for a second as the cock dropped, and he could tell the Jock appreciated it by the loud moaning and slight jerks of the cock. He was being rewarded with precum galore.

“Yeah, fucking suck that cock, fucking suck it and you’ll get a big reward!” Aiden realized with amused pleasure that his current cock was none other than Cross himself! He had no idea what he was doing on all fours and could only wonder but he kept sucking the cock with as much ease as needed. He eventually even worked the whole log down his throat. He felt his cock grow a little more as precum poured into his stomach and Aiden wondered, briefly, if maybe Cross had taken pills too? He was certainly hung enough to have.

Jack had also been moved into a new position. He was now leaning back against some boys legs as another boy face fucked him. His legs were sprawled out in front of him and his dick stood erect, standing straight up in it’s now foot long glory.

“He’s fucking massive,” said a husky voice he recognized as the large guy from before who had mocked their answers to Cross’ questions. The voice was oddly close to his level.

“Fuck yeah he is,” said another voice, the other boy who had cracked a joke. They both sounded horny and hot and Jack wondered what to brace himself for as the boy above him grunted and rammed his cock further down his throat.

Jack felt something brush his cock and it twitched. Something else brushed his balls a little, and then he felt water splash over his legs and stomach. There was a pause and then suddenly he felt two hands wrap around his rock hard shaft and start pumping. He moaned loudly into the dick he was sucking and bucked his hips unconsciously.

“Yeah, you fucking like that cock sucker?” said the Larger Guy.

“Look at the way he squirms. Give him some of your mouth, Jay!” said the other guy.

Jack melted as he felt an expert mouth kiss then then wrap around his bulging cock head. The mouth sucked hard and swirled his mushroom cap with a lover’s hunger and then slowly worked down onto the shaft, making short work of engulfing Jack’s massive cock.

Jack was in heaven the entire time and so was the boy he was currently blowing. No sooner had Jack felt Jay’s mouth on his cock when Jack received a huge load of cum down his throat. He had been distracted momentarily by the two boys pumping his cock and sucking him but quickly swallowed up every drop of cum. He felt the goo infiltrate his throat and slide into his stomach and braced himself as another pulse ran through his cock causing it to jerk and grow.

“Wow, what was that?” the mouth pulled off his dick.

“It felt like it grew a little,” said the owner of the two hands double fisting Jack. They did not stop their relentless pumping.

“This guys a fucking grower! I’ve never seen someone’s dick double in size from flaccid to hard.” With that the mouth was back on Jack’s cock, deeper this time. The guy had almost swallowed 7’’ of the massive rod before Jack felt the mouth pause and gag a little. Jack wasn’t just long by now, he was also fairly thicker than most guys and the fact that this stud could gorge himself on 7’’….oh wait now it was 8’’…of his cock was an incredible feat in its own!

Jack was so horned up that he wondered if he would cum. He and Aiden had deducted that their precum together is what caused all the growth. It was a synergistic affect caused by their combined enhancements. Jack remembered now being able to cum for a while but now he could feel his own orgasm on the horizon, as clear as a silver crystal bell.

Aiden, in the mean time, had realized what was going on in his position. He had been sucking Cross off with ease, lapping up precum as it was made available to him, when suddenly he felt fingers massaging his ass and anus. He jumped at the idea of getting fucked by any one of these studs and just continued to suck Cross as the thought about their meat stuffing him like a pig. Cross just continued to moan and pump his massive cock down Aiden’s throat as his teammates grabbed soap and began slipping finger after finger into Aiden’s waiting ass.

Aiden felt his cock jerk and spasm as he was fingered by at least three different boys at once. It all felt amazing and he was glad none of them had Jack’s sized dick (except Cross, almost, but Aiden was taking care of that already). A hand reached beneath Aiden’s torso as he sucked Cross’s balls and slowly began to jack off his huge thick cock. He moaned into Aiden’s balls as he rolled them around in his mouth.

“The guys fucking thick…it’s the thickest thing in here I think,” said a boy, out of breath.

Another boy laughed, “Don’t let Brian know!” Some other boys also found this funny and snickered along. Aiden had no means of wondering who Brian was as one set of hands began jacking him off harder and another set began lining what felt like a pretty thick stud up with his ass.

Aiden shuddered in joy at the feeling and felt Cross begin to shake, too. The boy had lasted a very long time against Aiden’s expert tongue and he was now about to cum! He let out a roar and Aiden jumped as the cock deep within his throat bulged even larger than he had expected. He felt the cock head slide another inch down his throat though he hadn’t pressed onto the cock anymore and the girth pushed against his throat walls with new means.

“Let’s see if you can handle what you’re made of, sucker!” said Cross, suddenly, and a thick onslaught of cum began shooting down Aiden’s throat in tablespoon blasts. Aiden, of course, swallowed all he could but Cross was one of those boys who cums and cums and cums and it was inevitable that a dribble of cum would pour fall from Aiden’s lips. Even after Cross had finished and pulled out, Aiden had a mouthful of milk. He felt a hand on his jaw, and Cross leaned in to whisper.

“Swallow hard, sucker.” Aiden obediently gulped down the remaining cum and the affects were instant. His cock shot out another inch, at least, and his balls began to feel extra heavy. He felt his body grow energized and sharp and with a quick motion, Aiden pushed himself back towards the dick that had been rubbing up against his anus.

With a slick pop, the dick slid into Aiden’s tight hole. The boy who the dick belonged to was obviously impressed and took it as a sure fire sign to start fucking Aiden. Aiden moaned, feeling the large dick spread his ass’ walls apart, and he continued to fucking himself against it, sitting back on his haunches and impaling himself on the plump jock meat.

Meanwhile, as Aiden was starting to get fucked, Jack was starting to fuck. He had yet to cum because each time he came close, the hands would lighten up and the mouth would pull off until he was at ease again. He had yet another cock furiously fucking his throat and was sure he would be doing this forever when suddenly he felt all the boys draw off his cock and stop back. A moment later hands returned, this time holding lots of soap, and they lathered up his dick, covering the whole foot of cock in slippery white suds.

Jack was holding onto the ass of the guy he was sucking when suddenly the guy pulled away. With nothing to hold onto, Jack felt himself fall back but a person was right behind him with waiting arms. He fells between the person’s legs and arms, strong arms, wrapped around him and began toying with his nipples.

The boy Jack had been sucking was straddling him during the head. He could feel the guy as he crouched over Jack’s torso, putting his knees on either side of Jack’s hips. He kissed Jack then and licked flecks of cum from his chin as he reached a hand back and slowly lined up Jack’s dick with his ass.

“Wait,” said Jack, instantly scared for the guy. Jack was hung like no other guy in the room and he didn’t want any deaths of injuries on his massive dick’s behalf.

“Relax,” said a deep voice he recognized as Brian Arturo, the resident latin boy on the team. He was latin by heritage, raised in America, and a natural football star. Now, according to the circumstances, Jack concluded he was also a natural power bottom.

Jack felt the warm confines of a tight jock ass slowly spread around his cock head. He moaned loudly and the boy behind him continued to play with his nipples, sometimes slipping a finger into his mouth allowing him to forever suck on something. Brian went deeper on the cock, easing off at moments before continuing to sink himself onto the footlong salami. He moaned and cooed and boys around them began to cheer and encourage him to take it.

“Fuck yeah Brian, show that horse cock!” said one boy

“If he can take Cross, he can take this kid!” said another.

“Nah this kid is thicker and longer than cross,” said a third. They were talking about it like it was a sport. They were certainly a close knit team.

“Brian’s a pro!”

“Remember at last year’s conference when Brian took that hung guy and cross at once in the showers? That’s at least as big.”

Brian just ignored all the cheering and chatter and continued to go down an inch, back up a half inch, and then down another inch, moaning and panting the entire time. Jack could feel how good Brian was at fucking huge cocks. His own cock was responding to Brian by stretching his skin even further giving him a tight pleasurable feeling all along his shaft. Brian felt the thickening too and moaned even more, pausing to adjust to the meat.

Jack felt a spurt of precum peak out off his cock. Then another. He was slowly coating Brian with precum in slimy doses. Brian must have really been feeling the affects of the pre as Jack pumped it out because he began moaning louder and louder and his ass loosened up. Before Jack knew it, Brian was adjusted enough to sink the rest of the 6’’ he had left in one quick sucking noise. The team cheered and Brain straightened up, the dick rigid deep inside him.

Jack moaned in ecstasy and ground his hips up into Brian’s ass causing the bottom to shake and moan. Jack moved his hands up to Brian’s legs and then found his dick swinging madly as Brian began fucking himself on the horse cock.

Jack had found the dick and started jacking if off just in time to feel and pulse go through it causing it to grow a half an inch. Jack wondered if Brian would notice that the precum had caused him to grow but luckily Brian was too busy pumping himself up and down on Jack’s cock to notice. By the screams and moans of ecstasy, Jack could tell his dick was good and that Brian loved it.

Brian’s ass was a work of art, too. Each time he went up on his knees, pulling himself a good 7’’ off the cock, his ass seemed to suck him back down the length of the cock like a giant mouth.

Aiden’s ass was doing the same thing as the boy fucking him panted to keep up. Each time he tried to pull out of Aiden’s ass, a sucking sensation dragged his throbbing dick right back in and sucked it with undulating motions. Jack bucked and pumped his hips as the boy fucked him and felt another dick slide onto his lips. He laughed casually and gobbled it down.

The boy behind him pulled out, or tried to, but Aiden growled and sucked him back in with ease. The boy tried to pull out again but Aiden’s ass sucked his dick hard and fast using the slick walls of his insides. The boy collapsed over Aiden’s back and began cumming into him. Aiden continued to suck his cock dry with his ass while the boy in his mouth also began to jerk and jizz.

Jack was having a similar time. Brian was doing the same sucking technique with his ass that Aiden as mastered and Jack was afraid he would cum in no time.

A dick, this one massive in the length department, suddenly appeared on Aiden’s mouth and he swallowed it with ease. He felt the dick slide into this throat and he found himself wondering who all these beautiful dicks belonged too. He felt like he knew the teams cock inventory better than anyone, except Aiden of course, but he knew very little about the owners of the gorgeous fucking tools.

Jack felt Brain begin to slow down, breathing hard and fast. A few fingers wandered up between Jack’s legs and jabbed into his ass. He moaned though he knew he wouldn’t get fucked when Brian was on top of him. The boy above Jack, the one with the large dick down Jack’s throat, began moaning and slurping noises from above indicated that Brian was rimming him.

The boy down Jack’s throat gave him yet another batch of jock cum and Jack wondered how many boys he would suck before the group he had originally counted would be done. He bet Jack was doing just as well and he had lost count all together. He didn’t want it to end though.

Aiden had another cock between his lips now. He was busy sucking the base of it when suddenly it pulled away. He felt a boy grunt and slide beneath him (he was on all fours still) and suddenly he felt the same cock knocking at his back door.

He scooted forward, trying not to knock out the boy with his hefty cock, and sat down on the dick. It wasn’t too large, about 7’’, but it felt great as Aiden fucked himself silly on it. There was rustling and suddenly Aiden felt another dick behind him. Would they really do this? Could they?

Aiden’s questioned were cleared up as a second dick jammed its way into his ass. Now two boys, one above him and one below, fucked him and the pleasure was not something that could be measured. He sat back on the double dicks, combined as thick as he was, and moaned loudly. Boys around him jeered and snickered and he felt the boys fucking him begin to pant and heave with the effort.

Aiden himself was very near to the edge and he decided to make this easy. As the two boys fucked him slowly, pulling out together and then ramming in hard, he began to suck them in harder with his ass muscles. A slurping sound erupted from in between the three boys and all of them moaned in pleasure as blindfolded Aiden continued to inhale their cocks with his anus.

Jack was turned on by the multitude of moaning coming from Aiden’s direction and he began to stroke Brian furiously as the boy behind him reached his tongue around and slipped it into Jack’s mouth. Jack began moaning in deep, slow rumbles as he squatted on the dick, pulling out 9’’ at least and then shoving them back into himself. He moaned and gasped, and so did Jack, and suddenly they were cumming.

Jack felt rockets of cum splatter against his chest and, for a moment, was filled with fear as he realized what would happen to Brian. Then he remembered he was not close to the size he had been at when he had filled up Aiden, and he was overcome with insurmountable pleasure as he released inside of Brian.

Aiden had gotten the toys boys to start cumming as well. Either was unable to pull out after a minute of the intense work out Aiden’s ass was giving them and eventually they let themselves be overcome with the slurping sensation and released, giving Aiden a warm sensation in his abdomen. This got him to cum as well and he began to pump out rope after rope of thick pearly cum that splattered the boy beneath him in the face, causing him to cough and sputter and moan.

Brian also moaned as Jack busted within him. The bump that formed each time Jack squatted down onto the cock grew bigger as Jack came and a small reservoir of cum became visible on Brian’s smooth stomach. He moaned and collapsed onto Jack’s cum soaked chest, breathing hard and shaking as Jack finally finished busting inside of him.

The two boys pulled out of Aiden he the one beneath him squirmed out, soaked in cum and sweat. Aiden, sensing the end of the game, fell onto his side and then rolled onto his bag, spent from sucking what felt like hundreds of cocks and swallowing what must have been a quart of cum. His stomach jiggled a little with the cum it held and he grinned in pleasure. His head felt light after so much work and cum and cock and the room spun regardless of being dark behind the band of cloth around his eyes.

Brian slowly got up and pulled himself off of Jack’s hulking cock. It was still huge as it shrank and it was covered is cum. As Brian dislodged himself from it, cum began to dribble out of his open ass. He closed up quick, surprisingly, and then waddled off to the side where her received a series of shocked and horny high fives. The boy behind Jack had also moved and Jack sat in the middle of the showers, covered in cum and with a semi-hard cock hanging off to the side.

Hands began pulling either boy up and their legs shook in fatigue. Another set of hands pulled the blindfolds off and Jack and Aiden squinted at the room which appeared bright to them but was still very dim.

Boys stood all around them. Tall boys, short boys, boys with a lot of muscle, slim boys, boys with big dicks, and boys with massive ones. Cross stood in front of them, smiling proudly.

“That’s never been the outcome of the game before, you know.” The boys laughed around him, all nodding in agreement and elbowing each other.

“We tried it with two other guys and they sucked a dick each, swallowed loads just barley, and then when they got to Cross’ dick they just freaked out…” said Brian who was to the left.

Brain smiled and patted Jack on the shoulder. “But you guys don’t seem to notice size, now do you? And you like your rewards,” he smiled and then tapped Jack’s ass, winking.

At that point all the other boys huddled close and each told Aiden and Jack who they had sucked or fucked or been fucked by. Each was raving with compliments and they all seemed worn out by the orgy. Aiden and Jack just stood there, sticky and smiling.

When they boys had all showered (again) and headed out, Aiden and Jack were still working the cum out of their hair and off their skin.

“Well, that was interesting,” said Jack.

“Yeah, I’d say this was a success…” he said, heaving his huge cock up in one hand and wagging it at Jack.

Jack laughed. “Don’t tempt me with that thing. I’ve had so much cock today!”

“Me too!” said Aiden, winking at Jack.

They both paused and looked away. This was turning out to be quite the year. They didn’t say it but they were both thinking it: That was a lot of cock. I want more. Combined, the boys had made taken at least 15 guys. They had swallowed a large portion of that. As they showered, they’re bellies sat full of jock cum, slowly digesting it, converting it to even more cum.

They would have to find and outlet for all of the cum soon, although they didn’t know it.

Part 3

The street lights were coming on just as Jack and Aiden sped from the school’s parking lot and swung onto the main road.

“Hurry man!” Jack whispered urgently.

“I’m going as fast as I can, dude,” Aiden said through gritted teeth.

Both of them sat rigid in their seats, large wet patches slowly growing in the fabric of their pants where their rock hard cocks ended. Every bump and every dip in the road caused them to tense further as new friction ran against the dicks. The sound of cum sloshing in their rounded bellies was just barely audible.

“Jesus christ,” Jack kept saying to himself. “I can’t believe that happened.”

“Yeah,” Aiden murmured. He slowed down as they passed by a cop car. What would happen if they got pulled over? The cop was bound to see the thick tubes of flesh enclosed beneath their jeans, and what would happen if he asked? Would they have to show him? Aiden cut the train of thought off short because it was only making him harder. Driving was becoming difficult and he had to concentrate on not reaching over and squeezing Jack’s bulge beside him.

“How many did you suck?” asked Jack. “I lost count. I think it was at least 6 but it could have been more.”

“At least,” Aiden scoffed. He wished they had another subject to talk about but a orgy-suck fest in the boy’s locker room of the high school did seem pretty relevant, also considering that they were dealing with the repercussions now.

“I fucked a guy too. It was Brian Arturo, I’m pretty sure. He took it like a champ.” Jack said in disbelief. He arched his back in the passenger’s seat and tried to accommodate the slowly growing cock stuffed in his jeans—which had gone from 6’’ to 9’’ in the last several minutes—but there simply was no room.

“Stop,” Aiden breathed heavily. “Just stop. I have to drive.” He couldn’t think about Jack’s long dick sliding up into Brian without literally feeling a pulse of precum ooze from his cock head, and that reminded him of all the cum he had swallowed, that was going to no doubt absorbed into their body in some new and weird way.

Those pills had a lot of side effects, thought Aiden. His stomach gurgled again as they turned off the main road. He didn’t know how, but he was hungry for more.

They parked the car at an odd angle in a driveway in their hurry. Aiden couldn’t think about driving by then. All he could think about was how horny he was, how tight his jeans felt, and how hot Jack looked as his engorged penis forced its way further and further down his pant leg. He was at his full mast now: 10’’. But that was his normal length. That was before he started fucking around.

They had picked Aiden’s house for no reason other than they knew that Aiden’s parents would be home later than Jack’s, giving them at least three hours. Usually they’d spend the time doing homework, talking about school, talking about girls they wanted to fuck, guys they had fucked, or perhaps sucking one another off if it was hot out and they didn’t feel like going anywhere, but this time was different.

This time the acts they had committed on the warm, wet tiles of the locker room showers paraded in their heads. The memory of the dicks pressing into them from every angle ran along the nerves of their mouths, their jaws, their asses. The impression of so many anonymous, strong, groping hands running along their bodies and pushing them into compromising shapes turned their knees to jelly and made their mind run wild.

Aiden’s shirt was off by the time they were in the basement. Jack nearly fell down the stairs after him to find Aiden collapsed on the old couch across from the older TV. The basement wasn’t finished—it mostly was still exposed wood—but it was carpeted and it was the most soundproof room they’d found to fuck in. Besides, Jack said he liked the piney smell of the wood. He said it was a turn on.

On his back Aiden was a sight for sore eyes. His perfect, broad shoulders moved as he took in great gasping breaths. His chest was defined and beaded in sweat. His abs had all but vanished under the new plumpness of all the cum sloshing around in his belly and as he sat in exhaustion his hands found their way to the doughy flesh. He patted it playfully and the sound made Jack salivate.

“You want it, boy?” Aiden groaned, looking at Jack down the line of his stomach.

“Yeah,” Jack panted. He stripped off his shirt to reveal his own belly, notably smaller than Aiden’s. He hadn’t sucked Cross off, after all, or taken two cocks up the ass.

“Come suck it out of me,” whispered Aiden with a wink.

Jack pounced onto the couch, straddling Aiden and kissing him everywhere. His neck, his ears, his jawline, his throat, his shoulders. Jack’s tongue ran like a mop all over the other jock, lapping up his sweat and replacing it with an ooze of saliva and lust.

Aiden moaned and began to undo his belt. “Help me out man,” he pleaded. “My pants are too tight.”

Jack obliged happily, grasping onto Aiden’s waistband and dragging the pants from him with a series of desperate jerks.

Aiden’s cock had long exceeded his tiny briefs. In fact the small white undies were hardly visible among the mess of swollen cock, bulging veins and meaty balls. Jack took his time removing the undies, teasing Aiden, but before he cast them away he brought them to his face and inhaled deeply.

They were soaked. It was a hot, salty, sweaty, musky, and oddly fruity scent, and once it hit Jack’s nose there was no turning back. His own pants were off seconds later, his 10’’ meat torn from his own damp boxers, and the boys were a knot of flesh and moans within minutes.

As they sucked and kissed and lapped an odd thing began to happen. By then they were used to foreign sensations taking control of their bodies, but a part of them that was not lost to their carnal lust began to notice a change. Slowly, surely, their jiggling deposits of cum were lessening, load by load, and their cut abs were reappearing.

And, in a correlation they had come to expect, their cocks became thicker and longer, their balls became heavier and more swollen. Jack was on his knees then with his mouth suctioned to Aiden’s balls but he had to keep his legs far enough apart to admit the swollen monstrous balls swinging at the base of his dick. Meanwhile, Aiden’s cock was so heavy that it curved slightly until it ended in a huge, purple head and a glistening globe of precum.

Jack lapped at it hungrily and, as though he were grappling with an abstract faucet, he began to prod and finger Aiden’s hole until a heavy flow of precum dribbled from his heaving cock.

“Uhhhh,” Aiden moaned at the attention towards his hole. He’d taken two dicks at once up it today but it had closed up immediately after and now it felt tense with pleasure, tight, needing a good working by Jack’s tongue.

Jack saw how Aiden was responding and slowly moved the larger boy back, onto the couch, with his ankles up by his ears.

“You like that?” he asked between lapping against Aiden’s ass.

Aiden let out a loud groan. Jack burrowed deeper. Aiden gasped and let his weight fall onto Jack’s hungry mouth as the boy ate him out expertly.

“Mmmm Jack,” Aiden spoke between gasps. “I think—I think Cross might be—oh fuck that feels good!”

Jack surfaced from between Aiden’s cheeks, his face shiny with saliva. “Did you say something?”

Aiden felt the cold air on his exposed, wet hole, and for a moment he considered not finishing his sentence. But something told him it was important. He said, “Cross had a huge dick.”

“Yeah?” Jack cocked his head. “They were all pretty big, I thought.”

“No,” Aiden shook his head. “Cross was bigger. And when he came I thought I felt him….grow.”

Jack shrugged. “Are you sure.”


Jack shrugged again. Slowly his pink tongue extended from his glistening lips and began to tease with Aiden’s anus as he watched the boy up his balls and twitching cock.

“I mean—” Aiden gasped. “I’m not sure but—jesus christ Jack—I mean he—” Aiden huffed a few times as Jack became lost in an ass-eating frenzy beneath him. “I mean he said something really odd, like—” he moaned, “like—oh my fucking god eat me out man like I’m your last meal.”

Jack moaned into Aiden’s hole lustfully and Aiden felt a finger join the tongue. Then another finger. Then two more. Slowly Jack pushed all four fingers from one hand into Aiden, as slow as Aiden needed, until Jack’s thumb was pressing right up against the base of Aiden’s balls.

“Jeez man,” said Jack playfully. “You’re really tight. You sure you got DP’d in that locker room?”

Aiden couldn’t bring himself to words. The feeling of those four, wriggling fingers three knuckles deep and burrowing further into his ass was too much. “Fuck….me….” was all he could stammer.

Jack chuckled to himself as he repositioned Aiden on the couch. He leaned over the boy, holding his legs over his head by the crook of each knee, and slowly lined his cock up with Aiden’s pulsing ass.

“You’re in rare form, man,” said Jack playfully. “Never seen you act like such a bottom.”

The only thing Aiden could think about was the mounting pressure of a foot long cock dangling against his ass. Then, in the back of Aiden’s mind was the exact sentence Cross had said to him right before he made Aiden swallow the near-pint of cum into his throat. It was: “Let’s see if you can handle what you’re made of, sucker.”

“Here I go,” growled Jack, and the thought was wiped from Aiden’s mind as a gargantuan cock head began to push him in two.

Aiden hadn’t sucked Jack off in minutes while Jack ate Aiden out, so a hefty load of precum had accumulated at Jack’s piss slit. Much of it had run off and down his shaft to mat down his pubes and make them sticky. Now, as he moved his hung log into Aiden, the precum began its magical task of opening up Aiden’s hole.

Slow, slow, Jack said to himself. Aiden’s hole was resisting, understandably. It would part momentarily, and Jack would push forward as much as he dared so that his velvety cock head could massage more precum into it, but it was a tedious process that he didn’t have patience for.

Jack flexed his dick and a large spurt of precum shot out, coating the hole. Aiden shivered, Jack pushed a bit harder, and with a wet pop Jack’s cock began to feed into Aiden’s hungry anus. Jack clenched his eyes shut as he felt himself sink into the warm, tight, slippery grip of Aiden’s expert ass. He bit his lower lip to combat the pleasure of what he was feeling and before he knew it his balls were nudging up against the base of Aiden’s ass.

“I’m in!” Jack said in disbelief, taking a minute to pause. He was sure Aiden needed time to adjust (Jack knew he was nearly a foot long, and the ingested cum of half the varsity soccer team had probably plumped him up an inch or two).

But Jack was wrong. Even as he tried to rest he felt an odd suction against his dick, then a pushing, then a suction, and slowly—without his doing—his cock began to fuck in and out of Aiden’s begging hole. Jack’s hips moved with the motion, joining in on the dance, but Jack himself made no conscious effort to perform the function itself. It was all Aiden.

“How—” Jack began to ask, but then he stopped. It felt too good, and the thought of a hole fucking itself was such a turn on that his words flitted away from his thoughts.

He began to help Aiden, feeling like one of those comically large black dildos in the sex shops. He loved it. The smell of sex and sweaty ass filled the basement and the heads of the two jocks as they began to rock in unison. This is why they loved the basement—no floorboards to creek beneath their rhythmic pumping.

