Meta note

By TrueDragonborn 
2 parts
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Part 1

One day, the high school students of Saint City getting out of school, one of them found a blue notebook and decided to take it home. That young man’s name was Steven. Steven got home and did his homework. A week went by and he forgot about the notebook until he found it in his bag one night. Even flipped though the book and found that the last page was written on. The page was full and had a queer titled, Meta Note. He laughed. The rules were simple. The first one stated that any name written in the note would become homosexual. Second, any pairing must be separated by an ‘x’. The next rule added detail about the second. The first name of the pairing will be the dominant and the second would be submissive. The fourth rule said that if a women’s name was written down that she would die and be revived as a homosexual man. The fifth rule explains that the person(s) face must be pictured as the name was written so that no one with the same name would be converted as well. The following rule started that Steven could add details about the person or pair’s regular and sex life as long he did so in seven minutes and six seconds. It went even further saying that he could change they bodies as he saw fit. The final rule read that only he would remember the way that things were.

In the fun of things, Steven wrote his mother’s and father’s names in the book, Drew and Josh. He made his mother the dominant one of the relationship and made her into an ex marine that was section eight out of the service because he was caught having sex with a man in the barracks. His skinny father he made into the muscle clad gym teacher of his school. They meet at the local gay bar and it was love at first. After a year of dating, they moved into the house that was their dream house. Soon the house felt empty, Steven added, and they decided to adopt. They found a baby (AKA Steven) that his mother die in labor and had no one to claim the baby. They baby filled their live with much joy and happiness. At this point Steven thought of the sex life. When the baby grew into the school age and went over to friend’s houses, his parents would have a night filled with sex. Drew would take Josh to the secret room that was full of their sex toys and items. Drew and Josh were both into leather. Steven decided that was enough and went to bed.

The next morning he woke and woke up to find that his dads where sitting at the table with breakfast served. Both were eating bacon and eggs with a side of milk. Daddy Josh said it was protein packed meal. As Steven ate, something in the back of his mind was telling him that something was off. “Son,” said Daddy Drew, “is it time to get ready for school?” Steven nodded and finished his plate then going to his room. Drew looked at his lover and smiled. “He as a study group tonight,” he said with a gleam his eye, “Want to unlock the room later?” Josh shivered and nodded.

Getting dress, Steven saw the book and froze. He remembered now. His parents were a heterosexual couple last night and now were gay men. Then he smiled. “What can I do with this?” he asked to no one as he pick the book up and place it in his bag as he finished getting ready for school. As the day went by, Steven notice that he was attracted to the other guys in his class and smiled. Ideas swarmed his head as the day went by.

Later that day, after school, Steven went to his study group and his dads went to the secret room to have their fun. Drew undress and put on pair leather crotchless pants. Josh did the same but put on a leather harness and chaps. Drew grabbed the back of Josh’s head and pulled him into a heated kiss. As the kiss progressed, Drew slipped on a cock ring on himself and Josh. Josh broke the kiss and moaned as the cold metal slid over his cock. Kissing the bear chest, Josh started to kneel down. Josh was soon on his knees and at level with Drew semi hard cock. Taking it in his hand, he began to kiss it. Starting at the base and working himself to the tip, Josh played with his lover’s balls. Rolling them in his hands, Josh started to engulf the head of Drew’s cock. Drew moan as the moist heat took him in. Soon, Drew was filly erect and totally in Josh’s hot mouth. All eleven inches of him down that tight throat. Slowly Josh started to pull out the cock of his lover out of him only to be shoved back onto it. He moaned. The rough treatment was a turn on for Josh and Drew knew how to use it. The brutal mouth fuck lasted for a few minutes, but Drew pulled Josh off. “Get in the sling,” demanded Drew. Josh went to the leather sling and got into it, legs spread apart revealing his pink hole. Drew took the dildo lube that was on the desk next to the sling and prepped the dildo. Aligning the rubber cock at the pink hole, Drew shoved it fully in with one fast thrust. Josh moan as the hard rubber filled him. His cock leaked precum at a steady stream. Drew took it in his hand and started to jerk it off. After a few minutes, Josh began to whimper in need, but Drew ignored him as he removed his hand and went down on the well coated penis. The whimpers increased in speed and loudness. Drew could feel the need in his mouth as the member throbbed. He removed the dildo and himself to get the belt off the wall. Then Drew found a large vibrator and took it as well. Turning on the vibrator, he shoved it right into the abused hole and started to spank the ass of his lover. Josh arced his back with each time the belt came in contact with his ass.

As the checks got redder and redder, Drew played his large phallus as he used the belt on Josh. Soon the ass was fully red and Drew took out the vibrator to only replace it with his own cock. Slamming it fully in, Drew moaned as he thrust in and out of the tight cavity. Moans filled the room and echoed off the walls. One full hour later, Drew took his cock and removed his and Josh’s cock rings. Playing the throbbing members, Drew leaned in and kissed Josh. They enjoyed their orgasm which lasted a few minutes. In the mist of the afterglow, Josh broke the kiss and said, “I love you, Drew.”

Drew smiled and replied, “I love you too, Josh.”

