By James Fourlegs 
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I lay there, a little vexed, not wanting the beautiful dream to evaporate. I kept my eyes closed, trying to stay relaxed, feeling my blood pound and my penis ache with arousal as I saw over and over in my mind the vision of Steve casually working his four hands, enjoying the feel of having four hands.

I was determined to get back into my dream. I knew I had awakened because I had started talking in my sleep, so I quieted my mind and fixed on the image of Steve from my dream, so beautiful and generous of body, thinking of his dark tanned torso, the wide lats, the beautifully contoured shoulder muscles, the arousing beauty of his four hands and arms. I felt myself relaxing again and going under. I knew I was successfully going back into my dream, because the images started moving without my concentrating on them.

I was going down the stairway from the kitchen to the basement room where Steve worked out, to see his four beautifully muscled arms. The sound of the gathering upstairs dulled to a muffled, distant drone as I heard my footsteps on the stairs, and sure enough, there among the weights and the bench, standing shirtless in front of the mirror, was Steve with four heavily muscled, beautifully proportioned arms, enviably enjoying each others' company, the big handsome hands hanging heavily from their four wrists as Steve contemplated them in the mirror.

I could dimly hear the sound of the guests leaving, and I knew that we were alone. Steve had the most quiet, content look on his face, liking how his body builder's physique looked with the broadened, doubled shoulders, and obviously enjoying the heavy, comfortable feel of four beautiful arms, their muscles comfortably relaxed against each other, the warm silken feel of forearm touching forearm, bicep snuggled against tricep, hand upon hand, two beautiful right arms and two beautiful left arms hanging from the muscular doubled shoulders of Steve's handsome male body.

Somehow he sensed that I was responsible for his four arms, and in his pleased smile I could see that he enjoyed my role in making him four- armed, even though it had been the new body building powder was what had caused him to grow four arms.

“I could do more of this,” he smiled. “It's always nice to have extra arms; even if I were to attach my spares, or grow more new arms.”

I was momentarily confused, watching him facing himself in the mirror, because I had inwardly imagined him with six of the handsome arms, easily picturing him with six hands, and it seemed that he had six; I realized that he did have a third pair of arms, but they were detached, clasped between his sides and his four arms, a little awkwardly, but just as beautiful as his four arms. He was holding them that way to picture how he would look with six beautiful muscular arms, and I had to agree they looked good.

We joked about how easy it would be for him to lend me a hand, and he passed me one of the heavily muscled, relaxed spare arms. It was warm and heavy in my hands, so substantial and beautiful! The hand, relaxed and comfortable, flopped lazily as I turned the arm to look at it, giving it a kiss. The powerful, warm forearm was so nice against my lips.

As a joke, I used the spare as a back-scratcher on Steve, and Steve loved it, arching and flexing his back and his wonderful shoulder muscles as the spare arm's hand lovingly scratched his back, with me holding the arm and moving it up and down in a scratching motion; I realized that Steve could work the hand of the spare arm even though it was not attached to him.

“Here,” I said, gently taking both spare arms and placing them under his four arms, crossing them, “You can cross all six of your arms.” He enjoyed that, and leaned his thick, warm back muscles into my chest as I stood behind him, and I had to kiss his broad back muscles and shoulders while my hands reveled to the feel of his beautiful arm muscles. They were fully attached now, all six beautifully muscled arms, and warm hands gently held my arms to him. I could feel the wonderful grasp of six hands, holding my hands, and extra hands warmly grasping my forearms and holding my arms gently around him.

Then he sort of turned around while I held him, and his arms were four again.

“I like you like this, too,” I said, and he smiled, looking with pleasure at his four handsome arms, gently letting his the knuckles of his four relaxed hands rest against my chest and stomach, letting me grab his four hands and enjoy and kiss them. “Wow,” he said. “Somebody pinch me; this is a dream come true.” I looked up at his beautiful face and kissed his beautiful lips, and felt many pairs of beautiful male hands gently weigh upon my neck and shoulders while framing my face and holding my sides as I held my lips to his. “Mmmm,” he said, swaying against me.

He was carrying me, easily bearing my weight in the gentle strength of his four incredible arms, and as he carried my swooning body up the stairway to his bedroom, I felt a half-smile cross my lips as I happened to look down at his handsome bare feet climing the steps. There were four of them as well; part of his matched set of four sexy body builder's legs. His lips found mine again in a kiss, which he broke off briefly just to speak for a moment, to explain about his having four legs. “For all the extra weight,” he smiled, his lips brushing mine, then resuming his kiss. “Mmm-mm-mmmm,” I replied. He knew what I meant: “I don't mind!”

“Keep thinking this dream when you awake next to me, and see what happens!” he smiled. I kissed him, promising him I would. You know how it turned out!

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