Aiden let his legs fall onto Jack’s shoulders. He lifted his arms over his head and braced himself against the armrest of the couch and marveled at his asses ability to piston fuck itself. As far as he could tell he had no part in the maneuver. If Jack hadn’t been attached to his own dick, Aiden was sure his ass would have taken it in no problem and kept it. But it felt great. Aiden’s cock—which resembled a large, shining cucumber—flapped up and down against his abs so that every time it hit it sent sweat flying and produced a wet slapping. Or was that sweat?

No, Aiden realized. It wasn’t sweat….at least not all of it. It was the ample precum that was pouring from his cock.

Jack noticed too and, unable to help himself, snatched up Aiden’s cock and shoved the tip into his mouth.

At first the flow was so strong that Jack coughed and some of the oozing precum shot out of his nose. He wiped his mouth, determined, and slapped his mouth back onto the cum-hose of Jack’s cock.

Jack threw his head back, feeling as though some specific mission was completed now that Jack was fucking and sucking him at the same time. It was the same maneuver he’d done on Jack their first night after taking those pills, last weekend, and knowing how both sides felt made it all the hotter.

Jack gulped and gulped the delicious, salty, fruity precum. As the nectar filled him he felt his muscles grow turgid with adrenaline and expand. He felt his chest grow plump with taught muscle and he watched the muscles of his arms twitch with a new bulk.

“Oooohhhh Jaaaaack,” Aiden groaned. The precum flow intensified. Aiden had to swallow quickly as the dick filled his cheeks with copious, sweet goo. Soon the swelling had reached his ass, which he felt began to jiggle with every piston thrust into Aiden. Then, suddenly, he felt his balls brushing against his already spread legs and he knew the precum was working its magic on his junk. Like two oranges they swung between his legs and smacked Aiden’s ass loudly.

Jack pulled Aiden’s oozing cock from his mouth and gasped for air. The room smelled like heaven. “My cock,” he said breathily, still pumping his dick into Aiden’s quivering ass. “My cock, I can feel it—”

“Me too,” Aiden groaned. “Jesus. Me too.”

The excess precum from Aiden’s cock washed over Jack’s hands where he held the cock, acting as a lubricant, and he began to massage the thick length methodically. Even with both his hands it wasn’t easy to embrace the girth of the meat. The image of incredible and only made him hungrier, so without waisting another drop Jack capped his mouth on the precum fountain.

Time trudged on but neither boy noticed. They had their routine. Jack’s bubble butt would push out, pulling at least 9’’ from Aiden’s ass, and Aiden’s ass muscles would drag it back in, hungrily gobbling up the lube. Aiden’s cock would twitch, teaspoons of precum would burst out ever few seconds, and Jack would swallow it readily. The precum would slosh into Jack’s stomach, absorb into him and engorge his cock further, and his cock would swell just a little each time.

Neither boy realized how immense they were getting, or how Jack’s cock was having a tougher and tougher time pulling in and out of Aiden’s already stretched anus, or how Jack could no longer do more than swallow just the tip of Aiden’s enlarged, veiny cock.

“Jack,” Aiden hissed. “I can’t—I can’t stop. I need to cum.”

Jack was going to respond but he was too focused on sucking down every drop of precious precum. His eyes were focused down Aiden’s shaft, on Aiden’s stomach where a slight bump formed every time Jack thrust into him. “Jack—” Aiden groaned. Jack ran his hands up and down the meaty log between Aiden’s legs. “Jack—” Aiden protested again. “We should—oh good, I think—oh god!”

Aiden rolled his head back as he felt yet another wave of growth go through Jack’s cock in his ass, which he estimated was easily the size of his forearm, maybe bigger. His ass tried to suction it in further but the hefty girth was too much to pull quickly. Then there was another pulse and no matter how hard Jack’s hips bucked he couldn’t dislodge his cock from Aiden’s ass. It had grown so large that it was embedded, like one of those chinese finger traps, and there was nothing Aiden could do to un-impale himself.

But Jack was having his own realization. The precum had worked its magic and widened his jaw, allowing him to wedge much more of Aiden’s thick meat into his mouth than he should have been able, but the absolutely rock hard, pulsating shaft had found its way into his the back of his throat, past it, and was methodically spraying his inside with precum. There was no back up, no backing out. Every time he moved, even if his tongue barely graced the slick meat, Aiden would moan and his cock would swell further against Jack’s already straining jaw.

Jack moaned and moaned and groped at Aiden’s chest, begging him to pull out. He wasn’t in pain—he was actually in heaven—but how long could they do this for? How long could they recycle the magic of their precum? Would it work endlessly?

“I can’t—” Aiden managed between gasps. Jack was still growing significantly inside his ass. “I’m trying to—” he pulled himself backwards along the couch and Jack was dragged with him. It was a small movement but it caused pleasure to course through their sweaty, muscular bodies, and each cock plumped up a bit more.

Both boys held absolutely still. Jack’s hands were up in surrender and Aiden’s were running through his hair. They looked each other, one boys mouth brimming with oozing precum and the other boys anus crowded with a dick the girth of an eggplant.

“What do we do?” Aiden asked after a minute.

Jack shrugged and made a hopeless groan.

“Don’t speak,” Aiden gasped. “The vibrations feel too good, I’ll just precum more.”

Jack made a questioning sound and shifted, and Aiden felt a warm tongue press into the bottom of his cock’s head.

“Seriously Aiden, not a good idea, I can feel literally every syllable your throat makes—”

Jack’s hands were back on Aiden’s cock, pumping furiously, but now he was moaning loudly on the dick gagging his throat, sending strong, resonant vibrations down Aiden’s shaft in time with the double-fisting handjob.

“Jack! Jack! You’re going to—”

“Mmmhmmm,” Jack groaned emphatically. “Mmmmmhmmmm.”

And, with a second wind inspiring him, Jack managed to pull several inches out of Aiden’s tightened ass, then shove back in. Then he pulled out a few inches more and shoved those back in too. Slowly Aiden’s ass relaxed as he neared climax, and Jack felt he was back in control of his bottom.

“I’m going to come, oh jesus Jack be careful, I think it’s going to be too much—” Aiden was saying, feeling every thrust of Jack’s monster cock pushing him apart from the inside out. Neither boy had any way of knowing so long as Jack was trapped inside, but Jack had well exceeded 15’’ in length, all of it embedded in Aiden’s rearranged guts.

Jack let out a long moan and squeezed Aiden’s balls where they were swinging, and sure enough the other boy began to spasm in a complete and unparalleled orgasm. And if Jack thought gulping down the boys precum for the forty minutes before had been hard he was certainly not prepared for the onslaught of semen that rushed into his throat, the pressure of a fat hose, and bleached his stomach to a pearly white.

Jack chugged as fast as he could and as though he were lapping down the water from a fresh stream during a hot and muggy hike. He chugged like he chugged beer when he was out with the boys. He chugged without reserve, without question, because a deeper part of him knew not a drop could go to waste so long as he had the chance to take advantage of such a magnificent, colossal cock.

What Jack didn’t think about is what the super dose of pure cum would do to his own manhood. Luckily, through the waves of pleasure, Aiden realized the impossibility of disloging jack’s cock after it did whatever growing it could with so much cum, and so before the magic took effect he began to pull himself backwards on the couch.

A wet pop sounded as Jack’s mouth was freed from the cock. His face, like his chin and neck, was soaked in globs of pearly semen. He was gasping for air and shuddering with the strain of practically inhaling cum for three minutes straight, but he knew it wasn’t over. One look at his clearly distended stomach told him he was on the verge of something even more.

“Aiden,” he whispered. His stomach began to growl and churn. Between his legs he could feel his balls swelling and roiling. “Aiden—quick—”

In unison, AIden and Jack slid themselves apart with the slickness of Aiden’s cum and a previously embedded 9’’ of Aiden’s throbbing cock was produced by Aiden’s quivering ass cheeks. But Jack’s balls were only growing bigger. “I’m gonna cum,” Jack warned. “I can’t—I’m trying but I can’t stop!”

Aiden scrambled backwards again as Jack tried to pull out more and another 4’’ appeared. Then another 2’’. Jack’s balls were the size of cantaloupes now and they were quickly drawing up, getting ready to drain into Aiden where he writhed. The boys had seconds before Aiden would be inundated from the bottom up with yet another flood of cum and neither of them could even think about what sort of sexual extravagance that might lead to. Not after everything today.

But they were at Jack’s cock head, and neither of them could have predicted how much he’d grown inside Aiden. Together, with an urgency spurred on my Jack’s sputtering, clenched mouth as he fought off waves of orgasm, they pulled as hard as they could.

Jack’s cock didn’t budge. The knob of his head remained firmly locked behind the lips of Aiden’s clenched ass.

In a moment of horror Aiden realized the cock head was too big and he was squeezing it too had. Burrowed in his butt it felt beyond large, like two hands interlocked together, and it wouldn’t move an inch further. Jack realized this too but exhaustion had set in and, without warning, he began to cum in full.

“I’m cumming!” Jack shouted. “Aiden I’m cumming!”

It started with one spurt, just a normal impact of cum, and suddenly Jack’s testicles were pumping load after load of globular, magma-hot cum up into Aiden’s bowels. And, despite the urgency and the fear, Aiden could not deny the intensity of the feeling of the pleasure it gave him. He was being filled like a balloon hooked to a hose, his stomach was once again growing round and puffy, his muscles vibrating and hungrily absorbing the salty-sweet ambrosia. He felt that there was nothing he could do, and that there was nothing he wanted to do so long as he could stay in this moment as this hot, hung jock used him as his own personal cum dump.

And something about the surrender caught Jack’s attention during the orgasm and, for whatever reason, resulted in him cumming even harder.

Aiden felt himself give way, relax, unclench just a little, and suddenly in the middle of Jack’s orgasm his cock head burst out of Aiden’s ass with such a powerful jet of cum that Jack was propelled backwards, spraying Aiden’s parted legs. Jack landed on his own ass on the other edge of the cough, his dick bounced back and smached him right in the chin, and soon he was coughing and swallowing his own cum as rope after rope of the goopy juice shot out, soaking his face, his hair, and the couch around him.

Jack’s cock finally sputtered and dripped its last drop and, safe to assume he was done cumming, the boy began to wipe the cum from his face.

“I think,” Aiden said slowly, “I think we could use a few towels.”

This was a tremendous understatement. The couch where Jack sat pinned was ruined. So was the cushion where Aiden’s ass was. They’re cum seemed to have soaked into everything, endowing the room with a hot, musky, fruity dankness. Jack expected there to be more cum dripping out of Aiden’s hole considering how much it had had shot up into it, but as with the locker room Aiden’s ass had tightened up immediately after it was free of the hung cock, not willing to share a single drop.

“Yeah, just one towel,” Jack mused sarcastically as he flicked jizz from his eyes, and licked it off his fingers.

“But,” Aiden added, “I think you’re going to have to find it yourself.”

Jack was finally able to open his eyes. They felt stick. “Why?” he asked.

Aiden said nothing. Jack sat up to look at him.

“Because you didn’t pull out,” Aiden said, and Jack’s jaw dropped. Aiden sat sprawled on the couch (his own meaty cock deflated to a still-hefty 8’’) with such a large potbelly of jizz that he looked like he could have just participated in an eating contest.

“It’s okay,” Aiden said, gripping his belly. “It’s not like before, with the guys from the locker room. I can tell. I don’t feel like i’m going to burst if I don’t cum it out of me. I just feel…” he gave it a jiggle and the cum gurgled in his system. “Content.” The rest of him was glowing with a handsome, masculine health, like he’d just got done with an intense workout, and Jack felt his dick stirring again.

Jack laughed and brought his own hands down to where his balls rested. They had shrunk to the size of softballs. “And what about these?” he whined. “Am I suppose to be content with these?”

“I sure am,” Aiden winked, and then he heaved himself up into a sitting position. “Looks like you’ve got a bit left, too.”

Jack reached down to where his phone sat in his pants pocket. He took care to keep the cum off it as he checked the time. “We have an hour,” he said coyly.

Aiden let out a manly, possessive growl, and with two hands he dragged Jack towards him by the boys thighs until Jack’s ass was planted firmly in the new cushion of Aiden’s stomach.

“Let’s keep these exchanges one sided from now on,” Aiden purred as he ran his palms along Jack’s sticky torso and began to lap at the residue. He diligently cleaned each finger, his tongue swiping between each knuckle, and then he rolled over himself so that he was on his stomach. The next sight Jack got was the vision of Aiden’s ass lifting into the air as the boy began to suck greedily on his swollen nuts, and Jack reclined with a pleased groan.

Part 4

Aiden’s parents were late coming home that day, which was good, as the boys needed the additional time to clean up after the afternoon’s cum-soaked festivities. There was lots to do: first there was the matter of getting themselves cleaned up, sticky and plastered in jizz as they were; then there was the matter of sponging the globs of cum off the old couches pillows; then there was the task of getting the heavy scents of cock and sex out of the basement; and finally there was the task of perhaps one or two more blowjobs here in there—in the shower and then, quickly, on the stairs—before they heard a car pull into the driveway and had to hitch up their sweatpants.

Aiden’s father entered the house in a tizzy. “Aiden?” he called. “What the hell is that parking job?”

Aiden poked his head over the upper floor’s banister. “Sorry dad, we were rushing.”

“Oh, is Jack here?” asked Aiden’s father.

“Right here!” said Jack, poking his head out too.

“Heya Jack. Nice to see you. Aiden, move your car so your mother doesn’t have a fit when she gets home in twenty minutes. Dinner is takeout tonight!”

Aiden flashed a grin at Jack along the banister as his father wandered off. Both boys still had semi-hard cocks grazing along their thighs, clearly visible in their sweatpants. They’d have to find some tight, unforgiving undies if they ever wanted to fit into pants again, and Aiden was sure he had a few spares that would last the night.

Later, as they ate around the dining room table, Jack joked openly with Aiden’s parents about sports and classes. While he laughed and joked, Aiden watched him, watched his body, and though he couldn’t be sure he detected more than a significant amount of definition in Jack’s muscles, like he’d just come from the gym. Truth be told, Aiden felt the same bulging in his own chest, shoulders, and thighs. Even the normally tight mound of his ass felt more cushioned with muscle. All through dinner he kept feeling his legs under the table—they were always built but now they felt simply rock-hard—and more than a few times he let his hand fumble and come to rest on his thick, plump cock.

Waking up was a hassle. Every day started with nearly a foot of wood for each boy. Showering was a hassle. Their dicks were always begging for attention, their balls always begging to be drained, and even minutes after they showered the boys would feel a familiar stickiness where their cock heads lay against their leg. Getting dressed was a hassle and going to school with inch after inch of massive dick crammed into tight, straining briefs was a hassle too, but if the boys were being truthful it was, above all else, exceptionally hot.

What was not a hassle, or even a significant event, was the locker room. Both boys found this to be exceptionally odd; they assumed that after the events of their last shower, where either boy had sucked more dicks than they had kept track of, the showers would be fraught with sexual tension. But, as extraordinary as that day’s orgy had been, the showers were extraordinarily regular after that. Sure, the boys still got looks for their cocks, and once or twice they’d catch a lustful murmur, but the showers remained quick and frenzied.

“I keep thinking I dreamed it,” Jack said to Aiden one day at lunch. They sat outside, enjoying the warm weather.

“You didn’t. Unless I dreamed the same thing.”

“Still,” Jack said. “It’s odd how that went down and nothing has happened since.”

“Maybe it’s just an initiation thing?” Aiden suggested.

Jack shook his head. He was positive he’d heard the boys talking about previous sexual escapades while he himself was sucking them off, one by one.

Jack said, “I think they’ve done stuff on other occasions. Brian Arturo has been fucked before. I’m sure of it.”

Aiden shrugged. “How so?”

Jack looked at him frankly. “He took a foot long dick up his ass with just some soap, fucked himself silly, and came on my chest. I’m pretty sure he’s a power bottom.”

Aiden gave a crooked grin. “Dunno, man, I usually top you but I took that dick no problem. Maybe you’re just not as big as you think?”

Jack gasped and drove a knuckle into Aiden’s side. Aiden retaliated with a shove, laughing. Both their bodies had undergone obvious changes in the week following their first experimentation with their cocks and they were more than a little eager to show off. Every touch was stronger, more sensual, every stretch flooded them with endorphins. Before it had seemed so difficult to walk about with the huge bulges between their legs, but now it just felt right. They were growing used to growing, and they were growing in all sorts of places. But, even though they joked, there was something playing at their thoughts. Something larger that they couldn’t understand just yet, but that was going to make itself known one way or another.

Another few days passed and it was Friday, Jack’s favorite day. He got done with his workout early, savoring the one day practice had been cancelled, and drove the whole way home with his windows down, music blaring. So far he’d made no plans for his weekend, but he had a mind to call up one of his old girlfriends and see if they wanted to watch a movie or something. Now though, as night fell and he was pulling into his driveway, he found that the idea had lost its appeal. Fucking girls had once seemed like the hottest thing ever, but ever since him and Aiden had started fooling around with their new miracle cocks and super-powered cum he just couldn’t get hard to the thought of tits and pussy.

Instead he’d think of Aiden: muscular back arched, throbbing cock pointed straight up like a rocket, beads of precum forming at his piss slit, his ass crammed with veiny, pulsing dick, and instantly Jack would be hard.

He wondered what Aiden was doing this weekend. They hadn’t seen each other since class earlier, since practice was cancelled. Something about too many guys being sick, or something. Coach seemed pissed about the announcement but whatever. A free day was a free day.

On Jack’s kitchen counter was a note from his parents saying Jack’s cousin had just had her baby and they were going upstate to help out for the weekend. They’d left a wad of cash behind with the suggestion that Jack should buy his sister and himself pizza.

And, like clockwork, Jack’s sister rushed into the kitchen in a hurry. “Can Bethany sleep over?” she blurted.

Jack shook his head no. He was a good big brother.

“I knew it,” said his sister. “I’m sleeping at her place this this weekend, then. I’ll call to check up on you, make sure you’re eating, you know.” And, with that, she was hauling a large pink duffle bag over her shoulder and out the door.

Jack watched her go and smiled to himself. Free house for the whole weekend? He’d have Aiden over in no time, but he had to be careful; they’d made a promise to not let themselves get caught up in another cum recycling situation again, like last time. That had been just as scary as it had been hot, and both boys didn’t dare re-enter into such a predicament.

A knock came at the door and Jack smiled again. His sister was just as forgetful as he was! He turned to make a face at her, intending to keep the door locked until she begged for her toothbrush or whatever, but his sister was not the one on the other side of the door.

It was Brian Arturo. And he didn’t look pleased.

“Brian?” Jack opened the door. Brian was alone.

“Hi,” said Brian uneasily.

“I thought you were sick. Couch said you and some of the other varsity boys were coming down with something and we’d better not have practice. Cross sent out a text.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Brian nodded vaguely. He looked as healthy as a horse. “Can I come in?”

“Uh, sure,” said Jack, and soon he was sitting with Brian at the kitchen table.

“Sorry to barge in,” said Brian. He kept tapping his foot. He looked like he wanted to leave, yet he stayed right where he was.

“You alright, man?” Jack asked as casually as he could. All he could picture was Brian’s hot ass slowly sinking down onto his rigid meat, but this was a totally different Brian. This guy was nervous and brittle.

Brian waited a moment before blurting, “It’s about last week, about the lockers. I’m not gay, man, okay? It’s…it’s complicated. But I’m no fag.”

Jack leaned back in his chair. He’d heard this one before. Some of the football studs that liked to fuck him had to say something like this after they were done screwing, still in bed, and Jack had learned to just let them frame it however they wanted. No point in making someone uncomfortable.

“Sure,” he said. “Look, I just got home from the gym and I’m starving. Want to order delivery and we’ll talk while we eat?”

“Yeah,” Brian gulped and nodded. “Yeah, pizza is good.”

Jack clapped him on the shoulder and Brian went tense. “Yes,” Jack said. “Pizza is good. And I’m ripe. I’m going to go shower so make yourself at home.”

An hour later, well fed and lounging in Jack’s family room, both boys were licking the grease off their hands. Brian had lost his dire attitude and had since opened up and Jack listened intently, nodding at times and trying not to display that what Brian was saying was getting him way boned up.

“And it’s like I can’t control it,” Brian was saying. “It’s not all the time though, you know? It’s only on these specific occasions, like last week in the shower, where I suddenly get this crazy urge. And it’s like I can’t do anything but appease it.”

“And it’s happened before?” Jack asked. The wet patch in his sweats was expanding and he moved his dick slightly over, where a new wet patch began to darken.

“Kind of,” Brian confessed. “Only twice, actually, and both times before it’s been with Cross. Once was when I was first getting initiated, and I saw Cross naked and just knew I had to fuck myself on his cock, and the next time was when we were hazing this guy at a conference in the showers I just couldn’t stop myself and I ended up letting them both fuck me—Cross and this totally random jock…” Brian trailed off.

Jack gulped and tried to keep a smirk off himself.

Brian bit his lip. “At the same time,” he finished.

Jack inhaled deeply, stretched, and made sure to keep at least one pillow over his crotch. “I dunno man, it sounds like its pretty random to me.”

“Yeah,” Brian nodded. He grabbed another slice and began to gobble it down.

Man, Jack thought, there was nothing hotter than watching a guy sit in his living room, in a tight tank top and mesh shorts, eat pizza. Especially when that guys boner was clearly visible.

Brian must have seen the way Jack was looking at him because he lowered the slice and readjusted on the floor so that he was on his stomach.

“So why did you come here?” Jack asked.

Brian finished the slice and began to lick his fingers. Jack watched the soccer studs perfectly sculpted ass and licked his lips.

“You seem like a nice guy,” said Brian. “And I know you ain’t no fag. You just went along with initiation because you had to, right?”

Jack nodded. The straight jocks sometimes needed to hear this. “Sure,” he said, but he knew that they both knew that Brian’s ass was a piece of work and, when it wanted to get fucked, it wanted to get fucked with something big.

Shortly after that they turned on a movie, one with cars and guns and boobs, and commented on how hot the ladies were. Then, after Brian checked in with his mother, they decided he should just spend the night.

“But nothing gay, right? Like, don’t get me wrong, you’re a hot guy and all and I loved getting fucked by your cock, but it’s not gay because you’re not gay, right?” Brian reiterated for the eleventh time.

“Sure,” Jack shrugged. “Course not.”

They fell asleep watching their second movie, Jack on the couch, Brian on his stomach on some pillows on the floor. It wasn’t until around 3 o’clock that Jack woke up, and it was a text from Aiden vibrating in his pocket.

It said: “Damn. Have I got a story. Hint: Cross from the soccer team.”

Jack eyed it blearily, closed his phone, and rolled over on the couch. His dick was just about stiff and had wedged itself between two pillows beneath him. Brian was sound asleep on the floor beside him. He would deal with everything in the morning.

Then he got to thinking. Cross June had had a huge cock, and when he’d face fucked Aiden he’d said some strange things. Then, when Aiden had swallowed his load, Aiden had gotten a crazy sex craving an hour after, resulting in both the boys growing incredible amounts as they absorbed each other’s precum. Now Brian was on Jack’s floor, having confessed that sometimes he had to ride a dick, and those times had been specifically with Cross June and Jack himself.

And now Aiden had a story, but Jack’s attention wasn’t on Aiden. It was on the slowly breathing shadow of Brian on the floor.

Jack retracted himself from the couch and sat up. Brian was a beautiful guy. Smooth, tan skin, a defined jaw and high cheekbones, toned and bulging muscles, and an ass as gorgeous as any. Even Jack felt jealous of it.

Jack slowly slid his sweatpants off and started stroking his hard cock. Brian had said no funny business and he was going to respect that, but there was no way he was getting back to bed without busting at least once. Maybe twice.

The smell of precum filled the small room. Jack drank it in like fresh air, savoring it in his nostrils. He rubbed the slick goo from his cock head down his shaft, to the base of his cock, and even around his balls. It smelled so damn good!

Then Brian stirred. Jack froze. Slowly Brian’s lips parted with a wet smack and he murmured, “Mmm, not gay.”

“I know buddy,” Jack whispered, amused.

Brian’s sleep talk continued. “Just one more time, Jack….not a fag….but you’ll fuck me again, right?”

Jack couldn’t believe was he was hearing. He shifted off the couch and knelt besides Brian.

“Smells…..like heaven,” Brain breathed. His eyes were still closed, his breathing regular. He slowly began to make small smacking noises with his lips and small moans escaped his lips. Ever so slowly his ass bucked on the pillows shoved beneath his pelvis.

Jack moved to Brian’s back and watched in wonder. Sure enough, he felt an unbelievable craving for Brain’s perfect ass. Suddenly, informed by his cock, he knew what Brian felt when he felt like getting fucked.

Slowly, so slowly, Jack pulled down Brian’s short, mesh shorts. In his sleep Brian was grinding against something and the slight movements made it easier to shimmy the loose elastic waistband to just under the boys cheeks. Then, taking care not to wake the kid, Jack spread the smooth globes of Brian’s ass apart and looked at his hole.

The smell of Brian’s musky. sweaty balls and ass joined with Jack’s precum and the funk drove into the boy’s skulls like a drill. Fuck, it said. Fuck.

Jack knelt down and gently spread Brian’s cheeks further. It was hard to see in the dim room but the light of the TV was bright enough for him to witness the cute, odd puckering of Brian’s anus.