Part 2

After the study group, Steven had written his name in the Meta Note with a side note him owning the book and waited. When Steven started hanged out with his buddies and found little things that he liked of each of them. One was his eyes. With the right light, the eyes would seem bright red. Another friend had an ass that seemed to be able to bounce a quarter off of it. A huge groin bulge belonged to one. Steven smile. ‘Oh how much fun it will be writing tonight,’ thought Steven as he said his farewells and headed home. When he got there, his fathers were getting a late supper finished and ready to eat. “So, what happen tonight?” asked Steven as he kissed his fathers’ on the check. “It is rare for a late dinner.” Daddy Josh turned bright red as Papa Drew smiled.

“Nothing that you need to worry about, son,” said Papa Drew as he got the plates out for the meal. They talked about the day as they ate dinner and decided to go out for dessert. All of them getting Cheesecake smoothies, the ride home was silent, except for the occasional slurping. As the car pulled into the drive way, Steven felt that he was being watch. So as he exited the car, he looked around and did not see anything. He sighed and thanks his fathers for dessert before going to his room. Steven walked in his room and pulled out the notebook. Then sitting at his desk, Steven open it and began to tap the paper with the tip of the pen.

”You are the first that put himself into the history of his parents,” said an amused voice. “The rest just disappeared from not being born.” It chuckled as Steven started to look around his room. Nothing was there. “You are looking in the wrong places,” the voice said amused. Then Steven look up on the ceiling and there was a being dress in tight clothing, showing off muscles that would change size if one stares for a long time. “Do you mommy tell you it rude to stare,” the thing chuckled, “Oh ya, you change her into a man.” Steven was about ask what the being was and it answered. “I am Metagami, a being that lives for the thrill of homoerotics. The name is Erebos.” Erebos bowed as he landed on the floor. “So, any new ideas?”

Steven raised his brow and smiled. “Why I do,” asked Steven. “But I have no one to us them on, Erebos.” The metagami chuckled. “What?” The human stare curiously while he looked at chuckling metagami. “I see nothing wrong waiting to find the right person.”

A grin grew bigger on Erebos. “Nothing,” he said. “But why do you try some on yourself?” Now it was Steven’s to grin and chuckle. “So you have thought of that.” Steven nodded.

“But what were is the fun in that?” question Steven. Then he got an idea. “Erebos, are there any more rules other than the ones written here in the book?”

Licking his lips, Erebos answered. “Yes there is, but I will not reveal all of them until I see more what you can do.” The metagami walked over to the human and lick the other’s neck. “but will tell you two. Firstly, you can alter more then the sexuality. You can manipulate their body.” Allowing the metagami to touch his chest, Steven wonder what he ment. “Examples would be having an extra pectoral muscle, extra set of arms and hands or legs and feet, expanding muscles, or even the addition of an extra penis.” The human bit his lower lip as Erebos stroke his stomach. “The second new rule is for only simple detailed entries, like yours. Adding to them will give them the memories of the new change and hopefully great pleasure will be granted.” Erebos was about to grope Steven’s groin but Steven moved so it will not happen.

“Erebos, can you not touch me there,” the human asked, “I am still new this lifestyle and I want to find my own ways of pleasure.” The metagami chuckled and did what his asked. “I will tell you when you when I am ready.”

Erebos bowed and said, “Of course.” He went to the window and a pair of black wings with bright blue markings popped out of his back. “Just call my name when you want to talk. I will be watching your works.” Spreading his wings, the metagami flow through the walls and into the night sky. Steven walked over to the window and watch the strange being fly off unnoticed by anyone but him. Steven sighed and went to the open tablet and closed it. Nothing was coming to him at the moment so he thought the some sleep will help.

The next morning, Steven woke and began his school day ritual. Showering, dressing, grabbing his things, eating a breakfast, and then heading to school with his father was Steven’s routine while he was in school. During school, Steven noticed a small geek that was getting beat up by some bullies. He was about to go over and stop them. A smile form as he walked over to help the geek. ‘I got a good idea,’ he thought before he shouted, “HEY, STOP THAT!” The group stopped and looked at him. “Get away from him, now.” The leader whispered something into the geek’s ear and walked away with his group behind him. Steven walked over to the geek and offered his hand.

“Thanks,” muttered the geek as he took the hand and pulled himself up. He was covered by bruises and cuts. He pulled out a small first aid kit and started to clean himself up. Steven started to help but the nerd said, “No, I got, I do not need your pity.” Steven sighed.

“It not pity,” he said has he took an alcohol whip out it packaging and begun to wipe the blood off the young man’s skin. “I hate bullies.” The geek flinched as the whip went over some of the cuts. “My name is Steven.” Taking the used wipe and placing it into a baggy, Steven took a few bandages and started to cover the wounds. “Yours?”

“Mizu,” he answered as look over his body make sure everything was taken care of, “Mizu Chan.” The small frame was covered with forming purple marks and bandages. “Thank you, Steven. That was Kevin Sutton and his friends.” He dusted his knees and grab the first aid kit. Taking out a bottle, Mizu took a few pills and swallowed them. “The only reason he beats me up is I saw his naked body.” Then he walked away leaving Steven in confusion. But the confusion did not last long as an idea pop into Steven’s head. Once he got home, Steven went to his room and opened the Meta Note. Writing Mizu Chan’s and Kevin Sutton’s name down in that order, the story began. He worked fast to get every detail he wanted down.

“I hope Mizu loves what going to happen,” said Steven after he place is pencil down and saw Erebos grinning. He knew that the Metagami was please and smiled back. All he had to do was wait for the morning to come.

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