Jack couldn’t stop himself. Without thinking he felt his tongue unravel from his mouth and lap carefully against the puckering hole, up Brian’s ass crack. Then he was doing it again. And again.

Brian just kept moaning, still asleep, or at least not fully awake, as Jack gently ate his ass.

I’ll stop in a bit, Jack said to himself. I’ll stop after this next lick, or the next one, or the next one. It’s not gay. Not gay at all.

But the taste only made Jack’s longing worse. And, if he was paying attention, he would have noticed the peculiar power that Brian’s ass had over him, over his throbbing manhood, and he would have traced it to the same carnal source as when he’d first begun to grow with Aiden.

But he wasn’t thinking. He was kicking off his sweatpants and, ever so slowly, bringing the large mushroom of his head to rest right on Brian’s crack. Precum obediently drooled from Jack’s cock as the sleeping boy beneath him continued to moan and squirm, and soon Brian’s ass was slick with the stuff of Jack’s churning, lemon sized balls.

I won’t fuck him, thought Jack. I just want to feel his ass again, it was so good. Besides, he said he loved it. He said he wanted it, and if he didn’t want it again then why is he here?

Jack’s cock brushed against Brian’s rosebud and Brian let out a small moan, followed by a slight snore.

Jack’s head rolled back. His balls felt so heavy, so weighed down with cum. The heat of his cock and the blood rushing through it felt immense. If he didn’t get off now, he wasn’t sure what he was capable of.

He began to jack himself off, right where he was, and more and more precum seeped from his cock and onto Brian’s smooth crack. He’d think of an explanation, an excuse later. But right now he had to get himself off or else…or else…

Brian let out a small gasp and for a second Jack thought he’d gone too far, but a glance confirmed Brian was not penetrated. His ass remained slick and puckered but unfucked. Then Jack thought the worst—that Brian was awake—and so he leaned over the boy’s back and listened close.

Brian’s breathing was still slow and steady. His mouth was drooling and his eyes were darting quick behind their lids. The jock was sound asleep. Jack breathed a long, heavy sigh of relief, a sigh that brushed through his whole body, and without meaning to he felt the head of his cock begin to enter Brian’s upturned ass with a slow, wet slurp.

“Shit,” Jack whispered, scrambling to get up into a squat again without waking Brian. It wasn’t easy, and as he did so he felt more of himself slide into Brian’s hole. Damn, the kid was tight, but his ass sure had suction to it.

“Fuck, shit, fuck!” Jack whispered. He was upright but there was no way of extracting himself short of palming Brian’s supple ass and pulling out, and that would definitely wake the kid up. “Fuck fuck fuck,” he bit his lip. Brian felt so good, so warm and so soft and so tight, like the walls of his ass were massaging the massive girth of Jack’s dick as even more of it pushed in.

And Jack couldn’t be certain but he was sure that Brian’s ass was pulling him in, like a hot mouth, like a sucking pair of lips, or else why should it be so difficult to pull out? He was a strong kid, full of his own muscles, but just then his hips could do little against the internal mechanisms dragging his heavy shaft into Brian’s depths.

“Fuck,” Jack uttered again. He was balls deep. It felt incredible.

“Uhh,” Brian moaned, his head lifting up. Jack watched in horror as the sleepy boy wiped the drool off his chin. Then, totally nonchalantly, turned over his shoulder and eyed Jack down the line of his arched back and upraised bubble butt.

“Jack?” Brian said groggily. “What’s up man?”

“Dude,” Jack sputtered. “I’m super super sorry, man, I just saw you sleeping, and you were moaning, and I got hard and I just—I just couldn’tóand now I can’t get out!”

Brian’s sleepy eyes traveled down Jack’s face, down his torso, down the v-lines of his lower abs to where his pubes emitted his 11 inch fuckrod, which was now burrowed conspicuously into Brian.

And then, inexplicably, Brian began to move himself back and forth, pulling off of Jack momentarily before sliding himself back on.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked frantically. His cock remained firmly stuck in Brian as Brian fucked himself.

“You knew I wanted it again, didn’t you?” asked Brian as he eased himself off Jack’s dick, then began to push back with a smile of drowsy pleasure. “You feel it too, don’t you? Cross could feel my ass when it yearned for his cock and he couldn’t resist. I lied before when I said I’d only gotten fucked three times. Cross fucks me all the time, whenever he wants, whenever I want. His cock is the one that gave me this ass.”

“This ass?” Jack asked nervously. His breath was getting heavy. Pleasure was tingling in his cock and working its way down to his balls as they began to sway with Brian’s rhythm.

“Yeah….” Brian grinned wider, and as he did so the ribbed, sliding sensation gliding along Jack’s slick cock doubled in pressure and tempo, causing him to gasp and suck in his breath.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Brian pushed himself up onto all fours from his elbows. “I’ve been thinking about that piece of meat between your legs all week, waiting to see it again, but I got nervous. I’m always nervous. Because I’m not gay, you know?”

Jack bit his lower lip and leaned back on his hands. Brian’s ass was doing all the work for him.

“I just…” Brian was huffing with obvious exertion. Sweat was glistening on his sexy shoulders. “I just can’t help myself…” he stripped off his shirt and the pumping of his ass intensified. Jack stripped his own sweat soaked shirt too as Brian stammered. “I just can’t help myself, no matter how hard I try, but tonight I did pretty good.” Brian let out a massive moan as Jack flexed his cock in Brian’s ass. “I did good, right? I would have gotten out of here without getting fucked if you hadn’t started it.” Jack huffed and puffed, and then something in him snapped. He scooted forward, getting his legs beneath him, and pushed himself back on top of Brian with his strong arms wrapped around the bottom’s chest.

“Ahh!” Brian said in shock, his arms faltering, and the boys were pushed to the floor. Brian was pinned, and the momentary surprise resulted in the rhythm of his ass letting up for just the second Jack needed.

“I’m not the one who started this,” Jack growled into Brian’s ear, now pumping his own hips furiously and driving as much of his cock into Brian as he could. “You did, coming over here. I saw that boner before. You had a plan.”

Brian moaned and bit down on the meat of Jack’s forearm as the boy fucked him. Jack could feel Brian’s ass trying to regain its grip, its control, but Jack was in control now.

And he wasn’t going to let Brian forget it.

For at least seven minutes Jack kept Brian pinned down, kissing and licking the boys neck and ears as he drove his massive, swollen penis into the boys ass. With each slap Jack felt his balls hitting up against Brian’s own, and the sound of the wet slaps resonated with the growls purring in Jack’s throat. Whenever he looked down he became even more turned on at the sight of his thick meat, the size of a can of soda almost, pushing into Brian’s beautiful, muscular ass, which rippled and jiggled with each deep thrust.

And Brian was loving it, howling into the pillow beneath him and moaning like no bottom had ever moaned for Jack. Usually Jack would have been the one taking the cock, but there was something so incredibly sexy about fucking a soccer stud who was just begging to be penetrated. It was how powerless Brian wanted to be, how powerful he was being in offering up his incredible, accommodating ass to Jack’s monster cock, and that turned Jack on even more.

Jack hooked his arms under Brian and rolled over so that he was on his back and Brian was squatting over him. Then, aided by the new position, he began to drive his cock deep into Brian with the rapidity of a piston firing, over and over until Brian was screaming in pleasure.

“Fuck me, oh my god fuck me Jack!” he moaned, he back and back arched. “You’re so fucking big, you’re so fucking big, I can’t—I can’t—”

“Yes you can,” Jack growled. He grabbed Brian’s hips and forced him down in time with his own upward thrusts.

“Huge,” Brian groaned. “Ughhh I need it.”

An odd urge hit Jack then, a confidence he hadn’t had before. He heard his voice but he wasn’t thinking the words; he was only speaking them. “Yeah? You like horse-hung jocks fucking your tight Latin ass?”

“Yeahhhhh,” Brian groaned between the wet slaps of his own cock bouncing off his sweaty abs.

“You want more?”

“Uh, Uh, Uh, fuck yeah, uh, uh, uh, mooooooore, uh.”

Jack took a deep breath and aimed all his lust at his own rock-hard member. His thoughts grew sharp and slowly, instantaneously, his cock began to lengthen in Brian’s ass.

“Oh my god!” Brian shouted. “I can’t—are you?—I can’t take it—no wait!”

Jack’s cock began to thicken around the base and slowly the extra girth traveled up his shaft and forced Brian’s anus open wider and wider. Brian began to moan in deep, guttural moans, and without warning the rapid, delicious suction of his ass-walls was back.

“Takes two to tango,” he gasped, and Jack was forced to go along with it as Brian suddenly maneuvered on his cock, spinning around so that he was sitting right in Jack’s lap. Then he pulled Jack up into a sitting position and kissed him deeply, firmly, letting their tongues lock and spar as his ass drained the precum from Jack’s balls.

Jack flexed his cock again, feeling it plump up, and soon Brian was moaning into the kiss again. Quickly, with full frontal access to Brian’s cock for the first time, Jack fumbled one hand down to the boys cock and wrapped his fingers along Brian’s bobbing shaft.

Jack pulled away from the kiss and looked down at what he was holding. Brian wasn’t hung like he was, but the kid had a beautiful and solid dick flopping around down there. It was at least 8 inches, thick to boot, with large pumping veins and a velvety foreskin taught around the brown cock head.

And, astonishingly, Brian’s cock was rapidly growing. Jack knew why, too; Brian was absolutely chugging the precum out of Jack’s cock with the powerful grasp of his ass muscles and the magic was working on the soccer stud’s already hung meat.

“Ugh! I can feel you growing! You’re so big!” Brian moaned. His own cock was at 9 inches. His muscles had expanded too, just slightly, and Jack felt the ample ass slamming down on his thick shaft with a newfound urgency. He felt himself precum even more, as though he was being milked, and he felt Brian’s cock grow harder, longer, and thicker until the boy hit 10 inches. Neither of them was going to last much longer with Brian’s ass picking up the extra muscle.

“Your ass is so fucking hot,” Jack moaned. They began to kiss again, and Jack pushed Brian onto his back so that he could take back his advantage. There he hitched Brian’s legs up over his shoulders, placing one hand on the carpet for balance while the other toyed with Brian’s nuts.

“I’m gonna cum soon!!” Jack moaned as he nuzzled into Brian’s neck. Both of them were slick with each other’s sweat.

“Me too!” Brian groaned in time with Jack’s deep thrusts as Jack furiously jacked him off. Jack had half a mind to try and suck him off while he came but flashbacks to fucking with Aiden earlier that week stopped him.

Instead he flexed again and felt his cock grow even larger.

Brian grasped Jack’s neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. “Cum in me!” he begged. His eyes were full of lust and desperation.

And jack obliged. He was fucking quick and fast but he slowed down, switching to long, deep thrusts, and on his third invasion of Brian, as he pushed into the dark, wet, warm cavern of that perfect ass, he felt himself start to cum. He couldn’t hold out any longer against the powerful massage Brian was giving him, and he didn’t want to. And so he didn’t try. With a gasping groan he pushed all the way in, obliging Brian’s sexy neediness, and let loose a flood of sticky, slick semen.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Brian groaned, feeling the jets of cum push up into his bowels. “Holy shit!” he clawed at Jack’s back, at Jack’s ass, but Jack was in deep and he planned to ride out his orgasm right where he was. And besides, he could tell Brian loved it. Brian’s own cock was jerking and jizzing in Jack’s tight grip between the boys, covering both their chests and chins with squirt after squirt of teen boy cum.

They kissed until it was over, and eventually Brian unclamped his ass and let Jack pull out. And, just as Aiden’s ass had done after tasting Jack’s cum, Brian’s ass closed up right away with little more than a pearly dribble escaping its thirsty lips.

Jack liked it off and Brian shuddered in the aftershock of his orgasm. For a minute he just stayed where he was and then, quickly, he sat up and looked Jack over.

“Damn,” he said. “Look at you.”

Jack followed the boy’s eyes down to his cock, which was well beyond a foot and as thick as a tube of tennis balls. It was covered in cum.

Jack laughed and swatted at his monster boner as it began to limp up. “I gotta say, you’re a total champ with that ass.”

Brian winked. “Works every time.”

Jack smiled and leaned in for a kiss. “Let’s clean up,” he said. He pulled Brain up and pulled him towards the stairs. It was a battle to see who’d go first, who would get a light spanking by the person behind him, but eventually Jack conceded and soon they were behind the bathroom’s door. Then the sound of the shower could be heard and steam rolled out of the door’s crack.

The next sounds were some splashing, a slight moan, and then perhaps the sound of a slightly louder moan as a monstrous dick began to push back into an already cum-saturated, begging asshole.

Part 5

The best news Aiden got all day was that practice had been cancelled. Normally this wouldn’t have thrilled him like it did—he loved soccer practice, getting sweaty with the boys and feeling the burn in his legs—but today was not a normal day. In fact, no day had been a normal day since he and Jack had taken the pills that had given them their now super hung, always-precum-leaking miracle cocks. Every small chore was a slight, sexual adventure, and if they weren’t careful even the most simple of tasks got them panting, hard, and ready to fuck.

For instance walking between classes; with his new cock bulging, which even flaccid now exceeded 6 inches and was gorgeously thick, it became hard not to look like he was hiding a cucumber down the inside of his pants. He found that hunching worked but it attracted weird stares and even a few playful jostles from some of the other boys.

“Got a stick up your ass?” joked Aiden’s friend Tony. Aiden was sure Tony hadn’t heard about the locker room gangbang from last week but still, the comment seemed almost too topical. Aiden shrugged it off at the time but he noticed a small swell in his shorts and he bit down hard on his lip to distract himself from it. He couldn’t deal with that now.

Sometime halfway through 4th period Aiden ducked out of class and snuck up the boy’s bathroom on the third floor, where hardly anyone ever went. He was just standing there in one of the stalls letting his cock hang out. It made it easier to sit through class if he could promise himself a few short minutes each period in a bathroom, where he’d scoop his hand into his waistband, lift out his heavy cock and balls, and let them breath. Sometimes he’d even toy with them, feeling the weight of his dick and juggling between rubbing each of his hefty balls.

That’s when he got the text class was cancelled. He was instantly relieved, phone in one hand and cock in the other. He had come to dread practice, or at least the end of practice when all the boys showered. But, so far, there had been no repeats of the initiation games, or even a hint that the initiation happened except for a few sly stares, and so instead Aiden and Jack persisted in confusion and didn’t question their luck. Truthfully, though, Aiden suspected they both would be beyond excited to participate again in that game. What had it been called? Corn field? Corn maze?

Damn, thought Aiden. Just thinking about all those hot, wet boys waving around their hung, semi-hard cocks was getting him rock hard. Before long his own meat was up to its 10 inches. Or was it more? It never failed to surprise him when he looked at it down the line of his torso, wagging out of the straining waistband of his briefs hooked under his balls.

Idly his shoved his phone back in his pocket and began to stroke his dick in the stall. He wished Jack was here so they could fuck, quick and fast with Jack pinned up against the tile wall, Aiden’s jeans around his ankles. Cussing and swearing and driving their tongues down each other’s throat. Maybe he’d even eat Jack out. He was in that kind of raunchy sex mood.

Precum beaded at Aiden’s piss slit and then began to seep out. Without really thinking about it he began to jack off quicker and quicker, squeezing harder and harder as he imagined Jack’s warm ass embracing every inch of him. The more Aiden jacked off the more vivid the scenario became until he knew he was too close to cumming to stop, and then he thought “Why not?” He hadn’t been at it long, hopefully the teacher wouldn’t notice his absence. He began to imagine jacking himself off while choking down Jack’s cock, as much as he could cram into his throat, and then for some reason he was imagining not Jack’s cock but someone else’s. Someone from the showers. Perhaps Cross—?

Aiden came with his hand capped over the tip of his spewing cock to control the pressurized bursts of cum, but ultimately the maneuver was unssuccesful. Among the waves of intense pleasure he watched helplessly as his jizz splattered all over the stall, the toilet, the floor, the tile walls, and his stomach. He’d gotten himself off at record speed, but cleaning up would be a much longer ordeal…

And, as it turned out, Aiden’s teacher noticed the absence. And she was not happy at all. Rather than try to drum up some excuse that would ultimately fall through and ignite more suspicion, Aiden accepted the after-school detention without question and the issue went no further. And it wasn’t as if Aiden really minded—he liked this teacher and he had some work to do. Besides, his only plans were to hit the weight room with Jack in the school’s basement to make up for the practice but Jack could take care of himself.

And so, while the halls of the school were emptying out at the day’s end, Aiden sat and did some geometry and after an hour or so was released. He went straight towards the gymnasium. He didn’t regret jacking off—it felt great to be relieved of the pressure in his nuts, even just for a few hours, and he was beyond excited to finish the week with his own workout. He’d target his upper-back today, he decided. And his deltoids. Maybe throw in some abdominal and stabilizer excersizes if he was feeling energetic, and from the way he felt entering the gym he knew he was going to have a great workout.

And he was right. By the time he was done with his hour and thirty minutes he was dripping in sweat. The fabric of his cotton tank was damp and clingy and his mesh shorts hugged the outline of his cock without remorse. Luckily the gym was empty this late on a Friday and so Aiden flaunted the large pulsing bulge beneath the thin material without having to worry too much. It wasn’t as if anyone would say anything. At least not to his face. And if they did Aiden might just drop trow and disperse all curiosity as to what he was hiding in those shorts. Maybe he’d even get a blowjob out of it. It had happened before, in this very gym, although Aiden hadn’t been nearly this size then so he couldn’t imagine what his cock would get him now. Maybe a few fucks on the machines?

He stamped out his imagination as he entered the locker room. Getting control of his sex drive after a workout was a difficult task for Aiden, made more difficult by the inability of his briefs and shorts to contain his dick without constantly stimulating it, rubbing his cock head and grinding it into the corner of his balls and thigh. Even though he had lifted hard today he just couldn’t seem to divert the blood away from his cock and it had remained hard nearly his whole work out.

Oh well, he mused. The showers were empty. He’d just have to get himself off again! Cheerfully he pealed off his damp clothes, stepped from his poor, strained briefs, grabbed his towel and set a few of the showers to maximum heat so that the whole of the large, tile room was swathed in a dense steam.

The water hit Aiden hard and as he hunched under the hot stream the smell of his musk and sweat softened and drifted off his tense muscles, giving way to the thick and perfumed lather of his body wash. For fun, since he was alone, he pulled his wavy hair up into a mow hawk like a punk, and pretended to play some rock riff on a guitar at his pelvis. He gave himself backup vocals, which weren’t very intune, and played harder, eventually stopping when the thrusts of his hips accidentally swung his cock into his own hands.

“Hey, boy,” he growled, pulling back the foreskin of his semi-boner. “You wanna play too? Looks like someone’s eager…” Checking to make sure he was still alone, Aiden pulled himself all the way under the shower to rinse off, using the lather running down his shoulders, chest and abs as lube as he fondled his balls and wagged his dick back and forth. As his flopping cock began to go rigid large blobs of suds arced off the tip from the wagging and made wet splats as they landed in the water at his feet.

Aiden found his body wash and squeezed some into his palm. Then he clapped his large hands together, feeling his chest flex from the movement, and soon his hands were slick and slippery. Without further delay his plunged both onto his dick—one working the shaft while the other clutched his nuts—and his second jackoff session of the day had begun in earnest.

He worked his dick slowly, taking care to feel every veins and pulse along his cock. He liked to start at the tip, his fist clenched and poised above his mushroom tip. He’d give a slight buck, clenching his ass, and slowly his dick would dig into his fist, forcing it apart with its massive girth as it slid farther and farther down until it hit the base, where there was no hope of his hand being able to wrap around the whole things.

Meanwhile his other hand alternated between tugging at his balls and cupping them lovingly. Aiden loved ball play. Loved it. Something about how low they hung in the showers really turned him on and soon he was concentrating both hands down there.

And he was moaning. No one was here this late before a weekend and so he wasn’t worried about being heard. Plus the echos of the showers would mask out the groans emanating from his throat.

Soon it was time for more soap and Aiden dumped the gel into his hands liberally, savoring the heavy, manly scent. It reminded him of when he’d press his nose onto Jack’s head while he fucked the kid from behind, and how inhaling it was a mix of shampoo and Jack’s own sexy scent. Sometimes it was the smell of cleanliness, but sometimes it was the sexy smell of sweat if Aiden was railing the kid after a workout, which was often the case. But Aiden had to give it to Jack; getting fucked by the kid had been an incredible experience. It wasn’t the first time Jack had been the top, and it certainly wasn’t the first time Aiden had taken a cock up the ass, but it was the first time Aiden had taken something that large and the honest part of him knew he loved it.

Damn, he thought. Was he going bottom? He didn’t think so—not entirely—but ever since he’d been forced to choke down Cross’s hung dick while taking two other guys in the ass something in him had craved being used so shamelessly.

Aiden began to play with the tip of his cock while his other hand reached behind him and clutched his muscular bubble butt. He grabbed the amble flesh a few times, leaving behind some red hand prints, before he slid a soapy hand down his crack. Soon he was nuzzling a knuckle or two up against his ass and picturing Jack’s perfect cock looking him straight in the face, huge and threatening, and his hole responded with a needy pulse.

He sighed in pleasure at the feeling of his own fingers massaging his hole. Jack’s cockhead had been so warm and soft, and so slippery with precum. Aiden bit down on his lip and—still toying with his cock’s tip—he pushed one of his thick fingers deep into his ass.

“Ahh!” he moaned, surprised at himself. How was he so tight? He’d bottomed for Jack only days ago and that had been a massive accommodation for his ass. And, in the same day, he’d somehow managed to have two of the hot, endowed soccer studs stuff him at the same time. Yet here he was, knuckle deep in the showers, soap dripping down the inside of his thigh, fingering a hole as tight as it had ever been.

And damn did it feel good. After a few minutes passed of consistent finger fucking Aiden felt ready for a second finger and he pushed it in with a deep goran. His other hand had found its way all over his body, starting at his balls and making its way all the way up to his large, erect nipples which he began pinching and pulling.

Dully Aiden realized he should probably be finishing up soon. He’d already been in the shower for twenty minutes and at least fifteen of them had been spent pleasuring himself. He thought that maybe he’d made plans with Jack, or at the very least Jack would be expecting some sort of text explaining where he’d been, but try as he might Aiden couldn’t bring himself to dislodge his fingers from their slow, steady fucking of his squeezing hole.

In fact just the opposite. His knees were beginning to weaken beneath the stimulation and an aching stitch was settling in his side where he was reaching around. And, despite his better intentions, his third finger was feeling awfully left out…

Hurriedly, hungry for the pleasure he himself was providing, Aiden retracted his fingers and sat himself down right on the floor of the bathroom with this back against the wall and his knees at his chest. If someone walked in now they’d see Aiden’s ass aimed at them but there was no chance of that, and so without further delay Aiden’s slicked-up hand was crawling back down his stomach, over his swelling balls, and right into his waiting, puckering hole.

“Oooh man,” he moaned. The third finger was definitely a squeeze but it felt beyond good. It felt right, like he wouldn’t be able to get off without that extra strain pushing against the rim of his rectum. His other hand moved to spread his ass further as he guided his fingers in and out and then, once they were sliding in easier, he began to jack off his soapy cock.

Without fully realizing it was happening, Aiden felt that it was getting easier and easier to slide his fingers right up to the knuckles (upon where his ass firmly squeezed ‘No!’). Groaning and squirming against his hand, Aiden slowly pushed further, further, further while his hand furiously stroked up and down his cock.

Then he got a great idea, so great that a devilish smile spread across his face. Keeping his three fingers knuckle deep in his ass, he used his other hand to squeeze his cock from the hilt to the tip, causing precum to ooze out copiously. Quickly he collected as much of it as he could beneath the splattering water above and then he went about massaging the clear, magical goop into his rhythmic finger fucking of his upturned ass.

It started with a slight tingling that quickly turned into an incredible pressure at the base of his spine, like small jolts of lightning were sparking through his bowels. Quickly Aiden milked more precum from his monster meat and massaged it all over his asshole and hand until he felt his fingers slick with the substance.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned, driving his fingers up to his knuckles and wiggling them against his ass walls. “Fuck yeah, just a little further…” he whispered as his fourth finger began to push up against his straining hole. He liked to encourage himself during strenuous work outs and right now he was certainly straining. “Just a little…” He could feel each rounded knuckle grinding against his anus, he could feel them slip and slide as he twisted his wrist this way and that and he could feel the fingertip of his fourth finger every so slowly begin to dig in…

And then: pop! With a hearty, slow shove Aiden felt his hand vanish into his ass up until his knuckles, allowing his thumb to press sensually on the space just beneath his balls.

“Fuck!” he yelled, surprising himself. “Fucking christ,” his yell eased into a moan as the pain vanished and white-hot pleasure began to grow in his pulsing ass, spreading up through his spine and stomach and causing even more precum to squirt from his cock.

Slowly he pulled his hand out and then, even slower, he pressed his fingers back in, panting and gasping and heaving as his other hand ran up and down his body, squeezing his pecs and tugging his balls. It was a battle to keep his knees up and he kept slipping, sending water splashing and causing his ass to sink even further down onto his hand. It certainly wouldn’t be long now before he came hard, and that would make two epic orgasms in just one day…

Aiden was so enwrapped in the suctioning feeling of his ass against the 4 knuckles attempting to burry themselves in his ass that he didn’t immediately realize that some of the splashing he was hearing couldn’t be him, that perhaps someone was watching from behind the clouds of steam, waiting.

“You power tops always make the hottest bottoms.”

Aiden’s eyes fluttered open and he froze where he sat. Above him, viewed between his upraised legs, was a shadow among the steam. It was a tall shadow, muscular and with a close cropped military buzz, and because it stood with its legs apart Aiden could see that it was most definitely a he judging by the thick, flaccid dick swinging between the legs.

With a small splash Cross stepped forward. He stood with one hand on his hip, the other soaping up his hefty, limp cock, with his chin upturned and his eyes full of confident lust. He looked to Aiden like a predator that just stumbled along a wounded prey.

“What the—” Aiden began to sit up.

“Don’t move,” Cross commanded, and Aiden froze again. “I like seeing you like this. I wouldn’t want to interrupt.”

Aiden’s head spun. Where were the rest of the guys? Were they about to appear? How long had they been here, watching him? He had lost track of time and he couldn’t think straight with the steam filling his lungs and head.

Cross smiled smugly at Aiden’s confused face and walked the rest of the way over, then crouched down so he was sitting on his haunches.

“Just you and me, stud, sorry to disappoint.” He winked. “I gave the boys a day off, although it looks like you ignored the chance to rest.”

Aiden’s nerves crackled. Cross was appraising him, looking over him frankly, eyes lingering on where Aiden’s fingers dug into his own ass.

“You’re the one who canceled practice?” Aiden asked, feeling stupid.

Cross shrugged. “Sure did. Somethings going around. No sense getting everyone sick. Besides, you guys have been working so very hard lately. Especially you and your friend Jack. Everyone’s been noticing, especially some of the older guys. I was just with the coaches and they’ve got plans for you two.”

Cross looked Aiden up and down and smiled sexily. “Big plans.”

“Why are you here?” Aiden spat. He slowly began trying to retract his fingers but they stayed put. What was going on?

“The gyms the best when it’s this late on a Friday. No ones around, except evidently you. Hate to say it, but when one of the coaches mentioned they saw you in the weight room I jumped on the chance to get a workout in with you. Sadly you’d finished up already, but imagine my shock to walk in here and find you….” Cross’s eyes flashed down Aiden’s glistening body, “…still hard at work.”

Aiden couldn’t believe what was happening. Why hadn’t he extracted his fingers from his ass yet? What was wrong with him? And why did Cross seem to like it so much?

“I was just finishing up,” Aiden mumbled, trying once again to pull himself upright, but before he got very far Cross planted a powerful hand on his shoulder and pinned him back against the wall.

“Dude,” Aiden yelped. “What gives?”

“We’ve got rules on this team,” Cross growled in his ear. “One for all, all for one, you know? Jacking off in the shower is only allowed if it’s a group effort. Otherwise, how do you build camaraderie?”

Cross was so close to Aiden that Aiden could smell the sweat still on his skin. His breath was hot and it made Aiden’s skin shiver. From where Aiden was he could see Cross’s large cock swinging beneath his crouching body, and he watched as it slowly began to thicken and grow longer.

“I didn’t know,” Aiden stuttered, unable to take his eyes off of Cross’s cock. Seeing it for the first time without a blindfold he marveled at how big it was. Not even hard, Aiden could tell that it was a thick piece, thickest at the middle and tapering to a nice, slightly upturned mushroom tip that was a beautiful, gleaming pink. And the balls were just as sexy—large, swinging orbs in a tight sac with a fuzz of blond hair glistening in the lowlight of the showers.

Cross laughed openly and leaned back to address Aiden face to face. “Are you sorry?”

“Yeah,” Aiden panted. “I’m sorry.”

Cross made a clownish frown. “I don’t think you are. You’re still rock hard and, as far as I can tell, you’re still fingering your ass.”

Aiden tried once again to pull his fingers out but his ass seemed to drag his fingers in further.

“Stop fingering yourself,” Cross purred again. Aiden gritted his teeth and pulled as hard as he could but only gained back a centimeter or so. Cross’s hand slowly found Aiden’s between Aiden’s ass and slowly he began to push it in deeper. Aiden’s body responded automatically, his ass opening to accept his large fingers. He was back where he’d started.

Cross’s eyes gleamed with cunning. “Looks like you need a hand, don’t you buddy?”

Aiden was paralyzed between pleasure and the complexity of the situation. Before he had time to think of an answer to the loaded question Cross took his silence as a go-ahead.

“Well, let’s see what I can do…” Cross trailed off as he slowly tugged Aiden’s hand and it dislodged itself obediently. Aiden gasped at the feeling of sudden vacancy in his ass and Cross let out a growling chuckle. Before Aiden could even begin to sit up a new set of fingers was slowly swiping around his hole, fingers that belonged to the stud leaning over him.

“What—” Aiden stammered. Cross mercilessly shoved his first finger into Aiden and Aiden’s body twisted in surprise.

“I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t let you finish what you’d started. It’s one for all, all for one after all, right?” Cross joined a second finger with his first as he began to slowly finger Aiden’s ass. A gurgling moan escaped Aiden’s throat and he tried to clench his teeth to quiet himself.

“And I’ve got to say I’m impressed,” Cross purred between Aiden’s gasps. “Your hole is well trained, tightening up after each use. Even now—” Aiden felt a third finger slowly prod itself into the assault and he gulped down a huge moan. “—Even now you’re as tight as any virgin I’ve fucked. Yet you managed to get all four fingers in just now. Why do you think that is, Aiden?”

“Ugh! Ugh! I don’t—I don’t know,” Aiden panted. “Please, Cross, I’m too tight!”

Cross clucked his tongue. “Wrong answer,” he said as a forth finger began to push into the bunch, coming close to penetrating Aiden with the rest. But then Cross paused.

“Could it be that you’ve discovered the mysterious wonders of your own cum?” Cross began to glide his other hand over Aiden’s balls, bouncing them and squeezing them lovingly.

“How do you know that?” Aiden stammered.

Cross smiled crookedly as he began to slowly pump Aiden’s fat dick. Aiden urged himself to lose his erection, to at least stop releasing precum, but it was an impossible gesture compared to Cross’s expert hand growing quickly slippery with the salty solution.

“There we are…” said Cross as he swiped a few drops of precum from Aiden’s spurting mushroom tip. Aiden watched the glistening fingers disappear between his legs and soon he felt the familiar tingling in his ass of his cum’s magic.

“You’re special,” said Cross huskily as he resumed fucking Aiden with his fingers, the fourth now conjoined in the effort. “But you and Jack are not the only ones.”

Aiden’s head spun. He had put his hands up over him, palms against the wet tiles of the wall, and he tried to think through the fog and steam as the older stud continued to stretch open his ass.

“Atta boy,” whispered Cross. “Just like that, open up that jock hole for me man. You fucking love having me finger bang your hole.”

Aiden closed his eyes and let himself sink onto Cross’s hands as they worked his cock and ass. He did love it. There was no denying it to anyone. His rock hard cock spoke for him.

There was a shifting and Aiden felt Cross’s fingers twist in his ass. When he looked back up Cross had repositioned himself so that he was straddling Aiden’s chest, his own meaty ass was starring Aiden straight in the face.

“Lube me up, bro,” Cross commanded, and without waiting for an answer he shoved his ass up against Aiden’s mouth, which had just opened to form another question. Aiden gasped, inhaling deeply, and the smell was a mix of sweat, ass, musk, and soap. Aiden shook his head to resist at first, but when the motion caused Cross to let out a sexy, whimpering moan something in Aiden snapped and without a moment’s notice he found his tongue steadily lapping at the other boys hole.

“Get it good,” Cross murmured as his fingers caressed the inside of Aiden’s ass. “I’m gonna need it, looking at the size of this piece.”

Aiden moaned into Cross ass and doubled his lapping, driving his tongue all over the jocks crack and as far into the boy’s hole as it would go. He was beginning to feel a loosening as he aggressively tongue fucked between the muscular cheeks when something made him pause; something on his cock, wet and warm and suckling. Moments later he began to receive deep, masterful head.

Inadvertently, with his mouth still plastered to Cross’s ass, Aiden bucked his hips up and began to face fuck Cross, causing Cross’ fingers to sink further into Aiden’s needy hole. The combination of motions, pressures and consequences mixed with the wet warmness of Cross’s ass in his mouth and nose began to make Aiden feel lightheaded but as soon as it had started it stopped. Reluctantly he felt his cock slide from Cross’s throat.

“That should do it,” Cross sighed and sat up from Aiden’s panting tongue and once again he was reorienting himself, scooting forward yet keeping his hand firmly planted in Aiden’s ass.

“Line it up, bro,” Cross commanded. He was now sitting with a knee on either side of Aiden’s hips, his beautiful bubble butt poised just above Aiden’s pelvis so that Aiden’s cock leaned heavily along Cross’s sculpted crack, now shiny with Aiden’s saliva.

“Line it up?” Aiden asked stupidly. He couldn’t think between the slow plunges of Cross’s fingers still burrowing into his ass.

“Your monster cock. Line it up,” Cross said sternly, and it was all the motivation Aiden needed before his topping instincts kicked in fully. With both hands free he used one to grasp Cross’s hips while he used the other to guide the tip of his cock towards Cross’s glistening hole.

But he stopped there. “I don’t know man,” he said warily. “I haven’t even fingered you or warmed you up much or anything and I’m sort of thick these days—”

“I know what you are,” Cross growled, and without warning he set himself down firmly on top of Aiden’s cock, taking in the head and an inch with the forceful slam. “Now let me get to work!”

Aiden’s head lolled back as Cross began to stuff himself with the girthy cock. The sensation of the senior jock’s tight, warm ass enveloping his dick, which was buzzing with the pent up pleasure of the drawn out shower, burst stars in Aiden’s vision. He began to move his hips in time with the other boy as Cross began to move himself up and down the beefy pole and soon he had all but forgotten about Cross’s hand steadily fucking his ass.

“Good,” Cross moaned. “You’re nearly ready.”

There was a slippery, pumping noised that Aiden though was Cross jacking himself off but then the boy slowed the riding to a slow, deep fuck as he leaned forward, and the pumping noise stopped.

Aiden felt the tingling start in his ass again as Cross applied more precum, but he knew it wasn’t his precum with his dick buried in Cross’s ass. And, by the way the tingling was stronger, somehow more potent, Aiden knew that this precum was more powerful. It was Cross’s own.

Cross began to push his four fingers up to their knuckles in Aiden’s ass, grinding them steadily further and further as he continued to fuck himself up and down on Aiden’s prick.

“Open up, boy, you’re gonna need all the room you can get when I’m done with you…” The way Cross said it was such a dominating, nearly malevolent tone that Aiden began to grow scared. His ass really did feel as though it was being opened up, stretched like elastic taffy.

“Wait,” Aiden began to beg, but Cross just squeezed his ass muscles around Aiden’s cock and Aiden’s head spun. “Wait…” he trailed off, eyes growing wide as slowly, surely, his ass began to edge over the knuckles of Cross’s bunched, four fingers, until finally he felt the joint of Cross’s thumb push up against his nuts.

“Uuuuughh,” Aiden groaned, feeling the intense penetration while he continued to penetrate Cross. The combination was like none other.

“Yeah you like that?” Cross resumed his quick bouncing on Aiden’s dick as he let Aiden get used to the stretch.

“Fuck yeah,” Aiden gasped. With the strain on his rectum he felt more pleasure than ever and, like clockwork, his cock began to leak a heavy flow of precum.

And somehow Cross noticed. “There it is!” he gasped, moaning louder and louder. “Fuck yeah, Aiden, give me that precum. Pump me full of it. Pump my cock up.”

Aiden had no choice in the matter. Cross’s ass was gripping his throbbing dick like an all-consuming vice, and the constant prodding of his prostate was causing his balls to gush like a fountain with the stuff. He knew he was trapped, he knew he was right where Cross wanted him, and he knew he was a fool. But he didn’t care. He knew it wasn’t over and he knew he was excited.

“Yeah that’s a good boy,” Cross cooed. “Fatten up my cock. You know where it’s gonna end up.”

“Jesus,” Aiden moaned, feeling another jet of precum coat Cross’ bowels which reacted with a lusty convulse, chugging it up. In turn he watched a shiver run through the ass and back muscles of the other boy as the magic took hold and began to define his muscles, grow them, plump up his ass so that it jiggled a little more every time.

“Now, just a little more,” Cross moaned, and once again there was the sound of Cross running his free hand along his own prick.

Then Aiden felt it again. The tingling. The powerful tingling that wasn’t his precum or Jack’s precum but Cross’. But what was Cross going to do? He’d run out of fingers.

Cross retracted his fingers, keeping just the tips nuzzling Aiden’s slobbering hole, and then began to push them back in. This time, however, Aiden felt a new dimension as his ass hungrily sucked the fingers in. A new shape in the cluster of digits. A new joint to accommodate.

“Is that?” he gasped. “Are you trying—is that your entire—?”

“You can take it,” growled Cross, still bouncing on Aiden’s cock.

“But! But!” Aiden tried to protest but there was no way to struggle without pushing himself farther down onto Cross’s fingers. Besides, the older jock was literally pinning him down with his ass clenched firmly around his member.

“Ahh!” Aiden cried. “Ahh!” He was completely at the mercy of Cross, and he sensed the boy wasn’t going to let up soon. Every time Aiden felt he’d hit his limit Cross would go back for more precum, slather it across his hand, and Aiden’s hole would spread apart just a bit more….

“You want it so bad,” Cross mused to himself as Aiden’s ass sucked and pulled at his hand, all five of his fingers burrowed right up to the knuckles. “Say you want it.”

Aiden groaned, wincing at the strain on his ass, but he nodded all the same.

“Louder!” Cross commanded.

“I want it!” Aiden bellowed.

Cross began to push his fist in further, slowly, fucking himself on Aiden’s cock with luxurious, slow bounces, and Aiden’s tight hole began to accommodate the massive stretch.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Cross grinned. Then he mumbled, “My cum is working wonders,” but Aiden couldn’t concentrate on the words. He was only conscious of the fact that forty minutes ago he’d only been managing one finger, but now Cross was nearly fisting him, nearly pushing his entire…

“UUUH!” Aiden yelled as his ass finally swallowed Cross’s fist, right up to muscular jock’s wrist. Aiden saw stars. His body felt full of an intense, heavenly lightning, all originating and ending in the nerves of his abused ass.

Cross was unrelenting. He began to pull in and out, bringing his knuckles right up to the threshold of the inside of Aiden’s ass, leaving them there, then pushing back in. For a minute Aiden could do nothing but yell with waves of pain and pleasure as the older body felt his insides. Sweat covered both the boys, pooling in the crevices of their abs and biceps and behind their knees and Aiden’s legs bucked and twitched as Cross pounded both his cock and his ass.

And the precum flowed like a faucet, elating Cross and forcing all sorts of words out of his mouth as he worked over Aiden’s cock and ass. “Fuck yeah bro, gimme that precum, fatten up this dick for your tight hole. Yeah fuck my ass like I’m fucking yours. You’re so fucking thick Aiden. You’re so fucking thick.”

Aiden didn’t bother forming words. There were no words he could think of so instead he moaned and groaned as the pleasure surged through him.

“I’m getting huge man,” Cross began to pant. “I’m growing, dude! I’m huge!”

Aiden turned his attention back to the stud bouncing on his cock and was faced with the very real transition between what was once a muscular soccer jock to what had become a hunky, ripped, meaty god fucking himself on his veiny cock. The shock of the difference took his breath away for a second. This was even further than he’d gone with Jack. Way further.

Cross’s ass muscles began to work over Aiden’s cock with an intense, slippery suction and Aiden felt his huge balls begin to draw up. “I can’t hold out!” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum soon! Please!”

“Please what?” Cross said, still fucking himself steadily.

“Stop! It’s gonna be too much! You don’t know—”

“Oh,” Cross’s voice was full of a cocky smile. “Oh I know what I’m in store for.” And with that he began to lift himself all the way up Aiden’s cock, keeping just the tip inside the lips of his ass before sliding all the way back down the glistening, throbbing piece of meat, all the while pounding his fist in and out of Aiden’s tingling hole.

“I can’t—” Aiden groaned, but it was a facade. He could. He was. He wanted to. And he didn’t need to say it because he knew that Cross knew he was like putty, literally, in the other boy’s hands. Aiden began to let lose his orgasm, starting in his balls, barreling through his girthy cock, and sloshing up in the depths of Cross’s already mega-pumped body.

“Holy SHIT!” Cross yelled as his ass squeezed to stay on the pressurized pole. When Cross tried to move the hand reaching up Aiden’s ass he found that Aiden’s own muscles were clamping tight, determined to ride out the orgasm with everything rightfully in place and penetrating.

One, two, three….nine, ten, eleven…! Aiden’s balls finally ran out of jizz near the fifteenth squirt but not a drop was let lose as Cross ground his hips all the way down on the cumming cock, bouncing up and down on Aiden’s hips.

Cross looked over his shoulder, sitting up a bit, and flashed Aiden a devilish grin. “You ready bro?”

Aiden’s eyebrows knotted and Cross laughed wryly. Slowly the older jock pulled his fist out of Aiden’s hole, leaving him gasping and wanting it back, and then Cross pulled himself off Aiden’s cock.

Slowly Cross stood up. His body was an incredible assortment of bulging muscles glowing with sweat. His back remained to Aiden, who lay in a baffled haze on the shower floor with his legs spread, feeling as though he had done something terribly wrong yet terribly tantalizing.

“Look what you’ve done with that magic cock of yours,” Cross said as he looked himself over. Already the colossal dose of cum was taking effect, rounding out the bony areas of Cross and filling in his trim body with rigid, twitching muscles. Aiden watched from behind and inadvertently felt his cock, mouth and ass grow wet with renewed lust.

“Looks like its time to repay the favor,” Cross smiled over his shoulder. “But you’ll be happy I stretched you out like I did.” Cross began to turn around. “You’ll be needing it.”

Aiden’s jaw dropped. The dick that swung between Cross’s legs, the one that was hefty and beautiful to begin with, had transformed with the rest of the teen stud. What had once been a dripping nine inches now exceeded a foot, easily by several inches, jutting out from Cross’s pelvis a stiff right angle. The head alone was the nearly the size of Aiden’s fist. The gargantuan cock picked up girth towards the middle and then tapered back again, ending in a pair of balls that better resembled two grapefruits hanging side by side, fighting for space between Cross’s thick thighs.

And it was growing.

Cross looked down as if he’d just noticed the growth. “Oh, and there’s that last batch of cum.” He looked back at Aiden, sweat soaked and panting in the pool of steaming water.

“Better open wide,” Cross winked.

Part 6

Aiden couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Or what he was feeling. Or what had just happened. Or what was about to happen.

But it was all there, represented by Cross’s hulking form standing over him like some carved statue of an ancient god. Aiden had watched the transformation take place. Cross, who was already a muscular, lean soccer stud, had accumulated the body of a built, broad man. His huge, defined chest rose and sank steadily, the veins along his biceps and forearms pulsed as he flexed his hands, and as he shifted to face Aiden the taught flesh of his sinewy legs rippled.

And that cock. Aiden could not look away from that beautiful monster that hung like a third leg from Cross’s pelvis. Even with its massive length—well over a foot and Aiden couldn’t even guess how much around—it managed to stand out from him. Many veins pulsed beneath the skin of the erection but one main one ran along the bottom, ending in the soft-looking flesh of the cock’s tip, and as Aiden eyed down the glistening piss slit all he could think about doing was lapping at it, begging it to unlock the flood of cum that waited within Cross’s two grapefruit size balls.

And it was growing still. Slightly, yet steadily.

“That would be that last dose of cum starting to kick in,” Cross said helpfully. He brought both hands beneath his dick and heaved it up, showing Aiden the underside. Pushed up it reached all the way to his nipples. Slowly, eyes locked onto Aiden’s, he craned his neck down and began to run his tongue all around the tight skin of his cock head while his two hands squeezed the meaty shaft.

“You’ll be glad I stretched you out.” Cross winked.

Aiden was trembling despite the heat from the still-running showers. As he sat up quickly he sent water splashing and Cross’s eyes twinkled with amusement.

“You don’t—” Aiden stuttered. “You’re not planning on—you don’t really think you can fit—” By now Cross’s cock had inched up his torso perceptibly further. “Better hurry,” he purred. “That last blast of cum is going to be a doozy once it kicks in for real.”

“But—but—” Aiden stammered.

Cross pounced, dragging Aiden up into his strong arms and hoisting him over his shoulder. This was no simple task, seeing as Aiden was a massive guy as it was, but with Cross’s new endowment the task was as simple as if Aiden were half his weight.

“Change of setting,” Cross mumbled to Aiden’s protests. As Aiden began to squirm Cross said something else that sounded like, “Resisting is gonna make you tense up. Can’t have that,” and a second later Aiden felt Cross’s familiar fingers pushing back into his upturned hole.

“Ahhh! Ah!” Aiden moaned as the fingers entered him again, twisting and turning as Cross carried him from the showers, through the small locker room, through the corridor and into the empty weight room. It was well beyond school hours now and the sun had set and Cross didn’t even bother flicking a light on. He just brought Aiden right over to one of the benches running the middle of the room and sloughed him down. Not once did his hand stop its relentless finger fucking.

And it worked. Aiden stopped fighting as his prostate was knuckled. He allowed himself to be plopped onto his back, right on the wide bench. Truthfully, the feeling of his ass opening up was addicting at this point and despite what he thought he knew about what he wanted, Cross’s power and that humungous, throbbing cock represented something a little more in line with what he truly needed.

And Cross knew it.

“There you go,” said Cross in an almost loving tone as he scooted Aiden an inch or so back so he himself could straddle the bench. In reality this meant only the tip of his dick came to rest on the bench, but with Aiden’s ankles hoisted up by his ears there was plenty of room to sit—or at least there would be in a minute once he shoved in.

Aiden shivered, the droplets of water cooling on his skin. Cross noticed and leaned into an embrace. He dragged his tongue along Aiden’s straining neck, turning the shower water to spit and the chill to steam and soon Aiden felt something round and sticky brush between his legs.

“Jesus,” he moaned as Cross tongued his ear. “It’s huge man.”

“You can do it,” Cross growled. “Better hurry. I can feel your cum growing me, man. It’s gonna add on more than you think.”

“How much?” Aiden panted as the colossal head of Cross’s cock began to push up against the ring of his ass.

Cross didn’t answer right away. He just continued to suck and lick Aiden’s neck while he pushed just a bit harder. Aiden could feel the familiar tingle of precum working its magic on his ass and he felt his muscles relax. He felt them push out. He was glad Cross had fisted him like he did in the showers. It was certainly an act that had been performed with some foresight.

As the tip nuzzled its way forward into the confines of Aiden’s ass he felt it pulsing with Cross’s heartbeat. And, perceptibly, each pulse brought just the smallest strain of growth. He couldn’t be sure but he felt like the strains were getting larger, more distinct, but instead of being intimidated or scared he just felt so damn turned on. He felt tenacious. He felt horny. “C’mon. Fuck me,” he whined as his ass was stretched.

“If you say so,” said Cross with a devilish hint in his voice, and with a loud slurping pop he shoved his cock head the rest of the way into Aiden’s eager ass.

“FUCK!” Aiden cried, arching, but it was too late now. He’d whispered the magic words and Cross was not going to let him take them back. Like an animal, the older boy began to steadily push more and more of his plumped up penis into Aiden.

To Aiden it felt like the shaft would never end. He felt the rise of its thickness towards the middle and then the slow tapering after. He felt every veins and every pulse. He felt, finally, the wiry tickle of Cross’s pubes minutes later when the boy had finally finished sheathing himself in Aiden’s ass.

“Damn, Aiden,” Cross said breathlessly. “You fucking did it.”

Aiden’s head rolled on his neck. His eyes were fluttering. Never in his life could he have imagined he was going to feel so full, so fulfilled. His legs were spread wide to fit Cross, his own huge dick minor in comparison to the fuckpole thrumming in his anus. Looking down at himself it was like looking at an erotic cartoon, an impossibility made real.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Cross began to whisper quickly.

“What?” Aiden asked. “What?” He was worried.

“It’s just—”


“Your cum,” panted Cross as he began to pull his dick out, then push it back in. He spoke in gasps. “I held off its growth as much as I could but I can’t man. I can’t control it much longer. It’s gonna—it’s gonna happen—AHH!”

Aiden felt a lurch in his abdomen as Cross’s cock spasmed and, in tandem, he felt his ass stretch open a little wider.

Obediently, in accordance to the fresh batch of precum being pumped into him, Aiden’s own cock twitched and began to thicken. More for balance than for Aiden’s pleasure, Cross reached a hand down and grasped onto Aiden’s pole and began to fist it up and down firmly, issuing an incoherent moan from Aiden’s lips.

“AH!” Cross gasped again. Aiden felt another lurch, another tremor of growth in his own balls. As Cross began to fuck him harder her could see the lump of Cross’s dick along the skin of his tight abs, traveling up and down, up and down, and growing bigger all the time. “Cross!” Aiden began to feel a kernel of panic. “What’s—UGH” another lurch blew through both boys and they moaned in unison. “What’s happening?!”

“Too much—” Cross panted and his fucking became quicker, more aggressive, “I’m overloading man,” he gasped.

“What—” Aiden began but the words were knocked right out of his throat as the biggest spasm yet thickened Cross’s cock in him. Despite the gargantuan size Cross wasn’t letting up the rapid fucking and Aiden realized, dimly, that Cross was hurrying towards an orgasm. But if only his precum, and one batch of cum had done this to Cross, what would happen to Aiden with the compounded effects of all that plus the special dose of super cum that was sloshing in Cross’s ball like a foreboding promise?

“I can’t take it!” Aiden wheezed.

“You’re doing great,” Cross huffed dismissively.

“No,” Aiden had to choose his words carefully as Cross began to deep fuck him on the gym bench. “The cum. That much cum. Ugh! I can’t—AH! I can’t—”

Cross let out a boyish chuckle. “Too late now, soccer stud. You’re getting bred.”

“What?!” Aiden gasped.

Cross made a growling sound and suddenly Aiden felt strong hand on his hips, his sides, lifting him up off the bench. His world spun around him as Cross carried him a few steps over, cradling him awkwardly, until they were beneath the pull up bar.

“If you can pull yourself off, I’ll let you go,” said Cross with a smirk.

Aiden glanced up at the bar. Cross’ member still throbbed in his ass.

“And if I can’t?”

“Consider you fag ass bred.”

Aiden swore, considered hitting Cross, knocking his lights out, but he knew Cross was in control. And despite the need to cum himself—to in fact have the cum fucked out of him thrust by thrust—the manly, envious part of him seized on the idea of competition. Of a challenge. Aiden let go of Cross and grasped the bar above him with both hands. Once he had a good hold, Cross lifted his ankles up onto his own shoulders so he had some leverage in the air. Sure, he wasn’t supporting his full weight, but the maneuver was clunky and it was still a battle to keep from losing ground.

Another lurch pulsed through Cross, causing the boy to moan, and Aiden shuddered in pleasure as a small ache returned to his hole.

He pulled up, dragging himself off several inches of Cross’s megacock until another spasm ran through him—his own cock thickening—and he lost his nerve. Quickly he slid back down, impaling himself all over again.

“I could get used to this,” Cross said while Aiden cussed, trying again and failing. He pulled up several more times, the action surprisingly easy with the adrenaline coursing through him, but each time he though he’d reached the end of Cross’s goliath dick he was mistaken. And, worse, he was only fucking himself harder and harder, causing his strength to fade to pleasure and causing Cross to slowly pump his hips in time with Aiden’s failed attempts to get free.

“Yeah, boy, fuck yourself,” Cross said with a thrust as Aiden slid back down. “You’re doing all the work for me. Won’t be long until—”

Another lurch and another growl from Cross. Aiden could feel his limits expanding. He could feel his failure looming. How much more could his ass take? His arms? His back? And then he saw the trap for what it was. He couldn’t pull himself off this way; Cross was too big, too long. He’d have to get creative.

Aiden took a deep breath, ignored the pressure in his balls and the slippery precum dribbling from his own cock, and pulled himself up one final time. His arms burned, his chest was beaded in sweat, but the feeling of Cross slowly sliding out of him gave him hope. Once he reached the peak of the pull up he took a second, just one second to get his balance, and then shot one arm over the bar. Then the other.

Cross cracked open an eye.

Aiden hoisted his pits over the bar. He could feel his ass nearing the end of Cross’s dick, that large, mushroom head, and with a roar of determination he continued to push himself up, little by little, feeling that head lurch and grow and soak his bowels with even more precum. “Cheater,” said Cross with wry enthusiasm. “But if you can bend the rules, so can I.”

Aiden wasn’t about to wait to find out what twist was awaiting for him in Cross’s mind of erotic nightmares. He could feel the ridge of the dick pulling at his ass and with one more heave upwards it was sliding out, slowly, and he would be free!

And then he felt a new sensation, one that overshadowed the intense straining of his ass as he pulled it over Cross’s head. The new sensation wasn’t in his ass. It was on his balls. And that’s when Aiden realized that as he’d struggled up and had brought his nuts eye level with Cross. Without looking down he knew what was coming next.

“Oh fuck,” Aiden groaned.

Without removing his face from the base of Aiden’s dick, Cross’s muffled voice said, “It’s not all about me, you know.” Then the lapping returned, quickly moving up Aiden’s dick and focusing around the tip. Aiden felt Cross let go of one of his ankle and he felt his dick being pulled down, poised to be sucked from where Cross stood, and then he felt the warm tightness of Cross’s expert mouth as it gobbled down Aiden’s precum soaked shaft.

“I can’t—” Aiden stammered. His ass was nearly free of the monstrous invader but the sucking of Cross’s mouth was so strong, so tantalizing. He pulled away as though he meant it, as though he could ignore the carnal determination he had come to recognize as a lust for Cross’s perfect body, and slowly he felt his ass dislodge itself. Finally.

And then, whether by chance or by intention, Aiden’s grip on the bar slipped and with a rough shove the cock head hovering beneath his ass was suddenly the cock head buried in his ass.

Aiden cried out, startled, and then cried out again because with zero preparation he was cumming. Cross’s eyes smiled up at him devilishly, the other boys mouth full of cock and now cum, and Aiden felt his arms loosen around the bar as his strength was sucked from his balls and into the other jock’s throat.

There was nothing Aiden could do. His body was weak, used, hungry for more. He let go of the bar as soon as he felt Cross’s strong hands on his lower back, ready to steady him as his ass gorged itself right down to the base of Cross’s cock. Cross’s eyes rolled back, Aiden’s cock popped from his mouth with a wet slurp, and quickly the boys arms became intertwined while Cross rapidly thrust up into Aiden’s ass, over and over, in time with the fountain of cum pumping from Aiden’s balls.

With a throaty groan and one final shove Cross began to let loose in Aiden’s ass. Aiden pitched back and forth but Cross’s grip on him was absolute, encompassing him like a vice as more and more semen was forced from Cross’s swinging, melon sized balls, up his engorged penis, and into Aiden’s widened ass.

When it was finally over Aiden found that, at some point, they had fallen to the mats of the floor. He was on his back and Cross was on all fours, poised over him, panting and glistening with sweat. Slowly the throbbing in his abdomen subsided and, out of breath, Cross kissed him deeply for a series of long, passionate moments. Then, gently, Cross retracted his softening member and moved his kissing down Aiden’s neck, covering his collarbones, each nipple, his distended stomach, his bellybutton, his balls, and eventually ending between his legs again.

Gingerly Cross flicked his tongue over Aiden’s ass, which had puckered up and tightened, trapping the batch of cum inside. For safe keeping Cross gave it a few more swipes, nuzzled it lovingly, and then sat back.

Aiden sat up too. He was dizzy. His whole body felt like it was buzzing with electricity. Just looking down at himself he hardly recognized his large, limp dick and the mound where the pint of cum lay waiting, its magic already absorbing into his bloodstream.

“Well, well, well,” Cross said between deep breaths. His body was still huge, though notably less so now that he’d released a good deal of cum back into Aiden. “All that showering just to get dirty again.”

Aiden smiled, unsure of his feelings in that moment. It was a struggle to keep his eyes open he was so tired from the evening romp. Beside him he heard Cross’s breathing steady and then the other boy stood up. Aiden didn’t follow, eager for a moment or two to collect his thoughts. He wanted to sleep so badly.

A foot nudged him. Aiden opened his eye to look up at Cross’s shadowy figure. “Consider yourself bred, stud. Better get yourself home. Your in store for quite a morph. Actually, the whole soccer team is I’d say.”

Part 7

Things hadn’t been quite right since that one afternoon in the showers, the afternoon when the senior members of the varsity soccer team went through their annual hazing of the new junior members. It had started out normal enough: the blindfolding of the new guys, the awkward sloshing in the showers as the older guys laughed.

But then everything shifted. Usually the game ended after a few half-assed dick-licks. Sometimes it turned out the guys being initiated gave okay head and they’d be used a few times accordingly. Once or twice a particularly eager jock would get a good face fucking, but only as a joke. It was funny. It was games. Never anything more.

But Aiden and Jack had gotten a whole different treatment. And, as the other jocks tried to think through the haze that covered their memories of that day, the soccer team had to wonder if it was them that had been subjected to a treatment. It certainly felt like it, the way they had all succumbed to face-fucking the two pretty boys without protest.

In the days after it was as though the soccer boys had never left those hot mouths behind. At any hour, randomly, their cocks would spring to attention without provocation and within minutes their boxers would be wet with precum.

The day after, Brendan, a stocky midfielder on the team, almost had to stand up in front of his English class with a raging boner he’d had for nearly ten minutes. He hadn’t been paying attention to the lecture—in fact he was wholly occupied with the electric shivers pulsing from his rock hard cock—when the teacher called him out for daydreaming. Lucky for Brandon, his dumb smile got him out of standing with his cargo shorts tenting. And with Brendan it would have been obvious; he had a drastic thickness as it was and, had it not been for the bell moments later, his class would have seen all 9 inches of his glory growing down his leg.

Evan, the goalie, spent all of chemistry trying to keep his hands on his desk, clasped together, so that they wouldn’t wander down to fondle his balls, which were incredibly sore. They’d been that way ever since Aiden had drained them in the corn field game. Somehow, they’d become extra tender, extra responsive to his slow rubbing through his shorts, as if they could still feel that hot tongue dragging across them and licking off his sweat. He couldn’t so much as take a few steps without the sensitivity bringing him to full erection, and he’d taken to wearing dark pants to hide the constant wet spots spreading from his bulge.

Jeffrey, a defensive midfielder, left school early when his own boner got so hard it was physically painful. He could have dug a ditch in frozen dirt with it, it was so stiff, and his bike ride home was one of the most arduous tasks he’d ever completed. Something about the vibrations against his pelvis bone, right between his balls and his ass, just seemed to get him harder. Luckily the major uphill in his neighborhood was desolate during midday because no sooner had he crested this hill when suddenly his taught briefs were overflowing with cum. He pulled over, breathing heavy, and then sped the last few yards to his house dying of embarrassment. Even as his boner cock in his sticky shorts, he could already feel his sex drive ramping up again.

And Nolan, a forward, never even made it to school. He woke up, his sheets twisted around his sweating body, with the irresistible urge to wrap both his hands around his shaft and pump himself dry. Which he did normally, but this morning his balls just seemed to refill, sending squirt after squirt of jizz onto his abs and sheets and turning his arms to stone with fatigue. When his brother knocked to see if he was ready to leave an hour later he faked sick, hoping the smell of cum wouldn’t give him away. Then, when his brother had gone, he scooped up a copious gob of cum from his abs, slathered it across his already-sore cock, and fucked his fists until the lube was renewed. And repeat. And repeat.

The next day none of them were in school. Their coach became more and more irritated as the calls rolled in reporting a vague sickness that had taken much of the team, all of them senior boys, and for the hundredth time he reminded them that they shouldn’t share water bottles. Then two more varsity boys called in—Owen and Austin—and coach decided practice was cancelled for the rest of the week. Weerily he texted Cross, the captain, and told him to spread the news. “Sure thing, Coach!” Cross said with a smirk. He would spread it alright.

Across town, in the rooms of the soccer studs, a sigh of relief could be heard as Cross sent out the text telling them all to get some rest and to be back, healthy, on Monday. Obediently each of the boys in turn closed their phone and turned back to their computers which hummed with the moans of porn. Their hands returned to their throbbing, stone-hard, painfully swollen cocks. Did the meat in their hands feel bigger? It was hard to tell and, honestly, they weren’t thinking about size. They were thinking about relief, which was becoming harder and harder to achieve. Slowly they scrolled through the pages of women getting fucked until, one by one, the memories of hazing in the showers captured their lust. They began to click on different videos. Videos featuring one girl and two guys. Then, gradually, videos featuring only men.

It was all Owen dreamed off since the showers. Every night was the same. He was on his back in an inch of warm, sudsy water streaming across tiles towards the shower’s drain. His eyes were clenched shut at first and all around him were the moans of his team mates. Right above him, closer than the rest, were the grunts of Aiden—one of the new recruits to the varsity team—as he was face fucked on all fours.

That’s how the dream started; Owen positioned under Aiden, wagging his dick against Aiden’s hole as Aiden scooted backwards into a fucking position. Then Owen would open his eyes and watch, helpless to lust, as Aiden sank down onto his cock. He remembered watching Aiden’s own dick—massive by any standards—spasm, and in Owen’s dream Aiden began to grow longer and thicker. Then, just like it had happened in the showers, Owen’s dream took a turn towards the extreme when another senior, a guy named Austin, scooted behind Aiden and began to push into Aiden’s hole, already straining with the heftiness of Owen’s cock.

The dream always progressed the same: Aiden’s hole tensing up, his whole body flexing above Owen, and then an onslaught of cum shooting from Aiden’s cock in such abundance that more than a mouthful had forced its way down Owen’s throat, into his hungry hungry stomach.

Owen awoke with the salty taste of cum in his mouth.

And he liked it.

He wanted more.

Part of him was deeply ashamed for how readily he participated in the shenanigans in the shower—he’d never thought about guys sexually and he never meant to participate so wholeheartedly—but another part of him felt united with the team. Hazing had never gone that far before. He’d been there the year prior and his initiation was nothing of the sort. Just a few slaps in the face with a limp dick and then he’d made it to the end of the room.

Now, however, the thought of having a room full of big dicks aimed at his face gave Owen the conflicting sensation of hunger and satisfaction.

Taking a few days off of practice after that was a no brainer. Nolan, Evan, Jeffrey and a few others reported not feeling well either. They’d all been there. They’d all gotten their dicks sucked too. But they hadn’t double fucked Aiden like he and Austin had. No matter, it seemed that none of them were sparred. All Owen was left to wonder about was if it was just him that was having the crazy dreams. And they were only getting weirder.

A few times the dream progressed past Owen’s memory. In his dream Owen would take the mouthful of Aiden’s cum, he would swallow it, and then he would find himself on his knees, mouth propped open, tongue white with jizz, out and wagging. He would be filled with a hunger like he’d never known, as though the cum had created a vacuum in his stomach. Then the faceless boys around him would close in, their hands swiftly jacking their cocks until one by one they would approach Owen, tip their cocks into his panting mouth, and seed him hard.

And Owen would swallow, cleaning off each dick in turn, savoring the saltiness of their semen, only satisfied for the brief moment it took the cum to slide down his throat and plop into his slushing stomach. And the more he took the more he wanted. And slowly, surely, he could feel himself being filled up, expanded outward, growing with each load. His skin would ripple with every thrust into his face, his body would feel heavy around his bones. The flow into his throat would grow consistent and perpetual, like an interminable keg, and he would swallow and swallow until his stomach was fat with cum.

When he woke up that Friday he was surprised to find his stomach flat, as usual. He was not surprised to find his sheets tented, sticking to his shaft with his latest orgasm’s evidence. Slowly he sat up, stripped his sheets, and listened to hear if anyone was home. It was unlikely; both his parents were at work, his older brother wasn’t due home until the evening. However, they had a guest these days. Parker, a friend of Owen’s brother’s from the marines, who’d just gone through a breakup with his fiance and was taking time to ‘sort himself out.’ Mostly this meant Parker spent a lot of time on long runs, or at the gym, or begging Owen not to turn him in when he brought some drunk girl back to the house.

Thinking about the older guy made Owen’s cock twitch. His mouth began to water. Quickly he stuffed his sheets into his hamper—which was overflowing with underwear crusted in cum—and grabbed his towel for a quick shower. He’d better do laundry before his mom found him out.

Austin nearly missed the ringing of his phone beneath the loud music bursting from his speakers. Wiping the perspiration from his hands onto his sweatpants he got up off the floor, turned the volume down and answered the call.

“Hello?” he tried to control his heavy breathing.

“Austin? It’s Martin.”

“Oh, hey Martin.” Austin began to swear inwardly. He’d totally forgotten about his standing tutoring appointment.

“I heard you were out sick. Are you feeling okay?”

Austin looked down his sweaty, gleaming torso at the outline of his stiff cock beneath the fabric of his sweatpants.

“Yeah,” he said quickly. His other hand found the bulge and squeezed it just a little. “I’m fine.”

“Fine enough for some geometry?”

This time Austin swore out loud. On the other end of the phone Martin laughed. “You know the rules, Austin,” he said. “Regular tutoring sessions until you’re passing in geometry or else you’re not getting off academic probation. If you want to keep playing on the varsity soccer team, you’ve got to keep it up.”

Austin chuckled to himself. Keeping it up wasn’t the problem. Not since the romp in the showers a few days ago. In fact, if anything, ‘keeping it up’ was what was preventing him from playing soccer. He gave his dick another loving squeeze, turned his groan into a sigh, and said, “Yeah, yeah, I know. But I don’t think I’m making it back into school today, so maybe we can pick up on Monday?”

“No can do, buddy. We have to meet today or else we’ll be behind. Do you feel up for a house visit?”

Austin thought about it. Martin had come over once or twice before when their schedules got messed up. Martin was a student too—a junior—and participated in a ton of extracurricular activities, so between that and Austin’s game schedule it was tough finding time during the soccer season.

Plus he could keep his sweatpants on. That was an essential.

“Sure,” said Austin. “Usual time?”

“See you at three. I’m assuming since you’ve had a few days off you’ll have spent at least a little time on the homework. Don’t prove me wrong.”

Austin laughed. Martin was a smart, funny guy who wasn’t intimidated by jocks. Austin liked that. “See you at three,” was all he said in response. Then they hung up.

Immediately the music was blaring, but, instead of getting back to his sit-ups, Austin pushed down the elastic waist of his pants and pulled out his dick. Slowly he worked it from its swollen base to its angry red tip. What was going on with his body? Why was it acting so crazy? It wasn’t as though Aiden was the first guy he ever fucked. He’d done a few others, mostly when he was hard pressed to find a girl and was way too horny, but wasn’t that what being a young jock was all about? Getting what you wanted from wherever?

Yet something about the way his cock had felt inside of Aiden’s straining ass, stuffed against his teammates cock, had engraved itself into his short term memory. There wasn’t a second he could fully forget how erotic it had been or how horny it made him feel in that moment and every moment after.

Austin made a note to himself to jack off at least twice before Martin arrived. He had a few hours and he couldn’t spend it all dreaming about fucking guys. That was gay as hell. Maybe if he doubled his reps, beat his meat, and took a long shower he’d finally be able to focus on some math.

With wet hair and a mouth tasting of minty toothpaste, Owen was gathering his sheets and some workout clothes in his arms. He’d put on some shorts, some fresh socks, and no shirt. Slowly he ambled through the silent hallway, found the basement door, and opened it quickly so that it wouldn’t creak. If Parker was still sleeping he didn’t want to wake him up.

The basement was sectioned into two parts; one was a guest suit with a bedroom, closet, half bathroom, and small futon for a couch. The other was exposed concrete and wires and was only used for laundry. Owen made sure to be as quick and quiet as possible as he loaded the machine with his clothes, added hot water, and poured a generous amount of detergent in. Then, before closing the top, he looked to see if anyone else had any laundry in the room that he could add. He spotted Parker’s basket immediately. Everything in it was basic and neutral. White, gray, beige. Owen pulled it over and began to toss things in until he came to a nice button down. Could it be washed? He didn’t know. If it had been his he would have just tossed it in, but he knew he should probably ask just to make sure.

He closed the washer and edged past the stares, shirt in hand. There was a light coming from beneath Parker’s door. He must be up, thought Owen, but just in case he opened the door slowly.

The room was dim, with only the light from the garden windows shining in. It smelled like cologne and sweat. Owen stepped in unsure still of whether or not Parker was there, then froze.

Parker wasn’t around but, on the floor, was a discarded jock strap. Normally Owen would be disgusted but since it was Parker’s he found himself intrigued. He’d just jacked off to the image of Parker’s buff, nude chest, and now his mind filled with the fantasy of the marine’s bare, muscular ass.

Owen scooped up the strap. It didn’t look dirty but he could smell the musk on it. Checking to make sure he was definitely alone, he brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply.

He was hard instantly. Quickly he shoved a hand into his shorts and began to massage copious precum out of his hard cock which, to his confusion, felt a bit bigger in his slippery hand. Backed by the sound of the clothes washer in the background, he began to jack himself off. The room gradually filled with the scent of his showered body and, beneath it, an almost sweet and fruity aroma.

He never heard Parker on the stairs. He only heard the sounds of laundry grow a bit louder as the door to the bedroom pushed open and admitted the beefy stud.


Ding dooooong sang Austin’s doorbell. He padded from the living room to the entryway, opened the door, and took care to keep himself hunched at the hips in case Martin noticed the chubby lump in his crotch.

“Hey,” said Austin.

“How you feeling?” said Martin.

Austin led Martin into the hallway, then the kitchen. “Honestly? Totally fine. It must have been a 24 hour thing. Coach cancelled practice for all the guys though, just in case.

“So you’re not contagious?”

“Definitely not.”

Austin gave Martin a reassuring smile. Martin smiled back. It was a beautiful smile, perfect on Martin’s freckled baby face. Side by side the boys were near opposites; Martin had soft black waves of hair pushed back from his face while Austin’s hair was brittle, blond and cropped close to his scalp. While Austin was built top heavy with skinny legs, Martin had a muscular frame with thick thighs, defined calfs, and a perfect bubble butt.

Austin bit his lower lip and wondered where his mind was taking him. Quickly he sat himself at the table and tried to forget it.

“Where did we leave off?” Martin prompted.


Martin laughed. “Thought not.”

For the next fifteen minutes they went through some exercises and wrote out equations. Despite his earlier resolution and despite jacking off not twice but three times, Austin was still having trouble focusing. He kept trying to look Martin in the eyes while he talked but, inevitably, Austin’s own eyes would fall to Martin’s lips. Then he would begin to undress Martin, thinking about those powerful legs and that perfect ass. If he wasn’t mistaken, Martin was a dancer, or maybe he was just in the choir. Either way, Austin thought maybe the other boy was gay and that perhaps…



“Did you get that last part?”

Austin glanced at the mess of numbers on his paper. “Yeah totally.”

Martin continued and Austin became aware of the painfully hard boner pushing against his boxers. Dammit! He had taken care of that, or so he thought. His sly hand passed beneath the table confirmed his worst fears; in his absent mindedness he had soaked a patch of his sweatpants with precum. Glancing down he saw that it was at least the size of a quarter. He tried to ignore it but, minutes later, he peaked down again. It was growing rapidly! It was more than he’d ever precummed in his life.

“You sure you’re okay Austin?”


“You’re…are you drooling?”

Austin swiped a hand across his lips and smelled the precum on his fingertips. It smelled salty and, he thought, just a little fruity.

“I’m fine,” he said. He kept that hand near his nose while he brought his other beneath the table to slowly massage his dick further in between his legs. It just felt so sore, so swollen, as though he were wearing boxers two sizes too small.

“Okay, if you’re not feeling well we can—”

“Fuck!” Austin pulled his hand off his cock quickly and, in doing so, banged his knuckled against the bottom of the table.

“Um, Austin, are you okay?”

Austin kept his eyes straight ahead. “Yeah. Sorry. Let’s keep going.”

“What are you doing under there?” Martin asked.

“Nothing.” Austin knew he looked guilty but he couldn’t bring himself to look Martin in the eyes.

Very slowly, Martin pushed back his chair and ducked beneath the table. There was a gasp and suddenly he was standing with an alarmed expression.

“What the hell!”

Austin sat back but kept his hands cupped over his crotch, seeing no reason to keep himself doubled over now that the secret was out. “Give me a break man. I can’t help it.”

“What the hell is that?” Martin’s finger jabbed at Austin’s spread legs.

Austin regarded him with a deadpan expression. He clenched his jaw. He was humiliated. “You sound like you’ve never seen a boner before.”

“That’s your dick?”

“Uh, duh man.”


Austin nodded. Why did Martin look so doubtful?

“It’s….it’s gigantic.”

Austin looked down at his crotch and almost burst out laughing from the shock of it. Inching down his thigh was his dick alright, but Martin wasn’t lying; it did look gigantic.

Experimentally, Austin brought both hands to his dick and drew the fabric of his pants taught. The size wasn’t a trick of the folds. It was him. Inches and inches of him. Unable to think of anything else to do in that moment, he then dug his hand into his briefs and pulled it out.

“What the hell,” said both boys at the same time.

Owen froze, the jock draped over his face, a corner sucked between his teeth. Without letting go of his dick he slowly pulled the underwear from his head.

“Uh…hey Parker.”

Parker was in a sweaty shirt and track pants. His face was flushed and from the small earbuds in his hands Owen heard the sounds of electric music. He must have been out for a run.

Parker looked from Owen’s stunned face, to his rock hard cock, to the jock in his hands. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked. “Is that—is that my jock?”

Owen fumbled with his words. “I came in to see if you wanted anything washed. Clothes I mean, and I just found—”

“Like hell I’m letting you touch my clothes,” Parker growled, marching up to Owen and snatching the article away. Owen backed up, scarred, and when the back of his knees hit the bed he fell down with a bounce.

“What?” Parker said, eyeing him quickly. “You some kind of faggot or something? Your bro never told me you like cock.”

“I don’t!” Owen yelped as he scooted backwards, but Parker was on him quickly, pinning him to the mattress.

“There were fags in the marines. They came in handy. The trick was finding out who was a slave for dick and then, if you ever felt like getting sucked off, you’d blackmail them into doing it. But everyone knew those guys must be fags too. What man likes another guy sucking his dick? That’s disgusting.”

“I don’t know!” Owen cowered backwards. Parker had both his arms pinned at the wrists.

“You know what we used to do?” said Parker. His eyes glinted mischievously. “We used to test guys to see if they were fags by getting someone to suck their dick. If they got hard, they were obviously a faggot. If they stayed soft they were straight. Simple as that.” Parker gave a sly smile. “Guess who never got hard?”

“You?” whispered Owen.

“Damn right,” said Parker. Owen could smell Parker deodorant. He could feel Parker’s full weight as the older guy scooted up and placed a knee on either elbow, keeping him pinned tight.

“You don’t believe me?” Parker asked it but Owen knew it was rhetorical. Already Parker was hoisting down the elastic band of his pants. “I’ll prove that I’m straight to your faggot ass. Then there won’t be any other mistakes, you got it kid? Your lucky your my bro’s little brother. Normally I’m not so kind.”

Owen didn’t understand. Parker was such a gentleman, always so polite in front of his parents. Was it possible it was just an act hiding this other crazy person? This pig? No wonder his engagement had gown up in flames and he’d been kicked out to their place.

Parker pulled down the band of his boxers and Owen’s mind fixated on the small bush of pubes, then the cock that bounced out. In that moment there was nothing else. Just Parker sitting on his chest and a limp, plump dick wagging before him. Even soft it was pretty big, but his perspective was skewed. It was literally facing him right between the eyes.

“Go ahead,” Parker laughed. “Taste it, bro.”

Owen kept his lips firmly pressed together. He tired to shake Parker off but he couldn’t. He wanted to suck that dick so bad but he knew better. He knew he was being tested.

“Try me,” urged Parker. “I’m not letting you up until you know that I’m a straight dude.”

Owen looked from Parker to Parker’s dick. Owen’s own cock was rock hard and he wished it wasn’t. This was not good. He had to do something to distract Parker until he lost his boner! Parker sighed, brought one hand under his balls, and began to prod Owen’s face with the soft head. “I know you want it, bro. I saw you sniffing my jock.” The urge to part his lips was strong but Owen resisted, just in case.

Parker took his other hand and pinched Owen’s nose. “C’moooon, let’s get this over with.”

Owen waited for what felt like ages but finally he needed air. Pretending to struggle, he popped open his mouth to take a breath and quickly got the fleshy softness of Parker’s cock instead.

“There you go,” cooed Parker, pushing in and smearing his cock head across Owen’s tongue. “Give it your best shot. I’m immune.”

Owen closed his mouth over the cock obediently and, experimentally, flicked his tongue across the head. As promised, nothing happened.

“Try harder,” growled Parker.

Owen sucked harder, moving his head up as much as he could to take the length into his mouth. He’d only ever watched blow jobs in porn, never given one, but he’d received plenty of head in his life and so he did what he knew he liked.

Just as he was getting into it Parker grabbed his jaw and held him steady. “Dude, nice try but you’ll notice I’m not even a little hard. Now, look me in the eye say it: Parker isn’t a fag.”

Owen tried to look angry. He was incredibly turned on. “Parker isn’t a fag,” he said, muffled by the cock.

“And who is a fag?”

“Me?” said Owen, adding an extra lap of his tongue.

“Say it louder,” said Parker. Owen obliged, the word more of a moan than anything else, and just as he thought he was about to be freed he felt Parker’s dick stiffen imperceptibly.

Austin had always had a big dick but what had sprouted between his legs was magnificent. Last time he measured he was 8 inches, a sizable cock for any slut to take, but an educated appraisal of his current length was closer to 10 inches. Slowly he wagged it back and forth, inspecting it from every direction, confirming that it was real, and even dabbing the bead of precum at the tip of it with his finger as it dribbled out.

He wagged it at Martin with a smirk. The meat flopped over his hand, still at 10 inches but no longer fully hard.

“Dude,” said Martin. “I’m not gay, man.”

“I know,” said Austin, still captivated by his transformation. The smell of his precum was intoxicating and it filled the room in seconds. “I just….I mean…whoa.”

One thing was for certain, there was no way he was getting it back in his undies now that it was out. He tried a few times to wedge the upright prick beneath his waist band but despite the elasticity of his sweatpants all he managed to do was rub more precum out. And he only seemed to be getting bigger.

“Shit,” he groaned. It really was sensitive.

Martin breathed deep. “It looks….like it hurts.”

“It’s really sore,” said Austin.


“Too hard?”

“Did you get off today?”

Austin scrunched up his face and tried again. No progress. He couldn’t even fit his whole hand around it. “Yeah, three times.”

Martin let out a nervous laugh. “And you’re still hard? Is that humanly possible?”

Austin finally gave up and let his dick spring back. “It’s hopeless.” He covered his face with his hands, horrified at his predicament. “I’m so sorry man.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Martin, much closer. Austin peaked through his fingers and found that Martin was stepping forward, bending over to get a closer look.

“Is that…is that precum?”

Austin watched as another droplet of precum squeezed from his piss slit. “Yeah, I guess.”

“I thought I precummed a lot. But that’s a loooooot more.”

Austin shifted his hips to get his balls into a more comfortable position. Martin drew back, but only a little.

“It smells kind of…” said Martin. He inched closer, eyes squinted.

“Yeah?” breathed Austin.

“It smells kind of odd. In a good way. Salty but also sweet…”



Austin chose that moment to dig into his boxers, rummage for the very little space that remained beneath his swollen balls, and to pull them free too.

Both boys whistled. Austin in relief and Martin in awe. Austin’s balls combined were the size of his fist and spilled from his palm. And, with their exposure, came a fresh, slightly musky aroma that complimented the precum’s scent perfectly.

Whether by accident or on purpose Martin inhaled it deeply and the aroma seemed to have an impact on him. Slowly he sank to his knees and as his face drew closer his eyes widened, then crossed as they stay focused on Austin’s throbbing dick.

“Smells like what?” Austin prompted.

“Like…” Martin’s eyes fluttered shut, finally, and his lips caressed the shaft of Austin’s dick. Austin let out a low moan in response as finally the soreness of his dick converted into a spark of pleasure.

“Like what?” he asked again with a smirk on his face.

“Like,” Martin groaned as he dragged his lips down to the base of Austin’s cock. “Like…” he planted his nose into the cushion of Austin’s balls and the rest of his words were lost. Lapping noises and moans began to fill the room as either boy settled into what seemed to be happening.

“Wait!” Martin surfaced a minute later and wiped his saliva off his nose. “Would you tell anyone if I…?”

Austin’s head was thrown all the way back. He lifted it up and dismissively waved off his hands. “Nah dude.” Then he guided Martin’s head back down onto his dick.

The lapping noises and moans grew into wet slurps and groans as Martin moved up Austin’s dick to the slippery tip. From there he began to lick around the head with tentative flicks of his soft tongue, adding his own saliva to the slickness of the shaft and making it gleam in the afternoon light. Austin watched, somewhat confused but ultimately content, with his hands behind his head.

“I’ve never done this,” said Martin.

Austin smiled. That was obviously a lie.

“It’s easy.”

Martin smiled and resumed his steady licking, eventually building up enough courage to open his pouty lips and take Austin’s head into his mouth. The suction came immediately after, pulsing between strong and soft as Martin swirled his tongue around and around.

Austin brought a hand to Martin’s neck. “Yeah, that’s right man. You’re doing great. Try to take a lil’ more…” Slowly he navigated Martin’s head down onto his dick, letting more and more of his cock slip into the boy’s hot mouth as Martin adjusted.

“Fuck,” said Austin as Martin eased into a steady pace. “Fuck man, you’ve got it. You know what you’re doing.”

Martin, meanwhile, was all electricity. He’d known he was going to suck that dick the moment Austin wiped it out. There was something tantalizing about it; the size, the shape, the way those glorious veins ran up it, the precum, and those soft, fuzzy balls. It had been a fantasy that had constructed in his head all at once and now, minutes later, he was living it.

But he was inexperienced and try as he might the rest of the dick wouldn’t fit into his throat. He could feel the precum loosening him up but he was impatient and—as it turned out—he was smart. He knew how to solve problems.

With a huff he pulled off Austin’s cock. “You’re huge, man,” he wheezed. “I can’t fit it all in.”

Austin’s eyes were understanding but lustful. He seemed to be waiting for Martin to go on.

“At least not with this present formation.”


Martin smiled slyly. “What do we do with an equation that’s stumped us?”

Slowly Austin’s face broke into a grin. “Flip it around.”


Before Martin could even blink his stomach was up against the kitchen counter and he was being bent over it. There were clumsy hands fumbling around his belt, undoing his buttons, and all at once he felt cool air on the inside of his thighs.

“Wait!” Martin’s voice was high and nervous. “I can’t…I mean I’ve never taken a dick up—”

“I know,” Austin growled, pulling Martin’s hips back so the tutor was holding onto the counter with both hands.

Then Martin felt it. A tongue that seemed endless, slathering up and down his crack, circling around his virgin hole and eventually burrowing its way into it. The assault was steady and interrupted only by the carnal growls of Austin as he occasionally came up for air.

“This ass,” he said after several minutes of aggressive rimming. “Is amazing.” He slapped it and watched the two globes ripple like rubber.

“Ah! Aaaah!” Martin bit his lip to keep from moaning too loud.

Austin’s hands had been planted on Martin’s hips but they quickly moved to pull down Martin’s briefs the rest of the way, exposing his own rock hard cock. Quickly, without mercy, Austin pumped out some precum and, nearly imperceptible among the riot of pleasure focused on Martin’s ass, he began to finger Martin’s hole..

“Almost there,” said Austin between the wet squelches and Martin’s erratic moans.

“Just fuck me,” said Martin. He couldn’t wait. Something told him he didn’t have to. Despite seeing the size of that cock he felt an utter calmness in his mind. A focus on his lust and nothing else, but without fear or panic.

Then he felt his ass being lined up with something that felt large, much too large to be a dick, and he wondered if he’d made a mistake. No sooner had that thought crossed his mind when Austin’s precum began to work into Martin’s ass and, like magic, Martin’s muscles began to relax.

No, Martin thought. They weren’t relaxing. They were preparing. Preparing for a pounding.

Parker didn’t notice that he was getting hard in Owen’s mouth. Or he pretended not to notice. Owen, meanwhile, was back at it, bobbing upwards and running his tongue under the soft length.

“Dude,” Parker scoffed. “It’s just a fucking prank. It’s a joke. You can stop now. I know you’re not a fag. I was messing with you. You don’t have to—ah!”

Salty precum splashed across Owen’s tongue. He lapped it up quickly and swallowed. Images of Aiden’s cock poised above him flashed before his eyes and he sucked harder.

“Dude, it’s a prank. It’s over,” said Parker in protest, but it was too late. His cock rapidly rose to an erection and filled Owen’s mouth. Parker tried to pull out but, thinking quick, Owen let his teeth graze over the cock’s sensitive head.

“What the fuck?” Parker sneered. Owen looked at him and saw that Parker was scared. Both his hand were pressed against the headboard of the bed and his mouth was propped open in disbelief.

With Parker’s cock still plugged into his tight lips, Owen slowly pulled his arms free from where they’d been pinned. Probably thinking this meant the end of the odd dual, Parker obliged, but he was wrong. Very wrong. Quickly Owen wrapped his arms around Parker’s hips and pulled his pelvis into a bear hug, driving Parker’s dick deep into his throat.

“Shit, dude, what are you doing?” Parker gasped. He buckled a bit but managed to keep himself upright. “I’m not—I’m not—”

Parker’s head swam with images. He tried to resort to his old method of warding off a boner by imagining non-sexual things like family members and gruesome scenes from his service, but suddenly his memory was dry. What replaced it was a fixation on the smell of the room—a fruity musk he’d never known before—and the muffled gulping coming from Owen’s wet mouth.

What was happening to him? Was he this some sort of drug? Was it a trick?

“Don’t!” Parker pleaded as Owen slobbered down the length of his cock, taking the whole thing in steady gulps. “Don’t turn me into a fag, man. I’m not gay. I’m straight….I’m not gaaaay…I’m…I’m…uuuhhh….holy shit!”—Ä®Owen doubled his efforts. Parker was certainly a grower, he concluded, with a the whole of his straining mouth now bulging with the hard dick, long cock. But he was desperate for it and, on a certain level, he knew what he was doing. He could feel the chemicals that had taken root in his brain in the showers slowly seeping out of his saliva, soaking into Parker’s skin, saturating his blood.

“Don’t make me a fag,” Parker was whimpering, but slowly he began to pump his hips in time with the protest. “Don’t,” he said, pushing his cock into Owen’s throat. “Don’t,” he said as he slid it out and shoved in again.

Owen slowly released his grip on Parker, knowing he’d won. He’d turned the tables. He’d played his cards with patience and now the sweaty marine was face fucking him without a hint of restraint. All he had to do was finish the deed. All he had to do was get what he’d come in here for—a load he’d been dreaming about for days.

Free to do as he pleased with his hands, Owen snaked and arm through Parker’s parted legs and grasped his own cock. Maybe it was just the rush of being face fucked but he was sure he was larger now, even more so from when he’d started jacking off with the jock strap. He slowly wanked himself, gauging the thickness, and then he felt his fuzzy balls.

He was definitely bigger. What was happening to his body?

Owen pulled off of Parker’s dick and eyed his package. Sure enough his formerly substantial cock, usually at 7 inches hard, had swelled up to something monstrous in comparison. He might even have been on par with Parker’s monster meat! He didn’t have time to think about it before Parker’s said, “Why the fuck did you fucking stop?” Then Parker followed Owen’s gaze to Owen’s cock and his voice dropped. “Fuck. Never thought I’d say this but that looks mighty tasty.”

The bed squeaked and cried out as Parker dismounted Owen’s chest and rolled onto his side, his face close to Owen’s hips. “Damn,” he whispered. “Is that all precum?”

“Yeah,” Owen gasped. His eyes were trained on Parker’s member still, which bobbed inches from him. Pretending to move onto his side to reinitiate sucking, Owen slid his hips forward and stamped a glistening glob of precum right on Parker’s lips.

“Shit,” Parker wiped it off quickly. “I’m not fucking gay, man. I just said it looked tasty, not that I wanted to try it. I only moved so you could deep throat. Jesus. What the fuck is wrong with your faggot ass?”

Owen plunged back onto Parker’s dick and the man stopped cussing. He seemed to either be inert with pleasure or fascinated by newfound possibilities as his body’s chemistry rearranged itself. Either way, Parker was precumming like no other and Owen wasn’t letting a drop escape. He savored each spurt, feeling it travel down his throat and fill him with a maddening warmth.

“Dude,” Parker stammered. “Your cock…it’s like….growing?”

Owen ignored him and swallowed another glob of precum.

“What the fuck?” Parker whispered, but his words were soon pushed back into his throat as he began to guide his mouth onto Owen’s waiting cock. Within minutes both guys were moaning as they pressed their faces deep into each others pubes, savoring the smell of precum and sweat.

Martin didn’t know where his shirt was. But he didn’t care. He was glad it was gone because what had replaced it was Austin’s hands, large and strong, running all over his chest, his nipples, he stomach and his neck as Austin’s mouth nibbled at his shoulders. Martin moaned with every touch and, all the while, was amazed at the feeling of his virgin ass slowly being spread apart to accommodate what he estimated was the volume of a cucumber.

It didn’t match up. He knew it didn’t match up. Like with any problem he couldn’t solve in the moment he made a mental note to reexamine it later.

“Almost there,” whispered Austin. His hands slowly found Martin’s own dick and began to grip it lightly at the base. “Almost there. Just a little—AH!”

Austin pulled out suddenly. Martin gasped and twisted over his shoulder to see the jock standing back with a quizzical look on his face.

“Why’d you pull out man?”

The hand Austin had been using to jack off Martin was shiny. He looked at it with doubt and then pointed. “Your cock man. It…throbbed.”

“That’s normal.”

“No no, look,” said Austin as he spun Martin to face him.

They both looked down at Martin’s dick. Martin didn’t know if he’d ever been so hard in his life and his cock showed it to boot, a thick 6.5 inches swinging out from his hips.

Austin examined it but nothing happened. “Are you sure?” asked Martin.

“Yeah, it grew.”

Martin was impatient. He’d given himself over to his carnal lust and now this dumb jock was playing paranoid games. Quickly he thought of a way to satisfy both.

“Get on your back,” said Martin.


“Get on your back. I’ll face you while we fuck. You can watch my cock if that’s what you want.”

Austin nodded slowly and then, without further conversation, pulled Martin into a deep kiss. Their tongues pushed past each other’s and wrestled, swallowing their moans, and Martin felt Austin’s strong arms lifting him up and then lowering them to the floor.

“Hop back on,” Austin joked, and Martin obliged. Quickly he gained back the ground he lost, easier than the first time Austin had entered him, and gradually he worked himself into a slow pace. All the while they kept kissing while Martin dragged himself up and down, up and down, using his powerful thighs as leverage.

“Lean back,” Austin instructed. Martin obeyed, getting into a squat and placing his hands behind himself. His cock pointed straight at the ceiling and Austin grabbed onto it like a joy stick. Then they began fucking again, quickly, urgently, and Austin felt his flow of precum resume in abundance.

“Oh fuck,” Martin groaned as the warm precum seeped into his muscles, giving him a warming sensation. “I can feel it! I can feel it!”

“Fucking shit,” swore Austin. In his very hands he could feel Martin’s cock growing. Thickening. Between his own legs he could feel his own shaft converting its pent up soreness into a new sensation, a sensation of expansion.

“What are you doing?” said Martin between shallow breaths. His head rolled back in pleasure but he fought to concentrate.

“I don’t know, man,” panted Austin. “But I’m getting close. Your ass is so fucking tight.”

“Oh yeah?” Martin winked and squeezed his powerful ass muscles. Austin let out a monstrous groan and had to bite his lip to keep from cumming. Instead, he felt a large shot of precum rocket up into Martin’s ass and, one second later, he felt Martin’s cock twitch and grow a bit more.

Austin’s eye widened in awe. There was no way this was happening. Swinging up and down before him was the cock he’d seen several minutes before except now it was huge. Like, porn star huge, he thought. And it had to be the same cock. His hands hadn’t left it. Cautiously he let it go, watching it with boyish fascination as it flopped up and down, up and down, slapping against Martin’s abs and then slapping against Austin’s stomach, drawing a stick thread of precum between both.

He thought of his own cock. His usual heftiness felt far behind him now, somehow small even though he knew better. Experimentally he slipped a hand to his shaft below Martin’s rhythmic fucking and that’s when he felt his balls, nearly double what in size from when he’d first pulled them free. And his shaft? He had to use his other hand just to get his hands around it.

“Fucking shit,” he hissed. “Your ass is incredible.”

“Your cock is incredible,” Martin said back. He moved himself onto his knees and brought his body down against Austin’s, kissing him deeply as the jock took over pounding his ass.

Parker’s mind was a mess of lust, pleasure, and confusion. How had something so simple gone so wrong? He’d forced guys to try and get him hard before, probably close to one hundred during his time in service, and never once had he gotten even a semi-boner. He was the master of his own cock. Now, however, all he could think about were all the studly mouths he’d forced his dick into. All he could think about was how many times he could have cummed onto another officer’s face and hadn’t. In a way he felt like this was a fitting fate; he knew beyond a doubt he would make up for it, for everything.

Through the fog in his head he made out the sound of choking and quickly he realized it was him, his own throat gagging as the cock stretched him to his limits. But he didn’t let up. He couldn’t. He felt like Owen’s mouth on his own dick was a drug pumping into his body, making his insides glow, and no matter how badly he wanted to cum he didn’t seem able. At least not yet. It was simultaneously maddening and completely erotic. It was as if the pleasure of his cock being serviced paled in comparison to the feeling of having his face fucked, and the only way he might accomplish orgasm was through slobbering down as much of the dick in front of him as he could.

And Parker was a determined bastard.

There was one thing, though, that he couldn’t quite comprehend. He’d never seen Owen’s cock before and so he didn’t have a good idea of its size but he could have sworn the kid was fully hard when he’d first started going down on him. Now the new length of the dick in his throat contested that. In fact, as another pulse plumped up Owen’s cock, Parker’s concept of the boy’s dick continued to be contested.

And so was Parker’s jaw. How long could he go on for before exhaustion set in and he cramped up?

He didn’t care. Endurance was sort of his thing too.

Owen was equally perplexed. Maybe it was Parker’s morning job, or maybe it was the sexually energy, but Parker had never looked so good. His muscles were pumped up, his skin glistened with sweat, and his cock just kept seeping that awesome precum for Owen to guzzle down.

His manly moans were so sexy. Owen loved hearing the older guy choke and groan as he ground his hips into the Marine’s face. Honestly he was surprised that Parker was able to last so long against the oral assault, but then again wasn’t he also receiving expert head? It seemed like a short time ago that he was just sniffing a jock strap but in reality he knew it must have been close to thirty minutes since Parker’s cock had first grown hard on his tongue.

Owen had to cum. His balls ached for it. More importantly he needed Parker to cum. His whole body was begging for that. As Parker began to face fuck him, he obediently opened his mouth wider. He felt the dick push into his throat, down his neck, and he wondered for the hundredth time if his dreams had prepared him for this assault.

Owen heard a wet gag followed by a sloppy slapping noise, then he felt cold air on his cock. Parker’s breathing was heavy as he caught his breath, then he said, “Your dick man…”

“Hmmm?” Owen moaned as he slurped up and down Parker’s rod, flicking his tongue across the piss slit to grab every drop of precum.

Parker didn’t finish his thought. He was back on Owen’s dick a second later but, Owen noticed, he seemed to be getting less and less of it down. His mouth felt smaller, like he was making his lips tighter and tighter. It felt like he was struggling and Owen found it hot.

“Fucking shit,” Parker would sigh every minute or so. His voice was full of wonder and lust and—Owen was sure of it—envy.

Parker pulled back with a gasp.”You’re fucking hung, man. I thought you were hard before, but you’re bigger than I thought.”

Owen scrunched up his face but kept sucking. What was that suppose to mean? The odd words sat on his mind as Parker began to lick down and up his shaft and, slowly, he realized that perhaps he did feel a little more weighted. Just out of curiosity he shot a glance downward and what he saw made him gag in surprise.

“What the hell?” he blurted, sitting up and starring at the new wonder between his legs. Was that his dick? As it appeared and reappeared from Parker’s lips, Owen’s dick was increasingly unrecognizable. The deep pink color was right, so was the basic shape (thick base, a gentle upward curve and an abrupt, flared mushroom tip), but what he had once known to be his 7 inch penis was now comically larger. At least by several inches, both in length and in girth, and the balls hanging off it couldn’t have been human.

Owen began to feel fear. He jerked his hips back, extracting his cock from Parker’s hungry mouth with a wet pop, and pawed at it with curious hands. It certainly felt like it belonged to him.

“What?” Parker sounded pissed. “You close or something?”

“Umm,” Owen mumbled, captured in the pleasure of slowing jacking his new monster cock off.

“What?” Parker nudged his shoulder, not in a nice way. “You fucking backing out?”

Owen turned towards him with a dumb expression. “Huh?”

“Oh hell no,” Parker growled, and for the second time he was throwing Owen into a pinned position. This time, however, Owen was on his back while Parker moved them into a new sixty nine.

“We’re finishing what you started. There’s no way I’m letting your fag ass outta here until we do.”

Owen was bewildered, but as Parker’s dick smashed into his upturned lips he opened them without protest. Meanwhile he felt his own cock enwrapped once again in Parker’s eager mouth and within seconds the fear he’d felt holding his swollen cock in both hands had converted into renewed lust.

Parker face fucked Owen slowly at first, finding his balance and his stride with each pump of his hips. And, if Owen’s twitching cock was any indication, Parker knew the kid was loving it as much as he was. Plus this knew position let Parker really experiment with opening up his throat, stretching his jaw, and in no time at all he was gagging down inch after inch dick. Owen’s cock was spouting precum like a geyser and Parker lapped it up like a dog. It turned him on to the point that he nearly forgot he was fucking a guy’s face as hard as he used to pound chicks. Realizing this he expected to feel a wave of revulsion, but something about the cute, gasping noises that struggled out of Owen’s writhing body turned him on even more.

“I’m close man,” whispered Parker between gulps.


“Real close.”


“Your fag ass ready to swallow my load?”

Owen moaned loudly.

“You gonna drink down that cum? That’s man’s cum, right there.”

Owen crammed his mouth onto Parker’s huge dick, squeezing as much of the throbbing length into his throat as he could, clutching the stud’s balls hard, and obediently Parker began to spasm and jerk in his mouth. Owen felt his jaw flex wider, his throat open up as the cum rushed from Parker’s balls and down the many inches of his cock, blasting from his cockhead down down down into Owen’s throat.

Owen moaned into the orgasm and prayed it would never end. He could feel his body changing as it absorbed the cum. He could feel his muscles contracting and swelling as they took in the magical proteins. As the base of his own dick he felt a gradual thickening and, as Parker’s orgasm subsided, he felt his own balls begin to ready themselves.

“Shit,” Parker pulled off again. “You’re a fucking horse, man.”

This time Owen wasn’t surprised. “Oh yeah?” he said as Parker’s cock slipped from his mouth. He licked his lips greedily.

Parker was fervently trying to fit the tip of Owen’s cock into his mouth. He was able to cram in an inch or so before the thickness defeated him. Owen watched, incredibly turned on by Parker’s struggle, but his urge to cum was overpower his patience.

His eyes fixed onto his nuts, each nearly the size of a tennis ball, and his hunger for cum returned tenfold. Without thinking about what he was doing or how Parker would react, he pushed the Marine’s head out of the way and muttered, “I got this.” Then he hooked his elbows behind his knees, hoisted his legs up, and slapped his cum-slick lips right onto the shining knob of his own dick.

“Dude…” Parker whispered from his side. Owen braced himself for a cuss or condemnation. He didn’t care. All he wanted was to taste his own cum.

“That’s fucking hot…” whistled Parker.

Owen moaned. His own mouth felt so goddamn good on his dick.

Parker moved over him, bashful and flustered with his eagerness. “So fucking hot…” he kept muttering. He seemed to be waiting for Owen to instruct him but Owen was too caught up in what he was doing to drop a hint.

“So hot,” Parker repeated. Then, wordlessly, he unrolled his panting tongue and smothered his face into Owen’s upturned hole.

“You fucking like that cock?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“You like when I dick your hole like that?”


Martin scooted down a bit more on the kitchen table, giving Austin optimal access to his abused hole. His hands were on either side of his ass, spreading his cheeks apart, willing his body to open wider and wider for Austin’s massive dick.

Austin’s lips were raw from kissing but he couldn’t stop. Martin’s face, a mix of anguish, guilt and ecstasy, had to be kissed. For the past thirty minutes he switched off between shoving his tongue down Martin’s throat, shoving his tongue into Martin’s ass, and shoving his cock into Martin’s ass, and shoving his cock into Martin’s throat. He couldn’t focus on any task for long before Martin’s bucking and moaning inspired him to try something else. This is how they’d ended up fucking on the kitchen table, with textbooks and notes splayed out beneath them. There simply was no other option. They’d traversed the floor, they’d tried each counter, they’d even fucked up against the refrigerator. Both boys felt imminently close to climax but neither seemed to be able to cum, and so instead of slowing down they just kept screwing.

“You want me to fucking breed your hole?”

Martin’s head craned back and he groaned loudly.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” growled Austin as he commenced upon a series of short, piston thrusts. Martin’s hole flexed around his cock and he felt his balls tingle as they released even more precum.

Austin didn’t understand it. Martin’s hole was like putty against his cock, yet so tight on the inside. It was as though it was adept at taking this sort of abuse, yet fresh as can be. He reminded himself that Martin was a virgin and then tried to ignore the fact that, despite Martin’s recently deceased status as a virgin, the boy was taking a cock that was easily a foot long.

A cock that was attached to Austin, which was weird.

And there was always Martin’s cock which, during their extended session, seemed to have double in length. With each thrust it slapped over Martin’s abs, flicking precum this way and that.

Austin bit his lip and smoothed his hands out over Martin’s chest.

“Your hair is fucking hot.”

Martin’s face was quizzical for a second. “My what?”

“Your chest hair.”

Martin glanced down at his chest and, sure enough, Austin’s hands clutched a coating of downy fur. Fur he had not woken up with.

His eyes rolled back as Austin prodded his prostate over and over. He added it to the eighteen other things he wanted to figure out later. Among other things they included: his knew, toned muscles, his ability to take a cock, his sudden lust for Austin, his hunger for cock in general, and, of course, his own newly-massive erection swinging from his newly-massive balls.

“I’m getting close!” wheezed Austin.

Martin’s hands ran all along his own stomach, his own chest, tweaking his nipples and dragging through the hair on his new, defined pecs. Part of him wanted to keep going but a part of him was desperate for a break to think and reflect.

For the first time during their tutoring session, logic won out. Martin pulled Austin into a deep kiss and began a regiment of squeezing his ass as hard as he could, kneading the precum out of Austin in double-time with the kid’s thrusts.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Austin chanted.

Martin could practically hear the stretching of his skin as it was made taught by his straining muscles. He could almost hear the rustling of the hair as it wound from his skin, growing on his chest, his stomach, his ass, his legs. His hands found his cock and he began to jack himself off, savoring the electric tickle he felt on his hands each time they plunged down the slippery pole and into his pubes.

“FUCK!” Austin was giving it hard to Martin now, dragging as much of his dick out of Martin as he could, stopping short with just the tip of his cock buried in Martin’s gaping hole, then shoving back in. Each time Martin would cry out, tense up, and Austin would feel himself inch closer to climax.

“I’m coming!” Austin barked on the third shove. He tried to pull out but Martin’s ass fastened around him, a vice as soft as it was hot, and he collapsed onto the kitchen table as his body was evacuated of its load. He was shaking like a junky in withdrawal, shaking all over, but somehow he found the will to get his legs beneath him. He pulled up slowly, letting his cock slide free, and he reviewed his work.

Martin’s body was a sculpted, carved version of its former self. Hair grew thick between his chest, which bulged with new, pert muscle, and formed a tantalizing trail down his cut abs to his forest of pubes.

Martin liked being looked at like this. He opened his legs up so that Austin could see his hole, which he knew was dribbling cum.

Austin bent down, fascinated by the transformation, and before he was fully aware of what he was doing his tongue was pressing into Martin’s ass again, slurping up his own semen. Martin clenched and unclenched his abused hole, torn between letting the magic substance out or keeping it all in, for himself.

When Austin surfaced his face was red.

“My turn,” he said.

Martin looked at him through a cloud of pleasure.


“My turn,” Austin reiterated.

Martin blinked at him. Was he ready to go again?

Austin began to kiss the inside of Martin’s thigh. “Aren’t you always saying that the best way to learn something is to go through it a few times, a few different ways?”

Martin felt himself nodding. Austin smirked. Slowly Martin sat, unaccustomed to the natural power humming in his new physique but intrigued about the control it seemed to have over Austin, who moments before had been dirty talking like the most dominant top.

“Get on your back,” Martin ordered. “And show me that pretty little hole.”

It wasn’t as though Owen had an especially big mouth. It wasn’t as though he’d sucked so much dick that he was used to opening up wide. Yet somehow, despite Parker’s trouble to so much as fit the head of Owen’s cock into his mouth, Owen found himself inches down his own throat.

It was probably a few things: the first was the magical precum that seemed to be stretching his jaw for him. Second, he was the most turned on he’d ever been, and his determination was lit like a bonfire in his gut. And third, Parker was pressing his face into Owen’s ass with such force that Owen had to do very little to keep himself curled over himself, like a gymnast.

It was a divine combination. The very last touch—the touch that pushed Owen over the edge—was feeling the wide flare of his cockhead sink into him further, opening him up, widening his throat, cutting off his air.

He had to cum or else he was going to suffocate. And how would that look in the papers? Hung Jock Found Lifeless, Auto-Fellatio To Blame.

Owen’s eyes were watering. He was moaning unrelentingly, the groans vibrating out of his sweating chest in time with Parker’s tongue as it dug into his slick hole. Owen looked down the length of his dick and his eyes met Parker’s. There was such an element of carnal lust in those eyes. Owen knew he had done that. It was his victory and his salvation.

He came. Hard. His balls drawing up and emptying themselves down the curve of his shaft, rocketing the cum out of his knob and into the tight grip of his mouth like a super soaker.

Slowly, Owen eased his dick out of his mouth as it began to limp up. He rolled onto his back, Parker kneeling over him and watching him with that same hint of admiration and lust that Owen had seen seconds before he came. He was spent, but his sex drive had not plummeted. He felt hornier than ever.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Parker. He wasn’t angry. He sounded mystified. “I never got hard when the other guys tried. Never. I was a legend.”

Owen shrugged. “So?”

Parker was playing with his softening dick. Even back in its limp state it still looked huge. Even bigger than it had when Parker had shoved it up against Owen’s face.

“So….” Parker mumbled. “You’re not gonna tell your brother right? He’ll kill me.”

“Secrets safe with me,” said Owen. His hands cupped his own cock. Definitely bigger, even soft. His hands grazed his body lazily. His muscles felt like they’d just gotten a great workout.

“Say, weren’t you supposed to be sick in bed?” asked Parker.

“Yeah,” said Owen with a smile. “But I’m feeling much better.”

“Good,” said Parker as he moved onto his side again. Owen felt his hands being moved away and a warm breath blew across his balls, followed quickly by a large, wet tongue. Still smiling he shifted sideways, only to come face to face with Parker’s rock hard cock again.

Yup, Owen thought. Definitely bigger this time.

“No,” Parker said airily. Owen flinched, realizing he was about to be told off.

But all Parker said was, “On your stomach. I gotta get a taste of that hole.”

Owen got onto his stomach sheepishly.

“What?” Parker asked.

“Can you…” Owen began to turn red. His eyes settled onto Parker’s cock, which was half hard already.

“What?” Parker urged.

“Face fuck me again?”

Parker’s face was unreadable. Then he said, “Go put your laundry in the dryer. We’re gonna need to wash some more sheets before everyone gets home.”

Part 8

Aiden’s sleep was dreamless. His body had nothing to dream with. The moment he touched his bed, his exhaustion reached up and dragged him down into slumber, and he didn’t move for a long, long time.

He’d barely made it home without passing out from the exertion of his previous evening in the showers with Cross. Every inch of him ached with pain and pleasure; the pain from the multitude of strains his body was forced to endure; the pleasure with the memory of what had inflicted those strains. Cross’s hands grabbing his body. Cross’s mouth in a million different places. Cross’s bulging muscles, always bulging bigger, and that mammoth trunk swinging between his legs—always bulging bigger.

In the early hours of morning, Aiden’s mind began to process the memories. Scenes glowed in his sleeping head. It seemed almost comical—the bodies, their size, the proportions and the actions—had it even really happened? Still sleeping, a hand flopped down between his spread legs and caressed the bare flesh of his inner thigh. Aiden’s body sighed, the bed creaked, and his thumb found the pucker of his ass. Another sigh and Aiden was dreaming of Jack’s lips brushing across his thumb, suckling the tip and then sucking it inside his mouth. It was wet and hot and intoxicating. Another finger in. Aiden moaned, watching a third vanished into Jack’s circled lips.

In his sleep, Aiden heard the bed creak again, but it was a tiny sound compared to the deafening drone of his own moans in his dream. More pressing was the pressure between his ass cheeks, which was pulsing with increasing demand until his eyes fluttered open.

Immediately he felt that his hand was numb and he retracted it from where it was wedged—between his now-closed legs—and he felt himself shudder as god-only-knows-how-many fingers were sucked from his ass. He flexed his fingers until he could feel the slickness on them, and he realized it was his own saliva.

Determinately, he wedged both hands under his pillow and drifted back to sleep. Until, that is, another numbness woke him up. This time it wasn’t just his hand. This time it was his arms, both of them, and his thighs. In his dreamy state he didn’t know what to make of his fumbling paralysis, and he jerked beneath his covers in overcompensation.

The sound of cloth being torn asunder broke through the morning quiet and left Aiden, stunned, with blood rushing into his formerly constricted limbs. He’d dressed for bed hastily, only noting that the t-shirt he’d fit over his shoulder was an extra large, and that the boxers he’s jammed his ass into weren’t boxers; they were old, stretchy gym shorts.

But now everything was rags beneath him. Groggily, he sat up and heaved his legs over the side of the bed. Then he stood. Gradually his unfocused eyes found their way to his mirror, and Aiden let out a low groan of horror.

Brian and Jack hadn’t bothered to put clothes back on after their long, hot shower in the dark morning hours before. Now, as the sound of Jack’s phone woke them both, it was clear Brian was more than a little rueful of his unabashed nudity.

While Jack slipped from his bed to find his phone in the piles of discarded clothes and towels, Brian drew further beneath the covers. Normally he wasn’t ashamed of his body—there was little to be ashamed of when you had Brian’s body—but the context of his bare skin made him turn red. It brought to memory all the things he’d moaned the night before. He couldn’t bare repeating them to himself now, but he didn’t have to: the soreness in his legs spoke for him, along with the ache in his abused ass. Even the healthy glow of his skin felt accusatory, as though the way his body greedily absorbed Jack’s cum was a betrayal he’d failed to control.

He stretched, wondering who would be calling Jack so early. Slowly the tension unwound from his muscles, melting from him as he kneaded his various pains and aches, until he felt smoothed out from the nights shenanigans. He was straight. No questions asked. Jack knew he was straight. They’d just been playing around.

Then Jack reentered the room and Brian’s wandering eyes settled on the long cock protruding from Jack’s still-naked pelvis. It had taken him ten minutes to shake the shame he’d woken up with, but it only took one glance to convert the shame into lust.

His as began to beg him for a ride, and he had half a mind to ask, but Jack’s face was contorted with worry.

“Who was that on the phone?” Brian asked.

“Aiden,” Jack mumbled distantly. “He’s…in trouble. I’m so sorry, but I’ve got to go help him out.”

“I’ll come too,” Brian said.

Jack shook his head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I don’t have my car here,” Brian confessed. “I kinda thought I’d grab a ride home from you.”

Jack thought about this. Then his phone began to ring in his hand, and his pained glance confirmed that it was Aiden calling. Again.

“Shit,” Jack said. “Okay. Fine.”

They dressed without speaking, and Jack let Aiden borrow a toothbrush. Then they left for Aiden’s house, which was only a few miles away.

But Jack didn’t drive to Aiden’s. He drove right past Aiden’s house, circled to the other side of the block, and parked on the street.

“We’ve got to be quiet,” said Jack. “We’re gonna use the backdoor so Aiden’s parents don’t see us.”

“Why?” Brian asked. “What’s going on?”

“Dunno,” breathed Jack. “Aiden just said he was….a mess.”

Right now Jack was wishing he could tell Brian what was going on, but he honestly didn’t know. He only had the text from Adien from last night, which alluded to some event between Cross and Aiden. And he didn’t know if he could trust Brian yet. They’d had some wild sex only hours before but, at the end of it, how much had they really talked? Brian had revealed his affiliation with Cross, or rather Cross’s cock, and it was enough to make Jack a little skeptical.

But maybe Brian would be useful. That’s why Jack had agreed to bring the Latino stud along.

They left the car unlocked and jogged between two houses, then hopped a fence into Aiden’s backyard. Jack sent off a quick text message and a shadow in the upstairs window shifted. After a few minutes of stillness, the backdoor opened and they jogged to it.

“Aiden?” Jack whispered.

“I’m coming,” came Aiden’s deep voice. He sounded frazzled and sort of loopy. There was a soft thud, a swear, and then Aiden said, “I’m just a little…caught.”

Brian watched with curiosity as a massive bundle of green and yellow sheets began to push through the ajar door. It was Aiden, but he was heavily swathed in a comforter, and only a wedge of his face was visible.

“Ready,” he said.

Brian and Jack exchanged a look. Brian wanted to laugh, but the edge in Jack’s eyes stopped him. Together, they grabbed corners of Aiden’s makeshift cacoon and dragged him through the bushes, over the fence, back between the houses, and into Jack’s car.

With the comforter wrapped around him, Aiden barely fit in the small vehicle. Brian had to push his seat all the way up to the dashboard so that Aiden could even enter the car, and even then it was a struggle. Through the rearview mirror, it looked like a circus tent had crammed itself into the backseat, with Aiden’s cloudy eyes at the center.

As they drove away, Brian ventured a question.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Jack.

“I’m…” began Aiden. “I’m sick.”

Brian thought about the bug that was spreading around the soccer team. Why would Aiden be sneaking out if he had a fever? This was exactly why coach had called off last week’s practices.

A few minutes later they were back at Jack’s house, where they transporated Aiden through the kitchen door with lots of pushing and pulling. Aiden, no matter how many times Brian begged, would not drop his comforter.

“I’ll die,” he said dramatically. “I’m not well, man. Seriously.”

Brian could hear by Aiden’s voice that it was true. Aiden’s voice was deeper, a growl, and it shook with the shivers that raced through his body.

“Basement,” Jack said decisively, and he led away. “You stay up here,” he said to Brian, and before Brian could follow the door had been shut in his face.

Jack’s basement was finished like a rec room, with a few low couches around the perimeter and a pool table that was barely used and had been pushed off to the side. Aiden knew the space well, having fucked Jack more than a few times up against the pool table, but he bumbled down the stairs like a disoriented beast. He hit the bottom step too hard, tripped over a fold in his comforter, and before Jack could even ask what was going on Aiden was splayed out on his stomach, the sheet unraveled beneath him.

Jack let out a whistle, then glanced to make sure the basement door was shut. It was.

Aiden looked over his shoulder at Jack from the small crater of sheets. The only thing recognizable were his kind, guilty eyes.

“Aiden…” Jack’s tone was a question.

Aiden turned over. Jack’s gaze fell like a pinball down the hard lines of the other jock’s body, bouncing back and forth along his abdominals until they finally met their end, at Aiden’s pelvis.

“I can explain,” said Aiden.

It seemed like it took Jack forever to surface from the basement, and when he did he didn’t even pause to tell Brian what was going on. Jack just brushed upstairs to “make a call,” and Brian was left on his own downstairs. It didn’t take him long to figure out what was going on, and soon he was at the basement door listening.

“Hello?” he called softly.

No answer from Aiden below. No answer from Jack above. Brian’s hand curled around the knob and opened the door just enough to slip through. The stairs were dark and Brian didn’t know where the lights were, so he clutched the railing and descended.

“Aiden?” he questioned. “I know what you did.” He took a few more steps. Somewhere in the basement he could hear Aiden moving. He could smell his sweat and deodorant. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Brian reassured him. “I’ve been hung over before too. If you need help, man, just ask. You just gotta drink a lot of water, and eat something…”

Brian’s hands found the lights and with a snap the room was illuminated.

At first Brian didn’t see the other boy, his eyes not registering the mass of muscled flesh as another person until they finally adjust to the brightness. And then, when he realized he was looking at a real person, he couldn’t bring himself to reconcile the person as the boy he’d known as Aiden. Everything was different. His arms, his legs, his chest, his shoulders, his back; everything was a mass of taught chords of muscle, winding through Aiden’s limbs in such definition that he looked like an anatomical diagram. He was so bulky it seemed ludicrous that he could even move, even the smallest motion causing one bulge to grind with another, displaying the firm tension of his rounded ass, dimpled back, curved triceps and heavy chest. Even the bones of his face had magnified in their masculinity, not to mention the smattering of stubble across his jaw.

“Oh. My. God.” Brian scoffed. “I thought you were hung over. This whole time I thought you were just…” his mouth caught on the word, sagging open at the sight of Aiden’s manhood laid out on the floor. He hadn’t noticed it upon first review, because his mind had been unable to register such a large piece of flesh as a cock. It looked more like an arm, or Aiden’s thigh beneath some folds. Or really anything other than what it was.

“Just…” Brian’s mind lagged.

“Just what?” Aiden’s voice growled.

“Hung…” Brian was unable to finish the sentence, a flurry of desires overtaking his ability to speak. He felt his jaw clench and unclench. He denied the urge, but he felt his ass clench too.

“What happened?” Brian stammered. “Is that…is that really you, man?”

Aiden nodded hesitantly.

“Your dick…” Brian’s eyes kept bouncing downwards.

Aiden finished the sentence. “It hurts.”

“It hurts?”

“Yeah,” Aiden said bashfully. “It’s sore. So are my balls. Like your muscles get when you work out hard.”

Brian swallowed. “Your balls?”

Aiden nodded as he dug two large hands into the sheet. It took some rearranging, but eventually he pulled forth his balls.

“Fuck,” he groaned, event he slightest pressure sending sparks over his skin. Each nut filled a palm, and each palm could pick up a volleyball. Aiden’s head rolled back as he tugged at the firm, fuzzy flesh, and without realizing it he began to get hard.

Brian let out a whistle, then glanced to make sure the basement door was shut. It was. He turned back to Aiden and felt a weakness in his knees. Unable to think of any alternative, he sat back on his haunches and watched the mammoth boy bring himself to full mast.

Aiden was obviously pained, and Brian wanted to help, but the mix of bizarreness and sexuality caught his tongue and held it. Aiden, however, had shucked his shyness. Cracking one eyes open, Aiden looked at Brian’s tenting shorts and said, “You still want to help?”

Brian crawled through the dunes of comforter. Aiden seemed even bigger up close, all encompassing. And his dick! Brian had no way of knowing, but he had to estimate Aiden’s manhood to be over a foot, and hardly hard. It was still plump and fleshy, a semi-boner, and it was as thick as Brian’s calf. Veins as big as power cords coursed beneath the thin skin and—was it Brian’s imagination?—he thought he could hear them pulsing.

Brian scooted closer, sucking in the manly sent of Aiden’s sweat, and slowly wrapped his hands around the shaft. Immediately Aiden’s face scrunched up and his body went rigid.

“Ah!” he groaned. “Be careful, dude. I told you, I’m fucking sore.”

“Sorry,” Brian whispered. All he wanted to do was squeeze the stiffening flesh of the most incredible cock he’d ever seen, but he forced his grip to lighten and instead matched his hands to the slowly kneading of Aiden’s own hands. In minutes Aiden was hard, the slit of his cocktip facing Brian down like a challenge. All in all, the mushroom tip was the size of Brian’s two hands laced finger over finger.

Brian’s head filled with the sweet, salty aroma of Aiden’s precum, and a moment later he wasn’t just inhaling it. He was lapping at it, his face buried deep in the spongy, turgid tip while he tongued Aiden’s piss slit.

There would be no complaining from Aiden, who sat back and groaned appreciatively, relief finding him for the first time in the form of Brian’s talented mouth quickly glazing over his growing cock.

Effortful groans issued from Brian as he tried to get every drop dribbling up from the tip, but it was hard from this angle, like catching gulps of water at a water fountain. The substance was thicker, slippery, and splashed across his jaw in time with Aiden’s increasingly loud moans.

“Lemme help,” Aiden said, shifting up onto his knees, then tilting his huge cock down. It was still fleshy, not fully hard, and the heaviness of the huge tip pulled it down so that Brian could fit his mouth onto the head snuggly.

Then gulp, gulp, gulp, Brian used his tongue to massage spurt after spurt out of Aiden’s manhood, while Aiden’s hands massaged Brian’s shoulders, his back, his firm, wiggling ass. Brian, meanwhile, was free to continue shoving as much of Aiden’s swollen member into his straining, eager mouth, uninhibited, until he felt a pressure against his prostate.

“What is that man?” Brian panted as he felt his hole spread open.

“Two fingers,” Aiden said gruffly.

“Fuck, you’re kidding.”

Aiden’s wry laugh was muffled by a moan. Then he said. “Maybe three. Jack must’ve really opened you up.”

“Sorry,” Brian groaned. He was straight. His ass should have been tight as a drum.

“No, it’s hot. I’m loving your eager hole right now, man. Seems like it wants more…”

Brian never knew Aiden to talk like this. Cross, maybe, but not Aiden. This dirtiness was new, and Brian loved it. He dragged his hands over the veiny shaft of Aiden’s cock, willing him to full mast, and continue to fill his belly with the steady flow of magic precum. He wasn’t conscious of it, but he could feel it; feel the precum absorbing into his body and bathing his cells, washing them in their elastic serum and pumping his muscles with sex-crazed adrenaline. His whole body tingled. His skin, his hands, his cock, and especially his ass, which squeezed and quivered in a futile grab at Brian’s attention, which was focused on the Aiden’s cock as it grew heavy upon his tongue and strained his jaws.

Brian and Aiden were so focused on their slowly warping exchange that neither noticed Jack enter, though it had been minutes with Jack perched on the last step, his shorts long ago pushed down to expose his own cock as he fondled his balls. He had come to tell Aiden that he’d had no luck getting in touch with the lady who’d sold him the original pills, and that he’d only received a weird automated message which he’d written down, but the slip of paper had drifted from his hands the moment he’d stepped into the basement and inhaled the heady aroma of precum and sex.

Jack analyzed the situation. Aiden was being driven mad by his goliath growth; it was clear that this much of Cross’s hyper-cum was taking a toll on Aiden’s body and mind. And even split between Aiden and Jack, this amount of growth would be dangerous. Maybe even lethal! But, with Brian here…

Brian had come to this house to ride a huge cock. Jack grinned, eyeing down Brian’s ass from the stairs. From this angle, Jack had a perfect view of Brian’s mesh shorts pushed down his thighs, and of Aiden’s finger—each as thick as a sausage, slowly shoving into the stud’s hungry hole.

Jack had an idea….

Brian did not hear Jack, but he felt him. He felt the familiar tongue of the other jock lap along the lower cleft of his prone ass as Jack prepared to enter him.

“Good, you’re not fully hard yet,” said Jack, and Brian took a moment to turn over his shoulder. Jack was fussing around back there, but Brian couldn’t see what he was up to. All Brian felt was a hand on his cock, pulling, yanking, pulling again.

“You’re loosened up enough, I think,” said Jack. “And between last night and right now, you’ve grown at least five inches.”

This, to Brian, was normal. He’d been fucked by Cross so many times he already knew the effects of the super juice cum on his own body. His cock would grow, plump and fattened, usually hanging pendulous and slapping against his abs as Cross fucked him. But the edge in Jack’s voice implied something else.

Brian felt a cock head graze his puckered ass. He could feel that his ass was nice and loosened by Aiden’s fingering, because his hole suctioned right away to the fat tip of Jack’s cock as it lined up. Then it was pushing in, firm yet soft, and Brian moaned.

And then Jack stood up, one hand lazily jacking himself off, yet the pressure of a cock in Brian’s ass never abated.

Then Brian realized what Jack had done: Jack had pulled Brian’s own soft cock back and, with the added length, stuffed the tip into Brian’s waiting hole. Brian was fucking himself.

Just the thought of it was so hot that Brian moaned, casting a swell of pleasure from his spread balls into the tube of his dick, burrowing his own cock further into his ass as it grew. And, as it grew, it grew inside him, inching deeper and widening out his ass.

“Time to feed this little cum slut until he’s nice and gaping for you,” said Jack as he knelt besides Aiden. Side by side they were drastically different sizes, with Aiden’s massive build towering over Jack’s narrow frame, and Aiden’s goliath cock made Jack’s own mammoth dick look nearly…normal. As though every boy harbored a foot long erection above balls the size of lemons.

“Open wide,” smiled Jack, and Brian’s mouth was being guided onto Jack’s cock, where it stayed for what felt like hours before Aiden’s huge paws clapped onto Brian’s neck and brought and claimed the Latin stud’s panting tongue.

All the while Brian chugged as much of the precum as he could fit in his swelling cheeks, swallowing what he could and letting the rest gush past his reddened lips and spill across the light stubble of his chin. The sheets Aiden had arrived in absorbed as much of the ooze as possible before Brian found the heels of his hands and his knees slipping in small, sodden puddles.

And Brian’s body changed. His arms seemed to inflate with new muscle volume. The lines between his deltoids and his triceps and his biceps carved themselves deeper. His back dimpled with straining cords of muscle while legs were forced to spread wider, the mass of his own thighs pressing against his balls.

And his ass, always bubbled, now jiggled with each and every moan that thrummed through his chest. The stretch he felt in his hole was incredible, like nothing he’d ever knew he could accommodate, and finally his curiosity shined through his lust. Tentatively, he let a hang travel over his hips, his ass cheek, his crack, and to the red-hot strain of his hole. He felt the taught muscle of his sphincter quivering as his own cock continued to fuck him, and after a moment’s hesitation he guided his wandering hand down and over his cock.

Without looking Brian couldn’t know for sure, but the thing that was pushing into his ass felt—he noted with lustful pride—to be the size of a hefty eggplant. The erotic nature of it raged through him, sparking in his balls and rocketing down the curved flesh of his cock, and with a groan he felt his cock begin to try to right itself. He felt the ache in the curved flesh but he didn’t want to give in, didn’t want the emptiness that he knew would follow, but there was no denying the full mast of his need, and with a shout he felt his dick pry itself from his ass, drag through the sodden sheets, and slap against his cum-filled belly.

“Atta boy,” whispered Jack, who was obviously running this show. Panting, Brian waited for the next move, but Jack was already shifting. In a daze, Brian felt Aiden lumber around to face his exposed ass. Jack, meanwhile, slid beneath him. Shaking, Brian let himself collapse into the embrace of the other boy, and for the first time felt just how powerful his body had become. It scared him, this new weightiness, this new scale, but as his panting mouth pressed into Jack’s, Brian felt a measure of comfort return to him. Jack was in control.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Jack crooned.

Brian whimpered, nodding, searching for Jack’s mouth. He could feel Aiden’s slick fingers swiping along the edges of his wrecked hole.

“You don’t like to feel empty, right?”

Brian nodded again. What were they doing to do? He was too hard to get his dick back into his ass, and by the feel of the massive log between his stomach and Jack’s torso, there wasn’t a chance he’d fit into his shorts.

“You love getting your hole stretched open wide, but are you loose enough now?”

Brian paused. “For what?” he asked. Jack’s cock was small compared to his own right now, and Aiden’s was unrealistic, nearly twice his own girth. There was no way…

Jack moved quickly, scooting down so that he faced Brian’s swollen member, and without anymore hints Jack began to tongue Brian’s flared piss slit. Brian collapsed forward into the mess of sheets, moaning, and his ass pushed higher. But Jack was multi-tasking; the jock’s hand quickly scampered up Brian’s spread legs and, after collecting ample precum from Brian’s slick ass, Jack shoved the fingers of both hands deep into Brian’s waiting hole.

Brian cried out into the sheets, but not in pain. The returned strain from Jack’s knowing hands was more than welcomed. And besides, the stretch of his own cock, combined with the precum of both boys, had imbued his hole with a startling elasticity.

And then he realized Jack’s plan. Or rather felt it.

With his mouth pressed to Brian’s cock, Jack used his hands to latch onto the rim of Brian’s hole and gently pry him wider, so that his gaping ass yawned up at Aiden, who had waited patiently for the maneuver to take effect. Now that the stage was set, Aiden didn’t care what the outcome was. He’d lost the harsh edge of his lust by feeding Brian his precum, but his balls roiled with aggression, and finally, just maybe, Brian was ready.

Aiden swabbed his cock head over Brian’s ass and then slowly pushed into the gate made by Jack’s fingers. Brian squirmed, as though Aiden’s dick was a rod of electricity, but at the base of Brian’s shouts were deep, teeth-gritting moans of adoration. He wanted this. Both boys could feel it, because even without Jack’s massaging, Brian’s hole was gradually stretching to accommodate Aiden’s fantastical cock.

This was no small feat. Aiden’s cock bordered somewhere beyond the girth of a two liter soda bottle, and the head alone was the size of two fists.

Yet with Jack’s coaxing (which wasn’t so much coaxing as it was insistent stretching), the lips of Brian’s ass slowly began to enfold Aiden’s velvety cock head, and with the tight suction came spurts of Aiden’s precum, and with spurts of precum came a further loosening of Brian’s muscles, and step by step, centimeter by centimeter, Brian felt his bowels re-arranging themselves as the most gigantic cock he had ever imagined burrowed deeper and deeper into his ruined ass.

Aiden paused his assault, and Brian gasped at the sheer fullness in his stomach. “Are you in yet?” he panted

There was a further pause from Aiden before the boy growled. “About a third.”

Brian nearly blacked out; in part from the exertion, but mostly due to anticipation. And, sure enough, for the next ten minutes he felt the infinite slide of Aiden’s veiny, throbbing monster cock stretch his hole even further, crowding out Jack’s fingers and turning his ass into what he always wanted it to be; a cunt for a true man’s taking. Then he felt the wiry cushion of Aiden’s pubes. He felt Aiden’s hefty balls bouncing against his own. He felt, he was nearly certain, the throbbing tip of Aiden’s cock in his rips, near his heart, which hammered in ecstasy.

“You good?” Aiden asked.

Brian staved off a groan as Jack continue to suck his cock, draining it of it’s pre-load. And now Jack’s hands, never absent, were fondling Brian’s aching balls.

“I’m great,” Brian groaned, shoving back a tad into Aiden’s cock.

That was all Aiden needed. Or rather it was the last he could take. Brian’s ass was a vision of beauty, a demented vessel around Aiden’s beastly dick. To Aiden, the site of the wrecked hole sliding along his dick as he pulled out was captivating. Addicting. Or how the thin skin glided over the bulge of Aiden’s cock head before he pulled out. Or how Brian’s ass couldn’t quite manage to close, an instant souvenir to the cock he was being fucked by as Aiden shoved back in. Again, and again, and again.

“You like that, you slutty jock? You like getting your hole wrecked by my massive cock? You were tight at first, but now your wide open, and your hole is mine. I’m gonna fill you up. I’m gonna ruin this hole.”

Brain bucked and barked, held steady by both boys as he was fed precum in one hole and sucked dry from another. Somewhere in the abstract pleasure he heard Aiden’s manly, monstrous groans, and the words, “I’m gonna cum!” But there was little Brian could do to prepare. He was a sleeve for Aiden’s cock right now. A worn out, slutty, human flesh-light.

Steam rose from the soaked sheets. The basement fogged with the rapid fucking as Aiden pulled out and shoved back in. He had to use to hands to prop up his cock, but soon he could pull out no longer, and the pleasure overtook him.

And when Aiden came, Brian tasted the salty load in the back of his throat. Aiden’s climax blew into him with an audible burst, coursing through his muscular body, down into his balls, and then out of his own cock, where Jack’s mouth waited, wide and gaping and ready to swallow. Ready to feed.

When the steam cleared, three massive boys lounged in a pile of damp sheets. All three were drenched in sweat and panting as though they’d just ran a marathon, but surprisingly one sat up. It was Brian.

He examined his new form, a further morph from his evening and then morning of getting fucked, and he poked at his own cock, a fleshy shaft that leaked against his knee. While the other boys recovered, he curiously pressed the cock between his legs, back to his hole, and felt a pang of sadness when his tip came up against the puckered circle of his ass as it had been. Tight.

But then his ass gave away and his cock slid in, throbbing blissfully as it began to widen, and Brian sighed a sigh of relief. But then suddenly the stretch of his hole tripled, shooting pleasure into his limbs, and he craned to see what was happening.

He saw his cock feeding into his hole and, along side it, Jack’s wrist. Slowly Jack moved his hand up and down in Brian’s ass, jacking Brian off, and Brian felt his head role back from the oddity of what was happening.

Minutes later, a further pressure between his legs told him Aiden was awake again, and Brian willed his ass just a little wider.

The steam in the basement thickened as the bodies of the three boys continued to give off heat. Somewhere, on a the stairs, a small piece of paper with inky writing scrawled on it grew damp. It was the note Jack had written himself—the note to remember what the red lady’s voicemail said.

The note grew damp, and the writing began to moisten.

Part 9

The cellphone pitched a cold glow under Cross’ chin in the darkness of the pool’s locker room. There were windows, but the sun had yet to rise and he had been careful to disable the motion sensor lights when he broke in. And so Cross sat in the dark, a huge form bustling with muscles, hunched over a small screen that showed an hourglass. And he waited.

The phone buzzed. A message flared forth from cyberspace. Cross pulled the phone close to his face and felt his traps tense, his massive pecs contract against one another. He was so hopped up that the letters jumped around. But these letters were going to be his avenue back to sanity. These letters, a code, would give him his next instructions.

The sequence was short. Only a handful of symbols. Cross memorized it quickly and cast away the phone. Then he hauled a duffle bag onto his lap, unzipped the waxy seal, and dug into its confines. Out came a large case, cylindrical and gleaming, and Cross quickly rotated it to the lock mechanism.

The bag was from the lab. The case was from the lab. Cross got the packages rarely, but when he did it was never for his benefit. That’s why they sent him the codes; so that he could only open the cases when ordered to. He was, after all, only 19, and what sort of high-secrecy laboratory trusts a teenager with body-modifying technology?

Cross checked the phone one more time. It was still early, but he had only 1 hour until the swim captains got her for their Captain’s Practice.

Cross entered the code and the vessel hissed apart, emitting a glowing steam that smelled of the labs clinical smells, with perhaps a hint of floral at the edges. The inside of the vessel was lined with LED strips so that the dark room was again awash in electronic light. Cross reached into the glow and pulled out his newest toy.

He smiled.

Sam always thought there was something sick about making the captains show up two hours before the rest of the team for Saturday practices. He especially believed this now, as he sleepily pulled into the pool parking lot, because didn’t a growing boy need his sleep? And, yawning, he could imagine nothing worse than throwing his body into a frigid lap pool at 6AM. At the water was chlorinated; there would be none of that weird sickness that was going around the soccer team.

Quentin, Nick and Ralph were already here, it looked like. Their cars were ticking in the morning chill as Sam shoved towards the front of the building. Idly he let his thumb graze the bulge under his sweatpants, as he always did right before these practices. It was rare that he had the energy to jack off this early in the morning, and something about putting on his tight speedo at home always seemed to sustain his morning chub right up until he got in the water. He fondled his semi-hard cock—a curled, fleshy mound under his sweats—and contemplated jacking off at one of the urinals. It was just the three of them, after all, for the next hour and a half. Would they care? Sam didn’t think so, but it was too early to think.

The sounds of splashing rang off the rafters of the indoor pool. The three captains had hooked up a stereo to blast acoustic sunrise while they did their warm up. Cross lurked beneath the pool’s bleachers, which were always pulled out.

An hour ago, Cross wouldn’t have been able to fit beneath the bleachers. He would have bent the struts of metal on accident. But as he was now, he fit just fine. He was his usual muscular self—perhaps a bit bigger—with much of the miraculous growth sucked out of him.

Literally. Cross held in his hands the device from the lab. It was a suctioning, plexiglas mouth that fed into an opaque tube, which was rooted in the cylindrical vessel’s machinery. It had fit barely onto the tip of his massive cock, but once it got going and began to extract his cum, the fit became more and more manageable. Cross had been struck by the bizarre-ness of it all; it wasn’t often that he got to see himself being milked, at least not by something besides a hot mouth or ass; but part of him was intrigued as he watched the glowing, supercharged semen surge from his shivering cock and pour down into the vessel. He had feared he’d overflow the thing (which was easily able to contain multiple gallons, but the mixture of genetic material from Aiden, Jack and Cross, all combined in Cross’ body, was much more than a few gallons) but then Cross saw the wonder of the machine. It was, somehow within its clicking confines, compressing the substance. Pressurizing it. And, when he was glistening and sweat and breathing hard, and his balls were spent, the machine made a purring tone, dinged, and a small chamber popped open at the base. Hands shaking, Cross reached in and pulled out a small, golf-ball sized rock. It had a nascent finish, and was cut like a crystal. He fondled it weakly while his phone lit up with more instructions.

Instructions he was carrying out right now. The small rock was still in his fist as he watched the boys make their methodical laps. He grinned and brought it to his face, inhaling greedily, savoring the musky, sweet sent. Then, when all the captains were splashing to the far side of the pool, he ducked down and cast the rock across the tile. It clicked, it bounced, and with a plop it was in the pool.

Dissolving. Spreading.

For once, it felt amazing to be swimming. Sam kept thinking that to himself as he cut through the water. His long limbs felt wondrous. The water seemed to glide over his smooth skin. His body felt powerful.

He focused on the kicking feet of Quentin ahead of him. Quentin, muscles molded to a wiry frame was fast, a sprinter like Ralph, but Sam’s freestyle was better. And so was his distance. He could lick any of the other boys when it came to stamina. But that’s because he was built for it; broad, thick in the chest, with a kind of pudgy middle and powerful legs. Sam was proudest of his arms, which had dragged him to more than a few easy victories. But he sometimes envied Nick, the other stamina swimmer, who had a back that would put Atlas to shame.

But that’s why Nick was the star of the butterfly. No one could compete with that gargantuan wing span, those crashing strokes. And it was no mystery where that butterfly kick came from, because Nick had one of the nicest asses Sam had ever seen.


Sam was pulled from his thoughts by a bubbly commotion ahead of him. He pulled up, only halfway through the lane, nearly ramming into Quentin.

“What is it?”

Quentin blinked behind his goggles and ducked under the surface. When he came up, his dark skin glistened in the wavering light of the pool. He was looking for something. Then, not finding it, he shucked his goggles and said, “Saw something in the water.”


“A cloud.”

“What?” Sam ducked under and peered around. Sure enough, there was a fogginess to the water that he hadn’t noticed before.

“Probably just extra chlorine,” called Nick from the edge. Ralph, besides him, grinned, and his dimples made Sam’s heart flutter.


They resumed their warmup, but now that Quentin had pointed out the opaque water Sam couldn’t help but wonder what it was. It was there, and then it was gone. He decided not to think about it, to indeed believe it was just the usual dump of chemicals in the pool, and soon enough he was again sinking into he pleasant power of his body as it stretched, pulled, cut, swam. Warm ups ended and they began a few drills, mostly doing some light sprints, and before long Sam noticed that their times were remarkably better than they usually were for this sort of practice. He reasoned, without much evidence, that the other boys were feeling the same high he was feeling. He wished that swimming could always feel this way.

And then Sam got a cramp like he’d never gotten before. It was probably because he was pushing himself too hard, too early in the morning. It was in his leg, the left one, and it felt like his muscles were dry freezing together. As he always did, he made a show of hoping along the bottom of the pool, and then dragged himself onto the edge to stretch.

Only to find himself besides Nick, who was also nursing a cramped leg.

“Shit,” Nick swore. “I was feeling great, too.”

“Same,” Sam commiserated. He bent over himself and pushed his weight into the cramp, trying to find its center.

“Here,” Nick offered, and he took Sam’s foot into his lap. His hands quickly found the sore spot and pressed, tenderly. Sam sighed, eyes closing, and let the other guy kneed his pain away. He leaned back to give Nick a better angle, promising himself he’d make it up to the other boy just as soon as he got his turn over with, but then Nick’s hands froze.

“Dude, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m just trying to help you with your cramp.”

Sam blinked away his dizziness. “What?”

Nick’s hands were on his shin, tense, and his eyes were on Sam’s crotch. Sam had been so focused on his leg that he hadn’t even felt the gradual hardening of his cock, yet there it was. A huge mound snuggly rounded beneath the glistening skin of his speedo, which, in its wetness, left very little to the imagination.

But that wasn’t quite right, Sam thought. He wasn’t hard. He was on his way there, but right now he could feel that he was barely even stiff. Yet right there, inching beneath the silky fabric in a determined path towards his hip, was a bulge well beyond the anything he’d ever seen between his two legs.

“Dude.” The disgust was gone from Nick’s voice, now replaced by envy. “You’re fucking hung.”

Sam tore his eyes away from his groin to look at Nick, and almost automatically he then looked between Nick’s legs. A similarly huge bulge was swelling there, except Nick’s still limp cock was curved over the mound of his two, baseball-sized balls.

“Dude,” Sam mirrored. “You too.”

Nick blinked, noticing the strange sensation for the first time, but still transfixed with his buddy’s bulge. He watched as the material of Sam’s speedo seemed to vacuum itself around a now-hard, veiny cock, which vainly tried to right itself against the suites elasticity. Without much thought—or perhaps still along the line of logic he’d innocently pursued when he’d decided to help Sam out with his cramp—Nick leaned in and pulled down Sam’s speedo. It took two hands: one to pull up the boy’s plump cock; the other to peal away the drum-tight fabric.

Sam let out a sigh of relief as the cool air touched his burning cock, which jumped another inch from the release. He barely registered the sight of the thing, a log jutting from his pelvis, because his own eyes had never left Nick’s package. Always a teammate, Sam scooted closer to return the favor to Nick.

And that’s how Ralph and Quentin found the two co-captains: a knot of legs and arms moaning on the side of the pool, hands fighting for good grips on each other’s pre-cum-coated cocks.

“Umm,” Quentin began as Ralph joined him, both too shocked to do much more then stare. But, even as their minds raced with a mixture of hilarity and hysteria, their bodies continued to steep in the altered pool, and they felt themselves begin to change.

“Guys?” Ralph’s voice nearly cracked. “Your….your balls. Are they…are they okay?” He paddled closer, his heart hammering. Nick’s nuts were jiggling with the rapid jacking of Sam’s big hands. They jiggled and sloshed audibly, and Ralph felt his mouth begin to water. He’d never seen such huge balls—like two swelling balloons in their ridged sac. They were covered in a light fuzz of hair and, as though sensing Ralph’s curious gaze, they shivered even larger and the gurgling noise in them beckoned. When Ralph pressed a wet hand to them, steam rose away and the inflating flesh pushed between his fingers. His palm was full, feeling the vibrations in time with Nick’s moans. His other palm was next as the balls continued to expand, until Nick’s sack plopped onto the lane grate right before him.

Groaning, Nick slid from the edge down onto the grate so that he sat in a few inches of water. This was what Ralph wanted, because now he could act on the urge he had been surprising since he laid eyes on those balls. With a grin he sloshed forward, his tongue unrolling from his lips and dragging, slowly, devilishly, upon the underside of Nick’s cock. Eyes closed, he felt Sam’s hand remove itself, which meant that glorious cock and those glorious balls were all his. And, now giddy, he began to give head like he never knew he could.

Quentin, of course, was busy doing the exact same thing. Sam and Nick fondled one another’s swelling pecs while their tongues pushed together in a wet kiss, and moans echoed off the high ceilings of the pool between the strums of the acoustic sunrise radio.

In the lockers, Cross wheeled through the contacts in the boys’ phones, finding a few teammates and reporting a closure at the pool. The Agency would do the rest, as far as the actual pool staff was concerned. All anyone would know was that the pool was closed for some emergency repairs, and everyone was on paid leave until it was scheduled to be fit for re-opening, probably a week later. Until then, practice would be held at the old pool, near downtown.

Cross sat back on the bench and watched several replies come in, including two from the coaches. Practice would be canceled for the day, which meant that Cross’ newest additions had quite a few hours to sort themselves out.

Pondering this, Cross pawed at his own hefty package. He tossed the phones into their respective bags, snuck to the locker door, and peaked out. He didn’t want to miss a minute.

By now the quartet had progressed beyond simply enjoying their newfound growth. Enchantment had only lasted for the first few loads. And now, fifteen minutes later, panic was settling in.

“Fuck, man, it hurts,” Groaned nick, his hands clapped to the underside of his massive balls. “Don’t stop sucking, man, please! I gotta cum again!”

Ralph, lips red and slick, made a noise between aggravation and pleasure. He was half out of the water now, his whole body bobbing up and down on Nick’s cock. He was past choking; that had been two loads ago. Now he just needed to get as much cum into his stomach as possible, but the rapid swelling of Nick’s balls was tough to keep up with.

They were, Cross estimated, the size of grapefruits.

Sam and Quentin, similarly distressed, had taken a few precious seconds to innovate a new solution. Splashing and dripping, Quentin dragged himself from the water and onto the tiles. His body, usually fit, was now a cobbled display of muscle from all the cum he’d been hoovering out of Sam, but it was clear that Sam needed a quicker release. Sam’s sack was nearly too heavy for the muscle-bound distance-swimmer to stand, and it swayed like a wrecking ball between the poor jock’s legs. His dick, red and angry, sagged with its own wait. Even the momentary lapse in release caused the cum to build up, coursing through him and puffing out the muscles of his back, his neck.

“Hurry, man!” he groaned. Quentin, too horny not to oblige his teammate, scooted onto the lane’s starting block and pulled his ankles up. He’d never taken a cock of course, but his mind was not operating on his normal programming. His mind was rapidly unlocking its deepest, most carnal fantasies, and his body was adapting to see them made a reality.

Quentin winced only a little as Sam’s cock spread open his hole. Then the cum did its job and, like an elastic putty, Quentin felt his ass go from tight hole to accommodating cunt in a matter of seconds. The stretch felt amazing, but even more amazing was the almost instant feeling of white-hot cum spurting into his guts. He watched, amazed, as his stomach rose and fell with Sam’s desperate fucking. He groaned, incredibly turned on as he felt his bowels balloon with semen. He even let a playful smile caress his lips when he realized that Nick and Ralph had taken up the exact same arrangement, one block over, so that Quentin had the dual vision of watching himself get fucked while watching Nick get turned into a hot, jock cum dump.

But Nick and Sam’s balls wouldn’t stop growing, and now Quentin and Ralph were feeling the cum’s growth take hold of their own bodies. To anyone watching it would be a scene without a spec of reality; two boys hitched up on swim blocks, legs spread, cocks twitching and holes gaping, while two massive mates thrust away, their own legs spread apart by balls so swollen with cum that they’d settled, plumply, onto the cool tile.

“My balls!” Ralph cried out. His body jerked and fitted as his ass was spread further and more cum was dumped into him. “My balls! They’re growing! They’re growing! Nick…wait!”

“I can’t, man,” Nick said, his eyes manic. “Your ass is so fucking good, man, I can’t stop cumming. I gotta keep cumming or else….”

Quentin and Sam were having a similar debate as the tides began to turn. Quentin felt the hot cum course into his veins, building out his muscles so quickly that the block beneath him began to squeal from the added weight. But even despite his hammering heart his body couldn’t distribute such an onslaught of cum fast enough, and sure enough his own cock and balls began to rapidly double in size. A mix of horror, glee and pleasure slapped him as he watched his cock grow more and more, so much so that it blotted out his vision of Sam looming over him and forced the two nearly apart.

And then it happened: the epiphany. It occurred to Quentin and Ralph at the same time, with the same precise, undeniable urgency: I’ve got to cum, or else.

The reversal took mere seconds. By now Quentin and Ralph, the two bottoms, had absorbed so much magic cum that they were much larger than their tops. And Nick and Sam were both encumbered by such large nuts that it looked like either sat atop a aerobic balls made from their own flesh. Yelping from the surprise, Nick and Sam rolled over themselves until they hit the bleachers, and then both began to claw up the polished wood. They knew what was coming next and, because deeply they knew they had to accept it as good teammates, and so they only put up a small fight as their legs were pushed apart.

Quentin and Ralph sported dicks each as long as an arm each, and practically as thick as a can of paint. But so full of magic, morphing cum were their mounts that there was little resistance to be had as the second round of fucking began. There was little Sam could feel beyond the pressured swelling happening in his nuts, which he straddled like a great inflatable pool toy, but somewhere deep in his gut he felt the massive stretching of his asshole as something hard, wet, and ever-growing pushed into him. Something massive that would leave him sloppy and leaking. Something that would deposit even more cum into his cum-filled body. Using the rotundness of his massive sack, Sam slid himself backwards so that the massive dick was buried to its hilt, and with an audible surge came the first blast of cum.

Then again, and again. And between the blasts Sam found Nick’s arms—carved with new muscle and nearly inoperable from their growth—and the two clung together, their tongues messily wrestling across each other’s stubble as their balls continue to balloon, as their bodies continued to bulge with greater and greater gains.

None of the boys noticed Cross approaching. Cross couldn’t even hear his own footfalls on the bleachers over the racket of lusty moans and music as he approached the grotesque, morphed quartet. Then he cleared his throat and four pairs of glassy eyes looked up at him, all of them hungry, all of them curious. Cross knelt down and adjust his cock in his sweats, and pulled Sam’s spit-strung lips to his own mouth for a greedy and aggressive kiss. Then he said, “You guys lasted fourteen minutes in the bath.”

The quartet blinked. Cross could see that Ralph and Quentin were eager to keep fucking their mounts.

Lovingly, Cross cupped Sam and Nick’s throats, a hand upon each. He said, “Take another dip, will you?” And he shoved the rotund twins off the bleachers. They rolled backwards with little resistance, taking their tops with them and striking the pool with a mighty splash.

Cross ignored the wildly frothing water as he knelt at the pool’s edge to dip his hand in. Cupped in his palm, the water was opaque and smelled of sweetness and semen. Cross tipped it back into his throat, then took two more handfuls. Standing, he adjusted himself again, and felt the extra inches pack on as he exited.

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